Due to many requests, I have brought my first character, Ed, back for another installment of erotica. So, if you haven't read the others, (Carpool to Passion, Afternoon Drop-offs, and All Night Long) you may want to catch up on how we fuck ...

"Prom Night"
-mr. b-

We had kind of taken a break from our afternoons of steamy passion. I was still taking him home after school, but we had limited our friendliness to a simple suck-off now and then. His mom had gotten sort of suspicious of why I was always still there when she got home after work. Little did she know it was because we were fucking in his bed until we heard her Jeep drive up. Anyway, soccer season had started and Ed was doing a lot of practicing with the team and coaches. I hadn't seen much of him until he approached me one morning at school about my plans for prom. I knew the girl he was taking pretty well. She was really religious and pretty -- perfect for Ed since he knew he would never have to worry about not making out with her all night long. My date, on the other hand, had asked me. She was a real hottie, and from what I had heard, she had given every guy she had gone out with head on the first or second date. And, as one would probably guess, I wasn't looking for any head from her. Maybe from Ed, but certainly not from her ...

Me and Ed made plans to double date on prom night. The after parties were pretty wild and we had gotten a little champagne in us. My date, Dana, had gotten really drunk. Luckily for me, she kept passing out and wasn't demanding my dick into her mouth. I told Ed I was going to take her home and that I'd meet him back at his house when I was done. He approved and told me his date had to go home pretty soon, too. So, off we were, dumping off our dates to get the night really started ...

I pulled up to Ed's house at about 1:00am. His mom's Jeep was in the driveway, so I figured he was back already. I went around back to the basement door (where I frequently sneaked in after dark) but it was locked. There was a champagne bottle on the doormat with a little slip of paper in it. In Ed's writing, it had an address on it and nothing else. I walked back around front, stopped by his mailbox, and realized the address was for next door. I trotted over and saw no lights or anything. As I hopped onto the stone porch, the front door unlatched and folded back into the dark house. Edward stood there, his white tux shirt almost glowing in the darkness with his cobalt eyes shimmering blue songs to me. I smiled. He smiled. And I stepped inside.

I could see the outline of his soccer-player shoulders and legs in the little light. A wine glass was in his right hand. I followed him into the next room decked out with a dimly lit bar area, a bubbling hot tub, and a huge, cushioned lounge chair. On the bar counter rested a bottle of Chardonnay, a glass to be filled, and Ed's smooth hand. I swallowed, poured myself some bubbly and watched Ed empty his glass into his throat and drop the coat from his shoulders. After my first sip, I saw his hand slide off the counter and slip between my legs. My dick rose from his soft caress. I squinted daring him to go further. I threw back the last of the sweet liquid, set the glass down, and pulled Ed by the back of his neck into my grasp. His breath blew on my chin as our lips found each other and mingled. The scene was frantic with cufflinks scattering to the tile floor, shiny shoes kicking in all directions, and stiff, starched pants revealing overflowing, knit boxers. I didn't even get mine off before I felt the steam and hotness of the tub's aquatic contents.

The jets shoved water around our bodies as if to make us one. I barely managed to get my soaked boxers off before Ed's covered cock began thrusting between my slippery, submerged thighs. My hands rummaged about his torso, grabbing pecs and nipples. His dripping, yellow hair slapped against my neck as he pushed his way onto me. My head rested against the side of the tub as his tongue tasted my chest. His extended cock pressed and rubbed my hip like a gun waiting to be drawn. And it was then that our prom night began.

Ed had never fucked me before. I was the one who usually did the fucking. But for some reason, this time, I found myself turning around, resting my arms on the edge, and letting my legs float apart. I could feel his charged powertool sliding up in between my curved ass cheeks. His palms pressed against my wet shoulder blades. The exposed tip of his uncut dick nestled up to my warm asshole and opened it to the cool air. The water, about up to crotch level, bubbled underneath our balls and frequently splashed our bodily fusion with hot fluids. I could feel the skin of his dick roll and wrinkle back over his shaft as his tool drilled me. My asshole expanded open over his cock allowing him into me up to the wet, sandy brown pubic hair dividing his pelvis from my steaming sexual canyon. His hands tensed on my back as he began to push himself back and forth through my dick-door. His left arm slipped from my wet back and curled around in front of my body, rubbing my stomach and grappling my cock, which was half way submerged in the hot reservoir. His hot, heavy breath hissed on my back while his hips pumped me full of him. And, that quick, he pulled out of me, letting his foreskin sheath his weapon once again, and caught his breath. I turned to face him, gently rubbing my now submerged ass, and planted my mouth on his sweaty face.

My tongue never flew so gracefully over spaces of pale white flesh. Poised nipples, dripping armpits, and glistening abs all traveled by my eager mouth muscle. My hands simply searched for an area of his body that had not been touched. The hazy steam of the tub mixed with our panting breaths gave rise to beads of sweat mixed with stray hot water. I lifted his body to where he was sitting propped up on the in-wall chair of the tub and his hooded schlong poked just far enough out of the water for me to grasp. I pushed his floating pubic hair away and slithered his salami, foreskin and all, into my gluttonous mouth. Without effort, my tongue worked the skin back, unwrapping his sexual gift, and drawing the bittersweet precum from Ed's pulsing penis. My only thoughts were to take his dick away from him. His hands clutched desperately onto the sides of the hot tub as if to keep me from sucking him completely down my thirsting throat. And as I saw his damp, blonde bangs pressed stringy against his forehead and his teeth grind together, his cock coated my parched throat and filled my mouth with tides of precious liquid.

Without hesitation, I swallowed his remnants of ecstasy and turned my attention to my own, still unsatisfied, cock. He had just began to regain his normal breathing patterns when I pulled his thick right thigh up from the underside and exposed his dripping crack. His eyes shut as if to beg me to let him rest. Instead, I pressed my wet, warm cock between the clasps of his ass and shoved forward. Water splashed and trickled down our bodies as I took my first plunge into Ed's moaning body. His asshole melted around the length of my dick allowing me to attain the rhythm needed to fuck Ed like I, only, can fuck Ed. His shut eyes began to squint and his face cringe with the impact of the powerful thrusts escaping my tense hips. Our bodies slapped together making his lowered leg splash from the bubbling water with every push back inside of him. In the dim light, the only visions were that of me mining the tunnels of his wonderful ass. His moans had turned to exhalations of bliss and my grunts to cries of pure passion. His head knocked against the bar counter, knocking the half-full bottle shattering to the ground. Twinkles of sharp light invaded my eyes mixing with orgasmic colors. Ed threw back his head in painful ecstasy as I finally exploded. My spurts matched the jets of the tub, shooting deep inside him. Creamy juices oozed from the small cracks of his asshole that my dick did not fill and mixed with the choppy waters of the vaporous tub. The waves of orgasm hit me until I could thrust no more. I collapsed onto his smooth, sweaty chest as we slowly crawled out from the tub. I found myself barely able to stay conscious laying with him on the lounge chair. His hands brushed my cool neck. Our shadowy, bare bodies rested silently in the dark night -- our prom night.

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