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Perry and Jesse:  The Incredibly Romantic (and slightly kinky) Adventures of Two Boys In Love  

Part V  Truths and Lies

Chapter 18  Disneyland Part 4 (The Kinkiest Place On Earth)

I woke up with the disquieting feeling that I was being watched.  It took me a few seconds to remember where I was.  The weak light from Donald Duck's smiling face helped to show me a dim outline of the large room we were in, the wooden ceiling beams now casting long and mysterious shadows that blended into the darkness.  I turned my head slightly towards the night light and was startled to see Morgan!  He was kneeling or crouching right next to my bed.  I caught my breath, stifling the gasp caused by my sudden shock.

"Did I wake you up?"  Morgan whispered ever so quietly.

"I...I dunno...I...I just...woke up..."  I explained groggily.  I glanced over my shoulder at the alarm clock.  It was after one o'clock in the morning.  "Wh...what're you doing?"

"Not sure exactly..." he admitted uncertainly.

"Bathroom?" I asked, slowly turning on my side so that I was facing him.

He shook his head.  "I guess...I guess I just wanted to look at you Perry, you know...when you were sleeping..."

"Why?"  I asked, starting to get an uncomfortably creepy feeling.

"I just wanted to see if you were like...peaceful, ya know?  Having a good sleep..."

"I guess I was..."

"That's cool.  I'm glad.  Sorry for being so weird..."

There was a long silence, but Morgan remained crouched by the bed.  "Thanks for inviting me, Perry.  I'm having a great time!"  he whispered, sounding amazingly wide awake.

"You're welcome.  Aren't you tired?"  I asked, feeling myself starting to drift off again.

"I guess I'm too excited to sleep," he admitted.

I decided not to ask him what he was excited about..."What about Tom?"

"He and Jesse are totally out."

"I'm pretty tired myself..."  I noted.

We sort of stared at each other in the dim light and I could hear Tom snoring lightly in the next bed.  "Something else?"  I finally asked, struggling to keep my eyes open.

"I was just thinking..."  Morgan said in a super quiet voice.  "Like maybe I could get a sneak preview..."


"You know, of our next session..."

"What're you talking 'bout?" I asked blearily.

I saw the blankets begin to move and I realized that Morgan was sliding his hand under them from the side of the bed, causing a rather sinister wave effect.

"I was thinking I could know...check you out..."

I sensed his hand coming closer to my body, tunneling along between the bedclothes.  I still wasn't quite sure if I was imagining this or not and I felt like the whole thing was unreal.

"I...don'"  I mumbled, as I rolled over onto my other side.  I thought I felt him touching my butt, but then it occurred to me that it was probably just another one of those weird dreams about the Kipners...

The next time I woke up, it was because of a strange noise.  Well, a strange noise that sounded vaguely familiar.  I glanced at the clock and was surprised to see that it was seven thirty in the morning!  I could see a small sliver of sunlight peaking through the thick drapes.  I heard the sound again and turned towards Tom and Morgan's bed.  It was empty, but I saw the top of Tom's curly haired head.  He was crouched down or kneeling between his bed and the outside wall.

"Uhmmmmmm..."  I heard him groan.

Was he doing what I thought he was doing?  "Tom?"  I asked, my inquiry coming out as a hoarse whisper.  I glanced at the night stand, remembering that I had poured myself a glass of water before going to bed, but it was empty.

I got up and staggered around the beds.  I could hear the shower running in the bathroom and Morgan was nowhere to be seen.  Peaking around the corner, I noticed Jesse was also MIA, so apparently one of them was in the shower--or maybe both together, I thought with a childish snicker.  When I got around to the far side of Tom and Morgan's bed, I was brought to immediate and full wakefulness.  There was Tom, his T-shirt pushed halfway up his back, kneeling on the floor facing away from me.  He was clearly not wearing pants or underwear.  But that wasn't even the strangest thing!  Even though I could clearly see the top of his smooth and hairless buttocks, he was wearing sneakers, the heels pushing up against his bare ass.  The Vans logo was clearly imprinted on the dark gray soles.  Hey, those weren't his shoes...

"Tom...?"  I asked again.

"Uhmmmm...!"  he groaned again, and I had a pretty good idea now what was going on.  "P...Perry..."  he moaned, gasping for breath.

"Oh...uh...gees...Are you uh...doing what I think you're doing?"  I stammered, totally transfixed by this odd little scene.

I saw his back relax in a a way that indicated he had accomplished his mission.  "Oh shit...this is so embarrassing..."  Tom muttered, still doubled over on his knees.

"I'll just leave you to do...whatever..."  I mumbled apologetically.

"It's okay,"  he answered quickly.  He turned half way towards me still on his knees, keeping his legs closed and his genitals hidden except for a very small patch of dark pubic hair visible between his thighs.  He was wearing socks on his hands and I saw the glistening strings of semen that clung to them.  This was really strange...

"Why are you dressed like that?"  I asked.
Tom, his face already flushed from his exertions, smiled weakly.  "Morgan got up around seven, and I pretended to still be asleep.  I watched him change into his swim trunks...I saw his ass!"  he giggled.  "I guess Morgan made enough noise to wake Jesse, and I heard Morgan say that he was going to hit the pool.  He asked Jesse if he wanted to come, and Jesse said no thanks.  So Morgan left and Jesse got up.  I sat up in bed and I was still pretty sore from last night, but then Jesse just smiled at me."  Tom's face suddenly lit up.  "Wow--he really looks great in the morning!  All that long blond hair sticking out all over the place and his lips and cheeks were so red and those light blue eyes...gees!"

I realized that I was only in my boxers and Tom's description of Jesse was starting to make me hard.  I casually tugged my T-shirt down a little.

"I was gonna say something, but he pointed to you still sleeping and put his finger to his lips--it was really cute!"  he giggled.

Was Tom developing a thing for Jesse now?  That could be interesting...

"Then he stood by the bathroom and peeled off his socks!  I couldn't believe it!" he exclaimed, his voice rising slightly in volume.  " I was trying so hard not to stare, but I couldn't get a good view anyway because your bed was kinda blocking me.  Then he went into the bathroom.  I couldn't resist, Perry.  I was so hard!  I'm always hard in the morning, but seeing Jesse and all..."

I wished he'd at least take those cum-soaked socks off his hands.

"I wanted to like...gosh, this is going to sound weird.."  he noted.

"It's a little late for that,"  I noted.

Tom smiled bashfully.  "Oh yeah...well, anyway.  I just couldn't like...touch his socks, cuz I don't really know him, ya know?  But then I found yours!"  He held up his hands.  Oh, gross!  Tom had ejaculated into my socks!  And they were the white ones I had worn all day walking around Disneyland, not the maroon pair I had worn for just a few hours in the evening.  Eewww!

"But I got Jesse's shoes and put them on, and then put your socks on and..."

"I get the picture," I assured him as quickly as possible.  I was really startled when he got up and started moving towards me.  I got a brief look at his thoroughly deflated package before gravity caused his T-shirt to fall back over his belly, covering him to half way down his thighs.

"What...what are you doing?" I asked, not able to hide the revulsion in my voice.

"Oh..."  Tom said, looking at his hands.  He peeled the socks off--my socks!--and let them fall to the floor.  He looked so strange, dressed just in a T-shirt and Jesse's untied sneakers.  Still, he shuffled over to me.  "That was the greatest jack off session I ever had!"  he informed me triumphantly.

I just nodded vaguely.

"You understand, don't you?"  he asked worriedly.  "I mean, you're into feet too..."

"Uh...maybe not quite as much as you..."  

Tom nodded understandingly.  He toed off Jesse's sneakers and searched the floor for his clothes.  He turned his back to me and pulled his sweat pants on, giving me a quick view of his tight round, mocha colored ass.  For a few seconds,  I actually envied Derek getting to run around naked with this incredibly cute, curly haired boy.

"Please, Perry.  Don't tell Jesse about this.  Tell him anything else...about us...about Derek...just promise me, you won't ever tell him about this!"  The expression on his face was so intense, I realized that this was an exceptionally big deal for him.  I didn't quite understand why this little romp through fetishland was any more intimate or compromising then any of the other things he had mentioned, but what could I do?

"Sure, Tom.  I promise, I won't tell anybody about this--even Jesse."

A big smile spread across his face and he grabbed me in a tight embrace.  He kissed me on the cheek.  "Thank you, Perry.  Thanks for everything..."

We broke apart as we heard the shower being turned off.

"Jesse's shoes!  You'd better put them back and..."

Tom immediately realized the spot he was in.  He scooped up Jesse's sneakers and dashed over to the sofa and set them down, and then came running back.   "Oh shit!  I have to tie them too..."  he noted in a panicky voice.  He ran back to the sofa, his bare feet slapping on the hardwood floor, got down on his knees and frantically retied the bows.  He set them down where he had found them just as  the bathroom door opened and Jesse came out, dressed in a bright white terry cloth robe.

Have I ever mentioned that Jesse was really hot looking?  Well, if I haven't, gees, you should've seen him there that day, at the Grand Californian, at the Disneyland Resort, in Anaheim, Orange County, California, December 7th, 2003:  dressed in that bright white robe, cinched with a terry cloth belt that outlined his slender waist.  The robe reached to his ankles and his feet were bare and smooth and his ten toes long and straight and perfect in every way.  His neatly combed, slightly damp hair shone like the finest, pure spun gold thread, and stood out strikingly against the whiteness of his robe.  His crystal blue eyes sparkled, capturing the bright shafts of light that leaked in through the drawn curtains as he caught sight of me standing across the room by Tom's bed.

"'Mornin', sleepyhead!"  he said with a bright white smile that made my heart flutter.  I smiled back, trying to recover from the overwhelming sight of my beautiful blond angel looking so clean and fresh.

"Hey, Jesse!"  Tom called out breathlessly.  He was standing there between the sofa and coffee table looking remarkably guilty.

Jesse peered around the corner and gave Tom a puzzled look.  "If you're looking for any change that slipped out of my pockets when I was sleeping, I'm afraid I'll have to insist that you return it...with interest,"  he noted solemnly.

Tom looked at Jesse like he had no clue what the blond haired youth was talking about, and then slowly let a wobbly smile spread across his face.

"Nah...I was just...just gonna see what's on the tube,"  he explained sheepishly, picking the remote up from the coffee table in front of the sofa.  "But I guess...uh...I should probably take a shower now..."

"Knock yourself out,"  Jesse said with a sweet, slightly bemused smile.  "I might've left a little hot water for you--although it looks like a cold shock might do you some good!"

Tom blushed and glanced back and forth between Jesse and me.  Jesse gave me a puzzled, but light hearted look and I just shrugged, trying way too hard to act like nothing weird had been going on.  Jesse opened the closet next to the bathroom.

"Wanna robe?"  he asked.

"Oh, are those from the hotel?"  Tom asked nervously.

"Yeah, there's four here, so I guess they were expecting us or somethin'!"  He got out a white robe identical to his own and tossed it across the room to a startled Tom, who grabbed it like he was being attacked by a giant Polar Bear.  He also tossed me one.  

I put the robe on and discreetly kicked my spunk covered socks into a pile of Tom's discarded clothing before coming around the bed.  My eyes were transfixed on my beautiful blond angel just as his eyes were glued to mine.   I didn't know what I could do to make myself more attractive to him (since I wasn't sure what attracted him to me in the first place), but I smiled as warmly as I could.

"Sleep well? he asked in a raspy morning voice.

"Yeah..."  I said, wondering vaguely if that weird business with Morgan had been a dream or not.  "What about you?"

"Like a log!"  he said cheerfully, sitting on the edge of my bed.

Tom came by, holding the robe under one arm.  "I'll go ahead and take a shower,"  he announced uneasily, "that is, if you're done in there...?"  he asked Jesse.

"I dunno..."  he said, looking himself over.  "What do you think?" he asked, giving Tom a killer smile that I could tell was having a serious effect on my Hispanic friend.  

" look...great!"  Tom stammered.  I saw him glance down at Jesse's feet in a rather obvious way.

"Looking for somethin'?'" Jesse asked casually.

"N...No..."  Tom stuttered, slowly backing up towards the bathroom entrance.

"You'd better watch--" Jesse began.

But it was too late for poor Tom as he missed the doorway by a few inches and bumped into the wall.  He glanced at both of us with an embarrassed grin on his reddened face, and then slipped in and quickly closed the door.

Jesse looked at me and smothered a laugh.  I walked slowly over until I clearly heard Tom locking the bathroom door from the inside.  Then I launched myself onto Jesse, knocking him back onto my bed.  

"Oooof!" he grunted.  "You're really heavy in the morning!"

"Sorry,"  I apologized, rolling off my flawless angel to lie down beside him, our legs dangling over the side of the bed facing the bathroom.  I turned my head, preparing to lean in and give him a kiss, but he was a step ahead of me, and his lips found mine first.

We parted with an audible smack.  "I love you, sweet baby," he whispered, his crystal blue eyes and bright white teeth sparkling like those of the superhero he truly was.

"Oh Jesse! God--you're so beautiful!" I crooned, my throat tight with emotion, as I struggled to keep my voice low enough so that Tom wouldn't overhear.

We held hands and squeezed hard and rubbed our noses together.  We heard the muffled sound of Tom turning on the shower.  Then there were more kisses:  quick and affectionate pecks on cheeks, lips, chins, necks and earlobes.

"Ready for the question of the day?"  I asked, my mouth tingling with the taste of Jesse Taylor, leaning on one elbow so I could look down on my precious angel.

He looked at me curiously and nodded.

"What's Jesse got on...under his robe?!"  I asked as I quickly pulled at his terry cloth belt and tore it away.  As the robe fell open, I was disappointed to discover that he was wearing light blue boxers.  Still, he wasn't wearing a T-shirt and that was pretty damn hot!

"Cheater!"  I complained petulantly.

"I didn't know who'd be out here,"  Jesse explained with a shrug.  "If I knew it was just gonna be you, I wouldn't have even bothered with the robe!"

I laid my head on Jesse's bare chest listening to the solid thump of his heartbeat, and rubbed him with my hands,  wanting to feel the texture of his smooth, flawless skin and hard muscles:  his arms, his shoulders, his lean belly, and his neck.  Then my fingers were in his silky, freshly shampooed hair, getting lost in the long strands that covered his ears.

"I believe I owe you some interest from last night,"  I noted, as I bent to kiss his lean belly.  I grabbed the waistband of his boxers when I heard the doorknob turn.  Morgan!!!

I quickly got to my feet, looking as guilty as I possibly could while Jesse methodically retrieved his terry cloth belt and looped it once again around his waist.

"Hey guys!" Morgan said cheerfully, dressed in a white YMCA T-shirt, board short style swim trunks, and Adidas slides on his long feet.  A towel was slung casually over his shoulder and he looked like he had just walked off the set of some youthful WB TV show like Dana Point or something.  He immediately kicked off his slides and padded barefoot across the room to rummage through his overnight bag.

"Cool robes!"  he noted as he slipped off his slightly damp T-shirt.

Jesse went to the closet and pulled out the last one.  He went up to Morgan, dropped to one knee (exposing the sole of one deliciously bare foot to me) and held the robe up with two outspread arms.  "We are not worthy, O Tall One.  Accept this small token of our most humble servitude...."

I quickly joined him and also knelt humbly before our tall friend's size eleven feet.  He smelled strongly of chlorine from the pool.  My belt slipped loose and my robe fell open, but big deal--I had a T-shirt and boxers on!  

"Wow...Perry and Jesse--my humble servants?"  Morgan asked, sounding genuinely flabbergasted by the idea even though Jesse was obviously just goofing around.  "The possibilities are endless!"

I wondered what he meant by that?!

"I accept this token of your servitude in the name of tall, exceptionally good looking guys everywhere!"  he proclaimed hautily.  He took the robe and cinched the belt before stripping off his wet swim suit, which he carelessly tossed onto the floor.  I expected him to pull a clean pair of boxer briefs out of his bag, but instead, he went to the phone on the night stand between the two beds.

"What d'ya say we take Mrs. Thompson up on her offer of room service?"  he asked.  "I'm starved!"

"That sounds great!" I agreed readily.

Morgan punched a couple of buttons.  "Yeah...uh...we'd like to order breakfast for room...uh...611...Yes...Bill it to Tricia Thompson in room 610...Right..."  Morgan covered the mouthpiece.  "What do you guys want?"

Well, between the three of us, we ordered enough sausage, French Toast, pancakes, bacon, and country potatoes for our entire eighth grade class.  We even threw in a large breakfast burrito for Tom.  

Morgan sat on the edge of his bed by the night stand while Jesse and I stood around the other side.  There was a strange moment of silence broken only by the sound of the shower running in the bathroom.

"What do you guys want to do while we wait for breakfast?"  he asked.  Did I detect a slight quiver in his voice?

"We could talk about what we want to do today," I suggested.

"How about having Jesse show us some of those incredible moves from last night?"  Morgan countered.

"That would be awesome!"  I concurred quickly.

"Really?...That sounds boh-ring,"  Jesse said dismissively, scrunching up his face.

"Seriously,"  Morgan pleaded.  "Show us a few of those defensive moves at least!"

Jesse looked at me uneasily.  I understood now that he really saw his amazing martial arts abilities as more of a liability than a blessing.  It seemed like everyone had fun last night at the ESPN Zone except Jesse--even though the management had treated him like some sort of celebrity.  I was about to suggest that maybe we see what channels they had here, when Morgan sprang up and charged us.

"Aaaaaaaagh!"  he cried in a loud and squeaky voice, both his arms outspread and flapping like the wings of a very large flightless bird.  Jesse immediately took a step forward, met Morgan head on and somehow managed to effortlessly toss the taller youth over his shoulder and onto the bed in one fluid motion.  The captain of the basketball team just lay there for half a minute, his arms and legs splayed out, recovering from his shock.  Then, as he gathered his wits about him, he bent his knees up and his robe opened wide enough for both of us to see his package.  He wasn't exactly hard but still, seeing those large hairless balls hanging so heavily from between his legs, with his flaccid, but undeniably lengthy penis draped against one thigh, was a real eye opener.  I noted that Jesse was staring right along with me.  At first Morgan didn't get it, and then realization dawned...

Instead of slapping his legs together in the name of modesty, he sat up, spreading his legs even further apart so that the terry cloth belt around his waist came loose and the robe parted, revealing everything from Morgan's smooth hard pecs, to the ridges of his well defined six pack, to his dark triangle of pubic hair, and finally to the above mentioned well appointed package.

"Do I detect a note of envy in the room?"  he asked smarmily.  

"How do you swim with all that...stuff hanging down like that?"  Jesse asked in mock-disgust.  "It seems like you'd just sink right to the bottom of the pool!"

"I manage just fine.  I can't help it if I gotta carry around a little more weight than your average Joe Teenager.  It's a burden I've learned to live with!"  Finally, he crossed his ankles, allowing Jesse and me to pull our eyes away.

"Oh, give me a break!"  Jesse exclaimed disdainfully.  "You think you're above average?  I bet there are other guys with bigger packages right in our own school!"

"Yeah, like who?"  Morgan asked, and I could tell that the taller youth was genuinely curious to hear Jesse's version of the short list.

"Gees, it's not like I keep a running count or anything!"  Jesse replied.  He puffed out his cheeks and alternated between squinting hard and raising his eyebrows.  "Hmmm...Eric Adams, perhaps?"  he asked.  "Kyle?  Gene?...Your brother...?"

"My brother?!"  Morgan gasped in shock as he leapt off the bed.

He came up to Jesse and grabbed my sweet angel around the neck and began pretend-throttling him, causing Jesse's head to bob rapidly up and down and his neatly combed hair to fly around in all different directions.
Jesse made appropriate gagging noises while I watched the scene in some sort of bewilderment.  How had Morgan known that our street fighting ninja boy wasn't going to throw him across the room or out the window in the name of self defense?  Morgan spun Jesse around, his large hands still around the smaller boy's neck, and then pushed him roughly to the bed.  Morgan climbed right on top of him, and from where I was standing, I could clearly see that his dick and balls were laying flat against Jesse's bare chest where his robe had been pulled partially open.

"Groooooooooooss!"  Jesse gasped desperately.  "Now I'm gonna get bloated balls disease!"

"Oh yeah?"  Morgan said, his face red and his expression more intense than playful.  He scooted up Jesse's chest until his now not-so-flaccid dick dangled in front of my beautiful angel's face.

"Now that's what I call room service!"  Jesse quipped in a more than passable Groucho Marx imitation before tipping Morgan over on his back.  He quickly climbed on top of the startled athlete, straddling Morgan's hips.  I realized that Morgan's semi-hardness must be poking right into Jesse's butt!  Jesse boldly tore off his terry cloth belt and opened his robe wide.  I felt my heart go right into my throat.  

"Now if you want to see a well hung member of the class of 2004--Go Crusaders!--you need look no further!" Jesse declared pompously.

I saw Morgan's eyes open wide.  There was some puzzlement there, some shock, but also some...anticipation!   Jesse stood on his knees and slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers.  Then he just froze like that.  I wondered why Jesse was so anxious to show off his stuff.  I knew for a fact that he was about the same size as me, maybe a bit smaller, and that neither one of us could compare favorably to Morgan in that department.

"Well...?"  Morgan asked in a shaky voice, obviously trying mightily to not sound too anxious.

"Well, show me your pussy and I'll show you my package!"  Jesse challenged with an evil grin.

"Get outta here!"  Morgan groaned, playfully knocking Jesse off.

I think Morgan was hoping to pin Jesse once more, and maybe see what Mr. Taylor did have to show for himself, but my ninja angel was too quick, and smoothly rolled off the bed and onto his feet.  He glanced at me with a triumphant smile and then his eyes widened.  He quickly came and stood in front of me.

"Tootsie roll at twelve o'clock high!"  he whispered in my ear.

What...?  Gees!  I was rock hard and hadn't even realized it.  I quickly closed my robe and knotted the belt.  My sudden embarrassment caused me to quickly deflate.

"What the fuck happened?"  Morgan asked playfully as he got to his feet on the opposite side of the bed from us.  He looked a little red faced and frustrated.

"You said you wanted to see some moves,"  Jesse reminded him.

"Yeah, but at a speed we mortals can actually comprehend!"  he complained lightly.  I was somewhat annoyed to see that his robe was still hanging open.  It didn't even seem to bother Morgan that he had a decent semi-hardon going, but seeing how uncomfortable I looked, he finally closed the robe and cinched the belt tightly around his waist..

"Well, watch more carefully this time,"  Jesse urged before suddenly grabbing me, spinning me around and pivoting me over his shoulder onto the bed where I landed sprawled on my back.

Before I was even aware of what was happening,  Jesse sprang on top of me just like he had with Morgan.  It was so strange to have Jesse sitting on me, dressed in his boxers and robe, his long golden locks draping his flawlessly smooth teenage face.  It was thrilling and yet weird, because Morgan was there with us.  I didn't dare acknowledge in any way the sexual excitement I felt.

"Shall we see what the plumbing of a healthy, brand spankin' new fourteen year old looks like?"  Jesse asked with a sly grin.  He scooted down so that his butt was resting on my legs, effectively pinning me.  He opened my robe and lifted my T-shirt up off my belly.  I started to push it back down but he lightly slapped both my hands down.

"Uh uh..."  he cautioned me, and it was starting to get a little scary.  He slipped his fingers under the waistband of my boxers while I looked at him with an expression of helpless fear and befuddlement.

Was he joking?  Did he really mean to do this in front of Morgan?  I knew that Jesse was absolutely brilliant at pretending to be straight, but what was he trying to prove now?  He knew how shy I was about people seeing my body, and that certainly included Morgan!

"Shall we...?"  he asked, looking over to where Morgan stood.

I turned my head back to see how Morgan would react.  His long face was strangely contorted, his eyebrows furrowed, his lips pressed tightly together.

"Knock it off, Jesse.  It ain't funny--and you know why!"  he said, his tone now lacking any vestige of playfulness.

"But just a quick peek?"  Jesse taunted.  It was clear he also wasn't playing around any more.

"Jesse..."  I moaned confusedly.

"I won't tell anyone,"  Jesse persisted, tugging my boxers down just enough to expose a few brown pubic hairs.

I glanced back at Morgan, and he was clearly pissed now.  Why was Jesse making him so angry?

"C'mon over here,"  Jesse beckoned.  "So you can get a nice close-up!"

"Stop it!"  Morgan shouted angrily, sitting back on the other bed, the one I had slept in last night.

"Are you sure...?"  Jesse asked one more time.

"Stop it..."  Morgan pleaded in a quieter, more emotional voice.

Jesse got off of me and then helped me to my feet.  I quickly pulled my T-shirt back down and closed my robe, my face flushed with embarrassment.

"Why'd you do that?"  I asked, truly perplexed and a little annoyed by the scene he had so carefully arranged.

"Because he cares about you...a lot,"  Morgan answered quietly.

"I don't understand..."  I admitted.

"Last night,"  Morgan explained quietly,  "I came to your bed when you were sleeping..."

The realization slowly dawned on me.  "Then it wasn't a dream..."  

Morgan nodded.  "Yeah, and we talked for a bit...and then you fell back to sleep.  But then I tried to...touch you..."  he admitted in a shaky voice.  "But suddenly, Jesse was standing there right next to me.  I hadn't even heard him get up.  He said, 'You don't want to do that,' but it wasn't like a threat or anything,"  he explained quickly.  "He was being...a friend...a good friend..."

"You and Perry really need to have a talk sometime,"  Jesse said quietly.

"Yeah...we should..."  Morgan admitted.

"But I don't--"  I began, when the bathroom door opened and Tom came out, wrapped in his white hotel robe.

"Cool!"  he exclaimed, noting that we were all dressed identically.  "It looks like we're all ready to march off to the sauna!"

"That's not a bad idea!"  Morgan proclaimed thoughtfully, slowly recovering from his emotional confession.  "I've been in the one at the 'Y' before.  It feels great!"

"Yeah?  They let you go naked there?"  Tom asked wide eyed.

" have to wear a towel,"  Morgan said.

"So, what are we doing?"  Tom asked, looking at the three of us and undoubtedly noticing Jesse's disheveled hair.

"Are you gonna take a shower?"  Morgan asked me.

" think I'm good."

"My turn then...We ordered room service!"  Morgan informed Tom as he slipped past him into the bathroom.

"Cool!"  Tom said.

After Morgan closed the door, Tom stared nervously at Jesse and me.

"What's up, Tom?"  Jesse asked in a casual voice.  "Something on your mind?"

Tom's gaze immediately fell to the floor.  ""

"Are you sure...?"  Jesse pressed.

Just then, my cellphone went off.  It was on the night stand between the beds and I hurried over to answer it.  It was my mom.   She was going down to breakfast with Mrs. Taylor and Miranda.

"I figured you boys would have your own breakfast plans,"  she surmised.

"Yeah, we ordered room service," I said.

"All right.  You boys just enjoy yourselves.  Remember that check out time is twelve o'clock, so we have to get our things out of here by then."

I had a sudden flash of exceptionally rare genius.  "We'll take care of the stuff,"  I offered.  "Just leave me your room key."

"Are you sure, dear?  I can get a porter to do it..."

"Well, like you said, we might end up hanging around here for a while yet.  So just leave your bags near the door of your room..."

"We'll drop our bags off in your room when we go down for breakfast in just a few minutes..." my mom countered.

"That's okay.  You don't have to do that!"  I said, uncomfortable with the idea of my mom (and possibly Miranda) seeing all us boys dressed in our underwear and robes.  Besides, the room was a mess, with clothes, shoes, and blankets strewn around everywhere.

"You'll need to speak to the valet to find out where the cars are parked.  You'll need the tickets...I guess it doesn't matter which one you put our things in.  We can straighten that out when we get home."

"That's fine,"  I assured her.  "I'll just come by now and get the key then."

"All right dear--and don't forget.  We have reservations at the Rainforest Cafe for six o'clock!"


During my phone conversation, Tom and Jesse had gone into the sitting area and switched on the TV.  I recognized the grating theme song from Spongebob playing at a fairly low volume.  I started rummaging through my overnight bag for some clothes.  I wasn't going to walk into the lion's den dressed in my robe and boxers.

"What's up?"  Jesse asked, scurrying back to the bedroom area.

I couldn't hold back a slight grin of anticipation.  "I told my mom we'd come back and take care of the bags before check out time,"  I explained excitedly.

"Oh...kay..."  Jesse acknowledged uncertainly.

"It'll be great!"  I whispered, hoping that between the TV and Morgan's shower, I wouldn't be overheard.  "You can offer to come help me.  We'll head back to the hotel around eleven or so...That way we'll have time to..."

"Oh Perry, you naughty, naughty boy!  You are ever so clever!"  Jesse whispered in a faux-English accent.  "Sounds like a plan!" he winked.

I pulled out a clean pair of jeans.

"You're getting dressed already?" he asked disappointedly.

"Well, I didn't think we'd want our moms coming over here, seeing us this.  Plus, the room is pretty messy.  So I said I'd go over and get their room key."

"You just keep those pants off, honeychild.  I'll go get the key," Jesse assured me.  He grabbed the keycard Morgan had tossed on the writing desk near the door and slipped out into the hallway in his robe and bare feet.

"Where's Jesse going?"  Tom asked.

"He's gonna get the room key from our moms' room so we can get their bags outta there before check out time."

"Oh, when's that?"


"But it's only a little after eight!"  Tom noted.

"Right.  Just planning ahead,"  I said taking a seat on the sofa next to him.

There was about three and a half seconds of pregnant silence.

"You were right!  Jesse's feet are fantasmic!"  Tom said in a sudden ebullient burst.  "I couldn't take my eyes off of them!  And really, he's such an incredibly hot looking guy..."

Hmmm...Maybe Tom was starting to have feelings for Jesse, feelings that would push his little crush on me right out the back door.  Well, actually, that didn't sound so bad.  I knew that Jesse could do a better job of handling Tom than I was doing so far.

"So, are you saying you like Jesse...?"  I asked cautiously.

Tom smiled at me.  "Not like that, silly.  I mean gees, if you like boys and you don't think Jesse Taylor is hot, then you're probably straight and just don't know it!"

It took me a few seconds to wrap my mind around that, but I slowly nodded in understanding.

"But Perry, the truth is, your feet are just as gorgeous as Jesse's..."  He was looking down now, and I self-consciously crossed my ankles.

I guessed my feet were in pretty decent shape, but they were basically the same pair I had lived with for thirteen--no, fourteen!--years now, so they didn't really hold any particular allure for me.  I just knew they kept growing like crazy and got hot and sweaty and stinky from wearing sneakers all day long just like any other teenager's feet.

Tom got down on the floor between the sofa and coffee table.  He grasped my right ankle and I stiffened, worried that he was going to tickle me.  "Relax!"  he said with a reassuring smile.  "Lift your leg up into the light,"  he requested, gently guiding my foot up to the coffee table, where I let my heel rest.  "Gees, you can still see the bite marks!"  he noted with dismay.

"Yeah, but they're almost gone!"  Heck, even Billy Zanterman hadn't notice them when he was inspecting my feet the other night during the strip search.  Had that only been two and a half days ago?

"I'm so sorry about that,"  Tom said, his voice heavy with regret.

"Don't, Tom.  Don't get upset about that...or even think about it.  It's no big deal.  It was just a silly accident.  I'm totally over it."

I watched as Tom leaned his head in and kissed the top of my foot right where he had sunk his teeth last Sunday and then declared his true feelings about me.  Had that only been a week ago?!

He began lightly caressing the top of my foot and ankle.

"Hey, you'd better cool it.  Jesse could come back at any second, and Morgan's just in the bathroom."

"The shower's still running," Tom noted.  He came and sat next to me--really close.  Then he lifted his left foot onto the coffee table and pressed it against mine.  "I'm getting hard again, can you believe it?"  he said with a giggle.

"That is impressive," I assured him.

"I was really looking around the park yesterday--you know--checking out all the hot looking guys?"

"That's funny!"

"Why?  Weren't you checking out all the hot looking chicks?"

Actually, now that he mentioned it, I hadn't!  If I'd noticed anyone at all in that way, it was other boys around our age, and I automatically compared them to my beautiful angel and found every one of them lacking.

"Yeah, I guess...Did you see any--hot guys, that is?"  I recalled the two teen cuties Jesse had pointed out to me while we stood in line for the Pirates Of The Caribbean.

"Sure.  Of course.  Lots of teenagers.  Lots of cuties.  But you know what?"

I shook my head, wondering where this was leading.

"I didn't see any teenage boys who were better looking than you and Jesse!"

I laughed drily.  "Yeah, right..."

"I swear!  You and Jesse are incredibly hot!  I can't believe you both go to the same little Catholic school in Santa Corina.  I mean, what are the odds?"

That did trigger a thought in my head.  Just what were the odds that Jesse and I would meet?  He was born in Evanston, Illinois and I was born in La Jolla, California, thousands of miles apart.  It was obvious from the first day, that we were meant to be together.   I had immediately sensed the attraction even though it took me some time to figure out--it hadn't even occurred to me that I could fall in love with a boy!  And Jesse had told me something similar--he had even thought about giving me a blowjob the first day he saw me!  I found that strange yet very comforting.  While it was clear to me that we were meant to be together, it was also apparent that we weren't going to have it easy.  This was always going to be a difficult relationship--at least until we got through high school.  After that, there was nothing that would stop me from openly proclaiming my love for Jesse Taylor.  Still, there were people I wanted to tell so badly right now:  Tom, Morgan, Gary, even my mom.  But Jesse was so insistent that we keep it a secret  that I didn't dare betray him in that way.  I had already done enough damage with my fruitless and dangerously reckless mission to Hode Ranch.

I looked around the room conspiratorially.  "Well...don't ever tell Jesse I said this because it'll just go to his head--but I think he's a reasonably good looking guy!"  I revealed, trying to sound somewhat facetious.

"But do you want to grab fistfuls of his golden blond hair and jam your tongue in his mouth?"  Tom asked teasingly.

"Yeah, that's pretty much what I think about all the time,"  I said, trying out a bit of sarcasm.  "That, and then him flipping me through a large, plate glass window."

Tom sighed exaggeratedly.  "Why are all the cute ones straight?"

Fortunately, I didn't have to answer that, because Jesse returned, the bottom of his robe swishing tantalizingly around the tops of his bare ankles.  He carelessly flipped both keycards onto the desk.

"Did you get the valet stubs?"  I asked.

He flashed two green tickets.  "What happened with you and Miranda yesterday?"  he asked me curiously.

"Oh...uh...nothing..."  I stammered.

"She has it in her head that she needs to see you wearing your bathrobe--and nothing else!"

"She said that?"  I asked embarrassedly.

"Something like that..."  Jesse said, a bemused smile on his face.  "She was really irritated that it was me and not you!"

"Hey, she thought I was cute too--before I got all sweaty and stuff!"  Tom pointed out with a giggle.

"Man, in a couple of years, that girl's gonna be a she-devil!"  Jesse laughed through his nose.


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