Polish Lessons: Part II”


Angel Neve

We had just left the gym. I couldn't believe what I had just done. Kris stretched my mouth with his massive cock, then blew me into ecstasy. I was still high off my orgasm. Kris walked beside me as we headed towards his home. I asked, “Where do you live?” I wanted to know how long I had before we did it at his place.

He responded in his sexy Polish accent, “I live two kilometers from here.”

I was so happy I was a math geek; I figured I had a mile to walk with him—a mile. That meant at least 20 minutes of prepping myself mentally and recovering physically. I was so psyched. I had found an amazing man with whom to make love, but I was also scared. I was afraid of totally losing my virginity. Sure, I had just gotten my first blow job, but naturally I was nervous. What would his muscled body feel pressed against mine? How would his monstrous rod feel in me? Nothing larger than a finger has ever entered my ass. More importantly, was I good enough for him?

We talked as we walked, all small-talk with some flirting. I was scared of what was yet to come, so I tried staying off the topic of sex as we walked, but it was impossible for me to get my mind off it. Kris stayed close to me as we travelled; every few paces he would grab my tight bubble butt, rub my back, or caress my crotch. I wanted him so badly.

I tried talking anyway, “Do you want to get something to eat along the way?”

“No, I cook for you. You will like it,” he said assuringly.

“Is anyone home?”

“No, Only we will be there.”

“What are we going to do?”

“We will watch a movie while we eat, have drinks, and let the night unfold.”

His accent was turning me on again. “Sounds good,” I said.

“We have arrived!” Kris exclaimed. I hadn't realized how quickly we had walked. We were at his house. It was a large, old Victorian with a sprawling yard. I snook a peak behind the house. The backyard was hidden by tall fences and trees. I was intrigued. We walked on a path, up the porch, and to the door. He smiled to me, opened the door, and said, “Welcome in!”


I stepped in, and he followed. He took my bag and put it the foyer closet. I was nervous so I asked, “Where's the bathroom? I want to freshen up!” That was a lie; I wanted to calm my nerves. I was so anxious about the night to come.

He pointed down the hall and said, “It is that door on the left under the stairs. Take your time; I will be in the kitchen.”

I walked to the bathroom while I observed the house. It was dark and moody, but it felt like a magical place. I noticed many candles strewn throughout the place. I made my way to the bathroom. I stepped inside, and went to the sink. I put on cold water and watched it as I stood over the sink. I cupped my hands and splashed my face. The cold water heightened my senses, and it opened my mind. I became excited. What was Kris doing? How would it all play out? I stood over the sink a few minutes longer to collect myself. I stepped and walked to the kitchen.

He had changed his clothes. Instead of his signature tight black shirt, he wore a black, long sleeve dress shirt with the arms rolled up half way, and the shirt only buttoned up half way, exposing his muscular chest. His deep, dark eyes drew me in. I was so turned on! He was cooking.

A pot was on the stove to boil water, and Kris was throwing things into a pan as he diced them. I asked, “Do you want help?”

He said, “Tak,” as he motioned his head to the fridge. “Get me out the white wine.” I made my way over and opened it. I looked and couldn't find it; almost nothing was except some vegetables and milk. Nothing was particularly Polish. He looked back at me and said, “Next to the refrigerator.” I closed the fridge and looked to the side. I found the wine. I walked over to Kris, and I put the bottle on the counter next to him. “Dziękuję,” he said, but he didn't look at me; he just took the bottle and poured some into the pan.

I did something that felt right. I hugged him from behind. I put my arms under his, moved in close, and fondled his chest. I blew tenderly on his ear, and then kissed his cheek. He let out an arousing groan. He continued cooking though. My right hand travelled downwards, and I put it down his pants. He was wearing a thong. I was further turned on, and grabbed his penis. He moaned. I started rubbing his nipples with my free hand. He moaned louder. The water in the pot began to boil. I let go of him and let him do his business. He put some fat ribbon-like pasta into the pot.

I looked onto the stove, and I jokingly whispered into his ear, “No Kiełbasa?”

He chuckled, “You'll get mine!” He turned his head and winked at me.

I grabbed him again, and continued groping him for a few more minutes. He spoke in his deep Polish accent, “Go to the bar in the dining room and make us some drinks.”

I obeyed, and went to the bar. I wasn't sure about mixed drinks, so I just poured some straight vodka. Carrying two plates, Kris left the kitchen and went to the living room; I followed him with the drinks.

I looked outside a window, and it was dark out. Kris put the the plates on the coffee table, and lit some candles. Then he sat on the couch. I put the glasses next to our plates. I sat next to him, and we leaned into each other.

He grabbed a remote and turned on the television, and hit the play button on another. I asked, “What are we watching? Porn?” I joked with that last part.

He raised his eyebrows and grinned at me, “Not tonight. A scary movie will put us in the mood. It's one of my favorites.”

I was a little disappointed because I knew he had a porn addiction. I wanted him to do me hard, but he must've known what he was doing. He obviously had done this many times before back in Europe. I questioned, “What movie is it?”

“It's Nightmare on Elm Street 2. You'll like it.”

The funny thing was that this was probably the only horror movie in the world that had no breasts, only half naked men. We watched the movie, and I liked it.

We began eating. Kris grabbed a large, fat, gooey noodle with his hands, and fed it to me. He kept his finger in my mouth, and I began to suck it. This went on as the movie progressed. The mood was eerie, then I was scared by the film. Kris grabbed me tight, and I sprung a boner.

Kris saw this and undid my zipper to free my pole. He teased me, and didn't touch it. Instead, he pulled up my shirt, and squeezed my nipples. I released a quiet scream. He uttered, “I have an idea! Follow me!” He stood up and pulled me up with him. He started undressing himself as dashed to the back of the house. I kicked of my shoes, and began to run, leaving my shirt and pants behind. My 10” boner bounced—poking through my boxers—as I moved. I looked at Kris' behind. His black thong barely covered his genitals. I could see the sides of his over-sized manhood hanging below him.

I followed him outside. The backyard had a pool and a jacuzzi. Kris ran to the hot tub, threw off his thong, and jumped in! I dropped my boxers, and followed him in.

We faced each other, then he turned his perfect ass to me and leaned over the side of the hot tub. He commanded me with his strong voice, “Fuck me!”

I was excited, aroused, and confused. I replied, “Are you sure?”

“Fuck me deep and hard; poke my guts.” We were buzzed from the vodka. I stood behind with my legs outside his, and my hands grabbing his shoulders. I couldn't believe I was gonna fuck such a muscle stud, but then again, I was one too. Up until this point though, I had always felt like a child inside; now I felt like I was becoming a man.

I poked his hole with the head of my 10” rod. He screamed, “Yes!” The head entered, and he screamed again. “Tak!” He began slipping into his native tongue. The word made me hornier than I already was. I inserted slowly, and he whimpered. Half way in, I started pulling out, then went back in. I kept repeating this going a little deeper each time. Kris was enjoying this! My speed picked up. My balls and his were swinging back and forth as we rocked. Kris was breathing heavily. I finally inserted myself all the way. Kris let out the most erotic moan anyone will ever hear. The environment felt magical.

Kris was losing control as I fucked away. I didn't know how eager he was to get fucked in the ass. At one point, my rhythm changed. I decided to thrust in hard, but slowly exit. I made it feel like an eternity. He moaned more, and suddenly yelled, then lost his breath, but he whispered to me in a heavy Polish accent almost unintelligibly, “Keep going!”

“I'm going to cum!” I yelled as I pounded his ass.

He struggled to speak, and his words were slow and paused, “Keep... Going... Angel... Cum... in... me...” His breaths were short and many.

He moaned again, and I ejaculated. I collapsed on top of him, then we slid into the hot bubbling water. My orgasm made me motionless. Kris propped me up to sit. He sat in my lap, and I hugged him. I caressed his face, and he sucked my fingers. Kris whispered to me, “It's my turn next.” We relaxed there in the jacuzzi with my Polish stud in my arms.


I contemplated my life while we soaked in the hot tub. That was amazing! Today was my first day alone with Kris, and we did it. I was still nervous though. Was he going to plow me with his massive cock; hard it was 8” long and a whopping 9” around. I could only get it half way in my mouth; could I handle it? Would he be happy with me? I became more nervous than I ever had been before.

Kris looked at me endearingly and spoke, “We need to loosen you, first!” He stood up, and got out of the hot tub. He helped me out, then he led me inside. We went upstairs to his room. We both stood nude, surrounded by his deep scarlet walls. Centered on the far wall was king size bed. The room was filled with candles. He told me to lay down, the lit them. The smell was that of a pine forest, and I will always remember that.

As I lay on his bed, He went into his closet, and removed a large footlocker. He opened it, revealing countless sex objects. He removed an assortment of dildos—increasing in girth—and some lube. I was once again excited, and became hard again. He lied the objects on the bed, and looked me in the eyes. He warned me, “I'll easy start you.” I assumed he meant start small.

Kris began setting me up. He barked, “Get on your hands and knees!” The firmness of his voice moved me into action. I rolled onto my stomach, put up my hind legs, leveled my body by pushing up my arms, and awaited Kris.

I said, “I'm ready!”

“Good! First let me soften you!” I was unsure of his meaning, but I suddenly felt his hands on my round cheeks and his tongue on my asshole! His tongue began moving up and down. My erection became harder, if that was even possible! I was a little disappointed that he remained soft though. He continued licking for several minutes. He then drove his tongue in! It felt amazing! He removed his mouth from my wet hole.

He spoke, “Scream if it hurts!” He took some lube, and he coated his fingers. He slowly inserted one finger, and I whimpered. He withdrew, then inserted two digits. I grunted. He removed his fingers, then inserted three fingers more slowly. I wanted to cry, but it didn't hurt—it felt good!

He congratulated me, “Now you can try the didlos!”

“Oh yes!” I was so proud of myself. Maybe he would be inside me before the night was over! Kris grabbed a dildo from his pile on the bed. It was about 6” long, but 5” around. He lubed it up, and slowly inserted it. It was so thick! Oh my God! I was grunting as Kris pushed it in me. I was afraid! If I thought this was thick, how would I handle Kris. He pulled it out, and I orgasmed! I moaned and spasmed! I lost all control, and collapsed once more. I fell asleep.


I opened my eyes, and the sunlight coming through the window was blinding me. As I gained consciousness, I realized that I was spooning Kris. His head nestled under my chin. I kissed the top of his head. I got out of bed gently, not to awaken Kris. He looked adorable in his sleep. Once standing, I tip-toed to the master bathroom at the opposite end of the room.

The bathroom felt like a European spa. I stepped into the shower and turned on the water. It was a warm mist. I closed my eyes, stood there, and took it all in. I took deep breaths and thought. I want more. I heard the bathroom door open. I opened my eyes and turned my head to see Kris. I was in awe of his beauty: black eyes, high cheek bones, a pronounced jaw, broad shoulders, perfect bulging muscles, a narrow waist, thick and powerful legs, and a giant dangling cock with matching oversized-balls. I called over to him, “Join me!”

He grinned and purred. He jumped into the shower with me and was quick to hug me from behind. He leaned his head against my back and rocked us side to side. He asked, “Are you ready for more?” His accent was so cute.

“After breakfast; I want an omelet.” I replied.

“Okay, whatever you want, but it's lunch time.” I was surprised by the time. We must have been up late! He was still holding onto me. Then he said, “Soap you?”

I said, “Please.” I turned off the water, then Kris grabbed a bar and made a thick lather. He started by rubbing my shoulders. He made his way around my entire body. He squeezed my ass, balls, and cock, along the way. I was hard.

Kris saw my boner and said, “Clean me.” So, I did. I lathered him up. His testicles were so heavy! Kris was stiffening up. I didn't want to do anything yet, so I made the shower cold. Chills went down my spine, and Kris was shivering. Our erections were gone. I stopped the water and got out.

I grabbed a towel and dried myself. Kris did the same. I realized my clothes were downstairs and I'd probably need to was them. Kris seemed to know what I was thinking when he uttered, “No clothes!” Awesome. A weekend naked with a hot stud!

We walked downstairs to the kitchen. He walked in front of me. Through his legs, I watched his dick swing and bounce.


Kris made us omelets. We made eye contact the entire meal. We kept eating suggestively. I never knew eating could be so sexual.

We discussed my anal training. Actually, Kris told me what we were going to do today. He told me that I'd be able to handle him in a week.


After cleaning up, Kris told me to go outside onto the deck and wait for him. I did as I was told. Kris ran to the bedroom. He returned with a large buttplug and a large dildo. They were about 7” around. I gulped. Could my body handle these.

He kissed me then commanded, “Bend over and stand still.” In one swift motion, he inserted the plug. My eyes bulged and I yelped. I had an instant boner I ejaculated! My cum was about 3 feet away from me. Kris said jokingly and grinned, “You like that.” then he laughed. He helped me stand up straight. He said, “Keep that in all week. I'll fit by Friday.”

I laughed, “So, is that a date?”

“Tak. now let us swim.”

“But what about the dildo?” I asked curiously.

“That is for you. Practice sucking it this week.”

“Good. I'll put it in my bag.”

Kris commanded, “Do that later. We swim now!” Kris grabbed my hand and pulled me along as he ran to the pool. He did a cannon ball, and I a belly flop. Kris did a few laps, and I chased him. I caught him after a while.

We hugged in the water floating, and we kissed. I felt something hard press against my thigh. Kiss smiled. He swam to the side, and pulled himself out to sit on the edge. “Lick me,” he growled. We were in a shallow enough section that I could bend over the side of the pool.

His penis was at full staff, and his hanging balls grazed the water. He looked down into my green eyes with his beautiful black jewels. “Begin,” he said. I wrapped my arms around his legs. Kris leaned back a bit to better enjoy this. I puckered my lips, and kissed the very base of his sausage. I kissed it in many places. I licked the head. Kris leaned back all the way, and he rested his head on his hands. He was so beautiful as he lay in the sun.

I worked on his penis. My hands switched between fondling his lemon-sized balls, massaging his thighs, and rubbing his Godly abs. Kris grunted the entire time. My tongue ran up and down the entire underside of his shaft. I pulled his dick down so I could lick the top half of his cock. After seven minutes I was tired. Both of us were enjoying this. I even forgot about the plug up my butt.

I decided that I'd try finishing him off. I spit into my hands, and rubbed them together. Then, I let my saliva spill from my mouth directly onto Kris' monster. I put my two hands around his impossibly thick pole. I pumped for three minutes. Kris began huffing and puffing. I put my lips around the slit of his cock. Good! I was tired! He was about to cum! His balls retracted and the Pole's thick pole thickened!!! Kris let out a loud moan, then I felt his cock pulsate. A large glob of semen entered my mouth. Then another, and another. Cum leaked out of the corners of my mouth. I swallowed, and took my mouth off his cock. His cock was pulsating, and more cum oozed out. His dick was limp.

Kris lay poolside. I licked his cock clean. Kris sat up and told me to get out. I complied. He stood up, then sat on a lounge chair. I sat in one next to him.

We talked. I asked him to tell me about Poland, and growing up there. He was from Warsaw. He was a city boy. Then, I asked him about his past lovers...

End of “Polish Lessons – Part II” Stay tuned for part III.

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