By Toni Philips

This story is completely fictional. Any similarities to any persons or events, past or present are purely coincidental. This story will contain scenes which involve sexual situations. If this type of material is offensive to you, or it is not legal for you to be reading this type of material, then please stop reading now. This story is copyright © 2007 by Toni Philips. Please do not copy this story for distribution or post on any online server without the author's permission. Please send all your comments to: Thanks and enjoy the story.

Chapter 1

Instead of groaning and hitting the 'snooze' button on my alarm, I awoke with a start, slamming my palm down on the alarm, successfully turning it off. I leaned my upper body up while stretching my arms. I let out a yawn, scratched my curly head, then headed towards the small but useful bathroom across my semi-messy room.

In the bathroom, I stripped, stood in front of the mirror, and admired the body I had worked little for. I was just skinny and pale; nothing great. My head full of loose, brown curls that hung down, just barely touching my shoulders, is the only thing that might stand out to a guy.

Yes, guy! I'm gay, and proud! Well, I just got to the proud part; before I was ashamed, but I figured that if I'm not myself, who will I be? Plus, my parents are accepting type of people. When my whore cousin needed a place to stay, which family members took care of her? Only mine! So I figured, if my parents could deal with a crack whore, they could deal with a queer.

With that out, I turned on the shower, making sure it was hot enough for steam to cloud the mirrors. I stepped in, and got ready for this great Friday. The Friday of which I will come out of the closet to my parents.

* * *

After a wonderful day of school, which was only wonderful, because of the freedom that was so close, I walked home, then through the door. I burst the door opened and yelled, "Mom, Dad,I'm home!" I slammed the door, then ran up to my mom who had just came out of the kitchen looking bewildered.

"What are you yelling for?!"

I smiled. "Sorry, Mom, forgot how old you are." That got me a smack from the spatula she carried out of the kitchen.

"Yeah, and don't forget I could still whoop your behind." She smiled playfully, but the edge in her brown eyes let me know she could enforce that if she had to. My mom stood 5' 6", nine inches smaller than me. She had shoulder length light brown hair, and nice tan skin. She is, of course, black, and is the reason my lips are full, and my dick is packin', as I like to joke.

"Yeah, Ma, I know." I paused for a second then broke out in a huge grin. "I'm just so happy!"

I guess my smile was infectious, because she was grinning with her hand on her hip, and the spatula pointed at the floor moments after. "Why? Got a girl?"

My smile almost faltered, and I almost blurted out, 'Actually,Mom, a guy, and his names George!" Instead, I grinned wider, and responded, "You'll soon find out, Mom. Right after dinner, I promise."

"Mmhmm." She started walking back over to the stove, where I guess she was cooking dinner. "I guess I'll break out the cheesecake for this, hmm?"

I nodded vigorously with a huge grin. "You'll love it, Mom."

* * *

I was so excited that when my mom called my dad and me down for dinner, I yelped and ran to the kitchen. We had a nice meal of hamburgers and fries. After which, I said that I had a huge announcement. My mom immediately got up, went to the fridge, and brought out the great strawberry cheesecake.

My dad, with his blue eyes and blonde hair, from which I got my hair and skin color, raised an eyebrow in inquisition. I just smiled, and waited for Mom to finish cutting each of us a slice of cheesecake. When she was seated, I cleared my throat. "Mom, Dad.." They both seemed to lean in with curiosity. It only made me grin harder. "I'm gay."

Okay, well, the response wasn't the one I expected. My mom's face fell from a smile to a frown, and my dad just had disgust written all over his face. My mom was the first to talk. "You're..homosexual?" She said the word like saying it could give her an infection. With a confused face, I nodded.

"No, he's a fag!" My dad stood abruptly with Mom following tenderly behind. "Honey..," my mom tried soothing my dad, but he had none of it. "He's a fucking fag, and I want him out of here!" Now, maybe cursing is normal in your home, but I've never heard my dad curse, let alone say 'fag' in my entire 15 years, so when he cursed, my heart dropped even further to the floor, and my brain tried to comprehend the words he was saying.

"Dad? I- I can't change what I am, and I thought you guys would understand." I feel like I'm going to puke, and I can feel the tears behind my eyes. I stared into my father's eyes, hoping to find some hope of me staying or forgiveness, but he couldn't even look me back in mine. I shifted my gaze to my mother and she had so many emotions running through her eyes, that I couldn't understand.

I stood up. "So..what? You're gonna kick me out, because I'm truthful?" Three swift tears fell as my heart broke. "I can't change who I am, Dad! I thought you would understand. I mean, your parents didn't want you and Mom to be together, but you loved her, so you did anyway! Why can't I be myself and love a man? George loves me and-"

"George?!" He turned to my mother and threw his hands up in anger. "You've already gotten someone fucking you?! What the hell is your problem? Get the FUCK out! I swear.." He turned in walk up the stairs. "I SWEAR if you're not out in ONE minute, I'll kick your pansy little ass." Now, my dad never once hit me, but since he's already broken one record today, why risk another?

I looked to my mom for help. "Honey, please, just leave, kay? I'm sure in a week or two, your dad will be able to understand. Maybe.." She paused and stepped closer, with her hand laid gently on my shoulder. "Maybe if you a bring a girl.."

I sighed as more tears fell. "I can't bring a girl, Mom! I'm gay, ok?" I wiped tears from my eyes, and Mom pulled some money from her bra. "Here, take this. off of it for a while. Ok?"

Before I could respond, I heard my father counting down from five, and my mother softly pushed me out of the door. My last thought in my ex-home was, "What the fuck do I do now?"

* * *

As I'm walking away from my "home," I think about the millions of stories I've read about gay teens like me and how they told their parents about them being gay. Why the fuck did the most dramatic thing happen to me? I would've sworn that they would accept me. My dad's never cursed or anything, and because of mom my and his interracial marriage, I figured they'd understand.


I can't believe he kicked me out! And Mom just stood there! Ugh! Jesus, I need George to hold me in his big arms. I think the only reason I haven't gone insane is because I know George will let me stay with him. He has his own apartment near our highschool. When his parents died, he rented the apartment, and that same apartment is home of the night that I almost lost my virginity.


I almost cried by how hurt George looked when I wouldn't let him put it in. I remember saying, "I just want to wait until the perfect time. I know stereotypically gay guys fuck, or whatever, but I want my first time to be special, and not just about getting off." The whole two months we've been together, he's only asked a few times. Each time my answer was no; it had to be special.

I walk a few more blocks, and up a few steps, until I reach the front of George's door. I knock three times, and after a moment he answers. I must look a mess, because his once curious face turned sympathetic when he saw me.

He immediately grabbed me into a hug and asks me what's wrong. His comforting hug only made the dam break and my facade wither. I cried hard onto his shoulder and he pulled me into the apartment, then shut the door with his foot.

He led me to his bed and sat me down. After crying my eyes out, I whispered, "My parents kicked me out, because I told them I'm gay." He gave me a "what the fuck" look and I just started explaining about how I was happy to my mom just sitting there and my dad cursing. When my tyrant was over, George just hugged me to his body until I fell asleep.

* * *

I woke up to hushed shouts from George. I got up with a moan, then headed towards the front door where I saw him with his head poked out the door yelling at someone.

"Baby, what's wrong," I ask, groggily.

His head snapped back quickly and his angry face melted. "Hey, babe, I'm just..uh. Talking to one of my friends. I'll be done in a minute. Maybe you could go shower or something?"

I nodded. As I was turning, I heard a male voice saying something about being "the other guy." I dismissed it; maybe his friend was cheated on. I sighed aloud. Cheaters are dirty and trifling. I'm so glad that I'm loved by George.

I walk into the bathroom and start stripping, when I notice shiny red underwear in George's laundry bin. I laughed and comically picked them up. They looked too small for me, and George was at least 30 pounds heavier than me.

While holding the drawers, I walked up to George, who was now sitting a stool infront of his breakfast bar. "Babe, who're these?"

He looked up from his cereal and said swiftly, "Mine."

"Uh..they're sorta too small for me, are they yours?"

He shrugged. "They just are. Maybe if you'd give me some, I wouldn't have to get my kicks from tight underwear." I groaned. Not again. Only when he was truly horny did he fuss at me for not letting him fuck me. Usually it ended with a hot make out session, but this one seemed different, almost as if he was using it to distract me.

"C'mon! You know the deal about that. Just..tell me who's these are?" He wouldn't look me in the eye, and the solution to all of this hit me like a ton of bricks. "You're cheating on me?" I dropped my head, because I didn't want him to see me cry. I dropped the underwear and walked into his room.

I laid on his bed whlie crying into his pillow when he came in. He spoke softly and stood at the doorway. "Look, babe. It was an accident, ok? I was drunk, he was here and WILLING. I mean, you can't totally blame me for this, can you?"

Oh my God, is he realling trying to turn this around. I stood up quick and got in his face. "Don't you dare blame this on me, George!" My lip quivered as I said, "This is your fault! cheated on me. I can't believe this." More tears fell. "I'm leaving. I..I gotta go."

I tried to get past him in the doorway, when he put his hands up. "Paulie.." I sighed and my shoulders slumped. "Paulie, please, let's talk about this." He was using the voice that I couldn't resist.

I took a shaky breath and asked, "How many times?"


"How many times did you fuck him?"

"Uh.." He averted his eyes. "A few.."

"A few fucking times?! What happened to you being drunk?"

"The first time we were drunk, but then, I..I just couldn't resist."

I closed my eyes, and felt my stomach churn. "Couldn't resist?" I let out a sound of disgust then walked out of his shit hole apartment.

So much for love. My fucking parents loved me, right? WRONG. George loved me, right? WRONG, again. So what the fuck am I gonna do when I'm always wrong?