Peter in Highschool

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  Chapter 7

The party

November, 14th, 2008.

    That night I was picturing over and over in my mind the image of Nick, with his hands on the button of his pants, shirtless, looking at me, smiling.

    Next morning, I was drying my hair with the hair dryer. I think I should let it grow longer, after all, I wanted it to brush like Nick's.

    After that, I went to the kitchen, to have breakfast. You know, it's curious... at home things aren't like on the TV ad's where the father, the mother and the kids are sitting together by the table, eating, all smiles. Well, for one thing, mom always made sure we had everything that's important, after all, the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but on the other hand, nobody's at the breakfast table when I'm eating. Mom always wakes up too early and ate ages ago when I wake up, dad's always already off to work, too.

    "Mom, can I go to a party tonight?" I said as I was having breakfast.

    "So, it's like that, young man, `a party'?" she just started "Place, host, time to start, time to FINISH?"

    "It'll take place at Derek's. EVERYbody is gonna be there. Can I go?" I asked/grinned.

    "Mr. Williams' place two blocks from here?"

    "Yeah, mom, this is it."

    "Okay, I'll try to wait for you to come back from the party but I don't promise anything, as it's so close to home."

    "Mom, you're the best". I said and kissed her cheek. I know it's my fault I do that only when I get something, like a `free pass' from her or something but hey, I guess it's not only me, right?

    And with that I was getting my bag to go to school.

    "Ah, Pete, by the way, I'm arriving a little later, this afternoon, because I'm running some errands along with Nick mom. She says she knows where to find the best wallpapers..."

    "Okay, mom, bye." and with that I was off to school.

    As I was passing in front of the ice cream shop I remembered how I was very ashamed on Wednesday, when I let half of my ice cream fall over Nick's lap... but that came along with the image of Nick... his lips so red with berry syrup... he licking the ice cream on its sides... it was beautiful, `erotic' - if you can call it like that but innocent at the same time and sweet... I bet his lips are sweet but not so sweet like ice cream... they're probably sweet but only slightly, and so soft... and wet...

    As I arrived at school I should greet the guys but Chris was there and I was in a so good mood, picturing Nick on my mind, so I decided I should just skip it and get inside at once.

    I just exchanged a few words with Nick, as we had separated classes that morning.

    During Biology class the teacher gave us a schoolwork, to make a mini-volcano. I thought this was supposed to be demanded on Chemistry class but the teacher said something about interdisciplinarity and explained that the idea was the Chemistry teacher showing us in the lab some chemical reactions using the microscope with some bacteria... or something like that.

    Okay, the schoolwork wasn't about making a volcano, but a model with some reaction on nature, and of course, the volcano was the coolest of all, everybody should choose it! And, in no time, it was lunchtime. It's Friday, the week's about to finish. Sweet.

    "Hey, Nick? Are you going to the party tonight?"

    "What party?"

    "The party, at Derik's place. Everybody's gonna be there!"

    "Ah, this party. I don't know" he said with a light shrug. "Are you going?"

    "Sure. Let's go. It's gonna be fun!" I said with a `please let's go look' if it even exists lol.

    "I wasn't sure if I wanted to go... `cause you know, what if I go and nobody I know, I mean, nobody I really talk to shows up, then I get there standing by the wall or sitting on a bench... But, if you're going, then okay, I'm going, too."

    "But don't be late, I don't wanna be there like... the odd one... for long!" he concluded.

    "Or chased by the girls..." I teased.

    "Hey, quit it." he said with a light push on my shoulder but I could see his embarrassed look.

    That day, after class, Nick couldn't come over but he admitted it was only because his mom said he should be polite and `get conscious he has a home' as he was there after class like, all the week long.

    I was a little disappointed but I understand as mom has the same kind of `politics' too, sometimes.


    I got a blue checked shirt over a plain white t-shirt, to match my eyes, I guess, along with light blue jeans, sneakers the party ones, not the school ones, right white socks and white boxers. I know, no point on choosing briefs as, probably, no one was gonna check them out and off to the party.

    "Pete!" mom yelled as I was about to close the door.


    "As I know you want to stay till late at that party, at Mr. Williams', if it gets too late, you can invite Nick over, okay? I already offered it to Mrs. Schaefer this afternoon..."

    It was good the party was only a few blocks from home, this way I didn't need the shameful scene of mom dropping me in front of the party as she'd never go along with my suggestion about only leaving me a block away.

    Nick was already there, in front of Derek's place. You could listen the music from the outside and there was a lot of people there!

    Nick was standing with a green long-sleeved t-shirt along with black jeans pants, a little too tight at the right places I'd say but I guess it was only me staring too much sneakers and even a silver chain around his neck. I never saw any of those, so I assume these were from his `party new clothes'. He had his hands on his pockets and was looking to the sides, as if he was expecting someone.

    Was he expecting someone? Gee, I didn't want to be the odd one out or end up with a drunk girl running after me... I didn't have much time to continue on that train of thought as he saw me.

    "Hey, Peter!" he said all smiles, shook hands and gave me a pat on the back.

    "It seems already crazy, let's get in?" he said.


    "Let's grab a beer?" he invited me to join him.

    "Sure... but, can we?" I hesitated.

    "I guess so... everybody is drinking!" he pointed out.

    There sure were some crazy people there... I wonder if they had something even before arriving at the party.

    I finished my first beer as I was greeting everybody I knew and wanted to greet so, someone handed me another one.

    I was surprised Nick was circulating along with me, at the party.

    "Another one?" Nick said as he got one more beer to himself and another to me.

    "Look, they're making drinks. I guess it's wine with condensed milk and mm something else maybe. I'll have one if you do." he said with a huge smile. How could I decline?

    Despite all the mess potential, there weren't many interruptions at the party, except when Jenna slapped Derek on the face and they went upstairs, to fix things up, I hope and when Bruce threw some beer on Jason's football team jacket and they started a fight.

    "Let's grab a drink, come on!" Nick said, pulling me by the hand and laughing a lot.

    I admit I was having a lot of fun, along with fun and gorgeous Nick, and I was starting to feel hot too... and maybe feeling a buzz, too.

    "Let's get some air outside." I told Nick.

    We were outside, there were some people out there as well, but they weren't really paying attention at us, they were chatting animatedly, maybe drunk too animatedly.

    At one point we were both lying on the grass, in the backyard.

    "What are you laughing at?" I asked.

    "What?" he replied and laughed again. He had a beautiful laugh, there, looking at me, as his chest moved with his laugh.

    "I guess I had more drinks than I should." he continued and looked at the night sky.

    "Me too." I completed.

    "You see, the stars?' I said "Isn't that amazing thinking there are people out there on the other side looking back at us... somewhere..." I continued, gazing at the night sky.

    "Yeah." he replied and looked back at me, with a light smile.

    And with that deep starry sky and a few drinks, lying on the grass, we started talking about questions of life, where do we come from, where do we go to... and minutes turned into hours.

    "So, if you were the principal at school you'd buy big rubber cocks for all the teacher who give difficult tests?!" Nick said, laughing out loud.

    "Yeah, and if I were the president, I would give a new car to every teacher that would let us miss classes on Friday!" I concluded, joining the laughter. The laughter subsided.

    "Hey, Nick, people are starting to leave, I guess it's time to go." I said as I managed a sitting position.

    "I had a great time, you know? Thank you." Nick said, still with his head on the ground, looking at me more intensely than normal, I'd say.

    "Hehe, it's Derek's place, you should thank him." I said with a giggle. He just kept looking me in the eyes. I swallowed kind of dry and took a breath for a proper reply.

    "I know. Thank you, I had a great time too." I replied and with that we got up to say bye again for some people and leave.

    The street was pretty empty and we didn't talk much on the way, just walked side by side. I can't tell if Nick was walking in a straight line because I drank the same amount he did, so if he wasn't walking in a straight line, so wasn't I, so that, it seemed all the same to me.

    "I guess I drank too much." he said with a light chuckle, as we were close to home, and put his arm around my shoulder. He removed his arm from my shoulder as we entered home.

    As mom did a good job talking to his mom and as the good host I am, I got a mattress settled to Nick, beside my bed, with clean sheets and everything.

    Everything was dark and silent, and Nick followed me to my room.

    He entered the room and I kinda stopped by the door. I got in and pulled the door closed. We didn't even care to turn the lights on... even with the door closed... maybe to prevent from waking everybody up... no sense, I know, maybe due to the drinks, or because the moonlight was making everything very clear inside my room.

    "You know, Peter..." Nick started.

    "Thank you, for being a good friend." he said with a light smile. I don't know if it was light from the buzz but he was so sweet.

    I didn't know what to say and he hugged me.

    It felt so good, so warm, the fabric of his t-shirt against my fingers, the smell of his hair on my cheek, close to my nose. I closed my eyes for a moment... as I was a little buzzed I didn't evaluate anything, just seized the moment and that was a long hug. I kind of longed for that, to smell his hair, the collar of his t-shirt, as long as I wanted to and we were alone, relaxed, at night, we had all the time in the world.

    He didn't let go of the hug, just loosened it a little, with his hands on my back and looked at me, smiling and that was a genuine happy smile. I just smiled back.

    The smiles faded and he looked deeply into my eyes and then he looked down, at my lips and got closer and our lips touched and it tasted exactly how I imagined, only a thousand times better.

    I grabbed him tight, with my hands on my back and tried a less tentative kiss. He responded to the kiss, rubbing his hands all over my hair. As I got more forceful on holding him, I was stepping along with him, like three paces.

    He saw the mattress behind him and supported himself with his right hand, while he had his left hand on my neck. I laid on the top of him as we kissed and we rolled.

    As I was under him, I kicked my sneakers off.

    He knelt for a moment and took his t-shirt off exposing his naked torso and looking upwards and shaking his hand with his long blond hair. As he looked down, most of it fell over his face and he took my t-shirt off.

    He started kissing my chest and my navel as my breathing got heavier and in a moment I was only in white boxers outlining a raging hardon.

    He was all smiles as he had his hand on the waistband but I rolled over him again to take his pants off and see his green briefs with a big bulge in front of it.

    He moved his hand to my crotch and started massaging it as we kissed again.

    He rolled on the top of me never letting go of my crotch as I could feel the skin of his naked torso on the top of mine.

    He finally took my boxers off and kissed the top of my shaft. I shivered and put my hands on my head, almost in disbelief! And, gosh, when he got my shaft in his mouth, I was seeing stars, inside my room.

    As I looked down I couldn't see my shaft but only a lot of blond hair straight locks, shining with the moonlight inside my room, covering all of it, with the tips resting on my navel.

    He looked at my face and smiled. He put his hands around me, resting his palms on my back, under me. For a moment he pressed his mouth tight on my shaft kissing it. I was almost losing it.

    He started fastening his pace. I didn't know whether I wanted him to or not, nor did I have the strength to say anything. In a few more moments I said "Stop it! I'm gonna cum." It got his attention as he started stroking and look very closely with hazel shiny eyes, to my shaft, stroking it, harder.

    Cum landed all over the pillow close to my head.

    I reached back to kiss his ear, his cheek, his mouth. Lightly, I motioned him to lay on the bed, looking forward to his big bulge.

    I got his briefs off and in no time I had his shaft in my mouth. It had precum and it was just like I imagined, tasteful as mine.

    He had his hands, first on my hair and then caressing my back in small circles as I was engulfing his member.

    "Stop it, stop, I'm close." he said.

    I started passing my index finger on the top of his shaft as he moaned and shivered. It was all wet, it was some saliva and some precum. Then I started caressing around the head as he arched his back.

    With two more strokes, he came like very high and it landed in drops on his chest.

    As he motioned to clean it, I gave him room and laid on my own bed, admiring him for a brief moment, because right after that, he climbed on the bed with a light smile and we said nothing.

    I put a hand behind his head and my face close to his chest as he was lightly caressing my navel with the back of his hands and we drifted off.

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