Chapter Five: The Game

As they pulled into the drive way James cast a skeptical look at Mike who still had his riffle bag in hand.

"Boy, your mother's not gonna allow that in the house."

Mike turned to James and his cold eyes bored right into the man.

"Whether she likes it is irrelevant. It's time things change, Sir." Mike got out of the car and hosted his rucksack on his shoulders.

"OK if you're set on it, but don't say I didn't warn you. Now when do you plan to go back to the HOP?"

"Every chance I get, Sir."

"Well you'll need your own car then, won't you?" James pulled out his cell and told Hector, the shop manager, to have Mike's car ready for pick up ASAP.

"You're serious, I get my own whip?" Mike dropped his gear and crushed James in a bear hug.

James ruffled Mike's hair and told him he earned it, but he'd be responsible for gas and maintenance costs, and had to keep his grades up and out of trouble. When he thought Mike wasn't paying attention James sucked punched him, but Mike was ready this time.

He side stepped then dashed forward and kneed James in the groan. When James staggered forward and threw a right hook Mike dodged and stepped forward. He locked his calf against his dad's and unbalanced him with a shove to the chest. Mike stood over James, the wild look back in his eyes and dropped his bent leg across James's throat. When he saw the man's eyes roll back and close, Mike got up.

"Good one Mikey, now get on inside. Hector will be here in a few hours with your car then I'll take ya to the Secretary of State and transfer everything in your name."

Mike nodded and picked up his stuff, but inside he was laughing. James tried not to show it but it was clear to Mike he was scared. Good let's see how he likes it.

"Michael Jordan Smith, I know that better not be a gun in my house!" Shelia said when she walked in on him cleaning Carmen's barrel.

Mike stood and clasped his hands behind his back.

"First this is not a gun. It's an M1 Carbine .30 caliber riffle. Second, it stays."

Shelia stepped up to Mike, her head barely reaching his stomach, and stared him down.

"You know I don't like guns—"

"Yes YOU don't like guns, but I grew up around them and respect them. This is my riffle, there are many like but this one is mine. It is my best friend and life, and I will master it as I master myself. Is that understood?" Mike never raised his voice. The fire in his eyes was all the warning he need give.

"OK baby just don't shoot your eye out or nothing, but this discussion isn't over." Shelia backed away.

James stood in the doorway and started a slow clap as he watched her walk away. Mike nodded to him then went back to cleaning Carman, not bothering to acknowledge his father's order to trim his nails. He then tackled his language set and was about to check his cell when Hector showed up.

When Mike saw his car he damn near shit his wad. It was a custom 4-door Camaro convertible complete with GPS and backup camera. It was painted gold with green dollar signs and spinning rims in the shape of the Playboy bunny.

When he explored interior he saw the seats were lined with crushed red velvet and had dual manual and automatic transmission with a wolf head stick-shift, capped off with a chain steering wheel.

Two hours and $100 lighter they left the DMV but the fun was over when Mike remembered he had to take care of things with Jack. He pulled into their drive and decided the direct approach was best and walked to the Johnsons.


"Who are you and what do you want?" the surly teen said when he opened the door. Blonde roots showed through his spiky black hair, his holey band tee and distressed jeans revealed sun kissed skin, contrasting his otherwise pale face. Mike searched his face and when he spotted a patch of freckles on the boy's nose he knew which twin he was dealing with.

"Take a picture already pervert. It'll last longer."

"T1, at attention!"

The teen hesitated for a split second then stood at attention.

"As you were."

Kaden relaxed then recognition dawned on him and he pulled Mike into a hug.

Mike ruffled the younger twin's hair.

"I missed you too little dude, well not so little anymore. You're almost as tall as Pinky. So where's everyone at?"

They made their way into the living room where Jaden was kicked back watching sports center clad in a red Lebron jersey with matching AND1 shorts and shoes.

"Who's that Frankenstein?" he said to Kaden when he saw Mike plop down on the love seat across from him.

Mike motioned for Kaden to stay silent then moved so he was blocking Jaden's view.

"You giving me lip boy?"

"Hey out the way Sasquatch." He shoved Mike with his left foot, but paled when he was put in an ankle lock.

"I said are you giving me lip boy?"

"No man, I swear. Let me go, please."

Jaden tapped out and began to shake, until he saw Kaden laughing at him.

"Call off your goon emo-wad."

"T2 is that any way to talk to your brother?"

At the sound of his old nickname Jaden stopped then took a good look at him, and broke out into a smile.

"Mike, what the fuck are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me it was him, shithead?"

He tossed a pillow at Kaden's head and after a pillow fight broke out they settled down. Kaden cuddled up with Mike on the sofa and they caught up. It turned out the twins had also taken up BJJ but weren't as good as Jack. Kaden had become withdrawn and loved to shock his parents and generally do anything that would differentiate from his "conformist" brother. The once shy Jaden was an all around meat head and fancied himself a player, which made Mike laugh.

"What you know about the game, young blood?" he said running his hand through Kaden's hair while the boy ate up the attention.

To onlookers this may seem a bit strange, but in their younger days the twins loved to cuddle up with Jack and Mike while they did their homework or just watched TV. Mind you they ran around naked most of time and this led to some interesting developments when 10 year old Kaden groped Mike, but that's another story.

"Ay shorty come here and let me holla at ya, girl."

Mike died laughing when heard Jaden's opener and told him to listen up while The Brain schooled him.

Every pick up is structured in four stages: the approach, openers, mid game, and the close. The keys to good approaches are confidence, making eye contact and smiling. Openers are designed to break the ice and gage a girl's initial interest and come in three main types: the three word intro , opinion/questions, and getting a girl to dance with you when running night game.

Mid game involves getting the set on your side and then dropping your target's defenses (bitch shield). Closing is when the set is over and the types are: email close(@close), number close(#close) kiss close(K-close) and hooking up (f-close). Though special mention goes to the blow out: when the set or target rejects you and you must leave to save face. Once a set is over the goal then shifts to seeing her again ( a day2), f-closing, or screening to see if she's girlfriend material.

Jaden soaked up as much as he could, while Kaden looked on them as if they were aliens.

"So how do I know if a girl likes me?" Jaden said scratching the back of his head.

Mike got up after he pried Kaden off him and pulled Jaden into a huddle.

"It all boils down to body language dude. Like if a girl leans into when you're talking to her, plays with her hair, has dilated pupils, or say grabs your ass these are all IOIs, invitations of interests. " Mike wrapped his arm around Jaden's shoulder and they paced the living room.

"Oh, OK but like how do I get her to hook up?"

"One step at a time, Grasshopper. First thing you have to know is how to work the set. Girls rarely travel alone, so you have to come in with the right energy or you'll get blown out. See you can't let on that you like her `cause girls only go after things they can't have. It's the whole forbidden fruit angle."

Jaden looked at Mike like he was crazy.

Meanwhile, Kaden swiped the remote and was engrossed in a B horror movie, but paused even now and then to cast a glance at Mike.

Mike told Jaden to park it while he explained things further and they sat on floor.

"Do you remember when I started giving you Soldier Lessons?"

Both twins turned their heads and nodded yes.

"Remember how I got you to behave by teaching you wrestling moves if you were good?"

"Yeah." Jaden smiled and rested his back against the sofa.

"Well you have to treat girls the same way by setting up a system of rewards and punishment. This is where being cocky and fun comes in, because no one wants to be around a bore. And when she shoots you down—and she will, trust me—you respond by making her earn your attention again, understand?"

"Yeah but like how do I approach a way hot girl?"

Mike looked at the boy and shook his head.

"Easy you go in there like you're the king of your world, and shatter her BS with a few well placed negs like nice hair, is it real, or you're pretty smart for a blonde."

"Hey I'm plenty smart asshole." Jaden tried to get Mike in a side choke hold but he failed and was treated to a noogie and his nose in Mike's armpit.

"See how I got you worked up? Well that's how you build attraction and this is what push and pull is all about."

"Cool, so after that then it's on to the sex right?"

"Listen horn dog, yes sex is awesome but it comes with responsibility. First if I find you're using what I teach ya just to trick girls into bed I'll kick your ass. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir." Jaden gave him a curt saluted then turned all eyes on Mike.

"Good. While you may think you're ready don't rush and get your heart broke. Besides, don't want any Jaden juniors running around here either do we? So wrap it up every time."

"Yeah, so how many times have you hooked up then?"

At this Kaden turned and waited for Mike's answer.

"Well if we're talking going all the way then, 30. But if we're talking oral and hand jobs than like a hundred."

"A hundred times?" the twins said in unison and shared a short smile before glaring at each other.

"Girls total, son. As for times, 5 times per girl, averaging a thirty percent f-close ration. So that comes out to 150 times, with a margin of error of like 10."

"Whoa so you like ever get an STD?" Kaden said with a morose expression on his face.

"Crabs twice and oral gonorrhea once, but that the price you pay when you're a pussy eating champ. Of course now I make it a habit never to go down on a girl until after we discuss past partners. You feel me little dudes?"

The twins nodded.

"So how do you, you know, do it. I mean I've seen porn, but it's different in real life."

"First off you're not a porn star so your first time is gonna suck ass. Take it from me, it gets better with experience but every chick is different and you have to find her hot spots and limits."

Mike looked back when he felt something rubbing the back of his neck, and saw Kaden nuzzling him.

"Comfortable are we?"

"Yep." He wrapped his arms around Mike and snuggled close to him.

Mike reached back and rubbed Kaden's head.

"Me thinks he likes you," Jaden said then laughed at his lame joke.

"Whatever Mister Cool . Don't for get I remember when you used to run around buck naked."

"Pictures or it didn't happen."

"Really then how do I know you have a birth mark on your right buttocks?"

Jaden blushed as he tried to maintain his cooler than thou façade.

"I'm just braking you balls a bit son. To answer the rest of your question, you have to realize girls need plausible deniability, because if they let on they like sex they'll be called a hoe. So this is where LMR comes in."


"Sorry forgot you're still an average frustrated chump. Last minutes resistance is when you're about to lay down that pipe and a girl goes no we should stop. They have to feel like they tried to stop you from taking that pussy so their girls won't hate on them. Understand?"

Jaden licked his lips and said, "Nope."

"It's ok Grasshopper, I'll take you into the field sometime and we'll go sarging. And don't worry, you'll pick up the lingo as you go. Now squirts, how much do you remember about the Soldier Boys?"

"Everything , Sir," they said in unison.

"Good and you remember what I told you would happen if they found out I brought you into the fold before you're ready?"

They nodded and began to shake.

"You'll be meeting them in a little over a year if things fall in line. So that's means I'm going to put you through hell and then some to get you ready , but in the end you'll walk through the fire and become a part of something greater than yourself."

They nodded but Jaden spoke up.

"But what if we don't agree to this huh? Why can't we just go to the cops?"

"You have no idea what the Alphas are capable of. Do you know what happened to the last guy that disrespected me?"

"What?" they said but didn't want to know.

"He had an "accident" while playing outside and was paralyzed from the neck down. Do you want that? I didn't so that is why I never told them what you two did to me that weekend, because trust me, they would have kicked my ass for letting it happen. Then you'd all suffer their wrath, because no one fucks us!"

"Who's making all that..." Jack trailed off when he saw the twins crying their eyes out and he saw red. He charged forward and cocked back his fist then struck with a right hook, but found himself face down on the ground with his arm pinned to his back.

Mike lowered his head and spoke directly into Jack's ear while keeping an eye on Adam.

"Calm down and tell your friend to leave. We have business to discus."

Adam went to Jack's aid, but Jack told him to leave and he'd call him later.

"Not `til he gets his hands off you."

Protocol dictated Mike take Adam out then handle Jack and the twins, but he calmed himself and released Jack.

"Dude, I'll talk to you later. Just go, OK?" Jack leaned in and kissed Adam on the lips. He turned back to Mike and told him to get the hell out of his house.

"Not happening and you will address me as Sir or I will put you down again. Is that clear?" his arctic tone stung Jack and when he looked into Mike's face he flinched back.

"Why are you doing this? Why don't you just leave us alone? I wish me never met. I hate you!"

"You don't waste time do you huh? Well newsflash the world doesn't revolve around what you want, so you will sit and listen. Do you have any idea what I've given up?"

"What are you taking talking about you psycho?" Jack said, barely keeping himself together.

"I broke the cardinal rule, put myself and my Soldier Boys at risk, and even disobeyed my father. And you want to know why?" He began to wheeze as his emotions raged.

"Why?" Jack's meek voice cut through the silence like a knife.

"Because I love you."

Jack and the twins stared at him and didn't know what to think or say as Mike broke down in front them. He fought back the ache he felt in his chest and composed himself.

"I've never kept secrets from them and I won't keep this from them anymore. I need to know if you're going to finish training or I'm calling them right now."

"Yes Sir I'm in," Kaden said and placed his hand on Mike's back.

Jaden hesitated a moment then stood on the other of his brother and threw his arm around the Mike shoulder. They all turned to Jack and waited.

"OK, but for the record I don't like this and I'm only doing it because I know you'll go through with it.

"Training begins at zero five hundred hours. That is all, dismissed."

Jack s got in Mike's face.

"No, that is not all. What do you mean you love me?"

"That I would fight and die for you, just like any of my brothers, but you wouldn't understand that. Not two weeks ago you stood before me and said you'd always love me. And when I came back you're with Adam."

"You're jealous!"

"Now why would I be jealous of that douche nozzle getting my sloppy seconds? What I'm pissed about is that you replaced me like I meant nothing to you!"

Mike paused and thought for a moment before he clapped his hands. The Johnson boys looked at him like he'd lost his mind.

"Bravo Pinky, I underestimated you. If we didn't bat for different teams you'd make an excellent wingman."

Jaden nodded his head while Kaden and Jack had no clue what was going on.

Mike stepped back and folded his arms across his chest.

"Game recognizes game and I get it now. You never cared about me. You just wanted in my pants and when I stopped letting you, you dropped the L word, and when that didn't work you moved on to Adam."

"That's bullshit and you know it!"

"The truth hurts doesn't it? Well settle in cuz I'm about to clean out all the skeletons from my closet."

It started when Jack rubbed his knee against Mike on the way to the first day of sixth grade, then laid his head on Mike's shoulder and cuddled with him. Mike shoved him away and when that did work he ignored it, but two weeks later Jack did this at school and Mike shoved him.

He agreed to cuddle with Jack for the rest of the day then never again if he agreed not to tell their principal. When Jack saw Mike penis in the school bathroom he set up a sleep over to get closer to him. After an impromptu wrestling match Mike's erection stuck out his fly and Jack grabbed hold.

It wasn't until the next summer the boys made up and started jerking off together, but only after Mike made him go through a ritual never to tell anyone under penalty of death. When Mike saw the blonde's penis he was shocked by how pink it was and started calling him Pinky to tease him.

As they continued experimenting, "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" became their code for messing around and Mike would make him pinky swear before each session.

When Mike slept over at Jack's house for the first time, Jack talked him into trying oral (after making Mike do it first), but the 10 year-old twins caught them and photographed the boys and black mailed them into being their slaves. It started off innocently enough with them staying naked for the rest of the weekend and exploring mike's foreskin, but things took a dark turn and they swore never talk about happened. Afterwards Mike put a stop to them messing around and being friends.

"Dude you guys were a couple?"

All eyes fell on Jaden.

"What? I may be new to the game but it's obvious you guys love each other." Jaden placed his left hand behind his head and smirked at the older boys.

"Sorry son, but you're so far off base you're in another zip code. Let this be a lesson to you: never pressure someone into sex. No means no even if it's said mid-coitus."

"Hold up then what about last minute resistance?"

Mike explained that if a girl's body language says she wants to have sex then you proceed but stop if she says stop.

Jack rounded on Mike and demanded to know exactly what he had been telling the twins and when he found out Mike planned to take them to pick up girls he flipped. They argued back and forth, but when Mike brought up how Jack was younger than the twins when he made a move on him he stalled out.

"But that was different. I loved you man."

"Loved is it now? You know the only reason I don't call the others and tell them about you is because some small part of me still cares about you, but don't get it twisted. You ran your game tight and I respect that, but when training is done, I don't want to know you exist."

"Wait dude, it's not like that." Jack placed his hand on Mike's shoulder and he pulled away.

"Don't you ever fucking touch me again, you hear me. You don't have the right. Now go tell your boyfriend goodbye, because the only thing you'll be sucking on is the barrel of your riffle. Now March!"

"Fuck you!"

"I said March!"

Jack complied and when he got to his room he broke down.

"Look Adam we can't hang up for awhile, something came up so I'll see ya when I can. Yeah love you too, bye."

The twins laid into Mike and told him if he didn't apologize to Jack, then super soldier or not they'd kick his ass—or go down fighting. He sat them down and told them he would once he calmed down, and then he called up Kyle. Their conversation was brief but when Mike told him about the blow up with Jack and how the boy only used him to get his rocks off, Kyle was not pleased.

"Yo, tell that twinkle toed slimy cock sucker that as soon as I file my flight path with the FAA his ass is FUBAR, you hear me!"

Jack and the twins heard Kyle loud and clear, but Mike intervened on their behalf.

"Son, I'll take care of it myself, besides this town aint built to handle us."

Kyle broke into a smile and said, "OK man, but tell Jack to sleep with one eye open. And don't worry I'll pass on the you know what to David's dad and fly out with it as soon as it arrives from China, but Mike you need to slow down. Yo, at least do it limb by limb. And don't let that ass hat fool ya, not all gay dudes are like him, OK?"

"Yeah, I guess dude."

"Alpha Mike Foxtrot."

"Back at ya air dale."

"Yo don't hate. The Corps is a department of the Navy."

"Yeah, the men's department. Seriously son, Marines own SEALs ."

"Whatever. I'm gonna go pummel Danny before I do something stupid." Kyle hung and felt slightly better, though he still wanted nothing more than to give Jack a good ass kicking.

It was getting late and Mike decided it was time to head home. He told the boys to be ready at dawn and have comfortable shoes for the 3 mile run. Jaden ever the hyper puppy begged Mike to go over picking up girls one more time, and as he explained disarming bitch shields for the third time Ms. Johnson came home.

"What was that word young man?"

She badgered Jaden after setting down her purse and brief case. Mike tried to exit out the door until Jaden snitched on him to Samantha.

"Hold it right there. I don't know how they do things at your house but here we don't use that type of language and how dare you corrupt my precious babies."

"Precious nothing, Rosemary's baby aint got nothing on those two. Did you forget how horrible they were before I gave them Soldier Lessons?"

Samantha paused for a moment then realized what he said.

"Little Mikey is that you? Good god you've gotten huge and why didn't you tell me it was you. You about gave me a heart attack. And what's this about you telling them how to hook up with girls, hmm?" she used finger quotes when she said hook up then placed her hands on her hips and glowered.

Mike knew that look all too well from his mom and switch to Boy Scout mode.

`Why Ms Johnson I was merely satisfying a young boy's curiosity. I apologize if I over stepped my boundaries, but I couldn't in good conscious let him go out into the world and get eaten alive. After all you know how rumors run rampant, even in this modern age. I was just teaching him a bit of life skills you see. Unless of course you'd rather have the talk with them then?" he arched his eyebrow at the end and clasped his hands in front of himself.

"Well thank you dear, but next time, consult with me first. Now you boys behave. I have a lot work to go over and still need to find a translator for the revised contract that arrived today. Oh and Mike, leave Jack alone or I'll break your legs. Capish?" she said in a very bad mobster voice.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Ma'me."

"Come off it. I know you two had a thing together back then and a mother knows when her baby's been crying."

Mike froze and began wheezing again. He reached into pocket and took a few puffs from his inhaler.

"Calm down sweetie. Look I'm not exactly thrilled about what you boys did or may do. Just be safe is all I ask." She rubbed his back until he composed himself.

"Seriously, does everyone know about us? I thought we were so careful."

"I might not have been around all the time, but I saw how you two would whisper then rush off to Jack's room and come back positively glowing."

"OK Ms. J. but nothing is going to happen between us. He's with Adam and beside, I'm gay and he's straight. No, reverse that," Mike said and tried to pry his foot from his mouth.

Jaden chimed in and said, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

"I should have never taught you old English. Laugh now and remember it while I'm PTing you tomorrow."

"PT?"Samantha said and glowered at Mike.

"Don't worry Ma'me it's just physical training to whip these boys back into shape then Soldier Lessons after."

"Oh OK dear just make sure it doesn't interfere when school starts."

"Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted? Ah yes, you mentioned you needed a translator? Mind if I take a look at it?"

He extended his hand and mugging his innocent face. It turned out the contract was in German and Mike stopped when he came to a legal term he wasn't sure of. After conferring with Samantha he told her it stated that the commission from the merger would be placed in escrow for 18 months then a 20 percent processing fee would be assessed.

Upon hearing this Ms. Johnson was livid, but ever the opportunist Mike called up his mother and explained the situation. Twenty minutes later Shelia was made head legal consultant and Mike came on Samantha's translator, for a small fee of course.

"I hate you so much right now," Jack said when Mike finished sucking up to Samantha.

"Yes I'm despicable, but I learned everything I know about psychological warfare from Kyle. And FYI I've interned at Mom's law firm for the past two summers so your boy knows a little something, something about contract law."

"Whatever. You're so conceited."

"Hey it aint bragging if you can do it, so put down the haterade."

"For crying out loud will you two build a bridge and get over it. Who's the older brother here? Hello there's more important things than your broke back drama, like doing you know what before you know who finds out. That got your attention now didn't it? So you two sit down hash it and then squash it. Because I'll be damned if I get my ass handed to me cuz you can't get squared away." Kaden dropped his voice so Samantha couldn't over hear him.

Jaden patted him on the back and congratulated on him on getting in touch with his inner bad ass. Mike and Jack glared daggers at the twins then retreated to Jack's room.

They sat on the bed and turned away from each other until Kaden stuck his head in the room then locked in until they agreed to talk.

"Let's just half ass this so the squirt lets us out then we kick his ass deal?"

Jack remained silent.

Mike said the hell with and tried the windows but they were painted shut. He was about to kick the door down, but t Jack spoke up and his foot froze inches from the door frame.

`It wasn't about the sex you know, I cared about you, but you don't have those feelings. So why shouldn't I be with Adam?"

"So you're seriously gonna kick me to the curb? I thought we were friends, but I know better now. Enjoy your slut, marry him I don't care. There's nothing else to say."

Jack got in his face looked into his eyes.

"I know you love me but are too afraid to admit it. Heaven forbid the great Mike show any emotions because then that would make him weak, right? Soldiers don't cry, right. They tough it out and get the job done no matter what, right. Damn it, say you want me and I'm yours!"

Jack wrapped his arms around Mike's waist and he hugged him back.

For what seemed like hours they stood there holding each other, but then Mike pulled away.

`"Pinky please, I can't."

"Do you love me, and don't BS me."

"Please don't make me be something I'm not. If I lay here will you lie with me for a while?"

"OK but answers me this. You've been with a lot of girls, but have you ever loved them?"

They lay down and Jack pulled Mike into him and they held on like their lives depended on it, because they did.

"No. the only person I've ever come close to loving is you."

His words hung in the air and neither of them dared speak because as long as they didn't they could stay in this moment forever and forget about the wolves at the gate. Mike linked pinkies with Jack and they leaned into each other, but before their lips met Kaden opened the door and they pulled apart. He gave Jack a pained look and ran.

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