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Perry and Jesse

The Incredibly Romantic (and slightly kinky) Adventures of Two Boys In Love

Part V Truths and Lies

Chapter 34: To The Manor Borne

 "Well, like she said, my brother is around...somewhere. He's down from Berkeley for the break." Jessica unlocked the door and let us in. I was just about to set my bags down so I could hang my hoodie next to Jessica's jacket, when suddenly I heard a raucous flurry of high pitched yipping and yapping. Like race horses coming out of their chutes, two shaggy little dogs came bounding into the sprawling kitchen, their claws clicking on the fancy tile floor, sprinting around the large center island to reach us. Jessica, her backpack still on, knelt and picked up the diminutive canines. She rubbed her face lovingly into theirs, allowing them to lick her freely with their tiny pink tongues. Finally, holding a dog easily in each arm, she turned to me.

 "This is Barbie--of course,"she said in a childish voice as she held one of the dogs up, waving it's little paw right in my face. The little pooch immediately began licking my face with what felt like wet sandpaper.  I was trying to think of a way to push the little varmint away gracefully, when she was suddenly replaced by the other little dog and its equally wet tongue.

 "And this is Kendyl. Look, they like you!" I got another tongue bath before Jessica kissed each dog on the nose and lowered them back to the floor, where they both immediately began their high pitched racket again. Barbie was even tugging playfully on the cuff of my black Dockers.

 "Want something to drink?" Jessica asked sweetly.

  "Ah...sure," I said, trying to gently shrug the unpleasant little animal off.

 "Lemonade okay?" she asked, as she peered into the double wide refrigerator.

 I nodded. I really was thirsty and while Jessica had her head in the fridge, I took the opportunity to wipe the dog spit off my face as best I could.

 Jessica filled two tall glasses with ice and then poured the lemonade. She handed me one and then took a sip of hers.  I took a rather longer gulp than I had intended, and then caught myself just before I wiped my mouth on the sleeve of my jacket. 

 "So, the princess has finally arrived...with her prince in tow!" came a dry, gravely voice from behind us.

 Barbie and Kendyl were now dancing excitedly around a tall, lean figure. His skin was rather pale, indicating that he did indeed spend most of his time up in the fog enshrouded Bay area. He had a long, unshaven, narrow face and a prominent nose.  His dark blond hair was medium length and combed into drooping bangs that gave him something of a mournful look. This effect was only enhanced by the large and soulful brown eyes that peered out from under thick, brown eyebrows. Only the dignified chin and high cheekbones bore any clear relation to Jessica. He resembled the stout and bearded patriarch of the family even less. He was dressed casually in a sand colored camp shirt with the tails hanging out over baggy khaki pants, and simple flip-flops on his bare feet.

 "Nobby!" Jessica shouted, running up and standing on her toes to give her brother a loving hug.

 "What's all the excitement? You just saw me this morning!" he laughed.

 "But I so wanted you to meet Perry--and here he is!"

 The young man scrutinized me carefully, almost apprehensively, before extending a long fingered hand in my direction. "Noah Bainbridge, at your service," he said. He didn't have an English accent, but the careful way in which he spoke almost made it seem like he did. "I've heard so much about you; very pleased to meet you at last."

 I gave his hand a vigorous shake, remembering the forceful way Mr. Bainbridge had greeted me at church a couple of weeks before. "Um...I'm...uh...Perry...Perry Thompson, and I'm pleased to meet you...sir," I added, because he sounded so formal when he spoke.

 But he laughed through his nose. "Sir, is it?" He raised an accusing eyebrow. "I'm only nineteen--hardly a Sir!"

 "You can call him Nobby. Noah sounds so--Biblical," Jessica giggled.

 "She started calling me that when she was in diapers, and it just stuck," he noted with a gentle smile. "Pretty much everyone around here calls me that. I have to admit, after being away for three months, I was actually starting to miss it--a little," he grinned coyly. "So Jessica tells me you're quite the jock," he noted conversationally.

 "Oh, he's not really a jock, silly. He's just really, really good at playing basketball," Jessica explained quickly and logically.

 "Ah, well, that's entirely different then," he noted with mild sarcasm. "Moving in, then?" he asked, gesturing to my 'luggage.'

 "No, it's just my clothes for the party...later on."

 "The great Yuletide celebration," he noted with open disdain. I noticed he was staring at me in a much more than casual way with those big, heavy lidded eyes that seemed to cut right through me, and I started to feel uncomfortable. I supposed if my kid sister dragged a boyfriend home, I would be suspicious as well. If only he knew that Jessica was the one calling the shots in this relationship.

 "So, I'm off to get some ciggies," he noted casually. "Need anything from the local 'quickie mart'?" The way he said quickie mart, I could almost see the air quotes around it.

 "You and those nasty cigarettes! Really, you'd think someone with your massive intellect would know better!" Jessica chided.

 "That's just the problem, you see. All those brain cells, just bursting to get out. I think the exhaling of cigarette smoke actually helps to relieve the pressure, somewhat."

 "Oh, don't listen to him. He's such a silly goose!" Jessica noted playfully.

 "Very nice to meet you, Perry," Noah said, again extending a hand. I gave him a much quicker shake this time and then reached down to pick up my garment and overnight bags. Noah reached in his pants pocket for his car keys. I could see they had an Avis tag attached to the key ring. He smiled sheepishly when he noticed I was looking. "Yes, off to turn some heads as I pull into the parking lot of the local 'quickie mart' in my shiny white Ford Focus!" he noted, with a slightly thicker coating of sarcasm this time.

 "He has no one to blame but himself for smashing up the brand new G35 my parents gave him for graduation,"  Jessica noted stiffly, as Noah let himself out the kitchen door.

 "Wow--were you hurt?"

 "Only my pride," he said with a sardonic smile as he slipped past us and out the door.

 "He seems like a...nice guy," I said politely.

 "Oh, I know Nobby can come off as a bit snooty when you first meet him, but he's really very sweet...even a bit of a romantic-- although he'd kill me if he knew I was telling people that!" she giggled. She took another sip of her lemonade and set the glass down on the counter. "C'mon, then.  Bring your stuff," she said as she started to saunter out of the kitchen.

 "I almost forgot!" I said, rummaging in my overnight bag. I pulled out a small box shaped gift, wrapped in green foil. "For the Secret Santa thing."

 "Oh yes!" Jessica exclaimed, spinning around. She took it from me and set it on the counter. Of course, she already knew what it was and who it was for because she had helped me pick it out when we were at Fashion Valley. "We'll put it under the tree later." With that, she walked briskly out of the room.

 I hurried to follow, not wanting to get lost in a sprawling house like the Bainbridge manor. We passed through a pantry area, Barbie and Kendyl happily trotting alongside. They seemed to know where their boundaries were though, because they stopped right before the pantry opened into a plushly carpeted library. Two walls were covered from floor to ceiling with books, most of which had medical titles. There was a large family portrait on the wall adjacent to the staircase, with Mr. Bainbridge sitting and his family surrounding him.  All were dressed formally, the two young men in navy blue blazers, and Jessica and her mom in long evening dresses that reminded me of the outfit Jessica had worn to church on Sunday. The picture looked recent. Perhaps it was taken around the time of Noah's graduation from high school, because everyone looked similar to the way they did now. Noah's hair was actually a bit longer and Jessica had hers up, accentuating her high cheekbones. The oldest brother, whose name I didn't know, was actually shorter than Noah and a bit stockier, more closely resembling the patriarch of the family than did either of his siblings. He had a thin beard and mustache, giving him a very dignified, artistic look. The actual staircase was rather modest, and I was quite certain there would be a double wide, curving, master staircase in the living room, since this house was even larger and more grandiose than Katy's.

 "Where're we going?" I asked as I reached the top and hurried to keep up with Jessica. We were walking down a long, carpeted corridor with closed doors on either side.

 "Here!" she proclaimed, gesturing to a door with a large, embroidered banner hanging on it that read:  Her Majesty's Private Chambers in elaborate script. "Arthur made that for me one summer," she giggled. "He's always been quite the artist!" She stepped inside and gestured for me to follow.

 It was a large room of course, with thick, white shag carpeting on the floor. Appropriately enough, an imposing, queen sized poster bed dominated the space. There was a flat screen TV on the wall opposite the bed, an impressive collection of top-of-the-line video and audio equipment, and an authentic looking French style writing desk full of curves and intricately carved gold moldings juxtaposed with a very modern, flatscreen computer monitor. Along the wall next to the door was a vanity table with a large mirror surrounded by small light bulbs. Jars, tubes, trays, brushes, and several smaller mirrors covered the surface. There were a few family photos on one side, and a recent one on the other side, showing her and Katy in their white tennis outfits out on the court, smiling girlishly for the camera.

 Jessica dropped her backpack carelessly in one corner and toed off her sneakers. She immediately sat down on the edge of her bed, sinking into the thick, white comforter with fleur d'lis  woven into the fabric with silver thread. It was pretty clear that she wanted me to join her, but I chose instead to continue methodically exploring the room. I noticed there were no giant posters of teenybopper idols on the walls--not even Kirk Vandriss! There were some tasteful Impressionist prints on the wall, and only a few posters, including one depicting the snow-covered slopes of Vale, and another in Art Deco style announcing an upcoming Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra concert. I looked at it more closely and noticed that one of the pieces to be performed was Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D with soloist Arthur Bainbridge.

 "Wow, your brother's in the symphony?"

 "Oh, he plays so beautifully, Perry. Someday we have to go hear him perform.  In fact, he's on tour on the east coast this very moment and he won't be able to visit us until later in January."

 I thought of Jesse, and how much fun he seemed to have that Saturday night at church, improvising a song with Jason Tarentino. "I wish I hadn't stopped taking lessons."

 "Oh, what do you play?" 

 "Used to play--piano."

 "That's wonderful. We have a beautiful Steinway in the music room. Maybe you could play some Christmas carols for us tonight."

 "Uh, no. I'm not that good, and I haven't played since...since we left La Jolla."

 "Oh..." Jessica said disappointedly. "You should start again. Arthur had a wonderful teacher. You'd really like him, and he's so amazingly good!"

 I shrugged noncommittally and strolled a little further into the room, exploring all the nooks and crannies. What I had thought was a set of floor length windows actually were french doors that opened onto a small balcony. I could vaguely make out, through the translucent drapes and past the balustrade, an impressive backyard dominated by a swimming pool and lush tropical vegetation. Continuing my tour of Jessica's room,  my attention was next drawn to a large, fully lit glass display case featuring about a dozen extravagantly costumed Barbie dolls.

 "I gave away most of my collection about a year ago," she noted, still sitting patiently on the edge of the bed. "To a charity auction. I had over a hundred, and tons of clothes and accessories. Those are just the really special ones--limited editions."

 "Really?  How much did you pay for this one?" I asked, gesturing to one at the bottom with only a threadbare tennis shirt on its otherwise unclothed plastic body. This poor Barbie had also clearly suffered at the hands of a very inept hairstylist. She was practically bald!

 "Oh that!" Jessica giggled. "That was my very first Barbie. I got her when I was like two. My mom says when I was around three, I tried giving her a haircut."

 "Remind me never to let you cut my hair!" I joked.

 "Oh, Perry, come and sit with me please!" she begged, thumping the bed impatiently.

 I nodded, and took my time sauntering over. I probably wasn't doing a very good job of hiding how apprehensive I felt. So many things had happened in the past couple of weeks-- not just with Jessica, but with all my friends-- that I felt on edge practically all the time now. And knowing that Jessica and I were getting deeper and deeper into a relationship based on deception, one that had no clear resolution, only added to my distress. I carefully sat down on the edge of the bed, leaving a couple feet between us.

 "Are you afraid I might bite?"


 "I just might--I'm feeling so horny!"


 "You don't have to blush.  Girls can feel horny too, you know!"

 I nodded.

 "Just because our pants don't pop up every time we have a sexual thought, doesn't mean that we don't feel the same stirrings."


 "You had a girlfriend before--or more than one, so you must know what I mean."

 She was probably referring to La Jolla Toya who, of course, didn't really exist. But after my run-in with both Melissa and Clarissa last Saturday, I certainly did know what she meant.

 "You look so tense," she said, noting the distance between us. "Won't you try to relax--please?"

 "Um...sure," I agreed with an awkward smile.

 She scooted over until her thigh was pressing against mine. "You can take off your shoes, you know."

 That sounded like an innocent enough idea. But I hesitated. What was really going on here? There was no one in the house except the two of us. Jessica had already let it slip last Saturday that she thought she loved me. And now she was telling me that she was feeling really horny. What if things got out of hand? I hadn't really considered just how far I could or should go with this lovely girl without being unfaithful to Jesse. Maybe I had crossed that line already. But he had actually encouraged me to be with her, so he must have been expecting that something would happen between us. Still, what if I needed to make a mad dash out the door? I'd be able to cover a lot more ground a whole lot quicker with my sneakers on. Maybe I'd even make it to my house before she caught me. It was pretty much a down hill trip..... I sighed, figuring she probably wouldn't go for that explanation, so I toed off my Etnies.

 "This is so exciting!" Jessica declared as she took my hand and rubbed the back of it against her tender cheek. I was always impressed with how soft she felt. Maybe it was because I was so used to Jesse, who was a boy, and while hardly rough skinned, obviously didn't use all the creams and lotions that girls did to keep their skin so silky smooth.


 "This is just so the way I wanted it to be," she said, shrugging her shoulders excitedly.

 "What d'you mean?"

 "I think it's so sexy that we're both here, alone, in our school clothes, you know?"

 I shrugged and gently shook my head.

 "I mean, because that's the way I see you every day. Polo shirt and Dockers, Polo shirt and Dockers," she said in a sing songy voice to emphasize the routine of it. "Well, I probably shouldn't tell you this--but I've already told Katy this about a gajillion times, so what the hey!" She waved her hand absently in the air. "But I have this fantasy about you like almost every day. I just stare at you every chance I get, just watching you sitting there looking so unbelievably hot and sexy, and I just start mentally undressing you!"

 I knew my eyes would give me away, but I stiffened, feeling that I really might be in some serious danger here!

 "Don't you do that sometimes?" she asked with sincere curiosity.  

 "Undress people?"

 "Sure, like undress them with your eyes.  I've seen you look at me sometimes in class when you think I'm not looking,"  she tittered, poking me gently in the arm.

 Damn--I was blushing!  

 "I know you're too much of a gentleman to talk about it--but I'm not!" she giggled, again poking me in the arm. "Mr. Walsh's class especially is such a drag, so I like to undress you really slowly--to make the time pass. Besides, it's more sexy that way, don't you think?"

 That sounded like a rhetorical question, so I just smiled a little and kept looking at her like I was interested. It was so unfair that girls and boys were allowed, or even expected to make goo goo eyes at each other. Yet, if a boy stared at another boy in the same way.....

 "I don't know how other people do it, but in my fantasy, I just sort of imagine each piece of clothing slowly fading away--like you're looking through some kind of X-ray machine or something. So the first thing to disappear is your shoes, of course!"

 I self-consciously tucked my sock feet under the side of her bed when she said that.

 "I never really paid much attention to people's feet before," she noted. "I mean, boys' feet, that is.  Of course, I check out other girls' to see how they've done their nails and what color polish they're using and stuff. But boys' feet?"  She pushed her lower lip out and made a disgusted face.

 "But I actually like your feet, Perry--or at least the one that I saw--isn't that strange?"

 "Very," I agreed.

 "It's like, I sit there in class imagining your shoes disappearing and of course you're wearing those white crew socks you're always wearing--just like now!" she pointed out, nudging my knee with her own. "And I imagine you're wiggling your toes--you have such nice long toes, Perry. They're just precious!"

 Suddenly she sprang off the bed and my heart nearly leapt into my throat. But she quickly went to her knees in front of me.

 "Let me see those precious toes of yours!" she urged.

 "Gosh, Jessica. I've had my shoes on all day. My feet are hot and,...stuff."

 Jessica just looked up at me with what I hoped was exaggerated exasperation. Reluctantly, I straightened my legs out a little so that my feet were out from under the edge of her bed.

 "I remember the first time I saw you with your shoes off--at Katy's Un-Halloween party. Remember?"

 While I certainly remembered that party, and my first close encounter with Jessica, I had forgotten that I had taken my shoes off in the guest room before sitting on the bed next to her to watch The Sopranos.

 "By then, I had mentally undressed you like a jillion times, so when I actually saw you in socks, it was like a big deal!" She laughed self-consciously.

 "I think I was kinda embarrassed about that because of all the dancing--my feet were really sweaty and...stuff," I remarked.

 "I told you, that doesn't bother me! I have two older brothers, and even if you didn't wash your feet for like a year, they'd never smell as bad as theirs did after one of their soccer matches!"

 She lightly caressed the top of one of my feet in a way that really felt pretty nice. I wondered if I was finally going to be getting that foot massage she had been promising me since Katy's party.

 "So next, of course, comes the socks," she said, almost as if talking to herself. She boldly reached under the cuff of my black Dockers and began peeling the crew sock off my right foot.

 "Jessica!" I protested, pulling my foot out of her grasp. "You're too...too pretty and stuff to be touching my dirty, smelly socks!"

 "They're not dirty," she said, gently tugging my ankle out from under the side of her bed once again. "Like you said, you had your shoes on all day--so how could they be dirty?" I was shocked when she lowered her head and took a rather pronounced sniff. "And I like the way they smell. I mean, there's definitely a foot smell there, but there's something else, something that smells sweet and sexy--just like you!" she tittered.

 She finished peeling off both my socks and lightly stroked the tops of my bare feet. Her fingers ran along the length of the friendship band around my ankle, that she had given me for my birthday.

 "It's really sweet of you to wear this," she noted.

 "I promised you I would."

 "This may come as a shock to you, Perry Thompson," she said, looking up at me from her kneeling position, "but  a lot of people make promises and then don't keep them...for whatever reasons."

 For some reason I thought about my dad. While I hadn't been present at the wedding of course, I knew that he and Mom had promised to stay married for the rest of their lives. That had been in a church, in front of a priest--and God! Clearly, my dad had broken that promise.

 "What're you thinking about?" Jessica asked curiously.

 "'s...uh...nothing," I answered lamely.

 "Normally, I wouldn't let you off so easy, but I'm just too excited right now to make a big deal out of it."

 "Okay," I answered with relief.

 "You know, if you had a decent pedicure, you're feet would look as nice as a girl's," Jessica noted. Then she quickly shook her head, and looked up at me with an embarrassed grin. "Oh, I forgot! Boys don't like to be compared to girls!" she tittered.

 Finally, she got up and sat next to me on the bed again. "Kiss me, Perry. I mean--really kiss me!"

 I knew she wouldn't take no for an answer, and I realized I actually did want to kiss her just then. She leaned in, and I followed suit. Our lips met and twisted around some. We both opened up at about the same time, and Jessica tilted her head slightly so that our lips locked nicely. Those lips were as soft and tender as the rest of her, and her slender tongue gliding around my teeth didn't bother me a bit either. I let my own tongue enter Jessica's mouth and I relished the smooth, hard texture of her teeth, the soft, blanket like texture of the inside of her mouth, and even the warm wetness of her own probing tongue. She  wrapped her arms firmly around my neck;  my hands were gripping her thighs rather forcefully, both for balance and because I was really getting into this kiss.

 When we finally pulled apart, both of us out of breath, I just stared at her wide-eyed. Jessica was also staring at me in a strange way that I hadn't quite seen before. Oddly, I had a momentary flash of a similar look on Morgan's face,  which did nothing to decrease my nervousness.

 "Is...something wrong?" I asked apprehensively.

 She shook her head and brought her hand to her mouth. It seemed like she was fighting back some strong emotion, and I looked at her with concern.

 "Jessica, what is it? What did I do wrong?"

 I thought there was moisture building in her eyes, but she didn't spill any tears. Suddenly, she rushed forward and wrapped her arms fully around my back and pressed her head against my chest.

 "Oh Perry, that was...wonderful...just so...wonderful. I never knew it could be this good."

 I didn't think that I had done anything special. Compared to some of the ecstatic, passionate kisses Jesse and I had shared, this one barely registered on the 'hot and steamy' scale. As I thought about my beautiful, blond angel, I  wondered again how far I should go with Jessica.

 But there was little time for thought or consideration, as her lips were suddenly pressed against mine again, ramming onto mine with such force that I was almost knocked back onto the bed. But I eventually got a handle on the situation, and joined her in another impassioned kiss.

 We pulled apart and she beamed at me. I could see that look in her light brown eyes: it wasn't that different than Tom's, when he was getting himself all worked up. As for myself, I guessed I was moderately aroused at this point. Jessica didn't do it for me the way Jesse did, but her kisses certainly were having more of an effect on me than Tom's did.

 I saw different emotions flit across her pretty, slightly flushed countenance, and I sensed that she wanted to go back to that moment in the back of the Jaguar. I realized I was holding my breath. But she didn't say anything, and instead began rubbing my arms and shoulders.

 "You feel so tense," she observed. "Are you stressed about something?"

 "I'm not sure we should be doing this," I said, stating what what was, to me, the obvious.

 "What harm is there, really?" she asked in a quiet, non accusatory way as she continued to gently rub and knead my shoulders and biceps.

 "Well, there's no parents here and we're just kids. I don't know if this is the kind of stuff kids should be doing-"

 "Kids?...Why do you say we're kids?" Jessica asked, genuinely puzzled. She stopped massaging me and rested her hands on my legs. "I've been having my period for almost a year and a half now," she noted.

 Geez! How could she say something like that to a boy? I mean--to me?!

 "There's no shame in that," she said dismissively, noting my shocked reaction. "It just means that, as far as my body's concerned, I'm ready to have children. Kids can't do that, can they?"

 She paused, waiting for my response.

 "We're still pretty young. I'm not sure it's responsible just do these kinds of things at our age."

 Jessica seemed a little weary of my argument now and waved a hand in the air. "Are you going to tell me that you don't ejaculate?" she asked.

 I stared at her in shock and embarrassment.

 "What?" she asked innocently. "I know how boys' plumbing works. We learned all about it way back in the sixth grade, and I have two brothers!" she pointed out once again.

 "Geez...Jessica!" I said, thoroughly flabbergasted now.

 But before I could even begin to tell her why we shouldn't be talking like this, I felt her hand...on my crotch!

 "Are you telling me that, if I rub you here, it doesn't feel good?" she asked, as her hand glided boldly across the front of my pants.  

 She was definitely making contact with my partially aroused boyhood through my Dockers and boxers, and I gasped at the sudden stimulation. I quickly pulled back, then scrambled to my feet. It might just be time to make that dash for the front door I'd envisioned a little earlier, shoes or no shoes.

 "Perry--my God!" she said with exasperation. "Why are you so jumpy?"

 While I had often thought myself confused in the past, nothing prepared  me for the barrage of thoughts and feelings that pummeled my brain at that moment.  And that wasn't even counting the uproar in my pants.

 "If you don't like me, then you should just say so," Jessica pouted. I could tell that she didn't really want to hear me say that, but based on my reaction, she probably thought it was a fair and reasonable demand.

 I knew I couldn't tell her the truth--not the full truth about Jesse and me--but I couldn't lie to her either, telling her that I loved her just because those were the words she wanted to hear.  Still, she was looking right into my big, stupid eyes and I was beginning to feel uncomfortably warm and...and everything.

 "I-I'm not sure how to express my feelings," I began awkwardly. "This is like the most serious I've ever, with a girl."

 That seemed to have some resonance for her and I saw some of the tension leave her face. "More serious than Toya La Jolla?" she asked cautiously.

 I nodded.

 She giggled. "That's so silly sounding. But you never told me what her real name is."

 "What does it matter?" I said, hoping she'd drop that subject without making me  fabricate more lies. "That was another part of my life. I know it's not very far away, but it seems a different world. And  now I'm here  with you, Jessica." I started to walk back toward the bed.

 When I got close enough, Jessica snatched my hand and pulled me back onto the bed, where I sat heavily. "You're so sweet.  I just love that about you. It's like you're from a different time, when boys were gentlemen and girls were young ladies and everything was so prim and proper...and restrained."

 Well, I almost laughed out loud when she mentioned restraint. Just lock Jesse and me in a room alone for a few minutes and see how much restraint I had--or what kind I was in.

 She began massaging my shoulders and neck again. "You're so tense here," she said, forcefully rubbing the base of my neck." Why don't you lie down and I'll give you a really nice massage. You'll love it!  My mom and I get one at least every two weeks at the day spa--my mom goes even more."

 "You don't have to keep doing things for me all the time," I told her gently. "Why don't I give you a back rub?"

 "That's so considerate of you, Perry, really," she said, leaning in and giving me a peck on the cheek. "But do you know how?"

 " doesn't look too hard."

 "Like I said, I've gotten lots of massages, so I have a pretty good idea what to do...and what not to do!" she tittered.  "So I tell you what: why don't I do you today, and maybe another time, you could do me?"

 I didn't like her choice of words, but I understood her offer.

 "Well, if you don't mind...."

 "Perry, my God! I love touching you. I love making you happy. There's nothing to mind. It's not like a chore or anything. It's something I want to do. Believe me, it'll be as good for me as it is for you."

 "O-okay," I stammered quietly.  "Is it okay to lie on your bed? It's so nice and-"

 "Get up," she said, quickly getting to her own feet. I followed suit, my bare feet sinking into the thick white shag. I watched as she pulled the puffy comforter and the top blanket and sheet all the way down to the foot of the poster bed. It was weird how removing those top covers suddenly gave the bed a whole other feel--a blatantly sexual feel.

 "Take off your shirt," she said, not waiting for a response, but already pulling the tails of my polo shirt out of my pants.

 "That's okay," I said, taking a step back. "You can just rub my back through my shirt," I offered. "That won't be so gross."

 "Gross?!" she laughed. "My God, Perry! I saw you once with your shirt off for like three and a half seconds, and I haven't been able to get that out of my head since--you're totally hot!"

 "Um..I'm really sorry I threw up on you," I apologized humbly.

 "Oh, forget about that!" she said dismissively. "That's such old news. Just hold still," she added sternly, as she pulled my shirt up and over my head. Well, it wasn't like I hadn't had some inkling about what was going to happen today. I knew she wanted to see me without clothes on, but now that it seemed to be actually happening, I realized it felt a whole lot different being alone with a girl, than a guy. I was fully aware of every inch of my bared skin and how carefully Jessica was looking me over.

 "There!" she declared triumphantly, tossing the white polo shirt carelessly onto the dainty chair in front of her vanity. I couldn't help but cross my arms across my chest as she continued to stare at me so intensely.

 "Oh, don't be such a poop!" she chided, lightly tapping my folded arms, and suddenly pulled her own polo shirt over her head. Her thick pony tail flopped right back in place, and she was left standing as I saw her in Mr. Broyhill's office on Saturday, with slender, lightly tanned shoulders, a concave belly, and a plain white bra. Maybe it was even what they called a training bra, although I wasn't expert enough on the subject to discern the difference.

 "Come here, silly boy," she said, and she pushed my arms down to my sides and began rubbing her hands against my shoulders and chest.

 "Mmmm, you're so smooth and, so sexy..." she crooned. Then she embraced me, again pressing her head against my chest, her silky smooth hair tickling my bare skin. Her hands glided up and down my back and then boldly over my butt. I stiffened but didn't say anything. I gently wrapped my arms around her slender form, and it felt good to hold this beautifully slender and soft skinned girl in my arms. And it wasn't like she was just a skinny bag of bones, either. I could feel hard muscles in her arms and along her back, probably from playing tennis and maybe from swimming. She was undeniably in great shape. I brushed her hair with the tip of my nose, enjoying the light floral scent that I had come to associate uniquely with Jessica. I also felt myself becoming more and more genuinely aroused.

 "Okay, just lie down on your tummy," she ordered with an excited smile.

 I climbed on the bed and swung my legs up. There were two large and poofy pillows at the top and I wasn't sure if it would be nice of me to lay my icky boy head on them. But she quickly pushed the two pillows together.

 "Just fold your arms and rest your head on top--that's the most comfortable," she instructed. I did as she said, and then she got on the large bed herself. She reached back to peel off her short, white socks and then knelt beside me.

 "Just breath in and out slowly," she said in a clinical fashion as I felt her hands resting on my shoulders. She immediately began massaging me more vigorously than I had expected, and at first it felt pretty rough. But then I could feel her fingers, thumbs, and palms working at my knotted muscles, slowly loosening them, and then actually relaxing them. I found myself groaning with relief as I felt some of the tension leave my upper body.

 "Oooh, you're as stiff as a board!" she complained, as she put even more force into her efforts. Eventually, she worked her way to the small of my back. Then her thumbs started slipping underneath the waist of my Dockers. I stiffened as she gave them a sharp tug, taking them down about another inch and exposing my dark green, cotton boxers. She didn't massage my butt, but started again on my thighs, giving each one a thorough rub that tickled a little, but still felt pretty good in more ways than one. Then she was working on my calves, and I felt myself really starting to enjoy this. If this beautiful girl wanted to waste her afternoon giving a dopey boy like me a nice massage, one that was both relaxing and stimulating, who was I to complain?

 Then she got to my feet--my left foot first. Her fingers and thumbs pressed into the sole and worked their way up from the arch to the ball and I gasped and laughed at the same time, burying my face in the pillow to stifle the noise. I jerked my knee and pulled my foot away.

 "Oh, just hold still!" Jessica giggled, now sounding only slightly irritated.

 "I don't think so," I said, turning to look down at her." It seriously tickles!"

 "Is that so?"  she asked rhetorically, before grabbing my ankle and forcefully tugging my leg back down to the bed. She started in again on my foot with her fingers and thumbs and I jerked away again, letting out another bray of uncontrollable laughter. This time, I rolled over and pulled my knees up to my chest.

 "That's enough of that!"  I declared, sticking my tongue out defiantly.

 Jessica looked at me, her lip jutting out in an exaggerated expression of petulance. Then her hand shot out and her fingers got between my feet and the bed and she began tickling me right under my toes.

 "Perry's ticklish; Perry's ticklish!" she sang.

 "Please...stop!" I begged between gasps of raspy laughter.

 "Of course," she said in an overly sweet voice. She withdrew her hand. "What do I get for being good?"

 "Um...I have some Skittles in my overnight bag," I offered, trying to catch my breath.

 "I think I'd rather have your beautiful toes than some chewy piece of candy," she said, licking her lips in a way that made my dick twitch.


 "Oh Perry," she said, her voice suddenly thick with emotion. She was still kneeling a little further down the bed while I sat up against the pillows with my knees pulled up. "I can't believe I have you my bed!"

 "Well, actually...I don't know if-"

 "Stop, Perry!  Just stop!" she scolded me, coming up to sit by my side. "We're not going to do anything serious, today.  I just wanna have some fun."

 "What kind of fun?"

 "The kind where I get to see you naked!" she declared, with hardly a blush.


 "Please?" she asked, getting that pouty look again and batting her long, brown lashes.

 "Um...well...I don't think you'd like seeing a guy'," I cautioned her, even though I felt my swelling cock starting to press against my clothes.

 "I've seen pictures," she said. "And actually, boy's parts do look kinda gross!" She crinkled her face up.

 "Then why would you want to see me?" I asked, feeling like I may have just averted a very embarrassing scenario.

 "Because I-"  She cut her own words off suddenly, leaning her head against my shoulder. Her silky brown hair seemed almost frictionless where it brushed lightly against my flesh.

 "Do you think I'm pretty?" she asked in a quiet, totally serious way.

 "You're the prettiest girl I know," I told her without hesitation.

 "And you're not the least bit interested to see what I look like naked?" she asked in the same level tone.

 "Did I say that?"

 "Oh, Perry!" she said, giving me a peck on the cheek." I know it's hard for you to say those kinds of things out loud. Your mom obviously brought you up to be a gentleman. But I grew up hanging out with Clarissa!" she reminded me with a self-conscious giggle.

 I thought of the weird dream I'd had last weekend, with Clarissa poised to stomp on my groin with her spike heeled boot.

 "But you don't have to do everything she says," I pointed out quickly.

 "If I did, we'd be making out like hormonally enhanced rabbits in heat by now!" she giggled. "That was a quote by the way."

 I put my arm around her. "Don't you think people make too big a deal out of looks?" I asked.

 She seemed to ponder this for a moment. "I think it's how we're wired. Our brains recognize an attractive person of the opposite sex, and it just sets everything in motion. Look at you," she noted.


 "You're in motion right now!" She pointed at my crotch and the very noticeable bulge in the front of my Dockers. I put my knees together to hide it.

 "You're getting all hot and bothered, aren't you?" she asked challengingly, an eerily Clarissa-like grin on her face.

 I stroked her soft cheek with one hand and nodded sheepishly.

 "You have such beautiful eyes...the color..." she said with wonder, and kissed me on the forehead. "Lie down, Perry...please?" she whispered.

 I nodded and started to roll over, figuring I was going to be getting the rest of my massage.

 "Stay on your back," she whispered.

 Okay, this was it then. I stretched myself out, my body sinking into the pillowtop mattress. I was trembling with nervous apprehension, but I also had an interesting thought: maybe Jessica really wouldn't like seeing a guy's parts. I mean, they were pretty weird when you thought about it objectively; that little rubbery, snake-like thing that expanded and contracted like some sort of blind, hairless, and limbless cave-dwelling animal. And then there was that weird, pinkish-brown, wrinkled sac hanging behind it--a little bag holding two hard little eggs that made little tadpoles. There wasn't anything really attractive about any of that, was there? And of course, as quickly as I tried to convince myself of that, I immediately envisioned Jesse, that day in his apartment, for the first time gloriously naked, smooth and sinewy, standing across his bed from me in full arousal. And then there was that magical moment at the Grand Californian where I had stared right in the face of his proud erection. The musky smell of his genitals, the sweet taste of his dick in my mouth....

 I jerked as I felt a tug. Jessica was undoing my belt. She went quickly for the button at the top of my Dockers, but as she began tugging down the zipper, I put my hand over her's.

 "Jessica, really think about this," I warned her. "Are you sure you want to see that stuff? I mean, what if you don't like it?"

 A momentary flash of irritation passed over her smooth, oval face, but was quickly replaced by a knowing smile.  "Perry, if I don't like what I see, I swear to God, I'll never bring it up again. We'll just have one of those...platonic relationships," she said, as if reaching for the word. "Okay?"

 "I don't want you to have bad dreams or anything," I told her seriously.

 She leaned over and kissed my belly, causing a thrilling little tingling sensation that headed straight for my groin. Her lips worked their way down to the waistband of my boxers. Then she lifted her head and her hand came down and cautiously touched the pronounced lump straining at the thin fabric of my exposed underwear. After a few tentative probes, she applied more pressure.

 " really is hard!" she said in wonderment. "Is that...because of me?"

 "Well, it's pretty sensitive," I said truthfully, and then realizing that sounded rather cold, I added, "but yeah, that's cuz of you."

 I saw her cheeks turn a bright red as I actually caught her in a rare blush. Then she returned her attention to my boxers.

 "There's a little stain here--did you ejaculate already?" she asked with a hint of disappointment.

 "No, that's uh...what they call precum. It's like a lubricant, I guess," I explained with embarrassment.

 "Oh, girls have something like that too," she said carelessly. Then she started tugging my Dockers down my hips so I lifted my butt off the bed to prevent her from taking my shorts down as well.

 "I love the way the muscles stand out in your legs when you're bouncing the basketball across the court," she said, stopping with my pants bunched up at my ankles. She gently ran her fingers over one shin, and then the other.  She slipped my pants off my feet, and draped them over the low footboard behind her.

 "Hello," she said with an excited grin, as she knelt stiffly next to my knees.

 "Hello..." I answered hesitantly.

 "Who are you?" she asked, in what sounded like a genuine inquiry.

 I wasn't sure what she was up to, but I played a long. "Just a stupid kid," I answered flippantly.

 "That's funny, 'cause I would've sworn you were an angel, come down from Heaven and lying in my bed," she said, with no hint of facetiousness in her tone.

 "I think an angel would have a little more discretion," I pointed out.

 "Maybe, but you look like an angel--you're too perfect to be just a boy."

 "No, I'm not," I protested quietly. "Look at my knee."

 She did, and shrugged her shoulders.

 "Closer," I urged her.

 Finally, her finger went to an almost invisible little dent in my right kneecap. "What happened?"

 "That was from my last great skateboarding adventure," I explained with a nostalgic sigh. "I was twelve, in La Jolla. I saw some other kids I knew skate by the house and I wanted to join them, so I grabbed my helmet but didn't want to take the time to put on my knee or elbow pads. I tried to catch up with them, but the board hit a bump in the sidewalk and I bit it in Mr. Hemstrit's driveway."

 "Oh, you poor boy!" she exclaimed as if the accident had just happened.

 "I scraped my hands, and banged my knee up pretty bad," I recalled.

 "And you stopped skating?" she asked.

 "Yeah, I felt really stupid, taking a spill like that. I even started to cry, and I limped home before the other boys could see me. After that, I just didn't feel much like doing it anymore." What I didn't mention was that  in the spring after my dad moved out, I hadn't really felt like doing much of anything anymore. I stopped the piano lessons, the skateboarding, baseball, just about everything except sitting in my room, reading and cruising the internet.

 Jessica leaned down and kissed my 'injury.' "There, does that make it all better?" she asked in a little kid's voice.

 "Mm, I think it still hurts a little...."

 She leaned down again and started kissing my knee around the barely visible scar and then started making her way up my thigh. I felt myself getting harder as her moist and delicate lips got to the leg of my boxers. But she didn't stop there. Gently nudging with her nose, she pushed the leg of my boxers up and continued planting kisses on my inner thigh, getting close enough to my scrotum that she could have reached it with her tongue. I couldn't help but gasp at the stimulating sensation.

 She looked up and gave me a dazed smile, and I knew she was now in a state of some sort of sexual delirium. I also  realized, with a bit of a start, that I wasn't far behind. She undid her own Dockers and worked them down her hips, exposing light blue panties that were a little skimpier and much more flimsy than a boy's briefs. She lifted one knee and then the other to get the pants off, and then tossed them carelessly toward the ornate footboard. Even though her underwear dipped well below her belly button, I couldn't see anything but smooth skin and the plunging triangle formed by the tops of her curving hips. Her belly and thighs were as uniformly tanned as the rest of her body, and I couldn't see any flaws anywhere.

 Now she brought her attention back to my tented and stained boxers. She straddled me, resting her butt lightly just above my knees. She gazed at me with an excited, wide-eyed expression that she probably reserved for opening, for the first time, her rarest and most expensive Barbie dolls. I thought of cautioning her again that she might not like what she saw, but there really wasn't any point. Her response would be clear in a very short amount of time.

 "Thank you, Perry," she whispered soberly as she nimbly grasped the waistband of my boxers with both hands and gently began tugging them down. She stopped as the first of my curly, dark brown pubes came into view and I held my breath. "I thought you'd have hair," she said, as much to herself as to me. "I have some now too," she told me with quiet pride, but made no attempt to show me. She pulled again on the elastic waistband, lifting my boxers off my swollen dick before beginning to lower them. As my erect penis came into view, a little pearl of precum beading on the smooth, pink head, she released a shaky breath. She pulled my boxers down until I had to lift my butt to avoid having them tear. She stopped when she had them down past my balls. Yeah, Jessica Bainbridge, a fourteen year old Catholic girl, was looking at my privates at point blank range. Her intense scrutiny and lack of verbal comment made me regret letting this happen and I felt myself wilting slightly.

 "It's moving!" she gasped in amazement. Jessica hurriedly climbed off me and pulled my boxers all the way off. Then she just knelt there for a few long moments, dressed only in a simple white bra and light blue panties, her hands folded quietly in her lap.

 I was about to call her bluff and tell her that I knew she'd be freaked out by what she saw, when she suddenly brought her hands up to her mouth. Her eyes were pooling with unspilled tears.

 "What is it?" I asked in a hoarse, trembling whisper.

 She slowly shook her head, as if trying to distract herself from something. "This isn't like I imagined it at my stupid little game. Oh, Perry. You''re so beautiful. You are; you are," she insisted, rocking slightly back and forth.

 I swallowed a lump in my throat and released a sigh of relief. A really pretty girl had seen my naked body, and hadn't run screaming from the room. Of course, from the intensity of her reaction, I had to assume this was her first time seeing an adolescent boy close up, and even the revelation of my most average of packages was likely a mind blowing experience.

 When she didn't say anything else, and the tears just trickled from her brown eyes like glistening diamonds, I propped myself up on my elbows.

 "Okay, Jessica. That's probably enough. You should give me my-"

 "No, Perry, it's not enough," she sniffled, as she smeared the tears from her eyes with the palms of her hands. "I've waited a long time for this, and I didn't know what was going to I would react."

 "It doesn't seem to be going well," I noted, seeing her apparent distress.

 "This...this isn't like the pictures, or the diagrams," she said in a puzzled voice. "This is...just...." She slowly reached out a hand and her index finger touched my shaft. My dick gave a little twitch and she gasped, pulling her finger back. "Did you make it do that?" she asked.

 "Well, it sorta has a mind of its own," I reminded her.

 She again reached out a hand, and this time, boldly wrapped her fingers around my erection.  Slowly, she began to tighten her grip, and now it was my turn to gasp.

 "Does that feel good?" she asked.

 I nodded. She squeezed harder, and then began pumping. I suddenly realized that I was going to have to blow my load soon!

 "It feels so...weird," she said, as if talking to herself.

 " you should stop doing that," I cautioned breathlessly as I started to feel the building urge.

 But she didn't seem concerned about the implications of what she was doing. Still gripping my dick tightly in one hand, she began moving it around like a joystick on an arcade game.

 "Ow!" I cried as she twisted it in a very odd direction.

 "Oh...oh..." she moaned, suddenly releasing her grip. "Did I hurt you?  I'm so, so sorry!" The words came flooding out.

 "It's okay," I assured her. "But we better quit, otherwise-"

 "You're going to ejaculate?" she asked hopefully. The worried expression on her face turned to one of anticipation. "I'll be more careful," she announced, as she again wrapped her fingers around my rigid pole. She lowered her head, and I felt her tongue tickle my head. I moaned.

 "There's no taste," she said, apparently having gotten some of my precum on her tongue. She began kneading my swollen cock again, and this time, I knew there would be no holding back. It felt too damn good.

 "Watch out... Jessica!" I warned in a strained voice. 

 "I am watching," she assured me as she again lowered her head, either wanting to get a better look or another taste. My whole body suddenly stiffened. My back arched and my hips thrust into the air and I felt that unmatchable thrill of my first volley blasting through my shaft.

 Jessica let out a squeal and lifted her head, but there was nothing I could do to stop it now. I felt blast after blast of thick cream shoot from my dick while she continued to hold it firmly in her slender fingers. I stared helplessly at the track lighting on the ceiling, just waiting for nature to take its course. I felt my own warm boy juice splattering my belly.  God, it felt good having Jessica hold my dick like that. Damn--it felt GOOD!

 After the spasms had died down and I felt the remaining semen oozing slowly from my dick, I looked up in shock. Jessica was kneeling there, still loosely holding my cock, a thick, gooey string of cum dangling from her nose!

 "Oh..." I exclaimed, not having any clear idea how to react. My mind was in that blissfully numb place it goes to after an especially potent orgasm. I just stared at her in some sort of rictus of stunned surprise. At first, she just stared at me too, her eyes wide with surprise. Then she started to giggle even as the viscous fluid dripped unappetizingly from her nose and chin. I watched as she experimentally caught some with her tongue.

 "Gosh, Jessica, I'm so, so sorry!" I apologized as quickly as I could find my voice. It was like the vomiting nightmare all over again--and I didn't even have a shirt to offer her!

 She continued to giggle and lick, seemingly oblivious to my presence. Finally, she let go of my deflating member and made a half-hearted attempt to clean her face off. She took some of the cum on her hand and licked her fingers like she was eating baby back ribs at Tony Roma's.

 "Are you okay?" I gasped.

 "That!" she cried, her nose still glistening with spooge.  She dipped her finger in the small puddle that had formed on my belly where the majority of my ejaculate had landed and just swirled it around. "There's so much!  I had no idea! Oh, wait til I tell Katy!" she giggled excitedly.

 "What?!" I gasped.

 "Oh, Perry, this was just so wonderful! It was better than I expected. Thank you so much!" She clambered on her hands and knees to the top of the bed and kissed me on the forehead, some of my own cum dripping onto my nose. I was surprised when she simply wiped her face on her own pillowcase.

 "Jessica--that's so gross!"

 "Are you kidding? I'm never gonna wash this out!" She tugged the covering off the thick, goose down pillow and wiped my face and belly as well, before setting the makeshift towel aside. Then she spooned herself next to me, and it felt really warm and comfortable. I thought how nice it would be if she took off that damn bra, and my deflated dick managed a decent twitch of agreement. 

 But then I remembered where I was, and with whom, and I felt my face burn with embarrassment. "I need to get dressed!" I gasped, scrambling to lift myself off the engulfing mattress.

 She put a hand--a wet hand--on my chest and gently pushed me back down. "You're still leaking. How long does that go on?"

 " don't really know. Not too much longer, I guess."

 "I'll get something to clean you off better," she said cheerfully. "Please don't move, okay?"  She gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and I recognized the slightly salty taste of my own cum. "And NO clothes!" she ordered as she bounced off the bed and into the bathroom.

 As awkward as I felt, I realized that this had been nothing like my recent encounter with Morgan. Then, I had been frightened, ashamed, angry, even appalled by what had happened. This had been very different. It had been a big step to be sure, and I knew I wasn't the boy god Jessica imagined, but it did seem like the kind of experimentation kids our age would be doing. I mean, gees, look at Kyle and Melissa. Well, don't look at them, but just think about what they were doing. Compared to them, Jessica and I were indeed taking things slow. On the other hand, after being with Jesse, this hadn't been the watershed moment for me that it apparently had been for Jessica. I could tell it was as much her own inexperience with being with a boy as any inherent qualities in myself that had dazzled her. I suddenly became aware of the fact that I was smiling. And I knew why: I had made Jessica happy, and I felt like I'd owed her that after the blundering and awkward Saturday we'd spent in San Diego, and the unfortunate tunafish-sandwich-and-Mountain-Dew incident a few weeks ago. I also realized I didn't want this news broadcast throughout the entire middle school: Jessica saw Perry naked and played with his weewee!  Geez....

 "Please don't tell Katy!" I begged hoarsely as I waited for her to come back out of the bathroom.

 "Don't worry about that. I always tell Katy everything." she said nonchalantly as she came back with a washcloth and hand towel. I was still impressed with how strikingly attractive she looked in her bra and panties with all that smooth, tanned flesh and those delicate curves.

 "Please don't!" I repeated desperately.

 She just stood there for what seemed like a minute, just staring at my stupid, naked body.

 "Show's over," I muttered self-consciously. She climbed back on the bed and dabbed my face with the wet washcloth. It felt cool and soothing. She also washed around my neck, and that felt good too. She was about to clean up the mess on my belly that she hadn't gotten with the pillowcase, when she paused.

 "Just think, Perry," she whispered in awe. "These are your sperm! Can you believe it? I mean, just think of the beautiful, beautiful children we could have with these! And to just waste them like that...."

 "Well, I can make more," I assured her.

 "Now?" she asked hopefully.

 " It takes a little while"

 "Oh, and Katy will be here soon!" she said despairingly, glancing at the antique alarm clock on the night table next to the bed.

 "Please, Jessica. Please don't tell Katy about this!"

 "But why? We talk about you all the time. She knows everything...well, almost everything." Her voice got quieter as she meticulously cleaned my belly. She dabbed at my deflated dick as if she was carefully dusting a piece of expensive furniture.

 "It's so rubbery," she noted with child-like amusement. Then she looked at me soberly. "I didn't tell her what I the parking garage last Saturday," she admitted guiltily, "although she probably knows how I feel."

 I just nodded in understanding. I didn't know why, but I wasn't as horribly embarrassed by Jessica cleaning off my boyhood as I thought I would be. She was so careful and...dainty about it, almost clinical.

 "Jessica, I-"

 "Hush now, my sweet, beautiful boy," she whispered, tossing the soiled towel to the floor as she knelt beside me. "Let me just enjoy seeing you like this for a little longer."

 I could barely resist the urge to cover myself with my hands as her big brown eyes moved from one part of my body to the next, but always returning to that forbidden area, to those parts that undoubtedly looked so different than her own. I was momentarily stunned when she began rubbing the front of her panties in a way that didn't look that unfamiliar. She closed her eyes and began moaning quietly. I noticed there was a small wet patch there, just below the point where she was rubbing. I put one hand on her bare shoulder and found my fingers gliding along the thin strap of her bra. She covered my hand with hers, and then wrapped our fingers together.

 "Go ahead," she whispered, turning so that her back was facing me. 

 I reached up to undo the clasp when the dogs started yapping away downstairs. Jessica stiffened.

 "Oh, that'll be Katy!" she said with a twinge of disappointment.

 "Maybe it's just Noah, back from getting his ciggies," I suggested.

 "Mmmm...maybe," she crooned, going back to rubbing herself, now further down between her legs. I slipped the slender straps of her bra off her shoulders and had just figured out how to get the whole contraption unclasped without ripping it off her back, when the phone on her night table began to ring.

 Jessica stopped what she was doing and listened to a couple rings before climbing over me and picking up the receiver.

 "Yes...yes...oh yeah! (giggle, giggle) Just give me a minute...mmm...okay...." She set the receiver back down. "It's Katy. She's waiting downstairs with her mom. They brought a lot of stuff for the party."

 "They can wait for a little bit," I negotiated, realizing that I was still feeling horny. I was pretty sure that seeing Jessica topless would be enough to get the old sperm generator back up to speed again.

 But Jessica sighed and rubbed my bare chest, her hand going down to my belly but no further. "Not today..." she moaned dismally as she slipped the straps of her bra back over her shoulders. She got off the bed and tossed me my boxers. I quickly slipped them on.

 "You don't need to get dressed, if you don't want to," she said casually, gathering up her own clothes.

 I looked at her with wide-eyed shock.

 "No, silly. I didn't mean it like that! You can take a nice long shower --or even a bath-- while I'm downstairs with Katy."

 "But I can help carry stuff," I offered, even though I was feeling really lethargic after my intense orgasm.

 "That's okay. We'll manage just fine for now. Take your time; there's no rush."

 "But what about you?" I knew she was already sweaty and sticky from the show she and the other girls had put on during the pep rally, and after our little bedroom adventure.

 "I'll come up about an hour before the party starts. I have a whole...thing that I need to do to get ready. So you go ahead--don't worry about us. I didn't really intend to work you too hard," she noted sweetly. "There might be some tables and things that need moving, but really, I didn't invite you over early just to do a bunch of grunt work."

 Well, that certainly sounded like Jessica. Obviously, she had carefully planned this whole encounter, having made up her mind that today was the day she was going to see me naked. I wondered how far we would've gone if Katy hadn't shown up? 

 "Besides, Nobby's probably back by now, and I can put him to work."

 "Okay, but if I get all cleaned up and dressed in my party clothes, I won't be able to do too much of that grunt work," I reminded her.

 "That's okay. You've already done so much today."

 "I have?"

 "I'm happy, Perry." She leaned over the bed and kissed me firmly on the lips, even holding tightly to my chin with one hand to insure maximum contact.

 "I'm glad," I said with a warm smile. I remained lying comfortably on Jessica's big, soft bed, propped up on my elbows, watching as she got her pants and shirt back on. Watching her dress made my dick twitch, even though it was a little sore. She did everything with such smoothness and grace, and I realized, in a way I hadn't before, that girls were entirely different creatures. That wasn't to say they were any better or any worse, or that I now loved Jessica more than I loved Jesse, but there were things that were so different-- good things, like the way they moved, their soft, smooth skin, the delicate curves, and that light, floral scent. Even a lean and flawless figure like Jesse's was hard and angular compared to that of a trim and fit feminine figure like Jessica's.

 After wiggling her bare feet back into her sneakers, she went to her vanity and touched her face up a bit. She removed the scrunchie that held her pony tail together, brushed her hair until it was smooth and shiny again, and then put it back in place. I noticed the dogs had stopped barking.

 "Are you really gonna tell Katy what we did today?" I asked fearfully.

 She got up and came back to the bed and sat beside me. "How could I not tell my best friend that I'm the luckiest girl in the world? That I had the honor of seeing all of you today, and that you were so, so beautiful, it took my breath away."

 "Boys can't be beautiful," I corrected her, even though I knew that wasn't really the case.

 She only smiled and ran her fingers through my shortened locks. Even though my hair was starting to grow out in little brown, curly waves, it would be another couple of weeks before it was back to its usual long and dysfunctional self. For some reason, I was looking forward to it.

 "You're so wrong," she whispered. She ran her fingers from my shoulder down to my hand and squeezed it in hers. "I'll never forget today. Thank you, Perry Jacob Thompson."

 All I had done was let her see me without clothes on and let her play with my dick a little. It seemed too simple, too effortless on my part. Her reaction had totally taken me by surprise. Even taking a direct cum shot to the face hadn't shocked or upset her the way I thought it would. Despite everything I'd heard to the contrary, it didn't seem like it was that hard to please a girl after all. "You're welcome," I answered politely.

 She gave herself one last primp in the vanity mirror, and then headed for the door. "You don't have to get all dressed up," she said. "Just your undershirt and slacks for now. Oh, and sneakers are fine if you don't want to wear your loafers right away. Or you could go barefoot!  That would be so sexy!"

 "Um..okay...Are there towels and stuff in the bathroom?" I asked.

 "Everything you need is there," she assured me, and she gave me a smile that I couldn't help but describe as a loving one, as she slipped out the door and closed it quietly behind her.

 I got up and immediately locked the door, just to make sure I had no unexpected visitors. Then I stripped my stained boxers off again, remembering that my mom had packed an extra pair for me--in case I was 'in the mood' she'd said.  What the heck did that mean? I wondered how she'd react if she knew what had happened here today. I knew she thought it was good and natural that Jessica and I had hooked up as boyfriend and girlfriend, but I didn't think she'd approve of me letting a fourteen year old female see me naked, let alone fondling my private parts. So just how far did my mom expect me to go? My weary dick began to rise a little when I thought about Jessica's dainty fingers holding my boyhood in such a surprisingly firm grip. For someone so inexperienced, she'd done a pretty good job of jerking me off. 

 I entered the bathroom, and was dazzled by its size and opulence. There was a large mirror and vanity with a sink and fancy gold fixtures, a frosted glass shower stall, and an oversized, sunken tub with several wide and shallow steps leading up to it, all done in what looked like fancy, imported tile. A skylight bathed the room in natural illumination. I actually considered for a moment sliding into a soothing bath, but decided this wasn't the best time. I could picture Jessica and myself taking one together someday, with lots of bubbles and maybe even some candles strewn about for atmosphere....Fuck! What was I thinking?! I loved Jesse, not Jessica. He was the one I wanted to take a bubble bath with! He was the one I wanted to be naked with, the one I wanted to lust after me as much as I lusted after him. I shivered with unnatural coldness, feeling a powerful wave of shame and guilt course through my body. I realized I need to piss badly, so I flipped up the toilet seat and let loose a furious stream.

 What had I done? Had I finally crossed the line and betrayed my real and true love? Could what Jessica and I did today be categorized as a little playful experimenting between the sexes?  Or had this been a much more profound--and pleasurable-- experience than it should have been?

 I stepped into the shower before the water got warm, torturing myself with the chilly spray for a good half minute before the temperature became comfortable. Even then, I never let it get more than luke warm. I reassured myself with the secure knowledge that Jesse and I were soul mates. Just as Jessica would confide in Katy, I would tell Jesse everything that had happened--even the way I had felt when it was happening. Total honesty was the only possible way I could redeem myself in his beautiful, crystal blue eyes. And if he did forgive me for this afternoon, what was the next step?  Should I call Jessica tomorrow and tell her that it had all been a huge mistake? That I couldn't go on pretending to be in love with her for reasons I wouldn't be able to fully explain? I think she already sensed that the relationship was lopsided. While she had let her true feelings slip out in an emotional moment at the mall, I had clearly hesitated to reciprocate. She had been the one to tell me that she wanted to make love, and she had been the one who had wanted so urgently to see and explore my naked, fourteen year old body. No doubt she had planned this afternoon for a long time--not so sure about the 'squirting accident' though. That seemed to take her as much by surprise as it had me, and I had to smile when I pictured her sitting there in wide-eyed astonishment, a gooey string of cum dangling from her nose.

 Only after I'd dried myself off did I realize that I'd left my flat comb in my overnight bag, so I loosely wrapped a towel around my waist and went back into the bedroom. While I had been looking forward all week to seeing my precious soul mate tonight, I was beginning to feel a sense of dread about having to face him in just a few short hours, knowing that I had, to a large extent, enjoyed my brief sexual encounter with Jessica. 

 The deep shag carpeting, soft and clean, felt good to my bare feet as I came around the vanity, my eyes scanning the floor around the bed for my overnight bag. That was when I first noticed a pair of khaki cargos with crossed legs and long, slender feet in flip-flops. I stopped in my tracks. Noah Bainbridge was sitting casually on the edge of Jessica's bed, staring at me!



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