Chapter Eleven: Love is a Battlefield

Mike's head spun. Retreat? No they'd just follow. Call the police? No cell signal. He knew the answer.

"Attention. About face."

As one Jack and the twins stood at attention.

"What gives, Sir?" Kyle and the other Soldier Boys stood stupefied then it sunk in.

"You bastard!" Kyle dashed forward and he and Mike squared off. Kyle opened with a right hook and caught Mike on the chin. He shrugged it off and countered with a knee to Kyle's stomach and groin. Kyle fell to his knees but got up and lunged for Mike.

"Come on stop this before someone gets hurt." Jack was on the verge of tears but he remembered his training and put on his game face. Mike smiled at him and dodged Kyle as he came burling forward.

Kyle toppled to ground and Mike wasted no time to ground and pound the smaller teen. Kyle tried to transition to top mount but Mike's weight was no match for him and he submitted.

"Eyes front and ears open! If any of you sons of bitches have a problem with me bringing Jack and his brothers into the pack, speak now. Because this will be the last time it's up for discussion."

"How could you?" Tony's chubby face flashed pink. He failed to contain the hurt he felt. He sized up the twins and went for Kaden. Jaden saw Tony close in and warned his twin but it was too late. Tony took him to the ground and pounded on him.

Kaden transitioned to a rear naked choke and Tony was out for the count. When Tony recovered he begrudgingly shook Kaden's hand then faced off with Jaden, whom he made submit in thirty seconds.

Eric and David followed suit. Jaden held his own against the Asian booby-trap master, but fell to David. Kaden however barely defeated them. David whined about a rematch. His thick southern accent made it all the more hilarious.

Mike in the meantime was busy with Kyle. The boy simply wouldn't stay down. He was bruised and bloody yet still stood eyes full of fire.

"Is that all ya got cocksucker?"

Mike answered with a gut shot. Kyle keeled over and retched.

"Stay down."

"Never!" Kyle picked himself up and charged head long towards Mike. Training long forgotten the only thing that mattered was hurting Mike like he hurt. Mike shook his head and sidestepped as Kyle approached then bashed in his head. Kyle dropped like lead, still breathing but unconscious.

"You've played long enough. Now do as I said or I'll break my foot off in that ass."

"I stake claim as the Alpha of this pack."

"Boy you don't know what you're saying. Come back the HOP and we'll straighten everything out—ooh."

Mike's right fist hammered into James's jaw and he staggered back a bit before he got his second wind.

"Well guess I'll have to stop going easy on you." James smiled and removed his shirt to and revealed his weighted vest and a mountain of muscles. Mike smirked and followed suit but upped the ante and removed all his weights. Each made a loud clunk as they hit the ground.

"Well aren't we full of surprises today." James removed his vest and dropped into BWS.

"You said not to go easy." Mike cracked his knuckles and worked out the kinks.

"Boy, you done preening yet?"

Mike flipped him off and they began. James favored strikes to the gut and head, so Mike bobbed and weaved until he was in striking distance. He got a good hit then backed away. James chased after and delivered punishment when Mike miscalculated. It seemed like hours had passed until out of nowhere Mike began getting the upper hand.

He moved in closed and fired off a flurry of punches and didn't stop until James was on the ground. The elder rolled to the side and righted himself. He took out his ka-bar knife. Mike did the same. They circled and then James struck.

Mike was a fraction too slow. The blade cut his neck. A line a blood trickled down his chest, but Mike was already on the counter attack. Their blades clashed in a burst of sparks.

Mike caught James in the shoulder and they sported matching wound. James came in close and thrusted his blade forward.

Mike dodged. His knife found James's left hand, pierced it and disarmed him in one fluid move.

"Damn it." James groaned. "OK Mikey I give. You proved your point."

"No!" Mike went on the offensive and stabbed James's in the shoulder blade. He twisted the knife and James's arm burned with pain. Not done he took James to ground and rained down blow after blow.

"That's enough Mike!" He turned ready to attack and stopped when he saw Jack standing before him. As if waking from a dream he took in the bloody mess that was his father, and wept. He recomposed himself and whispered into James's ear,

"Come between us again and you're dead."

Eric's dad patched up James the best he could, but they'd need to go to the HOP's medical bay. The others had looked on, silenced by the carnage Mike wrought. But at once they exploded with questions.

Mike gave them the cliff's notes version of why the Johnson boys were brought into the pack. The overall mood was somber. Tony and David recognized Mike as the Alpha; Eric was neutral but Kyle refused to recognize Mike's dominance. He began a whisper campaign and soon had the fathers and all but Tony on his side. Mike and the gang were too preoccupied to notice the others huddled together as they plotted.

Back at the HOP John Cho sutured the last of James's wounds.

"Tough break man. I don't know what I'd do if Eric pulled that crap on me."

"Did I ask what you thought?" James hopped off the gurney and went to nurse his wounded pride.

"I'll tell ya one thing. This aint over by a long shot."

"Get him Mike. Yeah you got his ass." Eric and David cheered from sidelines.

Mike and Jack were going at it hard and fast. Both were bloodied and bruised.

Jack dropped under Mike's guard and caught him with a cheap shot to the balls. He dropped to his knees but shook it off. When Jack tried a triangle lock Mike flipped him over his shoulder and brought his knee over Jack's throat. Jack fought back the urge to panic and rolled the side.

He took a big gulp of air and about crapped himself when Mike's massive foot came towards his crotch. Jack rolled away and Mike's foot hit nothing but air. Jack used this to his advantage and knocked him off balance. He got top mount but Mike easily escaped and put Jack in a figure four leg lock.

"We get it. He can hang with you, but he'll never be one of us."

"Kyle what's your malfunction?"

"I don't know? Maybe you risking everything for a piece of ass."

"Say that again and you'll end up just like my dad."

"Whatever. Just keep that shit to yourself." Kyle tossed them a towel and they hit the showers.

Kyle ran into James on the way to the barracks and they talked about how to fix the Mike problem.


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