The following story, although drawn loosely from some of my own experiences as bi teen, is a romantic fiction. Any resemblance of the characters to real persons is merely the result of Dame Fortune's random spin of the wheel of life.

The story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activities between consenting teens.  If that offends you, I guess it's your loss.

If you like the story, let me know and please come back for more.  It may be a long one.  If you don't like it, feel free to let me know that too, but watch out for the panther, heheh.

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Evan Hathaway


Chapter 5

"What the fuck!!"

I leapt from the bed, looking at Trevor in disbelief.  Was this a fucking joke?  How could he have asked me that?  Was he testing me to see if I still harbored the gayness he apparently loathed?  How was I supposed to respond?

"Trevor, are you fuckin crazy?  I mean, Jesus, you just got done tellin me how the stuff we used to do made you sick ... 'n how you were scared shitless that your dad would think you were gay and throw you out of your house ...'n that you're all flipped out about Chase and doin your weird shit to make him straight.  What the fuck is goin on with you?"

"Whoa ... Evan ... chill, dewd.  I said I was scared seven years ago about turnin into a queer.  I've grown up since then, 'case you haven't noticed," he laughed, rearranging himself on the bed so that his obviously grown-up package was in full view.  "Now, I know I'm not queer.  I like chicks.  I've done it with a few and I know I like it.  I'll always like it.  And chicks like me.  Someday I'll prob'ly marry one and we'll fuck like bunnies and make lots a liddle rug rats.  But till then, sex is sex.  And sex with another dewd is just as good for me as sex with a chick.  My dad was wrong.  He's got his own fucked up ideas about the whole thing, but I don't hafta buy all his shit.  If I feel like gettin it on with a friend, just to show that he's a friend or just for the fun of it, that don't mean I'm queer.  I'm just over sexed, heheh."

"But what about Chase?  If that's how you feel, why are you tryin so hard to make him straight?"

"Cuz he thinks he's in love.  He thinks he want's to spend the rest of his life with his little fag friend.  And Josh is such an obvious fairy.  Being in love with another dewd, 'specially one like Josh, is queer, and I don't want that to happen to my brother."

I sat back down on the bed to ponder Trevor's novel philosophy.  I looked at him quizzically, "So you're sayin you've had sex with other dewds?"

"Sure, lots of them.  Like at camp this summer, everybody in our cabin was blowin everybody else, almost every day, or was that every hour, hahah, it all gets a liddle hazy sumtimes."

"And that doesn't worry you or make you feel guilty?"

"Fuck no!  Why should it?  Just cuz I like blowin sum dewd doesn't mean I wanna marry him.  It's just for fun.  And long as it stays that way, and the 'rents don't find out, I'll keep havin fun.  Don't you think it's fun?"

"Wha" I asked nervously.

"Gettin it on with another dewd.  Don't you think that's fun?"

"Well ... I ... I don't know."

"Come on, Evan, don't shit me," Trevor prodded, now wearing his own look of disbelief.  "You're way too cute not to 've had some horny dewds tryin to get into your pants.  You hafta of had some cock action yourself." 

"Well ... yeah ... I guess ... I guess I sorta have," I managed to reply, looking down at my hands, feeling the rush of blood reddening my face.

"You guess?  That ain't sumpin you guess about, dewd.  You either have or you haven't.  And I cant believe you haven't.  Come on, 'fess up!"

I didn't know what to say.  I felt trapped.  I couldn't figure out what mask I should be wearing for this encounter.  Panther leapt around inside, warning me to be careful, to cover up, to get out of this dangerous situation.  But Trevor's blunt honesty about his own sexuality disarmed me.  Was he telling me the truth?  Could it really be as simple as he made it sound?  Had all my agonizing over my desires to be with other guys just been a head trip laid on me by my parents and their fucked-up society?  Could I stop feeling guilty about what Zack and I had done together?

The questions swirling in my head tugged at me, dragging me out of hiding, closing my ears to Panther's frantic growls.  I needed to go further with this.  Even if I didn't know where it would take me, even if I had to do it without a mask, even if I ended up getting hurt, I had to take a risk with Trevor.  Despite the fear and foreboding that still clutched at me, I took a deep breath and poised on the lip of the abyss, preparing to plunge into the cloud of unknowing.

"O.K., yeah ... me and ... me and Zack ..." my halting words trailed off.

"Yesssssss? ...  You and Zack what?" Trevor prompted.

"Zack and me  ...  we ..ummm ... we tried sum stuff."

"Some stuff?"

Jesus, Trevor was relentless.  He wasn't gonna let up on this.

"Well ... Zack and me fooled around with sex some for the last year or so."

"And ..?"

"And what?" I stalled.

"Shit, Evan, I feel like a fuckin dentist ... 'Hand me the pliers nurse ... I'm gonna pull this outta him even if it kills him.'  Spit it out, dewd."

His relaxed humor pushed me over the edge.  I was in free fall, no holding back.  I let it pour out.

"Well, yeah, me and Zack were blow buds for the last year or so."

"Blow buds? Sweet," chuckled Trevor.  "Blow buds, I like that."

"Yeah, we figgered once we started havin sex together we were more than just best friends, but we weren't into bein boyfriends or anything like that, so we called each other 'Blow Buds'," I explained.  After hearing Trevor's views about how being in love equated with being queer, I decided not to talk about the war that had gone on inside me all last year between the need to stay safe by maintaining my emotional distance, even from Zack, and my longing to share a closeness with him that some might describe as love.

"That's the best way to be, dewd.  So you two had sex pretty often?"

"All last year, whenever we could find a place 'n time, and we found lots of both."

"Tres kewl.  How'd ya get started with him?"

"Well, we got to be friends almost from the first of me bein in Colorado.  He lived close by and I noticed him my first day on the bus headin off to my new school.  He was sooo cute ... a couple inches shorter even than me, but real solidly built, blonde, bowl cut hair, bright blue eyes in a happy face, a killer smile that made anybody feel like they were his friend. 

"He was in 7th grade like me, just startin out at middle school, but he had lots of friends there that he had gone to elementary with.  I watched him with envy the first couple weeks in class, around school, on the bus, hangin with his friends, havin fun.  He was a dynamite soccer player, so he was pretty popular and had lots of soccer jock friends.  Shit, even though it was a new school for everybody in 7th, there was already a fuckin social hierarchy, and cliques with everybody uptight about who was popular and who was a loser."

"Hate to break it to ya, Cuz, but you're gonna find Eastwood's the same way, bunch a back-stabbin, throat­slashin animals clawin to get to the top of the social ladder."

"Yeah, I figgered as much so I guess I'll hafta play that game here, too.  I really didn't want to be a loser there 'n I worked hard at bein a climber.  I guess it paid off.  One day less than a month after school started, I was on the bus and out of nowhere Zack just plopped down next to me 'n said, 'Hey, I don't know you, but I'd like to.'  He told me he liked how funny I was: I'd been sorta tryin to play class clown as a way to get myself noticed.  We spent the bus ride talkin and laughin bout stuff goin on at school and when we got to his stop he asked me if I wanted to come to his house to hang for a while.  Of course I did.  It was just so easy and comfortable bein with him.  We musta talked for hours, gettin to know each other and findin out all the music, and books, and games, and movies, and shit we both liked.  Finally it was time for me to get home, but as I left Zack grinned at me and said, 'Thanks for comin over, dewd.  It's been way kewl.  Save me a seat on the bus tomorrow.'

"We rode together pretty much every day from then on, tellin jokes, bitchin about school, tryin to gross each other out with dirty stories.  And we started hangin out together between classes and at lunch, and after school with me helpin Zack with homework.  He brought me into his circle of friends when they'd go cruise the mall, or go to movies, or get together for campouts or sleepovers.  I'd go along, even tho I was still sorta the new kid, the outsider."

"So how did you two start gettin it on?"

"Shit, Trev, do you really want to know all this?"

"Betchur ass I do."

"Well, I guess it started with the group sleepovers.  One night we all decided to play strip poker and sorta ended up with a circle jerk, tryin to see who could cum first."

"Ahh, circle jerks.  What would horny dewds do if they didn't have circle jerks?"

"Yeah, well they became a regular thing for us.  We got into contests to see who could shoot farthest, fastest, mostest .. that kinda thing.  Then some genius pointed out that cummin fastest didn't prove anything .. that bein studly was about bein able to last the longest."

"Hmmm, sounds right to me.  So was the genius anybody I know?"

"Well, maybe,"  I blushed. 

"And let me guess ... that same genius pointed out that if you were each jackin yourselves in that kinda contest you could sandbag and last all night, right?"

"Sounds like you been there and done that, Trev."

"I ain't exactly stupid myself, Genius."

"Or bashful, either.  Anyway, we solved that problem by deciding to pair up and do our best to get our partner to cum while lasting ourselves.  Eventually, one night I got paired up with Zack and we both figgered out that we just really liked what we were doin and liked doin it with each other."

"So then you two started pairin up without the rest of the circle, right?"

"Not right away.  At first that just got us more comfortable with bein open 'bout sex and stuff.  When I'd hang out at Zack's we'd surf porn sites on his 'puter and talk about doin it with the chicks we saw and we'd each jack off.  Then one afternoon last fall I'd gone to Zack's house with him after he finished soccer practice.  He needed a shower, so he left me surfin at his 'puter while he went to clean up.  I started out hittin some of our regular spots.  Then I decided to check his bookmarks to see if there was any new stuff he'd found.  All of a sudden I was buried in pics of young dewds doin stuff with each other that I'd barely imagined could be done.  It was hot, I was hot, and Zack had been gone a long time so I just kinda got lost in all the new images.

"All of a sudden from close behind me Zack said, 'So do you like what you see?'  I whirled around, embarrassed, scared, and there was Zack, naked, still kinda wet from the shower, with six inches of hard on pointin right at me.  I gulped real hard and decided 'Fuck it.'  I looked up at him and said, 'Well, now I do.'  From there one thing kinda led to another."

"What kinda things?"

My discomfort at being this open with Trevor welled up again and I stammered, "Well, you know, things ...."

But Trev wasn't about to let me wriggle of his hook now, "I don't know, but maybe I can guess.  I'll bet he was standin naked in front of you, sorta like this, right?"  Trev jumped up from his perch on the bed and stood facing me, grinning mischievously, hands on his hips, rock hard cock vibrating.

"Did he kinda wave at you like this?" asked Trevor, swaying his hips so that his gorgeous shaft sort of bounced from its roots in his dark patch of hair.

"Yeah, sorta."

"Then did he step forward and lift you up to him like this, and grab your ass to pull you up against him, like this?"

"Well, actually, ... ummm, yeah."

"And grind your hips together while he reached up under your shirt to pull it over you head so he could run his hands up and down your back, like this?"

"Ummm ...."

"And by then, I bet you were all hard inside your shorts, just like you are now, so he tugged at your waist and pushed your shorts to the floor, like this.  And when your naked cocks pressed together you shuddered and pulled him to you like you're doin with me right now and you ground into each other harder, like this, until the two of you tumbled onto the bed, wrapped around each other, kinda like this."

So there we were, me and Trevor, naked in each other arms on his bed, panting, hungry for each other.  One of his hands reached down and circled my throbbing meat.  I gasped as a jolt of fire surged through me.  Trevor squeezed me, and relaxed, and then squeezed again, and with each squeeze I pushed my self more strongly into his grasp.  His other hand danced across my chest to circle and then pinch at my nipple.  All I could do was arch back and revel in his touching.  His warm hand went wild on my shaft, stroking up and down, running his thumb around and around the rim of my pulsing helmet, which got silky wet with the precum pouring out of me.

Trevor brushed a finger across my slit and came away with a strand of clear fluid.  He brought his finger slowly to his mouth and, looking me seductively in the eye, licked it clean.  "Yummy ....  You want some?  There seems to be plenty."

His finger scooped up more of the sticky nectar oozing from my burning cock and brought it to my lips.  My mouth closed greedily over his finger, tasting myself on him, and then sucking madly, wanting to taste something of him.  My sucking must have stimulated a suck urge in Trevor.  Quickly, he moved his smiling face down to my groin, parted his lips and closed them solidly around the swollen head of the rod he held firmly in his hand.  I heaved beneath him, wild with the feel of his mouth moving up and down on me, thrilled with the reality that it was Trevor's mouth working furiously to pleasure me.  Trevor, who I had loved, and then hated, and then tried my best to be indifferent about.  Trevor, who now seemed to lust for me as much as I had lusted for him for years.  And even though I knew from what Trev had said earlier that his passion arose merely from lust, not from love, I loved it and right then wanted nothing more than to share in that lust.

I had to have him like he had me, so I wriggled around beneath him until the purple head of his cock pressed into my cheek.  It looked enormous there so close to me, strong, alive, full of Trevor's energy and his maleness.  I licked at the precum glistening before my eyes, savoring the taste, spicier than mine it seemed.  Then I swirled my tongue around the smooth head, nibbled at the rim with my lips, and plunged my mouth up until I started to gag on the fullness at the back of my throat.  His smell filled my nostrils and I sniffed hard to bring more of him into me.  I cupped his spongy balls in my hand and began to find a rhythm matching the thrusting of his hips with the movement of my mouth.

While he passionately fucked my face, Trev pumped the base of my swollen cock and sucked madly at the head.  The intensity of our coupling flooded me with a raw animal energy that reached even to Panther and brought him into the throes of my ecstasy.  My moans of pleasure became yelps of joy as I devoured the burning meat in my mouth and then felt explosions of wet, warm cream against the back of my throat.  I gulped down volley after volley and then began to buck wildly as Trevor's hand and mouth brought me to my own crescendo.  All the power that ran wildly through me gathered into a center of pure energy at the base of my cock and built and built in intensity until it could not be contained.  I screamed and then erupted, emptying my self into the warm, wet vacuum of Trevor's hungry mouth.  All my pain, all my fears, all my longings, all my joy blasted out of me in the streams of semen shooting into Trevor, who gladly took them all.

Finally, empty, spent, I fell back to the bed, inert.  Trevor turned above me and gazed into my eyes, with a look of amazing calm and satisfaction spread across his face.

"So, does this mean maybe we can be blow buds, Evan?"

-To be Continued-