Prince of Main Street
by Andrew Simon van Ryan
Alex Hoffrin, editing
copyright 1999
all rights reserved

This book is dedicated to the memory of
Jesse Dahlinger Born September 31, 1953
Reported missing, September 31 1971
Declared legally Deceased September 31st, 1983
His Case Remains Unsolved
Mary Dahlinger
Loving Mother of Jesse and Andrew
This Book written at the
request of my Friend
Terrence “TJ” Julian


“Fuck you!!” the voice behind me said. I stopped
in the doorway, and paused slightly. Then slowly and
mechanically, I turned to face the shopkeeper’s son.
One eyebrow rose, and the edge of my mouth
turned up to form a half-smile. Looking at the boy
with my nose slightly pointing in the air, I unleashed
the Prince.
“No,... fuck you!!... You know why? Because six
months from now, this poor excuse of a business
will be gone, with you and your father with it, and I
will still be the Prince!” With that, I took one back
step out the front door. I spun around, my back now
facing the shop, and thereby severing any chance
for the boy to respond.
Sun-drenched Main Street was full of activity that
day. I looked up and down its two blocks. Most of
the old buildings were still as they had been when I
was born, for that matter, as they were when my
father was born. As I decided where to go next, I
noticed a woman with her son staring at me from
the checkout counter inside of the Main Street
Market. “Bess must be telling the newcomers about
the Prince,” I thought. Bess the cashier loved telling
new people in our little town about me. She loved to
watch the looks on their faces as she told the story.
If they seemed like non-believers, she’d warn, “It’s
the truth! You’ll see.” If they seemed the superstitious
type, she’d then say, “Of course, it’s just a rumor!” I
think she liked confusing the new folks in town. Sort
of a game.
I stepped toward the street, and instantly all the
cars stopped. I held my nose in the air, and
pretended not to notice them as I crossed the street.
As I passed people walking by, they would turn to
see where I was going. I knew it was because they
had heard the stories, and were expecting
something unusual to happen at any moment. In
truth, I loved adding to the rumors. I always
pretended something unusual was about to happen.
This day, the unusual had already occurred. The
shopkeeper and his son had come out on the
sidewalk to stare at me walking away. The boy
pointed at me, then looked up at his dad. The
shopkeeper, however, just held his hand to his brow
as a sunshade, and wondered if he really would be
out of business in six months. I decided to go wait
in my grandmother’s ‘57 Bel Air.
Up the street, and around the corner, I walked
with my nose in the air, acting as if I was walking to
my coronation. I hopped in the car and slid down in
the front seat. My grandmother soon appeared. “Hi,
Andy! Help me with the bags, Dear.” I stowed the
paper bags on the floor behind the seat, and we
were off. “What did you see today?” Grandma asked.
“Some really stupid kid and his dad.” I spluttered as
my voice returned to its normal softness with the
funny little lisp. It made me sound a bit like Sylvester
the Cat. “Andy, don’t call people stupid! You don’t
like it when you get called names!” she scolded.
Changing subjects, she continued, “I met some new
people in the market today, a Mrs. Dahlinger and
her son. The boy’s your age, Andy. Maybe you’ll meet
him at school. You might even make a new friend
this year,” she speculated. Well, I’d love to meet
somebody in this town who doesn’t either tease me
or fear me,” I said, sounding dejected. “Oh, Andy.
Not all the kids tease you, and the old-timers in town
all love seeing you.” “And scaring the newcomers
by telling them stories about me!” I interjected.
“Andy! You do just as much to keep it going as they
do! Every time we go downtown you become the
Prince.” “Well, being the Prince makes me feel good
about myself. At least it did when I was little,” I
answered quietly. “Okay, Andy. We’re home. Don’t
worry yourself, Honey. The Prince is a part of you,
and acting like him may come in handy as you get
older. You never know. Let’s get the grocery bags.”
I helped her into the house, all the time wondering
if I really had just condemned the new shopkeeper
and his son to bankruptcy in six month’s time! So
much had changed in the eighteen months since I
had become a teenager!

Chapter 1

I was born on Easter Sunday, 1953, the third and
last child to a couple who married and stayed
together until death. That made for an unusual
upbringing, even in the conservative hell-hole of
Orange County, California. It seemed, as I grew up,
that none of my classmates had both parents at
home. This was particularly true as the ‘50’s ended
and the ‘60’s took over.
Yorba Linda’s claim to fame lay in the fact that
President Richard Nixon was born there, and is now
buried there alongside the little house he grew up
in. When I was a little boy, Nixon’s house was where
the caretaker for the Yorba Linda Elementary School
lived. The school itself surrounded the Nixon’s old
house, and took up most of the old lemon grove
Richard’s parents had owned. Today, it’s the grounds
of the Nixon Library. So, where Nixon was born, I
entered school. I was a hyperactive child, although
in those days they just called you unruly, or as they
did with me, absentminded. I didn’t do well with the
other children in my class. I realize now they
perceived I was somehow different, even at that
early age. I was not completely shunned, more like
I was tolerated up to a point. If that point was
reached, and I started to act as though I thought
another student was becoming my friend, I was
quickly shown the others were only interested at a
distance. I started disliking school right from the
beginning. I disliked it so much that I learned to fake
every ailment known to mankind.
After my mother caught on to that trick, (and it
never took her long to catch on to anything), I started
begging to be sent to private school. I didn’t know
why I wanted to go to a private boarding school,
except for the fact that I believed they must be for
“different” children. I was different, and so to me it
made sense I should be with other like-children.
Private school, it turned out, was out of reach for
my family during those years. It was a time when
the rural country atmosphere of Yorba Linda was
being ripped up, torn out and paved over by the
suburbanization of the late fifties and early sixties.
Just as the sixties were turbulent for the country,
the sixties were a turbulent time for my family. Twice
we almost lost the home my father had built by
himself, on property that had been in the family for
over 90 years. Taxes had made being an orange
rancher no longer profitable. I remember when, at
the age of eleven, my father brought home a small
Caterpillar tractor, and taught me to drive it. He’d
been letting me drive our truck on the ranch since I
was ten, so it took about five minutes for me to get
the hang of it. Then he said to me, “Andy, the orange
trees have to go. I want you to start tearing them
out, and piling them in the middle of the ranch. We’ll
burn them there.”
The thought of a massive bonfire made the tearing
out of the trees seem not such a bad thing, as I, like
all children, loved a bonfire. However once the
orange trees had been burned to ash and buried,
the emptiness of the land made for a very stark,
lonely look to our former ranch. Now, we lived in an
old house with a field around it. That’s the reality of
it. I felt during this time there came the turning point
for me as well. It was that same summer I
experienced the pinnacle of human life on a hot
and dry afternoon. My grandmother’s house was
on the far east end of the ranch. It was a very small,
but practical home my father had built with his own
hands as a gift for his parents.
Mother had called up to Grandmum’s, telling me
it was getting close to dinner and I should come
home. I left my grandmother’s, and started skipping
and spinning around as I walked down the middle
of our street. Since it was hot that day, I was wearing
only a pair of short cut-off jeans. The eucalyptus
trees, that served as a windbreak for the grove, were
moving in the dry wind, and my shadow danced
with theirs across the asphalt road behind me. I
was about half-way when suddenly a thought
stopped me dead in my tracks. What day was it?
What was time? l knew it must be late afternoon by
the way my shadow lay stretched out behind me,
but how late? Why, I didn’t even know what month it
was! The thought that brought me to this was that
school would be starting soon. I was suddenly aware
I didn’t have any idea when my school would start
again because I didn’t know what time it was, what
day it was, what day of the month it was, and I had
even forgotten what year it was! That moment I felt
something I describe as being suspended in the
space between reality and pure fantasy. For that
brief moment I achieved what mankind desires
most, I escaped time itself and touched infinity. Time
had no hold on me for that moment. I felt completely
and totally free. I didn’t care about not knowing the
time, the day, the date, the month, or the year! These
lost their grip on me, and I felt more euphoric and
my spirits were higher than I ever would again.
Simply put, I experienced Nirvana.
That was the turning point. During the following
school year, I first felt what became the secret
direction of my life, the one thing that I never let my
parents, siblings or friends know. It has made me
feel lost in crowds and alone at parties. At times,
I’ve grown emotionally frozen and unable to say how
or what I was feeling to anyone. It still dominates
my life even today. And that was the year I noticed
boys .
Not that I hadn’t noticed them before, but now I
started to notice them for the way they looked, talked
and acted. I started to daydream about them, being
with them. I began having dreams at night about
them, too. I found myself becoming attracted to
them, wanting to hold them and kiss them. I became
sexually excited, thinking about them. I was a cute
boy and I wanted to be with a cute boy. I had
discovered I was a homosexual, though I didn’t learn
this word for almost two more years! When I heard
it first, my father was saying something about
homosexuals, and how he hated them.
“What’s a homosexual?” I asked with an innocent
air. Glaring at me with a surprised, shocked
expression, he answered, “A guy who likes other
guys, Andy. They should all be shot.” I knew at that
moment I could never discuss how I felt with my
family. My father had spoken and I was afraid. Very
afraid and very, very alone! I learned to hold my
feelings in. That is how my life began.
Then came 1967 and my life would never again
be as it had been. I was starting the ninth grade
that year. The first weeks were as uneventful and
boring as the previous school year had been. If it
weren’t for the fact the school itself was brand-new
that year, those first few weeks of High School would
just be lost memories. Having had to navigate water
rivulets between the newly planted grass areas, and
dodge mud holes left by construction crews, I am
left with very clear impressions of those days. The
other clear impression I have is of my Boy Scout
Troop. We met at the new school on Monday
evenings. Ours was a troop started by kids who
didn’t want to join the ranks of the town’s original
troop (the one my dad and brother had been with).
The Old Rank and Guard had become a very
egocentric, snobbish, little group. They had earned
a reputation of treating new boys as “unworthy
slaves” until they could prove themselves to the older
boys. I never hung around anyone who would treat
me as lower class, even from the first days of preschool.
I wanted nothing to do with my brother and
father’s old troop. I became a founding member of
my troop, and we were regarded as “wild boys” by
all of the other troops in the North County Area. A
few weeks into the new school year, it happened.
Noticing a boy walking in late to a troop meeting, I
became aware of a strange feeling taking hold of
me. An exciting feeling. Jesse was only 5’ 4” and
very slender. His long dark hair accented his glowing
kelly-green eyes which flashed and sparkled as
might a devil’s. He sat next to me his first day of
Scouts. We were immediately inseparable best
friends starting that first night. I learned later that
he shared my strange feelings. He confessed the
reason he sat next to me at the meeting was that
he had a “feeling of being drawn toward me, towards
something exciting.”
We had much in common. Both of us were shy
and were talented musicians. I was learning the
drums, and Jesse was studying guitar. We each
noticed the funny, giggly pleasure that being
together produced in each of us. We’d spend hours
at his house after school. Swimming in the pool or
sometimes lying on the floor, we’d talk and giggle
about everything we could think of, then we’d
practice new songs for hours. Since he lived with
only his Mom, and she didn’t get home during the
week until 8:00 PM. Jesse and I took the opportunity
to do just exactly what we wanted to. No parents
around meant freedom. His mother helped us move
my drum set over to their garage, thus making it
convenient for us to practice our music. When we
went swimming in the afternoons we’d run towards
the pool, strip off our clothes and jump in, naked to
the world. Only the world couldn’t see us ‘cause
Jesse’s house was set way off by itself, and
surrounded by an orange grove. My family’s house
was sort of the same way except I had a brother, a
sister, a mother and a father that were always home.
So Jesse’s house became our territory. We started
to experiment with alcohol on nights I stayed over,
drinking from their liquor cabinet. His mother
seemed the “young, hip” sort. She told her son if he
wanted to try drinking or drugs to do so at home. It
would be okay with her. She’d never blink an eye
when the liquor bottles were empty. She’d simply
make a note to pick up more the next shopping day!
And that is how it began. Jesse and I had noticed
we were staring at each other and often. The first
one to catch the other doing so would snap, “What?”
This would make the other one giggle. We’d also
begun to lie in the sun after swimming each day,
both of us naked and as close as possible without
touching each other. I didn’t realize what was
happening to us. Quite happy being together under
no one else’s rules we were, to paraphrase the title
of a popular TV series of the day, the young and
the useless. Yep, that’s what we were!
The weekends I soon began spending at Jesse’s.
His mom worked “on call” nights, plus the day shift
at the hospital each weekend. She didn’t want Jesse
being home alone, so she made an arrangement
with my folks. I came from school with Jesse on
Friday afternoons, and stayed until she drove me
home after our Boy Scout meetings on Monday
nights. The hospital she worked at was way down
in Long Beach, so she stayed at a doctor’s house
nearby each weekend. “Screwing!” Jesse would say,
and then giggle. She told us if she ever planned
being home before Monday afternoon, there would
be a note in the kitchen. This occurred only once I
think. So, from thereafter, Jesse and I were the
Princes of the Kingdom from 3:00 PM Friday until
7:00 PM Monday!
Fridays we’d come through the front door with a
slam! Bang! By the time we went out the back door
to the pool, we’d be completely naked. An hour in
the pool, and it was time to raid the liquor cabinet
and eat some dinner. By 6:00 PM we were drunk,
naked, and laughing, with nothing but the weekend
night ahead of us. Sometimes we’d watch TV and
sometimes we’d practice music. What then
transpired happened, as I recall, during the second
month I stayed at Jesse’s. We had drunk way too
much before dinner, and were laying intoxicated on
the living room floor watching a typical late 1960’s
TV show. We were still naked from swimming. It
was almost autumn. Suddenly Jesse got the shivers,
and said, “I’m cold!” That said, he slid his small
smooth body up against mine. Feeling the chill of
the evening air as well, I simply snuggled up against
him. There was a blanket Mary kept on the arm of
the sofa, which Jesse grabbed, and threw over us.
We lay there silent for few minutes still looking at
the TV. Then I noticed he was staring at me. “What?!”
I said. This time he only smiled. We each stared
into the other’s eyes for what seemed forever. Then
I couldn’t stand it anymore. I put my arm around
him, and slowly leaned in to kiss him. Our lips met,
and his eyes closed. I pressed my mouth tightly to
his, and we fell back on the carpet, intertwined in
each other’s arms. We were locked in a kiss that
must have lasted five minutes straight. When he
opened his eyes, and gazed at me, he sighed, “Wow,
that was great! Do you love me?” I was shocked,
yet I answered softly after a slight pause, “Yes,
Jesse. I think I do.” “Good!” he exclaimed. “Because
I’ve been in love with you for a long time now. I just
wasn’t sure what I should do or say about it.” “Well!”
I said giggling, “you can start by kissing me some
We lay there on the floor, alternately staring into
one another eyes, then kissing and caressing each
other. I was becoming very aware of Jesse’s
hardened cock pressing against me. My own
stiffening shaft pressed and rubbed against his
smooth body. This sensation was something new
to both of us. As young boys will do, we had both
experimented with the typical “jack off” parties where
there were other boys stroking their cocks, but to
be intertwined in a kiss with full body contact was
heavenly! The awareness of his hard cock was
overwhelming me. Jess must have felt a similar
impulse, for at virtually the same instant our hands
clasped the other’s hard-on. We looked at each
other, and he let out a long, soft sigh, saying, “Oh,
Andy! I’ve wanted to do this with you for so long...”
“Oh, really? And how long were you going to wait
before telling me?” I replied with a grin. “Until I was
sure you wanted me to,” was his answer.” “Well, I
want you, too!” I said before kissing him again. He
responded by starting to stroke my cock, very gently.
I didn’t need any words of encouragement. I
returned the motion, feeling him squirm with excited
pleasure. We were each experiencing the pleasure
of our “first love.” I wanted him madly, and he lusted
after me just as deeply. He was jacking my hardened
cock, now, and I was breathing in deeply. I started
to tongue his ear, which I could tell made him crazy.
His cock in my hand seemed hard as steel, yet with
a velvet silkiness as well. He was licking down
across my neck to my chest, and as he reached my
nipple, his tongue started circling it. That was it! I
wanted his cock, and I wanted it now! In one quick
movement, I turned my head and body to reach
him. Although I’m sure that’s what he was heading
for as he inched down my neck with his tongue, my
hard cock now confronted him.
Without hesitation, his lips surrounded my rod, and
he began to suck me in and out of his mouth. I took
his cock into my mouth, and was surprised by the
taste of his pre-cum. I guess I had never thought
about it before, but the way he tasted was sweet,
and at the same time salty. I found it likable, and he
must have felt a similar way, for glistening pearl
adorned my plum from the moment we first kissed.
Our passion was increasing, and I began to stroke
up and down with my hand as well as my lips on his
teen-aged shaft. He was shoving his mouth down
the full length of my cock now, and I could feel my
orgasm beginning down at the tips of my toes. As I
felt it run up the backs of my legs, his back began
to arch up. As the first explosion of my orgasm hit, I
felt him tense, then explode. We arrived at orgasm
together, and I pumped hot cum into his mouth as
his young cock shot great spurts into mine. It
seemed as if my orgasm was never going to stop!
I was suddenly transported back to that hot
summer afternoon when I had felt myself suspended
outside of the bonds of time. The moment hung
there, frozen. He was still cumming, and he filled
my mouth. I was swallowing every drop of it, loving
the taste of his boy juice. The moment shifted back
into real time as I shot a last, powerful wad into his
sweet, young mouth. I could feel his orgasm starting
to subside as well. I sucked for every drop of him,
and he returned the favor, sucking the final drops
of my issue into his mouth, and swallowing each.
As we fell back off each other, he shifted his
position so that we were head to head again. “Oh,
Andy! I love you so much!” He said. I kissed him
deeply, and told him, “You’ve stolen my heart, Jesse.
I love you, too.” We lay there holding each other as
lovers. I think both of us knew we had found the
love of our lives, the special someone with whom
we were meant to be. We made love again three
more times that night before falling asleep in a
tangled heap. A joyful, dreamless, sleep finally fell
over us.
The sky was just beginning to show the onset of
dawn when I was awakened by Jesse shaking me.
“It’s too damn cold out here on the floor. C’mon,
Andy. Let’s go get into bed!” With that, he grabbed
my arm, and tugged me to my feet. Jess led me
down the hall by the hand. I was for all intents and
purposes, still asleep. A walking boy zombie, I only
half-noticed when he opened the door to his mom’s
room instead of his own. He led me around to the
far side, and we crawled into the king-sized bed,
wiggling down under the blankets. Within moments
we were both fast asleep again, happily wrapped
around each other.
We were still in this position when I woke up a few
hours later. Jesse was looking at me when my eyes
opened, waiting for me to be aware of his intentions,
even though no words were exchanged. He wanted
me, and I wanted him. His mouth came down firm
on my lips, and we rolled about on the bed. I could
feel his cock was already hard, just like mine. It
wasn’t long before we were again locked in a sixtynine
position, sucking at each other with a passion.
I wanted his cum in my mouth as soon as possible
and sucked and pumped him with my mouth. He
likewise pumped his sweet little mouth harder and
faster on my cock. I would cum for him soon. As I
started to explode in his mouth, he returned the
favor by filling my mouth with so much of his boy
juice that I almost had to let it spew out. The night
before however, I had developed a taste for his cum.
I wanted to swallow all that he could shoot. He
obviously wasn’t about to let a drop of mine escape
from his mouth. While I came, he sucked harder
and harder, milking the hot sperm from deep in my
balls. Then again, I felt time freeze. Then, shifting
back to reality, I came in his lovely, boy mouth.
“Oh, God that was great!” I said, falling back on
the bed. Jess turned to face me. “I love having you
cum in my mouth. I want to suck you off every day
for the rest of your life! I really love you Andy, you
know?” he said, looking into my eyes. “I know, Jess!
I love you, too, you sex fiend!” came my reply, as I
rolled over on top of him, and began kissing him. I
shoved my tongue into his mouth. He responded
like a wild animal. He was all over me. Suddenly,
we found ourselves falling off the edge of the bed,
head first onto the floor! We broke into gales of
laughter, falling into a crumpled heap thrashing
about on the floor between the bed and the wall. It
took quite a bit of effort to extract ourselves. After
we had, Jesse said, “Lets make breakfast! I’m
hungry.” “Make breakfast,... what?” came my reply.
“Smart Ass!” Jesse shot back. For the first time since
we arrived home on Friday afternoon, we put our
clothes on. We’d discovered weeks earlier, cooking
eggs while naked results in grease burns in the most
uncomfortable places! I pulled a baggy sweatshirt
on, and put on my Levis. Jesse came out of the
bathroom dressed identically! Laughter once again!
“I swear we’re like twin brothers of different mothers!”
I said as I smacked him on the ass. “Seems like it,...
huh? I wonder if twins suck each other off?” Jesse
mused as we walked to the kitchen.
“You know we’re going to have to keep quiet about
this. My dad would murder me if he found out I was
a fag. Really! So only us two know, okay?” The
tone of my voice was thoughtful. “Okay. You, me and
my mom.” Jesse said, opening the refrigerator. He
had his back to me as I stared. What did he just
say? My mind raced in terror. I continued staring at
him for a few seconds, eyes unblinking. The thoughts
in my head were shifting into high gear, but I found
my mouth was stuck in low. I tried to scream, “What
did you say?!” All that came out was a dull,
“Whaaa...” “Just you and me and my mom,” he said
again, calm as ever. “She already knows anyway.”
He turned, and saw my panicked look.” Andy, she’s
known about us from the first time she saw us
together.” I was in total silence still trying to say
anything, but I couldn’t. I finally managed to squeak,
“We’re dead!”
“No, we’re not, shithead! Mom thinks it’s okay. She
said we need to be the way we are, and not try to fit
into something we’re not. Why do you think she
made the arrangements with your parents so you
could stay with me on weekends?” “Ooh...ah,
okay?.. Eh,... uh. I...” came from my lips. Now I was
completely unable to think or speak. I stuttered on,
saying, “Sh..., Sh..., she di..., didn’t tell my F..., Folks
that w...,we’re q..., queers, d..., di..., did she?” Jesse
found this incredibly funny, and grabbed his sides
while laughing hysterically. “What? No way, Andy!
You think she wants us getting our asses kicked?
No way! She figured us out then asked me if I had
feelings for you. I told her “yes.” She told me she
could tell that you were attracted to me, too. Mom
and I talked about it for quite a while. She decided
we should be together, and without anyone else
finding out. I guess my uncle’s a homo, so she’s
kind’a used to it. It’s okay with mom if you and I are,
“Oh, shit!! We’re fags! What are we going to do?!”
I became frantic at my sudden revelation. “My dad
is going to kill us! Really!!! He hates fags! We’re
gonna die!” More laughter from Jesse. I started
running back and forth in the kitchen as my words
came spitting out. I must have been looking like a
trapped rabbit. “Sit down!” said Jess. “We are not in
trouble! Mom thinks it’s cool that we love each other.
She wants to protect us! She didn’t say anything to
your parents, other than she likes you, and trusted
you staying with me on the weekends. That way, I
wouldn’t be alone. Besides, your dad likes you
staying here ‘cause your schoolwork has improved,
and he doesn’t have to deal with you being hyperboy
all the time. So, no one’s gonna kill us.” “Really?!
She thinks it’s cool?...but,... how did she know we’re
fags if we’ve never done anything before? Does it
show?” The questions came from my mouth in rapid
“Well,... see,... since my Uncle Leo is gay,... ya’
see, that’s what homos call it, “being gay...” Anyway,
since he’s gay, she’s grown up around it. Remember
that first day you came home with me? After we
took you home, well, Mom said she could tell we
were both gay, and that we just didn’t quite know it
yet. Actually, she said that “we were falling in love
with each other,” and didn’t quite know it yet. I guess
my uncle went through a lot of bad stuff as a
teenager, getting beat up, and shit like that. She
wants us to be happy, and love each other without
your parents finding out and killing us, or getting
beaten up by fag haters. Any kind of shit like that.
Andy, you’re not afraid of being in love with me are
you?” Jesse asked looking directly into my eyes.
“Afraid of… being in love with you?... No, I guess
not,” I replied, speaking softly. “I’m just afraid of
what would happen if my dad found out. He would
be totally flipped out. I guess I’m just nervous about
him kicking our butts.”
“Well, he’s not going to find out about us! Mom
wouldn’t tell him. She loves us being happy. I’m sure
not going to tell him, so unless you tell him, he’s not
going to know. I mean, you’re not planning on telling
him, ‘Hey, Dad! Guess what? Jesse and I sucked
each other’s cocks all weekend!’ are you?” Hearing
that, I started to giggle again. “That’s better! I thought
you were going to pass out a couple minutes ago,
you were hyperventilating so badly! Now will you
please sit down?” Jesse said with a smile.
We finally got around to eating breakfast, as the
conversation continued. “So, how come your mom
didn’t flip out about you wanting to be with me?”
came my question. “Like I said, her brother, my
Uncle Leo, is gay. She said that she knew I was
gay since I was ten. That’s what I don’t get. How’d
she know back then? Andy, do I act gay?” Jesse
inquired. “You mean do you act like a fag? I don’t
think so. Why, do I?” I replied quizzically. “Yes!” he
said. “What?!” I cried out. “I do?!”
“Yeah, you do. When you suck my cock!” Jesse
said, starting to giggle. “Oh, you dick! I thought
you were serious! You love it when I suck your cock!”
I retorted. “I sure do! And I know you love it when I
suck your cock...” Jesse stopped mid sentence. He
had turned around to see my eyes starting to tear
up the room. “Andy! What’s wrong?” he said. “I…
I’m a fag!” As the words left my mouth, I really started
to cry. “Huh? What did you say?... You’re a fag? Is
that what you said?” I just nodded my head. I couldn’t
talk, and I was sobbing hard. Jesse ran to where I
was on the sofa, and sat down next to me. He
slipped his arm around my shoulder, and said, softly,
“Andy, please stop saying, “fag.” We’re not fags.
We’re gay. Gay means happy, you know? C’mon.
Look at me. Don’t cry, Andy. I love you!” He made
me feel a bit better, and I started to compose myself.
“Why are you crying, anyway? Does being together
make you upset? Is that it?” asked Jess. “No.” I
croaked. “It’s my father. My father hates fags! I guess
that’s why he hates me.” “Oh, Andy! Don’t worry
about that. We have each other now, you’ll see.
Everything will work out okay for us. Besides, your
dad doesn’t know about us. He doesn’t hate you”
“Well, if he ever did know, I’m sure he would hate
me. You too.” Jesse pulled me closer to him. I laid
my head over on his shoulder, still crying softly. We
sat on the sofa awhile, Jesse cradling me in his
arms, while I sniffled and whimpered. Finally, my
tears and sniffles dried up. I turned to look at him,
staring straight into his green eyes. “Jesse, I love
you. I want to stay here with you. I mean always. I
don’t ever want you to leave me.” “I know, Andy,” he
said. “I don’t ever want you to leave me, so promise,
okay?” “I promise, Jesse. I won’t ever leave you.
Even if we’re found out, I won’t leave,” I said staring
into those dancing eyes of his. “I love you, too, Andy.
I won’t ever leave you, either, I promise,” said Jesse,
and he kissed me.
We stayed on the sofa, and Jesse rocked me in
his arms for a very long time. I felt a sense of
belonging as he held me there. In time, I broke the
silence. “Jesse?” “Yes, Andy?” “Can we go back to
bed?” Jesse smiled at me. “Sure. We can spend
the whole day in bed, if you want to.” With that, we
got up, and walked hand in hand down the hall to
the bedroom. He pulled off my Levis. I pulled his
sweatshirt up over his head, and then I pulled my
sweatshirt off. He stood up and dropped this pants
in a heap on the floor. As we slid under the covers,
Jesse said, “ Are you feeling okay, now?” “Yeah,” I
replied. “This explains something, too”
“What’s that?” he said, looking puzzled. “Well, I’ve
never thought of it before, but with other guys, they
always want to talk about girls. We never have, at
least I don’t think we have,” came my reply. “I guess
that’s because all I ever think about is you,” Jesse
giggled. “Does that mean you’re my girlfriend?” I
said, giggling, too. “Only if you like girls with cocks!”
he said. We both laughed out loud now. It was good
to be laughing again. My worries soon slipped away,
and Jesse was so sweet to me, I forgot all about
my dad, and what could happen to us if he found
Within fifteen minutes, I had recovered from crying,
and we were back to making love. Again and again,
long into the afternoon we sucked each other to
orgasm. I rewarded him with my hot, young cum,
and he returned the favor with his wonderful boy
juice. As the day waned and our energies were
sapped by our love-making, we wrapped around
each other again, and fell asleep.