Peter in Highschool

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  Chapter 6

Strip Poker!

November, 12/13th, 2008.

    So, I got the guts.. mmm.. ok only to invite Nick over, but that's a start, right?

    We were playing and we ended up wrestling, with him all over me. Gosh, I can't remember of a deepest gaze in my life... maybe that's `cause no one ever gazed me like that *giggle* I guess no one could ever look me like that, with a hazel tiger gaze, but at the same time so sweet, so it's hazel like honey, with shiny straight locks, so smooth and delicate along with pink cheeks, pale nose, warming gaze... sigh.

    When I picture Nick's face on my mind and jeez, that's happening an awful lot lately time usually rushes, but not today. I had to wait for Nick to get to his house, to call him... Aargh, I needed to call him, to know if everything was ok with `us'... you know, there's no us, but that's exactly the point... I didn't want this gazing thing sooo warming but no I didn't want it to make things weird between us.

    "Hello, may I talk to Nicholas, please?"

    "Who's talking?"

    "It's Peter, I'm Nick's friend... from school."

    "Oh, Peter. Nick talks a lot about you."

    "Mrs. Schaefer?"

    "Yes, it's her. Nice to `meet you', Peter, if one can say so." She replied, with a warm smile.

    "Mm... nice to meet you, m'am."

    "Nick hasn't arrived, yet. He was at your place, wasn't he? Maybe he slept on the bus and missed our stop. Do you want to call again in a few minutes?"

    "Yes, please. Thanks m'am."

    "No problem."

    "Bye, Mrs. Schaefer, and thanks again."

    "Bye, Peter."

    It was weird, `cause Nick left home like twenty minutes ago and his house is only a few stops from home. Maybe something happened to him, or worse, he didn't want to talk to me! Gosh, should I call again or have sense and realize he doesn't want to talk to me?

    Alright, I *had* to call because I wouldn't get to sleep if I didn't listen to his voice to know if he was being, I don't know, `weird'... Maybe I shouldn't have asked him over... no, I mean, of course I should, he's so cool, maybe too cool, maybe too beautiful... damn...

    After 20 minutes I called again.

    "Hello, may I...?"

    "Pete! Ahem... Peter, hey man."

    "Mm... hi." I don't know why I blushed. Gee, was he playing cool to `erase' our `moment'... if you can say that - nothing happened... grrr... I don't know whether it's better or worse [mental note: Peter, it's better!]. Oh yeah, YOU called Peter, keep talking!

    "So, you took long to get home, did you sleep on the bus?"

    "No, I was thoughtful, so I missed my bus stop." he replied.

    "Thoughtful, about what?"

    Oh my God, that's the moment when he says it's better for us not to be together... jeez, what are you saying... quit it, let him continue.

    "Mm... no, actually I was sleeping, yeah, that's it, sleeping." he said. "But, why are you calling?" he continued.

    "I... uh, I'm calling to know if you arrived well..." I said and he giggled. Shit, I know, I didn't have anything better to say. Ok, anything else would be better, but, the words already left my mouth. He giggled? Good, now I'm being laughed at.

    But, the point is, we started talking about cartoons, school, things in general and everything was just fine! Gee, twenty minutes on the phone, mom's gonna kill me.

    So, I hang up the phone and went to my bed. I got there, laying, smiling, looking at the ceiling. I closed my eyes to picture once more Nick on the top of me, taking hold of my wrists, his clean smell, the smell of his hair, his liquid amber gaze looking at me, for one moment or two I could feel his breathing on my lips...

    That's why he was on the top of me... thinking better my hot crotch was close to his hot crotch, for a mere inch, so it was already getting hotter and I could smell the fabric of his t-shirt close to me and his bare knees, on shorts, were touching my sides...

    No need to say I got hard thinking about the events of the day, in detail I mean, that was, by far, the most sexy experience I've ever had so I was recalling Nick's warmth on the top of me, even if with a distance, but barely touching me. I was thinking and touching myself. I was caressing my shaft through the fabric of my shorts.

    I closed my eyes and put my right hand inside my shorts and took grip of my cock... geez half an hour *talking* to Nick made it a little sticky *blush*. I put a finger there and put it in my mouth, to taste it... it tastes so good. Does Nick precum taste as good, maybe even better?!

    I grabbed my balls to massage, they were starting to ache... and with that I arched my back from the bed.

    I pulled my shorts half way down and pulled them off with my feel not to lose the stroking rhythm.

    I started picturing what `should've happened': Nick continued to reach closer and closer, tentatively looking in my eyes... no no, he's much more confident than me, gazing with hunger, and kissing my mouth, tentatively, at first and then applying more pressure, in a wet kiss, all over my mouth, on my left cheek, putting his hands on my chest, bare chest, as I took my t- shirt off and took, no ripped his t-shirt off..mmm, with my teeth (!) and kissed his right nipple...

    "Damn, I came all over my t-shirt, damn it." Yeah, it was sooner than I expected... and the fun is over, shower and dinner here you go! *giggle*


    After dinner, I kept thinking of Nick, gorgeous Nick, of course, so that, I was lying on my bed. I opened the window to look at the stars, in the sky, at night at least those I could see from inside my room, from my bed. I had my earphones on.

    I was listening to Westlife and I was singing along, like a lullaby, above a whisper "it's where the stars line up, it's where the ocean starts, it's a place you've never been, that feels like home, listen the air right now, it's where you give your heart, and give a little more, I've never been so sure, that's where you find love..."

    I put that song in the `repeat mode'. You know, when I like a song, I listen to it repeatedly `till I grow tired of it. And with that, I drifted off.


    Next day, I was having lunch break with Nick I had to buy school food and so had Nick, what a coincidence and we were chatting.

    "It was supposed to be fancy buying lunch instead of bringing it from home, but the food isn't `nice'." Nick was saying and laughing, lightly, with his sweet way at least to me.

    "Yeah, but when we're older and working in a big office, we're going to get out of a glassy building to have lunch in a chic restaurant, with a waiter and everything... Are you gonna move to the big town right after graduation, to go to college?!" I asked.

    "Mmm... I don't know..." Nick replied.

    "So, what would you like to be in the future?" he continued.

    "Like if I could choose ANYthing?"

    "Yeah, no parents, no reality, if you could choose anything!" he added.

    "I'd like to be a pop star!"

    "Wow, how come?"

    "Imagine. You can use the clothes you want, and you don't get criticized. People PAY to see you. People wanna know everything you do, no matter how trivial it is." and I continued.

    "I mean, picture yourself on stage, on a crowded stadium, you got the mic and the sound of your singing voice can reach, like, the clouds in the sky!"

    "And you? What would you do in the future if you could chose anything?"

    "Mmm... I don't know." he replied in his light manner along with his light laugh, so sweet to listen to. I waited, as it seemed he would say something else.


    "Mm... nothing." And with that the bell rang.

    We had Lit, in the same period, right after break. We rushed to make sure we got seats side by side.

    It was on the first row, but it was ok, better than far apart. You know, even quiet during class, with a look we could communicate. I don't know how we got close friends in a few days... in first place I don't know how I got to study at the same school with Nick and I didn't get to know him better before... oh yeah, because we didn't have any classes in common... but Nick got his neck around it lol.

    The teacher was talking about the romantic writers from the XIX century... for me it was much more like creepy than romantic as they used to write a lot about dying, suicide and there on. Other than that, the teacher was saying that, despite the name romantic, they used to write their poetry drinking a lot, playing cards, making orgies (well he didn't enter in detail about that).

    "Next class, physics and we have it together. Isn't that awesome?!" Nick asked, enthusiastically.

    I guess I took one or two seconds to reply. I admit the first thought I had was `blah physics'. I mean, I'm I like mostly all the subjects but I don't understand about half of what happens during physics classes. I don't know how I get along every year. It seems like I'm a good student and `it goes along' I don't know *shrug*

    I couldn't help noticing a hint of sadness in Nick's look and I just thought `damage done'. You know, I needed to be manly. I thought about replying `what's wrong' or `hey anything is important for you is important for me too' but I did those the other day and gee it's `too sissy', but it felt bad here inside my chest remaining quiet with that to say... but I concluded wisely "But you know Peter, it's better this way, `cause if you keep that pace you're saying I love you out of the blue and screwing up for good."

    Besides, that was only me exaggerating, as class went by just fine. I mean, I had vivid Nick by my side, how could it be different?! And I admit the teacher's examples were funny like how the electron particle would get dizzy hitting everywhere to make electricity or how you `leave' a piece of your finger everything you grab something.

    So, as the class finished, we were packing stuff back our bags, to leave.

    "Peter?" Nick said - and just that.


    "Mm... you know, I forgot my keys at home and I guess mom isn't home till dinner time... so, I was thinking... I mean, if I can come over to your place... maybe we can play some video games..." he trailed off geez, he was so cute being bashful about `asking himself over'... like if *I* wouldn't ask him over anyway!

    "Sure!" I asked, maybe a little more enthusiastic than I should Ok, my `sure' was like `I won the lottery', so it was too much... but, hey, no one can blame me, Nick's way too cute!!


    As we arrived home, as a good guest, I offered him bread and ham to make sandwiches and there was pie on the fridge that we ate as well. He was shy/too polite at first, but I told him if he didn't get another sandwich I'd get offended I mean, he... we needed to eat a lot. He was thin. Actually I don't know how he could be thin and so strong and muscular at the same time... maybe something in between and he looked right there, so beautiful, eating his sandwich, with a red t-shirt and dark green cargo pants.

    "So, what do we do now?" he asked as we finished eating.

    I thought of so many things as he was standing, beautiful, with a quizzical look, waiting for my reply, even biting a little his lower lip, with his red t-shirt, green pants, hands on his pocket and his hair falling all over his face but, of course, I couldn't reply any of what I thought.

    "We could play poker!" I said out of the blue and that only got a puzzled face from Nick.

    "I mean, do you remember you asked me during lunch if I wanted to be a pop star? It's a kind of a poet, after all, they have to write songs, right? And do you remember what the Lit teacher said about the romantic poets playing cards and drinking... So, if I want to write something romantic, some day, we should start by playing cards!"

    "Mm... I don't know how to play poker." Nick said. Gee, the look on his face was soooo cute!

    "Okay. We can look for instructions on the Internet. Let's go." And with that we went to my room.

    I typed something like `how to play poker'. I was sitting by the desk, typing and Nick was standing beside me. I felt the smell of his hair and I knew he had his face close to mine as he was reading the screen too. We read the basic instructions about what's a blend, what's a straight flush, etc, etc. The last part was about how to count the score.

    "Hey, all the instructions say something about having money or tokens, like casino tokens to play..." Nick commented.

    So I typed `how to play poker without money or tokens to count' and the screen suggested `Strip Poker' as a `variation of traditional poker'.

    "We can play strip poker!" I said with a mischievous smile. I tried not to blush, but I was actually starting to blush AND to regret saying that you know, yesterday things, luckily ended up normal, and here was good'ol Peter pushing luck again but that's what poker is about, isn't it? *grin*

    Nick hesitated as he bit his lip again and was turning red or maybe it was just because of his red t-shirt.

    "Nobody's home... mom's arriving late today... c'mon." the words left my mouth "Peter, what are you doing?" I was mentally kicking myself.

    As I was about to give up on the idea he said "Okay."

    I admit my heart raced because I didn't expect him to agree... somehow, by the look on his face, I guess he wasn't expecting to say that either...

    "Okay, let's do it!" I said it, loudly, I guess not to chicken out nor to look like a ... mmm chicken in front of Nick, mentally saying "again, Peter, it's no big deal to him, you see, so don't make a big deal out of it".

    "Mmm.. where are the cards?" I was saying as I was fumbling inside of my wardrobe. "Ah, here it is!"

    I was gonna take my sneakers off, but I didn't know whether I should keep them or not, as maybe that was the first `point' on strip poker... and I mentally concluded "No, Peter, take them off, naturally, as you do before sitting on the floor. Don't ask Nick because if you ask too much he'll change his mind... Take'em off and he'll do the same". Well, it worked!

    We were in my room, he was sitting on the floor, in front of me, with his socks on, t-shirt and pants (and briefs, I guess). I had my white t-shirt on, along with dark blue jeans and socks, too... mmm and briefs.

    The `poker face' part was difficult. Nick's poker face attempt was so beautiful. I mean, he had this `male deep look', but every time I looked at his face and he looked back we'd laugh.

    The first round, I won, so Nick removed his socks. The second round, he won, so I removed my socks too. As socks are no big deal and the game was going on, I guess we were more at ease by the third round.

    "You won again Peter, so what now, t-shirt or pants?" he asked.

    I was like OMG OMG but then I took a deep breath and concluded he was asking that just because I was following the instructions or something, maybe there was an order to do it... Well, I wanted to see him without pants *blush* but I also wanted to see his torso... so I was mentally evaluating "mmm... his chest should be so beautiful, besides, it's `less weird' than pants for a start".

    As I said nothing, he started removing his t-shirt and, really OMG, he had a soooo smooth chest, I guess the palest chest I've ever seen but without a trace of hair in it, and it had some definition in it. It was obvious he was strong as he had a thin waist, flat ab and that nice chest of his. He was combing his hair with his fingers after taking off his t-shirt. To finish it, he gave me a small smile. I had to support myself with my hand, on the floor, not to fall and be self-conscious not to be jaw dropped like a moron.

    Guess what?! I won the next round again!

    He looked down at the button of his pants, put his hands over it, then looked at me with his hair falling over his face, gave a small smile, with his cheeks a little flushed, looked down again and undid the button, and as I looked at the white waistband of his briefs...

    "Peeeter, I'm home earlier!" mom was screaming from downstairs.

    Nick grabbed his t-shirt, that was thrown beside him, in a flash, and I almost freaked out as he was already putting his sneakers on.

    "I'm here, mom." I yelled back for her not to come upstairs checking if I was home.

    "Hehe... your mom's home. Let's say hi." he said as he got up.

    She was back with groceries and as she bought chocolate cake and offered us, that was a nice afternoon as she was telling about `when she was our age', one or two events but with that the sun was already getting lower and the sunset light was reaching the kitchen by the window.

    With that, Nick went to his house but hey, he was taking his clothes in front of me.

    "There's a party tomorrow... Can I get to convince Nick to go with me?!"

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