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The following contains descriptions of mild sexual acts between consenting underage boys. It is an original work of fiction and has no basis in reality.

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Perry and Jesse:  The Incredibly Romantic (and slightly kinky) Adventures of Two Boys In Love   

Part I  First Encounters

Chapter 5  Finally, A Little Action!

Was I gay?  The question kept coming to the front of my mind unbidden and unwelcome, as if my intellect was trying to send me some kind of last ditch warning.  I understood exactly what Jesse meant when he said that he had never had these kinds of intense feelings for anyone before.  I felt the same way.   Of course I loved my mom, and there were my grandparents, and there was even a reluctant place for my dad in my deepest being, but nothing compared to the love, both physical and emotional, that I felt for this boy!

We went to my room and sat on the edge of my bed together, still holding hands.

“What do we do now?” Jesse asked me, his apprehension now closer to the surface.  I could see his lips purse tightly and I could feel the tension in his warm grasp.

“I...I’m not sure...” I said, not able to even imagine how I was going to be able to control myself once we engaged in some kind of physical contact.  I felt a wave of shyness flood through me after I spoke the words.  I waited tensely for Jesse’s response. He looked at me with a mixture of apprehension and confusion.  

“I’m nervous,”  he said, a hint of surprise in his voice.  “I’ve been waiting for this moment, imagining what we would do…and now we’re here...and I’m nervous.”

“Me too,” I acknowledged, not able to take my eyes off the perfect blonde youth sitting on the bed next to me.  Then it just seemed to happen of its own accord.   I leaned over and we  kissed passionately, both of us making soft moaning sounds as our lips sucked and our tongues explored.  There was an audible smack as we broke our lip lock, and still feeling the urgent need to be joined to each other,  we hugged tightly.  I wrapped my arms all the way around Jesse’s slender frame, pressing my warm flushed cheek against his, feeling the strength of his arms around me.  It felt so good, so safe, so right.

Now that the tension had been broken and we had released a little of that pent up sexual energy that we had been holding inside for so long, I could feel my mind kicking back in a little.  But it wasn’t pondering the true meaning of love or my confusion over my sexual identity--it wanted to play!

“Jesse,” I whispered into his ear.

“Yes?” he whispered back, still holding me tightly.

“Will you do something for me?”

”Anything...”  He nuzzled my cheek with his nose, kissing my jaw and my neck.

“Take off your shirt...” I whispered.

This seemed to take Jesse by surprise.  He pulled away and looked at me a little confused.  Then he smiled cautiously.

“You too?” he asked shyly.

I nodded, wanting desperately to get out of my clothes and rub up against this boy...

“You’ll probably have nightmares,” Jesse said self-effacingly, and then smiled sheepishly.  Still sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled his T-shirt up, exposing first his lean belly and then his smooth chest, a little higher and I could see his hairless armpits.  Then he was pulling it over his head.  When he got it down to his arms, his blonde hair tumbled back down in disarray, as if he had been hit by a bolt of static electricity.   I helped him slip the shirt off his arms.  He had a small crucifix on a silver chain around his neck, and he reached behind his neck and undid it.

I only looked at him for a few seconds before I had to reach out and touch his freshly bared flesh.  I ran my hands from his smooth, bony shoulders down the lengths of his arms.  I squeezed his fingers in mine before releasing his hands.  I placed my hands at his neck.  The skin was moist and warm and I could feel strong muscles there.  My hands slid down until my palms were against his smooth hard chest.  I felt his soft boy nipples and rubbed my hands over them.  Jesse quickly inhaled as I stimulated those sensitive areas.  My hands moved down over his rib cage to his lean, sunken belly, and then around to his back, feeling the vertebrae of his lower spine and the place where they disappeared into the tops of his jeans.

I kissed his shoulders and chest and Jesse started to wrap his arms around me again.   His hands slid from my shoulders, down my back to the tops of my jeans...

“Are those my socks in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”  he asked in a sensually romantic tone.

I couldn’t help snickering with unexpected laughter.  Jesse just smiled shyly, sitting their patiently, naked from the waist up and barefoot, waiting for me to recover.

“I can’t believe you’ve been keeping that great sense of humor all to yourself!”  I said, trying to calm myself down a little.

“And I can’t believe I’m sitting here with you, Perry.  I’m so...happy!” he finished clumsily, but there was no question as to the veracity of his sentiment.

We hugged again and slowly pulled apart.  Jesse helped me pull my own T-shirt off over my head.  I waited nervously as his eyes took me in, starting at my shoulders and moving slowly down to my belly.  Finally, he smiled, a look of satisfaction on his face.  He gently brushed my dishevelled hair back in place.  “You have beautiful hair,” he whispered approvingly.

If not for the obvious sincerity in his voice, I would have brushed the comment off as ludicrous.  He was the one with the silky, shiny, golden blonde hair that looked like it had come out of a fashion magazine.  My stupid, wavy brown hair had a mind of its own, sticking up in all the wrong places and never staying properly combed no matter how much I fussed with it.  Still, I wasn’t going to argue with him.  I had more important things to tend to...

“Lie down,” I ordered softly, completely focused on what we were doing.  It seemed like there was only the two of us in the whole world at that moment, and yet it didn’t seem like anything was missing.  I got up, my legs feeling like rubber.  I waited as Jesse leaned back and swung his legs up on my still made bed.  He wiggled himself more towards the center of the bed and propped himself up on his elbows, his eyes locked on mine.  There was such trust there, such a willingness to open himself to me.  I shuddered with the knowledge that Jesse was here on my bed.  The look he was giving me clearly told me that anything he had to offer was mine for the taking.  It was almost too much to bear.

“Lie down,” I repeated softly, gently, like a parent tucking his child in for the night.  Jesse laid his head back on the mound that was my comforter covered pillow, his arms at his sides.  He seemed to sense that his gaze was too powerful for me, that he was overwhelming me with the passion that was pouring out of him in silent waves of light, and  so he let his eyes stare blissfully up at the ceiling.

I slipped the large bulge of Jesse’s socks out of my pocket and let them drop silently to the carpeted floor, not being able to avoid a small burst of giggles at remembering his comment.  The truth was,  and certainly it must be obvious to Jesse even through the denim of my jeans, that I was getting quite hard.  There was also no mistaking the lump in Jesse’s pants that was growing in size as well.  

I sat on the bed next to him and put my hand on his lean, warm stomach, brushing gently past his belly button.  He stiffened a little at the touch.  Then I undid the silver button at the top of his jeans.   I could feel Jesse’s body really tense as I tugged down his fly, exposing his light blue boxers.  The way they bulged out in front left no doubt in my mind as to Jesse’s state of arousal.  I wanted to tug his boxers down, just enough to expose his erect boyhood, but I hesitated, a little wave of fear pulsing through my brain... But hey, I had the boy of my dreams here on my bed, half undressed.  There were plenty of other parts of his body that I was interested in, and I temporarily brushed aside my discomfort.

As Jesse lay there as still as he could, his chest slowly rising and falling, the sounds of our breathing, the slight rustle of clothing, and the small groans of the mattress the only sounds in our little world, I opened his jeans a little wider.

“Lift your butt or I might accidently take down more than I intended,” I warned him teasingly.

I half expected Jesse to reply with another one of his sharp witted jokes, but his reply caused me to shudder.

“Take down whatever you want,” he said in a soft, raspy voice.  “Everything I have is yours, Perry...”

It was unbelievably tempting...I was frightened that I might lose control of myself.  The doubts I had about my own sexual bias still had me confused, even in this heightened state of arousal.  

Somehow, despite my intense feelings for Jesse, and the almost overwhelming physical attraction I had for this most beautiful of all boys, I was still scared to go down that path.  I wanted to talk to him about it in a clear minded, rational way...And yet, it would be so easy to slide his boxers down with his jeans, to see him, to touch him...

I was a startled out of my confused thoughts, when Jesse arched his back, causing the mattress to creak slightly.  His butt was now off the covers and I quickly reached under  the unbelted waistline of his jeans and began tugging them down.  Once I had them over his butt (what a sight that must be!  I wanted so desperately to see his ass!), Jesse relaxed a little, lowering himself back to the bed.  I took my time then, slowly wriggling the tight denim down his thighs, past his knees, down his shins and calves.  When his jeans were bunched up at his ankles, I grasped the denim pants and slipped them off his feet in one quick gesture.  I dropped them to the floor.

As I got my first up close view of his feet, I felt myself getting even harder.  How many times had I stared at Jesse’s feet during class?  Those brown Vans sneakers, scuffed a little at the toes and heels, the thick white laces always tied in neat floppy bows.  Occasionally, I’d get a glimpse of  clean white socks as he shifted around or got up, momentarily lifting the cuffs of his Dockers.  Those very same sneakers were now sitting empty in my den.  Those very same socks were lying on the floor of my bedroom.  I had stripped those socks off his feet myself.  I had held them to my nose and breathed deeply of his scent.  

They were such perfectly shaped feet, long and slender, with beautiful arches.  The skin was all so smooth, unblemished even around the ankles.  His toes were long and straight and they looked tender enough to eat!  The soles of his feet were so smooth, it was hard to see the tiny wrinkles there.  The only callused skin was on  the bottoms of his heels, but they weren’t the thick, crusty yellowish calluses I’ve seen on some kids’ feet.  Maybe it was because the kids in the Midwest didn’t have as much opportunity to go barefoot as kids in California did.  We had our sunny weather, beaches, and swimming pools all year round--they had winter from November to April.

I lowered my head and first kissed the tops of each of his feet, where the tendons that went to his toes were close to the surface of his skin.   Then I kissed each of his ten toes separately,  starting with the little toe of his right foot.  

“That tickles,” Jesse giggled,  fidgeting a bit but not pulling his feet away.  The pads of his toes were as soft as I had imagined, but I could also feel the tiny, hard bones within the flesh.  His toenails were trimmed short and neat and were absolutely clean.  There were a few bits of white sock lint between a few of his toes, and when I inserted my tongue to lick them out, Jesse stiffened and gasped, momentarily pulling his feet out of reach.  

“Perry!” he cried out, half laughing, half gasping at the intense stimulation.

Gently tugging on his ankles to straighten his legs out, I brushed my cheeks against the tender soles of his feet and then turned to face them as I hunched up at the foot of the bed.  I could smell a little of the scent I had gotten earlier from his socks, but there was mostly only the smell of his flesh.  Boldly, I licked the sole of his right foot from the heel to the  toes.  Jesse gasped and tried to pull his foot away again, but I grasped his bare leg above his ankle, anchoring it temporarily to my bed.  I took his big toe and the two next to it into my mouth, not sure if I could stuff all five of the little buggers in at one time.  As I furiously sucked on his toes, Jesse squirmed and moaned, obviously well on his way to  a sexual climax.  After I had sucked all the ‘flavor’ out of his right foot, I moved on to his left.  By this time, Jesse was much more agitated, and I had a harder time keeping his foot in place as I first licked and then sucked away lustfully.  Who ever would have imagined that sucking the toes of a teenage boy could be so sexually stimulating?  Besides me, that is, hehehe...

My rock hard erection pressed vainly against the confines of my jeans, desperately wanting to escape, to seek the tender warm flesh of this perfect boy.  Jesse’s moaning and groaning reached a much higher level of passion, a far cry from his first giggles when I had  started to delicately kiss each of his beautiful pink toes.  Now he squirmed and groaned and gasped my name...

“ God...Perry...I’m going to...!”  The tone of  his voice was becoming more urgent and strained as he felt himself approaching the point of no return.  And while I would have gladly sucked on his toes until they were as wrinkled as prunes and I had no saliva left in my mouth, I also felt an urgent need burning in my loins that needed to be satisfied soon--very soon!

I climbed up the bed along Jesse’s quivering legs and then straddled his near naked body, my bare shoulders and chest against his, my bulging jeans against his tented boxers, our erections pressed against each other.  I lay down on top of him, our faces pressed close together, his hot, forceful breath caressing my cheeks.  His eyes fluttered open and closed, but I don’t think he even saw me any more, he was so caught up in his own need for release from this incredible onslaught of physical stimulation.  He wrapped his arms tightly around my neck.

He began thrusting his hips upwards, driving his crotch repeatedly into mine, his dick covered only by the thin cotton layer of his boxers, mine deeply buried in denim, but still hard as a rock.  

”Perry...Perry...mmmmm...” he gasped, his face fully flushed a bright red, his blue eyes wet with tears of passion, his skin glistening with sweat that matted his beautiful blonde locks to his forehead.

“I love you Jesse!” I crooned between my own passionate moans and groans.  I was just about to lock my lips to his when he raised his head off the bed, his forehead pressing into mine.  His whole body stiffened like a store mannequin, his back arched, his buttocks in the air, only his shoulders and heels still making contact with my bed.  Something like a growling noise came from between his tightly clenched teeth.

I could feel the throbbing of his penis even through our clothing, and I knew he was ejaculating into his boxers.  His whole body remained stiff as he kept grinding desperately into me.  My hands grabbed his bare shoulders.  I could feel the tension of his muscles and tendons beneath his moist skin.  His hands slid from my neck down my bare back to grasp  my jean clad buttocks with such force that it felt like claws were digging into my backside.  We must have stayed like that a good three or four minutes, me lying on top of him, Jesse with his back arched, his cock pulsing with what I imagined to be streams of  hot sticky cum spurting into his boxers.

Finally, he collapsed, and I fell flat on him, knocking the wind out of his chest.  I just stared at him in disbelief for a few seconds until I realized that I was making it hard for him to breathe.  I rolled over and laid on my back next to him, coming to the shocking realization that I had also climaxed while we had been locked together!  When had it happened?  I couldn’t be exactly sure.  Certainly, not before Jesse’s began.  I had been so caught up in his ecstatic release, that I hadn’t even noticed my own orgasm.  The warm, gooey liquid actually felt good buried in my jeans and boxers, and I had never felt such a sense of relief in all my life.  

“Looks like I won...” Jesse croaked softly next to me, turning to gaze upon me with those sparkling ice blue eyes of his, a look of concern on his angelic face.

I turned to him slowly, feeling suddenly very sluggish and exhausted.   I shook my head.  “It was a tie!” I croaked back, my throat so dry, it was almost painful to swallow.

Jesse’s face lit up at that.  He brought his face to mine so that I could feel his hot breath on my skin, and his lips touched mine.  It was barely a kiss, just the touching of two pairs of dry lips, but it made me tremble.

“Jesse...I’m so happy...thank you...” I managed to stammer before emotion overwhelmed me, my eyes misty with the moisture that pooled there.  

Jesse turned on his side and reached out and brushed my sweat matted locks off my forehead.

“You know,” he whispered hoarsely, still somewhat breathless, “you could have saved me from ruining my shorts!”  He said this with a warm smile, but I felt a sudden wave of panic and confusion.

Suddenly, the old questions forced themselves back into my head, this time accompanied by a whole new slate:  Was I gay?  Was Jesse?  Could I be in love with him as much as I knew I was, and not be gay?  I had wanted to pull his boxers down.  I had wanted it very badly.  But I had resisted because of my confusion, and now...was Jesse disappointed in me?  Had I blown it in a way I hadn’t even imagined?  Had I mislead him, letting him think that I was willing to go the distance with him, only to wimp out at the last second?

Jesse immediately sensed my confusion, and gently stroked my cheek in a soothing way.  I felt all the questions slowly start to drift away.  They weren’t important right now.  We would talk, and work things out.  He knew how much I loved him and I felt sure, looking into his beautiful eyes, that the rest would come in time.   Laying my head against his bare chest, I felt so comfortable and secure pressed up against Jesse’s slender frame.  I was jolted back to full awareness as Jesse stiffened, suddenly springing up and swinging his legs down off the bed.

“Shit!  What time is it?” he asked.  It turned out to be a rhetorical question, since his watch was still strapped to his wrist.   “Three o’clock?” he groaned incredulously.  “I told my mom I’d call her at two!”

I propped myself up on one elbow, and touched Jesse’s bare back with the pads of my fingers.

“Chill out, dude,” I urged him, trying to make my hoarse voice come out of my dry throat sounding somewhat soothing.  “Your just an hour off--she’ll understand!”

Jesse, his feet still planted on the floor, turned to give me a serious look.  When he saw me, he couldn’t help smiling a little and I smiled back.

“I know.  It’s just that...”  He reached out to touch my cheek with the back of his hand.  “It’s just that I want everything to go right, today.  I don’t want my mom to think that I’m not being responsible.”  He sighed as he looked at me, seeming to come to some sort of decision.

“She could have made me stay home and take care of my little sister,” he said.  He seemed to withdraw a little after he said that, as if he was starting to crawl back into his shell.

I didn’t quite understand what he was staying.

“You have a little sister?” I asked in confusion.

Jesse nodded hesitantly,  looking as if he had given away a carefully guarded secret.

“Okaaaay...” I said, still trying to understand Jesse’s suddenly strange behavior.

Jesse apparently saw my befuddlement (probably my eyes, they always gave me away), and gave me one of his characteristically shy smiles that I had become so familiar with over the past few weeks.

“I...I kinda lied to you...” he said, trying to explain himself.  “You know, you asked if it was just me and my mom?” he asked, recalling our first phone conversation.

I nodded reluctantly, not entirely sure what he was getting at.  

“You see, by then, I already had... strong feelings about you,” Jesse said, sniffling a little.

A thrill of emotion filled my chest at the thought that Jesse had those feelings about me even then!  It seemed so silly now that we had both struggled for weeks to keep the truth from each other.

“I was afraid that...if I told you about Miranda, that I wouldn’t be able to hang with you...”  This seemed to be difficult for Jesse, and it was hard to remember that it had only been a few minutes ago that we had been locked in orgasmic ecstasy.

I picked myself up and sat on the bed next to him, putting my arm around his bare shoulders.  “I don’t think I understand,” I admitted.

“Well, if you knew I had a little sister--Miranda’s nine by the way--I was afraid you’d worry about who was going to take care of her while my mom was out working--you know that we don’t have much money...” he whispered with a little sigh of frustration.

I was beginning to see a little of what Jesse was talking about.  He had been afraid that my guilt about his mom having to hire a baby-sitter so that he could spend time with his friends, might have caused me to refrain from asking him over...In fact, he had been the one to first ask about going to  the movie--and not only that--he clearly felt guilty about shirking his duty to his mom and sister...

“So, you’re mom had to pay a baby sitter that night we went to the movies?” I asked hesitantly.

Jesse nodded.  “It took a lot of...persuasion,” he said, and I could sense that what he just said was an understatement.

“And today...?” I asked, almost fearfully.

“My mom’s picking Miranda up at school!” Jesse groaned.   He sighed.  “I should have called by now...”

“Is you’re mom taking off of work?”

“Just long enough to take Miranda  back to the apartment building.  We have a neighbor there, an old lady who watches her grandkid, and she’ll watch Miranda until I get home.  She knows we don’t have a lot of money, so she doesn’t ask for as much as she could,” he explained with gratitude in his voice for his neighbor’s kindness.

“Is it hard for your mom to get time off of work like that?” I asked, thinking about how wonderfully convenient it was that my mom could work her schedule so selflessly around mine.  I felt a wave of guilt twist my stomach into a knot.

Jesse just nodded.  “But she did it anyways...because...because I told her how badly I wanted to come to your house, how badly I needed a friend and that you were so nice to me and...”  His emotions were starting to get the better of him again, and he took a deep, calming breath.

“Does she lose a lot of money when she does that?” I asked hesitantly.

“She has to take it out of her sick leave,” Jesse admitted with obvious shame.  “We never have enough fuckin’ money!” he muttered angrily.

It hurt to see Jesse so frustrated.  I hated this money thing!  It seemed to keep coming between us like a barrier that just sprang from the ground every time we tried to get together.  I felt a wave of panic grab hold of my mind.  

“I’ll pay!” I blurted out.  “It’s no big deal.  I have money!  My dad sends me these checks every month...”  I clamped up as I realized what I was saying was, at the very least, in bad taste.  I was insulting my dearest friend in the whole world, making light of what was for him, in his world, a very serious problem.  “I’m sorry,” I whispered, taking my arm off his shoulder.

But Jesse smiled weakly.  “It’s okay.  I promised my mom I would baby-sit all weekend and she could go and do what ever she wanted on Sunday--that’s her day off, usually.”

I nodded, feeling guilty and embarrassed at my own callousness.  At first, I thought Jesse’s nervousness and unwillingness to talk freely to me was because he didn’t like me, and later, I thought the thing Jesse was holding back were his feelings for me.  I was shocked at my own self-centeredness.   I was spoiled rotten with money and consumed with my own self-interests, and didn’t even stop to consider the responsibilities and obligations Jesse might have to his own family.

“You should have just told me, that first time,” I said carefully, trying not to sound accusatory.  “I would have understood...It would have been hard, but I would have understood.  We could’ve worked something out.  I had no idea you were going through this torture!”

”Torture!” Jesse blurted out.  “The torture was not being able to be with you  all the time!  Not  being able to express my feelings for you.  You fill my thoughts everyday and every night.  It’s stupid and selfish, but I can’t help myself!”

Both of us shed some tears before wrapping ourselves up in a passionate embrace, the skin of our naked torsos pressed warmly against each other.  Finally, when it seemed like we were both recovering somewhat, I glanced at my own wristwatch.  Fifteen minutes had already passed since Jesse had first realized the time.

“You’d better call,” I said, getting up and rummaging in my backpack for my cellphone.  As I walked the short distance back to the bed, I noticed that  the strangely pleasant sensation of having wet cum in my shorts, was now starting to lose whatever charm it once had.  The stuff was starting to dry-- ‘coagulate’ would probably be a better word for it.  I found the phone and brought it back to Jesse.  He took it with a look of thanks, his eyes red with all the tears he had shed.  I couldn’t help but think how beautiful and vulnerable he looked, even in that emotionally overwrought condition.

He got up and dialed his home number, apparently hoping he’d catch his mom there before she took off back to work.  Jesse’s bare feet whispered on the carpet as he slowly paced around, apprehensive and full of guilt, and the fear that he might have jeopardized our friendship by concealing from me the existence of his little sister.  I would straighten him out on that point as soon as he got off the phone.  For now, I just enjoyed the view, watching Jesse move around my bedroom wearing nothing but his boxers.  I could see a stain of wetness on the front of his boxers as he moved, and I cringed a little, thinking that he must have the same gooey and uncomfortable mess as I did down there.  

“” Jesse stammered nervously, his voice still hoarse and raspy from our passionate encounter .  “I’m really sorry I didn’t call sooner...We were outside shooting hoops!”  He paused as his mom said something and I could see Jesse’s shoulders relax slightly.  “Yeah, Perry has a great house.  We’re just having too much fun, I guess, hehehe...”  He listened and paced as his mom spoke for some time.  “ could ask, I guess,” he said uncertainly.

Jesse stopped and looked over to where I was still sitting on the edge of the bed.

“My mom was wondering if it would be okay if she came by to pick me up, maybe around six thirty or so?” Jesse asked timidly.  Our original plan had been for my mom and me to drop Jesse off when she got back from work, which was usually around six.

“Will I get to meet your little sister too?” I asked with a serious face.

“Uh...yeah...I think so,” Jesse answered hesitantly, probably thinking that I must resent her very existence.

“Then sure, yeah!” I said, breaking out into my biggest, sweetest grin.

Jesse smiled back, a look of obvious relief on his angelic face.  “Sure mom, Perry says it’ll be cool...bring Miranda...”  He paused for her to speak.  Jesse was no longer pacing, but had just started staring at me with a big grin on his face.  “We’ll be good!” he said as he leered at me.

I held my hand to my mouth to stifle my laughter.  “Love you too, mom--bye!”  Jesse ended the call and set the cellphone on my nightstand.

“I feel a little weird about inviting my mom over to your house like that, but I think she’s kinda curious to see where you live,” Jesse said apologetically.  “She probably won’t even come in though...”

“Of course she will!” I said cheerfully.  “It’ll be awesome dude!  My mom’s been wanting to meet her ever since I first told her about you,” I assured him.  “We’ll order pizza and all get to know each other.”

Jesse smiled.  “It would be nice if everyone could meet,” he said, still smiling but sounding more serious.  Heavy emotions were starting to work their way to the surface again and I could feel them too, like water filling my lungs and pressing on my ribcage.

“You need a shower, dude!” I insisted, trying to put a damper, at least temporarily, on those potent feelings.  

“Yeah, you’re right about that,” Jesse agreed, glancing down at the wet stain on the front of his boxers.  “You look like you could use one too,” he said, a slightly mischievous glint in his sparkling blue eyes as he brushed a matted lock of brown hair off my face.  The smile on his face was replaced by an earnest look that seemed so....mature somehow.  Jesse knew what he wanted and I envied him for that.  Me...I was still a scared little boy, despite all the joy we had shared together this afternoon.   Jesse must have seen my hesitation, but if he was disappointed, he didn’t show it.

“You can go first,” he offered.

“It’s okay.  You can use mine and I’ll use the one in my mom’s room.  That way we can finish up at about the same time.”

“Cool,” Jesse said, giving me a warm smile.

Stupid me though; I felt like I needed to say more.

“I want to take a shower with you,” I stammered awkwardly, not able to look in his piercing blue eyes, “but I’m...I’m...”--a stupid, fuckin’ moron!  I thought to myself.

“It’s all cool,” Jesse assured me, gazing at me affectionately.  As I breathed in his scent and looked into those eyes again, I felt an unmistakable warmth touch my heart.  Jesse was doing everything right and I was doing everything wrong.

I seemed to be shooting my own foot at every opportunity!  Everything I said and did, seemed to contradict all my talk about how much I loved him.  I knew how I felt about Jesse, but as far as where those feelings would take us?  Damn!  I still had to sort  so many things out.  I knew I was thinking way too much, but I couldn’t help myself.

“We’ll talk, I mean really talk...after we’ve both had a nice cold shower!”  I laughed at my stupid attempt at a joke, trying to break up the uncomfortable moment.  Uncomfortable for me, that is.  Like I said, Jesse seemed to have his act together much more than I did.  And why should that surprise me?  He was perfect in every other way, and I loved and admired him for it.  I wondered vaguely if a time would ever come when I might feel otherwise...that maybe Jesse was too good for me...What the fuck was I thinking about?!

“I’m such a moron,” I said, pressing my dry lips to his rosy cheek.

“But an exceptionally cute moron,” Jesse insisted playfully.

I sighed, feeling some of my confusion and tension melt away.  I got up and showed him my bathroom--where the towels were, the soap, the shampoo...

“Is this the shampoo you use?” he asked incredulously.

I nodded.  It was some fancy stuff for men that my mom got from her hair salon.  I couldn’t really say if it cleaned my hair any better than the stuff you could get on sale at Walmart, but I did like the smell.

Jesse twisted the cap off and sniffed.  “Yeah, that’s it!” he said, as if confirming some vital piece of information.  “Your hair always smells so good at school everyday!  Now I know why!” he gushed with boyish enthusiasm.  “Can I use it?”  he pleaded.

“Knock yourself out!” I encouraged him.

“Is it okay if I use one of your hair brushes when I’m done?” he asked shyly.

“My brushes are your brushes, dude,” I insisted with a gregarious smile.  This boy was too much.  How lucky was I that the most beautiful boy in our class, no--our school--no--Santa Corina, was gaga over little ol’ me?  It boggled my mind and I knew I needed to get out of there before I jumped his bones and damned the consequences!

“Have fun,” I said, stepping out of the bathroom.  “I’ll be just down the hall if you need anything.  See ya soon!”  I left, closing the bathroom door behind me.  I lingered just long enough to hear Jesse not lock the door, and I giggled like a school girl!   I boldly stripped off my clothes right there, picked up my shirt off the floor and tossed it and my cum soaked boxers into the hamper.  I left my jeans on the bed but decided to drop my socks in the hamper as well.

I raced down the hall naked as the day I was born, except for my wristwatch.  I wanted to keep an eye on the time.  I was determined to get cleaned up before Jesse got out of the shower.  That was a scene I did not want to miss!

I took a much needed piss before hitting  the shower.  My mom’s shower was warmed by a different water heater than the one in my room, but I didn’t even wait for the water to get hot.  I just jumped right in, gasping as the cold water hit  my body.   It felt good though, and I  lathered myself up in record time.  I was a little reluctant to use my mom’s shampoo, thinking it would be all sweet and girlie smelling, but a quick sniff actually caught me by surprise--it barely had any scent.  As I lathered it into my scalp, I figured that women put so much stuff in their  hair--conditioner, spray, gel, mousse--that you couldn’t let any one thing have too strong a scent, or they might conflict with each other.  You learn something everyday!

I dried quickly and sloppily, tossing my wet towel carelessly into my mom’s hamper, knowing I’d probably get yelled at later for not hanging it up to dry.  Again I ran naked down the hall, the cool breeze caused by my passage helping to dry me off even more.  When I got back to my room, I could still hear the shower running in the bathroom.  I had decided, when I was stripping for my shower, that I would try to get dressed before Jesse came out.  It wasn’t that I felt shy in front of him--actually the thought of being naked in front of Jesse really turned me on--but that I had so enjoyed the gradual undressing of my friend to such a degree that I didn’t want to ruin the experience for him at some later date.  I made a mental checklist for my own amusement--Jesse had taken off his own shoes for the karate demonstration -- I had taken off his socks--he had taken off his shirt at my request--and I had stripped off his jeans!  I had never paid much attention to other boys dressing or undressing around me.  As little kids, it happened all the time--whether it was changing into swim trunks or pajamas or whatever.  At school, since we didn’t have a boy’s locker room, we changed in the stalls in the boy’s bathroom (at least most of us did!), so there wasn’t much to see there either.   But with Jesse,  it was an incredibly arousing experience--and the sight of his beautiful body--besides the obvious sexual feelings it stirred-- made me giddy with joy!   

I put on a clean pair of boxers and pulled out an expensive designer  T-shirt I had picked up in Manhattan, that had a more European cut to it.  The fitted white shirt showed off my upper body in a way I hoped would be at least a little sexy.  I grabbed a clean pair of white socks and sat on the bed to put them on.  I was about to put my jeans back on when I noticed the dark stain on the crotch.   I checked to see if it came from inside or outside and realized with a little shudder, that this was Jesse’s semen on my jeans!   I couldn’t help myself.  I touched my finger to the nearly dry stain, and then brought it lovingly to my lips.  It tasted salty--it tasted like Jesse!  I already new his taste so well, from his face and his lips and his feet and toes.  If somebody  had ever suggested to me that the flesh of a teenage boy could taste so good, I’d probably have told them how gross and disgusting that sounded.  But now I knew better--much better!

I was sorry to loose my Calvin Kleins for the rest of the afternoon, but reluctantly stuffed them into my burgeoning hamper--I’d have to do a load of laundry soon, or I’d be out of boxers for sure!  I took out my Levi’s.  They fit a little looser in the seat and the legs were a little baggier, but they were soft and comfortable.

I was just zipping up when Jesse opened the door to the bathroom--Oh--My--God!  There was my blonde angel, with his hair still slick and wet and combed neatly to the sides, drops of water still clinging  to his shoulders and chest in the sexiest way, wearing nothing but a white bath towel wrapped around his waist.  He looked at me shyly, and then with surprise.

“You took a shower and dressed already?” he asked.

“Hehehe, didn’t want you to see me in an inappropriate state of dress,” I teased.

“Damn!” he said, faking a pout and stomping his bare foot on the carpet.

“I guess you’re going to need to borrow a pair of boxers...”

Jesse blushed cutely.  “If that’s okay...”

“Sure,” I said.

I pulled the second last pair of boxers out of my dresser drawer.  They were a cute pair of Joe Boxers, bright yellow with a black waistband with the name branded all over it.

“Whoa!  Those are kinda intense,” Jesse said with some trepidation.  “What if my mom see’s them?”

“You’ll just have to be careful about who you take your pants off in front of,” I cautioned him with mock seriousness.

Jesse blushed again, but he was smiling as he reached for the boxers.  I quickly pulled them away.

“Hey!” Jesse cried, vainly reaching for the boxers with one hand while holding his towel securely around his waist with the other.

“There’s just one thing...” I said, hiding the yellow boxers behind my back.

“What’s that?” Jesse asked cautiously, his smile diminishing a notch.

“It’s just that I need to make sure you’re absolutely dry before I can let you wear these.”

“Does water ruin the color or something?” Jesse asked with sincere concern.

“You bet!” I agreed readily, enjoying the fact that I had managed to fool Jesse for once!  “Let me get a dry towel.”  I stuffed the boxers in the front pocket of my jeans and went into the bathroom to get another one of the clean white towels that the maid left piled on the open linen shelves.  I felt my socks getting a little wet from the water Jesse had dripped on the floor.  The mirror was barely steamed up, meaning that, like me, he had taken only a lukewarm shower.

I returned to find Jesse standing rather forlornly in the middle of my bedroom, nervously clutching the bath towel wrapped around his waist.  His eyes sparkled like a mountain lake, the redness from his previous tears, all but vanished.

“Drop yer towel, pardner!” I ordered, standing in front of him.

“But... uh...are you sure?” Jesse asked, suddenly seeming quite skittish about the idea of exposing himself to me.

“Turn around,” I suggested.

“Oh man, I don’t know about this...” Jesse warned.  I hesitated then, realizing that Jesse might not be in the ‘mood’ for something like this right now, but my arm seemed to move of its own accord.  With  a quick tug, I already had his towel down around his ankles.  Jesse stiffened up, not moving a muscle.

I was speechless.  At first, I was terrified by what I had unthinkingly done.  Then my eyes looked down...There it was--Jesse’s naked butt!  Jesse’s glorious ass was just six inches in front of me.  The skin was an unblemished,  creamy white color, smooth and hairless.  While his torso was no where near the rich brown color most of us acquired from living in sunny southern California , there was still a definite tan line at his waist.  His butt cheeks were like perfect half globes, neatly divided in the middle by an enticing crack.  I felt a tear actually run down my cheek.  How could I be so impressed by seeing another kid’s ass?  I couldn’t explain it.  Was it my love for Jesse that made me see every part of him as pure adolescent perfection?  Or was it purely sexual, like seeing (or imagining) a girl’s bare breasts?

“Hey, are you looking at something, buster?” Jesse asked, trying to sound bold and insinuating.  But there was a quiver in his voice that told me he didn’t feel very comfortable about doing this.  Maybe I had taken things a little too far.  I wished now that I hadn’t been so rash.  Still, Jesse kept his arms stiffly at his sides, not attempting to cover his back or his front...

It sounds silly to say it now, but I was totally transfixed.  The thought that Jesse’s plumbing was now fully exposed to the air, and all I had to do was take a couple of steps to get the full view, made my whole body tremble.  I felt my cheeks burn as I realized that, if I glanced over to the mirror above my dresser, I might get a full frontal view.  But that would be wrong!  If I finally did get a chance to tell Jesse about some of my confused feelings, and he was upset or insulted, it would be wrong of me to have seen the most private parts of his body.  Even if he didn’t know that I had sneaked a peek, I would know, and I would feel ashamed of myself.  

“Um...hey...what’s up?” Jesse asked after nearly thirty seconds of absolute silence, sounding very nervous and self-conscious.  Who wouldn’t be, standing bare ass naked in someone else’s bedroom while that someone else was fully dressed and obviously staring?  

When I didn’t reply, Jesse carefully turned his head to see what my problem was.  When he saw me standing there, frozen, lips quivering slightly, my big stupid eyes glued to his behind, he couldn’t help but giggle.

“I think you’ve had an overdose!” he declared, and quickly snatched the boxers out of my front pocket before I could react.  I just watched as he stooped to slip the boxers on.  As he bent over, his butt crack parted for just a couple of brief seconds, and I caught a fleeting glimpse of his small pink rosebud.  I felt weak in the knees and was actually relieved when he got the boxers up around his waist.  Even through the bright yellow boxers, I could easily make out those two perfect hemispheres, and had to forcibly resist the urge to reach out and touch.  

“Hope I don’t ruin your shorts, but you kinda left me hanging...” he said with a sheepish little grin.

“Huh?”  I asked, forgetting my own stupid prank.  “Oh yeah...I’m sorry--I shouldn’t have done that,” I admitted.

Jesse seemed to take this in stride.  “Was it everything you hoped for?” he asked facetiously.

But my response was absolutely serious.  “It was beautiful, Jesse--you have no idea... And again, I’m so sorry--I shouldn’t have...”

“No big deal.  It’s just a stupid butt!” he said with a careless smile, interrupting my guilt laden apology.   (In the many years that I have known Jesse Taylor, he was rarely wrong about anything, but he sure was wrong about that!)

Jesse scooped the damp towel up and hung it considerately in the bathroom.  He picked his T-shirt up off the floor and gave it a cute little sniff and made a face.  “I don’t suppose...” he asked sheepishly.

I was glad for the distraction.  I rummaged through my drawer for something nice for Jesse to wear, and ended up selecting a “San Diego: Perfection By The Sea” T-shirt that I had picked up in a souvenir shop there just this summer.  I had been attracted to the deep blue color of the fabric and the elegant, almost calligraphic design of the letters scrolled across the chest.

“Is this okay?” I asked, holding the shirt up for display and feeling a little embarrassed at the offering.

“Did you actually wear that?” Jesse asked.

Damn!  He hated it!  I was insulting him by picking out such a stupid shirt for him, but I nodded anyway.  I had actually liked it...

“Then I want to wear it too!” he said enthusiastically.  He took it from me and slipped it on his still slightly damp torso.  It fit like a dream, and the deep blue color set off Jesse’s silky blonde hair magnificently.

“Sexy color,” he said, admiring himself in my dresser mirror.

“Sexy color, my ass!” I said giddily, feeling my physical attraction for Jesse starting to overtake my rational mind.  “I’ll show you sexy!”  and I grabbed him around the waist and turned him to face me.  Before he could ask me what I was doing, I locked my lips firmly onto his--oh, the sweet taste of Jesse!  It took the poor boy a few seconds to respond to my passion, but we were soon totally absorbed in a frantic bout of french kisses.  It was actually Jesse who finally broke away.

“Dude!  You’re going to kill me!” he laughed, gasping for air.   “I thought you wanted to talk! “

That had felt so good it actually frightened me.   While the sight of Jesse’s naked ass had been so overwhelming that it had actually deflated me somewhat, the passionate kiss had gotten me well on my way to another full hard on.   I was starting to wonder if there was even anything to talk about... As I calmed down a tad, I realized my raging teen hormones were starting to get the better of me.  Slowly, my rationality returned, just barely able to reassert control over my sex crazed body.  I thought to myself how cruel it would have been to tease Jesse like this, only to tell him that I really didn’t think I was gay, and I was sorry, but I couldn’t do things like this anymore...

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