Playground Games

By Stephen Scott

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Kenny hummed softly to himself as he glanced around the darkened playground.

It was late--too late, really, to be walking through the asphalt basketball court alone. But the swim-meet has lasted longer than he'd expected, and by the time he'd gotten out of the showers, dried, and dressed, there was no one left to hitch a ride with.

So here he was, taking a shortcut through the deserted playground, listening intently to every noise.

It wasn't that the court was all that dangerous in itself--no pushers selling smack or anything like that. It was something else that troubled the boy. The thing that kept him away from this section of his neighborhood during daylight hours.

The thing called Jake.

Ever since he could remember, Jake had made him fearful. Even if Kenny was with a group of other boys, Jake could reduce him to a fearful wreck. And when Jake was with his gang ...

Those guys could taunt you until you wanted to run crying to your mother. They had never actually hurt Kenny, or any of his friends. But they were intimidating in every other way.

So, if you didn't have to go near the b-ball court, you stayed away. Simple as that.

Except it wasn't so simple. Not really. Not for Kenny, anyway.

At 15, he was a thin but sturdy boy. But Jake--Jake was a freakin' god, man.

Only two years older than Kenny, Jake had developed musculature the younger boy could only dream of. Every inch of him was sleek, hard--perfect. From his broad shoulders and sculpted pecs to his strikingly defined arms and thighs.

When Kenny looked at Jake, he got a feeling he couldn't define. His stomach flipped over, his knees felt weak, and sweat began to collect in his lightly dusted armpits. He could feel himself blush just thinking of Jake.

It unnerved him, the way he felt when he saw Jake. He felt--well, he supposed he felt the way other guys did when they ... when they stared at a pretty girl.


The question had become more and more urgent to the boy, even though he made certain most of the time that he was nowhere near his tormentor. Yet even out of sight, Jake remained in Kenny's thoughts, more and more.

And when Kenny did think of Jake, his heart raced, his palms felt damp, and there was an indefinable but distinct tingling in his loins.

Worse, on those occasions when he'd had a wet dream and Kenny had awakened to find his shorts and sheets soaked, the dreams that produced his nocturnal emissions were always about Jake.

Christ, Kenny thought anxiously. Am I some kind of queer?

He thought he knew the answer to that, but pushed it away, into the recesses of his consciousness. He'd heard of phases, and that's what this was. A phase. Something he'd grow out of, given time. One day he'd feel these unpleasant, sticky feelings about some girl and not about a gorgeous bully he did everything he could think of to avoid actually running into.

Coming on a pair of benches, the boy put down his backpack and sat, trying to clear his mind.

"Goddamn you, Jake," he muttered fervently.

"And good evening to you, too, kiddo."

Kenny's blood ran cold and he shot up off the bench. There in the darkened recess beside him, leaning against the chain-link fence and casually lighting up a cigarette, was Jake himself.

"Damn, kid," Jake grinned, coming into the light. "I didn't even do anything yet, and you're damnin' me to God. That's pretty strong, little guy."

Kenny stared, speechless, at the young man before him, looking cool in his tight jeans and muscle-T. He tried not to make his usual furtive inventory of Jake's physique, but he didn't know where to look. Finally he decided he'd be better off to stand tall and look the teenager squarely in the face. But that wasn't much help either. As soon as his eyes made contact with Jake's, he could feel himself getting lost there, swimming in the older boy's deep blue orbs.

Jake ran a hand through his short brown hair, which fell across his forehead in a casual, sexy way, and when he did, Kenny felt his eyes move to the teenager's underarms. They were matted with dark hair, and seeing this made Kenny feel self-conscious. Was it that he had such a light little thatch of his own that made him blush at the sight of Jake's luxurious fur?

With a will, the boy tore his eyes away and locked eyes again with the tall, grinning teenager. But, God it was hard not to let his gaze drift along Jake's finely chiseled face with its thick brown eyelashes, its hard, beautifully proportioned cheekbones, its full lips.

So he stared at his own feet instead.

He was shocked when Jake threw an arm over his shoulders, and stared up at the mocking smile on the teenager's lips. Shocked, and a little proud, and more than a little aroused.

"What you damnin' me for, anyway?" Jakes purred. His arm tightened around Kenny's shoulders in a way that made it clear escape was not an option for the younger boy.

"I just--I mean--you know--"

"Nope," Jake said easily as he blew out a cloud of cigarette smoke. "If I did I wouldn't be askin', now would I?"

Kenny steeled himself. What was the worst the guy would do to him? Tease him? Beat him up? Fuck it.

"Whenever I see you, you're always ridin' me, that's all. Callin' me names and shit. Makin' me afraid to walk by here."

Jake considered this.

"Yeah. Yeah, I am an asshole sometimes. I know it. And it's got so the guys expect it. If I didn't razz you, they'd wonder why. Maybe think I was queer for you or something."

Kenny's heart nearly bounded out of his chest. Unable to, it settled in his throat instead.

Jake's hand moved then, sliding down to Kenny's chest. The teenager's index finger touched the boy's right nipple.

"How about you, squirt?" he murmured, letting his finger rub Kenny's nipple in a slow circle.

Kenny couldn't speak. His throat had closed up on him, his mouth was dry, and his heart was thumping so loudly he was sure the other boy could hear it.

"How--how about me what?" he managed, finally.

"You know. You ever thought--I mean, you ever wanna--"

Two fingers were sliding across Kenny's breast, and they came together on his now-hardened nipple, pinching it gently.

Kenny gasped.

He could feel heat in every part of his body, especially in his groin. His young cock was stirring, and he was sure in a minute its outline would be abundantly visible through his jeans.

Jake's mouth was by the boy's ear, wafting little clouds of warmth against Kenny's face that made standing up difficult.

"You're a hot little piece, Kenny. You know that?"

Jake's voice was a hoarse whisper, laden with sex.

"You--you know my name?" was all the boy could say in response.

Jake laughed. His free hand strayed to Kenny's left breast and gently massaged the nipple beneath its heated touch.

"I know a lot about you," he purred. "I come to every damn swim-meet just to watch you."

"You--you do?"


Jake's hold on Kenny's body was looser now, yet more intensely physical. He draped his arms across the younger boy's chest and his hands slowly crept to Kenny's flat belly, the palms smoothing it in a way that made the kid want to scream.

"I watch you in that pool, stripped down to your cute little Speedos, sailin' through that water like a fuckin' god and it damn near kills me."

Kenny finally became aware, through his fog of amazement and sexual arousal, that Jake's groin was pressed tight against his butt.

It was hard.

"Your hot little pecs an' your sweet little ass. I want to take you home and--"

"And what?" Kenny gasped, wanting the moment to linger forever.

"And never let you leave my bed."

Unable to bear it any longer, Kenny whirled around, breaking Jake's loving hold, and grabbed him tight. The teenager was several inches taller than the boy, and instead of meeting belly to belly it was more like belly to crotch.

Kenny stared up at the face of this boy who had occupied such an intense place in his mind and heart, and couldn't believe what he was hearing. He tried to speak but nothing came. Finally, Jake lowered his face to the boy's and, taking Kenny's head in his hands, pressed his lips to the startled youngster's.

The kiss undid Kenny.

It was electric. It shot its way onto his lips, into his mouth, down his throat, and out his cock.

They sank onto their knees, lips moving, taking in varieties of sweet salty skin. Their hand began to explore, finding areas of firmness here, pliant roundness there.

Kenny's cock was so hard it hurt, and he could feel Jake's hard-on against him.

This was it--what he'd been wanting. His heart raced, his breathing became raspy, and he kissed Jake's warm lips as though they were safe harbor.

Jake was equally transported. His hands couldn't get enough of the boy, his lips searching hungrily for new areas of skin to suckle.

They were hardly aware of anything. They couldn't remember taking off their pants; only when their cocks strained at each other through their underpants, their jeans around their ankles, did they even know they'd gone that far.

Shocked at himself, Jake stopped suddenly. Kenny looked at him expectantly.

"It's not dark enough here, Kenny. Come on, get your stuff and follow me."

He pulled up his Levis and grabbed up his discarded clothing and slipped away, holding up his pants with his free hand. Kenny followed suit, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. Jake led him further into the recesses of the playground, stopping only when they were immersed in total darkness.

They tossed their things aside and came together without a word.

"I want you so bad," Jake panted, slipping his hands down inside the back of Kenny's white cotton briefs. His erection grew even harder as he felt at last those hot buns he'd been mesmerized by so often at those swim-meets. He cupped them hungrily, slipping his fingers between the hairless cheeks, luxuriating in the sudden heat he found there.

Dazed, unsure of what to do next, Kenny followed suit and before he knew it his hands were full of Jake's muscled, slightly hairy butt. It felt odd to be touching another guy's ass like this. It also felt right. Jake's backside thrilled him in a way no girl's body ever had. He wanted to kiss it.

Aroused beyond rational thought, he suddenly slid Jake's underpants down in back and gently pushed the older boy to the asphalt. He tore at Jake's jeans and briefs until he got them off, then sat back on his heels, his teen-cock pup-tenting his briefs, and gazed at the sweet flesh in the dim light.

"Wow," he murmured, awestruck.

Then he lay down, spread Jake's thighs, and began to kiss, lick and nip the proffered ass.

Jake gasped, amazed at Kenny's brazenness. He pushed his hips back, so turned-on by this beautiful boy's lips on his rear he could barely keep from groaning loudly.

After a moment or two he broke free, sat up and grabbed Kenny, pulling him to his chest. As they knelt, kissing, he slid the boy's briefs down as Kenny had done to him, and they exchanged positions.

His lips full of gorgeous boy-ass, Jake had a sudden desire to move in closer. Had he stopped even for a second to analyze his actions, he probably would have stopped cold. Instead, he spread the boy's luscious butt-cheeks and, exposing the hairless wrinkle at the center, pressed his lips against Kenny's hole.

Kenny gasped, stunned, as Jake kissed and licked his anus. His cock grew stiffer as the tongue plunged deeper, slowly moving inside him.

The boy's asshole was clean, freshly showered. It tasted wonderful. Eating Kenny's ass made Jake so hard it hurt.

After a time, Jake rolled Kenny over and lay on top of him. He kissed down the boy's throat, lifted his shirt and descended on Kenny's tender young nipples. The boy writhed and moaned beneath him, but Jake was just getting started. He licked his way down, down, toward the boy's pulsating cock. Holding it in his hand he ran his tongue over the shaft, sucked briefly on the hairless balls below it, then returned to kiss and lap greedily at the teenager's glistening dickhead. A drop of pre-cum dribbled onto Jake's tongue as he drew the boy's eager cock into his mouth.

Kenny writhed and gasped, his tender young butt scraping on the asphalt. He couldn't believe anything in the world could feel so good, so right. But after a bit he sat up, gently moved Jake's head away from his steaming crotch, and laid the older boy onto his back.

Again taking Jake's lead, Kenny sent hot, liquid kisses coursing down the teenager's body. Reaching Jake's groin, Kenny breathed deeply. The scent of masculine musk and sexual arousal made him dizzy. When he finally placed his lips around the dribbling head, the world consisted solely of his mouth, and Jake's sweet dick inside it.

Before long they were rolling about, kissing and fondling. Suddenly Kenny took Jake's hands in his and stared deeply into the older boy's eyes.

"Do you wanna--wanna fuck me, Jake?" he whispered.

Jake looked stunned.

"You know about--about how guys fuck each other?"

Everything Kenny had refused to admit about himself, about his real feelings for Jake, every secret desire he tried to keep from consciousness--it all came flooding back to Kenny in that moment.

He gripped Jake's hands more tightly.

"I didn't--I didn't want to want to know," he gasped.

His story came flooding out of him in a rush. He didn't know if it was coherent or not, couldn't be sure Jake would understand, but the words flowed out in an unstoppable rush, as if a cork had finally been popped and he couldn't slow the flood even if he'd wanted to.

How he knew he wasn't like the other boys he saw every day in school, on the team, on the playground. How his face burned with shame and unrequited emotion every time Jake taunted him. How he fumbled with the holdings catalogue on the computer at the public library, finding out where they kept the books on homosexuality, how it took him weeks to venture into the stacks, how his hands trembled and he swiveled about to make sure no one saw him when he took one of the books from the shelf. How the descriptions, the illustrations, the sense of it all made him feel weak at the knees and feverish.

And hard, between his legs.

So hard he was sure everyone could see it, even with the books on his lap.

How he went online when his parents were away, or asleep, and searched the `net for websites, blogs, discussion groups, porn sites--anything that would give him information about why and how he felt the way he did. How the photos of young men kissing, fellating each other--fucking--made him reach for his cock and masturbate, in front of the screen, in his bed alone at night, in the bathroom. How his butthole twitched when he thought of someday having a dick inside it. How miserable and alone he felt, every day of his life.

Jake's eyes watered as he listened until the boy finished his tale. He gripped Kenny to him and caressed his back as the teenager sobbed into his shirt. And when Kenny's tears were spent, he held the boy's face in his hands and kissed his lips, gently and with love deeper than any he'd felt before.

"I know, Kenny. I know. I been in the same Hell. And seein' you around all the time makes it worse. An' then I go out of my way to see you, and I don't know why I put myself through it, except I gotta be close to you, even though it tears me up inside."

Kenny was silent, taking it in.

"Do it, Jake. Put it inside me. If--if you want to. Do you?"

All the older boy could do was nod his head numbly. Then he cleared his throat and looked deeply into the boy's wide, giving eyes.

"You ain't never--have you?"

Kenny shook his head no.

"All I know is, I want you in me."

Jake nodded.

"Don't laugh at me, Kenny," he said, suddenly serious.

"I won't, Jake. Why would I?"

"It's just--well--I been hopin' for somethin' like this to happen for a long time."

He reached for his discarded trousers and rifled through the pockets. When his hand withdrew, it held two small packages: a condom and a sample-sized packet of lube.

Kenny stared at Jake, who ducked his head sheepishly.

"I wanted to be ready. Just in case--you know."

Kenny nodded.

"Didn't know if it'd be me on the top, or the bottom, or just what. Just knew I wanted it to happen, and if it did, I wanted to be ready."

"Do it, Jake," Kenny repeated. "Fuck me. Fuck me now."

Their erections had softened during the last few minutes, but now they were both hard again.

Hurriedly, Jake tore open the rubber and put it on as Kenny watched, mesmerized by the sight of the sheath slipping over the older boy's throbbing cock. He thought: I must be crazy. I'm about to be fucked. I must be insane. But he knew he wasn't.

Jake opened the packet of lube and poured some out on his palm.

"What should I do?" Kenny asked, scared but wanting this to happen.

"Get on your knees, okay? And stick your butt up."

Kenny did as he was asked. His cock beat a wild tattoo between his open thighs.

Jake was nearly overwhelmed at Kenny's courage, and his generosity. Hell, he had been ready to spread his legs for this boy, and here the kid was, opening up his sweet ass to him.

With trembling fingers, Jake spread some of the goo on his cock, working it in. His dick was arched, aching, ready. He emptied the lube onto his fingers and reached them toward Kenny's parted butt-cheeks.

Gently, Jake applied the sticky lubricant around the boy's tender hole. Then he pushed his index finger against the puckered rosebud and slowly pushed it in.

The touch of Jake's fingers on his most private place was stunning. Kenny moaned as the older boy's finger began to move inside him. He hunched back, forcing Jake in deeper. Soon Jake added a second finger, and began to move both of them in and out of the boy's butthole.

The finger-fucking went on for some time, Kenny growing more and more relaxed and at the same time more fevered.

I'm about to get fucked, he thought again in amazement. And I want it. I want it. I want it.

Finally, Jake thought the boy was ready. He scooted up, the rubber-coated head of his straining cock kissing Kenny's wet, slicked-up hole. He kept it there for a bit, moving it forward as slowly as he could, letting the boy get used to it. Then he guided it gently into Kenny's hairless boy-pussy.

Kenny expected pain, but there was none. He was wonderfully relaxed, and the cock at his open butthole was being fed so gently into him that he knew there would be none. He closed his eyes and let the feelings overwhelm him. Jake was being so kind, so considerate, that it felt as though the cock was invading Kenny millimeter by millimeter. Frightened before, he now wanted more of the hot, sticky thing inside him.

He felt the head sink in, and somehow knew it was going to be smooth sailing from then on.

Still, his eyes popped open again as the bigger boy finally pushed all the way in. He could feel Jake's slightly hairy balls against his ass. He couldn't believe it.

There was a dick in his butt!

A moment before it had terrified him. Now it filled him, every part of him. No discomfort, no pain. Just the earth-shattering knowledge that Jake's cock was inside him. In, and delving deeper.

"Oh my God!" he cried out.

"Am I hurting you, baby?"

Jake's voice was full of terror. His body tensed like tungsten.

"No! No! It feels--oh, wow--it's incredible!"

Kenny felt Jake's entire body relax. The teenager rubbed the younger boy's hair affectionately, leaned down and kissed the top of his head.

"God, you scared me," he laughed softly. "I thought I might be tearin' you up inside. I never--I never fucked anybody before," Jake whispered. "But oh God, I want you!"

"Keep doin' what you're doin', Jake. Just keep doin' it," Kenny pleaded gently, his voice a moan of deep gratification and unsatisfied need. "It feels so nice."

Jake moved forward, letting his iron-hard cock slide up the oiled furrow. Kenny closed his eyes again and groaned. His own dick was so hard it hurt. He wanted Jake to stay inside of him forever.

Jake leaned down and kissed the boy's neck.

"You feel so good, baby--so goddamn good!"

He reached a hand under Kenny's body and took hold of the boy's hard dick, wet with pre-cum. As he jerked it softly, he began to move in a more certain rhythm, pushing in and pulling back.

Kenny purred beneath him. He wanted more of Jake inside him, and began to push his butt back in time to the older boy's thrusts. He could feel Jake's fat balls slapping against his butt-cheeks, a sensation that thrilled him.

"Oh, yes," he hissed between clenched teeth. "Fuck me, Jake. Fuck me."

"Kenny, Kenny, Kenny," Jake moaned softly, leaning down to kiss the boy's neck and ears. "Your ass is so hot. I love--Oh, God, Kenny ..."

"Oh, Jake! Never felt anything--"


"--so wonderful--"


"--your dick--"


"--so good inside me--"


"--oh, Jake! Jake!"

"Want you so much, Kenny--"


"--hold you--"


"--kiss you--"


"--your beautiful ass--"


"--fuck you all night long--"

Their movements became as of a well-calibrated machine. Butt-push met dick-thrust in a wild, uninhibited rush of ecstatic eroticism that made them both dizzy with lust.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," the boy groaned. He felt his balls drawing up, sensed the coming thunderstorm in his rectum as his prostate began to throb. With his last conscious thought he pushed back as hard as he could, impaling himself on Jake's pistoning rod, forcing it straight up his oily boy-hole.

And with an animal cry, he came.

His hot teen-jizz spewing out, flying in wild spurts as he ground his pelvis back and forth, back and forth, back--Kenny's knees gave out and he felt the asphalt rise up, unyielding against his spurting cock.

Jake fell with him, his dick pulled sweetly down inside the boy. The spasms of Kenny's sphincter along the shaft of his cock put him over the top and he moaned as his orgasm exploded up Kenny's clutching boy-hole.

They lay like that for long moments, still connected, breathing hard. When Kenny's mind cleared, he became aware once more of the heat and fullness of Jake inside him. He squeezed his cheeks together, trapping the hard, hot shaft up his well-used butt, and Jake gasped and shuddered.

With a deep sigh, Jake kissed Kenny's cheek and reluctantly withdrew his tingling cock.

"We better get up and get dressed, baby," he whispered. "Someone's gonna see us." He lovingly patted the boy's sweat-soaked ass and reached for his clothes.

Kenny wanted to lie with Jake forever, but he knew the older boy was right. They had to get busy and get away. He sighed and scooped up his duds.

They dressed quickly, and in silence--but each stole quick, appraising looks of the half-clad body of the other. Once, their eyes met, and they grinned sheepishly at each other, as if they'd been caught peeking.

When they were both fully clothed again, Jake backed into a dark corner, crooking his finger invitingly. Kenny followed, collapsing into Jake's open arms. They held each other tightly, kissing languidly.

Finally, Jake broke the kiss and looked searchingly into Kenny's eyes.

"What?" Kenny asked, puzzled.

"So," Jake murmured. "You wanna go steady?"

Kenny looked into Jake's eyes, his own full of incomprehension. Suddenly, Jake grinned and Kenny realized he was joking. He punched the older boy on the arm and they laughed easily together.

"That's your idea of an engagement ring, I can't wait for the wedding night," Kenny giggled.

They laughed some more, and Kenny melted into Jake's warming arms again. Then Jake caressed the younger boy's back, suddenly serious. He held Kenny at arm's length, placing his hands on the teen's shoulders.

"Seriously, baby. We gotta think about this."

Kenny nodded his head. "Yeah, I know."

"We can't been seen together, you know that?"

Kenny's heart flopped over, and he placed his cheek against Jake's strong chest.


"Don't mean we can't see each other. Jesus, Kenny, I want that. I want that bad. But nothin' can change, as far as everybody else is concerned. When you see me, I'm gonna rag you just like I always have. And you can't react any different."

Kenny broke the embrace, looked up and placed the palm of his hand against Jake's cheek.

"I can do that. Honest."

Jake ruffled the boy's hair affectionately.

"You know--I got a key to my aunt's apartment. She's never home nights. Works the late-shift. Leaves home around four. She's got a spare bedroom. I camp out there all the time."

Kenny's eyes sparkled.


"Yeah. That way, you never run into any of the guys. They don't know about my aunt's place." He grinned evilly, cupping Kenny's sweet behind with his palms. "The bed's real sturdy."

Kenny laughed. Then his face went solemn.

"I don't care what kind of bed it is. As long as you're in it."

"I want you inside me next time," Jake sighed.

"I'd like that," Kenny smiled.

They held each other for a bit, until a sense of time warned them of the lateness of the hour. They made their quiet plans, and Kenny picked up his backpack, kissed Jake on the lips, and started off. His smile was dreamy, his heart at peace and yet exhilarated at the same time. He'd never been in love before. He liked it.

Jake's voice stopped him, just shy of the edge of the asphalt.

"Hey, kid," he called softly.

Kenny turned.


"Be careful walkin' through the playground."