This is a true story about me and my friend Paul.. Dates, locations and certain events have been changed to provide some degree of privacy!

This story is about male to male sex and involves young guys over the age of 18. If homosexual acts disturb you please do not read any further. For those who like this, please read on and I hope you enjoy it.

Paul and I
Out at Last

by Dennis K

I first met Paul while in high school... He was in the school cafeteria just finishing up as I entered and sat down nearby. At first sight of him I wondered who the hell this hot boy was.. and how I could get to know him.. I saw a group of guys talking with him and noticed several of my friends (straight) talking to him. After they broke up I made my way over and ask Tom who the new guy was. As he told me he explained that Paul had just moved from Texas. Even more interesting was to learn that Paul lived just around the corner from me.

Things progressed for a couple of weeks and I finally got to see him away from school.. He was outside mowing the grass one Saturday. No shirt, short, short, jean cutoffs, and shoes... He was one HOT looking dude. And he knew it... As I rode by and was watching him he waved at me to stop. I almost wrecked my motorcycle trying to stop. As I rode up to him he had shut off the mower and was approaching me. God, his body was something else up close. We made small talk for a few minutes with him admiring my bike and me admiring his body.. Those cutoff's were skin tight and was showing a revealing bulge. With the sweat coming off his body in streams, I suggested that he come over to my house to cool off in the pool.. He agreed and jumped on back, wrapping his arms around my waist.

When we got to my house he seemed kinda shy and asked where my folks were. I told him that they had go to visit a sick aunt and would not be back until tomorrow. I had no brothers or sisters so that the place was ours. This seemed to put him at ease and he began to smile. At that point we had walked thru the house out back to the pool. Now I hoped that things would really get HOT!. Paul saw that the fence around our pool and backyard was very high and that no one even lived close enough to see. He grinned and said he bet I skinny dipped in the pool... I did... Was he trying to get me to strip? I hoped so.. All of a sudden Paul said we had left in such a hurry that we had forgot to go inside his house and get his suit. Very quickly I told him we could forget the suit and skinny-dip.

Paul agreed and much to my suprise he was not the least bit bashful. Before I could bat an eye he was tugging at the zipper of his jean cutoff's.. When all of a sudden the zipper stuck.. As hard as he tried, it would not come loose. No wonder, what with the bulge he was showing, he must have had a hardon. I said " Need some help?" Paul just walked over to where I was and looked me deep in the eyes and that was all I needed.. I reached up and began to work at the zipper.. All the time rubbing as much of my hand as possible on his cock and balls.... When finally the zipper came unstuck, his cutoff's literally split apart exposing Paul and revealing that he was NOT wearing any underwear.. I started to pull back to let him finish taking off the shorts and then he said, "Go ahead and finish what you started and then it's my turn.!" WOW....... I reached up and started to slowly pulls his jeans off as he wriggled that cute ass of his.As his jeans dropped lower, I saw that he had a great looking black bush and then that hot hard cock popped out in view. My jaw dropped as I took in his 8" of rock hard love muscle. I was so close that he just reached down and touched his cock making it slap against my face and open mouth.. A drop of precum was on the head and I could not resist licking it off... Tasty, tasty....With the first taste I knew I wanted more... I leaned forward and with no hands at all engulfed his rod slowly till I had it all the way down my throat... After several trips up and down his cock Paul reached down and pulled me up to his face... I was in heaven.. Here was the cutest guy I had ever seen and he was letting me play with his cock and evidently he wanted even more.

Paul smiled and said he knew I had wanted to do that because he had seen me watching him at school.. Hell, who would not? Paul was 17, 5'6" tall, 135 lbs, blackest hair I ever saw... Every girl in school was watching him almost as much as I was.. Even guys turned their heads to see that cute ass walking by... Paul pulled me closer and I could feel his hard cock nuzzle by naked belly. My hands roamed from his neck all the way to his butt and I pulled him as close to me as hard as he was pulling me. Paul definitely wanted MORE!... Little did I know just how much more. As we rubbed each others back and butt, Paul began to lightly kiss my neck and nibble on my ears... Damn, this guy was as hot as I was. I wondered if I could be the luckiest person on earth....

Paul kissed me from my neck to my nipples... He was moaning as much as I was as he explored my tits with his lips, biting them tenderly. I was overwhelmed to have this hot stud making my body feel important.. I was 5'7", 145 lbs, black hair and brown eyes, not a hair one on my chest.. Good pecs, but not a body builder either. As Paul played with my tits, he began to rub my dick and then in one yank, off came the sweat pants I had been wearing .... I was then as bare as he was as he had yanked the skimpy bikini shorts off too at the same time... My 7" cock was standing at full attention and begging for him to take me..... As I stepped out of the sweats, I noticed that Paul had already lost the shorts he had on... I asked Paul if he would be more comfortable inside on my bed and he said no, he wanted it to happen here... at least the first time...

As we continued to stroke each other, Paul told me he also had noticed me and wanted this from the day he first saw me.. And then he told he he had asked Tom, who was by best friend, if I was gay or maybe bi.... He said that Tom told him only that he'd have to ask me... He did say that Paul would be very suprised if he knew... I sensed that Tom, who always had jerked off with me, knew that Paul and I was destined to get together.. Only time and the opportunity awaited.. Paul then stated that he had never done this before with anyone.. Only his hand at night in his room or in the shower, thinking of guys. I told Paul to relax as he was starting to get nervous and shaking... I then told him that I had also wanted him since that first day in the cafeteria.. And that I to , had never really been with a guy, except for jerking off with Tom when we were both 15. Paul may have been nervous but his cock was still rock hard and demanding attention... I then took his hand and moved it back to my cock and leaned over and kissed him fully on the lips. This was his and my first time.... I sensed that something special was to come out of this and I intended to make sure we both enjoyed it to the max. AS we broke the kiss, I took him by the hand and we went inside to my bedroom.

As Paul walked up the stairs to the bedroom I lagged behind just enough to watch those hot cheeks of his and as he got to the top he seemed to trip and went to his hands and knees.. man, what a shot of that tight hot hairless hole...... We both broke out laughing as I placed a hand on that hot ass and let my fingers drip into the tight crack.. I was ready to take him right there.... But I held back my desires and knowing that good things come to those who wait, I helped him up and we entered the bedroom.

Paul ran to my king sized waterbed and jumped squarely in the middle on his back and spread his legs.. and started stroking that hard 8" cock of his... I mounted the bed and worked my way toward him between his outstretched legs... As soon as my face was at his knees I began to lick and caress him all the way up to those hot balls and that great cock... I wanted it so bad and Paul knew it.... Just as I was about to take it all the way down my throat, Paul pulled it away and snickered.. I asked him, no begged him to let me suck his cock... Paul responded that If I really wanted to get his cock in my mouth I had to do something first... At this point I would have agreed to anything!

Paul then turned over on his stomach and once again spread those legs and pushed his butt back to my face.. "Lick my ass," he stated very loudly.... Come on, I know you want to do it... Never before had I ever done this, but with Paul, I wanted to more than anything else.. I lowered my face to his butt cheeks and planted wet kisses all over them.. Paul moaned and told me I had to do better than that... With that he arched back, grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face right into his tight ass crack.... Man, I loved the way he smelled.. All that sweat from earlier had a nice all boy aroma going and I darted my tongue out for a tentative lick.... My first taste of ass and I was hooked for life.. I grabbed his cheeks and spread them wide and went wild licking and kissing his hole... I then poked a finger in it and it seemed so hot and tight I naturally followed it with my tongue.... Paul raised his ass way off the bed and really started begging me to fuck his hole with my tongue.... Gladly my stud, gladly.... I rimmed him for what seemed hours but was in reality only about 15 min...and what I noticed was that he had shot a load all over the bed and that I also had shot a load also.....Neither of our dicks had the first hand on them either...

Paul and I then fell back on the bed and tried to catch our breath.. Paul said that he was sorry he had forced me to do that, but he had always wanted to know what it would feel like to be in charge and make someone eat his ass.. I told him that I had never done that but I would do it as often as he wanted but what I mostly wanted was that hard cock of his.... Paul laughed and was already getting hard as He reached over, grabbing my cock and feeling it growing fast, pulled me close... Paul said I could have anything I wanted... And boy did I ever want it.. In one fast motion I was at his cock, licking and caressing it until it was fully hard and he was starting to push it deeper in my mouth. Withing minutes I felt his balls pull tight and expecting him to shoot I tried to suck harder.. Only paul had other ideas... He pulled me up and kissed me and said to lay back. It was his turn.

Paul was palyin with my cock with one hand as his other was pulling at my nipples.. His tongue darted from one nip to the other and lightly teasing them.... As he began to go lower I relaxed and began to really enjoy his hot tongue on my body.. As he got to my hard cock, he kissed it and continued past it much to my suprise and dismay... But, WOW, what he had in mind really got me going.. He licked my balls and started to suck first one then the other.. All of a sudden he had them both in his mouth.... Heavennnnnnnnn... He let them slip from his hot mouth and then strted to lick underneath them as he pushed my legs higher... Paul lowered his lips to my hot asshole and licked all around my hairless hole..... He looked up and me and said he was going to enjoy this!!!!! All I could do was moan and push my butt up higher begging for more. His tongue had lit a fire in my hole that I never knew of... Paul then licked and slurped on my hole for all he was worth.... My legs were beginning to tire and as I told Paul this he lowered my legs and rolled me over onto my stomach... As he caressed my back, I heard Paul spit in his palm and I knew what he wanted but was scared as I had never done that and his cock was big! Paul laid on my back and whispered in my ear that he was in love with me... My fears was instantly gone as I knew then that Paul would not do anything I did not want.. And I really did want to be his fuck buddy! As he said this Paul pushed his cock against my ass and requested entry... He pulled me up on my hands and knees and spread my legs wide and just rubbed that hard cock of his up and down and all around my tight ass... He then centered the head and slightly pushed. Ouch, that hurt... Paul whispered to relax and was kissing my neck and then with one stiff jab, pushed his cock inside my ass.... He waited for a minute so I could get used to it and then slowly fed my ass all 8" of his manhood.... Once he was inside, I began to feel better and the pain left and was replaced with an after glow as his cock rubbed my prostate. As he sensed my ass accepting his cock he began to slowly fuck me. I began to meet his every thrust as I pushed back.... All of a sudden I found my voice and began to very verbally beg for more... "Fuck me, Paul, give me all of that hard cock deep in my ass!!"

That was all it took as Paul started to thrust harder and harder... Time and time again my ass was plowed by that hard beautiful cock.... I loved every moment and wanted to make him cum so bad.. I grabbed my cock which was back roaring hard and stroked in time with him.. Soon I felt my balls ppull tight and so did Paul as he encouraged me to shoot my load... I did.... Wad after wad of hot boy come erupted from my cock for what seemed liked minutes... Never before had I shot so much and so hard... In all the excitement, Paul had drove his cock deep in me and I now felt his cum pasting my insides with a gallon of cum..... I clamped down on his cock with my ass determined never to let him leave my hole....We both collapsed on my bed with his cock still in my ass... Slowly he bagan to go soft and slipped from me..

Paul rolled over and pulled me over on top of him... We kissed for a long time, not wanting to let this moment pass... We whispered in each other ears what I have heard him say on many occassions since that time.. He LOVES me.. and I LOVE him.... As we drift off to sleep, I began to dream about his cute ass and how I want to show him the same love he had just given me....

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