Promise Amended 2

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A Promise Amended 02


"Well, how'd court go?" Austin asked after sipping his soda.

"It went okay I guess. What else am I supposed to say? I was hoping Jared would scream he changed his mind, but there wasn't even a hint of doubt about him. At one point he did look kind of sad, but that could just be wishful thinking." I blatantly spoke.

"Tyler, I'm so sorry about all that. I can't imagine what you must be going through." Austin said sincerely.

"Yeah, well, I guess I kind of deserve it."

Austin choked. "What? How the hell do you deserve to be cheated on?" he questioned.

"I... Well, I could've... Hmm..."

"Exactly, you did nothing to deserve this kind of behavior from him. You were the perfect husband and father." Austin assured me. He left his seat and sat next to me, tossing an arm across my shoulders as well. "You are the best friend a guy could have, too."

"Thanks, Austin," I mumbled. Tears fiercely swelled in my eyes just waiting to be forced out. "I just don't know how I'll make it through this one. I've been lucky before, but this is different. Now I don't have Jared to pick me up when I fall. All I have now is... Oh, my God, I don't have anything." The tears escaped my eyes. I dropped my head in my heads, trying to hide my weakness.

"Come on, Tyler, you've got me to push around now." Austin joked. I, however, was in no joking mood.

I glared at him. "I did push him around a lot didn't I?" I cried out, burying my head back in my hands.

"Shit, I was just kidding, Ty. You never really pushed him around."

"Yes, I did. I was a horrible husband. No wonder he went out and had an affair."

"Well, he's still stupid for having that affair. He's missing out on a great guy, Tyler. But what about your date last night? How'd that go?"

"It went great," I sighed. "Too great."

"So, you like him then?" Austin asked.

"I guess,"

"When do you think he'll meet the family?"

"I don't know, but I invited him to dinner tomorrow night and I have no idea what to make him. I was thinking of chicken ambrosia, but I don't know. Maybe I should show off, huh? Maybe I should just make him something simple like..."

"Tyler," Austin cut me off. "I'm sure he'll be happy with anything you make him. Now, are you nervous about having him over?"

"Um, hello? Last night was the first date I'd been on in... Well, ever since Jared and I started dating. I'm nervous as fuck!" I wiped my eyes and took a deep breath. "But Jared's supposed to have the kids so at least I won't have to deal with them tomorrow night."

"Feeling better?"

"Yeah, thanks for being here for me." I sniffled.

"What are best friends for?"

*    *    *    *


Trevor was looking at me with lust in his eyes. I decided to put a little show on for him. As I was washing the dishes I pretended to drop the sponge on the ground. I slowly bent down to pick it up while keeping my legs as straight as possible. The sexual tension in the air already was rising.

"Is it rising?" I asked him coyly.

"Uh... H-huh?" he stuttered.

"The price of gas again. Is it rising?"

"Oh, um, I don't think so or at least not be very much." Trevor barely got out.

I took my hand and wiped my forehead while letting out a slow, sensual sigh. Even with my eyes shut I felt his stare upon me. This was so much fun! I was wearing a tank top today, even though it must be sixty degrees outside, so I flexed my arms as I continued the dishes.

"Is it hard?" I coyly asked again.

"What is?" Trevor gulped.

"Your math homework," I grinned. "I could help you even though I'm a year behind. Math has always been a strong point after all."

Trevor was starting to breathe heavier than before. He just nodded and turned his attention back to his homework. It may be winter break for the next few weeks, but the teachers still gave us some work to do. Trevor is smart, but he's very weak in the math department. Being the amazing boyfriend that he tells me I am I love tutoring him; usually only because after the tutoring of math we tutor each other in the bed.

I dried my hands off and walked up behind him. "All right, so what're you doing?"

"Odd man out," he groaned.

"Trevor, come on, this isn't that hard." I assured him. "Okay, the first thing you have to do is factor."

"Travers, um," Trevor began.

"Yeah, babe?" I asked, knowing full well what he was going to say.

"I... I... You should, um, finish the dishes first then help me when you're done."

Okay, well, that isn't what I thought he'd say, but he had a small point. Tyler asked me to do the dishes so I might as well finish them before I tutor Trevor. I went back to the sink and continued the dishes. My cock was throbbing against my jeans just begging to get some release. In my mind I kept repeating I'd get some, but the dishes just seemed endless. Suddenly, I couldn't resist any longer. My hormones were going insane. But as I was about to turn and jump onto Trevor, he was already standing over me.

"You are the most evil person I've ever met." Trevor said before he placed his lips on top of mine. He tongue probed inside my mouth.

"Mmm, I was hoping you'd catch on." I chuckled sexily. "We need to take this to the bedroom, babe." Trevor surprisingly picked me up and carried me into my bedroom.

"I need you so bad." he said, unbuttoning his shirt and sliding his pants down. I was undressing as well.

"Not as bad as I need you."

"Fuck," Trevor shoved me onto the bed and started attacking me with his mouth. He started at my neck and snaked his way down to my abs. his hands were roaming all over my body as his tongue was lubing my cock with hot saliva. The pleasure I was feeling was overwhelming.

"You're making me so... Trevor..." I moaned in ecstasy. I reached over to my nightstand and pulled out some lube for him. He stopped long enough for me to massage some lube onto his cock, but then he went straight into me without even missing a beat.

"Travers, fuck," he groaned out.

"Fuck me," I begged.

He needed no further encouragement. Trevor started to pump in and out of my lower half. While still fucking me wild, he leaned forward and impaled his tongue in my mouth. Our breathing became faster, but his more ragged.

"Oh, oh," Trevor moaned. With a sudden burst of passion, he picked me up and continued fucking me. His ability to hold me and fuck me turned me on so much that I came. My cum splattered between the two of us. Apparently by feeling my orgasm he also climaxed, except his cum shot inside of me.

I was panting like crazy as was Trevor. "Babe, that was amazing. When you picked me up that turned me on so much."

"Travers," Trevor breathed. "I wanna go again!"

"Wha-" But I was cut off as Trevor tossed me on the bed.

"I'm just not done yet." he said. He inserted his cock back in my ass and started to pump again. In only a few more minutes of pleasure, Trevor came for the second time in a row.

"Babe, are you okay?" I asked him worriedly. He's never been able to go two times in a row before.

"I-I'm fine," he breathed heavily. It seemed like he couldn't catch his breath.

"Are you sure? You've never done that before." I said.

"Sorry, I was just so horny for some reason."

"Well, all right, but I have to go finish the dishes before Tyler gets..."

"I'm home!" Tyler shouted.

"Damn it," I muttered. "Hurry and get dressed!" I threw some clothes on ran out of my room.

"Hey, Travers," Tyler smiled.

"Hi," I panted. "How were things today?"

"They went smoothly. I'm now officially divorced." he said sadly.

"Well, it's good it's finally over though, right? At least now you won't have to worry about anything. And you found yourself a new man already." I tried to say as upbeat as I could.

"He's not my man, but speaking of Alan he's coming over for dinner tomorrow night."

"Ooh, Keegan and I won't be here so someone is going to get his groove on. Come on, how long's it been since you've had sex?" Tyler glared at me. "Are you mad that I asked?"

"No, I'm just trying to remember." He walked into the kitchen and got himself a glass of water. "Where is your brother by the way?"

"He's over at his new friend's house." I stated.

"Well, I'll go and get him then you guys need to get going." Tyler left and I ran in my room.

"Trevor, get dressed. I'll take you home as soon as Keegan gets home." I ordered.

"Oh, come on, babe." he groaned. "Let me sleep for a few minutes."

"At least get dressed first!" I yelled.

"Oi, fine!" he laughed. He sluggishly got dressed then laid back down and closed his eyes. As I was finishing the dishes Tyler walked in with Keegan. He seemed happier than he did when he got home.

"I just need to grab my backpack." Keegan said.

"Get Trevor up while you're in there, Keeg." I said. "Oh, Tyler, I'll keep you in the FYI at the house."

"What? I don't care what goes on over there." Tyler scoffed. "But don't hesitate to call if his wh... I mean, his other man shows up."

I smiled at his attempt to be vague. "It's okay, you know? You can call his mystery guy a whore. That's what they both are."

"Whatever," Tyler laughed.

Keegan came out with his backpack and a groggy Trevor. The three of us gave Tyler a hug good bye then I drove my boyfriend home. Once he was dropped off I sped home in a hurry to catch a nap myself. When Keegan and I stepped inside the house Jared ran up to us.

"Boys, guess where you'll be staying tomorrow night?" he questioned happily.

"Um, here?" I answered.

"Wrong-o, sonny Jim. You and your brother will be staying at Tyler's tomorrow night. I shall be having company." Jared practically sung.

"What about Torry?" I asked.

"Well, he's invited too."

"But Tyler is having company over tomorrow night."

"I could care less. I have been planning tomorrow night for a week. I seriously doubt Tyler has prepared for his night this long."

"He may not have, but at least the person he's bringing over isn't an accomplice to an affair." I walked away before he could respond.

"What did you say to me?" I slammed my door, droning out his voice.

*    *    *    *


"He what?" I shouted into the receiver.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know what to do." Travers said emotionally.

I took a deep breath. "Calm down, Travers, it's not your fault, okay? Just don't worry about it."

"It hasn't even been a day and he's already throwing us in the middle of things." Travers began to cry.

"Travers," I said softly, tears welling in my own eyes. "Just take a deep breath and relax. I promise you that things will be fine. If I can't talk things through with him then you and your brothers can come over here without any problem. I'll just reschedule with Alan or something." I began to wonder if Alan would mind that I have to cancel tomorrow night.

"Okay," I heard him take a deep breath.

"Now, I will call the house and talk to Jared. I mean, there are three floors to the house. Why the hell can't you boys stay in the basement or upstairs? I'll call you when I'm done." I hung up then dialed the house phone.

"Hello?" Keegan answered.

"Hey, sport," I greeted him happily. "Can you put Jared on, please?"

"Yeah, hold on dad." he said. A few seconds later Jared picked up.


"Why can't the boys stay in the basement while you have your whore over, huh?" I asked him heatedly.

"Don't talk to me like that. We're not married anymore so you have no say over anything that goes on over here." Jared argued. "And the name isn't 'whore' it's Taylor."

"Well, I do hope that you and him have a great fucking time. Did you realize that I might be having company over tomorrow night?"

"Like I care? I have been planning tomorrow night with Taylor for over a week. I can almost guarantee that you haven't been planning that long for whomever to come over."

"No, I haven't, but that doesn't make what you did right."

"I'm gonna stop you right there. They are coming over tomorrow night whether you like it or not." Jared said angrily. "Oh, and Torry will be accompanying them." Then I heard the dial tone.

I let out a bloody yell. "That son of a bitch!" I tried to calm myself down before I called Travers back, but my blood temperature was not lowering at all. About an hour after I got off the phone with Jared, Travers called me back.

"So?" he asked.

"Bring your brothers over tomorrow."

"How am I supposed to do that? My car only seats one passenger remember?"

"Oh, right," I sighed. "Well, just come over here and get my Murano then get them from school."

"But we have school..." Travers trailed off. "Oh, yeah, we start winter break a week earlier than they do."

"There you go," I chuckled.


The next day went by kind of slow. All day, though, I was trying to figure out how I could ask Alan if he would like to have dinner with my kids. I couldn't think of anything appropriate enough so I just blurted it out when I called him. He started to laugh at my uneasiness, but said that he wouldn't mind at all. Travers volunteered several times to take Keegan and Torry out for the night, but I absolutely rejected that idea. I could in no way abandon my kids for another man...kind of like Jared did.

Finally the time came for Alan to arrive at the apartment. Since I was having my boyfriend over I allowed Travers to have Trevor over. Around seven-thirty Alan knocked on my door just as planned.

"Hi," I said after opening the door. "Come on in."

"Thank you," Alan replied. "I brought a pie for dessert if that's okay?"

"Aww, that's perfect." I blushed. Travers and Keegan walked into the room just then. "Ah, these are my boys. Travers, my oldest, and Keegan, my youngest. Guys, this is Alan."

"Nice to meet you," Travers said, extending his hand as did Keegan.

"Same, Travers," Alan smiled. Trevor and Torry ran out of their room.

"Oh, and this is Travers's boyfriend, Trevor, other son, Torry."

"Nice to meet you guys." Alan again said.

While all of us ate, Alan was regaling us tales about his childhood and the crazy things him and his sister had. Alan served his pie, and it was delicious. I could easily tell it was homemade rather than store bought. That little factor impressed me highly. The boys ran into their room and started some video games whereas Alan and I watched some TV in the living room.

"Dad," Keegan groaned, walking out of his room. "Can you take me home real quick? I forgot a video game and I really want to show Trevor how far I got on it."

"Keegan, can't you have your brother run you over real quick?" I said.

"I could, but Jared has his wh... I mean, Taylor over so I don't want him to get mad at me." he pouted.

"We have company, Keeg. This can wait until tomorrow." I said with no room for rejection.

"Tyler, it's okay. You can take him. I really don't mind." Alan said.

I sighed. "Well, I feel like some ice cream so how about we all go?"

"We can't all fit in your Murano." Keegan pointed out.

"Have Travers drive Trevor. We'll swing by your dad's house then go get ice cream." I said, planning it out in my head.

"Thanks, dad!" Keegan shouted, running back into his bedroom.

We all filed into our respective cars and drove to Jared's house. When I pulled into the driveway Keegan jumped out before the car was completely stopped. I wanted to run inside as well to grab some liquor for margaritas. I walked up with Keegan and knocked on the front door.

Someone opened the door, but it was a person I never would've thought possible. "Yes, can I help you?"

"M-m-my son needs to get a video game of his." I stuttered incredulously. Keegan looked up at me with great confusion.

"Do you live here or something?"

"U-u-u-used to,"

"Who is it, babe?" I heard Jared call out then he appeared at the door. His jaw dropped. "Tyler, I thought you were watching the boys tonight." I could almost hear his teeth grinding together.

"Keegan needs a video game." I stated. "Run up and get it, Keeg." Jared went with him upstairs.

"I'm sorry, who are you?"

"I'm Tyler Delfino," I said, still floored by who was in front of me. "You?"

"I'm Taylor,"

"B-b-but you're a woman."

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

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