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A Promise Amended 06


I looked at the man lying on the hospital bed and wondered how we went from soul mates to enemies in a matter of weeks. The feelings I still had for him were as strong as ever even though he betrayed me. I turned my head away from him as I felt the tears burning in my eyes.


I snapped my head back towards him. "Hey," A small smile grew on my face. I walked up net to the bed and took his hand in mine.

"What are you doing here?" he asked sadly.

"I came to make sure you were okay." I softly spoke. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine given the circumstances." he stated.

"Why did you do this to yourself, Jared? What were you thinking?" The dam was getting ready to burst, but I was holding strong.

"I want you back, Tyler. I need you." Jared said weakly.

"Then tell me why you had an affair." I demanded.

"I can't,"

"Very well then," I let go of his hand and grabbed my jacket from the chair. "Merry Christmas, Jared."

I left the hospital in tears. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that I'd find out the reason behind his unfaithfulness. Unfortunately, my faith never really did steer me in the right direction and tonight was definitely no exception. When I walked inside my home the boys were sleeping cuddled up on the couch. Their presents were sitting under tree untouched just as they probably would be for quite some time. Travers called me, crying, and saying that Jared did something to himself. I gave him instructions to call 911 and to come straight home when they took Jared away. Then I made him stay home and watch his brother while I went to the hospital to check on him.

The next morning I was woken up by Keegan was literally dragging me out of bed. He kept saying he wanted to give me a present. At that moment I honestly could've cared less considering I didn't go to bed until three in the morning and according to my bedside clock it was only seven.

"Merry Christmas, dad!" Keegan and Travers both said loudly. I smiled and stumbled into the kitchen for some nice hot coffee. The boys began to unwrap their presents.

"Whoa, dad, where did you find this!? I've been looking for this damn CD for two months!" Travers said very excitedly.

"I bought it online." I stated, sipping on my coffee.

"Well, thank you for everything!" he jumped up from the floor and latched onto me as did Keegan.

"Yeah, thanks, dad! These are like the best presents ever!" Keegan excitedly said.

"You're very welcome, guys. And if you thought these presents were cool, then wait until you see what grandma and grandpa got you guys." I grinned.

"We have something for you." Travers stated. Keegan walked to the tree and grabbed a small box. "We've been saving up money for like ever."

"You guys shouldn't have. Your allowance is money to spend on yourselves, not me or anyone else." I said.

"We know that, but you deserve to be able to open something on Christmas morning too since Jared won't be, you know, giving you anything but a headache." Travers smiled.

I shook my head and started unwrapping my present. Once the paper was torn to shreds I lifted the lid off of the box. "You guys!"

"You like it?" Keegan asked, hopeful.

"Like it!?" I carefully took the watch from its box. "I love it! But this is like a two hundred dollar watch."

"Like I said, we had to start saving really early." Travers said.

My eyes watered. "Thank you, boys, thank you so much. This is one of the best gifts I have ever received."

"You're welcome," they said in unison.

"When can we go to the hospital?" Keegan asked.

"We'll go as soon as you boys are ready."

* * * *


"Merry Christmas, baby!" I said loudly into the phone.

"You know, you should try to cheer up around the holiday season." Trevor bitterly said.

"Oh stop it." I scoffed. "It's time to wake up, asshole!"

"Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too."

I giggled. "I can't wait to see you today. Do you think you'll be able to come to my grandparents with us tonight?"

"I don't know, babe." Trevor yawned. "I know Sandy and Vic want to me to be home so we'll see."

"Okay," I sighed. "So, listen, I have something to tell you. Last night I went to Jared's house to get my cell phone and I found him in his bed. He did something stupid."

"Oh, my God, is he okay?" Trevor asked in a panic.

"Tyler said he's doing okay. We're going to see him as soon as Tyler gets out of the shower. I'll call you later, okay?"

"Okay, babe. I hope he's doing good." Trevor said.

"Thanks." I closed my phone and walked out of my room. Keegan was watching cartoons from the couch. "So, ready to go see Jared?"

"Yeah, I'm excited." he replied inattentively.

"Me too,"

Tyler walked out of his room. "Let's go."

As we drove to the hospital I noticed that Tyler smelt unusually good. I mean, he always smells good, but it seemed like maybe he put something different on today. Maybe for a reason?

Jared was just staring at the ceiling when we arrived. He was real happy to see us though. Keegan and I also got him a present, but Tyler suggested we leave it at home until Jared gets to leave the hospital. There was a very awkward tension in the air while Tyler was in the room.

"Where is Torry at?" I asked Jared.

"Oh, he went to his grandparents' house a day or two ago." Jared replied.

"Excuse me, what?" Tyler cut in. "He has grandparents?"

"Uh...uh..." Jared stuttered.

"You mean to tell me," Tyler began quietly, but viciously, "that he could've stayed at his grandparents' instead of at our house?!"

"Listen to how selfish you're being. They couldn't take him in because they can barely take care of themselves." Jared argued.

"I don't care. All those fights we had could've been prevented! Maybe even our divorce could've been stopped."

"Don't blame anything on him!"

"Then tell me why we got divorced! Who else am I supposed to blame!?" demanded a very angry Tyler.

"Yourself, that'd be a start!" Jared shouted back.

"Boys, tell your dad good bye. We have to go now." Tyler eerily calmly said, staring daggers through Jared.

"Wait, Tyler, I didn't mean that. I'm sorry!" Jared tried, but it was to no avail. Ty just walked out of the room and waited for me and Keegan.


"They are two of the most stubborn people I've ever known!" I heatedly said. "I mean, why can't Jared just tell him why? And if Tyler could just stay cool when he's around Jared maybe he'd explain things. I'm starting to think that maybe I should just tell Tyler what I overheard that one night."

"No, don't do that." Trevor blurted out. "Tyler needs to find out from Jared, not you. If you tell him it could make things worse."

"Or it could make things right again. If Taylor is blackmailing Jared for something then that explains his attitude change. Hell that explains everything really."

"Travers, just give Jared some time to tell Tyler. Didn't you say that Tyler told you Jared was close to spilling everything?" Trevor mentioned.

"But not that close." I argued defensively. "You know what? That is so not the point. The point is that Jared still won't say anything."

"Someone is being a stubborn jackass."

"Isn't it something like stubborn as a mule?"

"That's what I said."

I smiled. "Well, when can I pick you up?"

"I thought I told you I wasn't sure if I could go yet."

"That was this morning though. It's been a few hours, you know?"

"Yeah, yeah,"

"Well, I need to know before we leave."


"In an hour,"

"Damn you,"

I laughed. "Just go ask. I'm sure they'll let you come with me. Besides, they love me. Of course, who doesn't?"

"Of course, who doesn't?" Trevor mocked childishly. "Fine, I'll be right back." I heard him drop his phone on the bed and walk out of his room. What seemed like forever, but was only about five minutes, Trevor told me they said yes, but he had to be home by eleven.

"Yes!" I shouted happily. "I'll pick you up in a few. I want some time alone with you before we're in the company of others."

Trevor hung up on me. I knew why he did it though. He was in a sudden hurry to get ready to go because he knew he was going to get some. True enough he was, but probably not in the way he thought.

My boyfriend practically jumped in my car when I pulled up to his house. He must've been watching and waiting for any sign of my car. I just had to laugh out loud at his enthusiasm.

"So, where are we going?" Trevor asked excitedly.

"You know you aren't getting my ass tonight, right?" I smiled devilishly.

"Well then what the hell am I doing here?" he disappointedly asked.

"You know, just because you aren't gonna get my ass doesn't mean you aren't gonna get off."

Trevor studied me for a minute, completely oblivious to what he was about to receive. He stayed unaware until I pulled off the road somewhere that I knew was virtually abandoned and started to unzip his pants. Trev lifted his butt up, helping me slide his briefs down.

"You haven't given me a blow job in so long." Trevor stated. "We always usually just have sex. What changed your mind?"

"Well, we don't have sex time. We have blow job time though." I grinned selfishly. I never really minded doing this for him. Hell, I probably liked it more than he did.

With great anticipation, I guided my mouth over my lover's member. He let out a low moan as soon as I started to bob my head up and down over his shaft. Trevor placed one hand on the back of my head while the other he rested on his right knee. Getting uncomfortable myself I reached over to the side of Trevor's seat and tilted it back. I also did this to mine making it easier to maneuver myself on him. I replaced his cock back in my mouth.

"Travers, this is amazing." Trevor moaned in sheer bliss.

This only encouraged me to continue working. I played with his balls in one hand and my other was running up and down his soft back. Precum was oozing out of his slit like a damn fountain. The bitter saltiness of the semi-sticky liquid was starting to get to me, but I blocked out the nausea that was building and focused on giving Trevor a great time. It wasn't until he groaned that he was getting ready to cum that I felt vomit rising through my stomach. Very quickly I pulled off of his dick and opened my door just as I began to throw up.

"Travers," Trevor said worriedly. I felt the car kind of shake, then Trevor was standing next to me.

The vomit just wasn't stopping. The more I threw up, the more violent it was becoming. I could tell Trevor was getting worried, but there wasn't anything he could even do. I couldn't even really do anything. After what seemed like forever again I ceased vomiting much to both of our relief.

"Babe, what happened?" Trevor asked, wiping away some drool from my chin.

"I'm not sure," I sickly got out. "I think it was the taste of your precum." He helped me sit down in my seat.

"Well, do you feel well enough to drive to your grandparents' house?"

"Yeah, I feel better."

"All right, um, can I take care of myself before we go?"

I smiled weakly at his horniness. "Yeah, knock yourself out."

Trevor walked around to his side of the car. He jacked himself off to a quick climax and then we were on our way. When we got to the house Tyler and Keegan weren't there yet. This struck me as odd because he is usually fifteen minutes early for any kind of event.

I knocked on the door and we waited. Grandma answered and invited us in. All of a sudden, Keegan comes from upstairs. I asked where Tyler was, but she said she didn't know. He came here, dropped Keegan off, then left without saying a word. I grew very worried that he'd maybe do something incredibly stupid, but pushed that thought out of my head.

* * * *


I made sure that I was at the right house. The social worker gave me this exact address, but I was still skeptical about the house. I made a quick glance along the street before walking up to the front door and knocking.

"Who is it?" a woman shouted from behind the door.

"Uh, my name is Tyler Delfino. I received your address from Sherry Lindleway." I replied back. The woman opened the door slowly and looked me over. "Are you Lidia Marina?"

"Yes, may I help you?"

"Yes, actually you can. I was told by Sherry that you are Torry's grandmother?"

"That's correct," she said.

"Well, I'm his father and I was wondering if I could take him home with me?" I asked in the most hopeful voice I could muster up.

"I'm sorry, but we were told his father was Jared Young."

"Yes, well, that's his other father." I said. Lidia looked at me, puzzled. "My ex-husband."

"Oh," Lidia said. I could tell by the way she said it that she wasn't okay with my orientation. "I'm not sure I should let you take him."

"Please, Mrs. Marina. I'd like to take Torry to my parents' house for dinner and then I was going to take him to the hospital to visit Jared. I know they both would enjoy that a great deal."

Lidia studied me again and said, "Well, let me call Sherry and if says it's okay then I don't see a problem. Please come in while you wait." She opened the door wider for me to come inside. I sat on a sofa while she went into a different room.

"Tyler, what are you doing here?" Torry asked, walking into the room with a confused look upon his face.

"Hey, bud," I smiled. I was damn near in tears and I don't even know why. "I wanted to take you to my parents' house for a Christmas dinner and after that we could stop at the hospital to see Jared. Would you like that?"

"Would I ever!" Torry said happily. "Thanks, Tyler!"

"No problem, Torry." I sighed contently. "Go pack your things so we can go. You'll be staying with me until Jared gets better. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah, that's fine." He ran away to his room I'm assuming.

Just then, Lidia came back to me. "Sherry said she approves so I guess I do too. I'll go tell Torry."

"Uh, actually he already knows."

Only a few minutes later, Torry came back out with a backpack full of clothes. He had this adorable little grin on his face like he was being taken to Disneyland or something. He gave his grandmother a hug good bye.


After we ate dinner, mom allowed the boys to open the presents she got them. Of course, I had to let her in on what they wanted. Eventually the five of us took our leave. I figured I'd take Torry to visit Jared tomorrow instead of tonight as he and Keegan fell asleep on the way home. Travers took Trevor home leaving me with the two boys for at least two hours. But when we arrived back at the apartment Travers was already there.

"Hey," Travers said when I walked in with two tired boys.

"Is Trevor spending the night after all?" I asked him.

"Yeah, Sandy called us when I was taking him home that he could just come home tomorrow, if that's all right with you?"

"Yeah, yeah, that's fine. I'll just put the boys in my bed tonight. I'll take the couch." I said without a second thought. Travers gave me a sad look, but went into his room with Trevor.

An hour after I put the boys to bed, I started to think of Jared and how lonely he must feel right now. I'm still pissed off at him for saying what he said today, but I couldn't really stay mad at him for very long. As much as I hate to admit it I'm still crazy about him.

All of a sudden my cell phone began to ring. "Hello?" I answered, not recognizing the number.

"Hi, Tyler," Jared said softly.

"Hi," I said.

"Can you come to the hospital, please?" he sadly asked me.

"And why would I want to do that, Jared?" I inquired.

"Because I want to tell you everything. I want to explain."

* * * *


I hung up the phone with Tyler. Relief was washing over me. I was finally going to explain everything to Tyler tonight. Taylor warned me of the consequences of telling Tyler the truth, but I no longer cared. I could lose everything related to my job, but it's all worth it to have Tyler back in my life. I just hope he believes me. I'm sure he will.

* * * *


I walked into Jared's room slowly. He was looking out the window until I got closer to his bed.

"Hey there," he smiled.

"Hi," I replied dully. "So, I can't wait to hear what you have to say."

Jared let out a small sigh. "Tyler, to start, I'm so sorry about everything I ever said and did to you these past few months. I truly am so remorseful."

"Okay," I said.

He took a deep breath before continuing. "I don't remember when, but some time before I even met Torry I had a routine exam with a patient. She was there to simply get checked up. Well, when I got into the exam room she instantly began to flirt with me. After reviewing her records I noticed they said she was bipolar. A few days after that checkup she came back for another one complaining that her throat was sore and that she would sometimes have trouble breathing. I had Zanders prescribe her some syrup to help ease the pain. When I came back with the prescription slip, Taylor began to complain how bad her love life was. She said that she'd never find a man who could treat her right and how she would kill for a chance to kiss a real man just one more time. For no reason other than sheer pity, I gave her a quick kiss." The facial expression upon me didn't change. It was still as serious as when I walked in. The anger was rising inside of me, however.

"So, you did cheat on me."

"No, I didn't. Tyler, I only gave her a quick kiss. But she assumed that it meant I was in love with her and threatened to file a sexual harassment lawsuit on me. She kept saying that she would destroy my life and my families. I couldn't let that happen."

"You can't be serious." I said, shocked by what he just told me.

"I'm afraid I'm serious." I sat down in a chair to let what was just said to me simmer into my mind. "Tyler, I would never cheat on you. I love you so much. But Taylor was so persistent. She threatened my everyday that she would destroy us. I was backed into a corner. I had no idea what to do."

"You could have told me from the beginning. We could've fought that, Jared!" I cried out. The tears in my eyes were starting to fall.

"You still would've freaked out that I kissed her."

"True, but if you told me then we wouldn't have had to go through the things we did. My God, Jared, I have been living in pure agony."

"And you don't think I haven't? I've had to wake up every morning knowing what I have done to you and the boys. It has been eating me alive. I just can't take it anymore. I love you so much." Jared began to cry himself. "Please, Tyler, you have to forgive me. I'm begging you."

Wiping the tears from my face, I stood up and then sat next to Jared, taking his hand in mine. "You swear to me that you never had an affair?"

"I wouldn't lie to you about this. The only thing I ever did with Taylor is kiss her that one day. She never pressed for sex surprisingly."

I broke down with fury. "I knew you wouldn't cheat on me!"I sobbed on his chest. The pain was just flowing out of my body through the tears. Jared wrapped his arms around me and held me close.

Several minutes later Jared said, "Tyler, I want us to be fine again. I want everything to go back to the way it was."

Everyone understands the nature of war. We also understand that victory depends on the cards that we have been dealt. Some, when faced with a bloody battle, simply give in. But for some, surrender is unacceptable. Even though they know it will be a fight...

"Things will, Jared." softly I said. "We are going to take that bitch to the cleaners."

Jared smiled. "God I love you, Tyler."

... to the death.*

* * * * * * * * * * * *

* by Marc Cherry, 2006

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