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by Macout Mann


You'd think that the crew had no fuckbuddies back home. When Christmas break ended, Kerchner was kept busy for two whole days writing excuses for Stage Crew members to get out of study halls to attend to urgent crew matters in the auditorium. Urgent matters like busting a nut.

Ben and Claude Jensen were one pair of the stagehands who needed to get off. As Ben fondled Claude's low hangers, he said, "You know, I always thought all you artsy guys were fairy-types."

"Hell, man, where do you think they get all these super rugged cowboy stars for the movies. You don't think they're real cowboys do you?"

"Nah, but I never thought of `em sucking dick either."

"There're probably more real cowboys that suck dick than us artsy guys. But who gives a damn who does what, as long as you're having fun?"

"Speaking of fun..." Ben said. He took Claude's prong into his mouth and guzzled it. He flicked his tongue over Claude's uncut head. He slid this mouth back and forth over its length until it gave up its thick white nectar. Claude was not only an artsy guy but he probably had the biggest dong on the crew.

Ben's pole was nothing to be ashamed of either. Claude responded by giving it the relief it also needed.

During the Spring Semester, the Stage Crew continued to shine. The marching band became the concert band and gave a nighttime concert in the auditorium. Claude slaved the houselight rheostats and the stage spots, so that when the conductor came onstage, the stage lights came up and the houselights went down simultaneously.

Then there was the senior play. It was always a one set production, but usually it had a nighttime scene. For the first time, the stage lighting was handled so that the lights were low enough that the audience could see that the table lamps on the set were turned on, giving reality to the night scene for the first time.

The music department presented a musical each year, one of four that rotated so that the same one isn't presented twice during a student's stay at the school. Gilbert and Sullivan's Trial by Jury was up, and for the first time blackouts were used to end scenes.

There was the May Day celebration. It always featured a fashion show in which girls in the vocational track modeled clothes they had designed and made during the year. The crew built a platform that extended over the middle of the orchestra pit, giving the impression of a fashion show runway.

And of course there was commencement.

So throughout the year the Stage Crew established patterns and procedures that were to be repeated year by year.

After Spring break, it was time for students to indicate what extracurricular activities they wished to participate in the following year. Almost fifty boys applied to join the Stage Crew. Only one member, Hyram Bohner, was graduating; but Kerchner also decided that the group should fill the four places that were not taken the first year. That meant that five applicants could be selected.

The group met to decide how to make the choices. One of the applicants was a fuckbuddy of Claude Jensen. Although he would have to go through the process, he probably would be a shoo-in. To select the other four, it was decided that three or more interviews would be required. Each candidate would first meet with three members of the crew for an initial assessment. If two or more "blackballed" the candidate, he was automatically out of consideration. The candidates that remained would be evaluated next on aptitude for stagecraft. This procedure would eliminate others. Then, just as David Jones had been, the final group would be tested to determine their sexual proclivities. This would have to be done very carefully. It might even require additional interviews. If there were more than five candidates remaining after all of this, a vote of the crew would determine who would be selected.

After the initial interviews, twenty-two candidates remained. A few were eliminated because they were effeminate. One even because he had b.o. The second interviews eliminated five more. The remaining seventeen were brought backstage one by one. Ben and Claude were the interrogators. Each time cum would be discovered on the floor.

"Goddamn!" Ben would say, "some sonofabitch snuck in here and jacked off."

That one statement often elicited a response that would disqualify the prospect; but whatever and whenever a response was made, the interview always would continue, so that the prospect could not ever realize what had caused him not to be selected.

If the candidate was not immediately eliminated, Claude would respond, "Looks like they'd at least clean up their mess."

"Nobody but the Stage Crew's supposed to be back here anyway," Ben would say.

"Sometimes they do," Claude would say. "David Jones told me he caught two guys sucking each other one time."

If the candidate hadn't made a response before now, the idea of students sucking dick always produced some kind of response. "Fucking faggots," or "Sick bastards"—anything like that would prove disqualifying. One prospect said, "Boys will be boys." That led to an immediate open examination.

"So what would you do if some boy showed you this?" Ben immediately opened his fly and exposed his dick.

"Do you want me to tell you or show you?" the prospect asked.

"Show us both," Claude demanded, as he also pulled out his hardening prong.

The prospect sank to his knees and began to suck first Ben and then Claude, alternately offering his head to each interviewer, until both had dropped their loads into his eager mouth.

"Did somebody tell you to do that?" Ben asked.

"Nah," the boy answered, "but I figured the way the talk was going, it couldn't hurt to be honest. Besides, I just love sucking dick."

Claude's buddy hadn't been told anything either. When he was interviewed, in response to Claude's revelation that David had found boys having sex, he just laughed and asked, "And what did you say, Claude?"

Claude replied that he was shocked that something like that could happen. That tipped the interviewee. "And were you one of the boys that David caught?" he laughed.

The indeterminate response of others led to further probing of the sort that led to David's acceptance. Fortunately, counting Claude's friend and the "honest boy," there were an even five that made the cut. In future years additional interviews would be necessary to cull the total.

The lucky new members were notified personally. The others received notes thanking them for their interest.


One of the candidates that was eliminated was the mayor's son.

The principal received an inquiry from the major, and that resulted in Kerchner's being asked about the "apparent oversight."

"I don't know why the boy wasn't chosen," Kerchner responded. "The crew did extensive interviews with all the boys that expressed interest in joining. We only had five places. They voted. If I had to guess, I'd say he wasn't voted in, because he acted like he automatically would be chosen."

Not the response the principal was hoping for.

Commencement was on a Thursday. Those not graduating had to return the following day to get report cards and to be promoted. Friday after dismissal, many of the clubs had parties.

Kerchner had decided that he would have a wiener roast for the crew at his and Katz's backyard that evening. Katz would play chef. In addition to chargrilled hot dogs, he made a potato salad with onion, green pepper, and hard boiled eggs that was tossed with a mustardy dressing. And there were fresh tomatoes and cucumbers vinaigrette, and homemade peach ice cream.

Kerchner hadn't figured on an orgy, but he wasn't surprised to see a couple of boys disappear behind the bushes from time to time. After all most of them wouldn't see each other again until the fall.

The highlight of the party came when the graduate, Hyram Bohner, was called up. Kerchner congratulated him, thanked him for his good work, and gave him a new shirt. Embroidered on it just below Stage Crew was ALUM. As Hyram was receiving it, Kerchner whispered, "And please stay behind, when the others go."

The party broke up. Katz had already disappeared into the house. Only Kerchner and Hyram were left in the moonlit yard.

"I'd like something to remember you by, Hyram," Kerchner told him. "And since I am no longer your teacher, I hope you'll let me have your dick."

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