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The Prince of Main Street

by Andrew Simon van Ryan

Alex Hoffrin, editing

copyright 1999
all rights reserved

Chapter two

    The afternoon sun coming through the window

above the bed had warmed the room, and we were

exhausted from lovemaking. Two or three hours passed

as we lay there, sleeping tight, snuggled up together.

I think we felt the presence of Heaven that afternoon.

It was on that day that we became lovers,

committed to each other and happier than either

had ever been before. We really did feel like “twin

brothers of different mothers.” After that day, when

one of us went someplace, the other was there with

him, just like twins. In the evening after we ate dinner,

Jesse and I went out in the backyard, and lay on

the grass talking. “I’m really scared about what my

dad might do to us if he every found out, Jesse. Are

you sure we don’t act like fa... I mean, act gay?”

“What do gays act like, Andy? My mom says that

one guy in every ten is gay. She did research about

it in college. She did that just before she got the

internship at the hospital. I’ve had a lot of talks with

her about liking boys. Last year, before we moved

here, she asked me if I liked girls. I said I might.

Then she asked if I liked boys better. I asked her,

‘What do you mean?’ and she said, ‘Are you

attracted to boys? Do you think you would like

having a boyfriend, or, would you rather have a


“What did you say? Did you even know what to

say?” I asked as my curiosity peaked. Jesse

continued, “I thought about it for a couple of minutes.

I knew that I had no interest in girls but I hadn’t

been with any boys before. So, I thought about it.

In my mind I had this picture of what turned me on.

What I saw was you, Andy. I saw you and I told her

I want a boyfriend. I want the boy I see in my mind.”

“Me? Really? What did she say then?” I queried.

“That’s when she told me that she had known I was

going to be gay, and that she had wanted me to

figure it out on my own before talking to me about

it. She told me there was nothing wrong with me

being gay. She said that people in this country are

sexually repressive, and it wouldn’t be easy, but she

was going to help me to be happy with who I am

and what I am.”

“What does sexually repressive mean?” I asked.

“Oh, it means that they’re against anybody doing

anything they don’t agree with or understand -

sexually, that is. Like, did you know we’re breaking

the law?” Jesse said turning to look at me. “Yeah, I

know. I heard that in health class. Pretty stupid, if

you ask me. Like, what’s wrong with two guys being

in love? Everybody has to love somebody, and I

don’t like girls. I never have,” came my admission.

“You never have!?” Jesse said with a bit of

excitement in his voice.” Wow! How cool! That makes

two of us! I knew it! I knew it when I saw you at Boy

Scouts that first time. You were the boy I saw in my

mind! It wasn’t just a dream! Andy, don’t you see?

We were meant to be together! This is so cool! Oh,

God, I love you,” and with that, he kissed me. A

flood of joy surrounded me. I felt wanted for the first

time. Here was my first love, this unbelievably cute

boy, and I find out his mom approves of us, and will

help us to be together as boyfriends! God I was

happy! To be young, gay, and in love with no fear?

What perfect joy!

It wasn’t easy for homosexual boys in 1967. The

year that Jimi Hendrix played “Purple Haze” and

the “Summer of Love” happened in Haight Ashbury

was a time when a fourteen year old boy

could get beat up, be sent to Juvenile Hall, or even

be killed for being homosexual. Jesse and I were

just fourteen. Our birthdays were almost exactly

six months apart, missing the mark by only a few days.

We were definitely homosexual.  No doubt  about it.

We had admitted to each other that neither of us

liked girls. In fact, we had never been interested

in girls at all! Being allowed to have our gay relationship,

with his mother’s approval, and to have his moms’ house

for our personal use three days a week was unheard

of in 1967.

    Later, as I looked up at the stars in the sky that

night, I said, “that’s what I want. I want to be a star!

Jesse replied, “Like the Beatles?” “No. More like the

Rolling Stones,” I said. “They’re wilder! I like being

wild! Don’t you feel like we’re wild, Jesse - just being

two boys in love?” “Well, being in love makes me

feel great. Being with you makes me feel wild, and

being in love with a wild boy that makes me feel

great is ecstasy! I don’t know how I can feel this

good! I’ve never felt like I do now. Thank you, Andy!

Thank you for loving me! I’m the happiest I’ve ever

been in my life.”

    “It’s getting cold! Let’s go inside,” Jesse said as

he stood up, brushing his jeans off, “Yeah, looks

like autumn is finally here,” I replied. “I hate this time

of year. Daylight savings time ends, and it gets dark

so early! When does the time change, anyway?”

“Next week, Andy. Hey, wanna drink some rum and

Coke?” Jesse started across the lawn for the door.

“You bet I do! Let’s play some music, too.” We hadn’t

played since we got home Friday, and it was our

favorite thing to do. At least it had been! “Okay,” he

said, entering the kitchen. He mixed us each a rum and

Coke and then we headed for the garage. I

sat at my drums as he strapped on his guitar. I

sipped my drink, and then played a few warm ups.

Jesse tuned his guitar over and over ‘til it was right.

“Okay, what should we play?” He asked. “Shapes

of Things,” I said. He nodded his head, and I counted

us in. With a quick fanning of his strings and an

open roll from me, we crashed into the song. Jesse

sang as he played, although I couldn’t hear him too

well. The speakers were pointed at him. The song

had a real strong feel to it. What I did hear sounded

way cool. “Hey, that actually sounded good!” I said

after we finished. “Yeah, this playing every weekend

is paying off! Now if we could just find a bass player,

we’d have a real band!” Jess said with a broad grin.

“ Let’s keep playing!”

    We ran through all the songs we knew, and then

just jammed for about another hour. “Whew! I’m

beat! Let’s go in now. I gotta take a shower. I’m all

sweaty,” I told him as I slipped out from behind my

kit. “Yeah, I wanna take a Shower, too!” Jesse

replied. I glanced his way and saw he had this big

smile on his face. I immediately knew what he was

thinking. “You’re a pervert!” I said, giggling. “You bet

I am!” came his reply. “Come on, I’ll race you to the

shower!” We ran giggling down the hall, reached

the doorway to the bathroom, and then our

shoulders met as we attempted to enter at the same

time. Laughing, we fell through the doorway, and

onto the floor. I rolled over, and grabbed Jesse’s

Levis, pulling at the button fly. They popped open,

and he grabbed at my jeans. I started pulling his

sweatshirt over his head, “Hey, I can’t get to your

pants with my head in my shirt!” he said. “You’ll get

your chance,” I said, as I straddled him. His shirt

came off, and I pulled off his jeans. They revealed

his smooth, hardening rod. Just to tease him, I

quickly took it in my mouth, and started sucking him.

“No fair! he cried. “I want to suck your cock, too!”

“Okay” I said, standing up. I pulled my sweatshirt

up over my head, and Jesse grabbed my jeans,

pulling them to my ankles. I stepped out of them,

reaching for the shower knob. The water shot forth,

and I dropped to the floor.” Let’s get in,” I said, my

face just an inch from Jesse’s.

I pulled him up from the floor, and we stepped

into the shower. Both of us had hard-ons. I

adjusted the temperature as Jesse started

caressing me from behind. I could feel his hard cock

rubbing against the cheeks of my tight little butt.

“Hmm, that feels good Jesse. Kiss me.” I turned,

and he planted his lips on mine. The water sprayed

over us as we embraced. I reached down and began

jacking him off. He turned around, so his tight, boy

butt was pressing against my hard rod. He leaned

back against me, and I started jerking him off faster

and harder. “Oh, fuck, Andy! I’m cumming! Watch

me cum!” Jess shouted. I watched as his hips trust

forward, and his cum began squirting out.

    The first spurt hit the shower door, shooting with

such power that it hardly made an arc. Each spurt

shot with such force that it surprised me. He

groaned, “Oh, Oh,” with each pump of his cock. Six

or seven large spurts were followed by a few small

ones, finally being reduced to a stream lost in the

spray of the water. “Umm, Baby! That felt good!

Okay, Andy! I’m gonna do you now. Turn around!" I

turned, and he reached around from behind. My

cock was waving straight out in front of me, as

Jesse’s hand grasped it. "I wanna jerk the cum right

out of you!” Jess said, as he started pumping my

hard meat. “ Fuck, you’ve got a big cock!” “I think

it’s grown longer by an inch or more over the last

two days! I swear!”

I looked at my cock in his hand and it did look

bigger! “I think it’s ‘cause it’s getting used so much!

We must’ve cum twenty times already this weekend,”

I said while watching my cock get yanked.

“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming, Jesse! Make me

cum! Make me cum!” I shouted as my load

suddenly squirted out in a powerful stream. It shot

hard against the wall as my hips shook, and thrust

forward. I watched as stream after stream of my

cum hit the wall. Six, seven, eight,... I counted as

I continued pumping my boy love out in big spurts.

My orgasm left me suddenly weak in the knees,

and I dropped to them. Jesse’s hands slid up my

body across my chest, and to my shoulders. “Oh!

Fuck, yes! That felt too good! I thought I was going

to pass out!” I exclaimed as the water ran over my

head. “I love making you cum, Andy!” said Jesse,

massaging my shoulders and neck. We played a

bit more as we showered up, but not to where either

one came, just for the excitement of it.

We got out, and I dried him off as he dried me.

“Here,” he said, throwing me a pair of sweat pants.

He grabbed an identical pair from the closet for

himself, and we pulled them on. “Let’s go have a

couple more drinks”

    I flopped on the floor in front of

the TV, while Jesse made the drinks. “What time is

it?” I said, looking over my shoulder. “Almost ten.

It’s only Saturday, so we can stay up late. “Jesse

said, returning with the rum-and-Cokes. ”Let’s stay

up and get drunk, okay?”

“You’re reading my mind, Boyfriend!” I said.

“Boyfriend!?” Jesse said, looking at me. “ I like

hearing you call me that! It’s true, isn’t it? I am your

boyfriend, aren’t I?”

“Duh! What’d you think?” I giggled. With that he

pounced on me, nearly spilling the drinks. We

giggled and squirmed around, finally getting our

drinks safely under control. The rum tasted good,

and within an hour we had finished off what was

left of the bottle. “I’m drunk,” Jesse said flatly. “Me

too.” I said with a slur. His head snuggled against

my shoulder as I ran my hand through his soft hair.

“I love you, My Boyfriend,” I said softly. I don’t know

if he replied, ‘cause we both drifted off to sleep. I

woke up to the TV test pattern, and a tone coming

from the set. I got up and switched it off. “Come on,

Jess. Let’s go to bed.” I gave him a little shake, and

grabbed his hand. He seemed to mutter something

as we walked down the hall to the bedroom. “What

did you say?” I questioned. All I could make out of

his mumbled words were, “...boyfriend.” I smiled as

I helped him under the covers, and slid in after him.

I put my arms around his smooth, boy, body and

rested my head on his shoulder. “Goodnight, My

Love,” I said.

    We were still in that position when the phone woke

us with a start the next morning. Jesse jumped at

the phone. “Hullo?” I could tell he was really still

asleep. Suddenly, his eyes popped open. “Oh,... yes,

Mrs. van Ryan! Andy’s here! Just a second!” He

thrust the handset at me, and whispered, “It’s your

mom!” “I know!” I whispered, placing my hand over

the mouthpiece. I composed myself for a second,

and then put the phone to my ear. “Hi, Mom! What’s


“Hi, Andy. You didn’t call last night like you’re

supposed to. Is everything okay with you boys?”

Mom’s ever-cheerful voice chimed at me. “Yeah,

actually, it’s great here. We played last night, and it

actually sounded good! I think we’re getting better

at it!” I said, turning to Jesse, and winking at him.

My last line was intentionally meant to break Jesse

up. “That’s good, Andy. You boys keep practicing,

okay?” Mom said.

“Oh, no doubt! We’re going to

start practicing again in a few minutes,” I said,

smiling at my lover. “Aren’t we, Jesse?” “Yep!” he

said, pulling down the bed sheet to expose his hard

boy shaft. I practically laughed out loud.

“Andy, now please try to remember. You have to

call me once a day to let me know you boys are

okay. You’re to call right before dinnertime. That’s

what the agreement was. If you can’t keep your

promise, you and Jesse will have to stay here on

the weekends.“ Mom’s voice took on a serious note.

“Mrs. Dahlinger and I think it’s better if you look after

her house, but you have to play by the rules. I think

it’s best if you boys stay there, too. Your father

wouldn’t care for you playing your music here all


“I know, Mom. I’ll be sure and call on time,

I’m sorry,” I said quietly into the phone. “I’ll call you

tonight, okay?”

“Okay, Dee, I love you, bye!” she said, and I

winced. “Bye, Mom. Love you too.”

    “Oh, I hate it when she calls me Dee!”

I said after hanging up the phone.

“Why?” laughed Jesse. “Because my name is Andy!

Dee sounds like a girl’s name!” I was practically

shouting. With that Jesse fell out with laughter!

“I’ll get you!” I said, jumping across the bed.

“Okay, Dee!” he squeaked, as I landed on top of

him. I began tickling his sides, and he squirmed all

over the bed. “Don’t! Oh, don’t,” he cried as he

wiggled beneath me. “Okay, then kiss me, you

squealing little girl!” I said, and planted my lips on

his. “Uummrrrrr!” he was trying to speak, but my

lips took his words away and he melted into my

arms. I came up for air, and then stuck my tongue

in his ear. “Ooohh...yes, Andy,” he sighed. I slowly

started working my way down his neck, across his

chest, down the center of his stomach, over his

navel, down to where I felt the fine line of hair that

lead to his barely-sprouted pubic patch.

    Neither of us had very much hair on our bodies.

Being older didn’t mean that I was any hairier than

he. We were equal in that department. My tongue

parted his scanty bush, and he let out a deep sigh

as I finally reached his cock. I slid my tongue up the

shaft to the swollen head. Just before I slid my lips

down his hard-on, I said, “Ready to practice?”

“Oohh, yes!!...” Jesse answered as my wet mouth

slid down over the entire length of his aching boy

rod. My mouth moved up and down the length of

his penis. I slipped off the end of the bed, and rested

my knees on the floor. His legs we’re dangling over

the edge of the bed, so I had full access to his groin,

with my hands, I started massaging his tight, little,

bubble-butt. This obviously turned him on, as he

started to thrust his cock into my mouth. I used my

tongue to swirl around the head of his boy shaft as

he pumped in and out of my mouth. “Oh! Fuck! Andy!

Get ready! I’m going to cum!” Jesse shouted as his

hips began to spasm and shake.

Load after load of sweet love batter shot down my

throat. I was really starting to love having the taste

of his cum in my mouth. As his orgasm subsided,

he thrust his hips forward to let me suck the last of

his issue from his cock. Then, as he collapsed in a

heap, he said, “Fuck, it just keeps getting better with

each time we do it! Now it’s my turn to get you off.

Lay down on the bed!” I jumped into the middle of

the bed, lying on my back. I started rubbing the shaft

of my already stiff cock. “How big is your cock,

anyway?” Jesse said, staring. “I don’t know. I never

measured it.” Jesse reacted to my words with, “Hey,

I got a ruler! Let’s measure it!” With that, he jumped

up and shot out the door, momentarily returning with

a ruler. ”Hold it out straight for me. Let’s see now....

Whoa! Holy shit! It’s like, a sixteenth of an inch

short of 8 inches!”

“Is that big?” I asked. “Yeah, it’s

big. Mine’s right at seven, maybe a bit less” came

his reply. “Well,” I stated, “It’s good that you’re not

any longer. You’d gag me to death if you were!”

Jesse giggled.

“I mean it!” I said.

"Well, lay back, I’m going

to see how much of your cock I can fit in me.”

And with that, Jesse pulled something out of his

hand that I hadn’t noticed. “What’s that?” I asked.

“My mom’s K-Y,” he said, unscrewing the top. “What’s

it for?” I asked. “I’m going to put it on your cock,

then I want you to butt-fuck me,” Jesse said, looking

at me with a grin. “I heard that hurts!” I said. “From

who, Andy?” Jesse looked shocked. “Timmy, from

our scout troop,” I said.

“How does he know?” Jesse

asked, as he started to rub the jelly over my hard

cock. “Hey! That’s cold!” I said. “Let me know next

time you’re gonna do that! Timmy has done it with

about half the guys in the Troop,” I said. “At summer

camp. He had three guys fuck his ass in a row one


“Really?! Did you ever fuck his ass?” Jesse looked

at me, concerned. “No way!” I said.” He’s ugly!” Jesse

started laughing out loud. “Good! I think he’s an ugly

fucker, too! Besides, I want to be the first guy you’ve

ever fucked!” With that, he swung over me. He

positioned his tight butt over my waiting rod, and

then lowered himself onto me. “Don’t move. I gotta

go slow, or you’ll hurt me. Just let me get you in,

then we’ll see if it hurts too much,” he said, slowly

putting more pressure on. Suddenly, his little asshole

opened up, and the head of my cock slipped in, just

a little. He paused, and then started applying

pressure again. My shaft started to enter him, and

he let out a small, “uummm!”

“Are you all right?” I said, looking at his face. His

eyes were closed, but he said “Uh, huh. Just don’t

move.” He slid it in a little bit further, and suddenly,

his asshole opened. My lubed-up cock suddenly slid

deep in his ass, with a smooth slow movement. “Oh,

Oh!” Jesse moaned, and looked at the ceiling, eyes

closed. His beautiful butt cheeks bottomed out

on my hips, and he sighed. “Okay, just let me sit

here a second.” The feeling of his tight, boy hole

gripping my cock was beyond belief! I wanted to

fuck his ass, but he sat there, perfectly still. After

about a minute, he said, “Okay, I’m going to fuck

you.” He started sliding up and down on my slippery

meat, and I could see my cock going in and out of

his boy hole. The feeling was fantastic! He started

slowly increasing speed. “It doesn’t hurt, now. It’s

actually starting to feel good,” he said, opening his

eyes. I started breathing deep and heavily. His

speed was increasing, and he was starting to ride

all the way up and down my 8-inch member. “Harder,

Jesse. Harder!” I cried, and he responded.

I felt my hips slamming against his butt, now. He

started huffing deep breaths. “Oh, fuck me Jesse!

I’m cumming! I’m cumming in your ass! Ah, shit!” I

cried, as my orgasm let fly the first jolt. My load

shot from my cock and Jesse said, “ I can feel it! I

can feel you cumming! Cum in me! Cum in me Andy!

I Love you, Andy! Fill me with cum!”

Time disconnected. I was suspended in slow motion, as

my back arched, my hips rammed the full length

of my cock into his tight ass. I stayed thrust into him

as load after load of hot cum discharged from my

balls up through my shaft and into my lover.

Jesse squirmed about, impaled on my throbbing

cock. Then, just as suddenly, time reconnected

and I collapsed with Jesse falling on top of me.

    “Huhhh, Oh, God! I’m still cumming! “I cried. My

cock gave two more heavy shots of wad into his

ass, and then started subsiding. He rested on top

of me for a few seconds, then smoothly pulled up

and let my cock slide out of him. “Oh, shit man!

Look!” he said. I looked down, and saw cum all over

my flat belly. “I came too! It actually began feeling

so good that you made me cum when you rammed

me with your cock! Shit! I didn’t know I could do

that by getting butt-fucked. How’d you like it? Did it

feel good?”

“Did it ever!” I exclaimed. “If we keep this up, I’m

going to cum to death!” Jesse let out a laugh, and

those eyes of his really started to dance. He slid up

next to me in bed, and said, “Let’s make out for a

while.” Two hours later we were asleep, tangled in

each other’s arms when the phone rang again.

Jesse jumped at the sound. He wasn’t fully awake

as he looked at me. “Answer it,” he moaned,

before plopping his head back down. I picked up

the phone, and my voice hoarsely crackled, “Hello?”

    “Andy? Is that you, hon’?” I recognized his mom’s

voice, and sat up. “Hi, Mrs. Dahlinger! How are you?”

I squeaked out. “Are you all right, Andy?” she asked.

“You sound like you just woke up!”

“I did, actually. I went back to sleep after breakfast.”

Jesse opened one of his dreamy, green eyes, and looked at me.

“You did? Well, you should be up, Dear! It’s a quarter

to one! You boys didn’t drink, and stay up late did


“No, we only drank a little, and we were in bed

early,” I said, gazing at my lover. Suddenly both of

Jesse’s eyes popped open. He sat up with a start,

and mouthed the word, “Mom?” at me. I nodded

yes. She was starting to say something as

Jesse snatched the phone away from my ear. “Hi!

Mom?! It’s me!” he said practically shouting, “Guess

what? I’m in love! Yes, with Andy! Who did you think

I meant?”

I suddenly couldn’t breathe! I was trying

to speak, and draw breath at the same time! All

that I managed to do was squeak again! Jesse

looked over at me, those gleeful eyes of his shooting

out devilish sparks! “Yes! And guess what? He loves

me too!... He said he’s been wanting to for a long

time, but didn’t know what to say or do... Yeah, I

know, you were right. So were together now. I’m

gay and he’s gay...Yeah, but he’s worried about his

dad finding out...”

I must have started choking or wheezing, ‘cause

Jesse suddenly put his hand over the mouthpiece,

and said, “Are you okay?” I nodded my head in the

affirmative. “Huh? What?” said Jesse returning to

his conversation. “Yeah, we’ll both be here tomorrow

when you get home just like always... You do?...‘Bout

what?” Jesse frowned. “Oh, yeah. I forgot. Sure, we’ll

be here...Okay, Mom. I love you!” Then he turned to

me, and said, “Mom says she loves you too."

“Okay,” I managed to say.

    “Okay. We’ll see you after school tomorrow. G’bye!”

He hung up the phone, and looked at me. “What’s

wrong, Andy?” “Nothing, I guess. I mean I guess I

just wasn’t expecting you to tell your mom that we,

uh.… that I, well,...” Jesse laughed. “What you’re

trying to say is that you didn’t expect me to be so

open about it with my mom, is that right?” To that I

sheepishly replied, “Yes.” “Ha! If you only knew how

many times she's asked if we were boyfriends yet!”

This said, Jess really began to laugh.

“She did?!” My surprise echoed in my words. “Yes,

Andy! She knows that we’ve been hot for each other.

It’s cool! She’s happy for us!” “She really is?” I said

and even more surprise sounded in my voice. “Huh!

I don’t believe it! Andy van Ryan, man-of-a-thousand-

words, can only say, ‘She really is?’ I don’t

believe it! What’s wrong with you? Are you still in

shock?” Jess laughed.

“I’m just not used to hearing you tell her

about us. I mean I didn’t know you were going to

say anything. ‘Cause my mom would scream and

start crying if I told her what you just told your mom.

Then we’d both get killed by my dad.” Jesse

straightened up, rolled over, and looked at me with

those twinkling eyes. “Yeah, but doesn’t it feel good

to know that it’s okay if we’re in love? Even if it’s

only my mom who knows, at least we don’t have to

keep it bottled up inside, a big dark secret. If we

need someone to talk to about being gay, she’s there

for us. And she really does love us, you know?”

“Really?” I asked, looking up from the floor. Jesse

could see I was beginning to cry again. “Oh,

Andy! Are you afraid again?” Jess said, taking my

head in his arms and pulling me towards him.

“No,” I said.

“Then what is it?” He looked me straight in

the face. In a shy way, I looked into his green eyes,

and said, “I’m in love with you.”

Jesse smiled at me before he spoke.

“Oh, Andy! I’m in love with you, too!” and then he kissed


                     To be continued......