Peter in Highschool

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  Chapter 12

Thank God Friday

November, 21st, 2008.

    Last night, I got mom to let Nick sleep over, can you believe it?! She was actually cool about it, so I called him to let him know, so he got authorization from his mom too. I told him he could stay over, so in order not to waste any time, he should bring to school, along with the usual stuff, `his stuff', like toothbrush, another set of clothes.

    I was getting out of the shower before choosing a set of clothes, to go to school. The phone rang, unusually early in the morning.



    "Good morning, Nick, s'up?"

    "Cool. And you?"

    "Why did you call so early?" I asked. I didn't mean to be rude but it was really early, maybe I wasn't thinking straight lol

    "Oh, sorry, were you sleeping?"

    "No, not really... getting ready to go to school."

    "You invited me to sleepover, at your place, remember?" he asked.

    HOW COULD I NOT remember? Gosh, I was already trembling, like chanting a mantra `don't do anything stupid, don't do anything stupid Peter.'

    "Yeah, sure." I said, still wrapped in the towel.

    "I mean, if you think I'm going to disturb..." he trailed off.

    "Hey, no, you're my best friend!" I said.

    "Really?!" he said jeez, I could `listen' him smile through the phone.

    "Sure!" I reaffirmed. It was the plain truth!

    "So, did you call to ask AGAIN if you can come over?" I asked.

    "Hehe, well I did want to know if you didn't... forget... or something." he finished with a giggle "But I also want to know if we're going out tonight somewhere, like, the movies...?" he asked.

    "Mmm.. I don't know, why?" I asked.

    "Because I want to know if I should take a set of nice-r clothes to go out. Ah, I'll take it anyway!" he concluded.

    "Mmm.. by the way, what's a nice set of clothes?" I asked.

    "Ah, I don't know how to describe it, I guess." he replied.

    "What are you wearing now?" I asked.

    "I'm wearing a white jacket with a blue stripe over a gray t-shirt and jeans. And you?" he asked.

    "Nothing, I'm only in towel all this time, as you call me right when I was finishing showering." I chuckled.

    There was a loud noisy and I took the phone a little farther from my ear.

    "What was that?" I asked.

    "Oh, sorry, I slipped the phone on the floor." he said. "Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't know you were nak... weren't dressed. I didn't want to... gosh, we talk later, I don't wanna interrupt any... uh, bye." he said all in a hurry and hang up.

    Gee, I was getting late... gosh, Nick was on the phone, he should be late for school too... he still has to take the bus.

    I hurried with breakfast and off to school!

    When I arrived in front of school there was a crowd and sure there was a fight going on. As I'm developing my guessing superpower I didn't even have to check it out to know who was involved in the mess.

    Well, the thing is, I heard the bell ringing, as I arrived almost late and I didn't see Nick, so I'd have to wait `till lunch time to talk to him... damn it!

    Ah, yup, my guessing was right. As everybody was rushing inside, there was Chris sitting on the floor. He had a scratch on his face and talking about clothes, his pants and the left sleeve of his blue long sleeved t-shirt were dirty as if he rolled on the ground mm I guess that's pretty much what happened in the confusion...

    His very straight light brown hair, maybe a little reddish by the early morning sunlight, ears length, in a so cool haircut, as a frame for his face and very deep green eyes, looking at me. Beautiful, right? But not compared to Nick... sigh... Peter, you have to stop to think about Nick this way...

    I was there, standing in front of him, he was sitting on the ground, looking back at me... IDK why... And, I also don't know why, automatically, maybe out of politeness, I offered him a hand.

    "Fuck off, I don't need you loser!" he replied... ah, of course, he was Chris!


    During Biology class, there was my desk, one empty desk and Chris', by the wall... I couldn't help noticing his dirty clothes from the early fight, his brown hair still a little messed up and his kind of frowned face.

    He looked back at me and showed his middle finger... yeah, Peter, that's what you get when you start to think about problems that don't concern to you!

    "People, people! Attention!" Mrs. Green said. "We only have ten minutes left and we have to decide the theme of your work, for the science fair presentation... IN ORDER!" she screamed at the end, but it was too late, everybody was shouting, me included.

    "Volcano!" I shouted... so did Chris at the same time.

    "Everybody, silence! I'll take notes, by line, starting here, by the window, front row, Sheila?"

    It seemed to work as the teacher was taking notes, and people would make a presentation about lemon batteries, phototropism, anatomy... and so on.

    "Peter?" the teacher asked me.

    "Mrs. Green, just to make it clear, the volcano theme is mine, okay?" Chris interjected before I could speak.

    "No way, it's my turn and I said it first!"

    "Fuck off, it's my theme!" he replied.

    And with that the bell rang and everybody started, noisily pack things back.

    "People, the bell rang, but next class we HAVE to resolve the themes choice, without DISCUSSIONS, please!" Mrs. Green finished with a `laser look' at us, Chris and me. Damn it, all his fault!

    Next class, it was Math... Some people say it's complicated, that they don't like it, almost automatically, it seems like a social standard... well, one wise and very altruistic man once said `forgive them, they don't know what they are doing'...

    And this is so wrong, as everything is made, based on Mathematics somehow, you know what I mean? I'm sure you do lol... anyways, I, for one, like it. Last year, I enrolled for the Mathematic Olympics actually it's only a test, but there's a score at the end, fixed at the school mural... I got a good seventh place.

    Things can't be perfect, so, sure thing, I had that class with Chris too and the volcano thing wasn't just getting cold like that, pun intended, lol, after all it was a volcano for god's sake! It wasn't done!

    "So, guys, the tests are upcoming!" Mr. O'Brian said. "We're gonna have a brainstorm... I'll make a question and if you know, you raise your hand, let's see if you're really sharp."

    "The PI number..." Mr. O'Brian started.

    "Three point fourteen fifteen ninety two..." Chris raised his hand and did not wait for permission to talk.

    "Whoa, it's ok up to this digit... but I was going to ask, its square root."

    "One point triple seven two forty five!" I started and then raised my hand. This annoying guy wasn't gonna fade me here!

    "And when I have an irrational number. For example...?" the teacher started again.

    "Like a fraction with a square root in the denominator, right, Mr. O'Brian?" Chris rushed on saying.

    "We have to multiple all the equation for 1 divided by this square root in the denominator." I finished.

    "This is called rationalizing the equation." Chris added.

    "Alright, alright, guys, very good." Mr. O'Brian said all smiles. "But let the other guys talk now, okay?" he said.

    Sigh... and that was a normal school day with Chris... it wasn't uncommon, I just don't talk about it all the time because... it's not worth it, see?!


    Finally, worth it, lunchtime arrived and Nick and I were sitting, eating our sandwiches.

    "So, how was your morning?" he asked as he took the first bite of his sandwich.

    "Annoying as usual, with annoying Chris causing trouble." I summarized, as I took a bite of my sandwich as well.

    Nick just nodded as he was eating. "And you?" I continued.

    "I left home after calling you this morning and I arrived late at school. I ran but I missed the first class, can you believe it?!"

    He made a `wait a sec I'm chewing' gesture and took a gulp of his soda.

    "I chose my Biology project. I'm gonna talk about how the micro organic water life behaves in accordance with the light. Actually a paper about it is going to be enough." he said.

    Ok, I honestly thought `how boring!' but said nothing, so he continued.

    "I reminded of that tale you told me yesterday, about the moon's reflection on the lake. I want to write that in the introduction, as it's so poetical..." he trailed off with smile.

    Ok, I felt bad for judging him as boring when he was thinking about what *I* said to inspire his paperwork... be a better person, Peter, don't judge people! I felt flattered... still didn't know what to say, but the chewing part was the excuse.

    After Nick and I finished our sandwiches I had a chocolate bar for dessert, to share with him, of course.

    "So, you said this morning..." Nick started "we are best friends."

    "Mmmhm." I agreed.

    "Yeah, am I your best friend too?" I asked. Ok, I admit it made my heart race a little... so cool!

    "So, can I ask you one question?" Nick said as we were eating chocolate. I was just looking at his beautiful features, thinking about his soft hair and about how sweet those lips of his should taste right there...

    He had a serious look in his face, not angry, not sad, just serious and somehow... intense... gosh.

    "Do you promise you'll never stop being my friend?" he asked.

    Wow, what a deep question. I wasn't expecting that... but the answer was easy.

    "Of course. I promise."

    "No matter what?" he pressured.

    "No matter what." I replied.

    "And you? Do you promise we're going to be friends... forever?" I asked back.

    "Yes, I do." he said and with that the bell rang.


    We went home and we had tiiime because Nick would sleep over! So, we had time to finish homework first... after all no one wants to do that Friday night nor Sunday evening, ah we had a snack too, with bread, cheese, ham, biscuits, cream cheese, jelly, peanut butter, mm.. milk, juice... well, all we need to give us a lot of energy... for homework.

    After finishing homework we went to my room.

    "You can leave your bag whenever you want." I told Nick.

    "Oh, no, man!" Nick said with his hands on his head.


    "I forgot my clothes bag, brought just the schoolbag..." he said.

    "But there's no problem, you can sleep over, here. You can borrow some clothes from me." I rushed on saying before he changed his mind.. I mean, he was sleeping over, it was so cool.

    "Yeah, but I had the clothes I had separated to go to the movies... ahmm... the mall I mean, and we could go to the movies if ... Damn... however, doesn't matter, I forgot my documents in the other bag..."

    I kind of ignored that and I was already opening my wardrobe and separating a lot of sets of clothes that would fit him... well, I guess about all of them, as we were the same size...

    "I hope no more plans go wrong tonight..." he finished with a sigh.

    "Hey, it's fine, we're sleeping over tog... You're sleeping over here, tonight, it's gonna be fun, right?!" I said with a smile and got a smile of him.

    That's the smile I like, so white, so beautiful. You know, Nick is one of those people easygoing, who can laugh with their eyes too. And he was standing there, in my room. Lucky me!

    "Thanks." he said and looked at the floor with a smile. If I didn't know confident jock Nick I'd say he got bashful.

    He ran his fingers on the clothes, feeling the fabric, the texture, I guess. He got a t-shirt, some shorts. He got some grey boxers, looked at me, biting his lower lip. So sweet!

    He inhaled, with the t-shirt on his face, and closed his eyes.

    "Hey, they're clean." I interjected.

    "I know." he giggled.

    He went having a shower and then it was my turn. When I finished my shower, Nick was downstairs talking to dad about baseball.

    We had dinner and, after that, we went to my room. I turned the desk lamp on.

    I was suddenly nervous.

    "Hey, what do we do now, we could play video games, ah, no, not that, `cause dad's watching tv and the console is downstairs, we could... play cards, or watch a... movie on the computer here in my bedroom... ah, I know, I'll take some drinks in the fridge and I'll be right back." I said all in one sentence.

    I was going to turn the light on and turn the desk light off, then.

    "No, no, no. Stop, have a seat." Nick shut the door closed and pushed me lightly on the shoulders to my desk chair. I was looking at him.

    "You may never talk to me again, and... and I, I can go home... er.. I even forgot my clothes bag... I don't even have that to take back, but, but I'm gonna say it." he started... and made me puzzled.

    "But we just promised being friends, no matter what, this aft..." I started interjecting.

    "No, let me finish." he said as he lightly put his hand on my left arm.

    "I... I" he started as I got up from the chair and we were face to face, closer and closer.

    "I don't wanna drink, I don't want any excuse to say I don't remember, that YOU don't remember... I remember it." he said looking me deep in the eyes "and I... I want to remember it for the rest of my life." he concluded.

    He took hold of my shoulders and kissed me on the lips, lightly, at first and then applied a little more pressure.

    He looked at me, partly to see if I was going to punch him, partly waiting for some reaction. I gave him a small smile.

    He pulled me against him, forcefully this time, and we shared a long, wet kiss.

    I had my hands on the small of his back, and I traced them down to take off his t-shirt.

    He took my t-shirt off and pressed me against the door, with his fingers on my waistband.

    "Hey, we have time." I said smiling, above a whisper, almost anaesthetized with the softness of his lips, the taste of his lips, the softness of the skin of his neck on my fingers, feeling the heat of his ... giggle parts... on my thigh...

    "No, we don't. Gosh, thanks, I was waiting for this..." he said huskily, in a hurry, breathing deeply as he lightly pulled on the bed.

    In a blink all the clothes and shoes vanished as he was kissing my arm, my shoulder, my neck and as I closed my eyes in a sort of trance, feeling the smell of his hair he was already tracing a line with his tongue on my torso.

    He made his way up, with small kisses on my ear, my cheek. He took hold of my wrists and looked deeply at me, but I could see how shiny his eyes were, even in the dim light.

    "I... I guess I love you." he said.

    "I guess I love you too." I said and giggled as his hair tickled on my neck.

    He buried his face in my neck and I pulled him against my body and started rocking.

    Gosh, my shaft was sooo wet, because and because it was touching his wet member, dripping precum... as he moved, I could feel it like a brush against my bellybutton, making everything sticky... and sweet... as I remember so well...

    Gosh, I didn't want it to end, but my shaft was throbbing, and so was his.

    He wasn't kissing my neck anymore. He was looking at me, with his deep amber gaze right above my face, a shock look and closed his eyes as I felt a hot liquid all over my navel.

    I gripped his back, tight, as I felt myself pulse and I felt jets of cum hitting all over, on his chest, on his chin.

    "Gosh, that was fast. We need to do it again" Nick said taking his breath and starting rocking his body against mine.

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