The usual disclaimers apply, so if you are under 18, you shouldn't be here! This is the first story I ever wrote. It tells all  about Jesse, my "first love", as well as being an autobiography. Please take special notice of how different life was then for gay teenagers. Think of how it is now, and think of how you can make life better for gay teens, now and tomorrow. This book is novel length, at well over a thousand pages in total, and I'll warn you now it contains numerous depictions of gay sex between teenage boys. If you would be offended, don't read this. If you're not offended by the subject matter, please read on. I'd like to hear from you and to read your comments.
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The Prince of Main Street

by Andrew Simon van Ryan

Alex Hoffrin, editing

copyright 1999
all rights reserved

This book is dedicated to the memory of
Jesse Dahlinger, Born September 31, 1953
Reported missing, September 31 1971
Declared legally Deceased, September 31st, 1983
His Case Remains Unsolved


Mary Dahlinger
Loving Mother of Jesse and Andrew

  this book is
for my Friend

Terrence “TJ” Julian

Chapter Five

        Mary stood leaning against the

door frame for several minutes watching us in our

bed, curled up together. I was behind Jesse, my

arm holding him close as he slept. She smiled,

thinking to herself we looked as happy as anyone

could want to be. The time was getting past 6:00

AM, so she had to wake us. “Come on boys! It’s

time! Andy’s family will be here soon! Get up!” Jesse

stirred. I stretched and yawned, “Do we hav’ta?”

Jesse just groaned. “It’s past 6:00! C’mon, I’ve got

breakfast ready! Here are some clean robes. I’ll be

in the kitchen.” I reached out, and took the robes.

Jesse sat up rubbing his eyes. “C’mon, here’s yours.”

We put them on and headed down the hall. “Good

morning, My Little Princes,” Mary greeted us. “Uh,

oh!” I said turning to Jesse “There’s two of us now!”

Jess just smiled. “What’dyer mak’us?” he slurred.

“What language is that?” Mary asked. “What did you

make us?” he corrected himself. “Waffles with

strawberries” was her answer. “Ooohh!” we voiced

together, our eyes widening. “I thought that might

wake you up! Jesse here’s your coffee. Andy what

do you want to drink?” I thought for a moment. “Is

that stuff good?” I asked. “What? You’ve never drunk

coffee?” Jess asked. I shook my head. “Well, try it!

Put cream and sugar in it, Mom.” Mary poured the

coffee and doctored it up for me. “Here we go!” I

took the cup from her and had a sip. It tasted okay,

I thought. They asked me, “Is it okay?” in stereo.

“How are you doing that?” I teased. “Oh, that

reminds me boys. I want you to do a little experiment

for me this week. Carry a notebook and keep track

of how often you speak in tandem, okay?” “Sure,

Mom, why?” Jesse replied. “Just curiosity,” Mary


“I was watching you this morning before I woke

you up,” she continued, changing the subject. “You

looked so happy and comfortable together. It’s a

shame that people won’t understand! You looked

so natural lying there together!” I was beginning to

feel a bit embarrassed, and Jesse quickly pointed

this out. “Look, Andy’s turning red!” “Jesse, don’t

tease! Andy, it’s all right. Eat your breakfast, boys!

They’ll be here in half’an hour!” Mary commanded.

We ate, and then headed for the shower. “One at a

time! Just in case they get here early,” Mary

instructed. I listened to our new stereo as Jesse

showered. “Wow, it gets all the cool FM stations!” I

remember thinking. Jesse finished, and it was my

turn. As the water was running over my head, I

recalled I would need a note to get back in school.

So would Jesse. I finished, dressed, and joined the

others in the kitchen. “They should be here soon,

Andy. Want more coffee?” Mary asked. “Okay, but

could I have a little more sugar in it?” I replied. She

shot me a smile over her shoulder, and doctored

the coffee up. A half’an hour passed. Then an hour.

Just after 9:00 AM I heard Dad’s car pull into the

driveway. I ran out to meet them, Jesse tight on my


My sister stepped out of the car, turned and

stretched out her arms. I ran to her, and hugged

her. “Well, Dee, I’m going away,” she said. “I know, I

know,” I replied. “It’s okay, as long as you write to

me!” “Of course I will,” she said. Turning to Jesse,

she said, “Take care of the Prince for me, will ya?

He gets lonely very easy, you know.” Jesse spoke

up, saying, “Your wish is my command. I’ll look after

him, I promise! I’ll make sure he’s not lonely!” As I

talked, my Mom spoke with Mary. Dad just waited

in the car, watching the time.Finally he called out,

“C’mon it’s time! We gotta’ go!” Mom thanked Mary

for taking care of me. She warned me I shouldn’t

go near the ranch until they got back, in case Les

returned on his own. My sister gave me one last

hug, and they were off. Jess and I stood waving as

the car disappeared through the orange trees.

“I miss her now...” I sniffed. Jesse put his arm

around me, and said, “I promised to take care of

you, and I will!” Back inside we were amazed to

find it was already past 10:30. Since it so late, Mary

decided that we should accompany her shopping,

and then she would get us to school at noontime. I

reminded her about the notes, and she said not to

worry. The rest of the morning I was quiet and sad

so Jesse began to look after me, taking the job my

sister had vacated. As Mary dropped us at school,

I worried what other students would say about the

events of the previous day. I didn’t have to wait long

to find out. After checking in and getting our excuses

approved, we walked onto campus. The bell

signaling the end of lunch rang. As students began

returning to classes, we got noticed. Other kids

passed us with silent stares. Especially those in the

senior class. “What’s this about?” I asked Jesse. “I

don’t know,” he replied.

“I feel like a leper or something!” he continued.

My stomach was starting to get tight when a familiar

voice called out behind us. “Hey! Where’ve you guys

been?” Doug and his friend John hurried up to us.

“Hey, Doug! What’s new?” I asked. “You are, Andy.

You are! Word got out today! People are saying

you’ve got ‘strange powers’ Andy boy! What do you

say to that?” Pulling myself up as tall as I could, I

answered with the Prince’s best mannered voice,

“Well of course I do!” John stepped back. “Whoa!

Where did that voice come from?” “See!” Doug said,

“Told you it was true!” John had never encountered

me as the Prince. Doug was getting a kick watching

John react. Jesse asked, “What else was said?

What are they talking about?” “Oh, just a lot!” Doug

continued. “Andy, if you and Jesse work this right,

everybody will do exactly what you guys tell ‘em.

This morning everyone was saying you’re into

magic, or some bullshit. But I set ‘em straight.” “Oh,

No! Not again!” we moaned in tandem. “I told them

that you were born with this power, and Jesse’s the

first person you met that has it too.” Doug continued

with a grin, “So, you’re the Supernatural Duo from

now on. How bout it Prince? Could be a real

advantage for you!” “Well, it’s not exactly

supernatural, but perhaps it could work for us,” I

thought out loud, still in character. “Geez!” John

exclaimed. “That voice gives me the willys! What

happened to your real voice?” he asked. “This is

my real voice,” I replied. John stepped behind Doug.

“See?” Doug laughed, “Being the Prince may be

the best thing that ever happened to you.”

The rest of the day, as I walked from class to class,

I was stared at. Until Jesse and I had English class

together during seventh period, I was on my own. It

was interesting to try out the Prince on my

unsuspecting teachers. Only one of them, my

Drama teacher, failed to notice. I reasoned this was

due to the fact I was reading from a script at the

time. The student’s wide-eyed expressions told me

they’d heard the rumor. Yet surprisingly, none spoke

directly to me about hearing the rumor. In English

class I was asked to stand and read aloud. The rest

of the class began to whisper as I read. Stopping

abruptly in mid-sentence, I silenced them with one

sweeping glare. With the room quiet, I continued.

Finishing the paragraph, I closed my book, and sat

down, staring at the teacher. She sat silent, and

open mouthed. “Is there something wrong?” I asked,

breaking the trance that held her. “Oh, ah… no,

Andy! That was wonderful, thank you...” She was

baffled at the change in my voice, my attitude and

demeanor. I shocked her by wielding the unusual

presence the Prince possessed. Jesse leaned

forward, and whispered, “That just got you a higher

grade!”Using the Prince as my voice was actually

becoming fun! Maybe it would work in my favor, I

thought to myself.

I couldn’t wait for classes to be over. Doug had

offered us a ride home, and I wanted to hear any

new rumors he’d heard about us. “Aren’t you the

talk of the town!” Doug called as we approached

his car. “Get in. I’ll give ya’ all the details on the

way.” We hurried and jumped in. Doug burned the

tires as we exited the parking lot. “Andy, I’ve been

laughing my ass off! You should hear all the rumors

about you! Nobody can figure out how your voice

changed overnight! I set ‘em straight on that! Told

‘em you’ve been able to talk like that since you were

little. Which is true! I didn’t have to make that up!”

Doug said as he skidded through a yellow light. “I’ve

heard every theory you could imagine! The best part

is how everyone’s too afraid to ask you about it. No

one wants you getting mad at them just in case you

do have supernatural powers!” Doug laughed. “I

think you’re getting a bigger kick out of this than we

are, Doug!” Jesse giggled. “You bet I am!” Doug

replied “It serves ‘em right for all the years they

picked on Andy.”

Here was something I had failed to consider. Not

being picked on would be of great value. Additionally,

it could keep people at a distance from Jesse and

me. Then it would be much harder for them to figure

us out. It seemed a big plus every time the Prince

spoke. As we raced the last few miles home, I made

my decision. From now on the Prince would speak

for Andy. I would assume his attitude as well. I would

no longer be afraid of people. Doug dropped us at

the edge of the grove, and sped away. “Hey! I’ll race

you to the bed!” Jesse grinned. “I’ve been waiting

for this all day!” I cried out, and we were off like the


Jesse fumbled the key into the door, finally getting

it open. I sped past tearing off my shirt. He followed,

after kicking his shoes across the living room. I ran

down the hall, and jumped onto the bed. Jesse

landed on top of me, and pulled at my jeans. “I’ve

been horny for you all day, listening to you talk like

that! Good thing the Teacher didn’t ask me to stand

and read during English. I had a hard-on that

wouldn’t quit!” “You still have one!” I exclaimed,

pulling open his fly. We wiggled out of the rest of

our clothes, and started kissing and feeling each

other’s cocks. “Oh, go down on me, Jesse!” I

commanded. It was the Prince’s voice and its effect

on Jesse took hold immediately. Taking my

hardening rod in his mouth, he began to work it in

and out. “Let me at your cock! I want you now!” came

my next command. He complied, turning around

into a sixty-nine position. I sucked him in, and began

rolling my tongue around the head of his swollen

cock. He grabbed the base of my cock with his hand,

and began to jack me off while he sucked. I reached

around taking both of his ass cheeks in my hands.

As I massaged his tight, little butt, I felt what would

be the first of many orgasms that afternoon begin

to rise forth from deep inside of him. My response

was to fill his eager mouth with the first cum shot of

the afternoon. I pumped each spurt with a jolt of my

legs, and Jesse responded with shot after shot of

hot cum in my mouth. He tasted so good to me, I

barely gave him time to recover before shoving my

mouth up and down over his shaft again. He did

likewise to me, and before long we came in unison,

each filling the other’s hungry mouth with the white hot

love each desired to taste. We alternated kissing

and making out while sucking each other off, for

the next three hours. If the phone hadn’t rung, I’m

sure we would have continued for several more.

Jesse jumped and ran to the phone. “Hello? Oh,

yes, he’s here...” I heard him say from the other

room. “Andy! It’s your grandma!” he called. I bounded

out of bed, and ran naked down the hall. “Hi,

Grandma! What’s up?” I answered. “Hello, Andy,”

she began. “I just thought I’d let you know that the

Police picked up Les and Eric. They’re in the jail

over in San Bernardino. The police caught them

hitchhiking on the freeway. They’re going to be held

there until Larry picks them up tomorrow. Just

thought you should know, Hon’.” “Oh, okay. Does

Dad know yet?” I asked. “I’ll tell him when he calls

tonight. How are you boys doing?” she asked me.

“Just fine. We got homework to do. Then I think we’re

going to practice some new songs.” I replied, “Okay,

Andy! You boys take care now. Goodnight!” and she

hung up.

“Goodnight?” I said looking at Jesse. I peeked

through the kitchen window, and indeed it was

almost dark. “What time is it?” I asked. The clock on

the oven said 6:10 PM. “Oh, crap!” Jesse said. “The

time change was this week?” “No, It’s this coming

weekend. It’ll be dark at 5:10 next week,” I replied. I

grinned and shouted, “C’mon, race you back to bed!”

The rest of the evening was spent in our new bed,

listening to our stereo, and talking about our future

dreams. Mary, still taking classes at university during

weekday afternoons and evenings, finally got home

at eight o’clock. On Thursday I started speech

therapy class, which replaced gym during eighth

period. I explained to the therapist how I as a child

I developed the Prince’s voice, and demonstrated it

to him. He said it was a good start, and with practice

I would become less self conscious about the way I

spoke. He added to this, saying I could learn to

control the “snotty” aspect of it as well.

Les came home that same day, after having spent

two nights in the Youth Detention Center in San

Bernardino. Lucky for him he was still seventeen!

Otherwise he’d have been kept with the adult

prisoners. The hardest parts of the following weeks

were the days I stayed at my parents’ house. Les

moved into the bedroom my sister vacated. I

occupied our old room alone. It was still decorated

the way it was in nineteen-fifty five, the year the

house was built. Cowboy images still rode broncos

across the wallpaper. My parents were very set in

their ways, and remodeling was out of the question.

Since I only spent Monday night through

Wednesday night there, I didn’t care. I dreamt of

being with my boyfriend, Jesse. The time spent away

from him made me sad. To my parents, it appeared

as if I was still the lonely boy I had always been. I

knew otherwise. When Thursday afternoons rolled

around, Jesse and I couldn’t wait to get home. We

would head straight to our bedroom, and spend

hours making love, telling each other how much we

had missed one another, while listening to our


We practiced our music on the weekends, getting

better as the weeks went by. Jesse helped me

practice adapting the Prince’s voice, and after a

month or two, I noticed I was speaking like the Prince

all the time, without thinking about it. At school the

older students looked on us with a bit of suspicion,

but the guys in our class seemed to like hanging

around us now. I think they liked the way the Prince

would say the most outrageous things to anyone,

and get away with it! I found myself actually

becoming popular! Jesse loved the attention we

got. He started affecting a bit of a Princely attitude

in his voice, himself. This only added to the mystery,

and drove me on with my new astonishing behavior.

Days became weeks, and weeks became months.

1967 gave way to 1968. Jesse and I spent most of

the vacation between Christmas and New Year’s

together. He came along when my parents, and I

traveled to Skyforest for one weekend. He and I

shared the downstairs bedroom, behaving

ourselves for fear of discovery! We had fun in the

snow, and Jess caught a cold. The time seemed to

fly past. Before too long, spring arrived, and with it

came Easter Vacation. We accompanied Mary to a

beach house she rented for the week. It was during

that week that Jesse and I experienced our first

close call with discovery.

The first night at the beach we stayed in after

arriving late in the evening. The second night after

a day of sunning and swimming, Jesse and I took a

walk down the beach by the cliffs. We walked closely

together, talking quietly until Jesse stopped, and

held out his arm. I bumped into it and turned to look

at him. He was holding his finger in front of his lips

in a silent, “Shhh.” I wrinkled my eyebrows in a

questioning way, then followed his finger as he

slowly pointed towards the darkest area. I strained

to see and noticed something moving. To my

surprise, two figures embraced in a kiss were rolling

about on the sand. Jesse’s eyes danced devilishly

as he waved “come on” at me. We walked quietly

forward towards the two. As we neared them, I was

shocked! It was two boys, about the same age as

Jesse and myself! They still hadn’t noticed us, and

with perhaps three steps remaining between them

and us, Jesse suddenly cleared his throat.

“Ahemm!...” The two jumped at the sound. One cried

out “Ahhh!” and the other, “Oh, shit!” They tried

backing away on all fours as we began laughing.

“Don’t worry! It’s cool with us!” Jesse called out.

“We’re not gonna tell on ya’, we do the same thing!”

The boys stopped their retreat, panting from the

scare. “You,… what?...” one panted staring at Jess.

“It’s cool?...” the other questioned at me. Then as

we still giggled, they asked in unison, “Why?...”

“We do it too,” Jess explained. “Like you guys were

doin’ just now.” The boys looked at each other, then

back at us. “You do? Really?” they asked. Jesse

surprised them, and myself by planting a kiss on

me. “There, see?” he said, as I turned twelve shades

of red. Studying the two boys still laying on the sand

before us, I noticed they appeared to be twins.

However in the darkness of the cliffs I couldn’t be

sure. “You two are lucky it was we who caught you,

and not someone else,” I warned. “Otherwise you

might be getting beat up right now.” “Or on your way

to jail,” I added. “Come on, what’s your names?”

Jesse asked. “I’m Paul. This is my cousin, David,”

the one closest to me said. “Well get up! This is no

place to be making out,” Jesse continued. “Wanna

come over? We’ve got a beach house. It’s not far.

You can fool around there, and not get caught.” “You

guys got a beach house? Where are your parents?

David asked. “It’s just my mom, and it’s cool with

her. She lets Andy and I live together, as boyfriends,”

Jesse replied. “No way!” the two shouted. “We gotta

see this!” Paul added. “Okay, lets go!” David said,

standing up. The four of us talked excitedly as we

made our way back to the house. Jess and I

answered Paul and David’s constant stream of

questions the whole way back.

“Here we are!” Jesse said cheerfully. We walked

in the side door and down the hall to the living room.

Mary heard us and turned around. “Hi, Mom,” Jesse

said. “This is Paul and his cousin David. We just

met ‘em out on the beach.” Mary smiled a greeting

and replied, “Hi, boys! Would you like something to

drink?” “Sure!” they answered in tandem. Mary shot

them a glance. “Not another pair of boys that talk at

the same time?” she said. Then, turning to me,

added, “Andy, get some soft drinks out of the fridge,

okay?” “Okay, Mom,” and I started towards the

kitchen. Turning back towards our guests, she

asked, “So, how did you boys meet?” I turned just

in time to watch our new friends go poker-faced.

Jesse and I found this hilarious, and we both broke

out laughing. “Did I miss something?” Mary asked.

“I’ll say!” Jesse said, grabbing his sides. I couldn’t

help but laugh out loud. Mary looked at us

quizzically.” We almost stepped on them down on

the beach! They were lying there in the darkest part,

by the cliffs,” I said, returning with the drinks. “Yeah,

and you’ll never guess what they were doing!” Jesse

added. Paul and David looked horrified. They

couldn’t conceive that a parent could condone what

they had been doing. They waited anxiously,

expecting the worst. “Well, Paul,... David. I don’t

think I need to tell you how dangerous that is!” Mary

started, with a tone that sounded like she was going

to lecture them. But the tone changed, and looks of

amazement soon replaced their fearful ones. “You’re

lucky that Jesse and Andy came along. It could have

been someone who wouldn’t understand or might

have been a threat to you,” she said, softening. “So,

Andy and Jesse. I can tell that you’ve been talking

with Paul and David. What have you talked about?”

“Well, when we caught ‘em messing around, we told

them not to freak out, ‘cause we’re the same way.

We told ‘em we’re with our Mom, and she

understands.” Jesse continued, “They didn’t believe

you could be so understanding, and we asked them

to come on back here with us. So they could see

that not everyone thinks what they’re doing is

wrong.” Mary looked at me. I nodded in agreement.

“Well, now. I have to say something right away. You

boys all know what kind of trouble you could get

into, if others knew.” All four boys mop-topped heads

nodded in agreement. “Paul, David. Is this the way

you feel all the time? I mean, do you like girls as

well?” Mary questioned them. “Uh,… well, yeah....

actually,... I don’t like girls at all,” Paul answered.

“Me neither!” David chirped in. “Yuccckk!!!!!”

When David said that, the rest of us fell to the

floor with laughter. “Well, I don’t!” he said, defending

himself. Mary was laughing with us now. “Okay, boys!

Just be careful! Don’t go taking chances on the

beach!” And with that, she returned to her books.

“Let’s go upstairs to our room!” Jesse said. “Okay!”

came the reply in stereo. “I heard that!” Mary called,

as we ran up the stairs. “Maybe it’s a trend with

boys that are...” I heard her mumble something, but

I couldn’t quite hear it. I opened the door to our

room, and our new friends could see that only one

of the double beds had been slept in. “Wow, your

mom is cool, and she does let you guys sleep

together!” David remarked, gazing around the room.

I sat next to Jesse on the bed. Then Jesse did

something unexpected. He turned and kissed me,

firmly on the lips! “Whoa! If we did that at home,

we’d get killed!” Paul announced. “Shit man! You

guys have it made! I wish we we’re you!” David said.

Jesse broke away from our embrace, and said, “So,

go for it! We’re going to!” He reached over and

grabbed my button fly. “Cool!” I heard them answer.

I turned and watched as the two boys removed their

bathing suits, and jumped on the other bed. Jesse

pulled off my cutoffs, and then removed his. The

two boys stared at our naked bodies. “Wow, you’ve

got a huge cock!” Paul said, staring at me. “It’s

exactly eight inches!” Jesse announced proudly.

“Can I touch it?” Paul continued. “It’s up to Jesse,”I

said, slightly hesitating. “Hmm. Well, okay,” Jesse

said. “If David will play with mine.” “Sure!” David

practically dove at Jesse’s cock.

Paul came over and took hold of my cock. I felt a

shudder pulse through me. He looked at it for a

moment, then without warning, opened his mouth

and took it in. “Hey, I said touch it!” Jesse said

sounding surprised. David took this as a cue and

went down on Jess. Jesse moaned a soft sigh. He

looked at me sitting next to him and smiled. I laid a

wet kiss on Jesse, and we let our tongues swirl

about in each other’s mouths as the two boys sucked

us off. Paul and David new what they wanted, and

they sucked and pumped our cocks in tandem. I

was rubbing Jesse’s firm butt with my hand now,

and he started to play with my little, pink ass hole.

The two new boys increased the speed as they

anticipated our orgasm. I felt Jesse tense, and this

set off my own trigger. “Oh, fuck!” Jesse said quietly.

I grabbed hold of him as we both blew our hot wads

into the duos waiting mouths. Paul and David

reacted by sucking our cocks so hard that I thought

mine would turn inside out. Time floated away and

hung there. I could see Paul’s mouth locked around

my pulsating member, his cheeks sucked in as each

spurt of cum shot from my penis. He swallowed

every drop, wanting more. Time reconnected, and I

finished delivering my load. As soon as I had, Paul

and David turned their attention to one another.

Quickly shifting to a sixty-nine position, they began

sucking each other’s cocks with a passion. Jesse

and I watched as they both arched their backs, and

began pumping cum into one another, sucking like

they were trying to get every last drop out of the

other. This was quite a turn on to me, and I started

making out with my boyfriend once again. Jesse

loved the attention he was getting. I could tell by

the way he kept whispering, “Andy, Andy!” After Paul

and David recovered, we began to talk amongst

ourselves. Nothing really of any importance, just

small talk between boys.

They were from Redlands, a rather terrible place

from the way they described it. We got on the subject

of how Jesse and I were lucky to have a mom who

let us act the way we really were. Paul asked how

come I called Mary, “Mom,” and I explained how

she had asked me to. “She’s really cool! Man, you

guys got it made!” Paul stated, “We have to sneak

around, and even so, I think my mom has figured it

out.” David added, “My mom, too. But it’s my step-

dad that’s the big problem. He suspects something’s

going on, but he hasn’t caught us. Yet.” This sounded

ominous. “When he does, and he will if we keep

doin’ it, he’s going to beat the living hell out of us!”

“Whoa!” Jesse’s surprise sounded in his voice. “He

actually beats you?” “He’s done it a few times,” David

continued. “He beat Paul once, too. Caught us

jackin’ off behind the garage. We weren’t even

touching each other! I can imagine what he’ll do if

we get caught sucking each other off.” “ T h a t ’ s

fucking horrible!” I said, the fear rising in my own

mind. Since Jesse and I had the perfect

arrangement, I’d kind of forgotten what it would be

like to get caught by my dad. Dad hadn’t spanked

me for several years now. Seeing that, as of my

birthday, I measured six-feet tall, I guessed that if

Dad did get pissed off, he’d want to fist fight me.

This scared the hell out of me. I might be six feet

tall, but I only weighed 134 pounds! One swat and

I’d be hamburger! “Hey, we gotta get going,” Paul

said. “You guys gonna be home tomorrow?” “Here

or on the beach out front,” Jesse replied. “Well, if

David and I can slip away, we’ll come visit ya’, okay?”

Paul said, staring at me. “Okay,” Jesse said. Paul

whispered to me as they exited the room, “I’d like to

suck you off again, Andy!” With that, they hopped

down the stairs, through the side door, and were


“What did he say?!” Jesse demanded. “He wants

to suck my cock again,” I answered. “Well, I’m not

going to let him! I shouldn’t have let him do it in the

first place!” Jesse sounded jealous. “Don’t worry,

Jesse, I don’t want anyone but you,” I said as I turned

to face him. “I love you. It was okay with Paul, but I

like it with you much better. You’re my boyfriend,

and I’m in love with you and only you.” I confessed

to him. “Really?!” Jesse’s eyes danced as he looked

at me. I nodded “yes” to him and he kissed me. “I’m

glad. I love you so much, Andy! We really are lucky

to have found each other. C’mon, let’s get to bed.”

We made love to each other in a very tender way

that night, taking our time, and enjoying each

second of it

        The next morning, Jesse had me measure his

height. “Sorry Jess, but you’re still only 5’6”. You

haven’t gained even a fraction,” I said, inspecting

the tape measure. “Ah, Shit! You’re almost a foot

taller than I am!” Jesse complained, “If you keep

growing, I’m gonna look short!” I felt obligated to

tease him, saying, “Well, you are short!” as royal

sounding as I could. “That’s it! I’ll get you!” Jesse

shouted, and with that I ran! Out through the front

sliding glass doors across the little yard I went,

Jesse in hot pursuit. I vaulted over the short retaining

wall, and ran out across the beach. I had just

reached the water’s edge when Jesse hit me with a

flying block from behind. I went head first into the

surf. When I came up, Jesse was standing over me,

laughing. “Oh, you think you’re funny!” I said. I

splashed him, and he pounced at me.

I rolled away, and he hit a girl that was standing

near us right in the back of the knees. She fell with

her butt landing on Jesse’s back pushing him face

down into the surf and sand. The girl immediately

jumped to her feet, and angrily shouted, “Hey, watch

it!” I jumped up, expecting that we might have to

beat a quick retreat. Instead, the girl stared for a

moment then said, “Hey! I know you! You go to my

school! You’re Andy. Andy van Ryan.” Without turning

to look at the wet, embarrassed boy behind her,

she continued, “and that’s Jesse, isn’t it?” Pulling

myself up as straight as possible, I answered, “Why,

yes! That’s right. I’m afraid you have us at a

disadvantage. You know our names, but we don’t

know yours.” “Faye Miller,” the girl said, sticking out

her hand to shake.

Now the Prince never shook a ladies hand, so I

did what I always did in this situation. I reached out,

taking just the ends of her fingers, and bowed ever

so slightly. “Very good to meet you, Faye Miller. I’m

Andrew van Ryan, and this is my very best friend,

Jesse Dahlinger,” I said, staying bowed until I

finished. “Oh, wow!” Faye giggled, “I heard you were

a gentleman, but I didn’t expect this! You really are

a gentleman!” she giggled on as she turned to face

Jesse, who by this time had picked himself up, and

recovered from the water. “Hi, Jesse,” Faye smiled.

“Hello, Faye. It’s very good to meet you.” Jesse

answered, using the Prince-like manners he had

acquired over the past few months. “Who told you

that Andy was a gentleman?” Jesse inquired. “Oh,

one of the girls at school. I don’t remember whom.

Someone that has a class with him, I think,” Faye

said, sounding vague. “What else did you hear about

Andy?” continued Jesse. “That he has some strange

powers and that it’s not a good idea to make him

mad. Is that true, Andy?” Faye questioned me. “You

really don’t want me to answer that, do you?” I

intoned flatly, staring at her. “, ah, I guess

not,” Faye stuttered, sounding suddenly nervous.

Then she looked between Jesse and me, and

called out, “Hey, Linda! Look who I’ve found!” We

turned to look. Standing about fifty feet away was

Linda Hamilton. Now, Linda was a very pretty girl.

Even two faggy boys like Jesse and I knew that!

She was also the daughter of one of the richest

men in Fullerton as well. “Who is that?” Linda

replied, shading her eyes with her hand. What Faye

said next caught me by surprise. “It’s your Prince

Andrew and his friend, Jesse! Come on over here!”

she said, waving Linda toward us. I turned fully to

face Linda. She came up to me, and said with a

giggle, “Hi, there! I’m Linda Hamilton!” She stuck

out her hand. Again, as I had with Faye, I took just

the tips of her fingers in my hand. Bowing slightly, I

spoke in my best voice. “Hello, Linda. I’ve noticed

you around school, but we’ve never been

introduced. I’m Andrew van Ryan, and this is my

very good friend, Jesse Dahlinger. It’s a pleasure

to meet you!” I said, and gave a slight tug on her

fingers, ending my bow.

Linda smiled and giggled, “Oh, wow! You really

are a gentleman! Ah, I mean I’ve heard that you

were,... but I didn’t expect this!” Jesse broke in

saying, “I’m Jesse. Good to meet you, Linda. So,

what else have you heard about Andy?” Linda

answered him saying, “That he’s got some kind of

strange powers.” “That’s what I heard, too!” Faye

repeated. I looked at Faye with a somewhat

disapproving look. “Well, it’s true! said Jesse. “So

don’t tease him about it. That might make him mad.”

“Oh, okay...” Faye said, again acting a bit nervous.

“So, are you two here for the day?” asked Linda.

“Oh, no!” Jesse piped in, “We’ve got a beach house

for the week!” “Really?!” asked Faye. “Where?” “That

yellow one right there,” he answered pointing across

the sand. “Oh, My God! We’re staying in the blue

one right next door!” exclaimed Linda.

“Well then, we’ll be neighbors for the week. You’ll

have to stop by and visit with us,” Jesse said. I gave

him a somewhat quizzical look. “What are you two

doing today?” he continued. “Oh, we’re just working

on our tans before summer starts,” came Linda’s

reply. “What are you two doing?” she asked,

sounding a bit coy. “As little as possible...” came our

reply in stereo. Both girls looked shocked. “Oh, My

God! You do say the exact same thing at the same

time! I’d heard rumors you did, but to hear it is really

weird!” Linda giggled. “What’s weird?” we asked

stereo phonically. The girls giggled and stared at us.

“What’s so funny?” Jesse and I continued on in

tandem. “Do you guys practice that, or does it just

happen?” Faye asked. “Practice what?” came our

deadpan reply in tandem. “Oh, wow! That’s really

trippy!” said Linda. “What’s really trippy?” Again we

answered together. “Now stop that! I’m getting

freaked out!” Faye said, laughing. Linda giggled and

stared at me. I tried not to notice. “Well now, ladies.

If you’ll excuse us, Jesse and I have some things

we’re to get done this morning. We’ll see you later

today, perhaps?” “Okay, how about we stop by

around 5:00 PM?” Faye answered. Linda shot a

sideways glance at her. “Alright then, 5:00 PM. We’ll

look forward to it! It’s been a pleasure to meet you”

I answered, and bowed my head ever so slightly.

Jesse chimed in, saying, “We’ll see you then! Have

fun tanning!” while giving a tip of his head as well.

“Okay. Bye!” the two girls answered together. “Wait!

Do the two of you always say things together like

that?” I teased. They just laughed. “Alright. Until five,

then,” I spoke.

Jesse and I turned and started slowly walking

away. After about fifty steps Jesse looked over his

shoulder. I whispered to him, “What are they doing?”

“Still looking,” he whispered back. I didn’t look back.

Not even when we reached the beach house. Jesse

looked again just as we stepped inside. “Still

looking!” he reported. Closing the door, I leaned my

back against the wall and slid to the floor. “Oh, no!”

I whined, “I think Linda likes me! Oh, I don’t want to

have to be nice to a girl! Why’d you say...” “Hold on!”

Jesse said, “This might work to our advantage!”

“What?!” I said, feeling stunned. I looked up at him

from the floor. “Yeah, really. It might! I heard that

Linda has her own car. A Mustang, I think.” Jesse

continued on, “Yeah, I think I heard that her dad

bought her a new Mustang.” “A car?” I asked. “I think

so. For her birthday,” Jesse answered. “A car?

Really?” I said, sitting up. “Yeah, a car! So, maybe

the girls would like to go to the Balboa Fun Zone or

to a movie! And Linda could drive us,” Jesse said,

eyes twinkling.

“Well, now... Perhaps we could find it in our hearts

to escort the ladies out for a night on the town!” I

said to Jesse. We both smiled from ear to ear. The

afternoon passed uneventfully. We only left the

beach house to get more sodas and junk food.

Jesse teased me about Linda, to which I stated,

“Well, Faye seemed like she was looking at you with

plans in her eyes!” This silenced Jesse immediately.

I could see by his pokerfaced expression he hadn’t

considered the possibility. “You are kidding me,

right?” he asked. “Nope! I think she likes you, Jess!”

I answered. “Oh...I see...” Jesse said softly, looking

at the floor. I could tell that he was as thrilled with

the idea of it as I was. We didn’t say any more about

it until just before five when Jesse said, “Now,

remember. We’ll ask if they want to go to the Fun

Zone and maybe a movie, okay?” I just nodded in


At exactly five o’clock, I heard the side gate open.

Linda and Faye, now in Jeans and T-shirts poked

their heads through the open doorway. “Hi! Can we

come in?” Linda said with a smile. “Of course! We’ve

been expecting you,” I said, and stood up. They

came in, and I invited them to sit down. Jesse asked

if they’d like a soda, and ran to the kitchen to get

them. Looking around the room, Faye noticed

Jesse’s two acoustic guitars. “Do you guys play

guitar?” she asked. Returning with the drinks, Jesse

answered, “Yeah, but Andy is actually a drummer.

He only plays guitar when we’re singing songs with

the acoustic guitars.” “You guys sing, too?” Linda

asked. “Yes, would you care to hear something?” I

asked. “Sure!” came their chorused reply.

“Okay,... let’s see,” Jesse said while handing me

one of the instruments. “Let’s play the new one we

learned this morning,” I suggested. “All right, good

idea” Jesse answered, and counted us in. Jess

played the guitar melody, and I played the rhythm

as we started. We sang in harmony, doing our best

to sound like the Searchers...

     "I can feel a new expression on my face

I can feel a glowing sensation taking place

I can hear guitars playing lovely tunes

Every time that you walk in the room

I close my eyes for a second and pretend it’s me

you want

Meanwhile I try to act so nonchalant

I see a summer’s night under a magic moon

Every time that you walk in the room..."

I noticed Linda was staring at me as we

continued singing...

    "Maybe it’s a dream come true

Walkin’ right along side of you

Wish I could tell you how much I care

But I only have the nerve to stare

I can feel a something pounding in my brain

Just any time that someone speaks your name

Trumpets sound and I hear thunder boom

Every time that you walk in the room

Yes, Every time that you walk in the room..."

    Jesse played the repeating guitar melody at the

end, and we finished with a big sustained chord.

Linda was still staring. “How was that?” Jesse asked.

“You guys are great!” Faye said. “Don’t you think so,

Linda?” Linda looked at Faye with a blank

expression. “Huh?” she said. “Oh, oh yeah. I’m sorry,

I was thinking about the song. I really liked it. I didn’t

know you guys had a band,” Linda continued. “Well,

we’ve got part of a band,” I answered. “Jess and I

need a bass player and a keyboard player. Then

we’d have a band.” “Well, I’m the head of the dance

committee,” Faye said. “And as soon as you guys

do have a band, we’ll have you play at a dance.

That song was better than any of the bands we’ve

auditioned this year! How many songs can you

play?” “Let’s see, now… with the two we learned

today, it makes 83 songs” Jesse replied.

“Are you kidding?!” Faye said, sounding shocked.

“When bands audition for us, they usually have

about twenty five! Max! Just let us know when you

have a complete band!” Jesse and I looked at each

other, and spoke simultaneously. “Yep, we definitely

need a bass player!” This brought back the giggles

to Faye and Linda. Turning to look at me, Linda

asked, “So, what are you two doing tonight?” “No

plans, actually,” I answered. “Well, Faye and I were

wondering if you two would like to go to a movie,

and then to the Fun Zone,” Linda said, smiling.

“Sounds like it would be fun, but how would we get

there?” I asked. “Oh, my dad got me a Shelby

Mustang GT-350 for my birthday! I’ll drive!” Linda

said with a coy look. I stared for a moment then

blurted out, “A Shelby?! Does Doug know you have

a Shelby?” “Oh, yeah! He wanted to race me the

first day. I totally beat his ass!” Linda said, and then

covered her mouth with her hand. Faye’s mouth

dropped open. “Linda!” Faye said, sounding

shocked. “That’s all right! I’ve heard the word many

times before,” I said smiling. “Really? You beat

Doug? Well, he hasn’t said anything to us about it,

not that he would! He’d never admit to losing!” I

started to laugh. “Yeah, well I beat him by quite a

ways, and he just looked at me like he was going to

cry,” Linda continued. “He didn’t like losing to a girl,


“I can’t wait to see him!” Jesse said, laughing, “I

want to rub it in!” “Now, Jesse! Doug’s been a good

friend to us. Let’s not hurt his feelings,” I said,

thinking about the day Les and Eric had run away.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” Jesse replied. “Maybe

I’ll tease him just a little!” “So, what time tonight

would you ladies want to leave?” I asked, turning

back towards Linda. “How about 7:00? We’d make

the second show, and have about an hour after the

movie to roam around the Fun Zone,” Linda

answered. “That sounds fine! Seven it will be!” I

replied. “Okay, at seven. Faye, lets get going! We

have to make dinner, and then get ready,” Linda


“Okay, see you two later,”I said. “Bye, Jesse!” Faye

said looking over her shoulder as they headed for

the door. “See you!” Jesse replied. I could hear them

giggling as they stepped through the side gate, and

walked to the house next door. I motioned for Jesse

to follow me. I went into the den and closed the

door behind us. “I told you Faye likes you! What the

hell are we going to do?” I said sounding a bit

nervous. “Just what they want us to do, Andy!” he

answered. “Huh?” came my reply. “Just what they

want us to do. You know. They’ll probably expect us

to hold their hands, and kiss ‘em during the movie.

Then hold hands with ‘em at the Fun Zone, and

give ‘em a goodnight kiss, too!” Jesse answered.

“Oh, shit!” I said. “Yeah well, I’m not thrilled about it

either, but if we want to have a shot at playing the

Dances, we’d better treat ‘em the way they want”

Jesse said.

“Well, if I gotta kiss Linda, I want to know that she’s

kissing your cum!” I said, and grabbed his ass. “Oh,

I like that idea!” Jesse said, just before our lips met.

I must have sucked his cock for an hour. He did

mine likewise, and we must have blown our wads

into each other’s hungry mouths three or four times

before we quit. I loved the idea of Linda kissing

Jesse’s’ cum out of my mouth. The more I thought

of it, the more I wanted to suck him off. I would get

him once more in the shower before we left. He

returned the favor by having me fuck his tight butt

hole with my eight-inch rod. He loved to have me

fuck him, although he’d never asked me to let him

fuck my ass. Just as well, I thought. It seemed like it

would hurt. Jesse had obviously gotten used to it,

cause it never seemed to hurt him. The way he

would grab my cock and shove it in his boy hole

amazed me. I loved giving it and he loved getting it!

Mary returned while we were in the shower and

fixed dinner. We ate and then got dressed. Mary

asked us when we were going to be home, and I

said the girls seemed to have it planned that we’d

be home about 11:00 PM.

“That’s fine, boys. Now, before you leave, do you

remember the rules?” Mary quizzed. “Yes, Ma’am!

No inside jokes, no ‘suggestive’ remarks and never

admit anything to anyone!” we replied in stereo. Mary

had come to treat our dual responses as normal,

or so we thought. Unknown to us she would make

a note of it every time in the notebook she kept.

However, it would be quite some time before we

knew that she had been keeping track and why.

“That’s almost right,” Mary said, correcting us. “Never

act jealous! It will raise suspicions quickly if you do.

Another thing. I’ve been meaning to say I’m a little

unhappy about you two telling the boys you met

last night...” “Oh, crap!” I said out loud, interrupting

her. “Oh, we forgot about them!” Jesse said. “They

may come by tonight. Could you tell them we went

out somewhere, and that we won’t be home until

late?” Mary gave us both a disapproving look, and

answered “Okay, but you should have remembered.

Now get going, or you’ll be late!” We took a last

look in the mirror, and I gave Jesse a quick kiss.

“Just for luck,” I said. “I guess this is it!” Jesse replied.

We walked down the stairs, and through the living

room. Out the door we went, exiting the side gate.

We entered the yard of the next house, and stepped

up to the door. Jesse knocked, and a deep male

voice called “Come in.” We entered and in the living

room stood Linda’s’ dad. A tall imposing man in his

fifties with graying hair and sharply dressed, even

in the casual clothes he was wearing. He turned

and looked us over. “Hello, Sir,” I said stepping

forward. “I’m Andrew van Ryan, and this is my best

friend, Jesse Dahlinger.” I spoke using my best

manners. “Well, hello young man,” Mr. Hamilton said

reaching out his hand to shake. We shook hands,

and then Jesse shook hands with him, saying, “Very

good to meet you, Sir!”

Mr. Hamilton looked over my shoulder, and said,

“Well, Linda. You were right for once! These young

men do have manners!” I turned to the sound of

giggling. There was Linda and Faye looking a bit

embarrassed. As they entered the room, I said,

“Good evening Linda, Faye. You’re looking lovely

this evening,” and I dipped my head to the side, the

slight bow that was becoming a trademark of the

Prince. ‘Well, now. You kids have a good time and

Linda, don’t be driving that car too fast!” Mr. Hamilton

said. “We’ll see you later. Nice to meet you, Andy.

I’ve heard a great deal about you, so it’s nice to

finally meet you. Nice to meet you as well, Jesse.”

Mr. Hamilton turned, and sat down to resume his


We stepped out the side door, and into the alley

where I saw the Shelby. ‘What a car!’ I thought. But

the words I spoke were very different. “How is it

that your father has heard a great deal about me?”

I asked. “Oh, I’ll tell you later. Let’s get going!” Linda

giggled, “If she doesn’t tell you, I will!” said Faye.

Linda shot a mean look at Faye. Faye merely

laughed. “C’mon Jesse, we’ll sit in the back,” Faye

said, and grabbed him by the arm. “Poor Jesse,” I

thought. I walked to the drivers’ side and opened

the door for Linda. “Wow!” she giggled. “What a

gentleman! I’ve never had a guy open my door for

me!” “Never?” I said, truly astonished. “Never!” Linda

replied, and jumped in. “Hummm, that seems odd,”

I said to myself as I closed her door. When I reached

the open passenger side door, I noticed that Faye

was arm in arm with Jesse. He looked

uncomfortable, but was making small talk anyway.

Closing the door behind me, I asked, “What movie

are we going to see, anyway?”

“I don’t know. Guess we’ll find out when we get

there,” Linda answered, and started the Mustang.

The Cobra engine roared to life, and I knew this

was going to be one hell of a thrill ride! We pulled

out of the alley very slowly and onto Newport Blvd.

The light turned green, and Linda idled away from

the stop. “I have to get at least five blocks away

before I jump on it,” she explained, “My dad listens

for me to burn the tires!” “I understand,” I said

nodding my head. Once we made it the five blocks

Linda still waited two more, just for good measure.

At the seventh light, she gave only a smile as

indication of what was coming. As the signal light

turned green, she put her foot into it and the Shelby

roared in response. The tires burned, and the car

lunged forward making the next five blocks in a wink!

“Whoa! Doug wishes his 400-R would accelerate

like this!” Jesse shouted from the back. “No doubt,

Jesse boy!” Faye said. As I was turning to look at

them, Faye suddenly planted a kiss on Jess. His

eyes bugged out of his head, and then closed. I felt

like laughing, but stifled it so as not to seem strange

to the girls. Arriving at the Cinema, I noticed the

marquee read, “The Producers.” “Never heard of

that film, have you?” I asked Linda. “No, have you?”

Linda said, turning towards the back seat. Faye still

had Jesse in a lip-lock. “Faye!” Linda exclaimed.

“What?! Oh, sorry!” she giggled. Jesse turned

bright red! I couldn’t help but smile at Jess, which

seemed to deepen his redness. Linda stared at Faye

with her mouth hanging open. “Oh, quit acting!” Faye

said to Linda. “What!?” Linda said sounding

astonished. “You know what I’m talking about!” Faye

continued, “She’s not as innocent as she acts,

Andy!” “Faye, let me speak for myself, okay?” Linda

interrupted. Faye laughed with a devilish laugh. I

though to myself at least she and Jesse shared

some personality traits! “C’mon, lets get inside!”

Linda said, quickly changing the subject. Thinking

it would be expected, I offered her my arm. “Oh,

okay. Thanks, Andrew!” Linda said. “Andrew?” I

replied, “I thought we were on a more familiar basis.”

“I like the way it sounds. Andrew. It’s more fitting. At

least I think so,” she said smiling. “Well then, if you

like it, you may call me Andrew,” I answered. Jess

and I paid for the girls and found our seats. Faye

and Linda excused themselves to the lady’s room. I

looked at Jesse and raised one eyebrow.

“God, Faye’s all over me!” Jesse whispered. “I

noticed!” I replied with a smile. “Just go along with

it.” He nodded his head, and whispered, “Find out

what her dad has heard about you.” “I intend to. It

has me wondering what she’s been saying about

me,” I whispered back, as the upcoming movie

preview ended. “Don’t be surprised if she wants to

continue dating!” Jesse whispered back. I started

to roll my eyes upward, but I spotted the girls

returning. “There they are!” I said, just as they

spotted us. “Hi, did we interrupt something,” Linda

smiled. “Yes” I replied. Jesse looked suddenly

pokerfaced. “I was telling Jesse why women use

rest rooms together.” Jesse’s expression was

somewhere between confused and horrified. “Oh?

And what’s the reason?” Linda said, looking

somewhat confused herself. “Because women are

actually space aliens. The one keeps a lookout while

the other radios the mother ship,” I replied with a

deadpan face.

Total silence. I was about to think I’d made the

biggest mistake I could have possibly made when

the girls exploded with laughter. Jesse’s mouth

dropped open, and he began to laugh as well. I sat

straight faced and waited. It took the three of them

several minutes to compose themselves. It was time

to finish them off! “What?” I deadpanned again.

They howled! Suddenly the movie screen sprang

to life and other voices from the darkness hissed,

“Shhh!!... This only had the effect of breaking them

up again! Again, the voices hissed, “Shhh!!... The

three of them worked hard at trying to stifle their

laughter. Linda was still giggling when she suddenly

leaned over, put her hand on the back of my head,

and kissed me! I was startled, but I kept my wits

about me. I kissed back. Suddenly, my mind thought

of the fact that Linda was kissing Jesse’s cum out

of my mouth. My cock hardened instantly! I found

this thought incredibly sexy, and it turned me on.

Linda broke the kiss, looked at me, and said, “Wow!

Do you always kiss like that?” “I don’t know what

you mean,” I said, speaking truthfully. “Well, keep

kissing me like that!” she replied, and kissed me


I think she was turned on, judging by the way she

kissed. I kept thinking about her tasting Jesse, and

it got me so hard, I thought I would cum if she even

touched my cock. Fortunately, Linda and Faye

weren’t as experienced as they put on. They were

typical “good girls acting bad.” We watched some

of the movie that turned out to be quite funny. The

second feature, “What’s up Tiger Lily?” was just as

funny, but in a different way. I would have watched

either film all the way through, but Linda was

interested in kissing. And I was interested in letting

her kiss me as I thought of Jesse’s cock spewing

cum in my mouth and her licking it out! Several times

I had to make her wait while I got control of my

throbbing boy cock! The second time I stopped her,

she asked me, “What’s wrong?” “It’s not what’s

wrong, it’s what’s right. If you keep that up, I won’t

be able to walk out of the theater,” I said. “Why?”

she asked, sounding naive. “Because I’m about to

cum in my pants, Linda!” I whispered. She looked

at me wide-eyed, and her face turned red. She

giggled, “Andy!”

“Well, I don’t like to lie, so I’m telling you the truth,”

I said. This seemed to turn her on. She stared at

me, and it reminded me of the look Jesse gave me

just before he and I kissed the first time. That turned

me on! We kissed again. When she broke the kiss,

she said, “If I make you cum in your pants, you can

put the long coat I brought on. It’s a man’s coat,

anyway,” and she kissed me passionately. At this

point I didn’t care if I came in my pants. But what I

really wanted was Jesse. I looked over and saw that

he and Faye were doing just fine, kissing without a

break! My thoughts were of how Jesse had moaned

my name as I had rammed his ass in the shower

earlier. I kept thinking of how much I loved Jesse,

and how much he loved me. I could envision my

cock sliding in and out of his boy hole, and my balls

slapping against his. I could imagine his hard cock

in my hand, and me jacking him off as I hammered

his asshole. I could almost hear him calling my

name, “Andy, Andy,” like he so often did. Then

suddenly, I realized he was calling my name!

“Huh? Jesse? Are you talking to me?” I said,

sounding surprised. “Uh, Yeah,...” he answered,

suddenly realizing what he was doing. “What do you

want?” I asked. I hoped I didn’t sound as horrified

as I really was. “What time is it?” he faked a reply.

“I’m not wearing my watch,” I said, knowing fully

that I didn’t own a watch. Faye started laughing,

“What’s so funny?” Jesse asked. “At first I thought

you were calling Andy’s name because I was kissing

your neck.” “Why would I do that?” Jesse said,

playing dumb. “Oh, God! Faye!” Linda scolded.

“Eeewwwww!!!” Jesse and I suddenly said in

tandem. “I just wanted to know the time. We didn’t

expect it to be a double feature,” Jesse said. “Oh,

that’s right!” I said, “What time is it?” I asked. “11:00”

said Linda. “Well, the Fun Zone is closed, and the

credits are starting to roll. The lights will be on any

sec,...” I was saying, as the house lights interrupted

me. “Damn! Look at that!” Linda suddenly exclaimed.

I looked at her, and saw she was staring at my lap,

eyes wide and her mouth open. I looked down

expecting a wet spot, but there was none. “What?”

I asked. “That!” she and Faye both said. I looked

again. No wet spot. “What?!” I asked again. “That

thing in your pants!” Linda giggled. I suddenly

realized that my cock was standing out hard as a

rock, and that all eight inches were easily seen by

anyone. “Oh, shit!” I said turning red. “Ha! That’s

the first time I’ve heard you swear!” Linda laughed.

“How am I gonna’ walk out of here like that?” I

said, thinking out loud. “Here, put this on,” Linda

said, handing me her long coat. “Jesse seems to

have the same problem!” Faye said, giggling. “Oh,

no!” Jesse said, looking horrified. Sure enough, his

cock was straining against the cloth of his pant leg.

Additionally, a small wet spot of pre-cum showed at

the tip. Faye seemed proud of herself for making

him practically cum in his pants. “Here, walk behind

Linda and next to the wall. I’ll walk next to you, and

no one will see,” Faye smiled. “Let’s go!” Linda said,

“I told my dad we’d be home no later than 11:30.

We’re going to have to hurry to make it!” “What

happens if you’re late?” I asked. “You and I won’t be

going out again!” she answered, sounding worried.

As we pulled into the alley, I could see that the

lights in both houses were still on. Linda cut the

engine, and we rolled to a silent stop. “Okay, just

walk us to the side gate,” she said. “No, we’ll walk

you to the door. If there is a problem with us being

late, I’ll handle it,” I said confidently “Jesse...” I

stopped short, as I looked over my shoulder. Faye

had him locked in her grip, lips smashed together.

“Faye! We’re going to be late!” Linda scolded. “Oh,

sorry!” she said, giggling. Jesse looked

embarrassed, and was blushing so red it showed

even in the dark! “C’mon, lets go!” I said. We walked

to the side gate, and I opened it for them, and then

stepped to the door. “Thank you for a wonderful

evening, Ladies!” I said, loud enough for anyone

inside to overhear. “Hopefully, we can see you

again?” I asked. “Oh, I think we might be able to,”

Linda said. “Goodnight, Prince Andrew.” Then she

kissed me, not much more than a peck. I figured

this was a sign that Linda was trying to be ‘good for

Daddy.’ Faye had laid a lip lock on Jesse the whole

time I was talking to Linda. Linda broke the kiss,

and started to open the door. Faye immediately let

Jesse go, and turned to step inside. Suddenly, I

heard a deep male voice from inside the house,

    “Thank you, Andrew for seeing the girls home safely

and on time! You’re an impressive young man. Now,

c’mon girls, it’s 11:30. Goodnight, boys.” Linda’s dad

must be very protective, I thought to myself. Jesse

and I walked back to our beach house. Once inside

the gate, I started to stare at him, smiling slightly.

“What?” he said. I started laughing. We got inside

and I closed the door before really laughing out loud.

“What?” Jesse was giggling as well. “You remember

when we used to say that to each other all the time?”

I said. “Yeah, I remember!” Jesse smiled.

       To be continued........