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by Macout Mann


"So you boys are saying you want the Stage Crew to be only guys that will screw around with each other?"

Kerchner might as well have been saying, "Only boys with a B average can be members?" His tone was strictly pedantic.

"Yes, sir," the three boys answered in unison. And that became the first bylaw of the Stage Crew, unwritten always.

Thus began the only Stage Crew recruiting campaign. After the first year there was always a waiting list of prospects.

Ben first approached two of the boys that he had mentioned to Kerchner. He explained the hidden benefit of being a member of the Stage Crew. After a demonstration they were both on board. Ben decided against the other two. One was a real weakling. The other was something of a Nellie, and the three original members decided that effeminate guys would not be welcome. Jim successfully recruited his friend, and the new hands all had friends who qualified. So soon the Stage Crew had twelve members. Kerchner decided that was enough to begin with.

It was a very compatible group. It didn't seem to matter who needed to be serviced. The first guy around was happy to provide. By and large they also were a good looking bunch of guys, and they were good studies when it came to mastering the techniques of stage management. One in particular, Claude Jensen, was especially talented, when it came to things like the timing of lighting changes and curtain falls. He was a College Preparatory Arts student, and he also was able to get the other boys to become interested in more than just the nuts and bolts of stagecraft.

Kerchner was overjoyed to have Claude on the crew. The architect who designed the auditorium not only had had a budget to die for, but he understood many things that most of his contemporaries did not. Most high school auditoriums of the period had footlights bulbed in a red, yellow, blue pattern. Those are the primary colors, right? No. The primary colors of light are red, green and blue. Combining those colors in various intensities will give you not only white light, but every other possible color. Porter Auditorium had not only red, green, and blue footlights but red, green, and blue border lights above the stage as well. Along with their sucking and fucking Claude and his buddies had a ball with the lights.

The auditorium had also been equipped with an ample supply of colored gels for the fresnel and ellipsoidal spotlights that it was equipped with.

It would be years before movie projectors were installed in the projection booth of the auditorium. But from the beginning there was a slide projector. It was mostly used to project lyrics for sing-alongs onto a screen which could be lowered from the stage flies.

The first time the boys' expertise became obvious was at the annual Thanksgiving assembly, Wednesday before the holiday break. For the first time, spotlights were placed above the orchestra pit, illuminating the players in a golden glow. In the thirties, the Bible was read in every classroom every morning, so the Thanksgiving assembly had decidedly religious overtones. There was an invocation and hymns in addition to a readers' theatre type presentation about the history of the holiday.

For all assemblies thus far the houselights had remained up throughout. If something was to be projected onto the screen, the screen stayed in place for the whole time. This time the screen wasn't visible. When the orchestra finished playing the entrance music, the lights illuminating the pit dimmed out and the houselights dimmed to half brightness. Two spots on opposite sides of the room illuminated the lectern with golden light, as the invocation was given. The screen was lowered just in time for the words to "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty" to be projected, and it disappeared back into the flies immediately after the last verse. And throughout the hour the stage was bathed in light the color of ripe wheat, with the readers each being lit with golden light each time one spoke.

The effect was impressive to say the least. Before the final hymn, the principal, who knew nothing of what had been planned, came onstage.

"I think we have all been overwhelmed," he said, "by the staging of our program this morning. Mr. Kerchner tells me that the whole thing was the idea of our new Stage Crew. They designed it all and I think they should be given a big round of applause for bringing it off."

And that's how the Stage Crew started to become celebrities.

The screen reappeared for the singing of "We Gather Together to ask the Lord's blessing," then the houselights and the orchestra pit spots came up, and the stage was darkened. The students trooped out to their next classes.

After school, the twelve boys celebrated their triumph in the privacy of a semi-dark stage house. They drew lots to see who would have to clean up all the spilled cum. Kerchner did not appear, but sent his congratulations by Ben, who had been elected President of the crew.

These days, if two males are living together, the first thing people think is that they must be gay. Not so in the thirties. It was a different era. Guys were roommates to share expenses. There were what were called "confirmed bachelors," but only the cognoscenti knew what that really implied. Some totally straight men shared living quarters simply because they were friends.

So Kerchner's living with Nathan Katz did not raise eyebrows, although if people had any inkling of what they did in bed each night, it would have caused a major citywide scandal. Katz was owner of a men's clothing store. It handled popular-priced merchandise, including suits, but really featured clothes for the working man.

The night after the Stage Crew's Thanksgiving triumph, Nathan was sucking Gunter, as Kerchner basked in the unexpected glory that had come his way. He had rightly given credit to his crew, but the principal had privately congratulated him on his leadership. And after all, since he was the junior member of the vocational faculty, that was a big deal. He dropped a bigger than usual load down his partner's throat.

"My, weren't we randy tonight?" Nathan exclaimed.

"I wish I could do something special for these boys," Gunter mused. "I'd suck 'em all off one by one if I could."

"Why don't you give them uniforms?" Nathan suggested. "I can have some shirts embroidered and get them matching trousers. Might make them feel real special."

"Goddam," Gunter replied, "you're a fucking genius."

Porter's school colors were blue and gold. So they settled on dark blue pants and yellow knit shirts. On the shirts over the boys hearts would be stitched:


Stage Crew

Kerchner managed to get the boys' sizes and Katz ordered the uniforms. They'd be ready before Christmas.

The assembly the week before Christmas break was a really big deal. It featured the school's most important choral group, the Madrigal Singers. The crew had planned a staging even more elaborate than their Thanksgiving extravaganza. They had gotten a list of the songs that would be sung and had prepared special lighting in keeping of the mood of each.

Each year, the director of the choir borrowed two seven branch candelabra from her church to put on each side of the choir. The city's fire code permitted lighted candles on stage if there was someone there whose sole duty was to watch them. Each candelabra was to have a spotlight on it.

The crew had its monthly meeting in Kerchner's classroom during activity period the week before the Christmas assembly. It was the last period of the day. Their sponsor was in an especially good mood. He broke out twelve boxes from Katz's Men's Store. "Keep these in your lockers," he instructed the crew. "Put them on and wear them proudly on days when you have Stage Crew duties. Wear them for the first time next week for Christmas assembly. You'll all be involved in that, and that's a good time to show off your uniforms for the first time."

The boys were all thrilled. Each had to try on his uniform, and Kerchner had no problem letting them strip to do that. In 1933 most went commando simply because their families were saving money by not buying underwear. They all looked good--in their uniforms, that is.

Ben and Jim remained behind when the period ended.

"Mr. Kerchner," Ben said, "that was a super thing for you do. Me and Jim can think of only one way to thank you...for the whole crew." He fondled his dick suggestively.

"I can't let you do that, Ben, as much as I'd like to. But I appreciate your wanting to."

The boys were already much too horned up not to get involved, so they beat a hasty retreat to the auditorium. Safely hidden in the wings they took turns going down on each other. Jim was urgently sucking on Ben's prong, when Ben passed the point of no return. He grabbed Jim's head and began passionately to fuck his friend's face. His relief came in a spasm of squirts. As soon as he finished, he took Jim's tool into his mouth and let Jim face fuck him to climax.

Kerchner, surmising what the boys were going to do, secreted himself so at least he could watch, even if he felt he couldn't participate.

The Christmas assembly was an even bigger hit than Thanksgiving had been. The entire student body was also impressed with the crew's uniforms. The Stage Crew henceforth would be real celebrities.

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