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Perry and Jesse

The Incredibly Romantic (and slightly kinky) Adventures of Two Boys In Love

Part V Truths and Lies

Chapter 30-b: The Doctor Is In

Morgan wanted to tie me up? Abruptly, my heart began beating wildly, pounding as ferociously as if I’d run all the way from my house to Morgan’s in one frantic sprint. What was that...that stupid word again? Shit!

He came up to me, looking much taller than he usually did, clutching the long piece of thin white rope in one hand, the ends dangling freely. “Don’t be scared, okay?” he asked, and it was more like he was pleading with me.

“Morgan!” Jesse reminded him sternly.

I realized my eyes were wide with shock, but then I remembered the safe word and that brought me a slight sense of calm for some reason. I had it if I needed it. There was no need to panic. This rope business had to be Jesse’s doing, I figured. He liked tying me up, and he must have somehow suggested it to Morgan during one of their private conversations. It didn’t seem likely that Morgan would have come up with the idea himself. All he had wanted to do was jack me off! Now it occurred to me that maybe Morgan wasn’t the only one playing out his fantasies this afternoon.

“What’re you gonna do?” I asked, not able to keep my voice from quivering.

“Take off your watch,” Morgan said in lieu of an explanation.

I unzipped the velcro strap and set the watch down on the coffee table, becoming again very conscious that I was dressed in nothing but my boxers.

“Put your wrists together,” Morgan said, demonstrating with the bottoms of his palms pressed together while still clutching the thin rope.

I didn’t want to get tied up by Morgan and I hesitated. I sensed none of the sexual thrill that I had felt when Jesse had tied me to his bed or bound my hands with his blackbelt. While my head was swimming in a swirling fog of confusion, the one thing I knew for sure was that I was scared shitless!

“Wait!” Jesse said, and I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. My beautiful blond angel to the rescue once again!

“You forgot these,” he said, tossing a couple things on the desk. I recognized those things. They were wristbands, specifically, the blue and gold terrycloth sweatbands that went with our basketball uniforms.

“Oh yeah, fuck,” Morgan mumbled, scooping them up. He handed them to me.

“Put these on. They’ll keep the rope from tearing your skin.”

“I don’t wanna be tied up,” I whispered to no one in particular.

“What was that?” Morgan asked fearfully.

“I don’t wanna get tied up!” I declared with more confidence.

But the fear was soon replaced by a more menacing look, almost a sneer. “Put those things on and keep silent,” he ordered.

I shook my head and Morgan, clad only in faded jeans and socks, glared at me. The tendons on his neck stood out. “You’re my fuckin’ slave now, got it? You don’t decide whether you want to do something or not. I decide! Now put those things on or not. I’m still gonna tie you up!”

I glanced at Jesse, but was stunned when he lowered his gaze to the desk blotter. Of course, I could stop all this by just uttering that one stupid word. But I couldn’t. If I wanted to help Morgan, clearly I’d have to do things I didn’t want to do. One thing was for sure, all this wasn’t for my enjoyment. Clearly, Jesse wanted to help Morgan as much as I did. And it was only because Jesse was here that I was willing to go through with something this crazy. I slipped the wristbands on and slowly extended my arms, my wrists pressed together, palms facing each other the way Morgan had shown me.

While Morgan busied himself with the task of binding my wrists, I distracted myself by staring at a photo next to the window behind the desk. It was a large portrait of Mr. Kipner and Morgan, both looking seriously macho, fully decked out in their Elmer Fudd regalia: flannel hunting jackets, orange vests, and ear flap caps, brandishing their rifles in front of them. I couldn’t tell if the wooded background was real or fake. I shuddered when I felt the rope brushing my arms. It seemed like he knew what he was doing as he began by first wrapping the silky rope around both my wrists individually. After he got rid of the slack he began to wind the rope tightly around both of my wrists. When he pulled the two long ends taut, I felt the braids of the rope digging deeply into the terrycloth material of the sweatbands. It was a weird feeling, like my hands were gagged and being strangled. I kept my jaw tightly clenched but I could feel it trembling. I wasn’t drawing as much courage from Jesse’s presence as I had hoped.

“Does that hurt?” Morgan asked fearfully.

“It’s not necessary to ask that,” Jesse pointed out quickly. “Perry knows the—”

“I know!” Morgan responded rather testily. “It’s just that—”

“Perry, the boy who permeates your thoughts and your dreams, is standing in front of you, nearly naked. He’s abased himself, declared himself your slave. Now you’re actually tying him up—rendering him completely helpless. Isn’t this one of your most powerful fantasies?” Jesse asked.

For the first time, Morgan looked clearly ashamed. He sheepishly glanced at me, as I stood there looking so pathetically thin and knobby, my arms still extended in front of me, my wrists securely bound together by a half dozen coils of thin white rope. The two ends still hung nearly to the floor as he securely knotted it one final time.

“You are my slave,” Morgan reminded me, his voice somewhat hesitant. “You wouldn’t let me get close to you the way I wanted—the way I needed. So now I’m gonna have to punish you for your arrogance!” Morgan said, gaining more confidence as he spoke the words. “You’re my fuckin’ slave!” he reminded me yet again, and with that declaration, he gave me a hard shove to the shoulder. Caught off guard, I stumbled backward and would have surely fell onto the coffee table if Morgan hadn’t grabbed my arm just in the nick of time.

“Why did you do that?” Jesse asked, not sounding overly concerned about my well being or my near accident, but simply and clinically curious.

“To show him who’s boss.”

Are you the boss?” Jesse asked.

Morgan nodded, and then scowled at me. He grabbed my chin with his long fingers and squeezed forcefully. “You’re completely helpless—I took your fuckin’ clothes! You can’t hide from me anymore!”

Man, this was scary! I didn’t know why he was making such a big deal out of my clothes. He had seen me before in my boxers. But he looked so into this, that it didn’t even seem to me that it was about sex any more. It was like he had some macho chip on his shoulder and he needed to strut in front of me, making it clear who was in control and why.

“Perry, perhaps it would be appropriate for you to respond in the way a slave might under these conditions,” Jesse suggested calmly.

I could barely think, my heart was pounding so forcefully. Kingcarver, Kingcarver, Kingcarver.... “I’m sorry I...uh...failed you...M-Master,” I stammered, bowing my head so that I was staring at my bare feet. “Do with me...what you will...I’m...uh...I’m helpless to stop you.”

“You melted my heart with your beauty and you didn’t even care!” Morgan sneered in a stilted, but growling voice. “And I’ll admit, you do stir something within me, something that burns inside me.... But I’m a man—not a child! I will no longer let you manipulate me!” It sounded like dialog from one of those sword and sorcery movies, but I had no idea what he was talking about, or what character I was supposed to play. I didn’t have much time to speculate further as he grabbed the loose ends of the rope and tugged me along like a reluctant pet. We ended up standing in the archway that opened into the small corridor that led to the back door.

Morgan pulled up a simple padded chair, like the kind they used at wedding receptions—red cushion and back, with a rounded, brass colored frame. He positioned me right under the doorway and I noticed for the first time, one of those steel exercise bars that people use for doing chin ups. It was set nearly at the very top, with the white capped grips pressed securely into the sides of the rectangular entry. Morgan climbed on the chair behind me, took the two ends of the rope and pulled them over the top of the bar. There couldn’t have been more than a couple inches of clearance. Then he began to pull, hard enough to raise my arms up over my head. I automatically began to resist, and he pulled harder. I could feel him tugging with those strong, well muscled arms, overwhelming the muscles in my own arms and shoulders.

“Jesse!” I gasped, but got no response. After a brief and fruitless battle, I was fully stretched with my heels lifted off the floor, forcing all my weight onto the balls of my feet. My arms pressed into my temples so that I was forced to lean forward a bit to keep from crushing my own head. Morgan wasted no time in winding the rest of the rope around and around the steel bar, tightening it every time, and finally knotting it off, leaving me securely strung up in the middle of the entryway. I could touch the bar with the tips of my fingers, but the way my wrists were tied together, I couldn’t actually grip it.

As I stood there stretched nearly onto my toes, it suddenly dawned on me that I was in the same predicament as Parker, the hapless boy who got tied up in the auto repair shop in Jesse’s story! Surely, that couldn’t be a coincidence. I remembered how exciting it had been reading about that poor boy, forced to strip by a gang of horny teenage thugs, then tied and hoisted up on a hook until he was stretched onto his toes—just like me! I remembered how hot the story had seemed to me at the time, how I had managed to shoot my load twice without even touching myself! But now, I wasn’t the least bit turned on or hard. I could feel my heart thumping against my tight chest, just as I could feel all my ribs. If I dared try to rest more than just the fronts of my feet on the floor, the strain went immediately to my wrists and armpits.

Morgan jumped down and pulled the chair out of the way. He stood right in front of me, his smooth, hairless pecs glistening with sweat. Lifted onto my toes, I was just able to peer over Morgan’s head. Jesse was still sitting behind the large desk, watching intently, his emotions unreadable. Spotting the small tufts of dark hair under Morgan’s arms, I was reminded once again that I looked like nothing more than a little boy next to this well toned athlete. I swallowed a lump in my throat and found it hard to hold his gaze. For his part, Morgan was looking me carefully up and down. He suddenly gave me a little shove, knocking me off balance and causing my weight to shift to my wrists. I groaned at the actual pain of the rope mercilessly gripping my wrists, and immediately felt the strain on my elbows, and armpits. I could even feel the pull on my hips until I was able to get back on the balls of my feet again.

I saw a moment of panic in his eyes, but then his expression hardened. “You’re so pathetic, you know that?” Morgan asked with mock disdain that barely masked his true concern.

I could only nod in agreement. This hurt and I didn’t like it and I wanted to go home now.

“I can do any fucking thing I want to you, and you’re powerless to stop me!” he declared, laying the palms of his hands flat against my strained chest. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. I had my safe word, and had no doubt that all this craziness would stop the moment I uttered it. But I just couldn’t, not unless it hurt so bad I couldn’t stand it any more. “I can feel your heart pounding in your chest like a scared rabbit,” he noted, still in this slightly stilted, Conan the Barbarian type voice (minus the Austrian accent, of course).

Then he went over to the sofa and picked up my jeans and T-shirt. He also gathered up my sneakers and socks, and clutched everything in his arms.

“You thought you could hide behind these?” he asked, pushing the clothes into my face.

“I...I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I stammered.

“This body! This fuckin’ perfect body of yours! Did you think that, by wearing all those fancy clothes, that I would yearn less for what was underneath? Do you think I couldn’t feel you hypnotizing me with those green-brown eyes set like precious jewels in the face of a living angel?” He tossed the whole pile on the floor. It scattered a few feet away, my skater sneaks thumping dully on the carpeted floor.

“Morgan, you’re scaring me,” I whispered through a dry throat.

I saw him hesitate at that. The cocky, aggressive look on his face wavered.

“That’s not how the game is played,” Jesse reminded me from behind the desk, his voice sounding a little strained for the first time, like he was having a hard time focusing on staying in character. “You have your safe word.... Use it!”

Game?! Was he taunting me, or actually telling me to go ahead and bail before things went from bad to worse? It was on the tip of my tongue and I could hear myself saying it in my head. But it stuck in my throat and I couldn’t bring it to my lips. This was important to Morgan. This was his fantasy, and playing it out just might help him deal with his problems. He was certainly right about one thing—I was pathetic! And I didn’t see how he could possibly want to have anything to do with me—let alone be my friend—when this was all over. My only consolation was that at least his mind would be at ease about me and whatever misguided thoughts he had about who and what I was.

“You’re mine—all mine!” he hissed intensely, and the look on his face was serious and focused. Even as his eyes locked with mine, I felt his hand push against the front of my boxers. I gasped at the shock of being fondled by a boy who shouldn’t even be touching me like that. Soon his fingers began to explore and probe through the thin material. I felt him outline my flaccid dick. He pushed in further to find my balls, partially tucked between my strained legs. He kneaded them, gently at first, and then more forcefully, closely mimicking the way I would masturbate myself.

“Mmmmnnnn...” I groaned. It didn’t really hurt but it was unnervingly stimulating. I felt my cock stiffening despite my fear and discomfort.

“That feels good, doesn’t it?” Morgan asked, coming so close that I could feel his hot breath on my ear lobe. I didn’t say anything but stubbornly shook my head. He stroked me more vigorously, one hand still massaging my scrotum. “Yeah, it does,” he replied for me, obviously noticing that my shaft was beginning to harden.

“Morgan...?” Jesse asked uncertainly.

“He’s getting hard,” Morgan announced excitedly. “I’m...I’m doing it. I’m getting Perry hard!”

I closed my eyes, trying to resist the pure physical stimulation of Morgan’s ministrations. I tried to picture something horrible like the way Billy Zanterman had leered at me like a starving wolf in that back room at Hode Ranch, or the unforgettable vision of that hideous sandworm sprouting from Goreski’s boxers in the john at St. Agnus. But my eyes popped open as I felt Morgan’s long fingered hand slip in under the waistband of my boxers. His fingers, damp with perspiration, brushed my sparse pubic bush before poking my stiffening shaft. I groaned helplessly.

“I knew you’d like this!” Morgan declared triumphantly, breathing heavily on my face. “If you’d only given me a chance, my Prince.”

Prince? What the fuck was he talking about? “No...” I groaned, shifting my balance painfully from my toes to my wrists and back again, frustrated at my inability to keep Morgan out of my pants. But it soon became a moot point as he quickly tugged my boxers down. I felt the sudden shock of air brushing my dick and butt as he stooped to push my last article of clothing all the way down to my ankles. Then he stood back a few feet, close to Jesse’s desk. Both boys were staring at me—especially at the parts that hadn’t been exposed earlier. I wanted to scream at them both to stop gawking at me and I wished there was some way I could just make myself invisible, but the fact was that I could barely catch my own breath. My cock was standing at about half mast from all of Morgan’s attention, but now that he had laid off, it immediately began to wilt.

“How do you” Jesse asked, and there was more than clinical concern in his voice. My dick twitched a little at the sexy sound of Jesse’s raspy voice.

“I...I feel...I don’t know. I’m so mixed up.”

“Think of your fantasies,” Jesse urged.

“’s great to see the Prince, I mean Perry...see everything. I can’t fuckin’ believe it.”

“Believe what?”

“That I could get so...turned on by staring at a-a naked boy...I mean, I’ve seen plenty—every age and size—I don’t get it,” he stammered fearfully. “I really liked tying him up,” he added quietly.

“Are you satisfied now?” Jesse asked.

Morgan looked directly into my eyes as he slowly shook his head. Soon he was standing right in front of me again and I got a strong whiff of the musky odor emanating from his glistening torso. He brought his arms around me and laid his large hands on my shoulder blades, slowly moving them down my body, his sweaty palms sliding easily down my back and continuing right over my butt cheeks. I groaned again, feeling the blood pulse into my dick. His hands kneaded and fondled my fleshy mounds, even spreading them apart a little, his long fingers sliding up and down my crack. Once he actually brushed my hole and I was shaken by an unexpected shudder of sexual ecstasy. Even Jesse had never touched me quite like that!

Then his hands slid around front and he began masturbating me again, bare flesh against bare flesh. I squirmed helplessly, pivoting a little on my toes as I strained against the rope that bound me to the exercise bar. Rivulets of sweat trickled from my brow and beaded on the bridge of my nose. Spittle was forming in the corners of my mouth. The vigorous massaging of my dick and balls caused me to attain a full erection, which he then examined with intense satisfaction, holding my upward curving penis in his open palm like a prime piece of tenderloin. Then he got down on his knees. He put his hands on my buttocks and pushed me right into his face, his nose in my belly button, my erection pressing against his throat. He began by kissing my belly—big, wet, sucking kisses that tickled more than anything else. I even managed a few strained, breathy laughs, but I was too worked up now to think about anything else but getting some relief. I realized it was only a matter of time now before I reached the peak of a quickly building orgasm.

I cried out wordlessly, as much out of shock as out of sexual passion, as Morgan’s lips went over my cockhead! While he used one hand pressed against my bare butt to hold me steady, he held the bottom of my shaft with his thumb and forefinger, guiding my penis into his hot, wet mouth. He seemed to know what he was doing as he was careful to curl his lips over his teeth to keep from injuring me. As my eyes nearly bugged out of my head, I noticed with a shudder that Jesse was now standing right behind him, the look of surprise on his angelic face quickly turning to one of intense concentration. He didn’t even seem to notice me observing his presence. God, he was so beautiful though, so stunning in that stiff white shirt and tie, his long, silky golden blond hair spilling over the collar, his full lips so rosy red, his crystal blue eyes.... If only it was Jesse sucking me off instead of Morgan....

“Ummmnnn,” I moaned, feeling my balls begin to contract. Morgan was actually sucking me at this point, my glans and about half the shaft fully in his mouth. “Mor...gan...!” I gasped, desperately trying to warn him. “I-I’m...I’m gonna...!”

There it went, shot after shot of cum blasting straight into Morgan Kipner’s mouth as my whole body stiffened with each thrillingly orgasmic spasm. I lifted myself fully on my toes, every muscle in my body strained to its limit of exertion. As the spurts began to lessen, I thought for sure he would back off, but he kept me there, his fingers squeezing my butt cheeks so hard I could feel his nails pressing into the spongy flesh. His nose brushed my pubic hair, and his lips, still curled to keep his teeth off my dick, were trembling with passion. Finally, he made a horrible gagging sound and let my member slide out. He coughed and sputtered, and I watched in disgust as some of my own semen spattered from his mouth. Rather than feel sorry for Morgan and the crazy feelings he was dealing with, I felt a dizzying wave of self-righteous anger course through my body. Served him right! I told myself. What did he think he was doing, a straight guy sucking on another boy’s penis, trying to drink his cum?!

But the anger passed quickly and suddenly I felt like all the energy had been sucked out of my body. It seemed like way too much effort to prop myself up on my toes, so as painful as it was, I allowed myself to just hang there by my wrists, my eyes teary from the intensity of my ejaculation and the pain of my suspended condition.

“You should untie him now,” I heard Jesse say, his voice sounding urgent but somewhat distant.

I opened my eyes to see Morgan, still on his knees, scowling at him. He shook his head. “Not yet! He didn’t use the fuckin’ safe word!” There was a clear determination in his voice as he moved behind me. I heard him unzipping his fly and I stared fearfully at Jesse. God Almighty—was Morgan going to rape me?! “No,,” I moaned, mostly in my own throat.

Jesse gave me a strained but concerned look. From his expression, it seemed he had the same fear. He looked ready to move, but he still refrained from taking any action. I knew that all I had to do was blurt out my safe word, and Jesse would surely knock Morgan to the floor. But even in my weakened and confused state, I couldn’t believe that Morgan would actually do that to me. I was determined to hold on for just a few more heartbeats. Suddenly I felt his long, rock-hard dick press against the top of my crack and the small of my back and I stopped breathing. It felt wet and huge and pulsing with a life of its own, like a fat nightcrawler from the depths of the earth. He wrapped his sweaty, steel muscled arms around my chest and hugged me to him, his chin resting against my shoulder, his ragged breathing heavy in my ear. Finally I had to gasp for breath, and as panic began to overtake my mind, I imagined that he was going to suffocate me. But I felt him rubbing the bottom of his shaft against my lower back and the top of my crack, using my own perspiration and his own precum as a lubricant, pushing and sliding, until I could even feel his balls slapping dully against my butt cheeks. Then I felt his arms tighten even more around my chest as he thrust his hips so forcefully against my ass, that he lifted me right off my feet. As I helplessly kicked my legs, I felt my loose boxers slide off and drop to the floor as gallons of thick, hot liquid spurted into the tight space between my back and his chest. Despite my shock, I momentarily flashed on the way Tom used to come up from behind me at school and grab me by the waist, grinding his crotch playfully into my butt, and I suddenly felt like bursting into maniacal laughter. But then a truly guttural sound erupted from Morgan’s throat.

“Arghhhhhh!” he growled like a furious wild animal trapped at the end of a ravine. With each spasm of his body, he lifted me off the floor. At last I felt him relax his grip around my torso as my toes again sank into the shallow carpet. I had my eyes closed for most of it, but when I opened them, it was to see Jesse standing there, his face coated with sweat, his crystal blue eyes wet and wide and his mouth open. There was even a thin trail of drool trickling from one corner of his mouth to his chin.

As Morgan released my chest, I gasped for breath. Being stretched out, it was already a difficult task just to take a normal breath, but after what I had just experienced, I thought I really might suffocate. Morgan slumped to the floor behind me and I felt his arms wrap around my lower legs.

Jesse seemed to come to his senses the quickest. He wiped the spittle from his chin with the sleeve of his white shirt. “We...we have to untie him now,” he urged, the tone of his voice indicating that he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Apparently, Morgan wasn’t quite up to it, so Jesse grabbed the chair and placed it at my side. He worked frantically at the knots, but seemed unable to make any progress. Morgan’s arms remained wrapped around my shins, his head, soaked with perspiration leaning against my calves.

“Shit!” Jesse exclaimed with frustration. He jumped back down to the carpet and hurriedly went to the desk. He started pulling drawers open frantically and rifling through them until he found what he was looking for. He quickly returned with a large pair of scissors and climbed back up on the chair.

“Back off, Morgan!” he demanded in a voice that left no room for protest. As I felt Morgan release his grasp, Jesse began snipping at the ropes. I felt the pressure against my wrists lessen.

“Get ready to catch yourself,” Jesse warned as he kept snipping away.

Despite his warning, when I was freed from the exercise bar, I stumbled a couple of steps only to have my knees give out. I collapsed, my hands still bound together.

“Oof!” I grunted, as I hit the carpeted floor, my forearms and knees bearing the brunt of the impact.

Jesse was right by my side. “Oh shit...I’m so sorry,” he moaned, and it sounded like he was on the verge of tears.

“I’m...I’m okay,” I managed to gasp. Jesse still had the scissors and he used them to slice the remaining coils of rope that still bound my wrists together. A few bits of the terrycloth wrist bands were snipped off along with the tight rings of rope.

“I’m sorry...I’m so, so sorry,” Jesse kept muttering under his breath.

I really didn’t like the worried look on his face. I didn’t want him to be upset. He had only tried to do good today, and if he had also gotten something out of it, then I was glad, or I would be, once my head stopped spinning and my body stopped aching. Everything had happened so quickly and unexpectedly. My brain wanted to convince itself that this had all been a bad dream, a waking nightmare, too bizarre and outrageous to be anything but a dark and twisted phantasmagoria. But the undeniable facts of my own nudity, my throbbing wrists, and the sticky mess coagulating on my back forced me to acknowledge the enormous thing that had just happened.

”Kingcarver,” I croaked.

Jesse looked at me with shock, and then trepidation.

”Kingcarver!” I declared more confidently, although my throat was painfully dry and it hurt to speak above a whisper. Jesse gave me a disbelieving, inquiring look and I gave him a shaky smile, my lips still trembling uncontrollably.

“I believe the experiment is officially over!” Dr. Taylor declared in a tight, raspy voice. He looked at me again with open concern and more than a touch of guilt. “Just hang tight for a sec and I’ll get something to clean you up,” he said in a voice that was all Jesse. He sprang to his feet and slipped past Morgan, into what I assumed was the bathroom.

“Perry...?” Morgan croaked in a dry and weak voice that was barely recognizable.

I felt a twinge of embarrassment, realizing that I was lying on the floor of Mr. Kipner’s office, stark naked, my bare ass in plain sight, with Morgan’s jizz splattered all over my lower back. Some of it had even dripped down into my crack.

“I...I’m sorry,” he began to apologize. I glanced back to see that he was still on the floor, leaning against the entryway, his jeans and boxer briefs bunched up at his ankles.

I didn’t know how to respond. I had been worried about him seeing me naked, about him touching my private parts.... Never in my wildest fantasies had I imagined that Morgan would tie me up and suck me off! At least he had gagged on my cum. That seemed like a good thing somehow.

I heard whispered footsteps as Jesse scurried back across the carpeted floor, which smelled vaguely of tobacco. He laid a full sized bath towel next to me and then began wiping off my back with a hand towel. He even entered my butt crack and I gasped at the strange and unexpected intrusion.

“Sorry...sorry,” he muttered sadly. “Can you get on your knees?” he asked.

I nodded and weakly picked myself up. Jesse immediately wrapped the towel around my waist and I grasped it and tied it as best I could. My wrists felt like they were on fire. I peeled off the sweat soaked wristbands. Considering how much they hurt, I wasn’t that surprised to see dull red circles impressed onto my wrists despite the protection of the terrycloth. But that was to be expected since those tight coils of rope had actually supported all my weight during at least a part of the experience. My hands and fingers tingled as the blood flow slowly returned to normal; my armpits were sore, my chest and hips ached, and it hurt to breathe. I wasn’t sure I liked getting tied up like that. It had been fun to read about in Jesse’s story, but in reality, it was a bitch and a half!

Quite suddenly, Morgan began sobbing, loud, gasping, pathetic eruptions that filled the room and surely reverberated beyond the wood paneled door into the rest of the large house. I got weakly to my feet and stumbled over to where Morgan was still sitting with his knees pulled up, his pants around his ankles. I carefully knelt by his side.

“Hey, I’m okay!” I assured him in a painfully hoarse voice, even managing a weak smile. I reached out a comforting arm and Morgan’s eyes opened wide with shock. I realized that he was seeing the red marks on my wrists for the first time.

“Oh...Shit!” he gasped in a half choking voice.

“No, it’s not so bad,” I assured him as quickly as I could. “The sweatbands were a great idea. My skin burns a little, but it’s already starting to go away,” I lied.

“Jesse, there’s cold water in the the bathroom,” Morgan noted weakly, and Jesse hurried past us to get it. My distraught jock friend just kept trying to make eye contact with me, sometimes managing a couple of uninterrupted seconds before he would flinch and his gaze would drop to the floor in shame. He was still breathing heavily, but the sobbing had stopped, at least for the moment.

Jesse pulled the wrapper off the bottle of Sparkletts and handed it to me. He also had one for himself and one for Morgan. We all drank thirstily.

“Perry, are you really okay?” Jesse asked, kneeling beside us. I could tell his concern was genuine and not just for Morgan’s benefit. “I mean, do you need anything?”

I shrugged and then shook my head. What could he do? The best thing now, was for me to get dressed, go home, and take another long, long shower. I needed time to think about everything. Right now, I felt so very tired. It was like Morgan had sucked out all my energy along with the cum.

“Perry...Jesse...I’m so, so sorry,” Morgan apologized again, and with the drained expression on his face and the rivulets of sweat cascading down his temples and beading on his forehead, nose and chin, he looked more like he had just given his all in a full game of basketball than like he had just played out a kinky sex fantasy.

“The idea here wasn’t for you to feel sorry...or ashamed,” Jesse noted, apparently referring to some earlier talk the two had had without me. “You were supposed to see that Perry...that he’s just a normal anyone else.”

“Well, in that case, the plan sure the fuck backfired!” Morgan noted with grim sarcasm.

“You know what I mean, right?” Jesse asked, turning to me a little sheepishly.

I nodded.

“I hurt him,” Morgan groaned, looking at Jesse but not at me.

“That was pretty rough,” Jesse admitted. “But I think Perry’s a lot tougher than he looks.”

“I’m okay...really,” I insisted, but I could already tell that my whole body would be sore tomorrow—and there was a basketball practice right after school! Even so, I realized that, before I could start worrying about my own pathetic self, I needed to know that Morgan was going to be okay. It was possible that playing out such a powerful and obscene fantasy might very well have backfired. Instead of making Morgan see that there was nothing to get worked up about as far as my stupid body went, it may have made him feel like he had taken advantage of our friendship and really done me some serious harm.

“Look at you!” Morgan said, finally meeting my gaze. He gestured at my tired face and reddened wrists.

“You sure did!” I said, trying my best to smile. “I sure did look at me!”

Morgan seemed taken aback by my weak attempt at humor. “I did, didn’t I? I wanted to see you naked so bad,” he replied with fearful earnest. “Worse than anything.”

“One thing we noticed today,” Jesse noted, sounding again a little like ’Dr. Taylor, “was that it wasn’t just about sex but also about domination. It’s like you wanted to show Perry that you were in control.”

Morgan nodded. “Yeah, I liked that feeling...but see, that was just part of the fantasy. I don’t really feel like that,” he admitted glumly. He glanced at both of us with that forlorn look of his, his eyebrows raised over his close set, reddened eyes. “I feel like Perry is just...perfect, so incredibly good sweet, so kind and humble...and I’m such a scumbag...such a low-life, self-involved scumbag asshole—”

“Morgan! Get off it!” Jesse said, raising his voice harshly. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself.”

“Right,” he muttered distractedly, as if he was trying valiantly to look at things from a bigger perspective but wasn’t quite able to get beyond the intense feelings of guilt and remorse he was currently experiencing.

“You did the things you fantasized about...the things you wanted to do to Perry.”

“Shit, Perry,” Morgan said, and it looked like he might start sobbing again at any moment. “I sucked your dick. I can’t believe it. You must think I’m like the sickest mother of all fuckers that ever lived!”

“That wasn’t something you told me you wanted to do,” Jesse noted drily.

“I know...It just happened. It looked so...good. I just had to do it.”

“I’m sorry!” I apologized quickly. “I tried to warn you that I was know....” I couldn’t say the words despite everything that had happened.

Morgan managed a weak smile. “I know, Per. I knew what was happening. I wanted you to cream my mouth. I wanted to taste you, to drink you up. I was just so damned worked up that I ended up choking—God, what a fucked up son of a bitch I am!”

“That’s good!” I noted quickly. “That means you’re not really gay or anything!”

Morgan laughed drily and then shook his head. “No, it just means I was a little overexcited. I would’ve taken it all otherwise. I wanted to...still do.”

“You mean...?”

“Yeah, I liked it, Per. I liked seeing you naked; I liked tying you up; I loved feeling you all over. I loved having your dick in my mouth. It was all just totally...incredible.”

I just knelt there in shock, hearing the words I so didn’t want to hear coming out of Morgan’s mouth. My mind was reeling.... All this had been for nothing!

“The thing is,” Jesse interrupted, “do you want to do that stuff with anyone else?”

Morgan seemed to get thoughtful. “I’m...I’m not sure,” he admitted. “Now that I know what it’s really like...what it’s like to experience another guy in a sexual way...I don’t know.” He eyed Jesse carefully. “I might want to do that stuff with other guys.”

“So you are gay?” Jesse said, the disappointment obvious in his voice.

Morgan shrugged, but no longer seemed that upset. “It might be,” he confessed. “I mean, this all happened so fast. I still can’t even take it all in. Mainly what I’m thinking about right now is all the pain and humiliation I put my best friend through.” He looked at me solemnly. “I mean, the things I did to you today, the things you put up with, no one in the world should have to go through that!”

“I think Perry understood that he could stop things anytime he wanted to, right?” Jesse asked me. The worry was still apparent in his tone.

I was barely focusing on what was going on anymore, but I slowly nodded my head. Morgan was gay? That couldn’t be! There had to be something else, something to do with Morgan being a natural born leader, a driven athlete, all that domination stuff.... But I just couldn’t think clearly.

“I’m fine, Morgan, and I’ll do anything I can for you.... I just want us to be like...normal friends,” I told him, valiantly fighting back the tears that wanted to come gushing out.

“Per, I’m gonna start blubberin’ like a fuckin’ baby again if you don’t lay off,” he warned.

I glanced confusedly at Jesse.

“I think Morgan would almost prefer that you just smack him in the jaw, or tell him to fuck off or something,” Jesse suggested.

“Yeah...yeah, that would probably be best,” Morgan concurred. “But what about you?” he asked Jesse.


“I mean, look how you spent all this time talking to me about all this...all my fucked up problems...since that night at the hotel. I mean, if that ain’t a real friend, I don’t know what is. And then having to sit there and watch me...humiliate and torture your best friend—”

“Um. well, maybe I should make a confession too,” Jesse said quietly, and suddenly my focus was very much back on the moment. Morgan and I both looked at the handsome, blond and blue-eyed youth crouching next to us, the only one of us that didn’t look like he had just run the L.A. Marathon on a ninety-five degree day, and also the only one of us still fully dressed.

“You see, I kinda liked seeing Perry get tied up,” he admitted. “I mean, I was worried and stuff for him of course, and I think I’m gonna have some really bad dreams...but in a was kinda cool—like one of those games you play when you’re a kid—only way, way more intense!”

Morgan nodded understandingly. I was surprised that Jesse would admit his affinity for bondage, since it had such clear sexual connotations, but I think he was trying his best to help Morgan feel better about himself, and I was all for that.

“What about seeing him naked?” Morgan pressed.

“Um...well...that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” he admitted sheepishly. “You' look okay and stuff...for a guy, Perry,” he confessed awkwardly, sounding more like me than the smooth and confident boy I had come to know and love so dearly.

“Maybe you’re gay too!” Morgan said with a creepy dose of enthusiasm.

“Let’s not get carried away,” Jesse laughed drily.

“Hem...” I said, not liking the way that particular conversation was going. “Look, guys,” I said, shakily getting to my feet. There was nothing more prominent in my mind at the moment than escape. I had to get out of here, away from the two people who had seen me in that humiliating situation, seen my pathetic, nude body, seen the unbelievably stupid way I must look when I’m blowing my load. What could be more embarrassing? “I really need to get dressed and get going.... Is that okay?”

“Are you mad at us?” Morgan asked, struggling to his own feet, not bothering to clean himself up but quickly tugging his boxer briefs and pants up at the same time. “At me?”

I shook my head. “I’m not mad at anybody. You’re both my friends and...I know we’re all guys and stuff but...I just don’t like being naked in front of people, and it did really hurt getting tied up like that,” I admitted.

It looked for a moment like I was going to have two crying teenagers to deal with. “But it was kinda fun too,” I added quickly. “In a way...I mean, I guess I used to like to play pretend games and stuff too.... And it always seemed like someone had to get tied up. That was just part of the game.... So this time, I guess that was me!”

“Yeah, maybe next time, it’ll be Jesse’s turn!” Morgan said, making a weak attempt at a joke.

Jesse didn’t look amused. He began gathering my scattered clothing up. He handed me my boxers. I quickly slipped them on before untying the towel from around my waist. I was still hot and sticky from everything that had happened, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to have my clothes on—then I’d feel at least a little better. Jesse handed me my jeans and I stepped into them and zipped them up. I pulled my T-shirt on over my head and I felt it cling uncomfortably to my perspiration-soaked torso. Jesse handed me my shoes and socks and I went to sit on the sofa. Morgan came and sat by me as I started to put my socks back on. He watched me intently as I started to stuff one foot into a still-tied sneaker. Then I remembered the pledge I had made to myself not to ruin my new shoes before I even got on the plane to New York. I hurriedly undid the bow, realizing my fingers were still trembling.

“I hate seeing you put your shoes on,” Morgan said. “In fact, I hate seeing you get dressed at all. You look so cool—”

“Morgan, what’s wrong with you?” I asked angrily, hardly able to tie my laces I was so upset. “Do you hear yourself? I mean, what the fuck are you talking about?”

But Morgan didn’t bristle or anything. He actually laughed. “I got it bad for you, Perry. That’s all there is to it.” He paused, as if he was startled at his own lack of emotional angst. “I was hoping you’d be okay with it,” he added quietly.

“But what about Katy?” I asked, finally finishing my bows.

I saw a slightly pained expression come to his face and he pursed his lips. “I like Katy a lot—and not just as a friend,” he was quick to point out. He seemed to look off into space for a few heartbeats. “I guess I’m bi,” he noted without consternation.

“No—you’re just mixed up!” I insisted, glancing desperately at Jesse for a little backup. But he just stood leaning against the desk looking very uncomfortable.

“I’m not, Perry,” Morgan insisted. “I mean, not anymore. I know I like Katy—sexually, and now I know I like you—sexually. That’s just how it is. And if it really came down to it—if you had these same kinda feelings too, I’d rather be with you than her.”

I could feel my eyes bulging in my head. I got to my feet. “This is crazy!” I gasped.

“No, Perry,” We both turned to look at Jesse. “It’s not crazy...just not what you expected, not how you wanted it to turn out. But that doesn’t make it crazy.”

Morgan looked at Jesse with clear gratitude. “I think he’s right,” Morgan agreed, still sounding unusually calm and collected. “I mean, if I just look at things in the simplest way—I’m bisexual and I’m attracted to pretty girls and pret—good looking guys, it all starts to make sense, all these feelings I’ve been having.”

“It does...?” I asked incredulously. I realized I was now the only one in the room who seemed on the verge of hysteria.

“How would you explain it?” Morgan asked, and it seemed like he was still open to other possibilities. Only my mind was a blank. My wrists burned and my sweaty body ached all over.

“I...I can’t,” I admitted defeatedly. “But if you really do have those kinds of feelings for guys, then why me? I’m nothing special. I don’t have big muscles or a” I finished awkwardly.

“That does seem a little strange that you’d only be interested in Perry that way,” Jesse agreed.

Morgan actually smiled, and it really did seem like a change had come over him in just the last few minutes. The look of guilt, shame and fear, the heavy sobs, even the anger and frustration, seemed to belong to someone else now, someone who had silently left the building. “Who do you think is prettier: Melissa or Jessica?” he asked.

I thought of doe-eyed Melissa jumping on me at St. Joe’s with her well endowed bosom sticking in my face, and I thought of Jessica in her beautiful dress at church last Sunday, or in her form-fitting bicycle shorts running around the park with that bright white smile and girlish giggle.


Morgan nodded in emphatic agreement. “See? Melissa’s got the biggest boobs—no contest, and for sure she ain’t a dog or anything, but you’re right: Jessica is a lot prettier—like overall.”


“So, it’s like that for me...I mean, about you. Maybe you aren’t as ripped as the Governator, or as well endowed some other guys, but my God, Per, you take my fuckin’ breath away!”

I realized there were tears trickling out of my eyes and even though I wanted to get away, I needed to first pull myself together.

“Don’t cry, dude,” Morgan crooned softly, coming to sit by my side. Jesse remained leaning on the desk, but I could see the emotions boiling in his crystal blue eyes. “Are you upset because of...the things I did to you?” he asked worriedly.

Fuck Yeah! But I didn’t think that was what I was really crying about. I shook my head. “It was...was just a game,” I muttered, maybe trying to convince myself that was the case.

“Okay...sure,” Morgan agreed smoothly. “It was just a game that got a little outta hand...but then, what’re you feeling sad about?”

“Because you’re supposed to be a straight, normal—”

“Perry,” Jesse interrupted quickly. “Who’s to say what’s normal? Isn’t it different for everyone?”

“I...I dunno,” I said, realizing I was being dense and difficult.

“Do you like Artie?” he asked.

I shrugged. “Not really,” I admitted.

“But Manny does. Does that make him abnormal?”

“Maybe,” I joked weakly. “No...I guess not,” I admitted.

“And what about Kyle and Melissa? Are they abnormal—horny as two lab rats injected with a shitload of pheromones maybe—but abnormal?”

“No—but it’s not the same thing!” I insisted petulantly. “Morgan is supposed...supposed to be...” I stammered frustratedly.

“Your totally straight, ‘man, that guy’s got all his shit together,’ jock friend?” Morgan asked a bit sarcastically.

I nodded emphatically. “Yeah—exactly!”

Morgan hesitantly reached out an arm, and then went ahead and rubbed my shoulder. I didn’t stop him because it was sore and it did feel good to get a little sympathy massage.

“Don’t you think I’d love to be that person?” Morgan asked quietly.

“I...dunno,” I admitted with a sniffle. The tears had stopped but my nose was running. I ungracefully wiped the snot with the sleeve of my T-shirt.

“And I tried so hard...not just for myself, but for you, and the dad.” I looked at him hopefully, but he shrugged. “But in the end, what’s the point in pretending to be something your not?”

“There’s a lot of point!” I assured him. “Nobody will take you seriously as a jock anymore if they find out about this.”

Morgan nodded in agreement. “You’re right. I wasn’t planning to make a school-wide announcement. Just you and Jesse know...and I trust you guys...totally.”

“But what are we gonna do?” I asked, feeling the frustration and hopelessness start to work their way up my throat again. I looked desperately at both Morgan and Jesse.

“It’s gonna work out, I think,” Morgan offered somewhat uncertainly. “I mean, I understand something about myself now. I’m not gonna fight it any more, and that feels so just can’t imagine.”

“But Perry’s straight,” Jesse pointed out in a convincing manner.

“Yeah, I know, and that’s cool too,” Morgan declared. “It means there isn’t going to be any wild, gay love affair, and even though I have fantasies like that, I think it’s a lot better for everyone that it doesn’t happen that way.”

“That would be dangerous,” Jesse pointed out.

Morgan nodded. “I don’t think you could keep a secret like that in a small school like St. Boniface.”

I resisted the urge to glance over at Jesse, but kept my eyes downcast.

“So, as far as what we’re gonna do...” Morgan continued, “I don’t exactly know. Why don’t we just take some time to think about it. I mean, Christmas break is coming up. You’re gonna be outta town; I’m gonna be outta town—”

“I’ll be here!” Jesse quipped.

“That’s good,” Morgan said with a warm smile, and he turned to look directly at Jesse. “I mean, it’s really good. I’m really glad that you came to Santa Corina,” he proclaimed sincerely.

I saw that Jesse was genuinely touched by that, and I remembered how Morgan had admitted to feeling a little resentful of my new friend from Illinois, how he had tried to draw Jesse into a fight that day before Thanksgiving. Now I could finally see that there were some good things happening here. Morgan’s face looked so different, relaxed, even peaceful. Of course we both looked like we could use a serious shower.

“Me too,” I said, offering Jesse a shy smile.

There was a few moments of silence but I sensed satisfaction, at least from Morgan and to a certain extent from Jesse. The thought that I had my dick and balls hanging out in front of these guys, that Morgan had masturbated me, and even sucked me off, still made me seriously queasy, but he claimed that he had actually enjoyed it. At first, he had felt all the guilt and shame that had been weighing him down these last couple months, but then, somehow, it had lifted, and I could feel that and hear it in his voice. I sighed a big, heavy sigh through my mouth.

“Man, Perry naked and tied up...” Jesse noted disbelievingly.

“I think he deserves the Good Sportsmanship Award of the Month,” Morgan noted.

“Of the Year!” Jesse emphasized.

“You guys are nuts,” I muttered. “But I guess I must be too, because here I am, sitting in this room with my two best friends, knowing that you guys saw the most disgusting parts of my body, and you’re still...” I felt tears coming again, but I breathed deeply despite the tightness in my chest, fighting them back. “Still my friends,” I whispered emotionally.

“I really need to get upstairs and get cleaned up,” Jesse said uneasily, even though he looked perfectly fine to me.

“Dr. Taylor, isn’t it traditional to finish a therapy session with a group hug?” Morgan asked.

For a single heartbeat, Jesse looked at me in that way I knew meant that he loved me with all his heart and I felt a shiver go through my whole body. He was so beautiful, so intelligent, so mine...I dared to glance back with love in my eyes and I saw his cheeks turn a light pink. Then he walked to the middle of the room and Morgan and I joined him. We had a long, long hug filled with hard biceps and boys’ sweat...and it really felt like the three of us had been through something big, something important. I wondered briefly if that something was good or bad, and then came to the startling realization that it just was. No one had asked for the feelings they had, or the strange urges that constantly tested our willpower, or the constant struggles we endured between what we thought was right and what we thought was wrong. And beyond all that was how all the people around us would react, judging our feelings and our actions against their own experiences and beliefs. How could there be any true right and wrong when every person was different? In the end, it really came down to who the people were that you called friends.

I made sure to press Jesse in extra tight, even though Morgan had his long arms wrapped around both of us.


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