Disclaimer: The following is based on a true story, but in a safe, condom-free, and disease-free world. This story contains sexual content between teenage boys, and you should be of legal age to view it. It is my account of my high school days, written at the request of my boyfriend. I've changed names for privacy, and removed some gruesome details, but I still feel the urge to share my story of how I learned Polish among many other things.

Polish Lessons: Part I”


Angel Neve

I woke up one morning with a strange feeling, a feeling of good things to come. I was sixteen at the time. I arose out of bed, and showered. Under the steamy morning water, I could imagine big arms embracing me and a hard chest pressing against my back. I became aroused, but had no time for that so I turned the handle of the shower faucet to cold, and shocked myself out of my fantasy. I finished my shower, and stepped out. I toweled myself dry and ran to my room.

I had a habit of awaking early to shower. If I waited too long, I'd have to fight with my two brothers for time. Five of us lived together sharing one bathroom. My parents normally were on business trips. Our Situation was okay because normally only 2 or 3 people were home, but it still proved to be a difficult task in time management which resulted in many family feuds.

I got to my room and looked at my clock; it was 7 o'clock. School started at 8:40 and it only took me 20 minutes to walk to school, but I liked getting to school early to see my friends and organize myself for the day. But, before I would do anything, I would close my bedroom door, drop my towel, move to the center of the floor, get to the ground and do some push-ups and sit-ups. I never tried to break a sweat before Noon on schooldays; I just showered and wanted to stay clean. I would do some light exercises simply to limber up my body. After I finished, I would stand naked in front of my mirror and pose.

First, I would look into my glowing green eyes and practiced my smile. I had a smile which always seemed to say, “Come hither.” I had a tan-olive skin, and brown hair all over; I wasn't very hairy, though. My muscles were full and sculpted on my massive frame. I was 6'4” at 16 years old. I wasn't a bodybuilder, but I had amazing muscles for my age. My broad shoulders tapered down into a narrow waist. My broad shoulders were complimented by long arms with bulging muscles. My chest was somewhat massive: my pecs jutted from my body and a deep crevice existed between them. Below my chest were some amazing abdominals. I had six rippled abs that showed without any flexing or bending. Below them were the ridges of my pelvic area which guided the eye to my well-trimmed crotch, but I'll save that not so little detail for later. My legs were thick, and my butt round but tight. I had spent two years working out everyday to look the way I did.. I can't say I did all the work: God had blessed me, and puberty was very kind.

My older brothers looked just like me, but there was one major difference that separated me from them. My cock was gigantic. Each of my brothers (they were twins, age 19) bragged to their friends and girls that their cocks were huge. Over the summer I learned they were sizable indeed. Flaccid, they hung 7”. Each cock was about 1.5” wide and about 5” around. Erect, their cocks didn't grow. I knew these were large cocks, but mine was bigger. Soft, I was their triplet, but hard I grew to 10” tall, 2” wide, and 6.25” around.

I had masturbated before, by myself and in the company of others; it's the only thing I've done with it. It was my brothers who taught me when I was 12. I walked in on my brothers, having some sort of contest. I joined in; it was to see who could cum the most. The twins both ejaculated the same amount, but I won, shooting more than the two of them combined. They seemed to respect for the most part, although, they made fun of me, not for having a monster, but for being a virgin with that huge cock.

Once I contemplated myself, I'd get dress. I always wore shirts just tight enough to show my nipples, but still loose over my abs. I wore snug pants, but ones with breathing room in the front. My hair was always a mess, and I never shaved well; I always had what looked like 5 o'clock shadow. I must have been hot: People came on to me all the time, but I turned them down. I had countless opportunities to spread my seed, but I was still waiting for the right moment to lose my virginity.

I then went downstairs into the kitchen and had an egg white and a glass of orange juice for breakfast. I grabbed my backpack then headed out the door. It was cold that autumn morning, but I liked the breeze, and it made my nipples harder. At school that morning, I met my friend Rachel at her locker. I greeted her and opened my locker—adjacent to hers. She was talking about some silly bullshit, but I was distracted. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone. I had the feeling that a stranger was checking me out.

It happened often, so I got into a routine where I'd put on a show. I'd clench my ass and exaggerate my breathing. I'd half-turn to face him or her. My hand would then caress my chest and then come down to my belt. I'd lift up my shirt to expose my abs and motion as if I were scratching my stomach, and yawned. The onlooker normally smiled, walked closer to me, and said something, but this time it was different. The guy walked away. I asked Rachel about what just happened, and she said that the guy was checking me out. I only saw his backside, and I didn't recognize him. He walked with his feet pointing out and would rock his weight side to side. His butt looked cute, but he acted as if he had a wedgie. It was a school of 3,000 students, everyone had their quirks.

I spent that whole day wondering who he was. He had a very attractive air surrounding him. In fact, he infatuated all of my thoughts that day, until 6th period. I saw him in my gym class. I realized he was a new student.

His name was Kris. He was a new student from Poland. He spoke little English, but his Polish words were arousing. He had no translator with him, but that was normal. At least 40 different languages were spoken at my high school. I was laying in the bleachers reading a book. He came towards me and greeted me with “Cześć” and a grin.

I responded to him with the only applicable Polish I knew, “Witaj. Przeprasza. Nie mówię po polsku.” (Roughly it translates into “Hello. I am sorry. I do not speak Polish.” At least, I hope it meant that. I've picked up some Polish from my friends, but I knew too little to carry out a conversation.) I frowned, then he frowned. He was good to look at, at least!

Kris was six feet tall. His black hair was cut short at the sides with his hair brushed out exposing his forehead. He was very muscular. His black shirt was tight athletic one pulled tight across his perfect chest and abs. On the back was the Nike swoosh, and it read, “Just Do It.” He wore tight black jeans which had a large bulge under his belt buckle. I wondered what it felt like. I wanted him to “Just Do It” with me.

He had just recently come from Poland with his family. He had broken English, and struggled to communicate, so he mostly only spoke Polish. His forehead wrinkled whenever he was clueless about people's words. He was adorable.

His pout made his lips look so kissable. His black eyes were piercing and sexy; I could stare into them for an eternity. His cheekbones and nose just added to his perfect face. I began to blush and quickly hid my face behind my book. His face was that of a god. I wanted to just kiss him and rip off his clothes. I wish I could understand his words and talk to him.

He sat down near me and looked down onto the gym. Strangely, when he sat down, I could hear a low buzzing sound. I was clueless to the source of the sound. Kris seemed to have gotten bored. He, in an acrobatic leap, jumped down the bleachers and joined a game of volleyball.

He wasn't doing much really. He just kept putting his arms up with his hands behind his head; then he would turn towards me and smile. I realized that he was checking me out. Oh God! I was so pleased. The next time he looked my way, I winked at him. He quivered. My heart raced! He was so fuckin' hot!

He was in my 7th period math class, too! Yes! More time to look at him. The teacher introduced him to the class and greeted him in Polish. He took a seat right behind me. When he sat down, I could hear the mysterious buzzing again. A girl, my friend Eva, who sat next to him spoke Polish too. I felt as if everyone but me could speak the language. She and Kris spoke the whole period. His voice was beautiful. He and Eva kept giggling as they conversed.


Over the next few weeks, Kris and I began to enjoy each other's presence. Luckily enough, he was absorbed into my group of friends, half of whom spoke Polish. I was learning some more Polish, and his English was improving. I learned a lot about him, and he learned about me. We became very close over the course of a month, and I had a huge crush on him, but was afraid to do anything. I may have had the physique of a man, but in my mind I was still a helpless schoolboy.

I had stopped reading in gym to spend more time with Kris. I loved admiring his body. My gym teacher never even realized I was in the class until then. I missed my free time I had during gym, but Kris was better. In math, he was stuck sitting behind me, but I payed attention to the lesson instead, I was a bit of a nerd. Kris understood.

On weekends, my entire gang and I would go into the city, and try out different restaurants. I always made sure I had a seat next to his. I wanted to flirt with him, my friends even encouraged it, but I was afraid. One time in a sushi place, he and I jokingly fed each other the most disgusting fish ever, but I enjoyed it because it was with him. At the movies, we always sat next to each other. One movie, Kris fell asleep and leaned on my shoulder, then I put my head on his. My friends made a joke about this when the woke us up. Kris and I laughed.

Kris and I had been doing a lot together, but our relationship had been platonic until one Friday afternoon.


Towards the end of my math class class, our friend Eva tapped my shoulder and asked, “You go to a gym after school Fridays, right?”

I replied, “Yes. Why do you ask?”

“Kris wants to know something. He wants to start working out again; He hasn't been able to in a while. Can you go with him?”

I turned my head further to look at him. He flexed his arm and kissed his muscle. All I could think was HOT! I felt it was an odd request, but I then I thought that he wanted to spend time with me. I thought, “Damn! Maybe my fantasies will be reality.”

I answered her and said, “Tell him to follow me after school.”

Eva spoke to Kris, and Kris responded with his grin. It was both cute and sexy.

Never before had I felt this way towards another. His smile made me want him. His body was perfect. The mystery of his words intrigued and aroused me. My face blushed whenever he looked at me. I NEEDED HIM!

At the end of class, I told Kris to meet me back here in 10 minutes. Our lockers were about 2 street blocks away from each other; the school was huge. He nodded. I went to my locker and discarded my books and took my almost empty book bag. In it, I had a towel, gym clothes, and a water bottle. I met Kris back outside the class. He had a bag, and I assumed he had what I had in it.

I spoke, “Kris, follow me. The gym is only five blocks away.” I showed him 5 fingers as I spoke, and he nodded his head. I patted him on the back and said, “Let's go.”

He responded by patting my butt and uttering, “Dobrze!” I raised my eyebrows and smiled at him. I started walking and he followed.

“Do you like it here in America?” I asked. Didn't know what to talk about.

He eyed me, winked, nodded, and said in his native tongue, “Tak!”

I didn't now how much farther our conversation could progress considering the language barrier, so I asked, “How good is your English getting.”

“Good enough,” he uttered failing to pronounce the “f” sound.

Our conversation went on. We spoke about our friends and how our weekends were fun. I can't remember what I asked, but I asked something that got a surprising answer.

His accent was turning me on, “I watch many sex movies.”

I questioned, “Sex movies? Do you mean porn?”

“Tak! Men are very pleasing!” His words became more broken and excited. He was as hot and exotic to me as I was to him. My heart raced. I was certain something good was going to happen at the gym.


When we finally got there, I introduced him to the owner/manager, and then I explained to Kris that the gym was private. Kris seemed to understand. The owner started the gym just so he'd have something to do with his life. He was a retired athlete and had lots of money to blow. Membership was $500 a year, but only $10 a month if you knew someone. No guest fees applied. The only rule in his place was “Don't make me dial 911!” The gym was most crowded in the morning, and empty right after school during the week. Saturdays were normally packed, as were some Fridays. Most people either came after work or on weekends. Today, thank God ;), the gym was empty. It was strange for a Friday afternoon, but I didn't question fate!

We went to the locker room and changed. I changed with my back to Kris; I didn't want him to see me naked yet. I turned around to see Kris was shirtless and in flowing basketball shorts which let his penis swing inside them. His body was perfect; it was better than I had imagined! Through his tight shirt, I could see he had muscles, but nearly naked, I saw that each was bulging and perfectly sculpted. He only had hair on his arms and legs, unlike me who had some all over. He took along stare at me and said, “Shirt.”

I took mine off and stuffed it in my locker. I was proud of my body, but I normally kept my shirt on in the gym, but whatever. I was with Kris. I wanted to have sex with him. We stepped outside the the locker room and Kris followed me to the treadmills. I said, “Let's warm up first.”

Once again, he said, “Dobrze.” We got onto two machines next to each other and started jogging. I watched him intently with the side of my eye. His muscular arms were pumping. His massive calves and thigh moved with much vigor. His abs danced as he breathed, and his chest kept expanding. He was doing the same to me. I noticed his manhood sway beneath his shorts. From what I could imagine, his dick must have been of amazing stature. He ran awkwardly, as if he still had a wedgie. I wasn't sure if It was any of my concern.

Some time passed, and were both sweating profusely as we ran. Kris kept wiping the sweat of his face, wiping his nipples, and vocalizing slight pleasurable moans. I was struggling not to have a boner; I didn't want to appear too eager for him. We finally stopped, and I suggested we lift weights.

I decided to bench free weights. I wanted to show off my strength. I asked Kris to spot me and he did. I had 300 pounds total on the bar. I only weighed a very tall and muscular 200lbs. I benched it with ease, I just enjoyed looking up at Kris's body. The best part about having a spotter was his crotch in my face. I kept admiring his large, hot, and sweaty body. My sweat drenched the bench. I did 10 reps, then I told Kris it was his turn. He took about 50lbs off and benched with me as the spotter. As he lay there, I heard a mysterious buzzing again. When he finished, he briefly grabbed my crotch; Shock waves went through my body. I resumed my business, keeping my eyes on his perfect body. I dried the bench with a towel, and we switched places. Kris helped me put the weights back on, and I heard the owner leave. Kris and I were alone. I lied down and began to bench press again. Suddenly, Kris dropped his shorts. I was stunned and stopped.

His pubic hair was only a short pad above his gigantic penis. It was only semi-hard and already 6” long, and it was thick too. If I made a fist around it, My hand wouldn't go all the way around. I've seen other guys' junk in the shower before, but they were never this big when soft. Kris' balls were gigantic and low-hanging too. They were the size of lemons. I was paralyzed from the shock of his sheer size and over-all beauty. Then Kris put fingers from both his hands up his ass. He seemed to dig around, and then removed something. It was a small vibrating dildo; that explained the buzzing and his walking! I was happy to see how interested in sex he was. He commanded, “Please Me!”

I was afraid, “I'm scared... I'm a... I'm still,” I couldn't say it it, but I managed, “VIRGIN!”

“A Virgin!” he cheered. “I will screw you good!” he knelt down, and place his head over mine, and kissed me upside down. His plush lips felt so tender, then his tongue came down my throat. It sent shivers down my spine. As we kissed, both my hands went around him and I tried grabbing his shoulders, but held onto the back of his head. One of Kris' hands rubbed my chest while the other massaged his cock. I could feel my loins burn.

Our kiss broke, and Kris stood tall. His penis at full staff was 8” long. Mine was longer, but his was an inch wider than mine; his girth was remarkable—at least 9” around! I couldn't imagine that thing fitting anywhere, but Kris spoke and, in his erotic accent, said, “Open wide.” He put his hand at the base and pointed his pole at my mouth. Kris squatted to meet my face. My lips, didn't fit around the head, but he still pushed on. My jaw was stretched beyond human limits. After much joyous pain, the first inch was in, then the next was. Then the next was, and the next was. Half his monster was in me when his giant testicles covered my eyes. I felt crushed under the weight. I was gagging because the cock was pressed against the walls of my throat. Kris withdrew and went to the other end of the weight bench.

He knelt down between my legs, and put his hands around my waist. With his teeth, he grabbed the elastic of my shorts and pulled them down, exposing my also over-sized manhood. Kris licked the length of my cock, and it instantly became erect. Kris smiled and said, “Long, I like it.” His licking became faster, then he put his lips around the head, and his hands on my thighs. His tongue fluttered on the tip of my dick. It was amazing. I was moaning. I felt like I was going to cum right then, but I fought it. Then suddenly, Kris' head plummeted down my 10” shaft. He took it all like a pro. His head rose again, and he went down again with the same, prolific speed. His head was bobbing up and down so quickly he was like a blur. Within a minute, I screamed, “I'm gonna cum!”

My cock began pulsating, and Kris removed his head to watch me shoot. With one hand, he grabbed my balls, and my penis became a spurting fountain. Ten white streams of semen shot up: one in his face, one landed on his harm, another on my navel, three on the floor, and the rest came straight down to my groin and covered my cock and Kris' hand. I felt like I was going to pass out, but Kris began to lick the cum. He started my wiping his face, licking his hand, then his arm, then he cleaned the floor. He let the rest of the cum spread all over my body.

I had just experienced my first blowjob. In fact, it was my first sexual experience. I lasted less than 2 minutes, but those two minutes were spectacular.

In my motionless state, Kris stood up and stroked his cock. He used my cum as lube and pumped away with both of his hands. He put his head back, clenched his ass, and moaned. After what seemed like an eternity, his cock twitched. Kris was losing control of his body. I watched as the head enlarged, then a giant bullet of jizz shot out and hit my forehead. Then another hit my throat, and a third hit my chest. It felt as if Kris poured a gallon on me.

Kris rubbed the cum into my body, and fed me some of his. He licked each of my nipples , then I said, “I need to shower.”

He pulled me up, and we pulled up our shorts. He dashed to the locker rooms. He kicked off our shoes, ripped off our socks, and threw our shorts aside. I ran into the adjacent shower room and turned on all the heads. Within seconds, it became a hot, steamy paradise. I stood under the warm water, letting our seed wash away with the unnatural rain. I sighed. Kris snuck up behind me, rammed a finger up my asshole, and said in his English with the erotic Polish accent, “Let's fuck at my house.” He removed the finger and put his arms around me, and whispered, “Kocham Cię!” I knew that meant “I love you!”

His words frightened me yet pleased me. Love, I felt like I loved him back, but I wasn't sure. I was afraid to say it back, so I just smiled and kissed him.

We cleaned ourselves, and got dressed. I packed our bags, while Kris went to retrieve his vibrator which he put in his bag. We left the locker room and ran into the owner. “I hope you both had a good work out.”

I laughed and said, “Oh yes we did. Kris is going to join.”

“Have him bring $10 on Monday.”

Kris and I both nodded and left. I wonder what awaited me at his home.

End of “Polish Lessons – Part I” Stay tuned for part II.

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