The usual disclaimers apply, so if you are under 18, you shouldn't be here! This is the first story I ever wrote, about Jesse, my "first love". Please take special notice of how different life was then for gay teenagers. Think of how it is now, and think of how you can make life better for gay teens, today and for tomorrow. This is a novel length book, and I warn you now that it contains numerous depictions of gay sex between teenage boys. If you would be offended, don't read this. If you're not offended by the subject matter, please read on. I'd like to hear from you and to read your comments.
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The Prince of Main Street

by Andrew Simon van Ryan

Alex Hoffrin, editing

copyright 1999
all rights reserved

Chapter Seven

We spent the afternoon driving around nearby Lake Arrowhead, and playing games at

Arrowhead Arcade. After eating Mom’s homecooked

dinner, we headed down the mountain to

Jesse’s house. The girls had to be home by 9:00

PM, and they got us back to Fullerton with barely enough

time to make it home themselves. Jesse and I were

alone at home since it was Sunday night. We

learned a new song, ate a late snack, then hit the

shower. It felt great to make out in the warm water.

I fondled his cock as he played with mine. After

showering and drying each other, we got into bed,

and made love three times before falling asleep in

a tangled heap. Jesse still had my cock in his mouth!

In the morning we were awakened at 10:00 AM

by the ringing of the phone. Linda asked if she and

Faye could come by and go swimming. We agreed

for them to come over at 1:30 that afternoon.

“Enough time to make love, and practice playing

our music!” Jess said before breaking out into a

broad grin. Which is exactly what we did! Practicing

the songs we had learned took longer than

expected, so instead of showering, we jumped into

the pool after playing. Before long Linda and Faye

arrived, and joined us in the pool. Looking at Linda

in her bikini, I was suddenly aware of how beautiful

her entire body was, except that I hadn’t noticed

before how really small her breasts were. Faye had

the kind of tits that girls are proud to show off, and

she made sure that they were barely covered!

Looking at Linda, I realized that she actually had

quite a boyish figure. Her butt however was

amazing! It was a perfect round bubble, very much

like Jesse’s. This I found to be quite sexy! Of course,

since I had been ramming my boy shaft into Jesse’s

bubble-butt for a long time now, I fantasized about

ramming my hard cock into Linda’s butt-hole as well.

This was the first time I thought of actually having

sex with Linda! We swam and played around in the

pool, until we were all wrinkled. “I’ve got to get out

before I shrivel up like a prune!” Faye said. “Yeah,

let’s go inside,” Jesse agreed. Linda and I followed

them into the house, and I headed for my room, to

get a change of shorts. I opened the door and

stepped in. I was just going to shut the door, when

Linda cleared her throat, “Ahhemm...”

“Oh, I’m sorry!” I said, “I didn’t know you were

behind me!” Linda looked at me with a shy smile,

and said, “Is it okay if I come in?” “Sure, it is,” I

answered. Linda stepped in, and closed the door

behind her. I turned around to face her directly, and

could tell she had something on her mind. “Andrew,

remember when you told me that if I ever wanted to

see you naked, I should just ask?” “Yes, why?” I

asked. I didn’t need to ask why, but I didn’t know

what else to say. “Well,” she giggled, “Can I see you

naked now?” “I guess so,” I smiled. Thinking about

her butt had made me excited, so I decided to go

ahead and comply with her request. I pulled off my

cutoffs and my semi-hard boyhood waved in front

of me. “Oh, wow!” Linda giggled, “It’s so big!” “You

like that huh?” I giggled back. “Yeah,” she smiled.

“So, now that you’ve seen me naked, could I see

you naked?” I asked, not really expecting her to say

yes. She turned bright red, and giggled some more.

Then she replied,“I guess that’s only fair,” and smiled

coyly. She reached around, and removed her top in

one quick motion.

Her tiny breasts had nipples that were hard, and

stood out like the erasers on a pencil. I smiled at

her, and she reached her thumbs inside the

waistband of her bottoms and slid them off. She

stood up to face me, and I saw that her blonde pubic

patch had been trimmed down to almost nothing.

Noticing that I was staring at it, she explained, “My

bathing suit is really skimpy, so I had to cut them.

Does that bum you out?” “No, actually, I was thinking

that I liked it that way,” I replied. She smiled and

stepped closer to me. I put my arms around her,

and pulled her smooth body against mine. We kissed

and I thought to myself how her body actually felt a

bit like Jesse’s. Thinking of Jesse made my cock

begin to get hard! We kissed a very deep passionate

kiss until Linda suddenly broke away and looked at

me. She turned and pulled me along with her.

Our two bodies collapsed onto the bed, me landing

atop her. Linda sighed heavily, and spread her legs

open, allowing my stiff, boy-bone to press against

her. We kissed with an aggressive nature, until Linda

broke away, and looked into my eyes. “Go ahead,

Andrew. I want you to. If you’re ready, I mean.” I

looked into Linda’s eyes, and thought about what

she had just said. “I’m not sure if I am, Linda,” I

answered. “I don’t want to rush, but I don’t want to

wait forever, either.” She smiled at me. “I knew you

were the guy of my dreams, Andrew,” she said shyly.

“I’m not really ready, but I thought you might get

angry if we didn’t.”

“Me? Angry? Why would you think that?” I

responded. “Oh, it’s just that the other guys I’ve said

‘no’ to got really mad,” she explained. “You’re the

one I want to make love to, Andrew. I’m just a bit

afraid still.” I smiled at her, and said, “That makes

two of us!” Then the door burst open. Faye and

Jesse, both stark naked, stumbled, laughing,

through the doorway. “We caught you!” they cried,

and jumped into the middle of the bed alongside

us. Linda and I sat up open mouthed, a look of

shock on both of us. “What the...?!” I cried out. “Oh,

don’t worry, Andy!” Faye exclaimed. “We’re all just

flesh and blood! Besides, I’ve seen Linda naked a

thousand times, and I’ve seen you naked once!” To

this, we all began laughing, recalling the time at the

beach. “What are you doing without your clothes

on?” I asked them. “It’s all your fault, Andy!” Jesse

responded. “My fault?!” I said. “How so?” Jesse

explained that ever since I had made the offer about

Linda seeing me naked, Faye had been after Jesse

to do the same. He had finally told her, “only if you

do the same,” and Faye had said okay. They had

been in the backyard the whole time Linda and I

had been in my room. I figured Jesse wasn’t willing

to take Faye into our room, and I was glad for that!

The four of us sat on the bed, fooling around a bit,

but mostly just talking. I was relieved at not having

to be alone with Linda. I was more that not ready to

have sex with her. I was beyond hesitant, and I

hoped it didn’t show. Linda really was sweet to me,

and I loved the way she poured her attention into

our relationship. True, I had begun to have fantasies

about it, but I was a long way from wanting to make

love to her.

The girls left a bit after 4:00 PM, whereupon Jesse

and I took separate showers in the two bathrooms

of the house. This was a precaution as it was early

enough in the day for Doug to arrive, unannounced,

as he usually did. After getting dressed, I joined

Jesse back in our bedroom. I bounded through the

door, and jumped on him as he lay in the middle of

the bed. “Oppuuufff!!!!!!” he exhaled as I landed on

him. “Hey! Go easy there! I didn’t hear you come

in!” he protested. As he rolled over, I could tell he

had been a million miles away in his thoughts. My

smile changed to a slight upturn, and I said to him,

“Yeah, I know. I didn’t like what Linda wanted me to

do. Faye tried the same thing with you?” “No, she

gave me a blow job in the backyard, instead,” Jesse


“What!!” I cried, “I don’t think I like that!” “Well, I

know I don’t like it!” Jess responded, a sad note

entering his voice. He turned to face me directly,

and his eyes searched my face. Then tears began

to well in his eyes, and he crumpled into my arms. I

began to cry as well. We held each other for a long

time before our tears stopped falling. I looked at

him, and sniffled, “Linda’s nice, but I don’t want a

girlfriend!” With that, My tears became a flood again,

and Jesse followed suit, bawling his eyes out. For

the next hour we alternated between crying to each

other, and confessing to each other. Our confessions

told of our struggle to appear as normal high school

boys, yet the full knowledge of being two gay boys

that were not attracted to girls was making us

depressed more and more with each passing day!

“I really like Linda, but I don’t think I can go through

with making love to her. I only get excited, as we’re

making out, by thinking of you!” I admitted to him. “I

know, I do the same thing. The whole time Faye

was sucking my cock, I had my eyes closed, and

my mind focused on you. I ended up having to jack

off in her mouth. Another thing, too. I didn’t like

thinking about you being with Linda, Andy,” he said,

looking at me, his eyes all red and puffy. “Well, you

see how thrilled I am about Faye sucking you off!” I

stated, my words heavy with grief. “We’ve got to

talk to our mom about this. It’s tearing us up inside.

I hope she knows what to do. I feel like I could go

crazy from this!” As I finished saying these words,

Jess wilted into tears again, and fell into my arms.

“I think it’s already made me crazy!” he sobbed

between the tears.

When Mary got home that evening, we all had a

big talk. She seemed to think that Jesse and I

needed some time to ourselves. “After all, Boys, you

were together almost constantly since last fall,” Mary

reminded us. “Then suddenly, you’ve had to deal

with almost constant company. That’s not good for

a relationship, any relationship.” “So what should

we do?” Jesse asked. “I think I’ll set a new rule,”

Mary began. “Tell the girls that I said they can only

visit here when I’m home. That way I can help things

from getting too heavy for you boys. Plus, it’s not a

good idea for Linda and Faye to be having sex.

Remember, that is where babies come from!”

Even though it is a common thing to be worried

about sex leading to pregnancy, it had never crossed

our minds. Since this wasn’t ever a concern for two

queer boys, we had never considered the possibility.

Now it shook us back to reality. “Oh, God! I never

thought of that!” I said. “That would be as bad as

my dad finding out about us.” “I don’t think I ever

want to become a father,” Jess said solemnly. “That

would destroy everything!” I thought aloud. “Yes, it

certainly would,” Mary stated. “It would completely

ruin your relationship, and get you in deep trouble

with the girls’ parents.” This thought filled me with

terror. “Oh, no.… Linda’s dad would have me killed,

and fed to the fish,” I realized, giving voice to my


“Oh, Andy! I can’t let anything happen to you!”

Jesse cried out, and hugged me. “I can’t let anything

happen to us, Sweetheart,” I replied. I could feel

Jesse starting to cry, and it resulted in sending me

over the edge as well. After a few moments, Mary

spoke. “Boys, you need to have girlfriends to keep

the truth hidden. You also need to set limits with

them. Tell them I said no more unsupervised visits

here, when I’m not home. When you go on dates,

go to public places like the walk-in movies, no drivein’s.

Just be aware of the fact that if you stay away

from places where you could get into trouble, the

chances of trouble finding you is reduced. Now let’s

stop crying, Boys. You’re both my young Princes,

and I’ll help you to get through this. You’ll see!”

The new rule of no unsupervised visits worked

perfectly! I think both Linda and Faye were

embarrassed that Mary knew what had happened

that afternoon. Jess and I passed off the lie that

Mary had overheard us talking, and found out that

way. So weekends we went to movies, dances,

concerts, and the fairgrounds. During the week,

Jesse and I worked on our music, learning song

after song. It seemed that we improved every time

we played. One evening, we were learning a new

song for which I was going to sing the lead. As good

as Jesse was on guitar, his real talent lay in his

ability to instantly play anything he heard on the

piano. He claimed to have never had a lesson in his

life, a claim backed up by Mary.

“He was playing it one day, when I came home

from work,” she explained. “He was so little that he

didn’t understand when I asked him how he had

learned to play the song he was playing. He just

said, ‘this key sounds like that, and that one sounds

like this.’ Within a month he could play just about

anything he heard on the radio.” So, on this particular

evening, Mary walked in just as Jesse started

banging out the song I was to sing.

"Ba, Ba, BA, BA, Bop, bop bu-ah da! Ba, Ba, BA,

 BA, Bop, bop bu-ah da!

 Don’t you worry ‘bout what’s on your mind, oh my

 I’m in no hurry I will take my time, Oh, my

 I’m going ‘round, but my tongues getting tired

 I’m goin‘ round but my mouths gettin’ dry, oh, my,

 my, my, my‘

 Let’s spend the night together,

 Now I need you more than ever,

 Let’s spend the night together now"

I turned around, and jumped with a start. Jesse saw me jump,

and stopped. “Don’t stop, boys!” Mary smiled. “You’re

sounding really good. I like the Rolling Stones, and

Andy, you’re doing a great job sounding like Jim

Morrison.” Jesse and I laughed, and he explained,

“It’s Mick Jagger, Mom.” “Oh, well… Mick Jagger,

then,” she smiled, and headed for the kitchen. She

called to me as she walked away, “Andy, you do

know what day it is, don’t you?” “Uh,... No, I guess

not,” I answered after a short pause. I looked at

Jesse, and he shrugged his shoulders. Mary

returned from the kitchen, and said, “It’s Sunday,

June 30th. The day before we drive you to Skyforest,

Dear. Have you two lost track of time?”

We smiled at each other and in unison replied, “Yes!” Mary laughed, and shook her

head, and muttered, “You two!” We all laughed, and then she said, “You have to get your

things ready tonight. I’ve made arrangements for us to take your granny to dinner. When

we get back, Jess will help you pack.” “Cool!” we both cried. Any opportunity for a trip to

a restaurant was a cause for celebration. Having my Granny with us was areally special

to Jesse and me. Since we had learned it was her doing that brought us together, he

and I would always treat her as if she was the Queen Mother of Main Street! Many times

we had ridden our bikes over to see her. We would go shopping with her sometimes,

and once when she was sick, Jess and I had stayed the weekend in her spare bedroom,

(twin beds and we behaved ourselves!), to look after her.

“All right then, finish your song, and go get ready!” Mary said. “We’ll finish the song

after we get back,” Jesse said. “Let’s go get ready now! I’m starving!” My grandmother

was very happy to see us. Jesse and I ran up the walkway to greet her. “Hi, Grandmum!”

we both shouted. She loved the attention we showered her with. Mary drove us to a

restaurant that served Chinese Food. My grandmother didn’t go out very often, so she

had requested we go for Chinese, however she still used the term, “Chink food.” Hearing

her say that would make me cringe, thinking how awful it would be to get called names

like that. Since Jesse and I could have ended up being called any number of names, I

had become very sensitive when names were used in that manner. Chinese fare was

her favorite dining-out food, so we complied with her wishes. Besides, we all loved it too!

After dinner, we took her home, and she told me to take care and be good. She gave

both Jesse and me kisses on the forehead, and thanked Mary for the wonderful time

she’d had. She also leaned over and whispered something into Mary’s ear. She then

smiled at us, and said goodnight, closing her front door. Once back in the car, I asked,

“What did she whisper to you, Mom?” Mary smiled at us, and said, “She thinks you two

make a wonderful couple!” This brought smiles to both our faces, and Mary’s, too.

Back at home Jesse and I packed my bags, and then we played the song we had

been practicing earlier for Mary. “You boys sound wonderful,” she had said. “Now off to

bed with you! We’ve got to get up early. Oh, and remember you promised to call Linda

before we leave tomorrow. There’s no phone at the Skyforest house, so don’t forget!”

Jesse and I made love twice that night, and once the first thing in the morning before we

got up. After all, it would be six days before we were together again. Or so I thought!

                            End of Book One

        To be Continued in Book Two.....