Chapter Seven: Everything Falls Apart

Adam came running around the corner huffing and covered in sweat. He tried to explain why he was late, but Mike cut him off.

"Spare me and get into formation. I swear two months and your ass still hasn't gotten with the program. Be late tomorrow and you're banned from coming around here. Is that clear, lover boy?"

"Yes sir," Adam said, sarcasm dripping from every syllable, and got behind Jack. They exchange a brief kiss and incurred the wrath of Mike who told them to save it for the bedroom and made them pick up the pace, signing at they went.

"Here we go, a little run just for fun. One mile, just for fun. Mile two, just for you. Mile three, just for me. Mile four, give me more. Mile five, I am alive. Mile six is just for kicks. Mile seven, I'm in heaven. Mile eight feels great. Mile nine, right on time. Mile ten, let's do it again."

Halfway through mile 4 Jack and Adam stopped for a water and smooch break.

"What in the fuck do you think you're doing? You still have three miles to go, and how many times do I have to tell you lovebirds to keep that crap to yourself."

"Still jealous I see, build a bridge and get over it dude." Adam leaned over and placed another kiss on Jack's pouty lips, but Mike pulled them apart.

"You will address me as Sir and follow my orders or I will put you down. Is that clear!"

Adam shoved Mike away and received a punch to his gut and doubled over. But Mike wasn't done and got him in standing guillotine choke. Jack picked up his crutches and used them like pupil sticks and bashed Mike's head and back until he released Adam.

Mike disarmed Jack of one crutch and they faced off both in BWS.

Mike dropped below Jack's attack and struck him in the solar plexus then followed up with a leg sweep and pinned Jacked to ground.

Kaden attempted to break things up, but Jaden held him back and shook his head. He nodded but didn't like it one bit, and when he saw Adam charge Mike he remained silent. Jaden saw Adam at the last second, but he was too late to warn Mike. Adam collided with Mike and fell on top of him, but before he could land a punch he was taken down by a pit bull of a boy.

The red head locked his leg around Adam's neck and held on until he began to pass out. Mike caught his breath then pulled the red head off Adam. They turned and stared down each other then exchanged blows. Mike was taken to the deck and the other boy tried for top mount, but Mike rolled on top of him and so his head was in the boy's crotch and he transitioned to an ankle lock.

"OK shit dick I give up. God you've gotten good." The red head tapped out and Mike helped him up.

"What can I say? I'm just that damn good." Mike pulled the teen into a bear hug and then they bumped chest.

"What are you doing here cocksucker? I told ya not to come." Mike pulled the boy into another hug and then they sparred for awhile, as if they were the only ones in the world.

"What, I can't come my see my best friend?"

"Best friend, since when?" Mike dodged a kick to his head and landed a right hook to the boy's jaw, but he shrugged it off and shot forward. Mike broke his fall and put him in full nelson.

"Jesus man, go easy on me." Mike flipped him off then put him in a noogie and they pulled apart laughing as they shoved each other.

"Umm,what was that, about?" Kaden said. Mike introduced the red head as Kyle Marsh and the Johnson boys paled. Adam made a crack about Kyle being Mike's boyfriend and all hell broke loose as Kyle proceeded to tear him a new one.

"Hawkeye, cool it. Civilians, remember?"

Kyle released Adam and apologized. That would have been the end of things, but Jack got in Mike's face and that set Kyle off again. Jack took Kyle to ground, but Kyle put him in a kimura arm lock then a rear naked choke.

"Calm down." Mike pulled them apart, but Kyle, who just figured out Jack was the infamous Pinky, wouldn't have any of it. Mike took him down to the ground and when Kyle's skin n matc longer matched his hair Mike released him. He told the boys he'd see them later and walked off with Kyle.

The pair talked about inconsequential things until they were a safe distance away.

"So how long do you plan to grace us with your presence?"

"Told Dad I'd be back ASAP, but can prolly swing the weekend and maybe till Tuesday if I pour on the charm." Kyle flashed Mike his one side smile and threw his arm around the taller boy's shoulder.

"Aw still the master debater I see."

"Still an asshole. Any ways your weights are ready, but I had them made detachable so you can split `em into fifty pounders. Just be careful, ass wipe." Kyle socked Mike in the arm and then pulled him into a one arm hug. Mike swatted him on the butt and the chase was on. The pair bounded back to Jack and company and tussled on the ground until Mike pinned Kyle and they got up and jogged side by side.

The boys hadn't relaxed since they came back. the Lovebirds glared at Mike while the twins stood petrified at the prospect Mike told the Alpha what they did. After Mike and Kyle made their fourth circuit around the block the boys relaxed a bit and followed behind them, but didn't dare speak until Mike dismissed Kyle when they broke for lunch.

"What the hell is he doing here?" Jack said, and got in mike's face.

"The bottom line is he brought your weighted vests and the parts for your riffles, and will be here `til Tuesday. I'll have to keep him distracted during Soldier Lessons. That reminds me, tell lover boy to go home."

Jack muttered under his breath about Mike being insane as he went to his room and kissed Adam goodbye, but left his window open in case Adam "accidently" left something. Twenty minutes later Mike called them to attention and began the day's lesson, but the boys couldn't help wonder why Mike had filled the coffee table with random items.

"Congratulations boys, you've made it through phase one of training and obtained tan belt status, but don't get complacent because there's still a ways to go. Today marks the beginning of close quarter combat and weapons training and next weekend we will began SERE and swim survival, so from here on out clear your weekends."

"Come on can't we take a break for a while. I mean school starts the week after next."

"Yeah and what was all that about earlier?" Kaden continued form where his twin let off.

"You can rest when you're dead and duh that was us sharpening fangs num nuts. Now tell me what's the deadliest weapon in the world?"

The twins replied with various firearms, while Jack responded with nuclear/chemical/biological weapons.

"Good answers but you're wrong. The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his riffle. Each of the items here can be used as a weapon."

Mike picked up a pillow and the twins laughed, until he walked behind Jack and used it to smother him, and then noted it could be used in a pinch as a silencer. He next picked up a towel and wrapped on end around his and used the other ens to whip Kaden. Mike pulled him closer then used the towel as a garrote. Finally he picked up a glass of ice water and explained how the liquid could used to distract an opponent, or as a medium for a chemical/biological agent and the glass used as a blunt object. Jack made a note not to piss Mike off.

"Repeat after me: one mind, any weapon. Your riffles will be ready by next weekend and from the moment we enter the woods you will have them with you at all times. Is that clear?"


For the rest of the afternoon Mike had them find household items and explain how they would use them as weapons. They all had a good laugh when Kaden brought a pair of Jaden's dirty socks and told them they could used as a biological weapon. After that he showed them how to make simple weapons like nun chucks from their shoes and promised to show the twins how to make small bombs from tennis balls.

When he felt they had a good grasp of the lesson Mike dismissed them and assigned the first fifty pages of The Art of War and their first language training: Mandarin. As a reward for their good behavior Mike promised to finally take the boys sarging the next day. Jack stopped him as he was leaving out.

"You tell Kyle to keep his hands off Adam, and that goes double for you. What part of I love him don't you get?"

"Just so we're clear you and your precious Adam would be in morgue if I it weren't for me. So spare me the lecture because you know Jack about love."

"Right says the guys who's never been in a serious relationship despite the fuck ton of what was it again? Oh yeah HBs he's f-closed. Now why do ya suppose that is Casanova? Mayhaps it's the love that dare not speak its name you seek." Jack got nose to nose with Mike and stared him down.

"Everything always comes back to being gay with you. Tell me do all gays try to turn straights, or is it just you?'

"New flash douche bag, you can't change someone's sexual oriental."

Mike pushed past Jack, but the blonde grabbed his arm. He turned back and looked down at Jack's hand.

"Remove your hand."

"Not `til you answer me."

Mike sighed and clinched his fists.

"Cut the crap and take it to the playground because I'm sick of your games."

"See you always joke when I get serious. I don't know jack about love huh? Then enlighten me oh mighty wise one."

"Love is sacrifice, but you know nothing about that. What have you ever given up to protect someone? What would you give up for Adam, what have you given up? I'll tell you: nothing."

Mike removed Jack's hand and slammed the door shut, but that didn't stop Jack from coming after him.

"I gave up loving you and trust me it hurt like hell and still does, but you don't want me and he does."

Mike placed his hand on Jack's shoulder and he tensed up.

"He's not good enough for you."

"And who are you to decide that!" Jack pushed Mike back.

"I was your best friend until he came into the picture. Does he know all your ticklish spots?"

Mike brushed his hand against Jack's stomach and although he tried to maintain a grimace Jack's face broke into a smile as he fought back a fit of laughter.

"Does he know you snore even though you'd never admit to it? Does he know you always sleep on your right side and hog the covers?" Mike traced his hand up Jack's spine and they stared into each other's eyes.

"Does he know you smell like the air after a summer storm?"

Jack stepped back but Mike advanced so he was inches from him.

"Does he know you're more beautiful than words can describe because of this?"

His hand dwarfed Jack's chest but the message was clear and like that Mike walked away.

"No! I'm sick of your mixed messages. Stop being a coward and tell me how you really feel."

"My feelings don't matter, getting you through training does."


Kyle was dressed in only his T shirt and boxers, forgoing his khaki shorts and polo. He was kicked back on Mike's bed when he returned home. Mike shook his head and asked if there was anything else his majesty required. Kyle stuck out his tongue and they lay back and watched the Simpsons. Mike kicked off his shoes and just when he got comfortable, his phone rang. He sighed seeing it was Amber and picked after the third ring.

Lately she'd been extra clingy and called him 4, sometimes 5 times a day. Just to hear the sound of his voice, she claimed, but Mike knew the score and dropped hints for weeks he wanted to break up, but she hadn't caught on. After he listened to Amber go into her Cabo story for the millionth time he couldn't take it anymore and told her it was over.

"Girl trouble?" Kyle smirked and then laughed when Mike told him to suck it.

"You like me, you really like me," Kyle said then batted his eyelashes and cocked his head to the side.

"Yes, but not like that son." Mike kicked Kyle's shin and they wrestled on the bed until they fell over the edge. They settled down after a warning from James and just chilled.

"So that was Jack and his douchey boyfriend?"

Mike growled then said, "Yeah and before you ask, no I don't want to talk about it."

"Oh come on how far do we go back?" Kyle rested his arms behind his back.

"Not happening, so can the Dr. Phil routine."

"Fine, but you know my friend Alex I told ya about?"

"What of him, `sides he likes the cock?"

Kyle paused and looked over at Mike.

"Like he told me he's in love with me and I don't know what to do."

"Dude same advice applies, just treat him like you always do and tell him you're not interested in him like that."

Kyle nodded his head and they watched TV, but he kept sneaking glances at Mike and couldn't help sticking out his tongue when he was caught. Mike shook his head and flicked Kyle's nose and then fell asleep after telling him to quit acting weird.

Kyle looked over the dozing boy and sighed. He still remembered those long nights in the woods when the Soldiers Boys, especially Mike, curled up with him for warmth. Though the tips of his toes were permanently numb he missed that closeness and laid his head down and rested too.

Shelia walked in to tell them it was time for Mike's Wing Chun lesson and awed when she saw them curled up in a ball. The boys rubbed the sleep from their eyes then headed out. Mike had to teach karate that night as well, so he told Kyle to wait until after he finished with Master Wang. When Mike came out two hours later he looked like hell, but had a defiant smile plastered across his face.

"OK guys listen up this is my friend Kyle and we will be sparring for the rest of the lesson so pay attention, especially you guys who want to take BJJ with me in September." He fixed Ryan with a glare that said drop dead as the other teen assembled his BJJ students per Mike's request.

"Ready to get your Airedale ass kicked?"

"In your dreams." Kyle smirked and got into five point sparring stance and they began. Kyle threw a right cross and Mike countered by dropping under his guard and going for double under hooks, but Kyle jumped over him and got his back and then went for a rear choke. Mike pulled Kyle's arms straight down then tucked his chin and then elbowed Kyle's chest. The red head was stunned long enough for Mike to get side control and go for a side choke. Kyle kicked out from the side and got Mike's back again, but was thrown over Mike's shoulder and was placed in an arm lock. He tapped out and they stood up and bowed.

Kyle cocked his head his and in turn Mike shrugged his shoulders they fell into BWS and circled around. Mike darted forwarded and locked his calf with Kyle whom sent him off balance. Mike broke his fall and rolled to the side to avoid Kyle's foot, but not before he tripped the red head. He rolled on top of Kyle and put the boy in a knee bar. They got up and squared off again, but this time Kyle made the first attack was taken down with a wrist lock. All the while the boys smiled and traded trash talk, oblivious to the students and Sensei Ed. After Kyle submitted Mike for the second time they called it quits and bumped fists and class was dismissed.

Sensei Ed approached Mike and asked to speak with him in private for a moment. When they got to his office Ed asked where he and Kyle learned to fight like that. Mike paused and thought up and a good lie but nothing came to him. So he told the truth about his father, but omitted the Alpha stuff and lied where omission wouldn't work. Sensei Ed nodded and stippled his fingers.

"Michael-san martial arts are about protection, not killing. I see now where some of your anger comes from, but I ask you to reframe from showing what your father taught you to the students."

"Understood Sensei."


After a feast of chicken breast and a belching contest the boys retired upstairs. Kyle opted to sleep on an air mattress beside Mike's bed instead of the guest room. They Skyped the others and after some good natured ribbing about Kyle and Mike sleeping together Mike told them to quit being jealous and sit on it.

"Tony you get our timetables yet?'

"Affirmative, Sir. Per your orders David and I set up schedules for everyone and our meetings for the semester will be Thursdays at 11PM."

"Good, I also need the time tables of four students at my school: Adam Chase, Jack, Jaden, and Kaden Johnson."

"Just give me a minute and, done."

"That was fast." Mike looked over the data and groaned for he, Jack and Adam shared Econ, History and English together and to top it off they had the same lunch period. Though he took solace when he saw the twins would be there as well.

"Do me a favor you think you can switch teachers so Adam and Jack aren't in my classes?"

"What's up Sir?' they all said as once.

"Nothing men, just rather not have to spend more time then I have to with those guys."

Kyle pulled down Mike's screen.

"If that ass hat and his hoe bag are giving ya trouble I can take care of them easy peasy." Kyle mimed firing a riffle.

"Naw son, I'll handle this."

When Mike flipped up the screen Tony said he could change their lunch hour but it was too risky to swap so many classes close to the start of term. Mike nodded and told him not to bother changing his lunch period.

They got ready for bed, but when it came time to apply the Vitamin E o to Mike's back Kyle told him he would do it for him. As he massaged the oil Kyle brought up Jack again, only to get shot down. When he was done Mike returned the favor.

"Night and Mike?"


"Love ya."

"Right back at ya Oprah now let me go to sleep."


At the house around the corner Adam snuck in Jack's window and perched over the sleeping boy. He traced his fingers over those gorgeous lips and not getting a response leaned down and kissed him. Jack groaned in his sleep and uttered, " Mmm."

"Wakey wakey sleeping beauty." Adam buried his face in Jack's neck and licked until the other boy woke up. They tore their clothes off each other and Adam rolled into bed behind Jack and thrusted his shaft between the blonde's buns. He stopped for a second to retrieve a condom and applied some lube to the tight hole.

"Please stop, you know I'm not ready."

"Come on it's been months and I have the biggest case of blue balls. Please let me just put the tip in and I'll stop."

Jack always wanted his first time to be special, not like this, but if he didn't give in Adam might leave him and then he'd have no one. Mike didn't want him so why not. Yeah that'll show him.

Adam was ready to burst when Jack told him yes. He placed the blonde on his stomach and began opening the hole, but his lust got the better of him and he shoved his cock home.

"Slow down!"

"OK babe sorry, but damn your ass is nice." Adam moaned and bit his bottom lip. There was no way he could be that close. He thought about sex with girls and that did the trick. He withdrew then plowed every inch into Jack, who gritted his teeth and hopped the pain would go away soon.

Adam picked up the pace and rocked the bed with each thrust and as he got close he pulled Jack close and rammed into his ass. As Adam came Jack's orgasm hit and he couldn't help saying, "Oh Mike—my God." In his post coital bliss Adam only heard the second part and they rolled on to bed and rested until he was good to go again.

The rest of the night they lost track of many times they did it, but each he came Jack always thought of Mike and it made him sick to his stomach. Adam slipped out the window just before dawn and when Mike showed Jack was still covered in the teen's cologne and cum. Mike took one whiff of him and then narrowed his eyes.

The rest of the morning he was extra hard on Jack and made him run double time even after they completed their standard five mile run and used Jack as his personal punching bag to demonstrate MCMAP moves to the twins.

"That's it, you touch me again and I'ma cut off your nuts."

"What's a matter Princess you can handle a butt fucking, but not a little PT?"

"What's your fucking problem dude? Yeah we did it so what."

"Nothing, just get out of my sight, you're dismissed." Mike carried on showing the twins more moves and then taught them how to use a combat knife using plastics one. But he told them next weekend they'd be using electrified ones and then the real thing after that.

That after noon's Soldier Lesson was on recon and it was off to the mall, after Samantha fell under the combined charm of Mike and Kyle. But it wasn't all fun because she insisted Jack tag along which meant Adam came as well. The twins rode with Mike and Kyle, while Jack and Adam had the jag to themselves but barely kept up with Mike. When they arrived Jack and Adam retreated to the food court and made out while everyone, save Kaden, groaned and told them to get a room. Adam turned and flipped them off.

"OK men here's the situation: see girl, want, have. Got that?" Jaded spotted a nice blonde girl around his age and approached, but got blown out in thirty seconds flat. Mike gave him a pep talk and told him to try again, while he took Kaden out into the field. Mike spotted a brunette around Kaden's age and approached her.

"Excuse me my friend here is new and thinks you're cute, but asked me to come over cuz he's shy." Mike pointed to the boy decked out in a band Tee and holey jeans and waved him over.

"I'm Lisa, but he's not my type."

Mike pulled an old play out his book and grabbed Kaden's face.

"Come on, how can you not love this face?" he leaned down and planted a kiss on the cheek and Kaden turned a million shades of red.

"Aw how cute. Are you two a couple?" Lisa broke into a little laugh and ruffled Kaden's spiky hair.

"Why, are you jealous of my man?" Mike wrapped Kaden in his arms and held him around his waist.

"Stop it you're just too much." Lisa chuckled again and when Mike asked for her number she obliged and they left.

"What the hell was that about man?"

"Relax bro that was just the gay boyfriend routine. Big A and I came up with it. No biggie I mean it's kind of risky but when it hits, look out."

"Just don't do it again." Kaden didn't speak to Mike the rest of the day and rode home with Jack.

Meanwhile Jaden had scored two numbers and a k-closed, and as he was about to approach his next set he bumped into Luke and the Screw Crew. Jaden tried to diffuse the situation, but Jason was right in Luke's ear egging him on.

"I know your ass aint trying to holla at me." Luke got in Jaden's face and tried to punk him out, but Jaden held his ground and got into a fight stance.

"Lil dude think he hard, well I got news for ya kid. I'm finna knock you out.

Luke swung, but he didn't make contact because Jaden grabbed his arm and executed a hip throw. Luke got up shook himself off and reached into the waist band of his pants.

"There a problem here Sky?" Mike grabbed Luke's arm and twisted it behind his back.

"No B, now easy up. I didn't know little man was with you."

"Now you do ,so back off him or I'll break my foot off in that ass." He applied more pressure and Luke winced.

"Hey man we get it," Chris said and they shook hands and the beef was squashed.

"Damn son I aint seen you in minute. You been ghost on us all summer. You know Kimberly and the Plastics are having an end of summer blow out tomorrow and your ass best be there, cuz you know that mug will be packed with fine bitches. Hell lil man might even get some." Luke patted Jaden on the back and ruffled his hair.

"Been mad busy so I'll check it out if I can, son." Mike bumped fists with him then walked away.

"Come on Mike please can you take me?" Jaden got down on his knees and begged. Mike shook his head and agreed, but only if Jaden stopped acting a fool and promised not to damage his rep.

"So where you been?" Luke walked after them and wasn't satisfied when Mike blew him off.

"Hey man I thought we was boys?"

"Look son I was hanging out with Jack and the twins, OK." Just then Adam and Jack come over followed by Kaden, who snuck off to the Hot Topic and bought a studded wrist band. Luke saw Adam holding Jack's hand and it clicked.

"Man you've been hanging out with Easy AC and this clown. Son what the fuck? You slipping on me? First you bail on us to hang with this fag and rumor has it you dropped Amber. Seriously son, you batting for the other team?"

Mike got in Luke's face.

"Who the hell are you to question me, the guy that got you laid how many times? Let me break it down for you partner. Who I hang out with is none ya business. If any of you motherfuckers has something to say to me do it now, because I swear you'll wish you were dead if you ever bring up this topic again."

Mike walked away, but not before Chris and Aaron told him they had his back and were down for whatever no matter what. He tried to get back into sarging but was content being Jaden's wingman.

Kyle and Kaden had retreated to the food court and made small talk in between rolling their eyes at the lovebirds sucking face.

"So tell me man, what's the scoop on Mike and your bro?"

"Hell if I know dude. One minute they're best buds then they're at each other's throats. Seriously they need to fuck and get it out of their systems."

"Whoa man, had no idea it was like that."

"Yeah well it is. I wish things would go back to normal, so I can have both my big bros again."

"So there's something between them, romantically?"

"Maybe, who knows, I don't care. I just wish they cut this Brokeback drama out."

Kyle burst into laughter and for a moment Kaden forgot he was a trained killer who wouldn't hesitate to ice him and the others. But truth be told Kyle was rather nice and had one hell of a sense of humor, but Kaden reminded himself not to underestimate his enemy.

"Looks like you two are getting along fabulously, but come on dude time to take ya out in the field." Mike pulled Kyle to his feet and gave Kaden a little nod only for him to be told off. Mike brushed it off as moodiness and carried on. He spotted a girl decked out in platform boots and oversized sunglasses and told Kyle to approach.

"What's the SOP sir?"

"Approach, open, midgame and close." Mike then gave him a crash course in pick up and sent him to work. Kyle approached and was shot down because he was too conformist.

"Nice outfit, does Lady GaGa know you stole it?"

"Please Gaga is so three years ago, but hey you're funny for a sheeple." She placed her hands on her hips and laughed

"Thanks but you're not my type, later." Kyle walked back to Mike feeling better already, but Linda with a Y pulled him into a suck fest and when she was done his face was smeared with her electric blue lipstick.

"Well who's not whose type now?" Lynda handed him a QR code for her website and she floated away and left Kyle slack jawed.

"Congrats man you're a natural and that neg was epic. Mind if I barrow it?"

"Whatever man, can we like just grab something to eat and then go?"

"We just got here. I swear you act like you're allergic to the V or something."

"I just thought it'd be nice if we hung out and caught up. Maybe head up to the HOP and visit Fang. Is that so wrong?"

Mike threw his arm around Kyle and they walk to the food court and pigged out on food from A&W. They were half through a beacon burger eating contest when Jaden called him and said he catch a ride back with Luke and the crew and bragged about being dubbed Nature Boy Junior. He checked in with Kaden who told him to piss off and said he'd ride back with Jack.

"Well dude looks like you got your wish, so where to first?"

"This Jack thing has FUBARed your program right, so what's the best way to neutral an enemy?"

"Hawkeye you're not suggesting what I think you are?"

"Believe it man, recon and then H&M."

"Coming from anyone else I'd question the validity of this plan—not to mention kick their ass, but coming from you I'm game. So where's the theater of operations?"

Kyle pulled out his phone and a few seconds narrow it down to three choices.

"Well the Liberty Bar is near you, but I doubt you'll want to check that out and then there's SOHO in Ferndale and finally Necto's in Ann Arbor."

"Necto's it is, but the SOPs are as follows. We go in scope the place out mingle and get out, black ops style you dig."

"Affirmative, but what if they hit on us?"

"Good point, we'll say we're together and if that doesn't work then I aint afraid to whoop some ass."

With the plan in motion they headed back to Mike's house to change and get their fake IDs and they were off.

"Get your war face on son." Mike ruffled Kyle hair and he responded by putting the taller teen in an arm lock. Mike countered and had Kyle pinned to the ground. The pulled apart and through their arms around the other's shoulder and walked into the club.

"Hold it, you can come, but not him," The door man said pointing to Kyle.

"Come on he just looks young. That's kinda why we're together." Mike pulled Kyle close and ruffled his hair. The doorman thought it over for what felt like an eternity before he drew a smiley face on their right hands and they were in.

Dub step played on the main floor and everywhere they looked guys gyrated to the music, made out and in some cases dry humped. When Mike looked back Kyle was nowhere to be found so he walked to the bar and took up a post there and scanned the room. He spotted Kyle on the dance floor shaking what his mama gave him surrounded by college girls. Mike shook his head and gave him a little clap.

"Hey there partner."

Mike turned and saw a man a few years older clad in U of M hoodie, shorts and sandals. He introduced himself as Marshall Maxwell, a freshmen communications major.

"Hey man nice to meet ya. I'm Mike but everyone calls me B and that little hussy is Kyle."

"Man dudes come out younger and younger. I swear he don't look a day over 16." Marshal leaned in and placed his hand on Mike's shoulder.

"Just between us he's not and neither am I, but let's keep that on the QT?" Mike made a hush gesture him and removed Marshal's hand.

"No sweat man I know how it is. And hey if you don't say anything about my fake ID I won't anything about yours." He took a swig of his Bud light and offered it to Mike.

"Look man game recognizes game, and right now I'm looking into a mirror. Not interested."

"Aw come on I won't bite—"

"Unless you're into that, yeah I've used that one a thousand times. Look I'm here with my boyfriend." He stopped and pointed out Kyle, who at that moment took off his shirt and ground his head into the crotch of the guy in front of him.

"Ha well looks likes you aint getting it done in the bedroom."

Mike made his way to the dance floor, dodging clubbers as he went and got groped a few times, but he'd kick their ass later. When he arrived on the scene he pulled Kyle off the guy who was at least ten years his senior.

"Why ya go and kill my buzz man." Kyle breath stank of vodka and Mike shook his head.

"Come on Hawkeye, you're drunk and doing shit you'll regret later."

"You're nucking futs, I'm a little tipsy and wanna stay." Mike groaned and pulled Kyle away but was stopped.

"You heard the man he wants to stay so hands off him." Mike let go of Kyle and got in the guy's face.

"This doesn't concern you, so back down."

"Or what, huh?" The black haired man poked Mike's chest and raised his arms up.

"Or this." Mike took him to the ground, arm twisted behind back and pinned his head to sticky floor.

Marshal saw the commotion and came over.

"Cool it man before you get tossed out here and your friend has to fend for himself."

"You're right but if he starts something I'll finish it."

Marshall pulled Kyle away and Mike joined them at a booth after he took care of Vince. Marshal told Mike, Vince had a habit of preying on drunk/high guys and was glad Mike finally put him in his place. They talked for awhile, mostly about the drunk Kyle and took wagers on if he'd remember things come morning and how hung over he'd be.

"Man if that was my boyfriend I'd be pissed." Marshall batted Kyle's hand away when grabbed for his Long Island.

"Well on the real we're not together, hell we're straight. Well "I am, me thinks he's another story. Just my luck and have both my best friends come out to me."

"Dude you should have been up front and I would've left ya alone. Shame you're kind of cute, for a black guy."

"Well fuck you very much.'

"Come on I didn't mean it like that."

"Whatever man." The conversation lulled and Mike folded his arms and pondered why he agreed to come here. Oh right the Pinky situation. God that boy and his family were going to be the death of him. Speaking of which, they'd need to head out soon if they wanted to be back before curfew, but did he? Really, why couldn't he have a bit of fun? After all he knocked out the last module, school started in three weeks and football practice started week after next, so screw it. He took a sip from Marshal's Long Island and then another.

"Careful bud, aren't ya afraid you'll catch my gay cooties?"

"Nope. Scared of catching my black cooties?"

"Touché and that's enough for ya dude. Ya downed half of it already. So where'd you learn that move?"

"Pasha that wasn't anything Kyle couldn't do if he weren't tore up from the floor up."

"Hey I'm not as thunk as you drink I am!"

"Nope you're way more than I thought." Mike laughed and hit the table. Marshall countered that Mike slurred his words too.

"So tell me why did you come here anyways?"

"Recon man, which reminds me." Mike took out his cell.

"Your dad I take it and what was the recon stuff you were on about?" Mike gave him an abridged story of him and Jack.

"I'd need a drink after that too, plus you have to deal with Drunky McDrunk over here." Marshal smacked Kyle's hand away for the umpteenth time in so many minutes.

"Yeah man."

"Dude you like him right, so fuck what other people think."

"Just drop it. I'm not gay, OK."

"Nope, you got a shoot at something most people dream about and you want to throw that away?"

"I said drop it!"

"Alright man but answer me this. If Jack were a girl would you date him?"

"Hell no, I'd marry him..." Mike paused shocked at what he admitted it.

"Well there's your answer now go get your man from that douche. And hello, Google bi-curious sometime. The bottom line man, love is love. Don't get caught up on labels."

Marshal gave him his number and told Mike to call with any questions he had. They talked about the gay thing until closing time and bumped fists. Marshall even helped him carry Kyle back to the parking garage. Mike thanked him and promised to keep him updated on the situation with Jack and drove home—after he asked Marshal what a nice guy like him was doing single. Marshal replied he was celibate until he found the right guy, and gave Mike a wink.


Kyle was woken up the next night to, "Get up shithead you've been in bed all day." Mike kicked the ginger and when that didn't work he pulled him off the air mattress and into the ice cold shower.

"Motherfuck, you trying to freeze my nuts off?"

"Wouldn't take much from the looks of things."

Kyle tossed a bottle of shampoo but Mike caught it mid- air and tossed it right back and nailed him in the head. Mike told him he had two hours before the party at the Plastics.

Every school has them, the beautiful people, and at Coleman Kimberly Adams, Angela Morse, Lexus Daniels, and Gabriella Sanchez were the queen bees of the hive. They were called the Plastic because they looked like Barbie dolls and were just a fake, but could they ever throw a party.

Kimberly's house was a phat McMansion stocked with kegs and wine coolers for girls. Mike was on his fifth cup of beer and showed no sign of slowing down. He tried to talk Samantha into letting just Jaden come with him, but in the end the whole lot of them came with him.

When Luke and the crew spotted the Lovebirds making out in a corner they started in on Mike again and he'd been drinking ever since. Jaden was at Luke's side the moment he arrived, while Kaden sat in a dark corner sneaking drags off his cigarette.

Somewhere along the way Mike found himself in the kitchen with Kimberly and a bunch of guys from the football team playing beer pong. He was up and sank three cups in a row and cheered when Peter Laski chugged them down. Mike stepped away and went to the keg, but Kimberly pulled him aside.

"Come on boo you've had enough, besides it's time you and that friend of yours pay up on your dare."

She pulled him into the master bedroom where Kyle and Angela were on the bed. Earlier in the night Lexus started a game of I've never which evolved into Truth or Dare and Mike being three steps beyond drunk dared Kimberly and Angela to go down on each other. The girls agreed on the condition Mike make out with a guy and he volunteered Kyle.

"Well boys let's get this party started." Kimberly took off her top and fingered her nipples. Mike still hazy on things thought they were about to have a foursome and striped down to his boxers. Kimberly told him to slow his roll and sit down. She pulled Kyle closer and told them to kiss. Mike shrugged his shoulders and locked lips with Kyle, who moaned when he felt Mike's tongue in his mouth.

"Damn I didn't think he'd go for it, but fuck is that hot." Kimberly ran her hand down her stomach and Angela cleared her throat to get their attention. Mike pulled away from Kyle and sheepishly wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and giggled.

"Well then boys you paid up and now so will we." Angela pulled down her satin panties and Kimberly did the saw and they sixty-nined. Mike got hard and took matters into hand until he couldn't hold back and pulled the girls apart. They startled but saw Mike's erection and smiled. Kyle took this as his cue and gave Mike a few condoms then left, but Mike pulled him back and told him to strap one and get some.

"I'm good man, you have fun."

"Come on the pussy is calling you."Mike shoved his fingers under Kyle's nose and he flinched back from the smell.

"Oh you a fag like Jack huh then get out of here."

Kyle undressed and fingered Angela, bur he was completely soft. Mike was in rare form that night and got both girls off orally and vaginally twice each. When he saw Kyle sitting in the corner stroking himself he pulled the boy close and line him up with Angela's pussy then slipped in beside him.

Angela moaned as their cocks rubbed against each other with each thrust. Kyle hardened and lasted maybe 20 seconds before he shot his wad, but Mike continued plowing away and soon Kyle's second orgasm was upon him, but Mike was only half way there yet. Halfway to Kyle's third orgasm he turned and made out with Mike who gave it as good as he got, and finally Mike came. They collapsed in a sweaty pile of bodies and rested.

When Mike awoke he found Luke and bragged all about how he just scored a foursome and shoved his fingers under the teen's nose then wiped the juice on Luke's Polo.

"What, who the fag now son?" Mike oorahed, but when he turned he saw Jack.

"Come on Adam let's go.' Jack pulled the teen into a kiss then collected Kaden and they left. Mike stood there as Luke and the others celebrated. He downed cup after cup to numb the pain he felt when saw Jack's eyes bore into him with such hate.

"Man the Sergeant's gonna kill us when he sees ya shit faced. Come on Mike-o snap out of it." Kyle hoped the use of the old nickname would get him squared away, but no such luck. So it came as no surprise when Mike's system couldn't handle all the alcohol and he projectile vomited on the Persian rug. Kimberly freaked and kicked him out mid-spew. Kyle helped him to the car, but knew they couldn't show up like this so he called James and said Mike was too tipsy drive and wanted to crash at Kimberly's house. James mmhhmmed and told Kyle he still expected them at church on time the next morning. With their cover story in place Kyle drove to the only he could think of.


After the fiasco at the party Jack told Adam to keep it in his pants for another day and pushed him out his window and locked it. Why did Mike have to be suck an asshole? Sure Jack was gay but was that any reason to treat him like crap. What happened to all the talk about fraternity and always having his back, did that go out the window once he came out? And how could Mike clam to love Jack yet kept hurting him like this. Yeah he may have given up a lot to protect Jack and the twins, but love that does not make. The rapping at his window pulled Jack out of his musings and he swore to castrate Adam after he plowed his ass. He opened the window and for his trouble got beamed in the head with a rock.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Hush, I just got him asleep. Look man I can't take him home like this his dad would kill him and me for letting him get like this. Can we crash here?"

"Why doesn't he go back to that slut Kimberly if he likes munching her sushi so much?"

"I don't have time for this shit. After you left he lost it and drowned himself in booze then vomited all over the place and got kicked out."

"Fine, but just `till he sobers up." Jack helped Kyle hoist Mike into his room and then led them to the guest room across the hall. Kyle nodded off about an hour after he was sure Mike was down for the night, but he should have waited a while longer because 20 minutes later Mike stumbled to his feet. Kyle was dead to world, but Jack heard him alright and if he didn't do anything so would his parents. He cursed under breath and vowed Mike would pay for this. When Mike saw him he crushed Jack in a bear hug.

"Yeah nice to see you too asshole." Jack groaned as he tried to get Mike to bed but he was like a kid high on sugar and bounced around the room. Jack shook Kyle but it had no effect except to get him a slap to the face as Kyle rolled over and said, "It's too early for PT Dad."

Jack cursed under his breath again and tried to steer Mike to the shower. He complied when Jack told him they were gonna have a bubble bath. When Jack turned on the water it set off Mike's bladder and he soaked his clothes.

"Uh oh, I peed my pants." Mike giggled and then striped and flung his underwear at Jack.

"Knock it off and get in the shower."

"Nuh huh, you gotta get nakey too." Mike grabbed at Jack's briefs and yanked them down. The blonde held back his temper and they stepped into the shower, and Mike vomited all over them. Jack washed himself off them Mike, and set the water to cold. When the water hit him Mike knew he was at Jack's and in trouble. When he saw they were naked he lost it and tried to get out of there but he was still drunk and lost his balance.

Jack caught him and Mike righted himself. They got out and Jack snuck off to the washing room with Mike's clothes and returned with a bed sheet which Mike used as a toga. Jack didn't feel like fighting with him so agreed he could sleep in his room. Jack searched through his dresser and fond a pair of Adam's basketball shorts. And though tight they'd do the trick. Jack had nodded off, but then Mike spoke up.

"Jack I love you man."

"Night asshole," Jack said and closed his eyes.

"No listen to me." Mike stumbled to Jack's bed and lay down.

Jack rolled over and faced him.

"What do you want? It's close to 3 and I'd like to get to bed before dawn."

"I love you man and..."

"Yes I know you do, now good night."

"Pinky I'm in love with you." Jack was wide awake after that.

"Since when?"

"Since we were 12—no before that."

"What the hell are you talking about?"Mike pulled Jack close and kissed him long and hard, but Jack pulled away and smacked him when he tried again.

"You wouldn't understand," Mike whined, " I think I've always loved you, just didn't know who you were yet."

"Man you're never drinking again."

"See, you don't get it. I think I've been waiting to meet you all my life." Mike held him and went in for a kiss, but this time Jack let him. Mike ran his hands over Jack's back and pulled him closer as he ground their crotches together. Jack knew they should stop and pulled Mike off of him, but he wouldn't be denied. Mike pulled down their underwear and rolled Jack onto his back and lined up. He battered at Jack's hole but the flesh wouldn't yield.

"No Mike, please don't do this." Jack fought back the pain and socked Mike in the jaw, but it had little effect and Jack whimpered.

Through the haze of lust and booze Mike picked up on the fear in Jack's voice and willed himself to stop. He rolled Jack on top of him and buried his face in the crook of Jack's neck.

"I'm so sorry, for everything," he said over and over again as he wept and kissed the flesh there.

They fell asleep like that and when morning came Mike was the first one up. While things were still a blur he remembered everything after he pissed himself. Mike found his way to the wash room and placed his cloth in dryer and a half hour later he woke up Kyle and they headed to his house to get dressed for church, but that could wait. He checked in and saw Jack was curled in a ball. He leaned down and gave Pinky a final kiss, because he knew he'd lost him forever after last night. Jack woke up as Mike pulled back and flinched back. Neither of them spoke, and when Kyle came to see what the holdup was, Mike wiped his eyes and they left.

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