Chapter Thirteen: Blood Brothers

Mike's legs were broken and he three pins in each ankle. The crutches took some getting used to, but Jack reminded Mike it would only be for a few months unlike his which he'd had all his life. He smiled and gave Jack a peck on the cheek and they walked to class.

It was impossible not to be the center of attention when news broke of what James did to them. The cover story was that James got drunk and went on a rampage. The others tried to stop him but he wouldn't have it. Finally the police showed up and stopped him.

As for their relationship Mike pulled away from Jack and any time he wasn't with the Screw Crew he loaded the boys with Soldier Lessons.

It was a week before Christmas break and the boys had finished their latest lesson. Kaden was reclined on the love seat while Jaden sat between Mike and Jack on the couch.

"What the hell is your problem? We never talk anymore and it's been ages since we had some alone time."

" Don't you get it? They could attack us at any moment. I put you in danger and the only way to keep you safe is if we aren't together."

"That's bullshit! You know they won't, not now that your dad has a record." Jack's sharp tone sent Jaden away before he got eaten alive. The pair argued back and forth until Kaden tossed a pillow at them and told them to shut the eff up.

An all-out pillow war ensued.

Mike laughed for the first time in months as he plopped done next Jack. Mr. &Ms. Johnson walked in the room at that moment and sucked out all the life.

They were leery of Mike and partially blamed him for what happened. Mike had little luck getting on their good side. They'd come to an unspoken agreement. Once they arrived home Mike was to leave. He sighed and headed home.

Upon logging on Mike saw Tony was on Skype. He told Mike he'd gone Fang to Fang against his father and that Kyle was doing so well they removed his colostomy bag early and he was on a regular diet again.

"Shit man that's awesome. You tell Kyle I said hey."

"Why don't you tell him yourself, ya meathead."

Mike flipped him off.

"Right, because I'm the last person he wants to talk to."

"Nope, Hawkeye wants to talk to you. But doesn't want to be the first one to initiate contact. So how are things with Jack?"

"I don't want to talk about that. What I want to know is what the others have been up to?"

"Doing the school thing, why?"

"Duh are they planning any hunting trips I should know about?"

"No Sir. They know better than that."

"Right." Mike rolled his eyes and signed off.


Jack saw Mike was on Skype and tried to talk to him but he'd logged off. He sighed then hit up Tony. In the months since the "hunting accident" Jack and Tony kept in touch at first just to update him on Mike's progress and see how Kyle was doing. But in the process they became friends.

"What up Cowboy?"

"Nothing much Princess. What's up Mike's butt?"

" He's losing it man. You need to hit up the others and come ASAP so he knows you're not a threat."

"That bad? I'll see what I can do. In the meantime go give him a stiff one. Maybe that'll loosen him up."

Jack laughed then signed off. When he got to Mike's no one was home. He tried his cell but it went straight to voice mail. Dammit pick up, he thought as he heard Mike's greeting for the fifth time. Now if he were Mike, where would he go? The Mall! Jack smiled and rushed to his car.

Once at the food court he spotted Mike talking to an attractive brunette with purple eye shadow. What Mike said she must have worked because she laughed then kissed him on the cheek. Jack marched right over and cleared his throat.

"Did he bother telling you he's taken?"

"What the fuck?" was the response from the crew.

"B is what he said true? You fruity in booty?"

"Yeah but I still like girls."

"Ew nigga. That's some DL type shit right there."

"Luke I will smack the black off your ignorant ass."

"Fellas let's roll."

Mike turned to Jack and glowered.

"Thanks ever some much. Now not only is my rep as player gone but come tomorrow every one's gonna know about us."

"And that's bad how?"

"Don't you get it? I just want to be normal."

Jack placed his hands on Mike's shoulder.

"Normal is subjective, love is love."

They locked eyes and kissed.

"No more of this player stuff you hear, or I won't make Mister Happy, happy." Jack wiggled his eyebrows.

By lunch the rumor mill had it that Mike was gang banged in the locker room by the whole football team. To make matters worse he refused to confirm or deny it. Instead he was content to let them come up with whatever idiocy they may.

Luke was not as magnanimous and threatened to stomp the ass of anyone who questioned his sexuality. He disavowed ever knowing Mike was a back door boy and let anyone in shouting range know he had no love for that fag.

"Come on B, tell `em we aint never done anything fruity together." Luke's nostrils flared like a bull ready to charge. Mike waved him off and sighed.

"Listen up! Regardless of what you heard nothing funny happened between Luke and me. I only have eyes for my Pinky." He leaned down and planted a kiss on Jack's lips and the boy `bout had a heart attack. There were a few ews, but the overall reaction was positive. Adam Stormed out in a huff and muttered something about Mike under his breath.

Things fell into a lull. Mike was still hyper vigilant about an attack from the Alphas, but Jack always calmed him down with a few well-placed kisses. However he insisted they continued to train just in case.

Jaden spent most of his time with the Screw Crew and effectively took Mike's spot since Jack forced him into retirement. He had a stable of girls to choose from yet he never went out with the same one more than a week. Mike just shook his head and laughed when the boy recounted his fruitless attempts to go beyond copping a feel.

Kaden took an interest in wrestling so when Mike was healed up they often had mock matches and then settled into a few rounds of Halo or Modern Warfare.

The kid had tons of friends though he much preferred Mike's company. At one point Jack had to lay the verbal smack down on Kaden, so he could get some alone time with Mike. After that Kaden took to waiting until he knew Jack was busy to hang with Mike.

"So little dude, what will it be today? Me kicking your ass in wrestling, halo, or both?"

"Screw you man I'm so pwning your ass."

And they were off. Mike circled around Kaden. Kaden charged forward and went for a half nelson. Mike shrugged him off and pinned him for a count of two before he let the kid up. Kaden brushed his hair out of his eyes and glowered at Mike. He went for ankle lock, failed and wound up in a full nelson.

"OK I give, you behemoth."

"Nope." Mike rubbed Kaden's face in his sweaty pits and the kid dry heaved.

"Dude you stink."

"Hey it's not that—" Mike took a whiff and then ran for the shower. Kaden giggled in that high-low voice boys get when their voice first begins to change. He played against the computer until Mike sauntered in naked and changed.

"Eww. I don't wanna see that."

"Then don't look squirt, besides you know I look good."

"Whatever, "Kaden said and blushed.

"Awe did I embarrass ya? Not my fault if I'm packing."

"You `re so full of it." Kaden flipped him off and went back to the game.

"Oh you don't know the half of it." Mike dressed in only boxers took the controller from Kaden and round two was on. They were halfway through an impromptu wrestling match when Mike's phone range.

"Time out little dude. ` Yo this be—slow down I can't understand you." Whoever was on the phone Kaden knew it wasn't good news. He felt atmosphere change.

"I said Luke's gone off the deep end and is threatening to shoot us if you don't get to his house ASAP."

"I'm on my way now."

As Mike drove toward Luke's house he prayed he wouldn't have to kill him. He knocked on the door and someone asked who it was. After verifying it was Mike a bloodied Aaron let him in. He tried talking sense into Luke but all he got for his troubles was a bullet to the shoulder. Luke's .22 didn't do much damage, except at close range. Lucky for Aaron he'd been across the room when Luke fired. Satisfied the wound was properly dressed Mike asked where Luke was and at that moment the teen walked in with Jaden at gun point.

"Luke whatever this is about we can straighten it out."

"Ha-ha, straighten it out? That's a good one dick licker. You have no idea how far my rep fell after you admitted you were a fag. How could you do that? "

"Luke, put the gun down."

"No! We was like blood and then you go and do this? Fuck no. See the ways I sees it this is all yo' fault. If you never got involved with his brother, we'd still be keeping the pimp hand strong. So I figure, off little dude here, your boy blames you and we get back to business as usual."

Shit what to do. If he shot Luke Jaden could get hit in the crossfire.

"Luke your beef's with me. So shoot me!"

Mike walked forward arms wide open.

"Here I am partner. Take your best shot." Mike pulled the barrel of Luke's .22 so it was in the center of his chest.

"You out your damn mind?"

"Nope, now pull the trigger. If you're man enough."

That was all it took.

The gun backfired as the bullet rebounded off the weighted vest. The recoil twisted Luke's hand and shards of metal bit into Jaden's face. Luke dropped the gun and that was all the opening Mike needed to take him down. He torqued the wrist, broking Luke's hand, and pistol whipped him with his own gun until he was blooded and unconscious.

When the cops and medics got there and heard the store they chastised Mike for his reckless actions. Jaden received twenty three stitches and had to wear a path over one eye until the cornea healed. They thought he might be blinded but he only suffered minor vision loss. Luke served 18 months in juvy then was transferred to adult prison where he served out three years as part of his plea bargain. The Crew broke up not long after the incident. They still hung out from time to time, but things were never the same.


The rest of the year flew by in a blur of assignments and tests. Even though they were busy Jack pushed to form a Gay Straight Alliance. It was hard work but the administrators agreed and they held their first meeting two weeks before prom.

Mike got roped into doing a self-defense demonstrated which was a big hit with everyone. So for the rest of the year he taught them how to fight back if they were ever attacked.

As for Prom it went on without a hitch. Mike and Jack wore matching powder blue tuxes and sported yellow carnations in the pocket. There was a minor snafu with the ticket checker but it was resolved when Mike mentioned his mother's named and lawsuit in the same sentence.

When it came time for the couple's dance Mike pulled Jack out of his seat and they took to the floor. Mike and Jack were voted Prom Queen and King. The twins' finger prints were all over it. There were a few laughs but the pair ignored them and just danced. As the spotlight fell on them, Mike gave Jack a sloppy kiss. Jack giggled and returned the favor.

Graduation day arrived and Jack and Mike tied for valedictorian. A coin toss decided Jack would give the speech. As Mike listened to Pinky talk about how these were the best years of their lives, he couldn't help but feel eyes on him. He turned and saw Kyle, Eric, David, and Tony decked out in suits. His first response to flee but when he saw Tony wave him over he calmed a bit.

"What fuck are you cocksuckers doing here?"

"Back at ya, you big lug. Jack told us you were getting a bit screwy so we decided to visit ya." Kyle saluted Mike and then they fist bumped.

"Yeah we wanted it to be a surprise. Sorry if we freaked you out."

Mike ruffled Tony's hair and gave him a noogie for good measure. Eric and David laughed until Mike turned his attention to them and they received a side headlock each. Mike was so lost in catching up with them he didn't notice Jack's speech was over, or that James was two yards away.

Mike dropped into BWS when he saw James.

"Calm done Mikey I just wanted to wish you luck and give you this." James tossed a Dog tag and a stack of plane tickets.

"You know you're not supposed to be within 500 feet of me or Mom."

"I know that but this is Alpha business."

"Talk fast ."

"OK, come with me outside."

Mike looked at Tony but he wasn't much help, nor were the others.

"Mikey I haven't been straight with you. That dog tag contains a list of all the Alphas worldwide."

"Hold up there's more than just our groups?"

"Yes hundreds of groups like ours."

"But why should I believe you?"

"Take a look for yourself. You know the password."

"Soft boy?"

"Yeah, you see only the higher ups have access to this info. Since you bested me it's your duty to look over the North American Alphas. The other leaders want to meet with you ASAP and see your new training methods in action. You leave at the end of summer."

Mike shut down.


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