Peter in Highschool

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  Chapter 11

After class practice

November, 20h, 2008.

    Right after unusual sleepy first period, it seems the teacher was sick, so that, the class was cancelled and we had a `free class'.

    We socialized a little but as the subject got all dull and boring we ended up sitting on the grass, despite it was not lunch time... it was turning into kind of `our school spot' it seems...

    "I know I should feel sorry for the teacher, but it's actually cool we get some free time, you see, it's something between waking up, zoning out during first class, *this* time for us to wake up and like refresh for the next period, then break, then the last part... cool, right?" Nick was saying.

    "Yeah, we should have some more time outdoors, I mean, look this grass all green, this space out here and we barely get to sit here for twenty minutes..."

    "I don't know about you but I'm tired." Nick said, stretching his arms. Right after that, he was lying on the grass.

    As I was in a sitting position, on the ground as well, he put one leg on my lap, very lazily. It was supposed to be a boys teasing situation, where he'd have a daring look, I'd protest and we could run but it wasn't quite like that.

    He had this blank look, looking at the horizon, as his hair was kind of falling all over his face, and he had one leg on my lap and the other close to me, as well.

    I didn't protest because I was, actually, enjoying the contact. As I said nothing, he looked at me and continued to make conversation.

    "The world is an extraordinary place, don't you think so?" he started.

    "What do you mean?" I replied with another question.

    "I mean, people, for example, they are all the same, in theory, but when you look close they are so different... so diverse..." he commented.

    Involuntarily, I had my hands resting on his leg, with my fingers on his calf, on my lap. I starting rubbing it lightly, feeling his thin hairs, on his leg as he had this peaceful look, this smiling face, and we were talking absentmindedly.

    "Why do you say that?" I asked.

    He looked at me and then at the sky for one moment.

    "I don't know..." he trailed off and got thoughtful for a minute. As I admired his face he was looking at the nothingness of our downtime.

    "You see, for example, the sky is so blue, by definition... but sometimes it gets pink, in that very moment before twilight, if you pay close attention..." Nick commented.

    "Yeah, and then it gets black..." I said, looking at the blank, along with Nick.

    Then, I started running my thumbs in circles, on his calf. There was a breeze and it got stronger for a moment, messing up my hair a little, ruffling all of his hair, some over his face, and he took it out of his face, the next instant. As he was on a lying position it also lifted up a little of his t-shirt so I could see only an inch of his lower abs, but if I stared – and I did, I couldn't help it – you could see it moving a little up and down as he breathed... one could even tell his breathing was getting deeper, but I guess it was only optical illusion or something of this gender.

    "You see, Peter, in the black sky there's the moon, very shiny, and there's the sun on the other side of the sky. Both of them are always there, in the same sky but always so lonely, at the same time..." he continued.

    "Yeah, I know a tale about it from foreign slash weird, dunno, Lit class. I didn't really get what it has to do with a city, but the teacher told us about that interdisciplinarity thing and that it had to do with geography... he said there's a city which was founded close to a lake, in a vast plain, in the middle of nowhere because of this tale."

    "Which tale?" Nick asked, as he adjusted his position, still with his amber eyes looking at me from the ground, where he had his head resting on his hands, with his arms behind his head, for support. It seems he didn't care to adjust his t-shirt back and his navel was still half exposed.

    You know, for anyone who could see us from distance it was perfectly innocent – yeah Peter, it *was* perfectly innocent, you and only you are thinking about inappropriate stuff... his so beautiful torso, that looks like made of milk, milk color and that `green with orange traces' of the inside of his eyes... don't look so deeply...

    "There was a native American tribe in this vast plan and the chief had a daughter. He promised his daughter in marriage do a native American warrior from his tribe, Paranoá, but this warrior fell in love with another girl, her name was Jaci. One day, this chief found it out and using the American Indians magic turned the warrior into a lake and the girl into the moon itself."

    "Why would he do that?" Nick inquired with his cutest puzzled look.

    "The moon looks at the lake every night, from up there in the sky, as the lake lays down in the land. They look at each other, but they are doomed to be far apart and look to each other, every night, still, there's the moon's reflection on the lake as a symbol of their wish to be together. The chief did that as a revenge for his daughter. His daughter's name was Brasilia."

    "Yeah, the silver moon must be really lonely... and cold sometimes." Nick said with a thinking look, maybe more to himself than to me.

    As he had a contemplative look not much more was said. I guess he was distracted in his own thoughts as he started rubbing his leg on my lap while I was lightly rubbing my hand on his thigh, looking at the wind blowing on the leaves of a tree in front of us.

    I'm glad he was distracted because I was getting hard from the friction but I guess he didn't notice, he wasn't paying attention.

    As I admired his face he finally looked back in my direction.

    "This story reminds me of the story of the Pilgrims, who arrived here with nothing, in a cold land, so far from Virginia, but still, could make it, they could celebrate... I'm sure they could... love... as well..." he trailed off.

    I said nothing looking at him as he had this concentrated look, struggling for more words, it seems.

    "It's a cool feeling, a very... warming feeling... as it seems everything always seems to end up right."

    Not much was said after that but I couldn't help this joy-guilty feeling as he kept moving his knee, absentmindedly on my lap.

    And soon, the bell rang, and we had one more class before lunch time.


    "Hey, Peter, do you want to stay after class to toss a ball?" Nick asked, as we finished our lunches.

    "Maybe if the P.E. teacher sees us out there it can count some points, and I kind of need'em." he continued.

    "Sure!" I replied.


    After classes, I went to the football field, to meet Nick. He was already on the field and that was a vision, despite the unusual hot sun for that afternoon. He was in the sunny hot field, only with yellow shorts along with a yellow training t-shirt, that only accentuated the color of his hair... or the lack of it *giggle* and he was wearing sneakers, maybe to run laps, maybe to toss a ball...

    I went to the locker room to change to some training clothes as well.

    "Let's toss the ball, right?" Nick said and took some distance in the field as I just nodded.

    We got like that for like half an hour but the sun was merciless.

    "Pause." I shouted as I ran to the corner of the field to get my squeeze and have some water.

    After we had some water we ran to the field again but Nick just collapsed on the ground, stretching his legs and arms.

    "Damn, I'm spent, but it's a so good feeling!" he said, breathing heavily, lying on the grass.

    I automatically lay on the grass. I rested my head on his torso, as I recovered. I don't know if he was looking at me as I was taking my breath.

    Out of the blue, the sprinklers started spraying water all over the field, including us, lying in the middle of it.

    I heard Nick's laugh so I didn't care to move as the water splashed all over us! So I did what I could: I joined the laughter as well. I even needed to put my hand on my torso, the much I was laughing out loud, in the empty field, along with Nick. I'm sure life is made of little moments like that, mainly as I was staring at his crotch getting wet as the shorts made a visible line of it along with his almost bare thighs.

    The sprinklers stopped spraying water and we got there, lying, for two more minutes.

    "Wow, the sun is already getting low." I commented, lazily.

    "Shit!" he said and got up in a jolt. I slowly managed a sitting position, on the ground.

    "What?" I asked, still sitting on the ground.

    "Mom's gonna kill me." he said as he got his bag on the corner of the field. "I promised her I'd pick some documents at the office and they're about to close!"

    "Bye, Peter, call you later!" he was shouting towards the exit and off to downtown.

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