Chapter 9: I Wanna Be With You

It was Valentine's Day, but that didn't matter to Mike. He'd broken up with Angela a few weeks back and Jack still wouldn't hear him out. He groaned as he made his way towards Jack. The other boy saw him coming and stood.

"I don't care what you have to say I'm with Adam and that's final!"

"I got that just look at this DVD and if that doesn't change your mind I'll never bug you again. Deal?"

Jack accepted the disk and shoved it in his pocket. Mike walked away no doubt in his mind Jack would trash it first chance he got. Jack however was a man of his words.

After an intense round of birthday sex with Adam, Jack was left cold. Adam never wanted to stay and cuddle and lately never let him top. As he was lost in thought light from a street lamp filter through his window and reflected off Mike's DVD. He'd forgotten it until now. Instinct told him to toss it but curiosity won out.

At first there were just sappy love songs then when the slideshow started Jack gasped. It was picture after picture of him and Mike growing up. Jack wept as the songs got sadder and then came a video message from Mike.

"Well if you got this far then you know how I feel but just in here's a poem I kind of wrote for you." Mike blushed then giggled before continuing:

"I know you'll think I'm crazy but we were meant to be. I've waited a lifetime for you and if it takes a thousand more you will see you belong to me. You're better than any drug, thoughts of you and I soar ever higher. When you draw near it sets my soul on fire. I used to fear this, so pure it took my breath away.

"Your touch is all I desire and there is nothing I wouldn't endure now that I'm sure there's no cure. Mi amour you're the one I adore. I could spend forever bathing in the warmth of your soul. Your eyes burn brighter than a million stars and bring tears to mine.

"Your smile sends shivers up my spine and I'd give up everything, pay any fine as long as you were mine. This isn't a line, your body is a temple and I would worship at its altars until the end of time. If this is a crime then so be it. Let them point fingers of blame, fuck shame I'll walk through the flames just the same.

" I want us to lay here lost in this moment; to give you my everything; to make love so passionate it makes Satan weep; to protect you from all harm and wash away your pain, for us to grow old together. For us to be bold and a thousand more things, but most of all I want you to hold me."

Jack must have rewind that part ten times before he believed it was for real. Then he got dressed and ran to Mike house. It was a quarter to midnight but neither boy cared when they saw each other. Once in the safety of his locked room they devoured each other. They were down to just their underwear, but when Jack's hand slipped into his waistband, Mike slapped it way. Jack groaned. Mike pulled him close and kissed Jack's forehand.

"There'll be plenty of time for that later. Just lay with me Pinky."

And they did. Jack rested head on Mike's chest, and he ran his fingers through the silky strands. When morning came they were still entwined, but it took all of two second to wake up and come up with a cover story. Jack broke up with Adam before home room started and if looks could Jack would have been dead ten times over.

As for he and Mike they texted throughout classes and when lunch came around they snuck off under the bleachers and made out. Things were going good until Jack brought up him and Mike coming out as a couple.

"Are you insane? Do you know what my dad would do if he found out?"

"I know but I can't keep sneaking around like this."

"It's only been one day."

"Yeah, but what about tomorrow, and the day after that, and the one after that?"

" We'll come out at the end of the year, OK?" Mike planted a kiss on Jack's lips. Jack melted into Mike, still pissed about the situation but he understood. Things continued like that until April when the boys had been lees then careful about time and James walked in on them mid-kiss. He flipped out and started hitting Mike.

Jack tried to help, but Mike told him to go home. Once Jack was safe Mike let loose on James and by the time they were too tired to continue they were covered in cuts and bruises. In the weeks that followed James did everything he could think to keep the boys apart but nothing worked, until he threatened to tell the Soldier Boys.

"But why do we have to break up?"

"Because if Dad tells them about us they might do something crazy."

"OK." Jack cried as they said good bye with one last kiss. Weeks bleed into months and soon it was the last week of eleventh grade.

Mike stared out his window at Jack's across the way. It was no more than 30 yards but it might as well been a million light years. Finally he couldn't take it anymore. An hour later he called an emergency meeting of the Soldier Boys to order and told them about he and Jack.

Ha good one Mike, was David's response. Eric just shook his head

Tony and Kyle on the other hand were a different story.

"So he's the girl you had me help make that DVD for hmm?" Tony said and flashed Mike a warm smile.

"Yeah man."

"So why you telling us this shit for anyways?" Kyle's tone was neutral but his eyes revealed he was livid.

"Because I thought it best you hear it from me and not my dad. This changes nothing and you know I'll still kick your asses."

"Sir, yes Sir!" All but Kyle replied.

"How can you do this?"

"Do what Hawkeye?"

"Nothing. Never mind have a great life with him I don't care." Kyle signed off and the others followed. Mike's head spun but he knew it was the right thing to do. After going a few rounds with James he kneed him in the groin and bolted from the house. He hopped over the fence that separated their houses and crushed Jack in a bear hug. Jack had to pry Mike off him.

"Hehe, glad to see you too. What gives? Thought the Sergeant had you on lock down?" Jack said in between kisses.

Mike ran his fingers through the boy's hair and pulled him close. He reveled in the touch and smell of his Pinky.


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