Paul's Perfect Penis
By: Joe Camp
Copyright 2000

Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It never happened, except in the author's imagination. This story contains sex between two teenage boys of the same age.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you already know what you're supposed to do. If this kind of story turns you off, find something else. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is only a story. Real life doesn't always work out like a story.

Fiction and Real Life: This story is all fiction. The characters in this story engage in unprotected sex. That's not real life if you want to live to old age. The characters are a product of my imagination, and can't catch anything unless I want them to. Any resemblance of characters to an actual person is purely coincidental.

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Paul's Perfect Penis

"Hi, Mr. Moore, Mrs. Moore," I yelled as I rushed through their back door and across the kitchen.

I heard, "Morning," mumbled by Mrs. Moore and something that sounded like, "ugh," as I started up the stairs towards Paul's room.

    I quicky strode the steps down the hallway to Paul's room. Yeah, I want to get going. The first day of summer vacation from school, and I don't want to waste a minute! We are going to ride our bikes out to Paul's grand parents place. It is about 10 miles and I want to get started before it gets too hot.

    A hard slap on his door with the flat of my hand before I was inside. He gave me that groggy look as I snatched the sheet off him. He had a beaut of a morning wood! It had been embarrassing when we had first started yanking the covers off each other. That was when we were freshmen in high school.

    Once I started puberty, I had started sleeping naked. I just like the feel of it. Paul had come into my room to get me up one morning. Well, normally I wouldn't be the least bit embarrassed about Paul seeing me naked. We used to take baths together when we were little kids. But that morning I had a morning hard on that wouldn't quite. Paul came in to wake me up and when I didn't want to get up in front of him, he jerked the covers off me. I tried to roll onto my stomach real quick, but he saw my hard on. I was real embarrassed. I was ashamed for him to see how small my hard on was. His limp dick is almost as big as mine is hard. I really loved him at that moment, he didn't say anything about the size of my dick.

"Hey, it looks like you've been dreaming about Becky Thomas. Well, old stud, she ain't here so you'll just have to go beat it off in the shower." he told me.

    Becky Thomas has the rep of being the easiest girl in school. Whenever someone wants to put a guy down they just say he couldn't lay Becky Thomas. After that morning, it kind of became a game for us to try to catch each other with morning wood. For me, it was more than just a game. I really wanted to see Paul's hard on. I wanted to touch it. I wanted to stroke it for him. I wanted to feel his hard penis against me. I didn't do it, but I wanted to. Yeah, I've know for a long time that I'm gay. I'm gay and in love with my best friend Paul. I want to do those things, but I can't take the chance of fucking everything up. I can't take the chance of losing Paul.

"Come on, sleepy head," I told him, "get your ass in gear. I want to get there before noon."

"Aw, fuck off," he mumbled. "It ain't even 7:00 am yet. Sides, we can take the pickup and be there in just a few minutes."

Paul's grandparents had given him their old pickup for his 16th birthday. Paul and I both took our driver's tests in that old thing just a few weeks ago.

"No. We said we were going to ride our bikes. Go on, go beat it off in the shower. Becky Thomas ain't here," I told him. "Just go get your shower and pretend your hand is Becky's mouth." I told him. "I'll get your bed made while you're gone."

    Paul stretched out on his bed and yawned. God he looked so beautiful! The red head of his big hard cock rested right on his navel. Oh, how I wanted to reach out and caress it. I turned away and started straightening his room so he wouldn't know I was getting hard too.

    He wiggled into some shorts and lay his hard dick along his hip in order to get it all stuffed inside. As Paul headed for the bathroom, I picked up his sheet and the light weight comforter he uses as a bed spread. I spread them across his bed then picked up his pillow and fluffed it. I couldn't help but bring his pillow to my face and smell Paul's scent.

    I finished making his bed and straightening the Sports Illustrated that were scattered around. I sat on the foot of his bed and something crinkled under me. I dug under the covers expecting to find another stray Sports Illustrated. I couldn't find anything so I slipped my hand between the mattress and box springs. I felt the edge of a magazine and pulled it out.

    What I saw shocked me. I had to slowly turn and sink to the bed as I stared at the page. There were two guys in the picture that didn't look like they were much older than me and Paul. One guy had his dick up the butt of the other guy! I just sit there staring at the page. Trying to think. What does this mean? Why would Paul have that kind of magazine? Paul's not gay. He is always talking about doing it with girls. I know he never has done any more than I have, but he does talk about it. No. Paul's not like that. There has to be another explanation for the magazine being there. He probably just found it and decided to take a look. Yeah. That's it. He found it and was just curious. I heard Paul returning from the shower. I quickly shoved the magazine back under the mattress and was straightening the covers as he entered his room.

    I couldn't look at him as he dropped the towel that was around his waist and slipped on a pair of checkered boxers. He grabbed a pair of cammie cargo shorts and lifted first one leg and then the other as he pulled them up and over his beautiful butt. I've got to stop thinking about that. Paul isn't like that.

    He pulled his old favorite black tee shirt on. It was so worn that it had holes everywhere. The fabric was stretched tight across his wide shoulders and clung to him like a second skin as it tapered to his small waist.

"What?" Paul asked me.

"Huh?" I responded. It took me a moment to realize I had been staring at him. "Nut'un." I told him. "When you going to throw that old rag away?"

"Never! I'm just now getting this shirt broken in," he informed me. "Come on, let's grab something to eat."

    We trooped down to the kitchen and Paul's parents had already left for work. I grabbed the orange juice from the frig, as he got two glasses out of the cabinet. His mom had left us a big stack of pancakes and two big slices of ham steaks in the warmer.

    It didn't take long for all the pancakes to disappear. I let Paul win the fight for the last one. I love to see that little smirk he gets when he thinks he has beaten me at something. We made some sandwiches for our lunch and cleaned up the mess. I wiped down the counter tops as Paul started the dishwasher.

    We packed our lunch into our saddle bags and slipped in a couple of cans of Coke. They would be warm by the time we got there, but a while in the cool waters of the creek and they would be nice. Paul threw me a beach towel and I stuffed it into my bag along with the band-aids, sunblocker and lip balm. There is a bottle of Aloe Vera lotion in case of sunburn.

    Paul jumped onto his bike, put on his helmet and was half way down the drive before I realized we were off. I always let Paul lead. Ever since we were 12, I have enjoyed watching Paul's ass as he pedals his bike.

    All the way through town I studied Paul's back. My mind keep going back to that magazine under his mattress. Could Paul be gay? I've never seen him looking at any guys with "that" look. Hell, I don't even know what "that" look looks like! He did look at the pictures. Maybe they didn't gross him out. Maybe he will do that stuff with me. No! Don't even think that! Paul's friendship to too dear to take the chance!

    We pulled into the last 7 - 11 on the edge of town for a cold drink before continuing. We propped our bikes against the wall and sat on the curd as we had our drinks. We didn't have much to say as we sipped our drinks. We talked about how nice the creek would feel. Ever since we were little kids Paul's dad would take us to the creek. We learned to swim there, and we always felt a little naughty because there we always went skinny dipping. We slurped the last of our drinks and ate the ice before continuing on our way.

    Once we left the edge of town, it was only about four miles to the creek. It didn't take us long to be at his grandparent's house. We stopped at the house to see if there was anything they needed for us to do. His granddad had gone into town and wouldn't be back until late afternoon.

"You boys go on and enjoy your swim," his grandmother told us.

    We rode though the back pasture to our favorite spot. I spread the towel under the shade tree and we were ready to hit the water. I couldn't help but watch Paul as I undressed and he pulled his tee shirt off. He kicked off his shorts and underwear and we ran to see who would be first into the water. We played a little grab ass and splashed each other for a while. When we got tired, we climbed out and stretched out on the towel.

"What the fuck is the matter with you today," he demanded. "You haven't hardly said two words all morning, and the way you keep looking at me is weirding me out."

    I felt my face go hot, and I didn't know what to say.  I turned my back to him and willed myself not to cry. I felt Paul's hand on my shoulder gently but firmly tugging me to roll back over and face him. I rolled over and stared into his beautiful brown eyes.

"I found the magazine under your mattress," I told him.

His face went beet red and he whimpered a little, "Oh. I guess you don't want to be friends with a queer anymore," he sobbed as he turned away and grabbed his shorts.

I grabbed his arm but he jerked away for me.

"Paul," I pleaded, "I don't want you as just a friend anymore, I want you as my boyfriend. I'm gay too. I've loved you ever since I can remember."

Paul froze. "You are? You do? Why didn't you ever say anything," he ask in a bewildered voice.

"Why didn't you," I asked as I wrapped my arms around him.

    Paul dropped the shorts he was holding and took me in his arms as our lips met for our first kiss. His tongue was soon inside my mouth and the air seemed to rush from my lungs. I was so light headed I didn't know anything but Paul's kiss. How could anything be better than Paul's tongue inside my mouth? We clung to each other as we sank onto the towel to lay on our sides.

    My hands ran up and down his back and shoulders as I pressed him as tight against me as I could. I could feel his penis hardening and growing in length between us. My dick was so hard it hurt. Yeah, it hurt, but a good hurt. Paul's hand was massaging my butt as he squirmed against me. After forever, we broke our kiss. Paul bent his head and placed a few gentle kisses on my shoulder.

"I want you to fuck me," I whispered into his ear.

"Yeah, I want that too," he told me just before quickly kissing my lips.

    I reached for the saddle bag that had the lotion in it. I squeezed a big gob into the palm of my hand. I was reaching for his big dick before I thought he might not want me to touch him. He was smiling and his eyes were full of love. I wrapped my hand around his big tool and was lost in the feel of it as I spread the lotion. I could feel the beat of his heart as the blood pumped through the big vein running up the side of his shaft.

"Oh, man," Paul moaned, "you keep doing that and I'm going to squirt."

    I got on my knees and forearms as I presented my butt to my lover. Paul applied a liberal amount of lotion to my opening. His finger slipped inside me and man it felt good. He had a hand on each of my butt cheeks spreading them wide as he scooted up and touched the tip of his penis to my opening.

    I had to bite my lip to keep from sobbing as he started pushing in. I didn't think I could stand the pain until I remembered what I had read. Relax and push out like you are trying to take a dump. I forced myself to relax and Paul's penis slipped inside me. The pain was soon gone to be replaced with a feeling I can't describe. No, I can't describe it but man was it good.

    Paul slowly pushed all the way in until his pubic hairs were crushed flat against my ass. He pulled out a ways before plunging back in. He breathing was grunts and moans. His hand found my dick and he jacked me off in time with his thrusts.

"Oh, man," Paul moaned. "It's so good," he sobbed as he sped up his thrusts and his hand moved faster on my dick.

    I couldn't take anymore. My ass was quivering around Paul's penis. I couldn't do anything but empty my nuts onto the towel beneath us as I cried out how good it was. I felt Paul grab my hips with his hands pulling my ass back as he shoved into me and tensed.

"Oh, baby," he moaned as his cum fired into my guts.

    Paul lay on my back with his cock still inside me. I supported us both with my knees and elbows. I could feel Paul's rapid breathing on my back as he hugged me tight. We stayed like that as our breathing slowed from the rapid pants and our heartbeats returned to normal. Paul slowly pulled his cock from my ass.

"Oh, baby, you were fantastic," he told me as he lay down and pulled me into his arms.

    I lay with my head on Paul's shoulder wrapped snugly in his arms. It was so wonderful to be able to touch him. To know I could touch him anywhere. I caressed his strong chest and down his washboard stomach. The dark brown ring of his nipple was begging to be kissed, so I did. I stared down at Paul's perfect penis. The penis that now belongs to me. It was beautiful as it lay limp across his thigh.

"Come on," Paul whispered, "we're pretty slimy. Lets go wash up."

    We clung together as we bathed in the creek. My hand was cupping my lover's nuts and he was gently humping as he stroked my dick. We didn't need to ask the other. We both knew what we needed. Hand in hand we walked back to the towel. I flipped it over to the clean side and we stretched out beside each other.

    Paul was kissing my chest as I petted his hair. He kissed downward and placed a gentle loving kiss on the head of my dick. His tongue was bathing my dick and balls. Oh, yes, it was great but I needed something worse right then. There will be plenty of time for us to give each other blow jobs. Right then, I need his cock.

    I got the Aloe lotion and slicked his dick. I turned onto my side and drew my knees to my chest. Paul put some lotion on my ass and started in. He stopped just inside me and sighed. I wiggled my butt as I pushed back driving his cock deep into me. Yes, I know my ass had been made to match Paul's perfect penis.

The End

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