The usual disclaimers apply, so if you are under 18, you shouldn't be here! This is the first story I ever wrote. It tells all  about Jesse, my "first love", as well as being an autobiography. Please take special notice of how different life was then for gay teenagers. Think of how it is now, and think of how you can make life better for gay teens, now and tomorrow. This book is novel length, at well over a thousand pages in total, and I'll warn you now it contains numerous depictions of gay sex between teenage boys. If you would be offended, don't read this. If you're not offended by the subject matter, please read on. I'd like to hear from you and to read your comments.
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The Prince of Main Street

by Andrew Simon van Ryan

Alex Hoffrin, editing

copyright 1999
all rights reserved

This book is dedicated to the memory of
Jesse Dahlinger, Born September 31, 1953
Reported missing, September 31 1971
Declared legally Deceased, September 31st, 1983
His Case Remains Unsolved


Mary Dahlinger
Loving Mother of Jesse and Andrew

  this book is
for my Friend

Terrence “TJ” Julian

Chapter Six

   “Boys! Can you come in here?” Mary called from
her bedroom. “What’s up, Mom?” we both said, as
we walked into the room. “Tell me how everything
went,” she asked us. We looked at each other, then
I spoke, “Well, it was all right, I guess. We didn’t get
to see that much of the movies, ‘cause the girls just
wanted to make out.” “You two were making out with
girls at the movies?” Mary said, almost sounding
astonished. “How did you like it?” We looked at each
other, and our noses wrinkled up. “Eeeeuuuuwww,”
we both said. Mary laughed and said, “I see. Well, I
guess that means you’re still in love with each
other?” “Oh, yeah! Of course we’re in still in love!”
we both responded. Then, in a rather
uncharacteristic manner, we both started babbling
about how the girls we’re kind’a strange to kiss, and
how they felt weird, and other reasons of why we
didn’t dig making out with them. We talked over the
top of each other, rather that together. “We’ve known
for quite a while now that we’re homosexuals, and I
don’t think that’s going to change,” I said. “Nope!”
Jesse said reinforcing. “I didn’t think so,” Mary said,
then continued, “But do you think they’d go out with
you from time to time, you know, to keep others
from getting suspicious?”
“Oh, no problem with Faye and Jesse! Of course,
he may pass out from lack of oxygen! They kiss
non-stop!” I teased. “You dick! You and Linda were
kissing as much as Faye and I were!” he protested.
“Yeah, but you came in your pants!” I said, laughing
out loud. “Only ‘cause I was thinking about you!” he
smiled. “You were?!” I said, incredulously. “That’s
what I was doing with Linda! I was thinking about
you!” At this point we both started laughing out loud.
Mary sat in her bed, shaking her head. “Okay, My
Little Princes. That confirms you two won’t be turning
straight on each other. It’s getting late, now. You’d
better get to bed.”
“That’s a real good idea!” we both said, looking at
each other. “Now, I meant for you to get some sleep!”
Mary smiled. “We, will,” came our reply as we started
down the hall and up the stairs. “After I fuck the
living shit out of you!” I whispered to Jesse. More
laughing out loud. “I mean it!” we heard Mary call
up the stairs after us. Jesse said, “I gotta use the
head.” I don’t know where he had learned that
saying, but he always called the toilet, “the head.” I
nodded and walked into our room. I stripped off my
clothes, and turned to pull down the covers of the
bed. My cock was about half-erect in anticipation of
fucking Jess’ tight little boy hole. I was about to crawl
into bed when I thought I saw something out of the
corner of my eye. Something caught my attention
out the window. I looked toward it, and realized it
was a flashlight. And it was pointed at me from the
darkened room in the house next door! ‘Oh, My
God!’ I thought. Who was it? Was it Linda and Faye,
spying, or did Linda have a brother or sister? Or,
God forbid, Linda’s dad!! I jumped across the room,
and shut off the light just as Jesse started to open
the door. “Hey, why’d you turn off the light?” Jesse
started. “Shh!!... I was almost whispering. “Get down!
Are you wearing anything?” “Of course not! Is this
some kind of fantasy of yours?” Jesse questioned.
“No! Stay down! And find something to put on!” I
wasn’t whispering anymore, but neither was I
speaking loudly.
Suddenly, Jesse’s attitude changed. His voice
gave it away. “Andy, what’s wrong? You’re lisp is
back!” Over the last six months, Jess had come to
notice that whenever I was upset, panicky or afraid
for any reason, a slight lisp could be heard slipping
back into my voice. “There’s a flashlight pointed at
us from the other house!” I said in a hushed voice,
trying not to lisp. “What?! Where?” Jesse sat up,
and peeked out. Just as he did, the light came on in
the room of the other house. Faye and Linda stood
there, laughing their asses off, dressed in their night
gowns. “Fuck!!” I said, “I don’t believe it! What a
couple of perverts! They were waiting in the dark
and as soon as I was naked, they started pointing
that light at me!” I snarled. “Shit yeah, I know Faye’s
a pervert!” Jesse said. “Why?” I whispered. “’Cause
she kept rubbing my cock on the way home!” Jesse
said. “She did?!” I was shocked. Here was my
boyfriend telling me that some girl had been feeling
him up, right under my nose!! I suddenly felt very
jealous. “Jesse! Why’d you let her?!” I demanded.
“’Cause I kept my eyes closed, and made believe it
was you! But she doesn’t know what the hell she’s
doing! She was kinda’ hurting me, too.”
His voice trailed off. I had gotten to know this was
a sign that he was upset, depressed or about to
cry. “Well, let’s find something to put on, quick!” I
said, trying to snap him back to reality. “Were are
your pants?” he asked. “By the bed, on the floor,” I
answered. Jesse quickly found them. I could see
the flashlight reflecting off the walls in our room
again. I slid the Levis on, and asked Jesse if he had
anything on yet. “Yeah, my robe was here on the
floor. “Okay, let’s stand up!” I commanded. The light
in their room was on, and you could see they were
giggling as they flashed the light into our dark room.
I reached out, and flipped the wall switch. They broke
out in gales of laughter when they saw us standing
there, Jesse, his arms folded, and a “You’ve been
bad!” look on his face. I was still red faced, but did I
give them a look! I narrowed my lips, squinted my
eyes, looked down my nose and folded my arms.
Faye suddenly stopped laughing. She gave me a
look like, “Uh, oh!” Then it happened. Blam! A huge
green and white flash cut through the nighttime sky.
All the lights in the neighborhood flickered then went
dark! “What the Hell?!” said Jesse. “Something blew
up, and close by,” I said. Suddenly, we could hear
screams coming from across the way. “We’re sorry,
Andy! Don’t be mad! Please?!!!” I slid open our
window. “What was that?” I asked. “We’re sorry!
Don’t be mad at us!” came the girls’ voices from the
dark. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow!” I said, and slid
the window shut again.
“Jesse? Andy? What happened?” Mary’s voice
called up the stairs. “C’mon,” I said and we slipped
out of the room. We felt our way downstairs to where
Mary was standing. “What happened?” Mary asked.
“Oh, the power went off everywhere,” I began. “No,
I mean who were you talking to? she asked us. “I
heard girls voices.” “Oh, Linda and Faye. They were
apologizing to me from across the way.” Mary lit a
candle. “Apologizing? For what?” She asked. “They
were waiting in their room with the lights off, and
when Andy took all his clothes off, they put a
flashlight on him!” Jesse said, answering for me.
“Oh, no!” Mary said, looking horrified. “Oh, boys,
I’m so sorry!” she continued. “About what?” we both
said. “That they saw the two of you and they...” I cut
her off in mid sentence. “No, Jesse was still in the
bathroom. They only saw me!” I corrected. There
was a long pause, then Mary sighed, “Oh, boys!
Thank God they didn’t see you together!” Then she
did something I’d never seen her do before. She
“Hey! What’s wrong, Mom?” we both asked. She
stood there, and then suddenly took both of us in
her arms, still crying. “I couldn’t stand to have
anything happen to the two of you! You’re my little
Princes!” and she began to sob. “C’mon let sit on
the sofa,” I said, and lead the way. Mary composed
herself quickly, saying she was sorry for crying. “You
don’t need to say that, Mom,” Jesse said softly.
“There’s no reason to be sorry,” I added, then
giggled, and said, “Besides, They think I caused
the power to go out!” Mary and Jesse looked at me,
puzzled. “What?” she asked. “They think I caused
the power to go off. I’d just turned the light on in our
room back on, and I gave Faye a dirty look. She
was the one laughing the hardest, and I gave her
this look and she stopped. Right when she did, there
was this big blue green flash in the sky and bam!
All the lights went out. They opened their window
and were saying they were sorry, and asked if I
would forgive them. I said, ‘We’ll talk tomorrow’, and
shut our window. That’s when we heard you calling
us,” I explained in a rambling way.
“But how could you have caused it, Andy?” Mary
asked. “Oh it’s a long story, but this morning Jesse
had asked Faye what she knew about me, and Faye
had responded, ‘He’s a gentleman and that he’s got
some kind of strange powers.’ So Jesse told her,
‘Well, it’s all true! So, don’t ever make him mad!’” I
giggled again. “Oh, That’s right!” Jesse smiled, and
then I went on, saying, “She asked what would
happen if I got mad and I said, ‘You really don’t want
me to answer that, do you?’ I guess it kind of freaked
her out,” I concluded. “Yeah, well now she’s really
freakin’ out!” said Jesse. “When you turned the light
on, and she saw you, her face went dead serious in
about one-half of a second, Andy! They probably
think you’re really mad, and that you blew all the
lights out!”
“Yep! The Prince of Main Street’s legend just got
a whole lot bigger, I believe!” I said, sounding smug.
“Well, thank God they didn’t see you two together!”
Mary stated. “Yeah, but they got to hear Jesse
moaning my name in the theater, instead!” I replied.
“What?!” Mary’s mouth fell open as she looked
towards her son. “Yep. Said it twice while Faye was
kissing his neck! I almost freaked out, myself!” I
continued. “I almost blew it. If Andy hadn’t answered
me, I would have kept doing it,” he started to trail off
a little. “If he hadn’t... well, saved us,” he finished.
“No, you saved us!” I corrected him. “Remember,
when I asked you, ‘what do you want?’ you asked if
I knew what time it was! Good thinking! Totally
covered it up! Since the girls had to get home right
away, that was the end of that!” I said, smiling at my
boyfriend sitting next to me on the couch. “Yeah, I
guess I did save us!” He smiled too, so I leaned
over and gave him a kiss.
“Well, you definitely can’t make that mistake again,
Jesse!” Mary interrupted. “I love you two so much,
it would kill me if something did happen. So, where
do you want to sleep tonight?” Mary asked, figuring
we wouldn’t want to sleep in the room upstairs. “How
about my room, and I’ll sleep in yours?” she asked.
“Okay!” came our stereo answer, “After the lights
come on!” Mary, Jesse and I sat in the living room
chatting for a long time, waiting for the lights to come
back on. At some point, Jesse and I must have fallen
off to sleep. All I know is that when the lights did
come back on, we were snuggled up together on
the sofa. Mary was gone, but she had covered us
up with a comforter. The lights were all on when the
power went out, so I awakened in a fully-lit room.
“Jesse? Are you awake?” I said. “Umm...” my
boyfriend merely grunted at me. I couldn’t help but
smile, looking at him curled up next to me. He had
gotten into the habit of holding my arm or hand while
he slept. I think it made him feel secure. I know it
made both of us sleep better.
I’d only had my recurring nightmare twice since
the day Les had run away, and the Prince had saved
me from the crowd of seniors. Both of those times I
had been at my parents’ house, during the days of
the week when I was there, and without Jesse. I
hated those days when he and I were apart. I wished
that my parents could understand about our
relationship like Mary did. I loved my mother and
father, but they wouldn’t have been able to accept
that he and I were lovers. So, I had to live with the
stress that resulted from my fear of us being
discovered by my parents. They didn’t seem to mind
I was living at Jesse’s more than I was at home.
Les was keeping them busy with the problems he
created. He didn’t have me or my sister around, so
he got all their attention, yet still he seemed to want
more. When I was home, all he would talk about is
how he was about to graduate, and soon he would
no longer have do anything except what he wanted
to do. I figured he and Eric would move to Hollywood
or San Francisco together. They would always talk
about moving out, and how cool they would be.
I didn’t want to move anywhere but to Jesse’s
house, full time. That wasn’t going to happen for
now, anyway. Five days a week was as much as I
could get away with. Mother wished I was home
more, because she missed her baby, as women are
prone to say of their youngest and last child. I
despised hearing the word used with reference to
me. Yes, I was the youngest, but I was a teenager,
not a baby! Then Jesse stirred and my thoughts
returned to the here and now. “Jess?” I whispered.
“What?” he groaned. “Let’s go get into bed. It’s really
late,” I said. “C’mon.” I got up. He opened one eye,
and asked, “Where’s Mom?” “I don’t know. In bed, I
guess. C’mon, let’s go,” I said, tugging at his hand. I
had to pull him up off the sofa, and lead him to the
downstairs bedroom. Mary had made up the bed
for us fresh, and laid out our robes for the morning.
Also, I spotted a note on the pillow. I reached for it
as Jesse crawled into bed. It read, “Boys: I think I’ll
take us out for breakfast tomorrow, and then drop
you back off here. I have one appointment I have to
keep about eleven. I set your clock for eight. Sleep
tight, My Little Princes! Love, Mom.”
I smiled and opened my mouth to speak to Jesse,
but he was already asleep again. “Hmm!... I want to
fuck and he falls asleep!” I thought to myself. I looked
at the clock, and it read 4:18 AM in big white letters.
“Alright then, sleep it is, I thought as I turned out
the light and snuggled up to him. Instinctively, Jesse
reached over and grabbed my hand. I smiled to
myself there in the darkness. “I love you, Jesse,” I
whispered, and shut my eyes. When the alarm went
off, it jolted me awake. “Huh?!” I said, sitting up
straight. Looking around, I saw that Jesse was
missing. I smacked the alarm with my hand, pissed
off that it had startled me awake. Putting on my robe,
I walked to the door. Suddenly, I became aware of
multiple voices down the hall. I opened the door
carefully, and listened for a moment. I immediately
recognized Faye’s voice chattering on. Then Jesse’s,
along with other voices, laughing. I quietly crept
down the hall, and listened. “It sure seemed like he
did! I mean he just gave me this angry look, and
boom! Out go the lights! It really freaked me out!”
Faye was saying, “I told you not to make him mad,
didn’t I?” Jesse replied. “Yeah, but I didn’t know you
really meant it! I didn’t know there were people who
could really do stuff like that!” she continued on.
“What else does he do?” asked Linda.
I slipped into the room behind them. Jesse caught
a glimpse of me over their shoulders, and said,
“Well, all kinds of things, really. It depends.” I quietly
sat down in the big armchair behind them, and
assumed a pose like I’d been sitting there all along.
I spotted Mary’s coffee cup from earlier that morning
next to the chair. Picking it up, I held it like I was
about to take a sip. Jesse continued, saying, “You
never know when he might suddenly appear out of
nowhere!” “Did I hear my name mentioned?” I said,
speaking up. Both girls shrieked as they spun
around. There I was, lounging in the chair, less that
five feet from them, legs over the side, and looking
like I had been there forever.
“Oh, My God! Where did you come from?” Faye
exclaimed. “Fullerton, of course,” I replied, sounding
like a true smart ass. “How did you get there?!” Linda
said. Her eyes were as wide as saucers. I just smiled
and raised my one eyebrow. “About last night,” I
began, changing the subject. “Are the two of you in
the habit of peeping in boys’ windows?” They both
turned red-faced. “Oh, Andy! I’m so sorry!” Linda
began. “We didn’t know that you slept naked!
Honestly, I wasn’t trying to see what you looked like
without...” Linda suddenly realized what she was
saying. “I didn’t mean to make you mad!” Faye said,
sounding truly scared. “Well, maybe I’m mad, and
maybe I’m not. Just how much of me did you see?”
I asked, staring at them both. “Uh, well... most
everything… I guess,” Linda said, looking at her feet.
“I see. And what did you think was so funny? What
made you laugh?” I continued. “Well, I... I’ve never
seen… seen know, thing that big before,”
she said. I couldn’t keep it in any longer. I burst out
laughing, and Jess followed in immediately. Our
laughs became howls.
“You were looking at how big my penis is?” I said,
and we began laughing again. “Well?!!” Linda
giggled, “I was surprised. I didn’t know they got that
big!” “Yeah, me neither! I was laughing because I’ve
never seen one like that before, and I was a little
embarrassed to be caught looking at it!” Faye
added. “Caught looking at you, is what you mean to
say. I’m me. It’s a part of me. It’s not an ‘it’ by itself!”
I said, which got the girls laughing. “There, that’s
better! I’m not mad now, but in the future, if you
want to look at me naked, just ask. Don’t peek at
me from darkened rooms!” I said to them, acting
like it was no big deal. “I’m not sure I want Faye
looking at you naked, Andrew.” Linda said, looking
down at her toes. “I see. At least I think I do,” came
my reply. “Faye. Don’t ask me to strip for you, I’m off
limits! Only Linda can see me take my clothes off!”
“What the hell am I saying?” I thought as I was
speaking. I looked at Jesse and smiled. He smiled
back, realizing that I was being a prankster. I almost
flipped out of my chair at what Linda said next. “So,
could I watch you take your shower?” “Oh, shit
Andy!” I thought to myself. “You’ve shot your mouth
off this time!” If I said no, it would mean that I was
pulling their leg and they wouldn’t take anything I
said seriously after that. Linda was calling my bluff.
I had only one choice. “Of course you can! But you
can’t touch! We don’t know each other well enough
yet!” I said. Faye’s mouth fell open. “Linda!” she said,
eyes popping out. “Oh, well. Ah, okay. I’ll just watch,”
Linda said, her face turning red. I got up and said,
“Follow me!” We walked off down the hall. I could
tell Linda was nervous. I closed the door to the
room behind us, and turned around to face her. I
said, “Are you sure you want to do this? If you’re
scared or afraid, you don’t need to do this, especially
if you’re doing this so Faye doesn’t tease you for
being a chicken.” I was trying to talk her out of it for
my sake, actually. “Well, Andy. Ummmm, I am a
little bit curious. If I get embarrassed, you won’t mind
me sitting here on the bed instead of watching?”
she said. I could see that she was truly curious, so
I said, “Of course I won’t mind. I understand,” and
with that I dropped my robe to the floor. “Oh, wow!”
Linda said. “Wow, what?” I asked. I didn’t have a
hard on, so she couldn’t be saying it because of my
size. “Well, actually, I’ve never seen a guy naked
before,” she giggled. “Never?” I said. “No!” she
replied, and bit her fingernail. “I see! Well, this is
what guys look like,” I replied, and walked over to
turn the shower on. “Do you like looking at it?” I
asked, as I returned. Linda just giggled more. “Is
that a ‘yes’?” I asked as I bent to pick up my robe
from the floor in front of her.
As I bent back up, Linda put her arms around me.
She looked at me, eyes searching. Then she kissed
me. I could tell by the way she was kissing that this
was a serious situation. When she broke the kiss,
she looked at me, and said, “Andrew, I have
something to tell you. The reason my dad has heard
so much about you, and why Faye knew so much
about you, is that I’ve been watching you since the
first time I saw you at school. I’ve wanted to meet
you, but I was too shy. I was standing behind you
once, and that’s when I heard you talk for the first
time. You have this way of speaking that’s just so
different,” she said while looking into my eyes. “Do
you want a girlfriend?” she asked. “I believe you
mean, do I want to have you as a girlfriend?” I
corrected her. “Umm... Yeah, that’s what I mean,”
she replied. “Well, we could certainly try. We
wouldn’t know if we’re compatible if we didn’t try,” I
said, thinking that I must sound stupid. It was the
only thing I could think of to say. My mind was
thinking of Jesse and how I wanted nothing more
than to be with him. Yet I knew he and I had to cover
ourselves so no one would find out our secret.
“Oh, Andrew!” Linda said, and kissed me
passionately. Here I was, stark naked, kissing the
most beautiful girl in school, and thinking about
Jesse. If I had any doubts about my sexuality before
that moment, they ended there, and then. I knew I
was in love with Jesse. Linda was, well... Linda
was a girl and girls really didn’t turn me on, at all. It
just didn’t feel right. I would try to be Linda’s
boyfriend, I reasoned, ‘cause I had to at least look
like I was into girls. There was a feeling at that
moment of a weight being set upon me. Linda broke
our kiss, and said, “I think I’d better go back in the
living room! You’re a gentleman, Andrew. I agreed
when you said that we don’t know each other well
enough yet, but I did want to see you naked! I’ve
wondered what you looked like naked,” she giggled.
“Now that you’ve seen me naked, what do you
think?” I asked. “I think that’s really big!” she giggled,
glancing down towards my cock. “And I don’t want
to take things too fast, so I’ll go sit in the living room,
okay?” she was giggled uncontrollably. “Okay,” I
“If I want to see you naked again, all I have to do
is ask, right?” she said, blushing. “Right,” I said, and
then asked, “Do you want to see me naked again?”
“Oh, yeah! A whole lot more!” she giggled, and
headed for the door. I turned for the shower, and
thought, “What the hell have I gotten myself into
here?” I showered quickly, and was getting dressed,
when Jesse came in. “Did you take your clothes off
in front of Linda?” he asked. “Yeah, she was curious,
and I think Faye put her up to it.” “Yeah. Faye’s kind
of into daring people to do things,” he said. “They’ve
left, by the way. Linda’s dad is taking them
somewhere, and they won’t be back until after
midnight.” “You mean we’re finally going to be alone?
God, I’ve been thinking about you nonstop for almost
24 hours now!” I said. “Oh, you’re not going to dump
me for Linda, then, are you?” Jesse said in a soft
voice. “What!!” You’re kidding me, right?” I said,
pulling my sweatshirt over my head. I peered at
Jesse through the neck hole as I hesitated. “Yes!
Ha!” he smiled, and laughed. “But Faye told me that
Linda wants you to be her boyfriend. She has for a
few months now.” “Yeah, that’s what she told me,
too.” I crumpled to the edge of the bed. “Oh, Jesse!
What am I going to do? I don’t think I can do this!” I
cried, letting my real emotions show.
I pulled him to me, and he put his arms around
me. I was almost crying. “Why can’t we just be
together? I love you! I get so frustrated when I want
to hold your hand, or give you a hug or a kiss, and
we can’t, because someone might see. What’s
wrong with people! We’re happy with each other.
They should just let us be happy! It’s even against
the law to be gay! Why? I don’t see the logic in any
of their arguments. They say God hates fags, but
God created us, and I can’t believe he would create
us just to hate us. God is supreme, all encompassing
love, right? Then how can God be full of hate?” I
was definitely crying now. “That’s the thing about
Faith, Andy,” Jesse said, softly brushing my hair
away from my eyes. “I believe God loves us all, and
no one is going to change my mind. I have total
faith in God’s Love!” He hugged me tighter, and we
kissed, a kiss that reconfirmed that we were meant
to be together. I sat on the bed, sniffling for a few
minutes, while Jesse showered.
Mary knocked on the door. “Are you about ready,
Boys?” “Yes, Mom!” I called back. How she knew, I
don’t know. My voice? What or how I answered? I
don’t know, but Mary opened the door, a worried
look on her face. “Andy? What’s wrong, dear?” she
started. I lost control again. “I don’t think I can do
this!” I whimpered. Mary came and sat next to me.
“Do what, Honey?” she asked me, as she put her
arm around me. “Date Linda.” With that I started
crying. Jesse cut the shower. He opened the shower
door, and called, “Andy? What’s wrong?” “It’s alright,
Jesse. I’ve got him,” Mary answered. He came out
with a towel wrapped around him. “What
happened?” he asked. “It’s Linda. He doesn’t know
if he can go through with dating her. He’s in love
with you, Jesse. He’s attached his feelings to you,
and this is upsetting him,” she said stroking my hair,
and patting my head. “Oh, Andy!Don’t worry! I
know you love me! That’s why I don’t feel jealous,
‘cause I know we’re in love. It’s alright!” he said,
and took me in his arms. I immediately stopped
crying. “That’s better!” Mary said, patting me. “We’ve
got to get going soon, okay? I’m almost ready. I’ll
be in the living room, boys. It’ll be okay, Andy. You’ll
see,” she said, and closed the door behind her. I
looked at Jesse, my lower lip pouting out. “I’m not
happy about this,” I said flatly. “I know,” he said. “It’s
okay, we’ll get through this. Just remember. If you
date Linda, and I date Faye, we’ll be together
everywhere we go! With Linda’s Shelby to ride in!”
He began to smile. I couldn’t help but find this funny.
“You’re such a mercenary!” I said, shaking my head.
“What’s that mean?” he said, looking puzzled. “It
means that you’ll do it because we benefit,” I
answered. “Yeah, that’s exactly it! Besides, I get a
kick out of knowing that we’re queer, and they’re
kissing us! He, he!” Jesse giggled. “I like thinking
that Faye’s licking your cum out of my mouth!”
“You’re a real pervert, you know that?” I said starting
to giggle.
“Boys! Hurry up!” Mary called from the front room.
“We’ve got to hurry up!” “Let’s go,” I said, putting
my shoes on. Jess finished dressing, while I
brushed my hair. “Your hair is getting pretty long
now,” Jesse remarked. “Yeah, and when I was at
my parents’ house last week, my dad noticed too,” I
muttered. “Oh, he doesn’t want you to cut it, does
he?” Jesse moaned, as we walked down the hall.
“Of course!” I replied, “He said all the stupid things
I expected to hear, like, ‘I didn’t have two daughters’
and ‘maybe we should call you Andrea instead of
Andrew.’ So, you know what’s coming next, right?”
Jesse groaned, and we both intoned, “haircut!” “Shit!
I love your hair long,” Jesse complained. “So do I,
Jess,... So do I.”
Mary led us to the car. I could see Linda’s Shelby
sitting in the carport next door. “It is a cool car,” I
thought. We went to a little restaurant overlooking
the cliffs in Laguna. I tried not to bring up the subject
of dating the girls, but just before we finished, I said
to Mary, “Do you think I can do this? Date Linda, I
mean. It really feels weird to me.” “Weird in what
way?” she asked. “I don’t know... I guess I feel like
I’m cheating on... you know...” I stopped myself from
continuing. After all, we we’re in a restaurant. “I know,
I feel it too. Don’t think you’re alone in feeling that
way,” Jesse whispered in my ear. Mary shot Jess a
disapproving look. She had started to scold us
whenever we would whisper in each other’s ears in
public. It made us, “look like a couple of schoolgirls,”
according to her. Jesse slid away. “Let’s continue
this in the car,” Mary said, and got up to go pay. We
walked to the car, and got in. “I’m sorry for making
you feel like you’re cheating,” Jesse apologized.
“Why are you sorry? I’m glad that I feel that way
about us,” I said. Mary opened her door, got in, and
said, “Ready? Let’s go!” We talked about how we
felt, and Mary instructed us that this was something
we would just have to get over in order to keep
others from becoming suspicious. “It’s a precaution,
think of it like that. You do it because it’s needed,
not because you want to,” she said, turning into the
alley. “Okay, I’ve got to go! Here’s the key. Have
fun! I’ll be home about 3 or 4,” she told us. I was
already looking forward to a day of naked boy fun!
It had been almost a full day without sex! What kind
of a vacation was this?
Jesse stopped in the living room for a moment,
and turned off the lights we had left on. I went to
the downstairs bedroom. I took my clothes off, and
lay down on the bed. I waited. “Jesse?” I called. “In
a minute!” he called back. Suddenly, a flash lit up
the room. “What the hell?!” I sat up. There was Jesse
with his mom’s Polaroid camera, grinning from ear
to ear. “Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!” he
giggled. “Hey, not fair!” I protested. “What are you
going to do with that?” I sounded a bit ticked off.
“Keep it for the nights you’re at your parents house.
I want to look at it when I jack off thinking about
you!” There were those eyes! Dancing green devil’s
eyes! And that little-boy voice, oozing with sex. God
he was cute! My cock was standing straight out,
hard as a rock. “I want to fuck you ‘til you’re raw!” I
said. “That won’t take long!” he shot back. “I’m
already half-raw. Here, look at what Faye did to me!”
he said, dropping his pants “Ow! Jesse! What
happened?!” I said, looking at his cock. There was
a red, raw-looking patch that ran almost the full
length on one side of his cock. “She was
manhandling me!” We looked at each other, and
suddenly the word, manhandle, came to mind. We
exploded with laughter. “Manhandle! Ha! Faye’s a
manhandler!” I got to laughing so hard I thought I
was going to cry. Jesse was hyperventilating. “Quit
it! Quit it!” he said, holding his sides. “Ha! The
Manhandler,” he dubbed her.
When we finally recovered a bit, I asked again,
“So, what the hell did she do to you?” “She was
trying to jack me off, through my Levi’s. But she’s
really rough. It doesn’t seem like she knows what
she’s doing,” he said, looking down at his injured
rod. “But it seems like she knows what she wants to
do!” I said in a warning voice. “Oh, yeah. I know! I
think she would have ripped my sweat pants off in
a second this morning if Mom wasn’t here!” I began
to feel jealous. “She better not! I won’t have her doing
any such thing!” I started. Jesse cut me off with,
“What? You think I want her trying to fuck me?
EEEwwwwwww!” he said, visibly getting the shivers.
“That’s one thing I won’t do! No way!” “This is really
going to be a test of what we’re willing to put up
with to be together, isn’t it?” I sighed.
“Andy? Let’s just forget about that for a while. Let’s
enjoy ourselves. If I can, that is. This is really
sensitive,” he said, pointing to his hurt cock. It was
standing out, hard as a rock. I looked at it carefully.
“Okay, I’ll try not to hurt you. Tell me if anything I do
starts to hurt,” I instructed. With that, I took him in
my mouth, gently. “Oh, fuck!!” Jesse shouted as he
blew his wad. I was startled, but managed to swallow
his entire load. “Shit, man! I was so horny that I
blew my cum as soon as you touched my cock!” he
cried. “Damn! That’s amazing! Here, let me at that
pogo stick of yours!” he said, attacking my hard
member. He sucked me hard, which felt so damn
good! “Yeah, that’s the way! Suck me, you nasty
little boy! Let me fuck your mouth!” I said as he
sucked. It was mere seconds before I felt the orgasm
begin at the heels of my feet. “Uhh,... Uhh,... Ohh,...
I,... I fuck!!... Fuck me!!... I’m coming!... Uhhrrrrrr!...
Ahhhh!!... I screamed as I came, my legs
spasmodically jerking. I shook the whole bed as I
lifted my hips up to ram my cock in his throat.
Time departed. I was suspended in what felt like
forever. Years seemed to crawl past me, and
seconds ticked by a thousand times their normal
speed. I felt time lose it’s meaning, then it’s hold
over me. “Ahh!... Ahhh!... Ahhh!... Fuck!” I cried as
time suddenly shot forward. “Ahhh!” I said as the
last hot stream of cum emptied from my cock into
Jesse’s vacuum cleaner suction lips. “Stop! Stop!
Ahhh!” I pleaded. This seemed to make Jesse proud
of himself. As he wiped a drip of my cum from his
lips, he said, “No chick will ever be able to make
you cum like I do!” “I don’t want a chick to make me
cum. I just want you! Kiss me, Jess! And I pulled
him down on top of me. We ground our lips together
for what seemed like forever, rolling about in the
freedom of the bedroom, hidden away from the
outside world. “I love you, you green-eyed devil!” I
spoke between kisses. “Fuck me, Andy! I want you
to fuck me!” Jess moaned. I satisfied his request
immediately, plunging my full length into his boy hole
as hard as he could stand it! I repeated filling his
request three times before we collapsed together,
falling asleep, my cock still held firmly in his tight
ass hole.
Jesse shook me awake. “Hey, Andy! Don’t sleep
all day! It’s almost two o’clock!” “Huh? What’d ya
say?...” It sounded like I had cotton in my ears. I sat
up, rubbing my eyes. “Don’t sleep all day! We’ve
got two songs to learn, remember?” Jess and I had
made it a goal to learn two songs per day, for the
week we were at the beach house. “Wait a second,
my ears are plugged up or something,” I said. I tried
several methods to get relief. They finally cleared
when I held my nose and blew. “There. Now I can
hear. Did you say it was 2:00 o’clock?” “Yeah, almost
two. Want something to eat?” Jesse said as he made
his way towards the door. “No... I don’t feel much
like eating. I’ve got a little bit of a headache, too,” I
answered. Jesse stopped, and turned to look at me.
“You’re not getting sick, are you?” he questioned,
looking me over. “I hope not,” I replied, crawling out
of the bed. “Shit, I’m sore all over. Every muscle
hurts! What the hell did you do to me, Jesse?”
“I didn’t do anything! You were doing it to me!” he
smiled, and then said, “You were really horny! You
fucked until you passed out!” “I didn’t pass out, I
just fell asleep,” came my reply. “Well, you closed
your eyes, and that was it! Out like a light! I got up
about an hour and a half ago, and you didn’t even
twitch,” Jesse informed me. Then his expression
changed to a concerned one. “Andy, you don’t look
too good. Let me feel your forehead.” He came over
and put his hand on my head “Shit! You’re burning
up! Let me get my mom’s bag!” Jesse got his mom’s
medical bag, and put a thermometer in my mouth.
“Andy, you’re sick,” he said. “It’s a hundred and
one!” “Oh, crap!” I sighed and lay back down. “That
sucks. I probably caught something from Linda,” I
whined. “Linda! Why Linda?” Jesse smiled. “Cause
women are aliens,” I said, sounding depressed.
Jesse howled. “Oh, man! I forgot about that! That
was so funny last night! Where did you think that
up, anyway?” I giggled, remembering the girls’ faces
at the theater. “Oh, you liked that?” I asked, as I
snuggled down in the bed. “Yeah, totally freaked
everyone out! Hey, Andy. About Linda and Faye?”
Jesse looked suddenly serious. “It’s not all that bad,
is it? I mean I understand why you don’t like it.
Neither do I. In fact, I’m kind of scared of Faye. She’s
so aggressive. But look at it this way. Linda and
Faye are super popular with everyone. Linda’s dad
is rich, and bought her a cool car. Faye’s the head
of the dance committee, and we would probably
benefit from dating them. Linda’s a sophomore, too.
That would sure impress the other guys at school.
You, a freshman, are dating the prettiest, richest,
most popular girl in the High School. Faye’s pretty,
too. Other guys would be jealous of us. And we’d
have the fun of knowing that the girls are making
out with two faggots! I think that’s kind of funny and
sexy, in a way.”
“How so?” I asked. “I get turned on, thinking about
sucking your cock and then kissing Faye. Don’t ask
me why, I just do!” he replied. “I know exactly what
you mean!” I laughed. “I almost came in my pants
the other night thinking about that. If Linda had
touched my cock, I would have blown my wad all
over the place!” “So, don’t you see, if we go along
with this, the worst that could happen is they decide
they don’t like us,” Jesse said. He couldn’t have even
guessed what the worst would really and eventually
be, even though they did like us, and the four of us
would be going out together for a long time to come.
It turned out I was sick. I spent the next two days
in bed. Jesse, Mary, Linda, and Faye all looked in
on me, trying to get me feeling better. Linda was
sick, too. She wasn’t as sick as I was, so she would
slip over to see me when her dad was away. Faye
kept Jesse on edge, what with the way she would
suddenly jump him without warning. Like when
Linda, Jesse, and Faye were sitting on my bed. We
were all talking when Faye suddenly grabbed Jesse,
and began kissing him. They rolled right over on
top of me. “Hey, watch it!” I cried, spilling the cup of
tea Linda had made for me. “You’re crushing my
legs, you perverts! Get off!” I protested. “Faye! You
horn-dog! Stop molesting Jesse!” Linda giggled. I
rolled away to set the teacup on the nightstand. As
I did, Linda pulled up the blankets, and jumped in
bed with me. “Hello! What’s this all about?” I said,
being very surprised. “Well, I’m sick, too!” Linda
smiled. “Yes, I see. However, Faye seems to be the
sickest one here!” I laughed. “Ha! That’s the truth!”
Linda agreed. Faye didn’t break her grip on Jesse.
She just flipped us off as they rolled around kissing.
Linda spent most of that day sitting in bed with
me, talking and laughing. Mary was home, so the
girls didn’t try to do anything more that sneak a few
minutes of kissing here and there. Mostly we talked.
Actually, I found Linda very fun to be with. She was
as smart as she was pretty. Once I thought how
much of a waste it was for her to like me, a gay boy.
Then it hit me. Why shouldn’t she like me? If she
was enjoying it, then fine. I mean, I was never going
to love her. I loved Jesse. But Linda was fun. I did
like her. So, why shouldn’t I go out with her?
“Hmm,” I thought to myself. “As long as it doesn’t
start interfering with Jesse and me, I’ll go out with
her. But if it starts to hurt Jess and me, it’s over.” I
didn’t mind kissing her, either. It took some getting
used to, girls naturally feeling so foreign to me. But
I finally settled down about it, emotionally. If it had
been another girl, I would have never let it get as
far as it did. The difference was the way Linda
listened to me and talked to me. She seemed as if
she was an old friend. That whole day she sat in
bed with me, holding my arm snuggled up against
me as we talked. Jesse even brought us lunch in
bed. He and Faye sat on the end of the bed, or on
the floor. They would talk for a while then Faye would
jump him, and they’d roll about on the floor some
Linda and I kissed a bit, but something else
important happened. We became friends. I knew
when the girls left that evening that Linda and I would
be good friends for a long time. Before we returned
home from the beach house, it was official. Linda
and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. I teased Jesse
that he and Faye were master and love-slave. He
laughed, saying that was the way Faye liked it. Faye
had started referring to Jesse as “my boyfriend”
around others, such as Linda and her father. Linda,
however, referred to me as Andrew. Except when
we were alone. Then she would call me Prince
Andrew. I liked the attention, but I found myself
uneasy being alone with her. Fortunately, Jesse and
Faye were never far away. Friday was the last day
at the beach. Linda asked how we should act when
we returned to school the following Monday. “What
do mean, Linda?” I replied to her question. “Well,
you know Andrew,” she said, still being vague. “No,
I don’t. Could you be a bit more specific?”
“Well, are we going to act like boyfriend and
girlfriend?” she asked, looking at her toes. “Oh, well
I thought we would. Is that a problem?” I asked. “Oh,
No, No! That’s what I was hoping you’d say! I just
wanted to be sure,” she said, looking up at me and
smiling. We got home Saturday morning, and I went
straight to bed. Jesse took care of me. Mary went
to work. We were alone again, and I felt better for it.
“Well, we officially have girlfriends now. I guess if
we were under any suspicion, this will end it,” I said
as we lay in bed together. “I wonder what the other
guys will say?” Ever since I had become the Prince
full-time we had made friends with quite a number
of other guys at school. There was Vern, Matt, Ken,
Phil, Kenny, and the twins, Danny and Pete. Pete
was the oldest, a junior. The others were
sophomores except Vern, who was a freshman like
Jesse and me. And then there was Doug.
Doug had already been a friend, but we felt him
of special importance since the incident when he
drove us home to Jesse’s. He’d remind us from time
to time that, “It was a real good idea I had, talking
you into being the Prince,” as if he’d invented the
Prince himself! Jesse would get pissed off secretly
when Doug would say this, but I didn’t care. I knew
it was because saying it made Doug feel important.
Jesse broke my daydream when he spoke up.
“Yeah, especially what they’ll say about you and
Linda,” Jess said, staring at the ceiling. “Why Linda
and me?” I questioned. “Oh, ‘cause they all wish
they were dating Linda. She is very pretty, Andy!”
he replied, as he rolled over to gaze at me. “Yes, I
think so,... I guess. I don’t really notice girls, but I
had noticed her. She kind of stands out. She’s really
pretty nice, too. I think she’ll make a good friend, as
long as she doesn’t try to take me away from you,”
I said, smiling. Jesse frowned. “Oh! She may try!
But I’m not letting you go! You’re mine!” he said,
and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him,
and I could feel my cock start to harden. Then the
phone rang. “Damn it!” I cried.
“Hello?” Jesse answered. “Hey, Doug! We got back
this morning. What? Where did you hear that? Yeah,
it’s true! Yeah, he’s right here. Wanna talk to him?”
With that Jesse handed me the phone. “Hello?” I
spoke gently. “Andy!” Doug’s voice was so loud I
nearly threw the phone away! “Hey, not so loud!
What’s up, Doug?” “You son of a bitch!” he cried,
“You’re dating Linda Hamilton, aren’t you?” “Uh, well,
yeah. We met at the beach, and I’ve been seeing
her for almost a week now,” I said matter-of-fact. “I
know!” Doug interrupted. “Faye called Sue from the
beach, and told her. Everybody in Fullerton knows,
and almost everyone in Yorba Linda knows as well.
Everyone except Les and Eric, that is.”
“Oh, well who cares about Les and Eric? They’re
assholes anyway,” I said. “You sound pretty cocky
about it,” Doug continued. “You do know that Eric’s
been after Linda the last two years now, don’t you?”
“Oh, are you fuckin’ kidding me!” I cried into the
phone. Jesse looked at me with a worried face. “Oh,
that’s fucked up! Where are Eric and Les?” I asked.
“Up at your folks place in Skyforest. Good thing your
folks don’t have a phone up there! Eric would be
down here jumpin’ all over your ass about it, if he
knew.” “Skyforest? I didn’t know my folks were going
up there this week,” I said. “They didn’t go. Les and
Eric talked them into letting them go alone for a few
days. How about that?” Doug said. “What? Did my
father lose his mind while I was gone? Those two
will trash the place. They’re pigs!” I cried into the
phone. “Yeah, I heard from Gilbert that they were
going to throw a party. Probably leave the place all
fucked up,” Doug huffed.
“So what am I going to do about Eric?” I asked. “If
I were you, I’d just mention him to Linda. She hates
him already. Her father will take care of Eric,” Doug
replied. “How so?” I asked. “Well, he’s a guy with
money and power. He knows Larry, and he’ll
probably tell him to keep his son away from you
and Linda, or else Eric will end up with broken bones
in an alley somewhere,” Doug theorized. “He’s that
kind of guy? Linda’s dad?” I said, suddenly worried.
“Oh, yeah! He is! My dad has known him since high
school. Dad says that the guy’s ruthless. He’s had
the shit beat out of a few guys in the past for crossing
him. He didn’t get to be that rich by being a nice
guy, Andy. Didn’t you meet him?” Doug asked. “Yeah,
only twice. When we went out the first time, and
once last night. He seemed nice, but really
businesslike. Linda says he likes me. He even told
me he thought I was “an impressive young man,” I
replied. “OOhh! Well, now that’s a real good sign! I
don’t think you’ll have to worry then. If he likes you,
and Linda likes you, Eric won’t dare fuck around.
He almost got his ass kicked already for calling her
up, and bugging her. She’s got an unlisted phone
number in her room, and Eric got hold of it somehow.
Started calling her up, and her dad threatened to
beat his ass. He’s kept his distance from her ever
since, but he still thinks she’s going to be his. So
watch your back, Andy boy!” Doug warned.
“Thanks for the warning, Doug!” I said. Then Doug
asked, “Hey, you guys wanna go to the Burger
Basket this evening? I’ll see if I can find out anything
else. Pick you up around 7:00?” I looked at Jesse.
“Burger Basket with Doug at seven?” He nodded
his approval. “Seven it is! Thanks, Doug! You’re a
pal!” I said. “Pray for me later! See ya!” And with
that he hung up. I looked at Jesse. “I’m fucked!!...
Eric wants Linda. You know what kind of an asshole
he’s going to be when he finds out about this? Why
can’t it just be us, Jesse? Life would be perfect if it
could just be us!” I sighed, and looked down. Then
I heard Jesse. He was crying. I looked up at him as
he sat down on the bed. “Oh, Andy! I’m not happy!”
he said. “Come here. Shhhh! No need to cry! We’re
all right. I’m here for you,” I said, cradling him in my
arms. “I think I know how you felt the other night.
I’m not sure if I can go through with dating Faye.
She scares me!” he whimpered. “How so?” I asked.
“I think she’s going to rape me!” he said. I started to
giggle. “She’s going to what?” I retorted
incredulously. “It’s not funny!” Jesse said, but started
giggling, in between his whimpers. “Faye, the
Manhandler, rapes Jesse Dahlinger! I can see the
headlines now!” I laughed. “It’s not funny!” Jesse
repeated, his voice rising with insistence. “You
should see how she gropes my cock! It feels like
she’s going to pull it off!” he continued. “Maybe she
has a collection of cocks at home,” I said. With this
Jesse laughed, and started beating me with a pillow.
“Asshole! I wouldn’t doubt it!” he cried. “But you don’t
have to scare me!”
We laughed and laughed. Jesse settled down, and
we talked about it a long time. He actually was
scared of her. I didn’t blame him. She was really
aggressive. But Jesse realized the importance of
making people think we were straight, perhaps
more so than I did. Once I had begun to wonder if
perhaps it wouldn’t be better if people knew about
us. Jesse and Mary quickly rejected that idea.
Afterwards they launched in on a long story-telling
spree, relating the horrible catastrophes that had
befallen Jesse’s uncle after he had been exposed.
Uncle Leo’s life had been ruined in a series of tragic
mishaps caused by the homophobes who stood in
his life’s way.
It was just about 4:00 when Mary got home. It
would be until next weekend before she was back
full time at the hospital. She decided not to make
dinner, since Jesse and I were going with Doug,
and she was tired. So we sat around, all having a
drink. I was becoming fond of drinking anything with
tequila in it. Jesse stuck with rum and Coke, mostly.
We were watching TV in the living room. Mary on
the sofa, Jesse and I curled up on the floor under
my blanket. I still was feeling only so-so. We’d just
finished our drinks when the phone rang. Mary took
it in the kitchen. “I wonder if it’s the girls,” I said,
knowing they were due to return from the beach
that evening. Mary walked in, her face drawn, and
said, “Jesse. It’s your father.” Jesse’s face went blank.
I’d been with Jesse since late October, and I
suddenly realized that I’d never heard Jess or Mary
mention him. By Jesse’s reaction, I knew there was
a reason they hadn’t.
Jesse went to the phone, and I looked at Mary.
My expression must have given my thoughts away.
“We don’t talk about Jesse’s father much, Andy.
Jesse doesn’t like to discuss him. If he wants to talk
about him, let Jess be the one to bring it up, okay
Hon’?” “Okay,” I said. “I understand.” I really didn’t,
but I knew Mary wouldn’t want to explain until Jesse
had told me his feelings on the subject. My mind
considered the possibilities. Maybe the guy had beat
Jess, or maybe Mary. Perhaps he was a deadbeat,
and had walked out on them. Or maybe he knew
about Jesse, too. Maybe he knew, and couldn’t take
the fact that his only son was queer. I imagined all
kinds of possibilities and tried not to ask Mary
questions. It was about an hour before Jesse finally
returned to my side, looking sort of melancholy. “We
better start getting ready. Doug will be here at
seven,” I reminded him. He nodded his approval,
and we got up to go to our room. Then Jesse turned
to Mary, and said, “I talked to Cassie, mostly. She
says, ‘Hi’. Dad said they’re coming out this summer
for a week in July. They wanna go to Disneyland.
Again.” “Okay, Hon’.” Mary replied. “Better go get
ready now.”
Jesse followed me into our room, and closed the
door. He gave me one of his, “How can I say this?”
looks, the kind he usually only gave Mary when he
was afraid she’d disapprove of what he was going
to say. “What’s wrong, Jesse?” I said, trying not to
sound too eager. “My dad and sister are coming to
visit,” he said, softly. “Sister?” I queried. “I didn’t know
you had a sister.” “Well, half-sister,” he said. “She
was my dad’s from his first wife. His first wife died,
then he met my Mom. They had me, then divorced
when I was three.” “We came out to California, and
I’ve only seen them three times since. That was the
times he brought her out to go to Disneyland.” “It
sounds like she must be Daddy’s little girl,” I said.
“Oh, Andy! You hit the nail on the head! That’s why
Mom and Dad broke up. He chose her over Mom
and me! She runs Dad’s life. And she treats me like
I’m beneath her, especially ‘cause I’m gay.”
“She knows?! What about your Dad?!” I asked,
my expression showing I was totally shocked. “Yeah,
well Dad’s a Clinical Psychologist. He knew the last
time they came to visit, which was about a month
before we moved into town. He’s kinda okay with it,
though. Mom and Dad did research together, that’s
how they met. He had a long talk with Mom last
summer when they were here. So, I think he’s okay
about it. But Cassie’s a bitch about it. She gave me
a hard time about it the whole week they were here.
I really don’t like her at all. Tonight, I told her about
Faye. I said that I have a girlfriend now, and she
talked my ear off, saying, ‘See! I knew you weren’t
gay!’ Like she knows anything! God, I hate her. What
a fuckin’ bitch!”
I was totally surprised by all this, but what came
next was an even bigger surprise. Jesse looked
down at the floor, and said softly, “Andy, you’re going
to have to stay at your parent’s house while they’re
here. I don’t want her to know anything about you.”
A sad note sounded in his voice. I looked at Jesse’s
face. He was very sad. I thought he might cry, so I
tried to cheer him up. “Well, if she’s that big of a
bitch, I don’t want to meet her. Does she bite, too?”
I said. Jesse looked up, and smiled a little. “I’m glad
you understand, Andy. It’s only ‘cause she’ll make
a hell’uva stink for the whole week if she knows.
For me, Mom, and you, if you were here.” “Hey, what
week are they coming?” I asked. “First week of July.
Why?” he replied. “Oh, that’ll work out okay.” I went
on to explain. “Every year my family’s in Skyforest
for the Fourth of July. I’ve spent every summer
except one in Skyforest and...” I stopped suddenly,
eyes widening. “Oh no! I forgot! Every year we leave
the day after school lets out! We spend the entire
summer in Skyforest.” I looked at Jesse. “What are
we going to do?”
“Well, maybe they’ll let you stay here. After all,
you’re here so I won’t be alone while my mom’s at
the hospital. That’s not going to change, so maybe
they’ve already planned on it,” Jesse answered,
looking more upset now that he already had. “Well,
it’s still almost two months away” I started explaining.
“We’ll get something worked out by then. I’m not
worried. Mary talked them into letting me stay here
during the school year, so maybe she’ll help talk
them into letting me stay here during the summer.
Except when your dad’s here. Then I’ll go to
Skyforest. So, let’s not get too worried about it now,
okay Jess?” “Okay, you’re right. Let’s get ready,” he
said, seeming a bit relieved.
Doug came roaring up the driveway exactly at
seven. Jesse and I hopped in the car, and off we
went. “So, give me the gruesome details, Andy.
How’d you end up with the most beautiful girl in
school?” “She had her mind set on catching me. It
wasn’t my idea. She wanted to catch a Prince,” I
explained. “Oh, yeah! Right! C’mon, Andy! You must
have done something to get her attention,” Doug
protested. “Well, Jesse’s the one who got me
introduced. He body-slammed Faye, and she sat
on him in the surf. I was going to run, but she
recognized me. Faye introduced me to Linda, after
telling her to, ‘come here, and meet your Prince
Andrew.’ That’s how it happened,” I stated matter of-
Doug looked at me with a skeptical look, and then
said, “I believe it! It always seems that the weirder
shit is, the more likely it is that it happened to you!”
and he began laughing. Once we had arrived at the
Burger Basket, the “old” Prince snapped to life.
Shoulders back, head high and nose up! I entered
first, and Ray spotted me. “Hey there, Andy Boy!
We missed you last weekend. Where ya been? “At
the Beach, Ray. Mary took us for the week.” I replied,
looking over the menu for the ten-thousandth time.
Force of habit, it was. “Yeah, and he found a
girlfriend, too!” Doug said, cheerfully. “Actually, both
of them did.” Ray looked at me carefully. “Anyone I
know?” he asked. “Oh, she’s from Fullerton, Ray. I
don’t know if she’s ever been to our town,” I
answered. “Well, what’s her name, Andy?” Ray
pressed on. “Linda. Linda Hamilton,” I said.
“Hamilton?” Ray questioned. “Does her father own
Hamilton Industries?”
“Yeah, you know of him?” I answered. “Know of
him! You bet I do, Andy! You’re dating a rich girl!
This is cause for a celebration! Dinner’s on me, boys!
Anything you want!” Doug and Jesse cried, “Yeah!”
in unison. “Why, thank you, Ray. I don’t know what
to say...” I began. “Don’t say anything Andy! It’s my
pleasure to serve you!” Ray said, and winked at
me. “That’s our Prince!” he said loudly. The other
people in the dinning room stared at me. I’m sure
some had heard the tale of the Prince. Others just
looked to see what the commotion was all about.
We ordered and found seats to wait our dinner.
Doug smiled, shaking his head. “You guys! I don’t
see you for a week, and what happens? You run off
with rich girls!” he said. “Is Faye’s family rich?” Jesse
asked. “What? She didn’t tell you?” Doug looked
astonished. “They didn’t spend much time talking,”
I interjected. “He and Faye communicated with their
lips.” “Jesse!” Doug cried, “Why you little horn dog!
I was beginning to think you didn’t like girls!”
“Whaaa?” Jesse slurred, eyes opening wide. “I’m
just kidding! Don’t get upset! Faye didn’t tell you
about her family?” he replied, steering the
conversation back to wealth. “Ah, no. She didn’t,”
Jesse shakily replied. “Well, she and Linda are next door
neighbors, if that tells you anything,” Doug said
to Jess. Turning to me, he continued, “You know
where Linda lives, right?” “No,” I replied. “Oh, C’mon!
They live on Skyline Drive! Right at the top!” Doug
slapped his hand to his forehead as he spoke. Ray
arrived with dinner. “So, Andy. Does your dad know
yet?” I shook my head, “No.” My mother had grown
up in Fullerton, the daughter of wealthy parents who
were very influential in local politics. Ray had been
envious of my dad for marrying a girl who lived on
the hill in Fullerton. Now he was envious of me, it
“Well, like father like son!” he said winking at me.
“Now Ray!” I started to protest. “Andrew van Ryan!
You’re blushing!” he chided me. “Look! He is!” Jesse
shouted. Doug began laughing. Ray continued, “In
all these years, Andy, I’ve never seen you blush!”
he smiled. “Alright! That’s enough teasing!” I
commanded. “Okay, okay! I just want to say that
you deserve the best, Andy Boy. Hey! How’s your
grandma, Andy?” Ray asked. “Well, okay I guess. I
haven’t seen her for a week. I’ll see her on Tuesday,”
I answered. “Still living at Jesse’s, huh? Well, tell
your grandma ‘hello’ for me when you see her!” Ray
said, before leaving us to eat. “Faye’s rich, huh?”
Jesse continued, sounding eager. “Why, does that
make your dick hard?” Doug laughed. Now Jesse
was blushing. “Doug! Quit it!” Jesse protested, “I
didn’t know her family was wealthy!” “Alright, Lord
Dahlinger, no more teasing,” Doug giggled. “Hey,
that’s perfect!” I said, “Lord Dahlinger fits you
perfectly, Jesse!” Doug laughed, and said, “I just
made it up, but it does! Prince Andrew and Lord
Dahlinger! Wait ‘til I tell the guys!”
We talked for a long time. About 8:30 Ray
reminded us that it was a school night. Ray was
always keeping after us about doing well in school.
Doug got us back home before nine. Mary was busy,
making up the bed in my room. In the event of visits
by my family or friends, we had set up the old bed
and dresser from Jesse’s room in the spare
bedroom. I kept some of my clothes and a few things
of mine in there, just for looks. “Hey, Mom! What’s
up with Andy’s room?” Jesse asked. “Now that Linda
and Faye are going to be around, your room should
look like you use it, Andy,” she cautioned him. “Oh,
yeah. I wouldn’t have thought of that! Thanks, Mom!”
I said to Mary. She smiled at me, and winked, “I
know! Now get ready for bed, boys!”
Doug picked us up for school in the morning. “I
talked to Phil and Kenny last night. They didn’t
believe me when I told ‘em about you and Linda,
Andy. They said they’d believe it when they see it.
And Kenny was in shock about you, Jesse. I guess
he asked Faye out last fall, and she turned him down
flat. So, they don’t believe it!” Doug informed us.
“Guess we’re going to be the center of attention
this morning, once again?” I said, thinking out loud.
When we got to school, all the guys were waiting
for us in front of the lower Boys rest room. “There
they are!” Matt called out as he pointed a finger at
us. The rest of the guys crowded around us, asking
questions. Doug sounded like he was our manager,
or something, saying, “Now don’t all talk at once!
One question at a time! Phil! You go first.”
“Are you really dating Linda Hamilton?” he asked,
looking like he wouldn’t believe anything I said
anyway. As fortune would have it, I spotted Linda
and Faye coming out of the English hallway right
behind the guys. They spotted us, too. “Why don’t
you ask Linda?” I answered, as Linda walked up to
me, and kissed me on the cheek. “Good morning,
Andrew. Hi, Guys!” she said, smiling and giggling.
“Good morning, Linda Dear! Shall I walk you to
class?” I replied. “That would be nice! Bye, Guys!”
she giggled as we turned. I offered Linda my arm,
and she waved at the crowd of male admirerers as
we walked away. “Wooooooo!!!!!!” I heard the guys
all exhale as we strode down the hallway. “Do you
think they’re jealous, Andrew?” she asked. “I’m not
thinking about them, Linda. I was thinking about you.
How are you feeling? Better, I hope?” “Yes, but I’m
still a little sick, I think,” she said. “Well, don’t worry,”
I said, as I looked over my shoulder. “Faye’s far sicker
than any of us!” Faye had had Jesse locked in a
kiss, right in front of the astonished and open
mouthed onlookers.
“She had that planned. She told me she was going
to do it just to flip the guys out,” Linda giggled.
“Seems to be working!” I replied. “Poor Lord
Dahlinger,” I was thinking. After I walked Linda to
her homeroom, I hurried on to mine. In every class
that morning, at least one person would ask me if it
was true, the rumor that I was dating Linda. “Yes,
Linda and I are seeing each other,” I would reply.
The reactions ran from, “Wow, how’d you score with
her?” to, “I don’t believe it!” To each I would merely
shrug my shoulders and smile. At morning break,
Jesse was waiting for me outside of the band hall.
“Doug works fast,” he began. “Everyone is calling
me, Lord Dahlinger!” “Well, Your Lordship, how does
it feel?” I kidded. “A bit strange, but I think I’ll get
used to it,” he smiled.
Then, it happened. “Hey, Faggots!” “Don’t look
Jesse!” I whispered. Then I heard Eric again, “Look
at me, you queers!” I ignored the voice and kept
walking. A hand slapped my shoulder from behind.
Without thinking, all the anger I had built up over
the years from being taunted by Eric suddenly flew
forth in a rage. I spun around and brought my knee
up square into Eric’s groin. The look on his face
made it seem like I had shoved his balls all the way
into his stomach. At least that’s where he grabbed,
his stomach. “Eeeerrrrucchhh!!!!!!” he squealed
out, and then fell to the ground in a pile. “Don’t ever
touch me again, you fucking asshole, or I’ll castrate
you!” I snarled at the helpless, quivering figure.
“C’mon, Jess!” and we walked away. “Yes! Oh, that
was bitchin’!” Jesse cried, jumping up in the air. “I
love...loved it!” he shouted. “Yeah, well the asshole
deserved it. I only wish I’d kicked his face in, too,” I
muttered as we walked towards the lower boys
restroom. As we got close, Jesse ran ahead. “Guess
what?! Andy just kicked Eric’s ass!” he shouted to
the others. “What??!!” they all cried in unison. “Eric
was waiting outside of the band hall and he tried to
grab Andy from behind. Andy turned around and
kneed Eric in the balls so hard that Eric started
Cheers came from all the guys. “Yeah! Andy! Good
for you!” “Kick that fucker’s ass!”and, “Kill Eric, he’s
a fuckin’ dick!” were among the things they said.
They were all patting me on the shoulder, the back
and the head, when suddenly, above all the other
voices I heard, “You!” Everyone stopped and turned.
There was Doug smiling. “You are just too bitchin’!”
he laughed. “I saw the whole thing!” Doug continued,
“I was coming out of wood shop, and heard Eric
yell at you. When you turned around, and dropped
him to the ground, I started laughing so hard I fell
to the ground myself! Eric’s still laying there, puking
his guts out!” Doug said, and turned to the others.
“Long live Prince Andrew!” he shouted, to which
the other guys began cheering! I was starting to
feel embarrassed. Linda and Faye suddenly
appeared out of nowhere. “What’s going on,
Andrew?” Linda asked, looking puzzled. “Your
Prince just kicked Eric Olsen’s ass!” Doug answered
for me. “You did?” she asked, eyes wide open. “Well,
actually, I left him holding his crotch, lying on the
ground and vomiting,” I answered her, sounding a
bit casual about the whole thing. “Andy!” she cried,
“I love you!” With that, she threw her arms around
my neck, and kissed me. The boys continued
cheering and chanting “Long live Prince Andrew!” I
was completely overwhelmed by the reaction I was
receiving. “Must have been the timing,” I thought to
myself. At lunchtime we went in Linda’s car to get
something to eat. I didn’t want to hang around
campus anyway, just in case Eric had recovered,
and was plotting revenge.
“Andrew, don’t worry about Eric,” Linda said. “I
called dad and he’s taken care of it.” “How so?” I
asked. “He has his ways. I don’t ask him how,” Linda
replied, the smile disappearing from her
face.“Actually, my biggest worry is Les, my brother,”
I said, thinking out loud, “He’ll do what he can to
cause problems at home.” “I thought you lived with
Jesse,” Linda said, sounding surprised. “Only four
days a week,” I replied. “Then I stay at my folks’
house from Tuesday to Thursday.” “You mean you’re
not adopted?” Faye asked from the back seat. “No!
Where did you hear that from?” Jesse and I cried in
unison before laughing. “Doug!” the girls replied in
stereo. “Should have known it!” came our reply in
tandem. After explaining how it was I came to be
living at Jesse’s, (the version Mary had scripted out
for us), we had lunch and returned to school.
Thankfully, the rest of the afternoon was mostly
uneventful. During English class, everyone was
calling Jesse, ‘Lord Dahlinger’. Walking between
classes, I got a few stares from some of the seniors,
and quite a few smiles from the underclassmen.
When the last bell rang, we walked the girls to
Linda’s car. “Call me tonight, Andrew. Okay?” Linda
made this request in a serious tone, and then she
added, “After 6:00.” “6:00 it is!” I said politely. “Call
me at 6:30, Jesse!” Faye commanded. “Hear that,
Andy?” Jesse quipped. “Limit my call to thirty
minutes. Got it!” I smiled. “I will call tonight and I’ll
see you tomorrow, Linda,” I said, and kissed her.
“Yeah, Andy!!” voices called from behind me. I spun
around to see all the guys standing on the curb.
“Bye, Andrew. Bye, Guys!” Linda called. The Shelby
roared to life, and they sped away. “Am I becoming
a spectator sport?” I asked loudly to no one in
particular. My jest was greeted with laughter and
Doug dropped us off, and we walked up the
driveway, and entered the house. Lying on the
kitchen counter was a note from Mary. It read, “Boys
- Got called into work tonight. Be home tomorrow
afternoon. The pool man was here. He filled and
serviced the pool, and it’s ready to use, so go
swimming if you like! - Love, Mom.” “Yeah!” we cried
together, and began stripping off our clothes. Out
thru the back door we raced, across the lawn
shouting and laughing and into the water we leapt.
Once again, we were doing as we had when we
first were together last year. We swam and sunned
our naked bodies, just the two of us. The restraints
and cautions we suffered continuously among our
social peers and elders were lifted, oh, so
temporarily. Freed from our public lives, we rejoiced
in our private life together. The afternoon was spent
swimming, sunning, having mixed drinks, and
playing the music we loved so much.
Later on, at five minutes after 6:00, I called Linda.
We talked mostly about how the guys had reacted
earlier that morning when she kissed me, and the
way they had stood watching us from the curb that
afternoon when school let out. Linda had heard
others at school referring to Jesse as Lord
Dahlinger, and asked why. “Doug,” I explained,
noting that the name seemed to fit. At 6:30 Jesse
shouted, “My turn!” I said, “Goodnight,” and handed
the phone over to him. Faye did most of the talking,
and they carried on for at least forty five minutes.
Faye liked asking personal questions, such as, “have
you ever done ‘it’ before?” Jesse answered, “No”
then asked Faye if she had. He was surprised when
she said “No”, but didn’t let on that he was.
I became bored listening to Jesse’s side of the
conversation, so I went to our room. I turned on the
stereo, and lay down on the bed. I was staring at
the ceiling when I began to think about the night we
went to the movies. I pulled my sweatshirt off. It was
still wet with sweat from playing the drums. I looked
pensively at the ceiling a bit longer. I pulled my
cutoffs down, and threw them on the floor. Lying
back on the bed, I looked over my smooth, naked
body. As I did, my cock began to harden. I touched
it lightly, and the thought of Jesse’s cum in my
mouth, and Linda licking it out. The image excited
me, and I began to imagine Jesse and me naked,
with Linda watching us. I imagined her sucking my
cock as I sucked Jesse’s. This was the first time I
could ever recall thinking about a girl with regard to
my sexual fantasies.
Then, I began to think about Linda and Faye
having sex together, while Jesse and I sucked each
other off lying next to them. My hand found my stiff
rod, and began to massage it up and down my shaft.
I felt the pressure of my boyhood sperm factory
building. I started jacking myself faster and harder.
Suddenly, I realized that Jesse was standing in the
open doorway, naked and jacking off. “I like watching
you jack off, Andy. But I like sucking you off better,”
he said and stepped to the bed. Instantly we
assumed the favored sixty-nine position and started
suctioning each other’s love bone. I loved having
his cock in my mouth again. I loved how he tasted,
how he smelled. The smooth softness of his skin
against mine. We had both agreed that our pubic
hair was becoming in the way, so we had agreed to
keep it trimmed to a small patch on each. Since I
didn’t have gym class, due to attending speech
therapy class, I kept mine trimmed down to a really
small patch. Jesse had started to trim his before it
had grown much, so no one in school noticed. To
the guys in gym class it must have just looked the
same as it did the first day of school.
We sucked harder and harder, and I could taste
his pre-cum. His body began to shudder, and my
hips thrust forward shoving my cock as far into his
throat as he could stand. We erupted together,
spraying boy cum like we were fire hoses filled with
the stuff! As Jesse began to diminish his load, I
started to yell, “Oh, yeah! Shoot your cum in my
mouth. Shoot it, Shoot it! Feed me your boy juice,
you fuckin’ nasty little boy!” Jesse loved this, and
started sucking me even harder. I came and came,
or so it seemed.
The next six weeks passed quickly, what with
seeing the girls and schoolwork. Due to the fact that
finals were coming up we only went out three times
on Friday nights, once every other week. One time
we went to see a band, and twice we went to movies.
Each time the movie theater was a repeat of our
first experience at the beach. I actually did come in
my pants the second time we went to the movies! It
seemed as if Linda was proud of this fact. If she
had known what I was thinking at the time, perhaps
she wouldn’t have seemed so proud. Still, I found
that Linda was fun to be with, and I didn’t mind
seeing her. Faye rubbed Jesse raw at every
opportunity until he finally got brave enough to
instruct her how not to hurt him!
We discussed the problem of summer vacation
with Mary, and she worked out a deal with my folks.
I would spend the first weekend after school let out
at Skyforest, then Linda would pick me up, and drive
me back to Jesse’s. I would stay there until the week
when his father and sister came to visit. Mary would
then drive me to Skyforest where I’d stay the week.
Linda again promised to come pick me up, and
return me to Jesse’s. Then Jesse and I would spend
the last week of vacation with my folks at Skyforest.
I had to check up on my grandmother every day by
phone. She was almost seventy years old, and my
parents thought she worked too hard for her age.
This arrangement seemed to be a dream come true.
My boyfriend and I would spend most of the summer
together. Day after day, week after week. The days
grew longer, and the weather warmer. Jesse and I
tanned every afternoon by the pool. Linda and Faye
joined us at Jesse’s for a swim one Saturday
afternoon, but we didn’t let on about our naked
tanning sessions to them!
After swimming and entertaining the girls by
playing songs, we drove to the Burger Basket. Ray
was impressed by Linda’s beauty, and my way of
treating her so properly. “Andy’s a Prince, you know!”
Ray had whispered to her. “I know!” Linda had
whispered back. Ray got a kick out of this and once
again, dinner was on him!
Finally, the last day of school rolled around. It was
Les’ graduation day, and I performed with the school
orchestra late that night, Les and Eric went to
Mexico, where Eric’s dad had bought a vacation
home. They would be there for two weeks, partying.
Friday morning we drove to the mountains. I loved
Skyforest. I always have and always will. However,
I missed my boyfriend deeply. I kind of missed Linda,
too. After all, she had become my only real friend
besides Jesse. One day during the last six weeks
of school, I had become stressed out about passing
an upcoming test. With the anxiety attack my lisp
returned for a few moments. Linda looked at me
curiously, and I felt compelled to tell her how I had
assumed the Prince’s voice in order to get away
from lisping.
“So, that’s how I became the Prince,” I had finished
the story. “Yes, but you have a Baron’s name. That
means you’re related to royalty. Right?” she had said.
“Baron’s name? I’m not sure I know what you’re
talking about,” I had answered. “Your name, van
Ryan. It’s an old Baronial name from Europe. Didn’t
you know that?” she had asked. “One of my dad’s
friends told me. He’s from Europe,” she informed
me. I asked my grandmother about it, and sure
enough, our family was related to the royal family
of the Netherlands. This was quite a long time back,
but nonetheless, Linda was impressed to think that
her boyfriend really was, somehow, a Prince. Jesse
was impressed, too. His remark echoed Linda’s
exactly. “Wow, my boyfriend is royalty!” he had
I went to Skyforest, and that first weekend sailed
past. When Linda arrived to pick me up, Jesse and
Faye were there, too. “Wow, what a beautiful place,”
Faye had remarked about our mountain home. Linda
met my parents, and I could tell my dad was proud
that his “little boy” had such a beautiful girlfriend.
Mom was impressed by the way I treated Linda.
“Andy, you’re such a gentleman!” she beamed at
       To be continued.......