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  Chapter 14

The Tryouts

November, 24th, 2008.

    Well, last night I couldn't help call Nick again, to listen to his voice, his breathing through the phone you know, even that could be sexy and sweet about him... when I mention sweet things about him, I can't help recalling something sweet that comes out of him when I motivate him right *blush*

    Anyways, this morning, there was classes again, but I couldn't wait to see him again.

    I got dressed in a pair of faded jeans, red t-shirt, for an usual warm day.

    But I didn't have to wait much. As soon as I crossed the door I saw him, standing, leaning with his back against a tree, so gorgeous, his blond locks brushing against the wind, hands on his pockets, of his light blue jeans, along with a long sleeved white t-shirt. He looked up as soon as I opened the door, gave me a small smile and then looked again at the ground.

    He had a small smile and blushed cheeks.

    "Hi." I said, lightly resting a hand on his shoulder. I could feel him shiver and chuckle, lightly.

    "Hi." he replied looking at the ground, and then gazing up at me.

    We started walking towards school as it was only a few blocks from home.

    "So, what did you do since mmm last night?" he asked.

    "I played video games till late at night and now I regret it a little." I said, yawning. And that was true. I mean, I was spotting a raging boner half an hour after talking to him *on the phone* last night, so I had to do something about it to take my mind out of it.

    "And you?" I asked.

    "Honestly, I got like half an hour lying on my bed with the phone on my chest, thinking of you..." he said and put his both hands on his pink cheeks. "Oh, sorry, I shouldn't be saying this!"

    Gosh, I had the desire to hold him against a tree and start kissing his neck and nibbling his earlobe like mad! BUT, I couldn't, mostly because we were arriving in front of school.

    Arriving at school, we had our first class together. It was Lit.

    We had pair work that day. The exercise was boring, but it was so cool that now I didn't have to hide anymore, I could brush my fingers against the thin hairs of his forearm, brush my fingers against his, under the desk... Every time I'd do that he'd smile at me.


    When lunch time arrived, I didn't have lunch to bring, so Nick went to the school secretary, to get a few copies as I waited in line to get my food.

    Gee, Chris was talking to everybody on how important the tryouts were, for the football team, that he surely was gonna pass and maybe would `finally' be the quarterback this year... but mostly I swear all I heard was `yadda yaddayadda'... Gee, I mean, he sucked, he literally sucked, last year. I honestly don't think the coach is gonna let him continue for the next season.


    Well, as I said, there were tryouts after class. I don't think I'm gonna get in the team, but as Nick insisted, we both were there, for the tryouts.

    He brought a white set of tight clothes, similar to the under layer of a football uniform, so did I. The school had spare equipment for the tryouts.

    I mean, OMG, I had to think about all the sad and ugly things in the world, wearing tight white pants in that outfit because Nick looked so hot at that moment. I mean, the red helmet along with the shoulders protection... made him look so strong!

    He saw that I was staring and blushed. He looked at me and gave me a small smile. Gosh, I could have him right at that moment, on the ground... I mean, ahem, I couldn't because there were a dozen of guys watching! LOL


    However, as I imagined, the tryouts went horrible for me and Nick... though I didn't miss the opportunity to look at all those jocks. I mean, seriously, if they did not talk, there were some guys, mostly the ones who formed, now, the team... they looked like they were 25 years old or something, they were big and not big like fat, big like broad shoulders and slim waist... gosh!

    Anyways, I offered Mr. Thompson to help settling the equipment back in the school lockers after all, I needed extra points in P.E. Nick looked at me in disbelief, but offered to help anyway.

    "I'll be in the office. When you finish settling things, tell me so I can lock here, okay, guys?" Mr. Thompson said and winked at us.

    Gosh, he looked so big and mmm..gourgeus. I mean, no Peter, focus at Nick..and he looks so mmm.. gorgeous too.. gosh, why is it so hard to be a horny teenager around here?!

    Anyways, there was only me and Nick in the lockers.

    I tried a tentative kiss.

    "Gee, there could be people looking!" Nick said.

    "There's nobody here." I said inhaling in his neck.

    He was so gorgeous in that outfit. It made his shoulders unbelievably wide, his waist incredibly slim, and his round butt, in those white pants... and well, I could feel his erection.

    "I'm kind of sweat, don't you mind?" he asked.

    I was down on my knees in one moment and inhaled on his crotch and replied with a nibble". He supported himself on my shoulders (protection) for support as he shivered.

    In one motion I had his shaft on my mouth and took a pace, while I held his bubble but and ran my hands all over those thighs, that were mine now.

    "Pete... *inhale* don't you think MMMM..."

    I started licking the base of the head, on his shaft, he seemed to love it and whimper.

    He applied more pressure on my shoulders for support and then, involuntarily, he started ruffling my hair.

    "Pete... we shouldn't... I'm getting cl-close."

    "Do you want me to stop?" I said, still on my knees, with one hand caressing the side of his groin, his upper thigh, and pressing his right nipple between my fingers, with the other..way up on his chest, through the thin fabric of that tight outfit.

    He looked at me as I engulfed all at once, trying to reach his balls... but that er wasn't possible, his shaft is kind of... big *giggle*

    He started whimpering and couldn't form a sentence anymore.

    "Pete, Pete." he said in such a high tone. I knew what it meant but I didn't want to stop, as I had my mouth busy, one hand on his chest, for teasing and support and the other on my crotch, trying to release an aching erection.

    He erupted inside my mouth and I made all I could to swallow, to avoid a mess.

    After that, he collapsed against the wall and I rested against him, humping my hips against his.

    He lightly pulled to the bench. I was sitting with a raging erection exposed. He knelt in front of me and engulfed it. That was a good sensation.

    I admit I was kind of looking to the sides and at the door each five seconds... I mean, he had his head buried in my crotch I had to look for both of us!

    He put his hands on the small of my back and pulled me to his face... I was getting too close too fast.

    "Mm... Nick?"

    "Mm?" he said, never stopping his licking work.

    "I'm about to..." I started and was interrupted as he pressed thigh with one hand on my balls."

    "Aah!" I gasped. Two more seconds and I was erupting in his mouth!

    After that, we both took off our t-shirts and shared a very tight hug, to recover our breathes.

    "I love you." I whispered in his ear.

    "I love you." he replied, lightly kissing my bare shoulder as our chests touched.

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