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"Peter Piper's Pecker"

By Paul S. Stevens

Peter finally dialed his friend's number on his cell phone after staring into it for the last twenty minutes, wondering what to do.

"Hey J.J.," Peter said as his friend answered.

"Hey Peter, what's up?" J.J. asked.

"Could I come over today?" Peter shyly asked. "I need your help with something."

"Sure, I guess so," J.J. responded. "What do you need?"

"It's kind of personal," Peter answered. "I'll tell you all about it when I get there. Okay?"

"Okay, I'll be waiting for you," J.J. said.

"Thanks," Peter said. "I'll get there as soon as I can."

Peter ended the call and once again stared into his phone. He wondered how he was going to tell J.J. his news without making him think he'd gone off the deep end. Peter had a problem and he just didn't know who else he could turn to.

Here's how it all started.

When Peter Piper the fourth was born, his mother wanted to name him Jesse but his father knew he had to uphold his family's tradition by naming their first born son after the original patriarch of the family, Peter Piper the first. It had been drummed into him by his father and his father before him. They were made to take a family oath to uphold this misunderstood tradition. Other than the dire promise that was made back in his father's youth, Peter's parents knew virtually nothing about the mysterious reason why this seemingly impractical tradition had been upheld so rigidly throughout the last several generations. Peter Piper turned out to be the fourth generation Peter in their family and his birth heralded the end of a long forgotten curse on the Piper family name.

It all began back in Ireland when Peter Piper's great, great grandfather, Peter Piper the first, lost a bet while drinking at a nearby pub. A misunderstanding over a single gold farthing escalated between Peter the first and a crotchety old Gnome that led to an unfortunate chain of events. In a drunken stupor, Peter the first, foolishly challenged the crafty old coot to a drinking contest. When the old devil won, Peter accused him of cheating and refused to pay up. To teach Peter Piper the first a lesson, the lecherous little man cast a hex upon Peter and his family that went something like this:

To you Peter Piper the first,

I cast this following curse,

A hex on your head I decree,

With this hitch to your family tree.

For each first born male must carry,

The name `Peter Piper' or be wary.

To stray from this rule will result in,

One hundred years of misfortune.

By the fourth generation, this curse shall be lifted,

Peter Piper the fourth will enjoy being gifted.

Endowed with great guile, charisma and spirit,

Peter's pecker will charm anyone who comes near it!

Peter's life was typically uneventful for the first thirteen years of his life as far as the family curse was concerned. Peter's parents watched over him carefully for years, looking for the slightest indication that the curse was even remotely real. What they were looking for, they did not know. The story and many of the particulars of the actual event, four generations earlier, had long been forgotten. The facts that were supposed to be handed down from one generation to the next, got broken down, mangled and twisted to the point where no one in the family really remembered what truly happened anymore.

After thirteen years of quiet complacency, Peter's parents slowly got lulled into a false sense of security and eventually forgot about the curse entirely. Since Peter never showed any symptoms of the curse, his parents didn't want to alarm Peter unnecessarily by telling him about something that so far seemed to have overlooked their son. Therefore, Peter was never told about the hidden dangers that promised to befall him. But the minute Peter discovered the presence of his first few pubic hairs, a string of unexplained events began to take place.

Peter's family had emigrated from Ireland to America three generations ago and now Peter Piper the fourth had grown up to be a typical all American boy. Now at fourteen years old, he was of average height with wavy blond hair, freckles across his nose and had stunning greenish-blue eyes. He was trim but not skinny and possessed a killer smile that would lighten up even the sourest disposition. It was the end of summer vacation and Peter was due to begin high school in a few days and as the time grew nearer, Peter's anxiety grew as he failed to find a suitable solution to his newly discovered dilemma.

It wasn't high school per se that caused Peter's panic. It was P.E. class, or more specifically, the locker room. Many of the other high schools nearby had long since eliminated the long honored tradition of `after gym class' showering. Unfortunately for Peter, his school was one of the last remaining schools to hold their position and continued to require all students to shower daily after gym class.

Peter had been dreading the idea of being naked amongst all the other boys in the showers anyway. Peter worried that his nakedness in the showers would only open a Pandora's Box of penis worship that he would be unable to cope with.

The reason for Peter's panic was that he possessed a picture perfect penis. It was delightfully symmetrical in every sense of the word. The smooth skin of his perfectly proportioned, flaccid penis featured the tiniest curve downward that defined a perfect arc. It rested lazily over his equally well proportioned balls, causing them to part ever so sweetly as they nestled comfortably against his shaft. The glowing, warm tone of his entire genitalia matched the fair complexion of his cheerfully rosy cheeks. The tip of his flawlessly circumcised dick curled slightly upward, giving it that bouncy perkiness that made everyone want to touch it, hold it, stroke it and yes, even suck it.

In reality, it may not have been all those things, but once a person took so much as a passing glance at it, they'd be drawn to it like a moth to a flame. One might ask how this could possibly be true.

First, all four generations of fathers fanatically insisted that each first born son be named Peter against their wives brutal objections and misunderstandings. Second, after having finally fulfilled that oddly specific stipulation of the wretched little man's incantation, a bitter resolution came to pass. The family's curse wasn't just lifted, it was charmed. As a consequence for completing this almost impossible obligation, an unwelcome reward became apparent. What was meant to be the prize for enduring this intergenerational spell, Peter Piper the fourth became the recipient of this unappreciated gift.

As Peter was beginning to learn, no one was immune to the effects of his enchanted pecker. Even that morning, Peter experienced an unsettling incident. He had just stripped off his clothes and was preparing to take his morning shower before heading off to J.J.'s house. He comfortably stood naked in front of his dresser, leisurely sifting through his drawers to determine what he wanted to wear for the day when his mother, unaware of his presence, abruptly walked in on him to put away his freshly laundered shirts.

"Oh, sorry dear," his mother said as she unintentionally gazed upon her son's totally naked body. "I thought you were already in the shower." After an uncomfortable pause, his mother made an unusual comment. "You know, you sure have matured nicely Peter."

"Mom!" Peter exclaimed.

His mother's gaze became more intensified as she continued to focus much more attention on Peter's charmed genitalia than she should.

"I haven't seen your little thingy since you were a baby. My, has it grown. It's not so little anymore, is it?"

"Mom!" Peter exclaimed a second time as his mother's unexpected attention to his recent maturity caused his boyhood to swell in an awkward way.

Peter's heart started to pound as he knew his mother had already begun to surrender to the effects of his newly discovered condition. There was nothing he could do to stop it. It did not respond to his will. In fact, on the contrary, his cock had now grown to a full erection as a result of his escalating heart rate which caused the situation to become awkwardly disastrous.

"That's right, grow for me you beautiful thing. Come to Mama!" she said as she walked towards Peter and started to reach out to touch that which had stripped her of her normally prudent sensibilities.

In an instant of sheer horror, Peter fumbled through his open drawer and yanked out the first pair of boxers he could get his hands on and held them out in front of himself, thereby blocking his mother's eye contact and severing the trance that had captivated his innocent mother's will. She blinked a couple of times as she came to her senses, withdrew her hand, and with a slightly confused look on her face, turned around and walked out the door.

"Hurry up and get yourself showered now Peter, breakfast is almost ready," she said as she closed the door behind her, trying to convince herself that her mind was just playing tricks on her.

After breakfast, Peter let his parents know that he'd be spending the day over at his friend Jacob Johnson's house. J.J. was Peter's best friend and if there was anyone Peter could talk to about his problem right now, it was him.

Like Peter, J.J. was also fourteen years old. He was an inch taller than Peter with straight blond hair, lusciously plump lips and had alluringly deep azure-blue eyes. He was trim with a swimmer's body that he obtained from working out daily in his backyard pool. J.J. was a second generation Jacob in his family and being the junior of his family, he acquired the nickname J.J. so his family could easily tell him apart from his father, Jacob Senior. Being the `junior' of the family was only one of many things that Peter and J.J. had in common. Even so, Peter was thankful that his parents never thought of giving him a nickname like J.J. or he would have had to endure many embarrassing years of being called P.P.

On this day, it was early Saturday afternoon and Peter was stressing out about school starting the day after Labor Day. He had just three days left to find an effective solution and he was counting on J.J. to help him work a major miracle.

When Peter arrived at J.J.'s house, he walked his bike around to the side of his house and entered his backyard through the side gate as he had done so many times before. He drew the gate all the way open and pulled his bike through. He glanced across J.J.'s backyard where he knew J.J. would be expecting him. J.J. was sprawled out in one of two lounge chairs, sunbathing at the side of the pool, wearing nothing more than a Speedo. He purposely wore the ones that were ultra sexy that he wore exclusively to all his swimming competitions. It was the perfect attire for showing every bump and curve, leaving nothing to the imagination.

"Hey J.J., what's up," Peter asked as he closed the gate behind him and walked over to J.J. He sat down on the second lounge chair next to his friend and began their conversation.

"Just hangin' by the poolside, waiting for you," J.J. answered. "Guess what? My mom got called into work today and she just left a few minutes ago. Dad is doing some overtime today as well so we're in luck. We have the whole house to ourselves for the rest of the day."


"So, what do you want to do first?" J.J. grinned.

"I don't know, nothing I guess," Peter sighed.

"No really, anything you want to do, we'll do. Just name it," J.J. said with more than a little innuendo in his voice this time.

J.J. was hoping Peter would suggest something worthy of having the whole house all to themselves for the next several hours.

"I don't really care. Whatever you want," Peter grumbled.

"All right, what's wrong?" J.J. frowned. "This grumpiness is not like you at all. We've been friends a long, long time. Something is bothering you. What's going on?"

"It's school," Peter confessed.

"What do you mean, school?" J.J. blurted out. "We went and selected our classes together on registration day. Remember? We got five out of six classes together. We got into every class we wanted and even got the teachers we were told were the best. So, that just doesn't make sense. What's the real reason?"

"It's personal," Peter whispered.

"Personal?" J.J. stared accusingly. "We don't have any secrets between us, do we?"

"If I tell you, you can't say anything to anybody about it. Okay? Promise me!"

"Who am I going to tell?" J.J. said.

"I mean it!" Peter growled. "You've got to promise!"

"Of course I promise. I promise!"

Peter hesitated for a moment, worrying about how J.J. would react.

"I've got a magic dick!" Peter blurted out with complete seriousness.

J.J. got very quiet and confused at Peter's emotionless statement, and he waited for him to crack a smile or something that would reveal that he was being pranked. After Peter gave no sign of deception, J.J. offered his typical irreverent response.

"Yeah, you sure do. You've got a magic dick and I've got super balls. Together we can fight crime with our supernatural boners. You can be `Wonder Wang' and I'll be your sidekick `Beastie Balls'!"

"Shut up, I'm not kidding J.J." Peter snapped. "I'm in trouble here and I don't know what to do. I need your help and I trusted you to understand. This is super serious and here you are making jokes."

"I don't get it," J.J. said. "We've been skinny-dipping for years together. We've had sleepovers at each other's houses and messed around together dozens of times. You've got a nice dick and all, but `magical' it ain't!"

"I can understand why you would say that. This is something that's happened just recently," Peter explained. "I think it has something to do with growing... you know, puberty hair. Last week, I noticed a few new hairs that sprouted over my dick and at first it got me real excited. The last few times I jacked off, I've been shooting some real sperm."

"All right dude, that's fantastic. Congratulations man!" J.J. complemented as he gave Peter a high five. Then he asked, "Why would you be upset about that?"

"Because that's when it all started to happen," Peter continued. "Yesterday when I went to the public pool at Salvador Park, I noticed that when I got undressed in the changing room, all of a sudden everyone started staring at my cock. Young guys, old dudes, it didn't matter. Then they even started making remarks like how `suck-able' it looked and shit like that. As soon as I got my bathing suit on and got covered up, they immediately stopped and everyone acted like it never happened."

"No way," J.J. baulked in disbelief. "Maybe that was just some weird coincidence."

"I don't think so, because it happened again this morning," Peter revealed. "Get this. I had just undressed to take my shower and I was still in my room getting my clothes together when my mom walked in and saw me completely naked. The same thing happened to her."

"Eww gross," J.J. said crossing his legs together. "What did she do?"

"She commented about how much I've grown and then started to reach for it."

"Oh my god, what did you do?"

"I reached into my dresser drawer for the nearest pair of boxers I could find and covered myself with them."

"Did she... touch it?" J.J. dared to ask.

"Eww gross," Peter said as he crossed his own legs together just like J.J. had just done. They looked at each other for a moment and then they both started laughing.

"My mom and the five or six guys at the public pool were bad enough," Peter said. "But what's going to happen in the showers after gym class when thirty or more horny guys start getting all nasty and shit on me. It'll cause a school wide incident. What am I going to do?"

"Is this what you were talking about on the phone this morning?" J.J. asked.

"Yeah, I don't know what to do," Peter said timidly. "I need your help and I don't know who else I could even talk to about it."

"Have you thought about talking to your mom or dad about it?" J.J. wondered.

"Are you out of your mind?" Peter snorted.

"All right, I get it," J.J. responded. "I'll help you. I'm sure we'll think of something. Maybe together we can come up with a solution."

"Thanks," Peter said with a sigh of relief.

"Okay, to start with, I wanna see this `magic dick' of yours," J.J. said. "Let's see if it has the same effect on me."

Peter stood up next to his friend and prepared to go into the house to privately show J.J. his secret.

"Please be careful. This will be the first time I'm showing someone on purpose without trying to hide it. I don't know what'll happen."

"Don't worry. I've seen you naked before so I think I kind of know what to expect," J.J. confidently said. "So, whip it out, let's take a look!"

"Right now? Out here?" Peter asked. "Shouldn't we go into the bathroom or at least go inside?"

"Heck no, we've skinny dipped dozens of times in this very spot," J.J. remarked. "You know my backyard is safe from nosey neighbors."

"Okay then," Peter hesitated. Are you sure you're ready?"

"Yeah, and if I go bonkers on you, just cover up like you did those other times."

"All right, here goes."

Peter slipped his thumbs under the waist band of his pants and boxers and dropped them both together in one quick jerk, falling in a heap around his ankles. He felt momentarily awkward, standing in front of his best friend J.J. with his privates all exposed, standing in the great outdoors, with the express purpose of displaying himself openly in front of him. He closed his eyes and prepared himself for the worst. J.J. looked at Peter for a moment, largely unaffected.

"There, see," J.J. said. "There's nothing magical about it. Although, I can see that you have grown a little bigger since I saw you last. I can see those new hairs you were talking about too. They're pretty cool. It's like you've grown up all of a sudden. You're sexier too. Your cock seems to have gotten thicker or something."

Without any warning, J.J. reached out and took Peter's pecker into his hands and worked it around in his fingers. Peter's heart skipped a beat as the sudden sensation of J.J.'s gentle touch surprised him. He opened his eyes and watched his pecker spring to life, twitching and growing as J.J. continued to inspect Peter's prized possession.

"Yeah, I was right, it is thicker," J.J. confirmed as Peter's cock grew to full size, hardening into a solid erection. "I wonder if it tastes any different than it did last time."

Quicker than Peter could respond, J.J. swallowed Peter's penis into his mouth and began fervently sucking his friend's organ with great enthusiasm.

J.J.'s comment made no sense to Peter. He couldn't figure out what J.J. was even talking about. He and J.J. had never sucked or even remotely tasted each other's dicks before. The most they'd ever done before was grab at each other's crotches while skinny dipping in the pool or silently jacking each other off inside their sleeping bags under the cover of darkness. The sensation of J.J. sucking on his boner was sending waves of pure pleasure that shot erotic tingles across every nerve ending in his body. Peter didn't want J.J. to stop his incredible blowjob but at the same time, he didn't want J.J. to be doing anything that he was being compelled to do against his will.

"J.J., stop," Peter said. "You don't have to do this."

"It's... okay Peter," J.J. stammered between breaths as he continued to engulf Peter's quivering cock. "I know... what I'm... doing."

"No you don't," Peter said as he physically pulled J.J. off his dick and then quickly slid his boxers back up, covering his pulsating genitalia.

J.J. froze in place for a minute and then blinked his eyes a few times as he came to his senses. "There, you see. Nothing happened."

"What do you mean, nothing happened?" Peter exclaimed. "Dude, you were like totally sucking me off."

"No way," J.J. professed. "I'd know if I were sucking you off. I mean, I wouldn't just... I mean..."

J.J. slowly began to realize that Peter may have been right.

"I didn't do that, did I?" J.J. continued. "I mean, I was thinking about wanting to, but... oh my God! I was totally sucking you off, wasn't I? I remember now. I was really enjoying it too. Why did you stop me?"

"It didn't seem like it was really you doing those things because you wanted to," Peter explained. "It was like... you had no choice."

Peter was beginning to think that he was going to have to keep his `privates' private for the rest of his life. Friends, family, even strangers were all equally affected. It just didn't seem to matter. Anyone who saw Peter's naked body and caught a sneak peek at his pecker would feel compelled to react.

"I can see how this might be a problem," J.J. admitted. "I've read somewhere that all guys are guilty of checking other guys out in the shower room. Gay guys, straight guys, it doesn't matter, it's like basic instinct. As much as they'd like to deny it, every single guy is guilty of secretly spying on each other just to see how they themselves measure up against their peers."

"Exactly!" Peter said. "There doesn't seem to be a way to avoid it."

J.J. was beginning to see what Peter was talking about and began formulating a series of ideas.

"Okay, I believe you now," J.J. said. "You've got a `magic dick'. I think we need to do a few tests to determine exactly what it is, and how it works. Once we know that, the solution should be easy to find."

"Okay," Peter agreed. "Just how do we go about doing that?"

"First, let's find out what parts of your package in particular has the biggest effect on people," J.J. suggested. "I'll be your guinea pig. Just cover up if I lose control again."

"All right," Peter said. "Tell me what to do."

J.J. sat for a moment and thought about how he might proceed in a scientific way like he learned to do in Mr. Gordon's science class, formulating hypotheses, testing them and then learning from their outcome.

"This may sound a little weird, but trust me. Okay?" J.J. began. "Let's start by lowering your boxers a little at a time. Stop right at those new pubes above your dick that you've recently grown. We'll see if exposing just that much of it has any effect on me."

Peter complied and slowly worked his boxers down, stopping just above his dick, revealing his newly sprouted hairs.

"Okay, there you are," Peter said. "Feel anything?"

"Hold on a second," J.J. said. "I do feel something. I'm starting to get a boner. I don't know if I'm just getting turned on because I'm doing sexy naked experiments with my best friend or if it's a reaction to your `magic dick'."

"There's one way to find out," Peter said as he pulled his boxers back up to his belly button, covering over his ever so limited exposure. "How about now?"

"Well, I still have a boner," J.J. laughed. "Did I say or do anything unusual?"


"Let's try something different now," J.J. said. "This time, pull your boxers up from the bottom and show me only your balls."

Again, Peter complied and pulled his boxers up to expose his testicles through the leg openings at the bottom of his boxers. Then he waited for a reaction from J.J.

"What a pair of precious jewels," J.J. commented. "They're all full of hot sperm just waiting to explode out your dick. They're so hot man!"

Peter quickly pushed his boxers back down his legs, once again covering his favorite playthings and removing them from J.J.'s line of sight.

"Anything happen that time?" J.J. wondered.

"You made some interesting comments," Peter indicated.

"Did I reach for them or try to suck them?"

"No, just the comments."

"Okay, I'm starting to see a pattern here," J.J. said. "Just one more experiment. Pull only your dick out of the fly of your boxers and then work it into a boner for me."

"Why do I need to get a boner?"

"If I'm right, the more turned on you get, the more turned on other people will get. This will tell me if I'm right or not."

Peter pulled his semi limp dick out of the fly of his boxers as J.J. indicated and held it there for a minute.

"Wow, you really do have a nice dick if I do say so myself," J.J. confessed. "It's a real chick magnet. You can get any girl you want with that thing."

"So far, it's only managed to attract guys," Peter recalled, "oh yeah, and my mother too!"

Peter started to stroke his pecker as he had been instructed to do and in moments he had worked himself into a full blown erection.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," J.J. chimed.

Once again, J.J. reached for Peter's pecker and began to play with the tiny bit of loose foreskin around Peter's circumcised dick. Again, Peter reacted to his friend's sensual touch, but this time, he allowed J.J. to proceed a little longer to see what else might happen for the sake of the experiment. Just like the last time, J.J. leaned forward and drew Peter's pecker right into his mouth.

In a way, Peter was hoping that J.J. would repeat his earlier action and this time, Peter was prepared. He closed his eyes and let the waves of intense tingles wash over him as he let himself experience the enjoyment of J.J.'s electrified touch, even if it were for only a minute. The problem was that Peter was already close to a ball busting climax from all the sexual tension he'd been enjoying from J.J.'s arousing experiments.

Peter felt that, allowing himself to cum in J.J.'s mouth was crossing the line, so he figured he'd better put a stop to J.J.'s wild efforts before he lost all control and passed the point of no return.

J.J. sensed that Peter might try to stop him again so he wrapped his arms around Peter's waist, gripping him tightly to prevent Peter from pushing him away again. As he did so, his nose went right up against Peter's pubic bone. The scent of Peter's musky male perfume filled his senses and suddenly drove J.J. wild with desire.

J.J. had more than proven his point. The more Peter got sexually excited, the more his spellbound captives would became erotically mesmerized. The longer that J.J. continued his ball busting suck-a-thon, the weaker Peter's resolve became until he gave up trying to break free from J.J.'s grip entirely and surrendered to his first official cum popping blowjob.

Even in a hypnotic stupor, J.J. knew that Peter belonged to him now and Peter ceased trying to resist. Peter had come too far now and was too close to cumming to try to stop it. J.J. knew that Peter had given in and was going to allow J.J. to take him all the way to a ball busting climax. This gave J.J. the signal to proceed without any further opposition.

J.J. had gotten so caught up in what he was doing that he began to strip Peter of the rest of his clothes as he continued to suck on Peter's irresistible boy toy. He withdrew his crazed and aggressive sucking on Peter's penis just long enough to stand up and remove Peter's shirt up over his head. Then he slipped his own sexy Speedos down and off before returning to a seated position opposite Peter's quivering dick. Once seated, J.J. freed Peter's pecker from the fly flap of his boxers and slid his flimsy underwear down to the ground with absolutely no objections from Peter whatsoever. Now that both boys were stripped naked, J.J. switched into high gear. He began to stroke his own dick with one hand while his other hand roamed freely across Peter's chest, all the while madly attacking his best friend's dick with a fiery passion.

Peter was now rife with sexual tension, writhing in ecstasy from his best friend's amazing performance. He began breathing deeply as a series of moans escaped his weakening control. J.J. tasted a subtle change of flavor come from his best friend's dick. He instinctively knew that Peter was at the crest of a powerful orgasm and he was going to see to it that Peter would never forget it. Peter's legs began to buckle and give out from under him as J.J.'s intense stimulation took his breath away. J.J. had to hold on to his friend's waist even harder now as Peter struggled to remain standing. The harder J.J. sucked, the faster his own climax approached until both boys spewed their loads in unison. J.J. dumped his substantial puddle of boy cream by the poolside as Peter propelled his prize down J.J.'s waiting throat.

Once the two boys came down from their combined euphoric climax, the spell was temporarily broken and both boys slowly came back to their senses. Peter found his way back to the other pool chair and collapsed on his back completely drained. Now lying side by side, completely naked, they both stared into the blue summer sky, totally exhausted but pleasantly contented.

"That was amazing Peter," J.J. confessed as he maintained his thoughtful gaze at the puffy white clouds hanging lazily in the lofty blue sky.

"Thanks J.J. I've never felt anything like that before," Peter said, watching a flock of birds fly overhead. "Are you sure you've never sucked a cock before?"

"Well, to be truthful," J.J. revealed, "I've sucked my own cock a few times. I really liked it too, but it was very hard to do and very tiring. I wasn't sure I could make someone cum just by sucking them. I could never make myself cum when I sucked myself. Maybe it's because, I just couldn't do it long enough. I've tried to cum in my own mouth several times before, but it never worked. I thought about picking up a gob of cum immediately after shooting it, but by then, I would lose the desire to try it and I would chicken out. I always wondered what cum tasted like."

A long and awkward silence passed as Peter waited for J.J. to finish his sentence.

"Well?" Peter asked as he looked over at his friend's naked body.

"Well what?" J.J. wondered as he looked back over at Peter.

"What does cum taste like?" Peter bluntly asked.

"Do you want to find out?" J.J. offered as he waved his hardening cock towards his friend as an apparent invitation.

"Shut up, you dork," Peter said as he got up from his lounge chair, walked four paces to the edge of the pool and splashed J.J.'s naked body with a handful of pool water.

"Oh, no you didn't!" J.J. snapped as he jumped up off the chair and started chasing Peter around the pool.

They both laughed as their cocks and balls bounced vigorously while they ran around the pool. J.J. was just a little faster than Peter was and when J.J. came close to catching Peter, both of them jumped into the pool together and another memorable skinny dipping session began. They swam around the pool, pretending to avoid one another as they grabbed at each other's dicks, just as they had done so many times before.

Once they got tired of that, they settled down in the shallow end of the pool and talked.

"That was sure fun messing around like that," Peter said.

"Who was messing around?" J.J. stated. "I was conducting a series of scientific experiments."

"You mean you weren't having fun?" Peter grimaced.

"Of course I was having fun, you dork. I just had a purpose behind it," J.J. explained.

"Oh, okay," Peter sighed.

"So, do you want to hear my findings or not?" J.J. bated.

"Sure," Peter said, listening intently.

"Here's what I think," J.J. began. "Your whole package is charmed, from your pubic hair to your ball sack. It radiates from the center and spreads outward from there, so your dick, being the heart of your package, packs the biggest wallop. Therefore, covering up your dick, cuts off most of your problem."

"When you say, `most of it', it sounds like there's more to it than that," Peter commented.

"Oh, there is, there is!" J.J. continued. "Your `magic dick' doesn't just affect a person's sense of sight. There's the whole sense of smell too. I've read on the Internet that there are these groups of chemicals that act as sexual attractors. They're like stinky man perfumes. They work by emitting an odor that attracts other people and turns them on sexually. It's like when my nose hit your pubic patch a minute ago. I inhaled a huge dose of your scent and got so turned on that I couldn't stop what I was doing until I made us both cum."

"I'm so sorry J.J.," Peter said. "I don't know how to control it."

"I might have some ideas about that," J.J. said. "Just before we jumped into the pool, when you asked me what cum tastes like, I looked at you and started to bone up again. As soon as we jumped in the water, I felt the connection fade. I think that in order for your dick to be `magical', someone has to see it with their eyes and smell it with their nose to have its effect."

"You think so?" Peter asked.

"I'm staring at your dick through the water right now and nothing is happening," J.J. said.

"Thanks a lot dude," Peter grumbled. "You sure know how to make a guy feel good."

"Well, you know what I mean," J.J. apologized.

"Yeah, I'm just messing with you, you freak," Peter laughed. "So what do you recommend I do about this then?"

"Never come out of the pool," J.J. said, splashing Peter furiously until they both started a splashing war, laughing hysterically as they devastated each other.

Peter was losing the battle, so he climbed out of the pool, which was the only way he was going to get away from J.J.'s liquid assault, and moved far enough away that J.J.'s splashing couldn't reach him any longer.

Once Peter was out of range, J.J. stopped his attack and exited the pool. Peter and J.J. returned to their lounge chairs and dried off in the late afternoon sun, enjoying the warmth on their naked bodies.

"So, seriously J.J., what should I do about this problem?"

"Well now, that's a little complicated," J.J. thoughtfully said. "One thing you might want to try is to shave off those newly sprouted pubes."

"Shave? I hardly have anything there as it is!" Peter complained.

"Yeah, I realize you haven't even had them long enough to enjoy them yet, but it's a good place to start. Do you want me to help you shave them?"

"Oh crap. Do you mean today? Right now?"

"Sure, why not?" J.J. asked. "We're already naked and no one's home. I know where my dad keeps his shaver. It will only take ten seconds to shave off those three little hairs you have there."
"You pervert," Peter insulted. "Why should I be the only one to have to shave?"

"Because you're the one with the `magic dick'," J.J. pointed out. "I'll make you a deal. If you let me shave you, I'll let you shave me. How does that sound?"

"Deal!" Peter grinned.

Making J.J. shave off all his pubes made Peter feel a little better about having to go hairless again. Besides, it would be like old times, back before J.J. grew his own patch of hair, which happened about eight months ago for him.

"Okay then," J.J. agreed. "Let's go into the bathroom."

J.J. pulled out his dad's electric shaver from the hall closet and then joined Peter in the bathroom. He spread out a fresh towel across the vanity counter and had Peter sit on it with his legs spread apart. He plugged in his dad's shaver and turned it on, causing it to begin buzzing.

"Wait!" Peter shouted. "I changed my mind. That thing is going to shave my balls right off, I just know it!"

"No it's not," J.J. assured him. "It's perfectly safe. Besides, you don't really have any hair on your balls yet to have to shave them."

"I don't care. I don't want to do it anymore," Peter chided. "You're not putting that thing anywhere near my dick or balls, do you hear me?"

"Okay, okay!" J.J. said as he turned off the shaver. Once the buzzing stopped, Peter lowered his guard and relaxed a little. "How about we do this thing `old school'?"

"What do you mean?

"You know, with shaving cream and a disposable razor," J.J. suggested. "The shaving cream makes it smooth to shave and protects you from any irritation."

"Do you know how to do it that way?" Peter asked, still not sure he wanted to continue.

"There's nothing to it," J.J. said confidently. "My swimming coach made the team shave their legs for our first meet. He said it would cut down on the drag and it would help us swim a little faster. At the time, I didn't have very much hair anyway so I shaved my pubes too. He didn't tell us to do that but I wanted to. You can trust me. I know what I'm doing."

"All right, I'll try it. Go ahead." Peter said.

J.J. put his dad's shaver back in the hall closet and then retrieved a wash cloth for later. Then he reached into the medicine chest and got out his dad's can of Old Spice shaving cream. He shook the can vigorously and applied a generous amount of its cool creamy lather to his hand. Then he smoothed it above Peter's pubic patch where he intended to do the shaving. Peter's pecker began to bone up again from the cooling sensation of the shaving cream against his most sensitive body parts.

"Sorry about that," Peter grinned as his cock stood at attention.

"No," J.J. assured him. "Having a boner will help to keep the skin around your dick tight. It will actually make it easier to shave you that way."

With great loving care and tenderness, J.J. began to shave his best friend's patch clean. He held the head of Peter's stiff dick in one hand, pulling it out of the way as he maneuvered the shaver over every possible pubic hair. He was being extra careful not to injure his best friend, all the while being sure not to miss a single inch. Peter's heart started pounding as the fear of loosing one or more of his favorite body parts raced through his mind. Almost as quickly as it started, it was all over. When J.J. was finished, he ran some warm water in the sink and rinsed off the razor as Peter watched the symbol of his new found manhood effortlessly slip down the drain. Then J.J. soaked the wash cloth in the warm water and used it to wipe the remaining shaving cream off his friends genitalia, leaving the area perfectly smooth and hairless like the day he was born.

"Okay, your turn," Peter grinned as he took the clean razor from J.J.'s hand to perform a little pubic payback.

J.J. behaved honorably and eagerly switched places with Peter. He climbed up onto the towel and spread his legs as wide as possible, welcoming Peter's turnabout. He popped an instant boner as he became excited at the prospect of getting shaved by his best friend. He was completely okay with it because he knew that after getting shaved, his pubic hair would grow back thicker and fuller in a few weeks, making him look even older and more mature in the locker room.

Peter followed J.J.'s example and filled his palm with shaving cream and smeared it liberally all over J.J.'s entire erogenous zone. J.J. had a whole lot more hair to shave than Peter did. Peter gleefully took J.J.'s firm dick in one hand as he manipulated it around to shave J.J.'s abundant patch. Peter was enjoying himself a little too much and was getting turned on watching J.J.'s precious hairs slowly begin to disappear with each stroke. When Peter got to the part around J.J.'s testicles, J.J. instructed Peter about how to do it. He stretched his own ball sac so Peter could get to the hard to reach places that curved around his young tender balls. Peter found that he had to rinse off the accumulated hair from the razor a lot more frequently than J.J. had to do for him.

J.J. became increasingly titillated as he watched his best friend transform him into a smooth bodied, virtually hairless twink. When Peter was done, he rinsed out the wash cloth, soaked it with warm water and cleaned away J.J.'s freshly shaved area. The two of them took a minute to check each other out as they admired their mutual handiwork.

"I don't know about you," J.J. said, "but I feel kind of sexier with no hair down there."

"Well, one thing is for sure, we both look younger now," Peter replied, "But I don't know how much this is going to help me with my problem."

"I'm looking at you right now and I don't feel like I have to ravish your body even though we both have a boner," J.J. said.

"Well, you said yourself, it's not just the looking, it's also the smelling," Peter reminded J.J.

"So?" J.J. said.

"So, we were in the pool for a while," Peter explained. "The pool water might have washed off all that stinky man perfume you were talking about. Then we came in here and got doused with shaving cream."

"Pheromones," J.J. said.

"What?" Peter said.

"I just remembered what that stinky perfume is called," J.J. remembered. "They're called Pheromones!"

"Oh, okay," Peter said.

"Anyway, you're probably right. They all got washed away and your body hasn't had enough time to replace what got washed off. Plus, if I'm right, your body won't start producing large amounts of it until you start getting horny again."

"That would be like, right now," Peter confessed.

"Really, me too," J.J. said.

"I've never been naked for this long before without being in bed," Peter said. "It feels real comfortable this way, kind of like being free. I could get used to this. It feels real sexy too, being able to be naked inside and outside with no one to have to get dressed or covered up for. Plus, being naked together with you is way cool."

"This might sound kind of weird," J.J. said, "but I'm feeling a little embarrassed right now. Going hairless makes me feel even more naked, if that's even possible. I can feel even the smallest bit of air moving across my balls."

"Yeah, I can feel it too," Peter said. "Hey, didn't you say you shaved yourself before?"

"Yeah, but I only shaved my patch," J.J. confessed. "Getting my balls shaved is new to me and it makes my balls feel bare and exposed. It's hard to explain."

"That's interesting," Peter agreed. "You do look more naked with no hair down there. Anyway, it is kind of drafty in here,"

"I know what we could do," J.J. suggested. "Let's take a quick shower to wash off the chlorine from the pool and then we can go into my room where there's no draft. Then we could look on the Internet to see if we can find anything more that might help us solve your problem."

"Sounds great, let's do it," Peter agreed.

J.J. turned on the shower and adjusted the water to a nice warm temperature and then he stepped in.

"Are you coming?" J.J. asked.

"You mean you want us both to shower together?" Peter wondered.

"Yeah. Why not?" J.J. asked.

Peter was still having trouble remembering that he and J.J. could do whatever they wanted as long as they were alone. Once Peter realized there was no reason to have to shower separately, a chill ran down his spine as he joined his best bud in the shower. Peter was really enjoying the idea of sharing another titillating hot activity with J.J. As they stood face to face in that small shower cubicle with the warm water drizzling down their bodies, they both experienced the same wicked sensation of doing one more thing together that they both considered to be totally taboo.

"Here, let me wash your back," J.J. offered.

Peter turned his back towards his buddy and J.J. started to wash Peter as they talked. J.J. gently soaped and massaged his friend from the top, working his way from Peter's neck, down to his shoulders.

"What would you do if we can't find a cure for your `magic dick'," J.J. wondered out loud. "Then, on the very first day of school, the entire locker room filled with hot sweaty guys started to go bonkers for you and your enchanted cock?"

"Don't say that. That's exactly what I'm afraid is going to happen." Peter moaned.

J.J. worked his way down Peter's back, soaping down the center and then working his way outward, around his ribs and back, making sure not to miss a single inch of his friend's body.

"I know, and I'm sure we'll find something online that will help you. But right now, I'm just saying... what if?"

"I'm really scared J.J. You're the only person who's ever touched me down there since I've been out of diapers, and every time you do, my heart starts racing. Even so, I'm perfectly okay with that. I just can't imagine a bunch of strangers touching me there."

"That's what I'm saying. Just imagine it for a minute," J.J. suggested.

"Okay, I'll pretend for you," Peter conceded.

J.J. now worked his way to Peter's buttocks and soaped up those sweet rounded checks adding a sensual touch as he went.

"Pretend that a whole bunch of good looking, well hung, hot-hot-hotties are all looking at you as the water sparkles off their bodies in the steam filled shower room. They all take one look at you and all start popping boners, left and right, all around you. They start imagining what it would be like to be able to touch that mystical magical penis of yours. Their hearts start pounding for you as they enjoy the thrilling idea of being able to touch it, hold it and play with it. Then they start stroking themselves as they dream about slipping that supernatural wonder of yours into their mouths to taste the sweet flavor of your hot sexual boyhood magnetism."

J.J. slipped the side of his soapy palm into Peter's crack and then slowly worked his hand in as he stroked Peter's vertical haven, gently massaging his outer ring until finally eliciting a blissful moan from his buddy.

J.J. continued to cast his sensuously explicit story with a host of horny worshipers that would make a hardcore porno look like a walk in the park. Each and every guy was willing to do anything to get a taste of Peter's charmed boyhood. Both Peter and J.J. started to get boned-up again as J.J. continued to stoke the fire of his scorching hot imagination.

"They walk right up to you and take what it is they're craving and do to you what they will, until the next guy takes over and does it even better. They'll all want you, Gay guys, straight guys, even the cock-curious guys. Hey, even the coach might want to take a lick or two from that all powerful penis of yours."

Then J.J. slipped his soapy wet finger into Peter's hole and Peter let out a yelp.

"What are you doing?"

"Sorry, I got carried away. Here, turn around."

Peter turned around and faced J.J. as he began to wash his companion on the front side of his body. Again J.J. began at his neck and shoulders and slowly worked his way down his arms and chest as he resumed his erotic fantasy out loud, using Peter's predicament as fuel for his grand finale.

"Then, as if by instinct," J.J. continued, "they line up single file across the shower room and crouch down on their heels. Their dangling balls hang just inches from the hard, wet concrete floor as they balance themselves on their haunches. The warm steamy showerheads bathe everyone with shimmering water droplets that drizzle down from the tops of their shoulders, to the tips of their dicks, highlighting their ripped abs and muscular bodies. They impatiently wait for you, Peter, with opened mouths while you, my friend, start at the beginning of the line. One by one, you soar into ecstasy as you work your way down the line, getting yourself a thirty-two boy blowjob."

By now, J.J. had worked his way down to Peter's rock hard boner and had soaped it up real good. He intentionally massaged it with slow sensual strokes as he related his titillating fantasy. Peter was captivated with J.J.'s seductive version of what might happen at school in some sexed up alternate universe and he started to get very aroused. He soaped up his own hands and reached for J.J.'s pulsating erection. Peter began to stroke his buddy with the same kind of sensuously stimulating strokes he was doing to him until both of them started passionately gyrating together.

"The feel of your soapy touch on my shaved balls is so incredible," J.J. said as he threw his head back in ecstasy and then murmured, "You're incredible."

"Why haven't we done this before?" Peter asked and then added, "You're incredible too."

Their breathing became labored as their hips moved in a rhythmical dance that caused both of them to enter into a climactic outburst of flying sperm. Their mutual orgasms were so intense that they fell into each other's arms as they struggled to keep from collapsing to the slippery, cum drenched, shower floor.

"Holy crap!" Peter declared as the two of them recovered. "That was such a hot story J.J., but if that were to actually happen to me, they would have me castrated."

"Oww," J.J. said as he reached to cover his dick with his hands, suffering a horrific anticlimax to his perfectly sensuous story.

The two of them finished rinsing off the creamy mess they just made and J.J. turned off the water. The two of them exited the shower and J.J. grabbed two towels and handed one to Peter. They dried themselves off and continued to enjoy their naked play day as Peter followed his companion into his bedroom.

J.J. turned on his computer and the two boys sat side by side on J.J.'s bed. They were both thinking about the closeness they had shared so far today and enjoying their combined nakedness as they waited for the computer to boot up. Once his computer was ready to go, J.J. moved to his desk chair in front of his computer and Peter poised himself across the arm. Now that they had both shaven off all their pubic hair, they both looked twelve years old again as they sat virtually side by side. J.J. opened his Internet browser and typed in `Pheromones' in the Google search window.

"Wait. Type `male' in front of pheromones," Peter instructed.

The two boys waited to see what their search would yield. In a few seconds, the search engine returned with its results. Peter and J.J. read the list from top to bottom.

"All this stuff is just a bunch of places to buy cologne to attract ladies," Peter commented. "That's not going to help me."

"Wait a minute," J.J. said. "Maybe that's exactly what we're looking for."

"I'm not going to put on more perfume," Peter said. "I'm already making too much of the stuff already."

"No, no!" J.J. explained. "What I'm thinking about is using regular cologne, or even better, after shave lotion to counter balance the scent you're already making."

"Why is after shave better than cologne?" Peter questioned. "I thought after shave was just for your face."

"It is," J.J. continued. "My dad told me that cologne is made with oil and aftershave is made with alcohol.

"What's the difference?" Peter asked.

"My dad says that they put alcohol in aftershave to help heal tiny nicks and cuts that happen sometimes while shaving. Alcohol also dissolves oil. The alcohol in the aftershave will break down the natural oils that are the source of your problem and replace it with a mild scent that won't put people in a trance. I think that a combination of keeping your pubes shaved, keeping clean and applying the after shave directly to your pubic area after each shower could be all you need to throw people off your charmed scent. This might be your best defense. You could also try a few additional tricks."

"Tricks?" Peter asked. "What do you mean?"

"When you undress at school, wrap a towel around your waist before you remove your boxers. Once you're covered with the towel, reach under and slip them off. Then you just keep your towel wrapped around you until you reach the shower you'll be using. Then, take your shower as quick as you can and stay facing the wall to keep your naked exposure down to a minimum. Once you're showered, most of your problem will get washed down the drain. That should do the trick and help you slip by with the least amount of attention."

"I'm so lucky," Peter said.

"What do you mean?"

"To have you as my friend," Peter remarked. "You're so smart. You always know what to do and what to say. You are so special. I'm just lucky to have you."

"And don't you forget it!" J.J. grinned as he pushed Peter off the arm of his desk chair.

Peter went falling to the floor landing butt first as J.J. unleashed a fiendish laugh. To get even with J.J., Peter planted both feet against the wheels of the desk chair and pulled the entire chair backwards, tipping it over with his friend still sitting in it. J.J. was totally caught off guard by Peter's swift retaliation.

Both boys were now on the floor, laughing hysterically. Before they knew it, they found themselves in the middle of a wrestling match, enjoying the titillating feeling of their freshly shaven pubes as they grabbed at each other's cocks in a mock sexual battle of supremacy. Something was starting to happen between Peter and J.J. and they were starting to feel indescribably closer to each other. It was a closeness they had always shared but right now, it was all they could think about.

Peter took advantage of the element of surprise and quickly turned J.J. over, putting him facedown on the floor. Then he crawled on top of him and put J.J. in a headlock. J.J. unfairly reached behind and grabbed a handful of Peter's nuts and threatened to squeeze. Peter yelled out and let go of J.J. in fear of getting his balls handed to him.

"Two can play at that game," Peter exclaimed.

Peter rolled off of J.J. leaving him facing the floor. Peter quickly got up and stood over J.J.'s body. As J.J. attempted to get off the floor himself by getting into a crawling position, Peter dropped to one knee beside him and reached down between J.J.'s legs with one hand while he reached his other arm around J.J.'s waist. Peter pushed with his back leg, toppling J.J. onto his side. Peter quickly slipped his right arm between J.J.'s legs and his left arm under J.J.'s neck connecting his fingers behind his friend's back. Peter felt J.J.'s clean shaven balls against his bicep as he hoisted J.J. off the floor and twirled him around like he was going to do a WWF style slam. It took all Peter's strength to lift the larger boy off the ground and it took J.J. completely by surprise.

"If you get me dizzy, I'm gonna hurl!" J.J. called out as Peter completed one final spin and tossed J.J. on top of the bed, landing on top of him and laughing.

"What do you think your doing?" J.J. called out.

"I'm going to take your advice," Peter answered.

"What advice?" J.J. asked.

"I'm gonna find out what cum tastes like," Peter said confidently.

"You don't have the guts!" J.J. taunted.

"Oh yeah?" Peter said. "Watch me!"

Peter knelt on the bed between J.J.'s legs and grabbed his arms, pinning them to the bed. Then he swallowed J.J.'s dick whole without thinking twice about it. J.J. was already partly erect from the naked horseplay he and Peter were doing but now, Peter's forceful move caused J.J.'s cock to become rock solid once again. J.J. felt a little strange from being dominated by Peter, who was usually the submissive one. J.J. was used to being the one in control in their relationship since he was the one who was taller and more muscular not to mention more sexually mature. Despite that, Peter was being abnormally aggressive and J.J. was starting to like it.

"Peter, stop," J.J, said. "You don't have to do this."

"It's... okay J.J.," Peter stammered between breaths as he continued to engulf J.J.'s quivering cock. "I know... what I'm... doing."

"No, wait," J.J. said. "Where have I heard this before?"

"Turnabout... is fair play," Peter stammered between breaths as he continued to engulf J.J.'s pulsating dick. "It's my... turn now!"

J.J. stopped resisting and allowed Peter to get the taste of cum he was seeking. Peter was right. Turnabout was fair play and J.J. was now eager to educate Peter on the finer points of cumsucking. In fact, J.J. was so horny that he wanted Peter to cum in his mouth again, right now. Without breaking Peter's lock on his dick, J.J. coaxed Peter's body over the top of him until Peter's dick was hanging directly over J.J.'s face. Without being compelled to, J.J. drew Peter's dick into his mouth. They were both now happily enjoying their very first sixty-nine together.

Something was starting to happen between Peter and J.J. that neither boy was aware of. Peter's enchanted dick was starting to lose its effect on J.J. Both boys were starting to break free from the ravenous effects of Peter's charmed genitalia and now they were simply enjoying being two horny best buds. The sequence of events that transpired throughout the day had begun to redefine the relationship between Peter and J.J. in a way that neither one of them could have ever predicted.

The amazing sensation of simultaneously pleasuring each other for the first time was so seductive that they both fell into a pre-orgasmic stupor. Their tongues roamed around each other's dicks, exploring every subtle nuance of their young and maturing boyhood. Their hands also began to roam and explore each other's bodies in the same seductive way. When one of them made a move that the other one liked, they instinctively mimicked each other's actions until they were driving each other wild with desire. Their hearts started racing and their breathing quickened. Their balls puckered up and their cocks began to swell. Beads of sweat formed on their foreheads as a wave of pure pleasure swept across their entire bodies. They both arched their backs as the pressure of a cataclysmic ejaculation built up behind their balls. Their seminal fluids began to fill their tubes and vesicles like a volcano on the verge of eruption. Without the ability to warn each other of their impending climaxes, they both let loose of a powerful series of blasts that coated each other's mouths and throats at virtually the same time. Wild flashes of colors danced on the inside of their eyelids as a glorious orgasm caused them to become intoxicated with primal passion. They continued to stimulate each other until their combined cum pumping spasms came to a satisfying conclusion.

J.J. turned Peter's body back around to bring him face to face. J.J.'s lust had not waned and he was ready to do a little cum swapping. J.J. was happily savoring Peter's cum for the second time today but he was still curious about the taste of his own. Both boys still had a good amount of cum left on their lips, so J.J. reached up and pulled Peter down to his mouth to make the swap. When their creamy, cum coated lips met, they fell into an unexpected kiss of stellar proportions. They remained there, entwined in each other's embrace, with their eyes closed, feeling a kind of warmth that radiated joy and contentment across every inch of their bodies.

Still holding fast to their virgin kiss, Peter lowered his body onto J.J.'s and tenderly lingered for a few minutes longer, enjoying their full body contact. The sensation of their hairless bodies and persistent boners touching each other felt amazing as they drifted down from their euphoric climax. Once they regained their strength, Peter rolled off J.J.'s body and laid beside him, looking deeply into his eyes.

"I love you Jacob Johnson," Peter blurted out.

"Yeah, I know, I love you too Peter Piper," J.J. calmly answered.

"No, I mean I love you love you," Peter clarified.

J.J. looked into Peter's eyes and realized he was being serious. He thought about it for a moment and realized what that warm feeling was that was filling his heart with such joy.

It was at this very moment that J.J. realized what it was that Peter had already discovered. They had both fallen head over heels in love with each other. They had been best friends for a long time and were closer than brothers. They were always there for each other and did virtually everything together. They probably loved each other all along but it took the events of the day to open their eyes to the possibility.

"I... I know," J.J. said. The taste of Peter's cum mixed with his own was still fresh in his mouth as he peered back into Peter's eyes, "I love you love you too!"

Peter and J.J. kissed again and cuddled in each other's arms a while longer as their newly declared love for each other solidified within their hearts and souls. Eventually, they gathered their wits together and reluctantly got dressed before J.J.'s mom would be returning home.

Once Peter physically and emotionally fell in love, the old Gnome's prophecy ended. Peter's pecker was only charmed, so long as Peter was unattached to anyone. J.J. had indeed cured Peter of his `magic dick' by opening his heart and inviting him in. Things really did work out for the best and Peter's charmed genitalia turned out to be a necessary part of Peter's life. Without it, Peter and J.J. may have never discovered the love they had for each other that they unintentionally kept hidden away from one another. Peter was now safe from the threat of the Piper family curse. In fact, Peter now realized the curse he was dreading so aggressively was actually the blessing it had intended to be.

Peter returned home in a fog. He had two conflicting emotions swirling viciously in his mind. First, he was walking on air from having fallen in love with his best friend. Second, he was only away from J.J. for a few minutes and he was already missing him frantically. There was no doubt that Peter had fallen in love wholeheartedly. A few minutes later, J.J. called Peter and the two of them talked for hours about everything under the sun. They were two young boys who were hopelessly in love with each other and they both felt truly alive for the very first time in their lives.

The End

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