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  July, 2001



   "No way!" Mark exclaimed, pulling away.

   "Please, just let me do it.... this once. And I promise I'll be gentle and if you still don't like it we can stop." Peter pleaded, his eyes burning with desire.

   "You already know the answer - 'NO', PERIOD! And I do this only because it feels so damn good," said Mark, ".... and 'cause your my friend." He added after a pause.

   He wiped the sticky goo off his hand on the discarded brief and pulled up his jeans fastening the buttons, his spent stalk bulging the crotch of his pants. He looked at his friend and smiled, watching the boy still lying on the bed, still naked, making no attempt at getting dressed.

   "You know I'm no fag..." he remarked.

   It was always the same, Peter suggesting the same thing and Mark ready with his fixed answer. It had been going on for nearly five months now..... but Pete wasn't someone to give up that easily. He had decided he wanted Mark's ass and he would have it!

   'Patience...' he told himself, 'and lots of gentle persuasion.'

   The two boys had known each other since ages, since they were toddlers and now at 16 they were like inseparable twins, always together. Movies, bike rides, games, hanging out and of course the jack-off sessions....

   With the first surge of the testosterone flooding their young body and the first sprout of pubic hair, their friendship took a new turn.... Starting with discussing the ongoing changes to comparing, like any other curious pubescent it gradually led to first, jack-off sessions and then groping, finally leading to mutual masturbation.... And like all horny teens it seemed to consume all their free time, especially the frantic search for a place to indulge in the all-consuming urge for release in relative peace and privacy.

   By fifteen, things started to change again, Pete became aware of his attraction towards the male, while Mark insisted he was enflamed by the opposite sex. They discussed it openly, without reservation or disgust on Mark's part, their friendship remaining intact. And they continued with their secret sessions of passionate release with Pete dreaming of finally one day making love to Mark's incredible ass, while the other boy fantasized about bedding his girlfriend as soon as he could convince her to let him to.

   Over time Pete convinced Mark to allow him to suck him off, in the hope that maybe then he could make his friend agree to let him fuck the ass he lusted for. But no such luck there.... Mark let his friend suck him all right, but only gave his hand in return refusing to go any further. And as for fucking, it was an absolute and unqualified 'NO'!

   And like every other session this one too ended on a similar note - Pete sucking his friend to climax and hungrily gulping down the cream that he had come to love the taste of and Mark bringing off his friend with his hand as usual. And then Pete making his pitch once more, asking Mark to let him fuck and being refused. It was the same each time but Pete never gave up....

   "Why don't you do it first?" suggested Pete in desperation, massaging his limp cock with one hand, while rubbing in the sticky gobs that had splattered his torso, with the other.

   "It's all so gross, how can you even think of it!" Mark said, wrinkling his cute little snub nose.

   Pete didn't argue any further, he watched his friend finish tying the laces and then leave after the usual 'see ya'. He remained lying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, a smile hovering over his full lips.... the seed of an idea taking shape in his young mind.

   "Yeah, and we can have the whole house to ourselves for the whole fuckin' day!" Pete said into the phone.

   "Cool.... I can hardly wait. I'll be there at nine." replied Mark before replacing the handset.

   "Yeah!" smiled Pete, rubbing his hands in glee.... tomorrow.... tomorrow would be his day!

   His parents had been planning this trip for quite some time now and he had waited for it with eager anticipation. Last night, after his dad had returned from work, was it finalized and now would be his chance, his chance to finally 'convince' Mark to give up his awesome teen butt to his friend. As soon as dinner was over he went up to his room and called Mark, informing him of the trip and the resultant reward of a whole day and a place to do all they could ever think of.

   Mark was thrilled, it meant a long and extended session of masturbation.... and not to mention the blow jobs that Pete was sure to give him. That guy really could work wonders on his teen cock with his mouth! The hot, wet caresses of the fluttering tongue.... the gentle fingers, it took him to the heights of ecstasy and beyond. He sure could use that mouth some more.... Sylvia, his girlfriend, was such a disappointment, she never even allowed him to touch her there.... or even her heaving breasts. And she never bothered to get her own hands anywhere close to his throbbing penis. A light peck was all she allowed after the date, while he was near bursting point and ready to do anything for a little grope, if not the whole thing.

   He sure looked forward to having a full day with Pete.... the guy did bug him at times with his crazy idea about fucking him in the ass.... but then, he was a cool guy and they had been friends since before he even cared remember. And he could take great care of the stiff meat that eternally poked out from between his legs, never seeming to go down!

   He could hardly sleep a wink that night, jacking off at least twice to get rid of the pressure on his ever erect cock, thinking about the next day and all that they could do, especially the blow job that Pete was sure to administer. The idea of having the house all to themselves was the greatest and the most exciting.... at last they could really do it at a slow pace.... without worry or the pressure of time.... in a more relaxed way.... and maybe explore further.... They were so tired of the garages or the attics and if ever they did manage to get themselves locked in either one's bedroom there was always the nagging tension of an ever inquisitive mom come knocking!

   When Mark entered the house that morning Pete could hardly contain himself.... he was in an extremely erotic state of arousal and Mark too seemed equally excited. They both grinned as they rushed into the bedroom and quickly slipped out of our clothes, each panting as more and more naked flesh was revealed. Both boys near bursting.... Always on the edge, the teens, now with the assurance of a place and no worry of any parental interference, could hardly suppress their passion.

   With a moan Pete sank on his knees and grabbed for his friend's throbbing prick and in one swift gulp took it deep within his clutching throat. Mark shook and groaned as he felt the liquid heat surround his member and grabbing fist full of his pal's hair ground his pubes further into the boy's face.

   The room was soon filled with the passionate groans of the boys and the erotic slurps... and before long Mark roared and poured his sex libation down his friend's gulping throat, slumping back on the bed, partly drained, but sure of a quick recovery.... after all, teens didn't take ages to recharge !

   As Pete joined him on the bed he turned sideways and reached for his friend's cock, ready to do his part of the 'deal', jack him off....

   "Nah, not yet.... just catch your breath and then we can take a shower together." Pete said softly, shifting his hips away, out of reach.

   "Cool...!" was Mark's immediate reaction, they had never done anything more than the usual furtive grope, a quick jerk-off and an equally speedy blow job, "We've never tried that before." he smiled, his eyes shining with excitement.

   "Let's go." said Pete, getting up and heading for the bathroom, his cock sticking way out in front, leading the way, Mark close behind.

   He got the shower started and the two got under the warm spray.... playful, laughing. It felt absolutely great! Pete took the soap and rubbed it all over Mark's wet body.... running his hands sensuously over the glistening nakedness, working up a rich lather. He scrubbed the back and then turned him around, working the front, tweaking the erect nipples and tickling under the arms.... drawing large circles on the flat belly.... moving lower and over the pubic arch, toying with the reawakened cock like some plaything. Both boys grinned and poked at each other, giggling at the new game. He knelt down and holding the erect phallus pulled Mark closer to the spray of water, washing off the suds from the throbbing shaft before planting a wet kiss on the squeaky clean head. Mark moaned and shivered at the rush of pleasure and grabbed Pete's head.

   Releasing the swaying cock he concentrated on the legs.... building up a rich lather, scrubbing the whole length, working between the toes, making Mark squirm..... He moved up once more and with one hand holding the cock, he slid the other under the tightly knotted balls, reaching for the firm globes, sliding his hand over them, caressing... Mark gasped at the awesome feeling and shifted his legs, parting them.

   Pete knew what he wanted and also knew what he had to do to get it.... he was determined to have it and if it took the whole fucking day he was willing. Slowly he slipped his fingers in the tight cleft, between the plump cheeks and heard the other boy moan.... He increased the pressure on the cock as his slippery fingers began to slide along the deep valley of the ass.... along the whole length, soaping it up.... and each time his fingers reached the tiny anus, he gently nudged it.... He felt Mark squirm in response, rotating his pelvis ever so slightly, the muscles relaxing And as the boy's groans got louder and swaying more vigorous, he immediately pulled his hands away.... he had no desire to pursue any further, not yet.... He had to be very careful he reminded himself, 'can't miss a chance like this' he kept repeating.

   'Keep the kid hot and he will come around...' he told himself silently as he placed his hands on the narrow waist and turned Mark once more, his face now level with the ass he had been lusting over for the past five months....

   He let his hands run over the smooth surface, caressing the globes, lovingly and then before Mark could react he parted the firm cheeks and slid his hand, once more, between them.... his thumb at the tiny ass mouth. Mark reached for the tiled walls and placing his hands on it for support, pushed his ass out, spreading his legs further apart. Pete wanted to insert the thumb in, feel the heat, the clutch but controlled the urge.... 'lets not rush it' he chided himself as he gently massaged around the puckered hole while the other hand gripped the loaded balls and squeezed them soothingly.

   Mark moaned in horny abandon, swaying and wriggling his ass, thrusting it back at his friend's probing fingers, his young body flooded with erotic pleasure.... He felt a pulse of excitement course through him and his sphincter relax and open.... he felt desire wash over him..... making him want.... He wanted to grab flesh, touch flesh.... lust ripped at his very soul and for the first time he didn't care about what he was or at least professed to be, he wanted to experience the joys of loving and if Pete asked now, he was ready!

   Pete felt the change in the muscular tension and smiled. He knew he would have his wish soon.... pulling his hand away he stood up, leaving Mark flushed and slightly disappointed, intent on keeping the boy that way, in heat and constant arousal.

   "Now your turn...." he said, handing Mark the soap.

   Disappointed and slightly taken aback at the sudden stop to the incredible pleasure Mark was more than happy to return the favor. He took the soap and imitated Pete's actions.... doing what had just been done to him. He lathered his bud and scrubbed him, running his hand in the same sensuous way, making Pete react with equal arousal.... He played with his friend's stiff cock and slid his hands down and under the flexing globes.... sliding the soapy fingers in the ass crack... desirous of giving as much pleasure as he had received. But Pete stopped him from going further, turning around and pulling him up.

   Moving close under the shower they quickly washed each other, removing all traces of the soap and then turning the shower off and they got out.... Suddenly, he leaned forward and kissed Mark, holding his face, with both hands, pulling it closer. And as the boy gasped with initial shock and then the wonderful feeling, Pete slipped his tongue in. This was Mark's first real kiss.... more than the pecks that he was so used to and he shivered with lust, his cock giving a jerk, the clear dribble smearing both their bellies.

   They dried each other off and together returned to the bedroom. Pete led his friend to the bed and lay him down. Then getting up on the bed he slowly started kissing him from forehead, working his way down, over the eyes, the nose to the mouth.... down the neck, over the bobbing Adam's apple.... the pointed nipples.... the heaving chest, the hollowed belly... past the stiff prick and down to his knees.... and then started the journey back up again.

   Mark shut his eyes tight and moaned, twisting about like crazy at the awesome pleasure flooding his teen body, his hands searching out and gripping at Pete's hair, pulling viciously. Pete lifted his head and looked at his friend, seeing the closed eyes and the gasping mouth, the glistening lips parted in an erotic snarl, the tongue licking frantically. Saw the flared nostrils.... the heaving chest.... looking down he looked at the bursting cock and the curled toes and smiled, his heart thrilling at the prospect.... and before Mark could even realize what was happening, he flipped the boy over on his stomach. And even quicker he parted the firm cheeks and ground his face in the deep cleft, his mouth going for the tiny puckered hole.

   "Oh, God...! Jesus.... Aaaaah!" screamed Mark, his pelvis jerking uncontrollably, the legs spreading further apart, opening the ass wider.

   And as the wet lips sucked at the wrinkled anus, he kept growling and pushing back for more.... then suddenly went stiff, as realization dawned on him as to what was being done.... He lifted his head, as if to say something but at that very moment Pete's tongue slithered out to lick at the center of the wildly twitching hole.... and as the tip stabbed the tiny opening he shook and cried out before falling silent, burying his face in the pillow, surrendering completely, overwhelmed by the erotic stimulation.... too far gone to complain.

   But his ass squirmed and wriggled in gay abandon, responding to all the stimulation, the arousal and as Pete probed the orifice harder, his fingers holding the cheeks stretched apart, Mark let go and felt the tongue slither in.... inside his ass !

   It felt incredible, stunningly erotic and he squealed with delight, rotating his ass, lifting it off the bed, pushing it further into his friend's slobbering face.

   The hole was sopping wet but still tight.... and pulling his tongue out Pete touched the tiny ass slit with his fingers and felt it twitch. He applied a slight pressure and gently slipped the thumb in.... feeling the tender membranes pulse and grip it in a vice. Slowly, he pushed it in further, turning it around, feeling the walls roll over the buried digit, pulsing. He pulled it out and then pushed it back in again.... fucking the tight hole gently while his tongue kept licking around the stretched anal opening, adding more and more saliva at the entrance. He felt a slight change, a slight relaxation and pushed in the other thumb, holding the tiny orifice stretched open, flicking the tongue rapidly at the gaping hole. He felt the ass mouth twitch and the inner walls quake, making the boy buck like crazy, in the grip of a maddening frenzy, pumping his hips, humping the bed.... pushing back further at the probing fingers, the lapping tongue. And then he knew he was close, close to fulfilling his dream, finally!

   "God... aaaah, don't stop.... Oooooh.... it feels so damned good !" Mark hollered, throwing his head back, gripping the pillow tighter.

   "The real thing would feel much better." Pete suggested, pulling his mouth away for a moment, his heart slamming against his rib cage.

   "No way I can refuse you now, is there?" Mark panted, looking back over his shoulder, eyes glazed, the wet tongue licking his lips "You never really give up.... You will make me take your cock and like it too."

   Pete grinned and plunged his tongue deep, nudging the slight bulge of the prostate with his thumb, in reply.

   "Take those damned fingers out and do whatever you want.... God, this feels great!" Mark cried out.

   Pete pulled out his fingers and got up, getting off the bed...

   "Huh, wh.... what now?" asked a confused Mark, looking at his friend, "Don' you wanna to fuck me?"

   "Yes, I do.... and will always want to. But I don't want to hurt you. My cock has to be real slick and wet for that," he said going to his table and getting the tube of KY out of the bottom drawer before returning to the bed.

   He asked Mark to roll over and hold his legs high and open and then getting between the splayed thighs squeezed some of the jelly onto his fingers. He gently applied it to the visibly relaxed ass mouth and worked his fingers inside the hole, rotating them, lubricating the anal passage. He next put a generous coating to his own pulsating pole, rubbing it along the whole length, getting it slippery wet and throwing the tube aside got into position....

   Both boys shook as Pete gripped Mark's legs and placing them over his shoulders brought his hips forward positioning the broad head of his bursting cock at the tiny orifice. They looked at each other, staring, eyes wide with anticipation... burning with desire and hunger... curious to discover the joys of mating.

   Placing his hands on either side of Mark's head he looked down and lunged forward. Both gasped at the contact... but the anus refused to open wide enough to allow the thick cock in, the tiny mouth holding tight, suddenly clenching shut....

   Mark felt the lunge and he snarled, pushing back at Pete with as much force as he could muster, "Shove it man, shove it! Give it to me!!" he screamed, willing his sphincter to relax, to accept his friend's cock....

   Pete put more pressure and shoved harder and with wonder saw the puckered anus part grudgingly to snap over the flared rim, gobbling his cock head into the sheathing cauldron of boy flesh, holding him immobile....

   Mark gasped and shuddered as he felt an intense pain shoot through him, ripping through his insides as his tight ass ring snapped over the invading cock head, the widely stretched mouth pulsing. His legs stiffened and jerked, spasming involuntarily over his friend's shoulders and his hands gripped Pete's arms, clawing, digging sharp nails into the flexing teen muscle... And as his friend's penis paused and remained still just inside the portals of his most intimate orifice, the pain slowly gave way to a dull throb, an almost soothing ache....

   Mark was tight... tighter than a vice, the ass unbelievably hot and as Pete paused in his assault he felt the virgin membranes grip at his invading cock like a tight glove, the rectal linings clinging to the buried head, almost suffocating. The hot walls quivered and rolled.... like a million tiny fingers, raking at the sensitive glans, making him groan with lust, forcing his hips to jerk uncontrollably. He shook and growled lustily, wrenching it out before slamming his hips back down again, into the parted bottom, sending over half the stiff length up the bucking tail.

   Mark shrieked at the re-entry and gripped his friend's arms tighter, biting his lower lips but pushing back at him, forcing the hidden muscles to relax and accept more of the probing penis. And as Pete felt the moist heat of his friend's rectum surround his sliding cock he too grunted and thrust deeper, feeling the liquid heat rolling over the entire length of his fat shaft. He could feel each contraction, each spasm as the inner ring gripped and released his shaft and the tender walls of the intestine pulsed around his buried tool. It felt like a mouth one moment chewing at him and then like a million tiny fingers, jerking the living daylights out of him, as if milking him! It was amazing.... he groaned and hammered away intoxicated... frenzied.

   As the tight passage was lubricated by the rushing mucous he set a smooth rhythm.... pushing into Mark with massive thrusts and rotated his pelvis, grinding his pubes into the smooth ass cheeks of his childhood bud before pulling back slowly, relishing each moment of the withdrawal only to repeat it again and again... his hips rising and falling with unbroken regularity in fulfilment of the ritual of mating. And as he fucked Mark, he kept looking down, between their heaving bodies, mesmerized by the sight.... watching his glistening tool draw out from the clutching grip of his friend's ass hole.... pulling the twitching ass slit high, stretched around his pulsating shaft. The soft, pink inner lining clinging desperately to the retreating shaft, as if unwilling to let go and then watched it being shoved right in with each delicious plunge, the reddened mouth folding in on itself as the cock disappeared inside!

   But he could look no longer.... overtaken by the heat and the tight clutch he closed his eyes and fell forward, over Mark, grabbing his friend's face to plaster his open lips to the gasping mouth, shoving his tongue in...

   The pleasure roared at him with a blinding fury forcing his pelvis to buck wildly. He pulled back till only the broad head remained inside the seething inferno, trapped there by the tight sphincter and then thrust in with a jolting force, sending the rigid pole deep into the convulsing depth of the quivering bottom, making them both squeal with delight.... grunting with ecstasy into each other's mouth. Both so new to the joys of fucking... utterly enamored by the erotic motions of copulation, the heat, the feel and the smell. Engulfed by the pleasures of coital union they floated higher and higher on the wings of sexual bliss.

   Plunging and sliding, Pete's cock opened up more and more of Mark's inside... every curve, every turn of his intestine was smoothened out as the thick cock repeatedly bored into the churning bottom. He probed deep now, rubbing the tender walls raw in his blinding lust to get even deeper, tugging at Mark's guts, setting his insides afire....

   But it was a different kind of fire that raged in Mark's belly, the flames of desire and want. The cock felt so rigid, so hot.... so unrelenting as it traveled in and out and Mark just loved every bit of it.... He whined, asking for more, slamming back at his friend, rotating his ass in response, relaxing and clamping his rectum in time with each shove and each withdrawal, making both boys cry out.

   Mark felt his stomach churn and heave, the lungs pumping air ferociously in its attempt to keep the body's need for oxygen going. The pleasure was painfully impossible to bear and as the muscles tightened and his nuts crawled higher he pulled his mouth away and hollered for more, incoherent with ecstasy at his own ravishment, asking Pete to fuck him harder. He knew he was close and desperately wanted release... Like a twister, it rolled and turned and rose high, sucking him into its raging center, blinding him.... tugging at his guts, tossing him higher.... It blasted at him and he gripped Pete's flexing ass and shoved back.... for that little extra pressure on his swollen prostate, that extra nudge that would finally push him over the edge and into the vortex of erotic fulfillment, bringing complete bliss in its wake.

   "Harder.... Pete, for God's sake, harder...." he shrieked lustily, biting into his shoulder to stifle the cry of need and felt his friend ram into him with a ferocious force, sending the stiff prick deeper into his convulsing bowels, the large head rubbing his hidden gland with more force.

   Like a dam bursting its walls, the pleasure roared at him and he was engulfed by the surging emotions.... He threw his head back, arching his upper torso, off the bed, the veins on his neck standing out sharply, throbbing and let out a wail... His eyes closed and he saw the flashing lights and then a blinding jolt passed through his young body, nearly blacking him out as he felt his cock twitch violently, almost burst its skin, as the first spurt gushed out of his raging phallus.... His shoulders slumped back and he buried his face in Pete's shoulder, clutching him tighter, gurgling happily.... His balls felt like they had just melted into nothingness and were forcing their way out through the narrow corridor of his urethra, swelling it further, making it pulse painfully as the torrent burst forth, expelled by the rhytmic contractions of his intenal muscles... splashing them both with the rich, boiling cream.... soothing in its ultimate discharge.

   As his cock stopped its violent twitching and the last spurt burst forth, his body went limp and his mind blanked.... totally exhausted. Through a haze he felt Pete pull out and flip him over, on his stomach and gripping his hips pulled it high, off the bed and shoved in! He felt a wail rise from deep within him as the steel stiff cock plunged in, rubbing the raw walls further, prodding the sensitive prostate painfully and the large balls smack his own depleted nuts.... His shoulders remained crushed to the bed, the face buried in the pillow.... his stomach purring in the aftermath of the explosive orgasm, but unable to completely relax as the plunging cock continuously churned up his bottom, re-stoking the flames of passion.... He just grunted, his body slack, like a rag doll, swaying to and fro, moving with Pete's hunching.

   He heard Pete grunt and shove in savagely and realized that the boy was preparing for his own climax, preparing to unload his own bubbling semen. He felt Pete grip him tighter and felt the hot, gasping breath on the back of his neck. Sharp teeth bit into his shoulders and the hips increased its frenzied pistoning, the swinging balls smacking his own dangling nuts with a jolting force. And with a desire to make it even better for his pal he flexed his rectum, squeezing the buried dick and felt it jerk and pulse and heard Pete groan hoarsely before going stiff....

   Pete threw his head back, pulling all the way out before ramming in one last time, grinding his pubes into the smooth cleft of his friend's parted ass and exploded. The hot cream splashing the insides, coating the ravaged walls of the intestine with its thickness, soothing it, filling Mark with joy. He lifted his ass higher, as if offering a cup to his friend to pour his sex libation into and moaned with satisfaction as he felt the liquid heat fill him to the brim.

   He rotated his ass slowly, enjoying the feel of the spewing cock jerk and twitch, the large balls slapping against his thighs. He closed his eyes and breathed in the rank smell of sex as it filled the room.... sending his blood coursing through his teen body. He clamed his anus shut and heard Pete yelp and felt him shudder. And as he continued to hump, though more gently now, Mark felt the just released cream froth and ooze out, around his stretched ass mouth, coating his plump cheeks and the pumping cock before rolling down along the parted crack and over the swaying balls. He raised his shoulders and looked down, under him and gasped at the awesome sight. He saw his own limp cock flop forward and back with each hunch of his friend and saw Pete's large balls swinging between the widely parted legs.... saw the sticky goo glistening as it rolled down his smooth inner thighs. It thrilled him and filled him with a lascivious wantonness.... he shivered and moaned, rotating his ass and pushing back, demanding more....

   Pete fell over Mark, crushing the boy under him, forcing him down on the bed and buried his face in the sweat drenched pillow, panting for air. Mark felt the cock, still in him, grow soft and that feeling too seemed amazingly erotic. And as it slipped out of the gripping clutch with a pop he rolled over kissing Pete passionately, his tongue shoving into the gasping mouth. Both panting, filled with a sensuous languidness, recovering from the most awe-inspiring experience of their young life!

   "God, that was incredible. Awesome!" whispered Pete softly into Mark's ear as they regained their breath, the young hearts finally slowing down to a more regular beat.

   "Yeah..." Mark responded, his hands already at his friend's groin, toying with the spent stalk, working at reviving it. "When can we do it again?" he asked, his face flushed and the eyes twinkling.

   "Soon... " giggled Pete, thrilled at the prospect of a repeat performance and the thought of finally having not only 'convinced' his horny pal into having anal sex but also 'converting' him!

   'YES...!' he thought, his hand patting Mark's plump rump.

   They rolled over, hugging each other in a tight embrace and joined their mouth in a soulful kiss...


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