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  Chapter 13

The weekend

November, 22nd, 2008.

    Last night, it was a blast, it was fireworks! I would never expect Nick to tell that he liked ol'silly *me*. I still tear up a little when I remember his courage and the fear in his eyes... of losing me... but thinking back, I was the only one that had so much to lose... and well, of course, remembering about last night other than making my eyes wet make me start feeling wet... down there *blush*

    But the start was so fast, last night... all that energy stored up, all that insecurity... I wouldn't say all gone, because well, it was perfect Nick and... me...

    He came, I came, waay too fast and we he was laying on the top of me, taking his breathing back. He started lightly kissing my neck and well, neck kissing and ear nibbling give me chills!

    He noticed me getting hard again... and well, I sure noticed something very hard poking on my stomach.

    He noticed and he made his way down to kiss and lick all over there... and I was still a little sensitive... it was an amazing feeling! I was already inhaling deeply, grabbing the sheets around me with my both hands, stretching my legs muscles...

    He was down there, with his hands all over my torso, caressing my nipples... lightly, at first, then with a little more pressure...

    I was ruffling his hair with my both hands, then I put one hand on his head and another caressing lightly his neck.

    Well, as he picked up his pace, I was already cumming again and this time he didn't slow down... it was all over his mouth... actually I was so lost on the feelings I didn't have the time to warn him.

    It was so sweet, he was smiling, with cum on his teeth but I noticed he didn't really know what to do, either swallowing it or cleaning it... I guess he didn't want to `offend me' by cleaning it... so I took a t-shirt and cleaned the back of his mouth. I didn't even think I'd do that, but I kissed him (and tasted my own cum) to finish the trouble... and the kiss was getting a little more heated as he had his hands on my back, then caressing the hair close to my neck.

    Then I made my way down to his shaft and gee it was still a little sticky and getting wet again... and that was sweet. I started licking it all over and he shivered... while he bent his head to one side, then to the other, then grabbed the sheets, I got a faster pace and as I ran my fingers over his balls, he came... and well, the first jet went deep into my throat and that was, well, different. I decided to swallow the rest not to lose the opportunity to share a long kiss with him... after all, it's only a few days, but I waited so long for this peaceful moment, so each second away from his lips seemed like a lifetime.

    While he lay there, spent, I took the opportunity to rest my head on his chest, put one arm behind his neck, my other hand on his chest and press tight.

    He started ruffling my hair.


    "Yeah?" I said as I looked at him, resting my chin on his chest, looking into his eyes.

    "You know, I waited for this... mmm it seems I waited for it for a long time..." he said.

    "Yeah, me too."

    "I was so scared when I first started talking to you on that bus, and my heart started racing... and that if I... if I looked too much, you would figure out and make fun of me... and `uncover me' in front of school... and I would be made fun of..." he said "and when I saw the kindness in the blue of your eyes I knew you wouldn't... but that scared even more, because I thought about the very chance you would `know' that I was having a crush on you and you wouldn't mmm... look me in the face anymore..."

    He continued as I rested my cheek again against his chest "And then I asked if you wanted to be my friend forever, but deep down I knew if I was wrong, saying that would not resolve anything..."

    He started forming a lump in his throat and well, my eyes were tearing up... So I hugged him tight.

    "I... I was so afraid I'd lose you if you knew..." I said, laughing and with watery eyes... if that's even possible.

    We laid there a little more, with me listening to the beat of his heart in the dim light coming from across the window... and drifted off.


    Next morning, I woke up and Nick was on the mattress, close to the bed, wasn't lying with me... maybe he thought it was better in case ... well, I don't know. I sneaked out to brush my teeth, ok I admit, I combed my hair too but he wouldn't notice it, right?!

    I decided to wake Nick up with a surprise kiss.

    He had an angelical sleeping face, with blond messed up hair, rosy cheeks. I put two fingers close to his cheek, so warm, from the sleeping night, those eyelids so delicate, closed, his lips... well, and I planted the kiss.

    As I touched my lips on his, his hands wrapped around my back and the kiss turned into a smile.

    "You were already up." I started "And mmm you already brushed your teeth." I realized.

    "So did you." he said, with a lazy face, the smile never leaving. "And you, brushed you hair too!" he concluded. I blushed a little and couldn't help joining his contagious smile.

    We started rocking against each other, my briefs against his...


    Well, he had to leave after lunch and mostly Sunday was uneventful... except that I `couldn't keep it to myself' and needed to call him in the evening and next Monday waited for us!

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