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Perry and Jesse:  The Incredibly Romantic (and slightly kinky) Adventures of Two Boys In Love  

Part V  Truths and Lies

Chapter 16  the Happiest F*****' Place On The Whole Freakin' Earth!

 After we all exaggeratedly screamed our heads off at the awful Disneyized rendition of the Abominable Snowman, we again had to discuss what to do.  It always seemed to be Tom against Morgan, with Jesse game for anything and me getting stuck making a decision.  I wanted so much to please everyone, and I also didn't want Jesse to get sick from too many roller coaster rides.  Knowing that someone was going to be slightly disappointed no matter what I chose made me realize that I was definitely not leadership material.   I figured as long as we were in Fantasyland, we should grab a few more rides, and then go back and check out the line at the Haunted House.  It was already after four thirty and it seemed like the day was going by way too fast.

Tom wanted us to all go on Peter Pan, and since we had just gotten off a roller coaster, and it had been Morgan's choice,  we headed for Neverland and kept our fingers crossed that we wouldn't get stuck again.  Tom had helpfully pointed out that Peter Pan was indeed the number one ride for breakdowns at the park, so just in case, I made sure that I sat with Jesse this time!  We had some privacy in our little flying carriage, and we quietly held each other's hand as we flew over the streets of nineteenth century London.  With a happy sigh, I realized that simple gesture was more satisfying than all the roller coaster rides in southern California.

We got through without any mishap and Morgan and Tom actually agreed on the next ride:  The Mad Tea Party from Alice In Wonderland.  Only Jesse looked a little uneasy watching the giant tea cups spin madly around the large platform as we stood in line.

"Maybe you should skip this one,"  I suggested.

"No way.  I've been wanting to go on this ride since I was a little kid.  I'm not gonna chicken out now!"  he told me with steely determination.  We were all able to get into one cup and away we went, flying around the platform under the colorful hanging lanterns, frantically spinning the disk in the middle to add even more dizzying motion to our ride.  I loved the way Jesse's long blond hair flared out as we whirled about with that kooky pipe organ music blaring all around us.  Afterwards though, there was no question that he looked a

"Hey, are you okay?"  Tom asked with wide eyed concern.

"Mmm...maybe I'll just sit the next ride out...I'll be okay!"  he insisted.  We went over to a snack stand and Jesse bought a five dollar frozen lemonade in a plastic souvenir cup in the shape of the kid from Treasure Planet.  "He reminds me of you!"  he whispered in my ear as I paid for a Coke and churro.  I glanced at the slender figure of the brown haired cabin boy, Jim Hawkins, thinking that it sure was a rip off for five bucks--the figure was so thin there was hardly any room for the lemonade!

Next, Tom suggested either Snow White's Scary Adventures or Pinocchio's Daring Journey.  To my surprise, Morgan opted for the petite princess and her entourage of little bearded men!  And truth be told, it was the darker and more dramatic of the two rides.

"I'll just wait with Jesse," I said as we got to the short line.

"No way!"  Jesse said, and he looked very serious.  "I'm perfectly capable of sitting by myself for a few minutes."

""But..."  I felt terrible, like we were abandoning him or something.

"Don't worry about me," he whispered into my ear.  "I'll just be sitting here sucking on your beautiful head!"  he teased with a playful wink, pointing to his Treasure Planet souvenir cup.

I noticed when we went on these more juvenile rides, that they always conjured up memories of when I rode these things with my mom and dad when I was younger.  I wondered, as we barreled through the diamond mines of the Seven Dwarfs,  if there had been anything that I could have done differently that might have kept my parents from divorcing.  Had I been a particularly difficult child?  Had I been selfish and petulant?  I thought of that time I dragged my dad up here because I thought I was finally the minimum height required to get on Space Mountain.  I had been a real brat that day, sticking out my lower lip and stomping my foot and begging and pleading...

"Are you okay?"  Jesse asked when we came out, a look of concern on his face.  He himself looked like he had fully recovered from his spinning tea cup adventure.  Morgan and Tom were already arguing about which ride we should go on next.


"You look...sad,"  he noted.

"'s nothing,"  I told him, not wanting to get into a gloomy subject like my parents' divorce on a day like this.

"You're not pissed cuz I didn't go on the ride, are you?"  he asked worriedly.

I turned to him and boldly grasped his arms.  "No way!  I'm sorry you don't feel good, but I'm not upset with you at all--I promise!"

"Okay..."  Jesse said, not entirely convinced.

"All right, I guess I should tell you,"  I confessed quietly, so that Morgan and Tom couldn't hear.  "I was just thinking about when I came here with my mom and dad when I was little.  I was thinking what a spoiled brat I was all the time and that maybe--"

Jesse touched his finger to my lips.  "Don't go there," he warned me gently.  "Every kid whose parents have divorced goes through that mindgame--including me.  You know as well as I do that whatever happened to cause your parents to split up had nothing to do with you."

I nodded reluctantly.  "Still...I guess I do wonder sometimes."

"You know, your old enough now, that I bet if you sat with your mom and seriously asked her to explain everything that happened, she'd be glad to tell you.  My guess is that there was more to it than your dad having an affair with his high school sweetheart..."

"Like what?"

"I dunno,"  Jesse shrugged.  "I mean, you're mom is really pretty and smart, and a generous, nurturing person.  That's not an easy combination to find, and I don't think your dad was the least bit stupid, so...Why are we talking about this stuff?" he said dismissively.  "Isn't this supposed to be the Happiest Fuckin' Place On The Whole Freakin' Earth?"

"You bet your ass!"  I replied with some sense of relief.  We went over to where Morgan and Tom were involved in some heated discussion about the relative merits of Dumbo The Flying Elephant and Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin.

"Haunted House time!"  I declared.  End of argument.

Well, it was a damn long line, but Tom and Morgan seemed as eager as I was to see the place decked out in all it's Nightmare before Christmas splendor.  The outside of the House and the fake cemetery  had also been extensively redecorated with lights and props from the Tim Burton film, one of my childhood favorites.

Around six o'clock, my cellphone rang.  It was my mom of course.

"Hi hon, having a good time?"

"Excellent, mom.  It's so much fun going on all the rides with someone who's never been before!"

"Same here.  It's such a joy to see Mrs. Taylor really just relaxing and enjoying herself.  She's quite the roller coaster fanatic!  We've been having a wonderful time, and of course Miranda has been running us ragged.  But I think we're going to go to the hotel now and check out our room, maybe rest or wash up before dinner."

"Okay,"  I said somewhat disinterestedly.

"We're in rooms 610 and 611--they're across the hall from each other."  Good!  That was what I had asked for.  I didn't want our moms in the room right next to ours, going in and out whenever they wanted.


"If you boys want to come over and wash up before dinner, then come to our room--610, and I'll give you the keys.  I have two for each room, so you should keep one and give the one to one of the other boys, okay?"

"Got it!"  I replied impatiently.

"All right, I can tell you're having way too much fun!"  my mom laughed.  "Call me on my cell if you're coming back to the hotel before dinner, all right?"

"Sure mom..."  I was about to hang up, but I then remembered the talk I had just had with Jesse.  "Mom?"

"Yes, hon?"

"Thanks so much for bringing us here," I told her sincerely.  "This is the best birthday trip ever--we're all having a blast!"

"Your welcome, dear.  Have a great time and we'll see you this evening."


I explained to the guys what my mom had said, and no one seemed particularly interested in abandoning Disneyland just yet.  I was thinking that I wouldn't mind a quick shower before going to the ESPN Zone.  That was a ton of games and sports challenges there, and I had no doubt we'd all be totally wasted by the time we headed back to the hotel for the night.

The Haunted House was totally worth the wait.  It was the first time I had seen it redecorated like this and they had done an amazing job.  It almost seemed like a whole different ride with everything tied into the Nightmare Before Christmas theme.  I even heard Jesse humming along as one of the tunes from the movie  blared over the loudspeakers.  I looked at him and smiled.

"What? " he asked with a grin.  "Miranda and I watched that movie probably about a hundred times!  This is so cool!"

I couldn't help but squeeze his hand in the privacy of our little black car.

"I was thinking about maybe going back to the hotel and grabbing a quick shower before dinner,"  I said.

Jesse leaned over and stuck his nose in my armpit.  "You don't smell so bad,"  he noted with a devilish smile.  "Sexy maybe...but not bad!"  he whispered, nibbling playfully on my earlobe.

"Well, I was thinking,"  I said quietly, even though the sound of the machinery and the loud music would surely drown out my voice, "that maybe we could both go back and..."

"Hmmm..."  Jesse said hesitantly.

"Oh no!"  I said quickly.  "Forget I said anything.  This is your first time here.  You should get on every ride you can!"

"It's not that," he explained.  "It's just that it might look a little funny to Tom and Morgan if we both headed back together."

"Well, you don't have to,"  I told him as sincerely as I could.  "Please just stay and have a good time."

"I am having a good time," he assured me.   "We could've just sat in the parking lot all day, and as long as you were with me, I'd be having a great time!"

I was overwhelmed by Jesse's love and I boldly leaned my head against his shoulder.  I was shocked when the car we were in suddenly spun around and tilted back so that we were staring up at some phony crows with flashing red lights for eyes.  I had totally forgotten about that!  I jerked myself upright as fast as I could.  Fortunately, the car behind us was also turning as we did, so Tom and Morgan didn't have  a chance to see our provocative posture.

That was the thing, I realized.  I was actually feeling uncomfortable around two of my best friends.  I had seen Morgan naked and jacked him off and he had loved it.  He had freaked out when I hadn't let him return the favor and he had lost his temper for one brief moment and smacked me in the face.  I could still remember the jaw numbing force of his slap, stronger even then the time Goreski had hit me.  But then Morgan had been so sorry, had even tried to get Jesse to beat him up as a form of self purgation.  Now he had totally stunned me by telling me in plain language that he wanted to jack me off!  Was there more to Morgan than I thought?  Was Derek not the only sexually confused member of the Kipner clan?

And then there was Tom--poor, sweet, precious Tom.  He loved me--he honest to God loved me!  I understood the concept, being madly in love myself, and yet I couldn't quite wrap my brain around it--Tom loving me the way I loved Jesse.  All I could do was try to imagine what it would be like to have Jesse only as a close friend, knowing that he was straight and that I not only had deep, deep feelings for him, but that I totally lusted after his body.  I had no doubt that it would drive me mad.  If it had been me in Tom's situation, I would have insisted that my mom move me to another school, public or private, or even a different town!

The news about Derek was encouraging though.  Obviously, despite his confusion and misgivings, the younger Kipner sibling was interested enough in other boys that he had been willing to fool around with Tom.  Still, he had flinched when Tom had tried to show some actual physical affection.  I wondered if Derek would get past that?  I mean, how could he not?  Tom was so cute and lovable.  I just didn't have those profound feelings for him, but I desperately hoped that something would grow between him and Derek.

I had to be honest with myself and admit that, as much as I cared for Tom and wanted to see him truly happy, I had selfish reasons for wanting their relationship to work out.  Otherwise, how could Tom and I go on just being friends?  The way he looked at me sometimes, as if I had all the answers, or as if I was some hot, sexy teen stud that he could drool over, made me extremely uncomfortable.  Only a couple hours ago, he had smothered my face in kisses in an uncontrolled burst of physical affection.  He couldn't possibly keep those kinds of passionate feelings and urges contained indefinitely.  Sooner or later, he'd crack, and I had no doubt as to what Jesse had been inferring to when we had talked about this earlier in the week.  Without that life raft to cling to, Tom might very well drown--not just figuratively but literally.

As soon as we got out of the Haunted House, Tom and Morgan were talking about going again, but the line was still discouragingly formidable.

"What about Indiana Jones again?"  Morgan suggested.

I could see Tom was interested and I figured this would be a good time to speak up.  "That sounds good.  Why don't you guys go?  I'm gonna head back to the hotel and grab a shower.  Then I'll meet you over at the ESPN Zone at eight, okay?"

"Oh...okay,"  Tom said uncertainly.  "You know, I wouldn't mind cleaning up a little myself.  I'll go with you!"

"You know what?"  Jesse interrupted, coming to my rescue as always.  "Maybe we should just let Perry chill a little.  I mean, we've been leaning on him all day, having him make decisions and stuff.  It's his trip--why not give him a few minutes to catch his breath?"

'Oh, okay,"  Tom said apologetically, looking genuinely regretful for not having the same considerate thought.

"Or we could all go back to the hotel!" Morgan offered helpfully.

"No!"  I said rather more forcefully than I had intended.  "I mean, there's only one bathroom as far as I know, so everyone would just be sitting around waiting anyway.  This is Jesse's first time and I can tell you guys are still totally stoked.  I bet you can squeeze in two or three more rides  before eight."

"Sounds good!"  Jesse said abruptly.  "Let's go, guys!"  he gestured to Tom and Morgan.

"Oh, and just in case anyone does decide to come back, remember it's room 611,"  I reminded them before we headed off in separate directions.  I wasn't entirely happy that Jesse wasn't coming back with me, but I decided it was better this way than having Morgan and Tom along.  I did need a little time to myself and then I'd feel fine again.  I realized that I was lucky to have friends like Tom and Morgan who cared about me so much, who would stand up for me or get me out of a tight spot.  I thought of the way Morgan had come to my defense on Monday.  Sure, he had said some things I'd rather he hadn't, but his intent had been good.  He had truly stood by me when it would have been far easier just to go along with the rest of the class and laugh at my humiliating accident.  It was strange about Tom though.  I respected him as a fantastic artist; I thought he was physically attractive, and I did like him as a person--but only as a friend.  Knowing that he had such strong and passionate feelings for me only made me feel guilty and self conscious around him.

I hopped on the tram back to the hotel and called my mom to let her know I was on my way.  Strolling once again through that magnificent lobby, I found the elevators and made my way to the sixth floor.  I knocked on the door to 610 and was surprised when it quickly popped open.  The room itself was incredible, all polished wood floors and ceiling beams, Craftsman style furniture, art deco fixtures and knick knacks, and a stone fireplace that echoed the larger one down in the lobby.  Miranda was standing there with a scowl on her cute little face.  She was dressed in a Lilo and Stitch T-shirt that went nearly to her ankles and her feet were bare.  >From the way her bright blonde hair stood out in disarray,  I guessed that she had been taking a nap--or trying to.

"Well, it's about time you showed up, young man!"  she chastised me.

"I...I didn't know you were waiting for me,"  I offered apologetically as my mom looked on with a smile.

"Of course--you're my boyfriend, aren't you?  Where have you been all day?"

I wasn't sure how to respond.  Fortunately, my mom came to the rescue.

"Here's the keys to your room," she said.  They were the credit card kind that you stuck in a slot in the door.  They would be automatically deactivated once we checked out.

"Thanks, mom,"  I said with a tired smile.

"Are you all right?" she asked worriedly.  I could tell she was thinking about the Hode Ranch business and I saw real sympathy in her eyes without any of the anger or judgement.

"I'm good--just a little worn out.  Thought I'd hop in the shower before dinner."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea.  All your things are already in the room," she said.

"Perry can use our shower if he wants!"  Miranda chimed in.  "I don't even care if he's a boy!"

"That's awfully generous of you,"  I said politely, "but I don't want to hog up your bathroom."

"Oh, it's okay if you hog things up.  You can even get undressed and just wear a towel if you want--that's what my brother does."

Well...that was just plain weird.  It was definitely time to leave.

"Uh...I'll see you in a little bit!"  I said, trying to make a graceful exit.

"Really--I won't be ascared if you just want to wear a towel!" she persisted.

My mom gave her a very strange look.  I guessed Mrs. Taylor was in the bathroom and I was glad for that.

"Another time!"  I said, quickly  closing the door to their room and rushing across the hall before Miranda decided to give chase.  Wow!  Nine years old and already interested in...towels!

Our room was just as awesome as the other one.  It was a suite with a large sitting area nicely laid out in front of the stone fireplace.  There was a great view of the California Adventure Park from the window.  Even though the vista was incredible, I closed the curtains for a little privacy.  The whole space was wide and open, but you had to go around a corner to see the two queen size beds.  Our overnight bags had been placed on top of one of them.

Enjoying these few moments of solitude, I quickly stripped off my clothes, leaving them strewn around the floor for now.  The bathroom was huge with a sunken jacuzzi tub, but I just used the shower stall.  It felt so good to wipe the day's sweat and grit off my body and lather the shampoo through my shortened brown hair.

I came out wrapped just in a white towel and felt a momentary shiver of weirdness, thinking that Miranda wanted to see me like this!  I was just rummaging through my overnight bag for some clean underwear when there was a knock at the door.  I froze...What if it was Miranda?

"Who is it?"  I asked nervously.

"It's...uh... Mrs. Taylor's son.  It turns out we go to the same school..."

I quickly unlocked the door and opened it to see my beautiful blond angel standing there with a shy smile on his face and his hands stuffed in his corduroy jacket.  His eyes opened wide as he saw me in my towel, my hair still wet and my skin still damp.

"Get in here,"  I stage whispered, "before Miranda sees me!"

Jesse stepped in and I quickly closed and locked the door again.  "Why?  Is my sister after your hot bod?"  he joked.

"Something like that,"  I replied uneasily.  I stood there not quite knowing what to do.   Jesse's eyes were roving up and down my scantily clad body.

"You're so beautiful!" he said with a warm and loving smile.

"Not really...just wet,"  I informed him.

He came right up to me and it seemed like he wanted to touch me but was hesitating for some reason.

"Are you okay?"  I asked curiously.

Jesse nodded.  "Yeah.  We went on Indiana Jones again, and I did feel a little queasy afterwards...At least, that's what I told Tom and Morgan!" he added with a mischievous grin.  How incredible was it that Jesse was willing to endure another intense roller coaster ride and get sick just so he'd have a legitimate excuse to come back to the hotel?  "This place is incredible," he said, taking a look around.  Your mom must've paid a fortune for these rooms!"  he noted with awe as he slowly followed me back to the bedroom area.

"It is great, huh?"  I agreed cheerfully.  I finished pulling a fresh pair of boxers and a clean T-shirt out of my overnight bag and then  stood there uncertainly.  Should I just drop my towel in front of Jesse?  It wasn't like he hadn't seen me naked before.

"Do you want me to wait out there?" he asked nervously, gesturing back to the sitting area.  I was surprised that he looked so uncomfortable.  Maybe my new haircut was freaking him out.

"Are you sure you're okay?"  I asked with even more concern.

He nodded slowly.

"Well, if you want to go sit down, you can..." I offered hesitantly.

"What if I don't want to?"  he asked in a quiet voice.

"I don't get it, Jesse.  What's going on?"

I saw his cheeks turn a rosy red and he lowered his head, causing his long blond bangs to fall over his face.  "I want...I'd really like to see you naked," he admitted.

That didn't sound so bad, but it was weird the way he said it like he felt guilty or something.

"I don't mind,"  I said with a sense of relief.  "It's not like I've gotten any bigger  since Tuesday," I laughed uncertainly.  Still, I didn't want to pull my towel off until I understood what was going on.

"It's just that..."  He looked at me with a thoughtful expression, "I so respect you, Perry.  I never want you to feel like I'm...using you or the way you felt with that computer hacker..."

"From what Gary told me, it sounds like Billy might have gotten away.  I hope so...I mean, I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him."

"He'd deserve it just for what he did to you,"  Jesse declared, slowly shaking his head with disbelief.  "I can't believe you were able to deal with all those kinds of people.  I'm so impressed..."

"I don't want you to be impressed!"  I told him, looking him squarely in the eye.  "I fucked up.  I betrayed your trust, not just in thinking that you had run off to the cage fight, but also by forcing you to tell my mom about those...other incidents..."

"Oh, that's okay...really.  It was bound to happen..."  His voice trailed off for a second.  "I mean, it was hard, but your mom was very cool about it, all things considered."

"Yeah, she took it better than I thought she would, even though I guess she won't be as quick to trust either one of us again."

Jesse nodded in solemn agreement.

"But what about your mom?  Think she'll be as...understanding?" I asked, remembering how uneasy Jesse had looked this morning around Mrs. Taylor.

"I already told her," he announced quietly.

"You did?!"  I asked with complete astonishment.  "But...but I thought we were going to do that together...!"

Jesse shook his head.  "No.  That wouldn't of been fair to my mom.   She wouldn't of  felt that she could really express herself the way she needed to if you were there."

I wondered what exactly he meant by 'express herself,' but I nodded reluctantly, seeing his point.  But still...  "You could have waited though, until after the trip."

Jesse shrugged.  "I thought it was better to get it all out in the open.  I already told you, it's not like I haven't been in fights before.  It didn't exactly come as a complete shock to her.  I think what upset her the most was how I had put you in so much danger..."

"You never did that!"  I told him forcefully.  "You saved me more than once--and Gary!"

"Well, I think she saw that to some extent, but you have to understand Perry--it's been really difficult for her for a long, long time, first having to deal with my grandma, then my dad, and then me...Getting into fights...moving from school to to town..."

"So she was really angry?"  I asked worriedly.

Jesse shrugged and smiled for the first time since we had started this difficult conversation.  "It wasn't so bad.  She said she'd talk to your mom and there would definitely be consequences..."

"Do you think they talked already?"  I asked fearfully.

"I don't know.  Didn't your mom tell you she'd wait until after the trip?"

"Yeah, but I don't think she planned on you telling your mom so quickly,"  I said with concern.

"It's okay, Perry, really," he said, finally coming up and touching my cheek in that way that sent an electrical tingle through my entire body.  "I've been through much worse than this...And I didn't even have you there to give me strength..."

That was all I  could take and I wrapped my arms fully around his slender form.  "Jesse, I love you so much.  Why do you torture yourself about...about everything?"

Jesse laughed drily, although I did feel his arms  come around my torso.  His hands felt good against my bare back.  "Somebody has to do it!"

"But not today...not now..."  I pleaded gently, pressing my cheek against his.

I felt Jesse give me a heartfelt squeeze before guiding me the few steps back to the fully made bed.  I even stepped on some of my own clothes which still lay strewn around the floor.  After sitting me down, he kissed me on the cheek.  I could feel him trembling, and I could only imagine the frightening power of the dark and stormy ocean that seethed inside of him every minute of every day.  He sat next to me and slipped his jacket off, tossing it carelessly on the floor.  He had on the blue San Diego T-shirt I had given him to change into that first day he had come over to my house.  He had gotten all hot and bothered after our frantic and passionate humping session--our first time...I felt my dick hardening, starting to push against the damp terry cloth of the towel that was my only covering.

He put his hands on my bare shoulders and pushed me back onto the bed.  My legs still hung over the side and only my toes touched the soft carpet.  He pulled his T-shirt off over his head, briefly exposing hairless armpits, as well as  lightly defined pecs and abs.  This was certainly not the fragile wallflower I had thought him to be that day he had come skulking into our homeroom three months ago.

He scooted up so that he lay parallel to me.  Propping himself on one elbow, he leaned over, his blond locks brushing lightly across my face, and kissed me on the lips.  It began as a very tender gesture, just the touching of his lips against mine.  But the pressure soon increased, and was followed by a delicate nibbling.  Soon his lips were completely locked with mine and the nibbling had become a forceful chewing.  It seemed as if we were literally trying to eat each other up!  Next came his tongue, a welcome guest in my oral cavity.  It was as wild and thrilling a thing as any of the roller coasters we had ridden earlier in the day, lashing around my mouth, sliding over my teeth, pressing against my own probing tongue, as if following some dizzying and ever changing track.

With a noticeable smack, our lips parted, but Jesse never lifted his head.  His lips moved over my chin, down to the soft spot at the bottom of my neck which he kissed and sucked furiously.  I was beginning to worry that he might leave a mark but I also realized I loved the intense sensation too much to ask him to stop.  But soon, his mouth was travelling again, and this time, his lips  found my left nipple.  His tongue rolled around the areola and the hardening tip, and he even took the fleshy nib lightly between his front teeth and lightly chewed on it, causing me to gasp with erotic pleasure.  My right nipple received similar treatment as I squirmed and bucked with sexual energy, trying to push my hips into his.

His lips roved down to my belly, kissing every tender and sensitive part, and his tongue rolled around in my navel, causing me to giggle and then guffaw with delight.  Then his hands pulled the towel away and all motion ceased.  He was staring wide eyed at the audacious sight of my fully erect penis curving boldly past a modest brown pubic bush upwards towards my belly.  I heard two dull thumps as Jesse's sneakers dropped to the floor.  He pulled his legs all the way onto the bed and moved around so that he was lying with his feet where the pillows were and his head, resting on bent elbows, just a few inches from my side so that we formed a human 'T.'

"My's so beautiful...You're so beautiful..." he murmured intensely.  And then, after a long silence..."This is the penis of the most beautiful boy in the world..." he stated in a quiet, trembling voice, and it seemed like he was speaking to someone else in the room other than me.  And that was a good thing because to me, it was just your garden variety dick--certainly nothing like Morgan's...

Ever so cautiously, he reached a hand out until the tips of his fingers came in tentative contact with the side of my hardened shaft.  Still, it was enough to cause jolts of sexual electricity to race down my erection and into my burning groin.  Slowly now, his finger tips slid the full length of my curving pole, catching momentarily on the fleshy ring of the corona before gliding over the smooth and sensitive head.  There was a bead of precum clinging to my slit and his fingers went right over it, causing me to shudder with passion.  I wanted him to take me in his mouth so bad, I was ready to scream, but I kept my jaws clamped shut, wondering how long he was going to play with me like this...

After his fingers had thoroughly explored every millimeter of my engorged cock, they moved down to the base and began tickling my scrotum, which was hanging fully exposed between my parted legs.  He didn't apply any pressure or even wiggle his fingers.  He just let the fleshy pads rove over my ballsac in the slowest and most methodical way, meticulously outlining the hard round testicles within before moving even further down.  The sensation of Jesse's fingers gliding under my scrotum and over my perineum towards my rosebud was unbearable and I clamped my legs forcefully around his probing hand.

But this didn't stop him from taking his free hand and wrapping his fingers around my rock hard shaft.  He alternately pumped and stroked it as the fingers of his trapped hand began a little dance on my perineum, seemingly determined to make their way towards my hole.  I reached for him, trying to grab hold of that shiny mane of golden blond hair, but he twisted his head in such a way that I couldn't even get a grip.  I groaned and squirmed, but Jesse continued his ministrations unimpeded.

"Go for it, baby," he crooned.  "Just let loose..."  He urged me breathlessly as he pumped and stroked and tickled...

"Mmmnnnahhh!"  I gasped, stiffening and arching my back, lifting my  butt off the damp towel.  I was shocked when the first powerful blast struck me in the neck!  A second and third rope of sticky hot jizz shot over my belly to land on my chest.  Jesse continued to hold my shaft in a tight grip as milky white spunk continued drizzling out with the force of each diminishing spasm.  Finally, totally spent, my body collapsed back to the bed and Jesse released me.

He immediately got on his knees and began licking up all the cum he could find, starting near my shaft and working his way up my belly and chest, before finally lapping at my neck like some sort of sex crazed vampire (Is there any other kind?!).  It tickled so much that I had to push him away.

"My turn!"  I said, turning on my side and preparing to give Jesse some much deserved sexual relief.

"Sorry dude--too late!"  he noted sheepishly, pointing towards the crotch of his trousers.

I couldn't see a stain there, but I got his meaning clearly enough.  "I'm sorry!"  I apologized, feeling my own disappointment as well.  I ran my hands gently through his silky blond hair.  I wrapped my lips around his and kissed him as passionately as if I was still at the peak of my approaching climax.

We finally parted and Jesse glanced at the clock on the night stand.  "7:45.  We gots to get going!" he noted with a silly smile, his dishevelled blond hair forming a wild frame around his boyishly handsome face.

I sighed.  It filled me with such warmth, such good feelings to see Jesse happy like this.  "Yeah...I guess,"  I acknowledged reluctantly.  "Somehow tomorrow, we just gotta get together," I told him, still holding his head in my hands.

"You got yourself a deal!"  Jesse assured me as he got off the bed.  He rummaged through his overnight bag and pulled out a pair of clean boxers and headed for the bathroom.

"You could leave the door open!"  I pointed out hopefully.

"I could, but like I said...We gots to get going!"  He winked and closed the door.

I used the already damp bath towel to wipe the remaining spooge off my chest and groin.  Wow!  I had launched a volley of cum all the way up to my neck!  I was truly impressed by the firepower of my dick!  Well, that was only to be expected; after all, I was fourteen now!  I searched the pile of clothes on the floor to find the fresh boxers and T-shirt I had pulled out before our passionate interlude.  I saw the blue San Diego T-shirt Jesse had been wearing all day and pressed it against my face, breathing deeply of Jesse's scent.  Remarkably, I felt my flaccid penis starting to roll once again up my thigh!  I quickly set the potent piece of clothing aside and started getting dressed.

Jesse came out just as I was pulling on a pair of maroon colored crew socks--they matched the Calvin Klein long sleeved T-shirt I was going to wear to dinner.  Jesse was still stunningly shirtless of course, but had obviously washed up and brushed his hair.

"Oh gosh, you look amazing!"  I exclaimed, getting to my feet and rushing into his arms.  We just stood there in front of the bathroom, holding each other tight, our cheeks pressed together, Jesse's hot breath brushing my neck.

There was a knock at the door.  "Boys!"  It was my mom.  "Time to go!"

"Boys?"  I whispered nervously.  "Does she know you're here?"

Jesse nodded.  "I stopped in to say hello.  You were still in the shower anyway."  He went to the door but didn't open it.  "Perry's still finishing up.  We'll meet you there!"  he called cheerfully.

I tidied up the bedroom area a bit and then came out and sat on the sofa, getting ready to put my shoes on.

"Hey, what's with the sexy red socks?!"  Jesse asked, sliding skillfully across the polished wood floor in his own white socks.

"I thought they went with my shirt,"  I noted.

"Cool!"  he said, getting on the floor and rubbing his hand adoringly over the tops of my feet.

"How come you're so interested in feet all of a sudden?"  I asked with a smile, thinking of Tuesday when Jesse had actually had my toes in his mouth!

"Just yours!"  he assured me.

I sighed.  Did we really have to go...?

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