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Perry and Jesse:  The Incredibly Romantic (and slightly kinky) Adventures of Two Boys In Love   

Part IV  Brothers

Chapter 7   What A Nightmare!  Part II

It was a fifteen minute walk to the Kipner's house, up the hill from my street.  We were still in our school clothes and it was warm enough today that we didn't even need jackets.  It was a big house, easily twice the size of ours.  I recognized the loud barking of their Doberman Pinscher, Dumbbell, as we got closer.  Derek was waiting for us in the front yard, the huge black dog sitting obediently on it's haunches next to him.  He had changed out of his school clothes and was wearing a black Tony hawks T-shirt and faded denim jeans that clung snuggly to his narrow hips.  On his feet he wore black DC's.

"Hey guys, glad you could make it," he said, patting the huge dog on the head.  He put Dumbbell behind the gate that led to the backyard and then led us inside.

Morgan's house was similar to Katy's, and was big and well kept.  There was a large family portrait over the mantle, reminding me that Morgan also had an older sister, a senior at Holy Trinity this year.  They were a nice looking suburban family.  His mom had dark blond, medium length hair with the close set eyes that Morgan had inherited, and his sister had a nice, if not overly attractive face, similar in shape to her middle brother.  Their dad, who looked to be in his early fifties, was a big, no nonsense looking guy with broad shoulders, who appeared somewhat uncomfortable in his suit and tie. Morgan had his hand on Derek's shoulder.  The youngest member of the clan, with his light green eyes and a rounder face that tapered to a pointy chin, was definitely the cutest of the bunch--at least in appearance.

"I've got a minifridge in my room if you're thirsty," he said politely, acting like the good host.  The hardness was gone from his face and he looked a little nervous as he led us upstairs.  His room was down the hall.  I was surprised to see that it was nearly twice the size of mine.  Besides the queen size poster bed, there was a big TV with a half dozen game systems sitting on shelves beneath it.  He had a fancy, polished wooden desk with a top of the line PC on it, along with a printer and scanner.  I noticed the computer was booted up.  There was only one bookshelf, a sofa across from the TV, and an air hockey table.  The thing that most caught my eye though was near one wall--a home gym, one of those big, fancy pieces of professional looking workout equipment.  It had a leather bench, all kinds of extensions and gadgets for working on various muscle groups, and a high leather back with it's own extension with adjustable weights to work arm and back muscles.

"Pretty cool, huh?" he asked proudly.

"Very nice--I want to see those pictures!" Jesse demanded curtly.

"Gees, be patient!" Derek said with a scowl of irritation.  "Why don't we have some fun first?" he asked.

"I want to see those pictures first," Jesse insisted stubbornly.

"Okay, okay," Derek said, rummaging through a drawer in his desk.  He pulled out an envelope and handed it to Jesse.  "I usually have them better hidden, of course," he pointed out smugly.

Jesse pulled out the paper clipped pictures as I looked nervously over his shoulder.  They were a little blurry and taken from an odd angle, but I quickly recognized the location.  It was our 'secret' spot up on the hill behind the school.  Even though there was a tree and some scrubby bushes in the way, you could still see Jesse and I with our arms wrapped around each other in what looked like an affectionate embrace.  Still, it was hardly definitive evidence of us being gay.  There were a few like that, and most were blurry and only showed what looked like two boys having a rather intimate conversation.  But there was one that seemed a little more problematical.  While the angle was from behind Jesse's back, you could see me standing in front of him with my eyes closed and my face right next to his.  My hands were still around his waist.  You couldn't actually  see our lips touching because of the angle, but it certainly was provocative--especially if you were already thinking along those lines.

"So, Perry and I have a little getaway up on the hill--so what?" Jesse said, handing the pictures back.

"How'd you get these?" I asked, stunned that we had been unknowingly followed--or stalked.

Derek dropped the pictures on the desk next to the computer.  "Last Wednesday--after you guys chased me away, I saw Jesse go behind the school building.  I was going to follow him, just to see what he was up to, or maybe even to talk to him a little bit.  But then I saw you follow him," he explained to me.  "I decided to follow you and I almost got lost going up the hill, but then I finally heard your voices.  I had to stay pretty far away to make sure you didn't spot me, but luckily I had my cellphone with me, and I just took the pictures when it seemed like you were...I don't know--kissing I guess."

"You think we were kissing?" Jesse asked with an appropriately distasteful tone in his voice.

Derek shrugged.  It kinda looked like that--Maybe you weren't but..."  He said a little unsuredly, but then gestured to the pictures, implying that they spoke for themselves.

Jesse set the pictures down on the desk and then in blur of speed, quickly grabbed Derek, pinning the younger boy's arms behind his back.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Derek moaned, wincing at the pain.

"Hurry up, Perry!" Jesse said.

I went to the computer and opened the search function.  I wasn't as smooth with a PC as I was with a Mac, but I had worked with them enough at school to know my way around.  I pulled up a list of all the possible picture formats he might have and...

"Shit, there's like, hundreds of photo files!" I said despondently.

"I think there's around a thousand," Derek said gleefully, despite the pressure Jesse was maintaining on his arms .

"Aren't there dates or anything?" Jesse asked, his voice strained form holding so tightly onto Derek.

"Let me see..." I said, fumbling my way through the Windows command structure.  "I...I don't think so..."

"I changed the preferences to not show any dates!" Derek informed us smugly.

"It would take hours to go through all these files to find the right ones!"  I said despairingly.

"Not only that, I even have an HTML file that you can only access on line--and you don't have the password.  So even if you find the original files, you won't get the online versions..."

I could see that this was hopeless.  Without Derek showing us where they were, we'd never be able to weed out the originals and what ever copies he had made.

"I told you I thought of everything." Derek reminded me snidely.  "Now let me go, Jesse.  Even though I'm getting kinda turned on rubbing up against you, you're really hurting my arms..."

Jesse gave me one more look of desperate hope.  I shrugged helplessly.  Maybe on a Mac I could've done more but...

Jesse released Derek, who rubbed his arms.  "Gees, you really hurt me, Jesse," he said in a pouty, little boy's voice.

"That's too bad," Jesse muttered.  "Before we leave here today, you're going to erase all of that--right?"

"Yeah, sure...I said I would," Derek said resentfully.

"If you're bullshitting me...I'll really hurt you--pictures or no pictures!" Jesse hissed, and I could tell by the way Derek cringed that he was totally convinced of Jesse's sincerity in the matter.

"Look, I swear.  I mean, I'm getting what I want--sort of, and you're getting what you want...isn't that a fair deal?" he asked, slowly regaining his composure.

Jesse didn't say anything, but just continued to glare at the smaller boy.

"Cool," Derek said self-assuredly.  He turned to me, an enigmatic smile on his face. "Perry, go sit on the bed, please," he ordered, his face flushed slightly red from his skirmish with Jesse.

I stared at the computer for a few more seconds, desperately trying to think of any way to get at those photos, but my mind was a blank.  Slowly I got up and made my way to Derek's neatly made bed.  There was a fancy maroon comforter with gold thread designs weaved into it spread over the covers.  I tentatively sat on the edge of the mattress.

"I want you to go sit in the middle--crosslegged," Derek insisted.

I climbed on the wide bed with my shoes still on, and did as I was told.

"I'm gonna have some fun with Perry first," Derek explained to Jesse.  "But I just want to get you comfortable first," he said with a weird little smile.   Jesse was just staring at me with moist eyes, standing there looking so desperately beautiful that it caused an ache in my chest.  I realized I wanted to be with him so badly, that it didn't matter what I had to go through to protect what we had together.

Derek was rummaging through his desk again and my heart leapt into my throat when I saw him pull out what looked like a very real pair of handcuffs.  I heard the light sound of metal clanking against metal as he held them up for both of us to see.

"Pretty cool, huh?  They're totally real too--you can get anything off of Ebay!" he smiled maliciously.

I saw Jesse trying to control the look of fear in his eyes and doing a marginal job.  I'm sure I looked not unlike a terrified rabbit in the Kipner's backyard might appear  as it suddenly realized it was being chased down by Dumbbell.

"You have the key to those things, right?" Jesse asked in a slightly shaky voice.

"Of course," Derek said.

"Where is it?"

"Like I'm gonna tell you?" he laughed dryly.

Jesse shrugged.  "It was worth a try," he said sheepishly.

"Leave your wristwatch on the desk," Derek ordered, and Jesse did as he was told.

"We're going over to the StrataGym," he said, indicating the big piece of exercise equipment on the other side of the room.  "This thing literally weighs like half a ton, so I think it'll keep you safe until I'm ready for you," Derek explained, waiting for Jesse to walk in front of him.

My heart was pounding ferociously in my chest as I watched with a sense of disbelief what was happening to my precious angel.  As Jesse walked by the bed, I noticed his eyes darting around the room as if he were looking for something...

"I really do want you to be comfortable," he said to Jesse, "so why don't you take off your shirt?"

"I'm pretty comfortable with it on," Jesse responded drily.

"Dude, that attitude's not going to get you those pictures!" Derek reminded him quickly.

 The threat was obvious enough, so Jesse did as he was told, glaring at Derek the whole time.  He dropped his white polo shirt carelessly to the floor.

"Shit...!" Derek gasped admiringly as he saw Jesse's light skinned, trim and lean torso for the first time.  He reached over to brush some golden locks out of Jesse's face, but the shirtless boy quickly backed away

Derek laughed uncomfortably. "Later...dude," he muttered.  "Anyway, I can hardly wait for you to take off your shoes and socks.  I've been so dying to see those deadly feet of yours!"

"Really?  Which one--the one that's gonna  snap your femur in half, or the one that's gonna  crush your balls?"

" wouldn't do that, would you?" Derek asked hesitantly.  "I mean...that wouldn't get you what you want, and besides, I don't think you're the kind to hurt people needlessly...Am I right?" he asked sheepishly.

"If you hurt Perry..."

"Man, who said anything about hurting?" Derek protested, as if he was insulted by Jesse's threat.

Jesse just stared defiantly at the smaller boy for half a dozen heart beats before his shoulders relaxed slightly and he released a heavy sigh.  Derek waited patiently, the handcuffs dangling from one hand, as Jesse toed off his brown Vans and peeled off his white crew socks, leaving his slender feet bare.

"Man, you're so totally hot..." Derek murmured approvingly.  "I so wish you were gay..."

I felt myself getting aroused, seeing Jesse half undressed like that.  Only my fear of Derek and his stupid pictures kept me from getting a serious hard on.

"Now get on the other side of the bench and get on your knees," Derek instructed.  Jesse, dressed only in his khaki Dockers, stepped over the padded leather bench and knelt on the floor.

"Now give me your left wrist," Derek ordered.

"No, Jesse!" I cried desperately.

"I'll be okay," he assured me as he held out his arm.

Derek clamped one of the cuffs over it and I saw Jesse wince as it dug a little into his skin.  Derek pulled Jesse's arm down so that it was resting directly on the bench.  "Now bring your other arm underneath," he instructed.  Jesse had to stoop slightly to follow Derek's command and the other cuff was clamped on, effectively pinning Jesse to the bench of the huge exercise machine.

"Comfy?" Derek asked with a slight hint of sadistic pleasure.

Jesse ignored him and looked at me, showing that he was more concerned about my welfare than his own discomfort and humiliation.  But my heart ached to see my beautiful angel being tortured like this.

Derek came up to me, his bright green eyes lighting up with unabashed lust.  "God, I can't believe my luck!  The two hottest guys in school, totally at my mercy," he said, practically drooling.

"What would your brother think?" I asked pointedly.

Derek shrugged.  "We're pretty tight," was all he would say on the subject.  "Let's not think about him right now.  He's off trying to get his stupid girlfriend to give him a blow job!  Isn't that pathetic?"

I was deeply offended by Derek's callous remarks, but there was no point in getting him more upset, especially with my beautiful blond angel handcuffed and helpless a few yards from where I was sitting.

"Don't you want to take off your shoes?" Derek asked in a gentler voice, as if he really cared about me.

"Is that what you want?" I asked, trying to sound calm and aloof even though my heart was beating wildly in my chest.

"Of course!" he said excitedly.  "Whenever I see a hot looking kid, the first thing I think of is what his feet look like.  That's why I got into Tae Kwon Do."

Realizing that Derek had a similar fetish to my own didn't make me feel any closer to him.  Instead, it just made me more uncomfortable about exposing my feet to him.  Staring defiantly at him, I pulled my black Sketchers off, tempted to throw them right at Derek's head.  Instead, he took the sneakers from me and set them on the floor.

"You and Jesse make the perfect pair," Derek said dreamily. "Jesse's so hot and sexy, with that long blond hair and those incredible blue eyes, and you--you're so fuckin' handsome, with that beautiful wavy brown hair, that cute nose, those big hazel eyes, and those gorgeous lips..."

Derek toed off his sneakers and climbed on the bed, crawling to me on his hands and knees.  His small feet were bare and as nicely tanned as his face and arms.  He took my chin in his hand and I started to pull away.

"Perry, you're beautiful--I'm not going to hurt you!" he assured me in a soothing voice.

I glanced over his shoulder to see Jesse leaning uncomfortably over the exercise bench, trapped in that awkward position by those damn handcuffs, tears clearly glistening in his eyes.

Derek brought his face right up to mine and, still holding my chin, pressed his young boy lips against mine.  At first, I just tried to ignore it, but then he began chewing first on my lower lip and then my upper.  I could feel his tongue trying to force its way in between my clenched teeth.  He pulled back, releasing my chin.

"Perry, I think you need to be a little more...forthcoming, don't you think?  I mean, look at poor Jesse over there.  You know, when my dad gets really pissed, he makes me lie on that bench--sometimes with no pants on, and whips me with his belt--a really big, thick leather belt, and it hurts like hell." He touched my cheek with the pads of his fingers.  "You wouldn't want me to mess up that beautiful, creamy smooth skin of his, would you?"

I shook my head, trying to keep the tears from pouring out of my eyes.  My chest felt tight and it was hard to breathe.  Glancing at the clock on the nightstand, I noticed it was only one thirty.  If Derek stuck with the agreement, we had another three hours to go!

The younger boy moved in for another kiss, lightly wrapping his hands around the back of my neck and pushing my face into his.  Again his lips pressed against mine, and he began chewing away.  Reluctantly, I unclenched my teeth and his tongue was immediately probing the inside of my mouth.  Under different circumstances, it wouldn't have been so horrible.  As it was, his slimy tongue in my mouth turned my stomach and I gagged.  Derek immediately backed off.

"You taste...incredible!" he said with a satisfied smile before wiping his mouth on his arm.  "Let's see what the rest of you looks like--take off your shirt!"  he said excitedly.

I glanced helplessly at Jesse and then pulled the polo shirt over my head.  I felt uncomfortably exposed as Derek carefully looked my torso over.  "Oh yeah--that's what I'm talkin' about!" he crowed.  Sitting next to me, he put his hands on my bare shoulders.  He rubbed them, feeling the skin against the hardness of my bones, before running his fingers down my hairless chest.  He rubbed my nipples with the palms of his hands as I tried desperately to ignore his stimulating touch.  Then his hands went around my back and again, he started at my shoulders and then let his fingers and palms slide down on either side of my spine until he reached the tops of my black Dockers.

"Lie down," he said, backing up towards the foot of the bed so I could do what he commanded.

I rested my head on the raised lump that I assumed was his pillow and looked down my chest to see what he was up to. 

Derek brushed his hands over the tops of my feet through my socks.  "Kewl, I can feel the heat coming off your feet, Perry," he noted. He reached under the cuff of my school pants and peeled down one of my crew socks.  He held the crumpled white cotton to his nose and took a deep whiff.

"Mmmmm...that's great..." he muttered to himself with obvious satisfaction.  He peeled off my other sock and again brushed the tops of my now bare feet with his fingers, from the tops of my ankles to my toes.

"I always thought Tom had great feet," he remarked, "but you guys blow him totally out of the water!"  Derek lowered his head and really sniffed my bare soles, and then began licking my toes.  I squirmed at the unwanted stimulation, but when I tried to bend one of my knees up, Derek grabbed hold of my ankle.

"Don't do that," he warned, "or you'll get this..."  He began running his fingers lightly across the sole of my bare foot while tightly gripping my ankle. 

Raucous laughter burst out of my mouth despite my best effort to stifle it.  I flopped around like a fish on a pier.  "Stop!!!" I pleaded desperately, gasping for breath between bouts of uncontrollable laughter.

"Hehe...a little ticklish, huh?"  Derek noted gleefully.

He continued running his small fingers over the sole of my foot while he kept a tight grip on my ankle.  "Man, you look so cute when you're laughing!" Derek remarked with a smile.

When I started coughing as much as laughing, he finally stopped tickling me and I felt some small sense of gratitude for that.  I glanced over at Jesse and saw that even he was smiling a little.  If it had been Jesse instead of Derek, I would be loving everything we were doing, but I just couldn't get into this.  Derek had proven himself to be a cold, conniving, cruel little bastard and I realized that I hated him for it.

"Honest Perry, I could play with your feet all day, but I'm getting too goddamn worked up," Derek  explained.  "Maybe later, I'll get both you guys on the bed, tie your hands to the bed and tie your feet together, and go at all twenty of those sweet toes at once!"

He climbed up the bed so that he was kneeling beside me.  He undid the button at the top of my Dockers and tugged down the fly.  "Yeah, I figured you'd be a boxers kind of guy," he said with satisfaction, "very cool..."

Until now, I had managed to keep my arousal to a minimum, but since Derek had started playing with my feet, I had developed a significant boner, and it clearly showed against the thin fabric of my plaid boxers.

"All right," Derek exclaimed, "you're getting into it, Perry--that's awesome!" he said approvingly.

"I don't like you..." I said through gritted teeth.

Derek looked up at me as though I had just slapped him.  I could see anger flaring in his bright green eyes and I stiffened, thinking he was going to hit me the way his brother had only a few days ago.  But the moment seemed to pass, and Derek gave me a lopsided grin.  "Well, I like you, Perry--a lot!"  He then glanced up across the room to momentarily lock eyes with Jesse.  I didn't even want to look over at him at this point; I was feeling so angry and humiliated.  But I saw Derek give a little wink to Jesse before he lowered his head to bring his face right up to mine.

"If I didn't have such a  crush on Jesse, I could go for you in a big way," he told me, as if I was supposed to be appreciative of his compliment.  He roughly locked his lips to mine and began relentlessly sucking and chewing my lips until I gave him reluctant access.  Once more, Derek's  tongue glided around the inside of my mouth, sliding over my own tongue, and probing the insides of my cheeks.  I finally turned my head to get him to stop.

"Phew! I'm really gettin' there!" he proclaimed urgently.  "Let's get down to business..."  He started pulling my Dockers down my thighs, and at first I resisted.  But he kept tugging so that my boxers were starting to come down as well, so I lifted my butt off the bed so he could finish pulling my trousers off.  He got them down to my ankles and then slipped the bunched up slacks over my feet.  He carelessly tossed them to the floor.  Then he ran his hands from the tops of my feet up my shins, and over my thighs.  He slipped his hands under the loose fitting legs of my boxers and continued their upward journey until his fingers reached  the inside of my waistband.

I closed my eyes, wishing this would all be over soon.  It was killing me that Jesse was kneeling on the floor half naked, painfully handcuffed to that big exercise machine.  I wanted to  grab Derek around his scrawny neck and squeeze until he told me where the key was, but his hands were now moving inwards, still on the insides of my boxers.  I stiffened as his fingers first brushed my partially engorged penis.  Derek's face lit up with a leering smile.

"Mmmmm, what have we here?" he crooned, feeling the length of my hardening shaft with his fingers.

He pulled his hands out and then sat back.  He slipped his T-shirt off, revealing a nicely tanned and surprisingly well defined torso for someone so young.  Obviously, the workout machine wasn't just in here for decoration.  He gave me a wink as he undid the snap at the top of his jeans and pulled down the zipper.  He shimmied the denim pants down to his knees and then lifted one knee at a time to get the jeans off, leaving himself clad only in a pair of white briefs.  There was an obvious lump tenting out from the front of the tight, hip hugging underwear.

"I'm pretty big for my height so I bet we're about the same size!" he said proudly, glancing from the crotch of his briefs to the crotch of my boxers.  He then reached over and slipped his fingers under the elastic waistband of my boxers.  He began tugging them down slowly, first exposing my small brown bush.  Then he lifted the boxers away from my body so he could get them over my growing erection.   His green eyes were wide with wonderment.  I imagined mine was the first teenage male penis he had ever seen up close and personal.

"Lift your butt," he instructed urgently, his fingers still clutching the tops of my boxers.

I resisted the urge to glance over at Jesse with my tear blurred eyes, and did as I was told.  Derek finished pulling my boxers down.  He slid them all the way down my legs and over my feet.

"Jesse, have you ever seen Perry like totally naked?" he asked in a shaky voice, breathing heavily now.  "It's just the awesomest thing you've ever the totally maxed out extreme!"

Finally, I had to turn to glance at my blond angel, but Jesse had laid his head on the workout bench facing away from us, his hands stretched out in front of him with the handcuffs securely binding his wrists.  I saw his bare back occasionally shudder, and I knew by the occasional sniffle I heard, that he was sobbing.
Now Derek slipped his own underpants down.  He had only the lightest smattering of nearly translucent pubes directly over his proudly erect penis, which, once released from its cotton prison, curved smoothly upward, almost touching his belly button.  He hadn't been exaggerating when he had said we were probably similar in size.  Certainly in length, Derek's fully engorged dick matched mine although it was a little thinner.  He also had a good sized ballsac which hung  down loosely between his smooth hairless thighs, with the round marbles of his two testicles clearly defined through the loose pinkish brown skin of his scrotum.

"Pretty sweet, huh?" he asked, kneeling next to me with his hands on his hips, looking down at his own exposed package.  "I feel sorry for all the girls who'll never get to suck on this monster!"

He then straddled me and worked his way up until his bare, bony ass was resting on my chest, making it hard for me to breathe.  He wiggled his hard cock teasingly in my face.  "Want some of this?" he asked.

I shook my head, turning away as much as I could, but not being able to avoid the musky smell of his genitals.

Derek then slid down until his butt cheeks were pressed against the tip of my erect penis.  He wriggled his hips, causing my dick to slip into his crack.

"Mmmm, that feels good!" he crooned.  Then he lowered his head and began working my torso with his lips so vigorously, it was more like sucking than kissing.  He lathered my shoulders and pecs with saliva, teased each of my nipples, delighting as he felt my dick getting even harder.  I flinched as he took one nipple into his mouth and lightly chewed on it with his teeth.  He worked his way down to my stomach, sucking in what little body fat there was to get between his lips.  His tongue swirled around my belly button and finally probed inside, causing me to snicker with uncontrollable laughter.

"That's the spirit!" Derek said excitedly, a big, lustful grin on his face.  He turned towards the back of the room.  "Jesse, you should be watching this--Perry is so hot!  After I've gotten off a few times,  maybe I'll just watch the two of you go at it for a while--we've got plenty of time!"

Derek now forced me to spread my legs by pushing his knees against my thighs.  He knelt there, a remarkably fit young thirteen year old with a hefty package and a long, raging hard on, with barely any hair to be found on his smooth skinned body.  He took my erect penis in his fingers and kneaded it, squeezing my inner hardness while his fingers slid over the soft but tightly stretched skin of my shaft.  Then he cupped my balls in one small hand, tugging on my ballsac and playfully grasping the hard testicles and squeezing them lightly between his fingers.  There was now a few drops of precum dripping from my slit and Derek lowered his head and licked it off with his tongue.

"Mmmm, this is better than anything I could've imagined...thank you, Perry," he moaned, teasing my scrotum with his nose.  "This is my first time, so I hope I get this right..."  he warned me as his tongue began licking the shaft of my fully engorged dick.  I desperately clutched handfuls of the fancy designer comforter, trying to keep myself from screaming.  As Derek began taking my penis into his mouth, I tried with all my might to remember that I was doing this for Jesse and me, so that our beautiful relationship could hopefully continue unhindered.
Morgan's little brother let my now thoroughly moistened cock slip out of his mouth and he turned once again to taunt his other prisoner.

"Jesse, if you've been friends with this guy for like two months now, and never had any of this, you don't know what you're missing--Perry's dick is totally delicious.  It's like sucking on a warm, rock hard Fudgesicle!"

"Please leave him alone..." I heard Jesse plead in a dry, weak voice.  I didn't dare look at him, knowing that I would lose control, try to hurt Derek any way I could, and ruin everything for us.

Derek lowered his head once again.  "Almost there, babe..." he assured me, before wrapping his lips once again around my stiffened boytool.

I felt his tongue stimulate the glans and the ridge of the corona.  He seemed to know where all the extra sensitive spots were--but then what boy wouldn't?  As he got more into it, he began sliding his lips up and down my shaft, moaning and groaning the whole time.  There was nothing I could do at this point to stop the inevitable, and as my saliva soaked penis plunged once again into Derek's mouth, his tongue constantly swirling and probing and stimulating, I stiffened.  My hips lifted off the bed and I weakly tried to shake Derek off.  But he kept me in his mouth as I shot my load of hot cum down his throat.  I could feel him actually sucking--swallowing the thick gooey semen as fast as I could ejaculate it.

Finally, I had to cry out to get him to stop sucking on my super sensitive, pumped out organ.  I was empty, and whatever instinctive thrill I had felt at attaining such a powerful orgasm, was now diminishing quickly along with the length of my penis.

Derek lifted his head and took a deep breath.  There were strings of milky white jism on his lips as he straddled my torso and lowered his head to mine.  I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the craziness in his.  He locked his slimy lips against mine and I could feel his rigid member grinding into my belly.  Every time he thrust his hips, his penis rubbed against the smooth skin of my stomach and his balls slapped across my flaccid dick.  I could feel his precum starting to spread over my skin as he continued his gyrations, all the while keeping his lips locked to mine.  I could taste my own cum as his tongue probed wildly into my mouth.

"Yes...yes..." he moaned.  Derek went rigid and I felt the first stream of hot boyjuice spurt out as he shot his load onto my belly.

Suddenly, he was off me.  My first instinct was to take a deep long breath as I felt the bed jerking violently beneath me.

"What the fuck...?!"  Derek gasped.

I opened my eyes and turned to see Derek staggering off the bed, jets of milky white semen still spraying out of his fully erect cock.  I realized Jesse had him around the neck.  I propped myself up on my elbows to watch the amazing scene.

Jesse, somehow free of the handcuffs, spun Derek around and struck him with blow after lightening quick blow, on the shouders, the chest, and gut.  As Derek finally caught on to what was happening, he attempted a few moves himself, but my warrior angel was way too fast.  Jesse countered every move that Derek made, blocking his fiercely flying fists.  Derek even tried the same stunt he had this morning, knocking Jesse off balance and then launching into a powerful body kick.  Only this time, Jesse was ready, grabbing Derek's leg and violently twisting it.  I realized that Jesse had thrown the fight this morning in order to lower Derek's guard...

The smaller boy cried out in pain and crumpled to the floor.

"Jesse, how'd you...?" I asked incredulously, glancing over at the exercise machine to see the unlocked handcuffs lying on the floor.

"Are you okay?" he asked in a dry and raspy voice, tears of concern in his eyes.

"I...I'm okay, Jesse," I said, even managing a little smile.

"When I saw the handcuffs, I grabbed the paper clip off those pictures," he explained quickly.  "I stuffed it in my mouth when no one was looking!"

My Hero!!!!

I leapt off the bed and ran to him and we embraced, our naked torsos rubbing against each other, our wildly beating hearts pounding against one another's chests.  Jesse gave me a quick kiss and just that brief contact seemed to send a wave of fresh energy into my being.  I relished his taste, and used it to rid myself of Derek's.  I didn't even care if the younger boy saw what we were doing.   In fact, I hoped he fully realized what he'd never be getting!

"Get dressed," he told me quickly.  Then he stooped to grab Derek once again in some sort of strangle hold.  Derek's naked body began flailing around and his arms vainly tried to pull Jesse off, but as the pressure on his neck tightened, he realized that he was defeated.

"Where's the key to those damn cuffs?" Jesse demanded.

"What the fuck for?  You're already..."

I winced empathetically as I saw Jesse tighten his arm around Derek's neck.  "" he gasped.  ""

"Perry, check his pants for the key," Jesse requested.

I quickly slipped my boxers back on and picked Derek's jeans up off the bed.  Feeling in the pockets, I quickly found the small silver key and showed it to them.

"Bring the cuffs here," Jesse instructed.

I was starting to get an idea of what he had in mind, and I was glad that Jesse at least wanted to make sure he had the key before he used those damned things on Derek.

Derek floundered some more.  "No...don't..." he pleaded weakly, Jesse still exerting significant pressure on his small neck.  "What...what're you gonna do?" he gasped fearfully.

"Well, I think you had the best idea," Jesse explained calmly.  "After I cuff you to your exercise gizmo over there, I'll go get one of your dad's belts...a big thick leather one--right?"

"No!" Derek pleaded.  "I'll tell you everything!"

"I'm sure you will, once your ass is on fire..." Jesse taunted cruelly.

"Wait, Jesse," I said.  As angry as I was at Derek for what he had done and what he had planned to do, I still couldn't bear the idea of beating the younger boy into submission.  I thought of something Morgan had told me on Sunday and whispered in Jesse's ear.

"Really?" he asked skeptically.

I nodded.

Jesse shrugged.  "Worth a try, I guess...We can always try my idea if that doesn't work!"

"What doesn't work?" Derek asked worriedly as Jesse yanked him harshly to his feet.

"Find something for his hands," Jesse said, and I knew what he meant.  I went to rummage through Derek's closet.

"If what doesn't work?" Derek pleaded desperately as Jesse dragged the naked boy by his arm over to the StrataGym.

"Sit on the bench like you were going to work out," Jesse instructed.

The frightened boy straddled the leather bench, his feet flat on the floor, and leaned against the tall leather padded back.  Having found what I was looking for, I returned from my mission, handing Jesse the terry cloth belt of one of Derek's robes.

"How's this?" I asked.

Jesse, keeping one eye on the shaken boy, grasped the belt and yanked on both ends to test its strength.  "Yeah, this'll do," he said, giving me a little smile.

I still couldn't believe that he had been able to pick the lock on those handcuffs with a paperclip in his mouth--Jesse Copperfield!

"Hold out your arms and put your wrists together," Jesse ordered.

Hesitantly, Derek held out his skinny arms and watched fearfully as Jesse tightly bound his wrists with the terry cloth belt.

"Put your feet up on these extensions," Jesse said, pointing to the two padded rods that protruded from the end of the bench--places to put your feet for leverage when you were using some of the ab and bicep contraptions that dangled from the high metal column behind the leatherbacked seat.

"No..." Derek moaned.  "I'll give you the pictures..."

"Put your goddamn little feet up here," Jesse barked, forcefully smacking Derek's bare thigh.  The boy flinched and a redness immediately spread from where Jesse had struck him.

"Please, Jesse, don't hurt him..." I asked.

"Shit, after what he did to you?  I should kill the little bastard!"  Jesse spat in Derek's face.

The boy held his bound hands up to protect his face, clearly trembling with fear.  Jesse took one of the handcuffs and clasped it around Derek's right ankle.  He then pulled the other handcuff under the bench and snapped it on Derek's left ankle.

"Owww!" Derek groaned, as the metal rings dug deeply into the tender skin of his slender ankles.  There was very little slack between the two cuffs so that the backs of his heels were pinned to the padded extensions and the sides of his feet were pressed against the sides of the narrow bench.

"Would you like to do the honors?" Jesse asked, gesturing with a broad sweep of his hand.

"Sure,"  I stooped so that I was just inches from Derek's size seven feet.

"What're you going to do, Perry?" Derek asked in a quavering voice.

"Morgan told me he could get you to do anything if he did this," I explained, tentatively brushing the sole of his right foot with the tips of my fingers.

Derek immediately stiffened and his bright green eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

"No--not that!" he cried like a baby, struggling vainly against the cuffs that pinned him.   Because his hands were bound, he nearly lost his balance.  If he fell, it would be very painful indeed.  He might even break an ankle and that worried me.  I went back to the closet and got another belt, this time off of his silk robe.  I made him stretch his arms above his head and I tied his already bound hands to the upper post that extended above the leather seat.

"That's better, huh?" I asked sardonically.

"Perry, you know I was just goofing around with you.  I'd never hurt you or anything.  You're so beautiful and..."

He burst into uncontrollable, high pitched laughter as I ran my fingers up and down the soles of his helplessly exposed feet.  I noticed he was getting hard again, despite his desperate pleas for me to stop tickling him.  Meanwhile, Jesse was sitting at the computer.

"Okay, Derek.  Time to give me the names of those files," he said.

Derek hesitated and I started in with another barrage of flying fingers.

"Okay, okay..." he gasped, his entire face painted a bright crimson color.  He gave Jesse the file types and numbers.

"Got 'em--they're in the trash!" Jesse said triumphantly.  "Are there any alias or did you make any copies in other formats?" he asked quickly.

"Just the HTML files," Derek admitted, looking down the bench at me with fear and apprehension in his bright green eyes.

Now that his arms were bound above his head, I had easy access to his armpits, so I started in on those and his ribcage.

"Honest, honest!" he gasped, straining at his bonds while he laughed like a midget hyena.

"Okay, what's the password?" Jesse asked, as he launched Derek's AOL account.

"It''s..." Derek sputtered.

I returned to his feet, which seemed to be the most sensitive to tickling (and sexual stimulation since his penis was obviously starting to stiffen up once again).  I ran my fingers vigorously up and down the soles of both his bare feet and I was ready to start biting toes if he didn't respond quickly.

"It's 'derekandjesse,'" he gasped defeatedly.

"All right..." Jesse said.  "I'm being connected to the network now..." he informed us.

"I think you'd better stop," a calm voice said from the doorway.  I recognized it before I saw him step into the room.  It was Morgan.

Jesse turned and immediately froze, his eyes wide with surprise.

"I see you got Derek pretty good-guess he deserves it--he's not as clever as he likes to think," Morgan sneered.  "Still, I guess you really should step away from the computer, Jesse..."

I couldn't believe it.  Morgan was holding a revolver--and it was pointed right at Jesse!

Morgan noticed us all staring dumbfounded at his gun and laughed sardonically.  "Yeah, you can get fuckin' anything on Ebay!"

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