Peter in Highschool

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  Any similarity is coincidental as it comes all from my imagination.
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  Chapter 4

Back at school

    Monday arrived and it usually sucks. It always seems cold and dark, even if it's a sunny morning, but not that day. Would I get to see Nick before classes...?

    Nick... so beautiful... I was already picturing him in front of school, blond hair brushing against the wind, so very light hazel eyes, almost like a tiger gaze, but so much softer with kindness... he could be part of a boy band, he could be a model, for underwear, for glasses, sunglasses, for a shampoo company...

    Before leaving to school I said I was fine, my foot was all good, but mom would only have it her way.

    And I arrived at school by car.

    "Hi, Mrs. Hershey." that was Nick by the car's window to mom as soon as she stopped the car in front of school.

    As I opened the door and stepped out of the car Nick had his hands on my sides and then he put my right arm over his shoulder and held my right hand with his right hand.

    "Let me help you." he said and smiled friendly at me.

    "If I'm hurting you or if you feel any pain just let me know and... oh, watch the step." he said motioning me towards school when I was about to protest I was fine.

    A breeze brushed some of his hair close to my face and gosh it was like he had just washed it before going to school despite the fact it was dry and blowing in the wind, smelling like he had just washed it with strawberry shampoo.

    I had my face so close to his ear and his shoulder, and he smelled so good. It wasn't like perfume, it was just clean clothes, and it was like `his clean scent' – you know, when you smell someone's clean clothes, even clean they have their `clean smell', a very good one. I know it sounds silly but only by the fact I knew his clean clothes smell, it made me feel more secure I was getting close to him, maybe enough to become an actual friend.

    And ok, I admit I faked my injured foot was hurting a little more than it really was – it wasn't hurting, so alright, I faked it... but I had my time in `prolonged sideways hug' with Nick... so worth it, no regrets.

    He "helped me" to get to my first class, it was History. We entered the classroom and he got a seat right beside me.

    "Thanks for the help... the concern but... do they let you watch classes with me just `cause I'm injured and you're being... very attentive?" I almost blushed at my last comment `cause I had to be careful with words not to say cute and delicious as hell!

    "No, it's not that." he replied with a laugh... not short enough to sound nervous, not long enough to be making fun of me... just joyful contagious.

    "I switched classes on my schedule." he continued.

    I was looking at him, waiting for him to finish telling me the reason he changed his schedule.

    "Ah... I... changed the schedule because of... football practice, you know?" he completed.

    "Mmm..." was the best I could come up with as I didn't quite understand his explanation. After all, the practice schedule was after classes, but as I didn't understand it, I didn't question any further not to look stupid to something, probably obvious, that I wasn't realizing.

    Besides, I had handsome Nick sitting by my side during classes, so no reason to question it!

    "So, how are you?" Nick asked. You know, soon in the morning he could be cheerful but sweet, in his tone, at the same time.

    "Mm... I'm fine, and you?" I automatically replied.

    "Nooo, not like that. I mean, how are you, is your foot better?" he clarified.

    "Oh, that. It's much better." I replied getting a little bashful. I mean, I'm not the shy kind of person, but it was more true than it should be.

    "So, what did you do after we talked on the phone, yesterday?" he continued.

    I thought about it to answer the question. I kept the phone close to my chest like for half an hour, daydreaming, had a shower jerking off, had dinner, watched boy band video clips, then watched a little TV, absentminded and ended up jerking off again. To finish the day, I went to bed thinking of Nick, his coolness, the way he talks, his beautiful features, his nose...

    "I had dinner and soon after that I went to bed. That was mostly it." I replied to Nick.

    "And you?" I asked, in return.

    "Oh... pretty much the same, I guess." He replied.

    And with that, the class started.

    Mr. Jenkins was talking something about Asia... China or Korea... I'm not sure. Maybe that's because I wasn't paying much attention to class... but I should, you know... I couldn't keep my eyes off of Nick... every time he'd turn his face to look at me I'd look to the blackboard and start writing. I hope he didn't notice, I mean, he'd start thinking I'm a weirdo... or a murderer, staring at him... dunno.

    After that, he'd have his classes and I'd have mine... and, uneventfully, lunch time arrived.

    Nick was already by the door and in no time had my arm over his neck, for my `support', and we headed outside.

    "Damn, the tables seem all already taken!" Nick exclaimed.

    "We can find a spot under a tree, right?" he said and I just nodded. "You have lunch with you, right?" he inquired.

    "Yeah, it's here." I said.

    "Me too." he said, both of us with bags in hand.

    So that, we found a spot under a tree. There wasn't anybody close enough to listen to us.

    "Oh, there are no benches here. Do you think it's a problem for you to sit down on the ground, with your injured foot?" Nick asked, looking a little more worried than necessary.

    S'okay, if you help me." I shamelessly replied, `though blushing, only slightly, at my comment slash request.

    Oh, sure. Is this ok?" he asked, already behind me with his hands on my sides and *whoa*, he was behind me with his hands... on me. He wasn't leaning against me nor anything... but still...

    "Y...yeah." I replied, trying to control a shiver. I don't know if it was my imagination, but I guess he got there one or two seconds and I felt his breath on my beck before I was actually sitting down.

    I was looking at him, taking his sandwich out of the back. He looked at me so I quickly averted my gaze and took my sandwich out of my bag too.

    I mentally slapped myself: "Peter, quit playing the weird." I wanted to have him to myself... and I'm not only talking about lunchtime, but at the same time, I couldn't pester him, for him to get tired of me in like... two days!

    "Mm... Nick..." I started.

    "What? Are you in pain?! `Cause I can run and get the nurse here like in two minutes and..." he started.

    "No, no, it's not that... Thank you." I chuckled and... argh... again, it sounded more bashful than it should.

    "It's just that... you don't `have' to be here. If you wanna have lunch with your other friends, I don't wanna interfere..." I trailed off.

    "Actually, I didn't have other lunch plans." he replied.

    "I have tuna sandwich. Wanna a piece?" he offered. This time I accepted the offer. I offered him a piece of pepperoni sandwich and he got it.

    And with that we started eating. I got my juice and he got his. His was orange and mine was grape.

    As I got the first sip of juice he said "Grape, my favorite one. Wanna switch?"

    "I mean... oh, I already put my mouth on the straw, if you don't mind..." I replied.

    He just gave his juice box, took mine and had a sip, looking at me.

    During lunch, I'd look at him, he'd look back and give me a small smile.

    His knee would rest against mine, I'd look at him and he wasn't even paying attention.

    I was thinking about it "Of course, he's straight, he pays no attention to that... quit being stupid and enjoy it... and yeah, again, don't mess it up." I thought to myself.

    "And what's your next class?" I asked, after we finished eating.

    "I have grammar test... it sucks." he replied.

    "Oh yeah, it's my last class, too." I completed.

    As the bell rang he offered me his hand to help, to get up and to get back to class.

    Well, Nick changed one class on his schedule but that was it. It seems we didn't have any other classes together on Monday, still he met me in front of the classroom to `walk me outside' as the final bell rang.

    Mom was already with the car *right in front of the school door* - what a shameful situation for a teenager, geez.

    As Nick was holding my arm over his neck he just turned, put his chin on my left shoulder, to complete the hug.

    "Bye, see you tomorrow." he said, as a `bye hug' *if* it exists. Well, it did, even if for a mere second and followed by a little punch in my back. Quick and with a punch in the back... very masculine, yeah, I guess it' the best I could get in front of school, in front of everybody... wise Nick!



    Next day was pretty much the same, kind of uneventful – but at least as mom dropped me at school I could convince her I was fine enough to get back home walking, as it was only a few blocks, and, most importantly, not having her, in the car, waiting for me, in front of school!

    I wasn't a really cool school day, as I didn't get to see much of Nick, the new highlight of my schooldays, still, we managed to have lunch together.

    As the bell rang he offered me his hand to help, to get up, and I automatically had my arm around his neck to get back to class.

    "Hold on, one sec. I guess I forgot the paper bag, I gotta throw it in the trash can." he said as he got back a few steps to take it... and then, off to classes!

    A few people started running towards the classrooms hall entrance. It seems it was a fight.

    "Hey, Nick, hurry, it seems there's a fight!"

    It was Chris, fighting with another guy I didn't recognize at first.

    Oh, this guy, Chris. I truly hoped the other guy beats the shit out of him. He was on the football team, and you know, that kind of boy who just because of that thinks he's better than the whole world. He goes by in the halls with his teammates, whistling and saying names at people, like he `owns' the school, misses no bad taste jokes... no surprise he's in trouble.

    "Unfortunately" two teachers arrived before the other guy broke his nose – that nose, pointing upwards all the time, with his stuck up attitude.

    "Everybody, back to class, now!" the teacher shouted at... everyone, and with that the commotion was over.

    "You came here like running... it seems you are already better..." Nick commented.

    `Shit' I thought like `caught in the act'.

    You see? That Chris guy can be a pain in the ass even when he's not directing a single word at me, not even looking in my direction... shit shit shit!

    I was just hoping Nick didn't get mad at me. I needed to make it up to him, somehow "Think, Peter, think." "No, he didn't get mad at you, maybe he didn't even realize you were faking your foot pain" "At the same time, it wasn't totally fake.. I mean, it wasn't fake, just `amplified'... and geez, for a good reason, remember, he smells so good, and when he laughs with his bright eyes..." "Don't miss the point, Peter, what are you gonna do?" "Oh, this is it, invite him to come over to play video games, everybody likes playing video games!"


        So, as the classes finished, Nick met me by the school entrance – no `support', no sideways hugs anymore, I was walking by myself – after analyzing two or three sentences it seems he really wasn't mad at me. Yeah, the conclusion is he was pretty ok, but, still, inviting him over to play video games was a great idea!

    "Hey, Nick, do you wanna come over to play video games?"

    I almost regretted it right after the words left my mouth, I mean, asking someone to come over like `now' is almost willing to listen `no' because everybody has a life with other plans, appointments...

    "Sure." he replied with a smile.

    "I mean, if there's no problem and you told your mother I'm coming over..." he trailed off – out of politeness.

    And, with that, we were walking home.

    And, while we were walking home, making small talking, I was thinking "Peter, don't get carried away, you guys are only gonna play video games, it's not like you're gonna jump over the guy... don't miss the point, and the point it: Peter, don't mess it up! Aargh, but what if..."

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