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Disclaimer: This story contains homosexual sex; if you are offended then do not read it. Oh and there is a lot of cussing.

Authors Note: Yes, my story is full of cliches. So if you don't want to read about wrestling, football players, coming out, cover-up girlfriends (basic high school stuff) then you probably shouldn't read this. Stick around and I promise some hot sex. Also, this story portrays on ideal world where condoms are not necessary.

Pinned to the Mat

Chapter One:

20 more “high knees” to go...19...18....
Football practice is brutal, to be quite honest, I don't even know why I put up with this shit. I mean, yes, football is fun when there isn't a coach making you do way more running-back drills then you can deal with until you are vomiting from dehydration. But, I guess its all worth it, because we were district 3A champions last year, for the state of California anyways, any being a part of a winning team is basically the best feeling I have yet to experience. To tell the truth, my school is basically boss at sports. We have numerous wrestlers that have gone to State Finals, one who won. We also have a three year consecutive win for swimming, our boys basketball also made it to state this year, as well as girls volleyball. Honestly, I have no problem with my high school, its a great school, both academically and athletically, even our school band is decent.
My life, is basically bad ass, there is no other way to phrase it. I go to a great school, get great grades, a star athlete, great friends, great family, great looks, and a sensible head on my shoulder, maybe too sensible. I tend to think everything out completely, ever since I was seven I knew I wanted to go to University of California and since then, I've been working so hard to achieve that goal, usually missing out on all the little things that kids my age usually do. Now, I am about to start my junior year and exactly two years away from knowing whether or not it will all pay off.

My Name is Johnathan Tyler Abbott. I am 16 years old (17 in two months) and I honestly have nothing to complain about. I have these dark green eyes, dirty blonde, medium length hair, and with a lean build that packs enough muscle to get the job done on the football field. My mom makes more than enough money to afford my spoiled lifestyle, well not too spoiled, anyways. I have a nice house and a brand new BMW 335i. I'm pretty sure you get the picture. But, the last thing you should know, and probably the most important thing about me is that I am gay, at least I think (I have never done anything with a guy) and most definitely not out.

This is the story of my last two years of high school:


It's 6:32AM on the first day of my junior year and I am already running late, I grabbed the same duffel bag I have been using for summer football practice and stuff it full of work out clothes and quickly put on some shorts, without underwear, a t-shirt and then make a beeline for the door in my room that leads outside (My mom was nice enough to give me the bedroom with a door that leads straight outside cause she “trusts” me) and hop into my BMW. I maneuver through the complex maze of houses in my neighborhood and end up 2 miles away from the highway. It basically takes twenty minutes to get to my school from my house, and its already 6:43, paired with the the fact that school starts at 7:00, I am more than screwed. I pulled into the parking lot at 7:04 and heard the Pledge of Allegiance finishing up over the P.A., I am already late, there is no point in rushing now. I try to collect my thoughts because they were all scrambled on the way over here, once I got a level head I realized that I forgot to take my anti-anxiety medication this morning (I have generalized anxiety disorder [hey, no one is perfect!]) so I reached into the glove compartment and pulled out my prescription bottle and took half of a Xanax, when I put the bottle back into the glove compartment I found my class schedule that I got in the beginning of summer:

1st: Leadership Skills

2nd: AP Calculus AB

3rd: AP English Language

4th: AP Biology

5th: US History Honors

6th: AP Psychology

7th: AP Environmental Science

8th: Sports Recreation

My course load is nothing but a handful, couple that with Football practice in the fall and AP exams in the spring, and I basically see myself having no social life out of school. Not to mention the fact that my anxiety disorder is going to make me so much more stressed towards the end of the year. But hey, I did it last year, I can do it again.

I decided its time I made my way to Leadership so I shoved my schedule into my back pocket, got out of my car and managed an extremely slow pace to class. My teacher was Mrs. Montgomery, Senior Class Advisor, and she was already going off about the first Leadership workshop next weekend and how it will promote unity among everyone in the class, whatever. Basically Leadership is just a free A that I can do homework in, and maybe meet some new friends. Leadership is in charge of getting school activities done, everything from the Student-Faculty Basketball games to Prom. Since I was late, I got the short end of the stick and was in charge of getting the Volleyball tournament set up for late spring, and since we work in pairs, (One senior and one junior) I got paired with Nick Herndon, since we are both in charge of the Volleyball Tournament. Hot-as-fuck, jaw-dropping, make-me-cream-my-pants, best-wrestler-in-the-state, best-body-in-the-entire-school, and.. completely-straight Nick Herndon. My stomach was making back flips at the prospect of getting to talk to Nick, let alone actually spend time with him. Nick won the state championship in his weight class for the state of California late year, and that is obvious in his build. His muscles aren't bulging but the are definitely there, and hard. His thick arms and thighs are perfect for pinning his opponents, his torso carves down into the perfect V and you can crush a rock on his abs. He is not bad looking either, he has dark, and I mean DARK, brown hair and blue eyes, with, what seems to be a permanent tan that extends throughout his body. He has these dazzling white teeth that just ties the entire package together. Montgomery told the class to rearrange ourselves at the tables so that we were sitting next to our partner. My cock started whizzing at the prospect of sitting next to this hunk of a man.
“Yo, Dude,” Nick said as he sat next to me at the table made for two.

“Hey,” I mumbled and started to stare down at my pencil.
“My Name is Nicholas, but you can call me Nick, everyone else does,” he said extending a hand at me.

“Yeah, I know,” I answered back. SHIT! What kind of response is “yeah, I know?” the dude is going to think I'm stalking him or some shit. “I mean, everyone is always talking about you around here, anyways, My name is John” I stuck my hand out to shake his hand and I got a whiff of his scent-his heavenly scent. Would it be gay if I told him that he smelled fucking good? Because damn!

Nick managed a chuckle and, with a huge, beautiful smirk on his face, said “What do you mean everyone is always talking about me?”

“I dont know, dude, I mean your kind of a big deal around here.” I managed to get out, and flash a smile back.

“Haha, just messing around dude, I hope its all good things they are saying.”

I am not usually nervous around people but this dude was sending my brain into a tailspin. I kept wondering if I was saying something wrong and needed to get back into my comfort zone so, I brought up the volleyball tournament.

We spent the rest of the period talking about the godforsaken volleyball tournament while I tried to hide my boner every time he flashed a smile or I got a glimpse of his muscles under his shirt. Finally, the bell for the next period rang, so I said bye, grabbed my shit, and walked off, trying to hide my boner with my duffel bag. I didn't even bother to say hi to any of my friends, I just wanted to get to calculus so I can calm down. I got into the classroom and sat in the back of the room, no one was in there so there was no need for small talk with anyone, not that I would even know anyone in this class because not only is calculus a mostly a senior class but the few friends I had who were taking calculus had it eighth period since they do not have an 8th period Sports Rec class. Calculus AB is only offered 2nd and 8th period, so my class is most likely going to be filled with senior athletes anyways.

The class started to fill up and who the fuck do you think walks in? Nick fucking Herndon, talking to some kid I have never seen before in my life; and as if calculus wasn't going to be hard enough to learn with Nick sitting across the room, Nick decides to sit right in front of me. Hello Boner, its nice to see you again.

“Hey Jay” Nick said as he turned around to look at me. Oh damn it, why does he have to be so damn hot.

“Hey Nick,” I answered back “Whats with the Jay thing?” I am starting to get more and more comfortable around him

“Well, since we're going to be spending so much time together I just decided I would call you Jay.”
“wait, what do you mean we're going to be spending so much time together?”

“There's leadership, calculus, I'm willing to bet you have Sports Rec 8th, and, well, there's the weekly leadership workshops.” Well damn, he's hot and smart. “You're okay with my calling you Jay right?”
“Yeah, I guess,” I am not really a fan of nicknames but since it's this stud, I guess its okay.

“Good, cause I was going to do it anyways. oh by the way, this is my friend Tony” he said pointing to the kid next to him.

“Nice to meet you Tony.” Up close, the kid is pretty hot, no where near as hot as Nick, but still, he is decent looking.

“You too Jay.”

Then the teacher came in and started demanding attention. The teacher just droned on about the AP Calc test, basically not teaching us anything. My eyes were fixed on Nicks back anyways, so I'm glad we weren't being taught anything. Every time Nick stretched in one way or another, exposing more and more of his powerful muscles, my cock started to strain against my jeans, I am surprised my cock did not fall of right then and there.

After Calculus, my day was basically the same old lectures of what to expect on our AP Exams. Tony turned out to be in my English Language class, which means he is a Junior since Seniors have to take Literature. Nick was also in my Biology and Environmental Science classes, and even though we each had our own friends in those classes, we still managed to sit next to each other. Nick was quickly becoming my best friend. By the end of seventh period I knew he had just broke up with his ex-girlfriend, I know his class schedule, that he has two more brothers and a sister, his mom works for city hall, he wants to go to University California, and that he lives just a couple of blocks from my house.

During eighth period, Sport Recreation, I picked out a locker and stuff my duffel bag inside and Nick picked the locker next to mine. Sport Recreation is mandatory for all athletes because that is the period where the sports teams hold their practices, rather then after school. So while I am sweating out a storm on the field doing as many high kicks my coach wants me to do, as well as any other drills, Nick will be inside the gym, wrestling around with some dude. I started to dig through my duffel bag to get dressed while Nick started talking about how fun this year is going to be.

“Fuck!” I yelled out to no one in particular, “I forgot my damn cup at home.”

“Here dude, I have an extra one” Nick replied, handing me a cup that he pulled out of his bag.
“You sure?”

“Yeah, just bring it to me tomorrow.” The thought of my cock rubbing against the cup where Nicks cock has been got me very excited, and then Nick pulled of his shirt and I almost came right there.

Nicks body was so much hotter up close, his muscles much more defined than I could have imagined.

“Dude, you are ripped” I pointed out matter-of-factly.

“haha, yeah, I was hitting the gym everyday this summer.” He said, while moving his hands down to his waistband.

Nick started to pull down his pants and I began to look through my bag again to stop me from staring at his cock. I did, however, allow myself a quick peek once he was completely dressed and I had to stop myself from slobbering. His flaccid cock hung about five inches down, which means his cock is AT LEAST 7 inches when its hard. His balls hung just below his cock. I finally gathered all my stuff together for football practice and started to strip down.

“Jay, you've got some muscles yourself,” Nick said.

“Yeah, I guess that's what a summer full of football practice will do to ya.” I said, turning towards Nick who already had his cup on. Even though his cock was covered that didn't stop my eyes from lingering a second longer than they should have, and when I looked up at Nick I saw of hint of question in his eyes, but I guess he just brushed it off.

“Yeah, I guess so.” he grinned and then turned back towards his locker.

Once Nick was fully dressed he reached into his locker and pulled out a piece of paper. “Here dude, this is my phone number” he stated, handing me the paper. “I've gotta get going to practice now.”

“K, cool, thanks, I'll see you tomorrow.” I replied

“See ya,” he answered while slamming his locker and then running off.

Practice was awful, I didn't even bother taking off any of my equipment, except for my shoulder pads, before I headed out, and when I got home I sent Nick a quick text and just crashed into bed.


I am not gay, and I am certainly not falling for Jay.

I am not gay, and I am certainly not falling for Jay.

I am not gay, and I am certainly not falling for Jay.

I am not gay, and I am certainly not falling for Jay.

I am not gay, and I am certainly not falling for Jay.

That's what I kept telling myself anyway. Then my phone chimed and a text from an unrecognized number showed up:

Hey, its Jay, if its okay, I'm going to wash your cup. Haha”

Damn, he is even cute when he texts. Who the fuck am I kidding? I certainly am falling for Jay. I sent him a quick text back and jumped into the shower.

Yeah Dude, thats fine. Haha. I am going to the gym around 5, lemme know if you wanna come.”


I woke up to my phone ringing, it was my mom.

“Hello” I said still half a sleep

“Hey Johnny, I'm just calling to let you know I'll be home late, and you'll need to get dinner on you own.”


“You're sleeping, aren't you?”

“yes, now let me go back to sleep”

“bye,” she said, laughing.

I hung up my phone and realized I also had a text message from Nick, he asked me if I wanted to go to the gym with him. He can bet his sweet ass I want to go to the gym with him

Sure! Meet you there?”

It is 4:30 now, hopefully he responds soon.

Yeah, Its the YMCA”

With that text message, I peeled of my football uniform and jumped in the shower, just to wash up a little bit before I saw Nick. After washing my hair, cock, ass and armpits I jumped out of the shower, put on someone sweat pants and a t-shirt, grabbed my iPod, and jumped into my BMW. I sped my way to the YMCA, my cock getting harder and harder while I was thinking about seeing Nick again today, I really should have jerked off before so that I wouldn't be so boner prone.

I walked into the YMCA and didn't see Nick anywhere so I just started running on the treadmill, he would see me when he walks in, and if not, I had my cell phone.

10 minutes later, no Nick

20 minutes later, no Nick

30 minutes later and my heart bursting out of my chest, still no Nick.

I got fed up and started to walk out and while I was standing in the middle of the YMCA, toweling off the layers of sweat someone ran right into me and knock me off my feet and causing the towel to cover my upper body.

“Oh shit, Dude, I'm sorry, I was looking for someone” the dude said as I was pulling off the towel, but who do you think it is, fucking 30 minute-late Nick with a huge grin on his face after he realized it was me, “Oh never mind, its just you,” he said laughing, “are you going to sit on the floor all day or are we going to go work out?” He gave me another huge grin and extended out an arm to help me up.

I grabbed a hold of Nick and he wrapped his other hand around my arm and pulled me right off the floor.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever smart-ass,” I said returning his grin, “what took you so long anyways?”

“The ex decided to show up and cry a river over the fact that were broken up.”
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Even if Nick does wanna try out the whole gay thing its definitely not going to happen with this hoe bag back in the picture. “What happened?”

“Nothing really, I listened to the bitch whine and told her to hit the road oh and that I 'put up with her shit for too long already.'”

whew. Nick started walking over to the free weights and I followed him. “Oh, how long were you two together?”

“Two years” I guess now is when I'm supposed to realize that I have absolutely no chance, right? But instead I just realized how little about him I know. Nick started piling weights onto the weight bar giving me a clear view of his muscular ass.

“Who was she?”

“Some girl who graduated last year, no one really knows her..” Nick stopped piling weights on to the bar and turned to face me, “she cheated on me when she went to college, I'm over her.” he added smiling at me. “Spot me?”

Nick had about 175lbs on that bar, he can, most likely pick me up. Fuck, I can only imagine what it would be like to have his muscular arms hold me up while- I had to cut my train of thinking off, if not I would be sporting a huge ass boner for the next hour. I stood behind the weight bar as Nick got onto the bench, adjusting his cock once he got down and effectively calling my dick to twitch, another move like that I was going to have a boner for sure. Nick lifted the weight bar off of its holster, causing his muscles to contract and my dick to twitch, again.

He was so damn hot.

25 reps later, the stud got off the bench. “How much weight do you need?”

“like 100?” Nick took 75lbs off the bar and I took his position. His body was now several inches away from my face, and since his cock is so damn large, it must be hanging really close to my face. 15 reps into my workout and this dude bumps into Nick, causing him to knock the weight bar out of my hands (and land on the floor, thankfully) and he fell on top of me, crushing me with his weight. When we both got ourselves orientated, I realized his cock was smashed against my forehead and the his head was just below my groin. Well hell, I can get used to this. Nick lifted himself off of me and got himself back onto his feel.

“Sorry Jay,” he said smiling.

“Second time you've collided into me today.” I said, returning the smile.

“Do you want me to get your weight bar?”

“No, I am done anyways.” I got off the bench and Nick picked up the bar and put it back in its holster.

Nick and I slowly made our way through the gym, working out every muscle we could think of. When we were done building our muscles we both hopped on to a treadmill.

“God, my blood is fucking pumping. I need to get my dick into something.” Nick said over the whirring treadmill. He reached down and readjusted his cock.

“I feel ya.” or rather: I WANT to feel you.

Ok so, you know about my ex girlfriend, what about yours”
“Well,” I hesitated, “I've never had a really serious girlfriend, there have been some chicks here and there but, thats it.”
no boyfriends either.

“Wait, so does that mean you have never had sex?” bingo.

“Uh, yeah.”

“Well holy fuck, a handsome fuck like you has never had sex? Its my mission this month to get you laid”

“I mean, its really no big deal to me” Well, at least sex with a girl isn't. Sex with you on the other hand..

“That's what you say now..”

We finished up our cardio in silence, the two of us to busy to concentrate on anything except for our breathing. 30 minutes later we were both outside.

“See you tomorrow Nick.” I said walking off.

“See ya Jay,” Nick said as he stood still, watching me get into my car.

I was already out of the parking lot when my phone chimed.

sweet ass car dude”
“Thanks, what are you doing tomorrow?”

I like Nick, so much. To be honest, his personality is just as intoxicating as his body.


Fuck! It feels like I am stuck in between a rock and a hard place. I seriously need to get my damn hormones controlled. I like Jay, I really do. I mean I am attracted to him, his body and personality, and I just want to spend time with him, and no one but him. But I don't know what the fuck to do! I've never been in this position before, I've never like a dude before. But really, how different is it from liking a girl? I mean, besides him having a dick (I really don't want to think about how sex is going to work, all I know is I'm not getting fucked!) love is love, isn't it? I could be getting ahead of myself. Jay could not be gay, and not like me, even though I get the vibe that he does like me.

Nothing, why? do you want to go to the movies? Im down.”


sounds good. Talk you tomorrow?” I replied once I got home.

I threw Nicks cup into the washing machine and then jumped into the shower to wash all the layers of sweat off of my body. My mind wandered to Nick once I was in the shower and today's events got my dick hard in an instant- his body on top of me at the gym, his muscles flexing every time he picked up a weight, my cock pushed against his cup where his dick had been, his fucking smile- I put my hand on my 8 inch cock and starting jerking, imagining Nick was there with me, nibbling on my neck, pinning me against the shower wall, kissing me while holding my hands on top of my head, his muscles glistening in the water, and then I was coming, releasing torrent after torrent of cum on to my shower wall. I rinsed off, and I rinsed the shower, and hopped out and went straight to bed, naked for the first time in my life.. and I must say, I like the feeling of sleeping naked.


The next day at school Nick and I basically talked/texted the whole day and even ate lunch together. Thankfully, he didn't bring up the virgin thing again. We confirmed our plans for tonight, a movie at 7, he'll pick me up at 6:30, and it was just going to be and him. This was starting to sound more and more like a date.

Over the rest of the day, I kept on learning more and more about Nick. I learned that his mom is almost never at home, she is always at her boyfriends house or working. And the Nick hasn't heard from his dad since he was five. And that Nick only talks to his siblings like one every month, on the phone.

After school, and an extra three hours at practice, I got home, showered, got dressed in a black polo and dark jeans, and managed an extra 15 minutes of homework before Nick texted me and told me he was on his way, so I brushed my teeth and grabbed a quick drink of water before Nick rang the doorbell at 6:30 on the dot.

I swung the door open and got the sudden urge to just pull him inside and take him to my room.

He was wearing some khaki shorts and a red polo, his hair had that purposely messy thing going on. He. Looked. Hot.

He lead me over to his Jeep Wrangler and sped his way to the movies. The movie was some action flick. I wasn't paying attention at all. He had put his arm around my chair, rather than my shoulders and put the other on top of his crotch. I was painfully aware of how close he was. I wanted Nick, and Nick, and nothing but Nick. Miles and piles of Nick. Once the movie was over Nick and I went to chili's to grab some food.

“Hey, so how do you feel about weed and alcohol?” Nick asked as soon as we sat down.

“I'm not against it per say, I've just never tried either.”

“Why not?”

“I don't know, I guess I just didn't feel the need.”

“you didn't feel the need or you don't?”

“I mean, It depends.”


“What you have in mind” I said, showing him a cocky grin.

“You know me well already,” he laughed, “Well there's this party Friday and I was wondering if you wanted to go and chill.”

“You're going to be there?”
“Wouldn't miss it.”

“Whos party is it?”


“Okay, I'll be there” I said, and then he started spouting off details for the rest of dinner. He paid. 10 minutes later we were in front of my house.

“Do you want to come in and chill for a while?” I asked.


I led Nick to the door that goes straight to my room, “sit, make yourself at home. I have to go to the bathroom.” When I came back from the bathroom Nick was sitting on the side of my bed so I sat next to him. Once again I was painfully aware of how close we were.

“Your room is immaculately clean.” He said, offering me a half-smile.

“Thanks,” I returned his smile. I could smell his breath. His mint-tasting-cool-breath-which-had-my-stomach-doing-back-flips. Then he moved closer to me, our faces inches apart, and he moved his hand behind my head and pulled me in for a kiss, his other hand holding my face. When our lips made contact my dick went erect. It was just a brief, tender kiss, our lips barely making contact, and then he pulled a way, smiled, and then came back for more. This time, rougher, his lips moving against mine, his tongue pushing his way into my mouth were he started wrestling with my tongue. And then he pushed me down on to the bed and climbed on top of me, for a kiss that lasted another second, while our cocks rubbed together, and then he jumped off.

“I should go,” he said and rushed off.,

Five minutes later, I was regretting letting him leave.

Why'd you have to go so soon?”

Jay, I really like you, I do. But I don't know about this gay thing. I've never liked a dude before. I've never had to deal with another cock rubbing against mine. You need to give me space. I need to think about this without you influencing me. Because once I'm in this with you, I'm in it 100% I don't do things half-ass. I need to make sure I'm willing for my entire life to change. I need space. Give that to me?”

OK. No problem.”

God, he was breaking my heart.

The next morning I said “Hi” to him in leadership and all he did was mumble “space.” So thats exactly what I gave him, in all our classes together I gave him an entire classroom full of kids worth of space. And thats what it was like then next day too, and Friday. Its was getting ridiculous quite frankly, so I decided that I was still going to go to the party, and confront Nick.

After school on Friday, I did some homework, went for a run and then took a nap. By the time I woke up it was 10:30, a seemingly awesome time to go to a party, but then I realized I had no idea where this party was at. I logged on to Facebook and just started asking around, I mean someone must have known where the party was. Eventually, I found the address and so I took a quick shower, threw on a pair of jeans and a white shirt, and headed out the door. By the time I got to the party, on the other side of town, it was midnight. I parked my BMW behind the row of cars and made my way inside.

The minute I walked into the party I saw Nick. I was glad he showed up, he is the whole reason I came, but I wasn't ready to confront him yet. I found some of my friends in the kitchen, they were all pretty smashed so I joined in the festivities.

“Woah, what are you doing here? You were the last person I expected to be at a party like this” my friend Joseph said.

“Well, there is a first time for everything. Now where can I get me a drink?” And so he led me to the keg, and even showed me how to get beer out of it. And then came drink after drink, and some funnels, and a keg stand. I was feeling better than ever, and completely ready to talk to Nick. I walked over to the room Nick was in and saw him grinding against some girl. I swallowed my nervousness and walked over to Nick.

“Hey, We need to talk.” I said, loud enough to get the attention of Nick...and everyone around him.

Nick turned around and a huge smiled covered his face “hey! You came” he beamed, obviously drunk, or high, maybe even a combination of the two.

“Can we talk please?” I reiterated, giving up my angry deposition.


I turned around on my heels, making me quite dizzy, and started walking to the door. Once I was outside, and the breeze was cooling my fire-hot cheeks, I turned around to make sure Nick was behind me, once I saw that he was, I continued walking to my car for further isolation from the rest of the party.

“Ok, so I know you need space or whatever,” I started “but I think I've giving you plenty of time or whatever, and quite frankly the fact that you cant even share with me whats going on with you is pissing me off. Obviously I like you, I really do, and I want to be with you, but if you cant like me for me, not the fact that I am hot, or a boy or whatever- If you cannot realize that love is love- then maybe we shouldn't be wasting our time. Because while I do like you, if your not comfortable things will not work out.”

“Jay, I have been thinking about this. a lot.” he said, snapping out of his euphoric reverie, “and I do realize that love is love. I was just caught up on being labeled as gay or whatever. But then I realized there is no purpose in labeling yourself as gay. We our influenced by our experiences, not by out preferences. So yes I like you, and yes, I want to be with you, and I don't care if anyone wants to label me as gay or not. I want you.” He continued on..pulling me close to him and holding me. He kissed me quickly and then finished, “do you want to go back inside?”

“Just a second,” I said, as all the blood rushed to my face and I wrapped my arms around him, breathing in his scent and feeling his muscles from under his shirt. Then the second was over and we started to walk back to the party.

Before we got to close to the rest of the party he stopped me “do you care if people find out that we are together?”

“As long as we are together..”

Nick wrapped an arm around my waist and we walked together into the party. We were in this, and we were in it together.

Once we got back in to the middle of crowd, Nicks arm still around my waist, we made our way over to the keg and Nick let go over me so that he could pump two beers into the red plastic cups. When he was done he started walking back over to me but someone dude intercepted him, and judging by his puzzled face he was asking what was going on between Nick and I. I am okay with coming out, I was planning on doing it anyways, but I really hope the reactions of Nicks friends doesn't make him second guess this whole thing. Nick brushed off the entire confrontation quickly and finished crossing the distance over to me. He handed me a beer, pulled me close to him, and put his head on top of mine.

“I am so happy” I said over the music with my face buried into his muscular chest.
“Me too” he whispered into my ear.

I just stood there in his arms for a while, gradually sipping my beer. Five minutes later we were in complete party mode; taking shots, doing keg stands, grinding on each other. I was extremely intoxicated by 2:00am but then Nick led me out the back door to a group of kids who were smoking pot. They offered Nick the joint and he took a long hit, and then he offered me the joint and I did the same thing without even thinking about it twice. Four hits later and Nick grabbed me by the hand and pulled me back inside, but this time he did not stop at the group of kids dancing but instead he guided me upstairs and into a huge room with a huge bed, I assumed this was Tony's parents room.

Nick pushed me on to the bed and then climbed on top of me. His muscular-wrestler thighs pinned my body down to the bed and he used his biceps to pin my hands above my head. Then he went in for the kiss, just a quick peck at first, but then he came back down onto my lips, parting my mouth open and sending his tongue darting into my mouth. I was finding it hard to concentrate on how Nick was pleasing my mouth because my brain kept blacking out, I will give him this much, the pressure of his tongue on my own plus the taste of his breath, added with my increased sensitivity due to the weed made the parts of our making out I was conscious for awesome. Then, Nick let go of my hands and startled fumbling on the button of my pants.

“Wait,” I managed to mumble while attempting to grab hold of reality.

Nick stopped fumbling with my pants and instead put his hands in my shirt, running them up and down my sides. He broke our kiss and started nibbling on my ear. “Why?” he whispered.

“I, uh, just..” I was hesitating, I didn't want to get him mad or give him an excuse to leave. “Im not ready, sorry”

Nick continued biting on my ear until finally he let up, after I starting grinding my crotch into him. “Thats ok, but I need to go take care of this now,” indicating at his crotch. He climbed off of me and planted his feet on the ground.

“You could just do that here..” I called out to him as he started walking over to the bathroom.

Nick turned around, headed back to me, and planted a huge kiss on my forehead. “There is plenty of time for that later, I am not going anywhere,” he reassured, and then he walked into the bathroom.

I just laid in the bed, drifting in and out of consciousness for about thirty minutes before I felt Nick press up behind me and wrap his arms around me. I regained consciousness about an hour after that and Nick was stroking the side of my body. “Lets get you home” he said, and then kissed the back of my neck. Nick scooted away from me and stood up again, I rolled over to face him and he extended and arm out to me and helped me up.

Once I was back on my two feet I realized I was not that drunk anymore. “I am okay to drive” I whispered.

“Are you sure?”


“Ok.” Nick grabbed my head and lead me down the stairs. There were people sleeping all over the place and Nick and I navigated our way through them to the front of the house.

“Do you want to come over to my house?” I asked me when we got outside, “My mom wont be home until Sunday.”


“See you at my house?”

“Yeah, I've got to go home and grab some stuff first” he said. He kissed my head and walked me over to my car. “See you in a few.”

I climbed into my car and watched him climb into his jeep wrangler from the rear view mirror. Once he got in his car, I started mine. By the time I got home it was 4:17am. I left the door to my room ajar so that Nick wouldn't have to knock when he got here and I stripped down to my boxer briefs and climbed into my bed. I woke up to Nick pressing against me once again so I turned around so that we were face-to-face.

“Nice of you to make it, stranger,” I said and then gave him a wink.

Nicks face lit up and then he gave me another quick kiss and threw an arm around me. I tucked one leg in between both of Nicks and curled up against his body. I was back asleep in no time. When I woke up Nicks blue eyes were staring at me and then a huge grin spread on his face.

“Morning Sunshine,” he said, his dazzling smile and piercing eyes stunning me speechless. I buried my face into his chest, I was so happy that he was here. “Hey, look at me.” he added after I left my face nuzzled into his chest. I looked up and he grabbed my chin and planted a kiss on my lips. “You are so cute.”

I wrapped my arms around Nicks neck and scooted my self further up the bed so that we were face to face and our feet were intertwined. “You're not so bad yourself,” I joked at him. I had only uttered one sentence already this morning and I was already as happy as I had been in a long time. Nick lifted his head of of the pillow and closed the distance between us, planting a longer, deep kiss on my lips. I began to kiss him back and our kiss was getting more and more intense. Nick fought his way into my mouth and open up the pathway for his sweet breath to enter my mouth. Its first thing in the morning and I still thing is breath smells wonderful. Nick pulled me on top of me and pull my hips down against him while I kneaded my hands into his hair. Things were picking up fast, pretty soon both of our cocks were rock hard and we were grinding against each other. Nick moved his hands down to my ass and pushed me further into him. He was massaging my ass with his huge hands. It was time for me to stop this before it got any further, I wasn't ready for that. I broke our kiss and placed my head on his t-shirt clad chest. Nicks head collapsed on to the pillow and he moved his hands back onto my back.

“Wow” he exhaled.

I let out a laugh and moved off of him so that we were both laying on our backs. Nick turned onto his side to face me.

“Don't take this as me trying to force you or anything, I just need to know.. why exactly aren't you ready to have sex”

“I mean,” I stammered, “I want to, I really do. But I just want to make sure I'm ready, ready to be with you completely.. Is that okay? I promise you wont have to wait long..” I was so sure this was going to push him away.

“Take your time Jay, I want us to be ready. I want to learn how to please you, I mean I know what to do with women but I don't know exactly how to please you, and I want to make sure it will be as good for you as it will be for me.” God, I was falling for him faster and faster. I turned over so that my back was facing him and I backed up into him so that his chest pushed up against my back. He wrapped his arms around me.

“how exactly do you plan on doing that?” I said, laughing.

“watching a lot of gay porn” he said matter-of-factly.

I turned to look at him and saw a grin that extended from ear to ear. I laughed. “I'm serious,” he added, “gay porn is going to be my thing until we're both ready.”

I tried to put the most serious look on my face and said: “maybe we can watch it together.” I turned my head so that I was facing forward again and pushed into him further.

“Wait, are you serious?” he said excitedly.

“Yes,” I said almost immediately. Nick planted a kiss on the back of my neck and then I felt his weight shift and his head appeared in my line of vision.

“You do plan on bottoming right?” he said, the look on his face was priceless.

“Yes.” I said with a smile and planting a kiss on his lips before he shifted back into his original position.

We just laid there together for a while until I spoke up “So when do you want to start watching the porn?”

“Well no time is better then the present” he said after a minute and sat up on my bed. “Do you have a computer?”

I got out of bed and made my way over to my desk, retrieving my laptop. I handed it to him and took sat up on my bed next to him. Nick started up my computer and started typing away, eventually pulling out his wallet from the jeans he was still wearing. “I love being 18” he said, and then he pulled out his credit card and started entering information into the computer. Eventually he moved closer to me, wrapped an arm around me, and placed the laptop on top of us to that it was on one of my thighs and one of his own. “Are you ready?” he asked, I nodded yes in anticipation and he pressed play on windows media player.

The words “corbin fisher” was written out in the bottom right hand corner. And there was on extremely handsome jock sitting on a bed next to an equally handsome jock, even though his muscles were not developed as much as the other jock. There was a brief exchange in dialogue between the camera man and the more muscular jock, Jock #1, and then Jock #1 turned to face Jock #2 and they started to make out. Things got heated up quickly between the two and soon clothes were flying off. Eventually, Jock #2 kissed his way down Jock #1 chest and started licking his cock through his underwear and Jock #1 was bucking his groin into the other dudes face. Soon, the underwear was off and the cock was in his mouth and the jock was bobbing up and down on his dick and the jock was loving every minute of it. When #2 came up for air #1 pulled him up and they started making out again. After a while Jock #1 stood up and pulled #2 boxers right off and pushed his legs up into the air, and then he started to eat the dudes ass, I have heard of this happening but I never saw anything like it. I looked over at Nick and his face was completely white, “don't worry, I don't think I would like that anyways.” I said reassuringly. Nicks face immediately relaxed and the color flushed back in.

“well we wont start with that, thats for sure, but judging by the look on this dudes face he is certainly enjoying it, and I want you to feel as good as possible.” He smiled at me and so I gave him a quick kiss and focused my attention back on the porno. Now the jock had a bottle of lube and he was squirting mass quantities into Jock #2 ass. And then he was lining up and pushed himself into the Jock #2 and then moans were released from both of the jocks. And then the moans increased in intensity and so did the jocks speed. Nick started shifting, pushing down on his groin.

“If you have to... then go ahead.” I said shyly.

“Oh thank you.” He exclaimed and the he pulled off his shirt exposing his muscles. My eyes wandered to the screen and Jock #1 was holding jock #2 up against the wall and he was plowing into him, and then in my head, it wasn't Jock #1 and Jock #2 it was Nick and I, and he was holding me in his arms and he was in me and I was happier than ever.

Before he finished unbuttoning his jeans I climbed on top of his chest. “Never mind what I said earlier, I'm ready.” I whispered into his ear while I moved me ass all over his jean-clad huge cock.

He gave me a quick peck and then moved his hands to under my armpits. “Let's do this right” he said, and then he lifted me off of him and sat me next to him on the bed and put the laptop back on to our laps.

I put my head on to his bare shoulder and we continued watching the porn together, the need for Nick to get off seemed to have been pushed to the back of his head. But then the fidgeting came back.

“Go ahead” I said again.

This time his hands where at his button in an instant, he unbuttoned his jeans, pulled the zipper down and was tugging his pants down. I was entranced by the view of his third leg straining against his boxer-briefs (which I love), I mean seriously? His dick was bigger then a lot of the cocks I've seen in porn. If I were to guess, it was between 7.5 inches to 8 inches. Then, he pulled off his briefs and I was in heaven. It was a thick, long cock, moist from his pre cum, and it was all for me. <3333

I WANTED to put my mouth around his massive cock, but I do not think Nick was ready for that, not at all. I wanted to just sit there and suck and him and lick until he released his juicy load all over me. But that was not going to happen, at least not tonight. So instead I leaned against the headboard and rather than watching the porn I stared at Nicks cock as it pointed upwards. This was the first time I got to see Nicks body in all its glory. ALL his muscles were tense and hard and his body shimmering as just the right amount of sweat caused the light in the room to reflect off of him. He really was beautiful. There was not one part of his body not covered in muscles. Lean muscles in just the right parts: his hips, calves, fore arms, abs; and stocky muscles in his biceps, thighs and pecs. He had the ultimate wrestlers body with the perfect V-cut and bulging traps. God, me telling him I wasn't ready yet was so stupid. I wanted him. So, I sat back and watched. I watched as his hands encircled his cock, jerking slowly, and I imagined his hand was my hand, or my mouth, hell even my ass. And then I watched his other hand roam around his body, and I envisioned that it was my hand pushing against his body, feeling each crevice of his muscles. I wanted to touch him. To be wrapped around him. And I didn't want to let go, ever. And then I couldn't take it any more. Here I was, sitting, fully clothed, next to this man who makes me feel so damn good and my cock was aching and it needed to be released. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it next to Nicks shirt, my jeans and briefs were off in the next instant that followed. I leaned back and starting to jerk my 7 inch cock. At this point, the porn was no longer in my mind, and I was being fueled solely by my fantasies about Nick. I shifted my gaze from Nicks cock to his face and he grinned at me, showing me his set of dazzling white teeth.

“Can I?” I stammered. Nicks grin intensified and he stopped jerking his cock, He closed the laptop resting between our thighs, placed it on the floor next to the bed and the scooted closer to me so that our thighs were touching.

“Go right ahead” he grinned and then he put one arm around me and the other behind his head.

I was hesitant at first, but then I took a long hard look at Nicks face, and then another at his cock, and then my mind was made up. I moved my hand over to his cock and encircled his cock with my fingers. Immediately, I noticed the difference between his cock and my own. His cock just felt better. Electricity was flowing from his cock into my hand and I was more excited then ever, the sensation of a cock in my hand that was not my own was driving me crazy. I loved the way Nicks cock felt in my hand, his hard, hot, muscle throbbing in my hand. As I started to stroke my new friend i started to feel better and better about my relationship with Nick. He started to move his fingers around my shoulder as he pushed his upwards into my hand. the grin on his face was absolutely intoxicating, it was as if I was running on extacy. I kept jerking him off for a long time, an extremely long time. The Porno was long over and my forearm was burning. I would have came twice over by now. around 30 minutes into jacking his cock feverishly Nick finally started to pant and moan; I was getting him there, that's for sure, but who knew how much longer it would be till Nick was releasing his spunk all over us. Damn, the boy had stamina. Nick pulled me tight against him by using the arm he wrapped around me and gave me a quick kiss, while I continued pounding away on his cock. When he was done kissing me he moved his mouth over to my neck and starting tonguing and sucking my neck. He moved the hand he had behind his head and put it on my cock.

the sensation of a hand on my cock that was not my own was a very new one and it got my body excited at this new touch. my body wanted to reach it's climax all ready and Nick hadn't even started jerkin my cock yet. I wasn't ready to cum yet; I wanted his hand on my cock longer. I wanted him to feel me, just like I was feeling him. Nick started moaning into my neck in between his suck and licks. i was fighting my urge to cum, just hoping to cum at the same time as Nick. And then he sat up and his moans got loader while his muscles tensed. he was going to cum and so was I. I shot first, shooting cum onto my face, all over my lips, and then leaking more and more cum onto his hand. Then, it was Nicks turn. He arched his cock up into the air and released torrent after torrent on to his chest, coating it in his cum. And then it was over and the massive cock that was in my hand just five minutes earlier was softening. I licked my cum off my lips when I caught Nicks glance and then grinned at him.

“Oh God,” he moaned, “com'ere.” Nick pulled me on top of him and our cum soaked bodies rubbed against each other. He gave me a quick peck on the lips and then said “lets go get cleaned up.”

end of chapter one