Chapter Fourteen: Truth

"Hey, Earth to Mikey?" Kyle waved his hand in front of Mike's face but got no response. He stood there catatonic. Jack made his way his way over, but stopped in his tracks when he saw James. He fell into BWS, but the Soldier Boys told him to chill. Jack wouldn't have it.

"What did you do you fucking monster?"

Kyle grabbed Jack's shoulder.

"Cool it Princess."

Jack groaned then yielded. He turned to Mike and placed a kiss on his check.

"Hey beautiful how long you been there?" Mike picked Jack up and gave him a bear hug topped off with a kiss.

Kyle stuck out his tongue and pantomimed retching. Mike went in for another kissed and flipped Kyle off. Tony giggled and that set David off who turned to Eric and did a Pepe le pew impersonation. Eric shook his head and laughed.

"Well ladies if you're quite through shall blow this joint or what?"

As one they filed out after Mike off to who knows where, James and his revelation forgotten for now. First they hit the local pizza shop and devoured three extra-large pies as they reminisced about old times.

Jack hadn't seen Mike this happy in a while. Though he was ecstatic he couldn't help but feel like the odd man out. Mike caught his gaze and then lugged his meaty arm over Jack's shoulder and pulled him close for a peck on the check. The waitress mmhhmmed and flashed Jack a knowing smirk.

Stomachs filled they headed back to Mike's house and spent the afternoon grappling. The twins arrived some time later and had a ball sparring with Tony who still had the habit of tripping over his own feet.

Jack and Mike were reclined on the couch as they watched Scarface. Mike sighed and cuddled close with Jack. God he really needed this, Mike thought as he inhaled Jack's scent and kissed his neck.

"Comfortable I take it?"

Mike sucked Jack's neck in response.

"Hey lover boys try to keep things PG-13."

Jack tossed a pillow at Eric and the others laughed. The boy retaliated but Mike caught it tossed the back, catching Jaden in the crossfire and it was on. After they tired themselves out they went back to watching the movie. Shelia came home not long after that and they had pork chops for dinner.

As they settled in for the night Mike took out the dog tag James gave him and put the USB connector into his computer. There were hundreds of names spread as far as Australia. He never imagined more groups like his, let alone five hundred. Decision time: this could just be another mind game from James. He picked a local number and dialed it. After three rings he was about to give up when someone pickup.

"Hello this is Derrick Holder."

Mike gasped. On the phone was the man he ran into the first time he took Jack and the twins to the HOP. He recovered and grabbed the phone off the floor.

"Hello Mr. Holder, this is Michael Smith. James's boy."

"Oh! What can I do for you Sir?"

"At ease soldier, just wanted to verify you're leader of pack 17 based out of Flint?"

"That's correct, Sir."

"OK, you have a nice night."

Mike dialed a few more numbers to be sure and each time they confirmed the data on the drive. So the only question left was what should he do now that he knew the truth? Fuck if he knew. He logged off and tried to get some sleep, though he doubted he get more than a few hours' worth.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown and all that rot. Mike thought about what to do. On the one hand he wanted to see how the other Alphas did things, yet what would this do to his relationship with Jack.

They'd just got back into the groove of things, and he couldn't up and leave without telling Jack where or why he'd gone or how long it would take. The more Mike thought things through the more he frowned.

When Eric suggested they hit up a club Mike jumped at the mention, anything to take his mind off things. David said they should stick to someplace local while Kyle wanted to do it up big in the D. When Jack caught wind of this outing he reminded Mike to mind his manners.

"Can't I have one night out with the guys before college?"

"Fine but I'm coming along."

"Damn he got you trained, son." Kyle mimed cracking a whip.

"Fuck you, ya ginger bastard." Mike cuffed Kyle behind the neck and gave him a noogie.

Jack meanwhile sent a mass text the GSA. Most of them replied back they were down for the outing. They were packed tighter than a virgin's ass, but made their way to the club. The twins tried to stowaway in the trunk of Jack's car, but they were caught and sent packing.

Tony handled the logistics of it and soon they had a game plan. They'd start the night downtown then hit Royal Oak and Ferndale then hit up Ann Arbor then back home for the night. Jack and David were the designated drivers.

"What's good playboy? I aint seen you in a minute." Mike bumped fists with the bouncer.

Yeah been busy with school. Anyways these are my boys from out of town. Hook me up with the VIP section. Gonna do it up big ."

Yeah boy that's what I'm talking `bout." Mike slipped him a c note and they were on their way. Another bouncer got them a bottle of Hennessey and Alize. Once they got their buzz on David tried to pick up one girl only to get a drink thrown in his face.

"Epic fail. Watch and learn." Mike approached and when she got snotty he told her she wasn't his type.

"Oh yeah?" she said hand on her hips.

"Yes you're much too innocent. It wouldn't feel right corrupting you."

"Ha you don't know me very well." She hit Mike's arm.

"Hands off the merchandise unless you're buying."

"That depends, what ya selling?"

"The best sex you've never had." Mike smirked and ran his hand up her back then leaned in close. She closed her eyes and waited, but Mike pulled back.

"Later sweet thing." Mike walked away to thunderous applause.

"Where'd you learn that? Eric was bouncing off the walls and knocked over Mike's glass and that slowed his roll.

"Meh, just practice dude. It's all about confidence."

Jack took the lull in conversation to pull Mike aside.

"What the fuck is your problem. You were all over that girl."

"Pinky I was just having a little fun and showing the boys how it's done."

"Well stop it."

Mike pulled Jack so they were eye to eye.

"Look if it means that much to you I promise the only one I'll be picking up is you."

"Good." Jack leaned into Mike and they kissed, soft at first and then hot and heavy.

"Now that's what I'm talking about." Mike ruffled Jack's hair then went back to the others.

"Those two are something else." Kyle said to no one in particular.

"Yeah I so don't know what they see in each other."

"Tell me about it. I'm Kyle by the way."

"Name's Patty, and in case you're wondering I'm Trans, and my preferred pronouns are ze, hir, and hirself."

"Oh cool. Guy or girl you're cute. So, plumbing wise?"

"Well you'll just have to find out for yourself."

"Guess I will." Kyle smiled, showing off his dimples.

Mike grabbed Kyle, and the Soldier Boys took to the dance floor. Kyle asked what was up and Mike said just to follow his lead. The DJ gave Mike a thumbs up and segued to the next song. The five boys moved in synch to the rhythm. Mike began to pop and lock and they followed suite.

Mike gave the signal and Eric dropped to his knees and David flipped over him. Kyle flipped over Mike, then he and David flipped over each other. Mike locked arms with Tony and they danced as the crowd cheered them on.

Mike took a breather and downed a glass of Alize. Jack told him to slow down but Mike flipped him off then gave him a sloppy kiss. Jack shook his and went with it. The truth was he hadn't had this much fun in a while and far be it from him to shit on Mike's fun.

As the night wore on the liquor flowed and when the DJ played the cha-cha slide Tony got up and showed them the real way to line dance. The girls went crazy and before they were through Tony pulled three numbers and got a kiss from a busty brunette.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully, sans Mike making a fool out of himself when he ran into Marshall, but things ended well when he realized Mike was shit faced.

Kyle and the others stayed two weeks, and then they went back home to prepare for college in the fall. Mike hadn't thought about what he was going to do. Summer was half over when he decided to take the Alphas up on their offer.

"What do you mean you're going away and you can't tell me where you're going or for how long?"

"Pinky, it's Alpha business. I promise I'll check in with you whenever I can, OK?"

"No it's not fucking OK! Things were going good and now you want to go off. Come on take me with you."

Mike pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "They said I had to meet with them alone. No matter where I go I'll always call you before I go to bed so you know I'm safe and thinking about you."

"When do you leave?"

"A month from now, why?"

"OK let's make the most of it then."

Every moment they weren't asleep was spent together, but no amount of kisses could be enough. So when the day finally arrived Mike and Jack shred one last kiss.

"Don't cry I won't be gone forever—a year tops. You concentrate on school and before you know it I'll be back." Mike crushed Jack in a bear hug then boarded the plane.


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