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Perry and Jesse:  The Incredibly Romantic (and slightly kinky) Adventures of Two Boys In Love   

Part II  Discoveries

Chapter 6  Spending The Night-Pt. I

When we got back to the apartment, Jesse poured me a cold glass of water from a pitcher in the fridge.  I felt myself finally starting to calm down from the incident at the basketball court.  Maybe I was just acting like a little kid.  Despite the unpleasantness of my parent’s divorce, I had led a mostly sheltered existence.  Jesse had come from a different world, a world of violence, mistrust, prejudice, and malice.   Yet even by the tender age of thirteen, he had learned--the hard way--how to deal with it.  Maybe it was time for me to start growing up a little too.  We were nearly the same age, and yet Jesse had lived so much more than I had, had gone through countless challenging situations, had tangled with the meanest, roughest, darkest  edges of humanity, and survived--more than survived, in fact. He had come to me as a beautiful, if fragile, angel.  He could be as tough as the situation demanded, and yet with me, could be the most gentle, shy, loving person I could ever imagine.

We stood in the small livingroom and instinctively reached out for each other, our arms wrapping around one another's shoulders, Jesse’s warm breath caressing the side of my neck.  I let out a heavy sigh of satisfaction.  Every hug seemed to carry more meaning and stronger feelings than the one before.  We had already shared two incredible--but strikingly opposite experiences today.  I wondered what the rest of the afternoon and evening would bring...  

Jesse’s answering machine was blinking, so he checked it out.  The first message, not surprisingly, was his mom, ‘just checking in,’ but the second was from Tom, and he had called only twenty minutes ago.

“Hey, uh...Jesse, it’s Tom...Tom Espinoza...I uh...was just calling...Well, I guess you’re not home so...I’ll see you on Monday, I guess...”  Their was a rather longish pause before he hung up.

“What was that all about?” I asked, remembering the way Tom had acted at the party last night.

Jesse shrugged.  “That’s the first time he ever called here.  He sounded kind of weird.”

"That's an understatement," I acknowledged.

“Anyway, I should probably give my mom a call...” Jesse said reluctantly.

I nodded.  “Yeah, I’ll just check my messages--I left my cellphone off.  It’s in my overnight bag.”

I stooped to dig my phone out of the satchel.  Of course, being completely alone with Jesse, I was already thinking unabashedly about sex again, but I figured it was better to get the phone calls out of the way first so we wouldn’t have to be distracted or interrupted later.

“You can go in my room if you want to make some calls in private,” Jesse said nonchalantly.  He was already punching in his aunt’s number on the kitchen phone.

I figured he probably wanted some privacy too, so I just went to his bedroom.  I left the door open and sat on the edge of the still bare mattress.  I slipped off my sneakers.  It felt good to cool off my toes after all that walking and our basketball workout.  I brought my legs up and sat crosslegged on Jesse’s bed.

I hadn’t really had much of a chance to look around before, but I noticed some posters on the wall,  including one for Star Wars Episode II featuring that hottie, Hayden Christiansen,  and one for The Lord Of The Rings.  There was one poster giving the details of an upcoming Karate Competition in Chicago, dated almost two years ago, and even a simple wooden crucifix hanging on one wall.  I blushed, actually feeling a little guilty for a moment, remembering what Jesse and I did in here just a few hours ago.  Then I remembered that Christ always taught tolerance and brotherly love, and what did we have to be ashamed of?  I smiled to myself then, thinking that God might actually be looking down on Jesse and me, feeling the warmth of our love for each other.   I felt sure that He wanted us to be together.

There was a small framed picture on the dresser of Jesse doing a spectacular leaping kick out at park somewhere.  I wondered what the other kids in school would think if they saw shy, self conscious Jesse looking like he could totally kick Jet Li’s ass!  Next to the picture was the copy of the Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant that I had loaned to him a couple weeks before.  From the placement of the bookmark, it looked like he was at least two thirds of the way through the whole thing.  He had certainly gotten a lot more reading done than I had lately!
On the nightstand, next to his clock radio, was a studio posed picture of Jesse, with his mom and Miranda.  It looked like it might have been taken about a year ago.  Miranda looked like a female version of her brother, with her long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, her bright blue eyes and her intoxicating smile.  Mrs. Taylor, while not able to fully disguise the harshness of her life, also looked nice with her hair long and loose and a conservative smile on her narrow face.   And Jesse--what can I say?  No kid model in a Sears catalog ever looked so good!  His shiny blonde hair--even longer than it was now-- was perfectly styled, his sapphire blue eyes twinkling brightly for the camera.  He was wearing a dark grey suit jacket, white shirt and tie, and looked good enough to eat!  

Then I  noticed another much smaller picture set in the corner of the frame.  It showed what must have been Jesse around the age of eight or nine (what a cutie!) standing on a pier jutting out onto a tree-lined lake.  He was holding a fishing pole and standing next to a bearded man who looked to be in his early thirties...Jesse’s dad?  I was more than a little surprised that he would keep a picture of his dad out on his nightstand where he would see it every morning and every night--I mean, considering that his dad had apparently not been a very nice man, and had ended up in prison!  But I was intrigued and took a closer look.  Even though the man was wearing a hunting cap and had a beard and mustache, the resemblance was plain to see. Their bright blue eyes were a matching pair!  I stared at the photo for almost a minute, faintly hearing Jesse’s voice as he spoke politely to his mom, patiently responding to her questions and concerns.  

I thought about the conversation I had with my mom on the way here this morning.  She had told me how Jesse had argued with his mother--essentially because of his determination to spend time with me!  I felt guilty realizing that I could be the cause of friction between a mother and her son.  I wondered if there was anything I could say or do to remedy the situation.  There was probably no point in discussing things that were already in the past, but maybe the next time an opportunity came up for Jesse and me to spend time together, I would discreetly get my mom to discuss the arrangements with Mrs. Taylor first.  Of course, I  didn't want Jesse to think I was going behind his back either...sigh...

Finally, I turned my cellphone on and checked the voicemail.  I had four messages.  The first was my mom, who was ‘just checking in,’ of course.  She said I should give her a call later this evening.  The next was from Morgan, and the last two were from Tom.  I guess he really wanted to talk about last night.   I wondered if he was calling everyone he knew, or just Jesse and me.

Tom sounded hesitant and nervous, not at all like his usual chipper self.  I tried calling him at home, but got an answering machine.  I left a message saying I wasn’t home and I would try calling him tomorrow afternoon.  I knew Morgan’s cellphone number, so I called it.  He answered, breathlessly.

“Hey, it’s Perry,” I said.

“Hey, dude!  Recovered from last night?” he asked.  It sounded like he was outside, maybe shooting hoops.

“I guess...To tell you the truth, that was a whole new world for me,” I admitted.

“Well, you handled it like a pro!  You were a big hit!”

“What do you mean?” I asked skeptically.

“Everyone was saying how much fun you were, what a great dancer you were, what a gentleman...”

“Who did you talk to?” I asked nervously.

“Oh, Kyle, Katy, Jessica...”  he rattled off.  There was a meaningful pause.  “In fact, I’ve gotta ask , dude--who is she, and why didn’t you ever tell me about her?”

I stared into the phone for several puzzled seconds, not sure what he was talking about.  Then I remembered my conversation with Jessica!  It seemed like such a long time ago, although it had actually been less than twenty four hours...

“Jessica told you?” I asked uncomfortably.

“Hey, it’s not like she was giving away any big secrets, right?  No name, no school, no nothing...”

“Yeah, well...”  I felt myself stammering and took a deep breath.  “Let it go, dude.  I’m not telling you nothin’!”  I responded, trying to sound playful.

“You won’t tell your best bud in the whole world?” Morgan asked.  But he didn’t sound too serious.  This whole girl/boy/love/sex thing was just a game to him as it was for most kids our age.  And maybe that’s the way it should be.  I mean, here were Jesse and I, not even fourteen, yet deeply, passionately in love with each other and having to keep it secret.  I mean, one of the things about finding that perfect person, ‘The One,’ is telling the whole world about it, sharing your joy with your family and friends,
celebrating...whatever.  But that just wasn’t going to happen.

Even if I had fallen madly in love with a girl instead of a boy, no one would have taken it seriously.  It just wasn’t expected at our age.  Young teenagers weren’t sophisticated enough, or experienced enough, or mature enough to really be in love.  It was bound to be just puppy love, or infatuation, or lust.  Well, the hell with that!  At least I was blessed with the perception to know what I had with Jesse ( and it’s a perception that has held up to this day, thirty freakin’ years later!).

“Sorry, dude,” I said apologetically.

Morgan chuckled and got a little more serious.  “Truthfully, bro, I’m glad for you.  It must be really cool to have someone special, someone you want to be faithful to...”

Morgan’s voice trailed off and I detected a genuine tone of envy there.  

“Well, we’ll see,” I said, feeling like the conversation was getting way to heavy.

“Anyway, if things ever go south for you and your special someone, rest assured that Jessica will be here to pick up the pieces.”

“What do you mean?” I asked hesitantly.

“After last night, she’s got a total crush on you, dude!  If you don’t mind my saying so, who ever this girl is that’s got you in her clutches, she’s really got to be something to beat out Jessica Bainbridge!”

It was hard for me to keep in mind Morgan's casual attitude towards all these relationships.  To him, they were just crushes and flings, and making out.  Still, Jessica Bainbridge...

“That’s pretty heavy stuff,” I said truthfully.

“Don’t worry, though.  She says it’s totally awesome the way you want to be faithful to your mystery girl--she really respects that.”

“That’s very cool of her,” I answered uncomfortably, wishing we could change the subject.  Morgan seemed to be reading my mind.

“So, are you spending the day at Jesse’s?” Morgan asked.

“Yeah, we just got back from shooting hoops over at Kennedy.”  (And oh yeah,  I watched shy little Jesse bring a second degree blackbelt to his knees...)

”Cool!” Morgan said.  “I’m just getting ready to meet Tom over at the mall--you guys care to join us?”

The impact of our last visit to the mall still hadn’t entirely left me, especially after running into Julio this afternoon, and I shuddered at Morgan’s suggestion.

“I don’t think so, dude--Jesse told his mom we’d hang out here.  We’ll probably order a pizza and watch some videos or something.”

“Sounds good.  Tom and I’ll probably hang at the arcade for a couple of hours.  Only thing is, I have to take Derek with me.  He’s meeting some of his friends there.”

Derek was Morgan’s brother.  He was in the seventh grade and I think he was around twelve and a half, although I wasn’t really sure.  Derek was pretty cute with the same short brown hair as his older brother, only lighter.  He also had more delicate features than his brother, and sparkling green eyes.  He was kind of small for his age, while Morgan was on the tall side, making Derek look even younger than he actually was.

“What’s with Tom, anyway?” I asked.  “He left me a couple of messages, but when I tried to call, I just got the machine.”

“He’s probably at the mall, already,” Morgan answered.  “He’s not a cellular man, you know.”  There was a pause.  “He sure was acting weird last night,” Morgan agreed, “but he doesn’t seem to want to talk about it--at least not with me.”

“Well, say hi for me anyway--are you coming to church tomorrow?  My mom’s picking us up for ten o’clock Mass.”

“Nah, you know my dad, the old hippie.  He likes the contemporary service, so we’ll be going tonight.  Sorry I’ll miss ya.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind going to the Saturday evening Mass sometime myself, but mom and her choir...”

“Yeah, that’s totally cool, though.  Your mom is awesome.”

“Thanks, Morgan...Well, have a good time.  Guess I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Okay, bud--and again, congratulations on finding that special someone--whoever she is!  See ya!”

I turned my cellphone off and set it on Jesse’s dresser.  

“Ahem!” Jesse said loudly from the open doorway.

“It’s okay--I’m done,” I said with a smile.

Jesse was standing there with a pile of clean linen in his arms.  

“Want to help me make the bed?”  he asked.

“I’d love to!”

We put the fitted sheet on and then spread the top sheet over it.  All the linen was light blue and had that freshly laundered scent that somehow smelled sexy to me.  I watched how Jesse tucked his corner in (since everyone seems to do it a little differently) and did the same on my end.  He got his pillow out from under the bed and changed the pillow case.

“So, I guess I owe you a foot massage!” he said a little stiffly, trying to curb his obvious enthusiasm.

“You sure do-- according to Morgan, Jessica has a bigtime crush on me after last night!  I guess playing hard to get really turns her on, hehehe!”

“I don’t think that was it,” Jesse answered in a thoughtful voice.  “I think it’s because she spent an hour alone with you.  How could anyone not fall in love with you after that...?”  

It was strange to hear how serious he was when he said that.  The sudden compliment took me by surprise and I felt strong emotions threatening to overwhelm me again.  Even just standing here on opposite sides of the bed, I could feel Jesse’s love as a tangible thing, like a thick warm blanket that you just want to wrap yourself up in to the utter disdain of everything else.

“You don’t have to do the foot massage--I was just joking about that,” I said, even though I hadn’t been.  “That foot washing thing you did this morning--dude, that was totally awesome...How’d you ever think of that?”

“Oh...Washing the feet is a common ritual in a lot of ancient cultures--even the biblical Jews did it.  It represents purification of the whole body and sometimes even the spirit or soul.”  Jesse sat on the edge of his newly made-up bed.  “You know, in some cultures, they would actually bathe, perfume,  and feed the sacrificial victim an elaborate meal, treating that person like royalty.  They would even drug the victim so they didn’t  know what was going on at the end.”

”You really did your research,” I said,  duly impressed.

Jesse shrugged and gave me a boyish grin.    “I have to admit, that part turned out a lot better than I expected.”

”It felt awesome--really REALLY good!” I emphasized.  “And since we’re tossing around compliments, I would have to say for the record that, not only do you have the most beautiful pair of  feet I have ever seen, but the most tasty too!”

Jesse giggled.  “That was really unbelievable, that time when you were licking my feet and sucking my toes...” Jesse grinned.  “I never thought that feet could be,” he admitted.

“You know...” I said, blushing, “I kinda have a thing for...feet...”

“That’s cool,” Jesse said, apparently unconcerned about my weird little fetish.  “I guess I never thought about it that much...I mean, usually people’s feet are stinky, or gross, or dirty...”

“Yeah, I can’t really explain it, but it’s like, the first day I saw you in class, I wondered what your feet looked like...Isn’t that strange?”

Jesse shrugged.  “I wanted to see a lot more than your feet, and wasn’t that strange,” he said quietly, and now it was his turn to blush.

I knew we were having a very silly conversation at this point, but it really didn't matter.   Being able to talk this frankly about our 'dirtiest' thoughts seemed to be just another side benefit of our relationship.  The sexual energy generated by our mutual physical attraction just filled the air.  

“I never paid a lot of attention to people’s butts before, but your ass, Jesse--it’s so totally awesome!  I know that I’ve been er...hesitant about some things..."  I saiduneasily, alluding to my continuing confusion about my sexual bias, "but your ass just completely turns me on!” I blushed profusely despite my own willingness to express these kinds of thoughts to Jesse.  “It’s so...perfect.  I don’t even let myself think about it most of the time, because it makes me just about want to go through the roof!”

I was now sitting on the edge of the other side of the small bed, looking at Jesse fixedly.  I'm sure he could see that there was a lot more than respect and admiration in those big ol' hazel eyes of mine!

Jesse looked at me lustfully with his crystal blue eyes.  “And I saw your wee-wee!” he whispered along with a  sexy wink.

We both cracked up at that, but to tell you the truth, that really got me going!  It still made my mind reel, even hours later, to remember that Jesse had taken my penis --my most private part, the part of my anatomy that I went to such great lengths to hide from everybody--into his mouth and sucked me off!

I leaned across the bed and pressed my lips into his.  Jesse responded by lustfully grabbing fistfuls of my hair and pulling me even closer to him.  Soon, our mouths were open and our tongues were probing each other hungrily.  Then Jesse pulled away.  He looked at me intensely and I could see he was barely able to hold himself back.

“Perry, what do you want to do?” he asked breathlessly, and I knew he would do anything I asked him, service me or worship me or pleasure me in any way I wanted.  And God knows how much I wanted that sexual pleasure!  I was almost fourteen, for chrissakes!  My hormones were on the war path!  But I tried to contain my lust in the same way Jesse was doing.  I wanted this to be a mutual experience, not just him doing me, or me doing him.  I wanted this to be completely about us...

“Jesse, I want to be with you so bad, I could cry!”  And as I spoke the words, I did feel tears start to come to my eyes.

“I’m here, baby...I’m yours...” Jesse whispered, gently stroking my cheek.   A mischievous smile formed on his face.  He leaned in close.  “How about we both get naked?” he whispered in my ear.  Feeling his hot breath on my ear lobe, and hearing him say the word ‘naked’ sent a thrilling shiver through my body.

I nodded, and we both stood up on opposite sides of the bed again.

Jesse took off his watch so I followed suit, handing it to him so he could set them both on the nightstand.  Then, still standing, Jesse toed off his sneakers and peeled off his socks.  I had already taken off my shoes, so I just took off my socks.  Jesse slipped off his T-shirt, revealing his smooth, sinewy torso, his sunken belly disappearing tantalizingly into his jeans.  He reached behind his neck to unclasp the slender silver chain with its tiny crucifix and set it down on the nightstand as well.  I slipped my shirt off and tugged my T-shirt over my head.  We both stood there, barefoot and barechested, our hair mussed up from pulling our T-shirts off over our heads.  God, he looked so sexy!

I could already see the pronounced bulge in the front of Jesse’s tight jeans.  He undid the single button at his waist and tugged down the fly.  Never taking his eyes off me, he wiggled his tight jeans off of his hips and down his legs.  When he had pushed them to his ankles, he stood back up and used his feet to step out of them.  Now he was wearing just his plaid cotton boxers.  I stripped my jeans off, and stood dressed only in my dark blue boxers.

Jesse gave me a look as if to ask, 'Are you ready?'  I nodded without hesitation.  It was like looking in a mirror as I reached down to slip my fingers into my boxers.  Simultaneously, we pulled our shorts down off our hips.  I had to glance down for a moment to finish pushing my boxers down to my ankles, before straightening up and stepping out of them with my feet.  And there he stood...

There stood my beautiful blonde angel, naked as the day he was born.  His hips curved out slightly from a slender waist.  There was a small, thin patch of silky blonde pubic hair that was partially blocked from view by his proudly erect penis.  His small, pinkish brown scrotum hung loosely between his creamy smooth thighs.

I knew he was looking me over as well.  I noticed that his hardened shaft, while about the same length and thickness as mine, stuck out a little straighter, while mine curved banana-like upwards towards my belly button.  I had a slightly thicker patch of curly, dark brown pubes surrounding the top of my shaft.

“It’s good to know that I’m about normal sized,” I said with some nervous relief, having never really gotten more than a glimpse of  the genitals of a thirteen or fourteen year old boy before.

“Normal sized?” Jesse said disgustedly.  “Speak for yourself!  I’d like to think we’re large for our age!”

We both laughed shyly and kept staring at each other.

“So what are we gonna do, shoot cum at each other across the bed?” he asked impatiently.

I sat down on the bed, the cool clean sheets feeling good against my bare bottom.  Jesse climbed on from his side, moving over to me on his knees.   I just sat still, staring at the wall, waiting to see what Jesse would do.  I felt him nuzzle my hair with his nose.  Then his hands touched my bare shoulders and I shivered with delight.  His hands slid up and down my arms as he pressed his cheek against the back of my head.  He moved closer, still on his knees.  He kissed my shoulder ever so gently and then...

I quickly inhaled and held my breath, as I felt the tip of his  penis touch my back.  As he moved closer, wrapping his arms all the way around my chest, I felt his erection push up against my lower back.  It felt hard and soft at the same time, and somehow...different than my own.

I realized this was a big moment for me.  Sure, I had come to terms with the fact that,  what ever it was I turned out to be--gay, straight or even bi--I was totally turned on by Jesse.  Until my beautiful blonde angel had come along, I had never had anything more than a passing crush on someone I actually knew.  I had  just turned down the opportunity to get intimate with Jessica Bainbridge (probably some frenching and maybe a bit of boob squeezing...), and was now  sitting on a bed with another boy, both of us naked and fully aroused.  Was I  homosexual?  Could I do this with any boy that I thought was cute and mutually consensual?  Or was it simply that I was in love, and it just so happened that the person I loved was a boy--a beautiful boy-- of my own age?
I quickly lost my train of thought as Jesse began grinding his hips, pushing his cock more and more forcefully into my back.

I swung my legs up and stretched out on the top sheet.  I turned as Jesse also laid himself down so that we were facing each other.  We laid on our sides,  propped up on our bent elbows, staring longingly at each other.  We wiggled a little closer together until the shafts of our dicks rubbed against each other.  I could see the thrill in Jesse’s face, see his eyes twinkle with delight and passion.

We pressed our bodies together, our lips locked in a deep kiss, our toes caressing each other’s feet.  Jesse reached between us with his free hand and began to stroke my hardened cock.  I had to break our kiss as I sucked my breath in, held it, and then gasped at the intensity of the stimulation.  I used my free hand to reach behind Jesse and first caress, and then grasp his smooth, bubbled ass cheeks, kneading the spongy flesh with my fingers.  I had been fantasizing about this since that day I pulled the towel off his waist in my bedroom.  It was Jesse’s turn to gasp, and he began stroking me even faster.  I already had precum coming out of my slit.  My hand slid up and down Jesse’s ass, even probing his butt crack.  This seemed to drive him to new heights of passion as he gasped wide eyed and paused in his furious stroking of my cock.

I was so near my climax that I took this sudden respite as a chance to get on top of him.  I straddled his hips with my thighs, pressing my erection into his genitals.  We ground into each other, both of us whimpering and gasping and moaning, oblivious to what we would have sounded like to anyone listening through the apartment walls.

Jesse lifted his head enough to lock his lips around mine, and we began a last passionate french kiss as we frantically pushed our naked, sweating bodies together.

I was the first to climax and I forced Jesse down into the bed with my hips as I shot my load onto both our bellies.

Jesse broke our lip lock and tilted his head back in pure ecstasy.  “Mmmmm, Perrrrrrrry,” he moaned, thrusting his hips forcefully up into my groin as he too released spurt after spurt of hot sticky semen between our bodies.  Finally, he collapsed back onto the bed and I rolled off him, nearly falling onto the floor because it was only a twin size!

We just laid there, catching our breaths, our shoulders and hips pressed together, my right hand tightly clutching Jesse’s left hand.  My right foot touched Jesse’s left foot and our chests heaved up and down.  I felt like I had just sprinted a half mile--I was breathless, glistening with sweat,  and light headed almost to the point of being giddy.  My heart was pounding furiously in my chest.

Jesse actually began to laugh, and I knew just how he felt.  It wasn’t that there was anything funny about what we had just done, it was that sense of relief, of coming down from an incredibly passionate physical experience--the giddiness, the exhilaration...

We laughed together, still gasping for breath.  Slowly, we started to recover, but when we turned our gaze from the ceiling to look at each other, we started laughing all over again.

Jesse gave me an incredibly sensual look,  stray locks of his long blonde hair matted by sweat to his forehead.  He reached over and touched my semen covered belly with his finger.  Then he brought it up to his lips and sucked the cum off it.

“Mmmmmm, a  Perry and Jesse milkshake,” he crooned.

I could see by his eyes that he was inviting me to do the same.  It still seemed a little gross to me, even after the incredible sexual experience we had just shared, but I hesitantly lifted my hand and dipped my finger into the warm sticky goo that our grinding bodies had spread all over his lean belly.  I brought it to my lips and hesitated.  But Jesse quickly took my cum soaked finger into his own mouth and sucked on it, his tongue rolling delicately up and down the length of my finger.

I sighed with pleasure, just enjoying the feeling of having my finger in the warm wet confines of Jesse’s mouth.  Then I delicately pulled my finger out and again dipped it in the puddle of cum on Jesse’s concave belly.  This time I took it into my mouth quickly.  To my surprise, it was a little salty and just slightly sweet, and something about it had that taste I had come to associate with Jesse.  Whether it was his lips, the inside of his mouth, his chest, his toes, or even his semen, beyond the slightly sweet taste of his saliva and the saltiness of his perspiration,  there was a consistent taste that was Jesse’s distinctive  flavor.  Hershey bars and pepperoni pizza had nothing on Jesse Taylor!  He was more delicious to me than any food or drink could ever be, and I told him so.

“Really?” he said with quiet amazement, a slightly evil grin spreading across his face, “because you taste pretty much like old gym socks to me!”

I bit him playfully on the nose for that remark, and we turned towards each other to perhaps start a little nude wrestling match.  Unfortunately, that was when we were rudely interrupted.

The doorbell rang and Jesse’s blue eyes opened wider than I had ever seen them before.  I had to laugh despite my own sudden panic attack.

“Shit--it must be Mrs. Lopez!” Jesse groaned disappointedly.

“Quick--go answer the door!” I challenged him playfully.

“That’s not even funny!”  he said, giving me a quick peck on the lips before sitting up on the edge of the bed.

“Eeeeew,” he groaned, as  the sticky, gooey puddle of our commingled semen ran down the front of his belly.  He got up and raced across the hall to the bathroom, affording me a precious moment of watching Jesse’s tight little ass jiggle as he ran off.

Since there weren't any towels within easy reach, I just used my own discarded boxers to wipe the cum off my own belly, before pulling on my T-shirt and jeans.  I was extra careful as I zipped up the fly.  The doorbell rang a second time.

Just then, Jesse burst out of the bathroom and came racing back, still stark naked, but  somewhat cleaned up.  It even looked like he had quickly run a brush through his hair as well.  He pulled on his T-shirt and jeans, and bounded for the door in his bare feet.  I followed behind, and sat on the sofa, using my fingers to smooth out my own dishevelled hair.  I began casually leafing through the blank pages of Jesse’s notebook (the one with Strange Encounter filling the first ten pages or so), as Jesse finally opened the door.

“Oh, Mrs. Lopez--it’s you!” Jesse said breathlessly.

“Si, Jesse,” she said, and it sounded like ‘Yessie.’  I heard the giggle of a small child but couldn’t see anyone outside from my angle on the sofa.

“Hi, Carlos,” Jesse said sweetly.
“Hola, Jesse (Yessie)!” a little boy’s voice responded.

“Your mama said I should be sure to remind you boys to eat your supper!” Mrs. Lopez said.  “Your friend, he is still here, no?”  Jesse stepped back so that Mrs. Lopez could stick her rather large head in the door.  She caught sight of me slumped casually on the sofa and I gave her a charming smile and a little wave.

“Do you want me to cook something for you?” Mrs. Lopez asked.  “I have fresh tamales...”

“That’s very generous of you, Mrs. Lopez, but I think we’re just going to order a pizza...a bit later,” he added, still trying to catch his breath.

“Okay, fine,” Mrs. Lopez answered cheerfully.  “You no more going out today?”

“I don’t think so...” Jesse said, glancing in my direction.

“You just call me if you need anything!”  Mrs. Lopez said.

“I sure will--thank you very much, Mrs. Lopez,” Jesse said politely.  One of the billion or so things I admired about Jesse was that when he spoke to an adult or a child or basically anyone not his own age, he always sounded sincere and polite.  There was a kindness in his voice that was often lacking in many teenagers, who always managed to sound annoyed or condescending or just plain uncomfortable when they had to talk to anyone outside their own peer group.  You really could hear, in the tone of Jesse’s voice as much as in his words, that he was a good, responsible, respectful kind of kid.  In fact, Jesse made me more conscious of the way I spoke to other people who were not my friends, and I think that, in a small way,  made me a better person.

“Buenos noches, Jesse--and buenos noches, Jesse’s amigo!” Mrs. Lopez said, briefly sticking her head back in to wave goodbye.

That’s when the little kid I had heard, popped his shaggy, black haired head in and looked directly at me.  He smiled widely, several of his front teeth missing, and waved his small hand at me.  I smiled back and gave him my coolest ‘thumbs up’ gesture.

Jesse finally closed and locked the door, seemingly relieved that the encounter was over.

He  came to sit on the sofa next to me, a big grin on his face.

“Where were we?” he asked.

I gazed warmly into his eyes and gently brushed a few stray locks of blonde hair from his forehead.

“I love you so much,” I said, almost choking up with emotion.

Jesse slid closer so that our thighs touched each other.  “I love you too..”  and he leaned in close to whisper: “...and I’m not wearing any underwear!”

“Prove it!” I said, reaching for the tops of Jesse’s jeans.  He let me knock him down onto the sofa with just a minimal amount of protestive struggling.  I knelt on the sofa cushions and straddled his legs as I got his jeans unbuttoned.  I carefully tugged down his fly, exposing his partially erect penis.  I deftly tugged his pants down his hips to his knees, lifted his T-shirt up, and then lowered my head.

I started by kissing his belly, but soon my exuberance was causing me to toothlessly bite him, taking whatever I could into my mouth.  There was only the thinnest layer of fat on Jesse’s lean belly, but I enjoyed the taste of his flesh as I took it in, one mouthful at a time, my nibbles slowly creeping further and further south.

By the time I reached the thin silky patch of Jesse’s blonde  pubes, his penis was again rock hard.  The fact that the shape of his erection was slightly different than mine, really turned me on for some reason.  I rubbed my nose joyfully in Jesse’s little bush, causing him to squirm and giggle like a little kid despite his best efforts to control himself.

I finally kissed the bottom of the base of his shaft, feeling his hardness beneath the thinly stretched skin.  Jesse let out a little yelp as my lips moved along the shaft of his erect penis, planting kiss after kiss until I reached the smooth, circumcised head.  There were a few beads of precum trickling out and I immediately licked them up without hesitation.  There was only a slightly salty taste, and no real substance to the clear watery fluid.  

I opened my mouth and took his hard cock in, letting it glide through my upper and lower lip.  Once in my mouth, it seemed humongous!  But it also felt amazing.  It was hard and warm and pulsing.  It twitched every time I touched it with my tongue or slid my lips over it.  Even though it was the first time I had ever taken Jesse’s dick into my mouth, the flavor was as familiar to me as a McDonald’s hamburger, only a hundred times more delicious!  Jesse grabbed my shoulders as he responded to the intense stimulation.  My legs pinned his tightly.

As I took his full length into my mouth, my nose pressed against his pubes, I could smell Jesse’s scent mixed with the musky odor of his genitals.  My tongue explored every part of his shaft and head, feeling the hardness and softness of it along with Jesse’s distinctive taste.  For an occasional jolt, I would stick my tongue out and tickle his smooth and hairless scrotum.  He was now moaning with passion, his head thrown back, his fingers digging into my shoulders as he approached his climax.  I slid my tightly pressed lips up and down his shaft, increasing my speed as I felt the heat building in my own groin.  I could feel my penis hardening, rolling up from between my legs to press directly against the denim of my jeans.

Now Jesse was thrusting his hips up and down in rhythm with the motions of my head as my lips glided swiftly over his moistened shaft.  My hands grasped Jesse’s butt cheeks and kneaded the spongy flesh.

“It’s coming, Perry...I’m cumming!” Jesse gasped, his hips lifting off the sofa cushions.  I appreciated his warning, but never thought about pulling out.  As his hips left the sofa, my hands found their way to his butt crack.   That was enough to take Jesse over the top.  As the first spurt of semen hit the back of my throat, I instinctively began sucking and swallowing greedily, hardly aware of the taste at all.  Jesse’s body stiffened with every burst of the thick hot liquid, and I pressed back against him, my chin against his balls, keeping his penis fully in my mouth.  Even as Jesse’s spasms began to lessen, I continued to suck furiously on his dick, not being able to get enough of his taste.  Jesse squirmed and moaned as his penis became hypersensitive.  It wasn’t until I began to feel it start to soften that I finely released it.  I gasped for air as I lifted my head up, my hands still clutching Jesse’s thighs tightly.  I leaned back on the sofa and unbent my cramped legs.  Jesse just laid there for a while, his tear-filled eyes seemingly glazed over, his chest rising and falling sharply as he gasped for breath.

Finally, he wearily propped himself up on his elbows and looked at me.  “Wow...wasn’t expecting that!” he gasped breathlessly with a grateful smile.

The sight of Jesse laying there on the sofa next to me, his long blonde hair looking like a Halloween fright wig, his jeans pushed down to his knees and exposing the creamy white skin of his hips along with his most private parts, caused the urgent burning of my own groin to intensify, and I knew that I needed some kind of release--even though I had just climaxed only fifteen minutes ago!

I could see that Jesse was totally wiped out, just lying there with a silly grin on his sweat covered face, his chest rising and falling heavily as he tried to gulp in enough oxygen to satisfy his body.  His bare feet were touching my thighs, so I just slid over so that they were resting on my lap.  I just focused wholly on them, noticing how perfectly proportioned his toes were, how nicely they descended in size from big toe to little toe, how each toe nail was clean and perfectly trimmed,  how his long slender feet transistioned smoothly into deceptively narrow and delicate looking ankles that disappeared into the cuffs of his jeans, how sexy the pronounced curves of his arches were, and how smooth and pink his soles were.  It was hard to imagine these beautiful feet could be such potent martial arts weapons.

Jesse managed to wiggle his toes a little, but otherwise just collapsed back on the sofa, his eyes, moist with tears of ecstasy, momentarily closed.  Taking my own initiative, I undid my jeans, pulled down the fly, and brought the denim pants down to my knees.  I boldly pushed my hardening cock against the warmth of Jesse’s feet.  When Jesse realized what I was doing, he began wiggling his toes against  my genitals.  I shuddered with sexual pleasure as the soft pad of his bare foot rolled over my shaft, faster and faster.   He never opened his eyes, but he was grinning wickedly as I began whimpering with pleasure.  His toes explored my ballsac, pubic hair and shaft, feeling like fat little fingers.  Finally, as I neared my climax, Jesse deftly grasped my hard cock between both his feet and squeezed hard.  He continued the pressure as I ejaculated, some of the gooey liquid getting on my T-shirt, but most of it landing on Jesse’s feet and toes.  The intensity of my orgasm was compounded by the vise-like grip that Jesse’s feet held on my shaft.  I spasmed over and over again, even after I was dry.

Unnnnng!” I moaned, completely overwhelmed by my second powerful orgasm in less than twenty minutes!

Finally, Jesse’s feet released my wilting shaft, and I fell back on the sofa, light headed, my heart pounding, my lungs gasping for air.    “Jesse Taylor--Master of the Martial Arts...” I gasped, my voice dry and raspy, “his hands and feet--lethal weapons!”  I sighed deeply.  “...Especially those feet...”

Jesse giggled like a little boy but kept his weary eyes closed.  He began to withdraw his legs, perhaps to curl up on the sofa.

“Hold on, dude!”  I cautioned him.  “You don’t want to get cum stains on your mom’s sofa!”  He dutifully kept his legs extended, his heels resting on the sofa cushion next to my hips.

I got shakily to my feet and tugged my jeans up, fumbling with the button and again zipping up with the greatest of care.  I then pulled Jesse’s pants up his hips and got them buttoned.  I carefully zipped up his fly as well.

“Sorry...closed for restocking...” Jesse mumbled.

“Silly...” I said with a warm smile even though Jesse still had his eyes closed.  “Let me get something to clean you up.”

I went into the kitchen and found a roll of paper towels on the counter.  I used one to wipe the goo off my own T-shirt, and took another couple of sheets back into the livingroom.

I sat down at the end of the sofa and started cleaning off Jesse’s feet with the paper towel.  He pulled away, giggling.

“That tickles!” he protested, blearily opening one eye, but otherwise seeming to be half off in dreamland.

“Just a little more,” I said, dabbing off as much of my semen as I could without giving his sensitive feet too much stimulation.  I was tempted to reach between his toes to get him really clean, but I knew that would send him through the roof for sure.  

“Deadly weapons...” Jesse mumbled with a satisfied smile, his eyes fluttering closed a final time as he drifted off.

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