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A Promise Amended 08


There is a certain time in the morning that I dislike the most. It's the time right after the sun comes up and decides that I've been asleep for far too long. It's when the beams of light shine through the windows, and the temperature begins to rise. When the birds start to sing more feverishly and the sound of cars become more frequent. Yes, I despise this time of morning mostly because I know I'll soon have to remove myself from bed and from the man I love.

Last night's sleep was one of the most relaxing ones I've had in quite some time. The emptiness that has long terrorized me is finally coming to an end. Jared and I still have so much to talk about though. I want him to better explain the Taylor situation and what we're going to do about it. We need to talk about getting remarried I guess, too. And if we do that, then I need to sell my apartment. It seems like things just might start looking up for us right now.

Jared grumbled something inaudible. "Morning, Jared," I said.

"Morning," He was still holding me against his chest, and even though I couldn't see his face I knew he was smiling just as widely as I am.

"I'm gonna make some breakfast for everybody. I'll make you your favorite, okay?"

"Mmm, but how are you gonna put yourself on a plate?"

I laughed. "I'll figure something out." I got out of bed and walked downstairs into the kitchen. The house was silent still. All three boys will probably be up right after breakfast is done. Although, it is only about six-thirty, so maybe I should wait to start cooking until at least seven. Yeah, I'll watch the news until then. Minutes passed by and I learned what was happening in the world. Nothing too exciting, but it was just the early morning news. The time came for me to eventually start making breakfast.

There's only one more week left of winter break. In three days we celebrate a new year. It seems like just yesterday we started this year. Time goes by so fast anymore.

Travers stumbled into the kitchen ready to eat. Unfortunately, Jared was out of pancake mix so I couldn't make his favorite cherry pancakes. Travers didn't mind though. He wolfed down his plate of food in minutes saying he really wanted to take a shower. I still haven't figured that one out. Maybe he needs to... Yeah, I'm not even going there. I took a plate up to Jared who was still sound asleep, or at least he was until I sat next to him as carefully as I could.

"Aww, no cherry pancakes?" he whined cutely.

"Sorry, but you're out of pancake mix." I said, handing him his plate.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Ever since you've left I've mostly had take-out food. You know how bad I am in the kitchen."

"Ah, but I've taught you some of my extensive knowledge."

"It went in one ear and right out the other."

I laughed. "I had a feeling."

Jared also wolfed down his food, but he had no reason. He's just a quickie. Our light conversation then turned to more serious matters. I wasn't sure if I should bring up everything that I want to talk about right now, but Jared didn't seem to mind. In fact, he started the conversation about it all.

"Tyler, I never thanked you for doing what you did for Torry. That was extremely generous and kind of you to take him in. So thank you very much." Jared warmly spoke. He took my hands in his and smiled at me.

"It was no problem. He's a great kid." That's the best I could come up with. Torry and I have grown closer since I took him in from his grandparents' house.

"I know that you want to talk more about what happened too. So, what do you want to know? I pretty much covered everything."

"I'm sure you did, but could you just go through it one more time?"

Jared smiled and said, "Of course, anything for you." He sat up straighter and cleared his throat before beginning. "Days before I even met Torry, I had a routine exam with a patient, Taylor. Right as I walked into the room she commented on how attractive I was and asked if I was married. Obviously I said I was. Taylor continued to flirt with me, but I ignored her as best I could and checked her out. A few days after that, she was back complaining about a sore throat and her love life. She kept going on and on about not being able to find a real man and how pathetic most were. For no other reason than sheer pity, Tyler, I kissed her, but no tongue was involved I swear it.

"Days after that she was back, but this time with an agenda instead of an illness. She apparently assumed that that pity kiss meant that I was in love with her. She invited me out to dinner, but I declined again saying I was happily married. All of a sudden she grew angry and malignant threatening me with a sexual harassment lawsuit unless I became her lover.

"Tyler, I swear to you that the only thing we have ever done is kiss and I hated it! I wouldn't ever do that to you. Do you understand me?"

I was out of breath for no other reason than relief. He's told me this before, but now it seems so much better. It's a burden that I feel has finally been lifted from me. I now know why Jared did everything to me. Don't get me wrong, he's still on thinning ice, but for now I'm content with his explanation. We can worry about the more technical things later.

I couldn't even answer Jared. The only way I could respond in any way was to lean into him, lining my lips with his. The last time we kissed was...freaking forever ago. The electricity that I could feel surging through my body just by getting close to him was a memory that I craved to have again. And now that I have I was not going to waste it. Our lips came together, tongues probing in and out of each others' mouths. I felt his hand snake its way onto my rock hard member.

"Oh, Jared," I moaned into his mouth.

"Tyler, I want you now."

Jared hurriedly lifted my shirt over my head. His hands roamed all around my body making me even hotter. I lifted his shirt over his head and realized that our bedroom door was still wide open.

"Take your pants off." I said as I jumped up from the bed. I shut and locked the door. When I turned back around Jared was standing right in front of me in all his glory. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in to a tight kiss.

* * * *


I made Keegan and Torry up a plate of food. Today Trevor is supposed to spend all day with me. I really want to go to the arcade with him and feed ducks at the park and maybe have a little fun in between there. Lately I've been feeling Trevor and I are growing apart, but it could just be me feeling like that. I'll definitely talk to him about it even though I'm nervous as hell about what his answer is.

I went upstairs to ask Jared and Tyler if Trevor could even come over. When I was just about to knock on their closed door I heard the faintest moaning coming from inside. Pressing my ear against the door I knew instantly heard right. And I instantly grew hard. A smile grew on my lips because I knew that things were going to start returning to the way they used to be.

When I went back downstairs Keegan and Torry were chasing each other around. Eventually they tired out and took a break on the couch. Trevor called me a few minutes later and asked if he could come over. I told him what was up. He was happy about it.

"I'm gonna go ask Tyler if he'll take me and Torry to the park." Keegan said, walking upstairs.

"No, Keegan!" I shouted, running after him. I grabbed him and carried him back downstairs.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because..." I had no idea what to tell him. There was no way I could simply say they're having sex. "Uh, because they're talking about some important things. When they're done, you ask and I'll take you after picking Trevor up." I explained.

"Cool! Thanks, Travers!" Keegan said excitedly.

* * * *


"Oh, Tyler," I moaned loudly with one final thrust into him. I collapsed out of exhaustion. The two of us were breathing harder than ever. Our sex we just had was definitely one of the best ever.

Tyler chuckled sexily. "That was amazing."

"Yeah," I panted. "I love you, Tyler."

Tyler didn't respond. I'm not surprised. That was just kind of thrown out there without warning, but not really. What I mean is that 97.4% of the time after we make love one of us says "I love you" and then the other says it. Although, this time wasn't like the others. It was way better, but it was also a make-up kind of sex. This is the first time since before our divorce that we've been intimate. I've missed Tyler no doubt, but the way he makes me feel in bed is something that I missed just as much.

Tyler nudged me off of him and stood up from the bed. He pulled his pants up, but left his shirt off and walked out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

I hope I didn't do anything wrong.

* * * *


Jared was fantastic in bed as always, but I feel we might've moved a bit too fast. I enjoyed the sex, don't get me wrong, but maybe it was too soon. I mean, I haven't even moved back in yet plus we still haven't discussed getting remarried.

"Dad, can I take Keegan and Torry to the park? And can Trevor spend the day over here?" Travers asked, not missing a beat as I walked into the kitchen.

"Sure to both," I replied half-heartedly. I got out a fresh coffee filter and scooped some grounds in it.

"Are you all right?"

I let out a sigh. "I don't know,"

"Well, it may be kind of weird, but I'm here if you need to talk to someone."

I was so proud of Travers when he said that to me. It's amazing seeing how mature he's become. He's such an independent person I sometimes feel like he doesn't need me at all. Now, I don't mean that in a negative way at all. I just mean that I feel like he's older than sixteen. But that's exactly how I always wanted it to be. As much as I don't like thinking about it, Jared and I won't always be here to help him when times get rough. So I'm glad that he is so independent.

"Thanks, Travers that means a lot to me." I said without facing him. There was no way I could show him the tears that were threatening to fall from my eyes.

"Well, I'll go get the boys from the basement, then we'll be heading out."

"Make sure that they are warm enough."

"Got it covered, but can I borrow the Murano?"

"Yeah, my keys are somewhere around here. You know, we could buy you a car with more room if you'd like."

"Really? But I thought that Jared wanted to keep the Z?"

"He did, but only to give it to you. If you want something with more room he won't mind if you sold it."

"Sweet! I'll start looking around at what I want!"

"Well, keep it to a certain extent. You won't be getting a Cadillac."

Travers giggled. "I know. I've actually been looking into a Fusion."

"Ah, good car." An idea suddenly struck in my mind. Maybe a surprise for Travers is in the near future.

The boys went off to the park leaving me and Jared alone. I felt bad for leaving him right after he was done, but I couldn't stop myself. He hasn't come downstairs yet. It's been an hour since we had sex. Usually he's down here with me by now, or at least that's how it used to be. Since I had extra spare time today I put my energy to good use.

"Tommy, it's Tyler. How you doing?" I asked him.

"Great, how about you?"

"Same," I happily said. "So listen, are you in the market for a new car?"

"Um, not really. Why?" Tommy asked.

"Well, it's just that Travers is thinking of trading in his Z for a Fusion and since you have one and it's fairly new I was wondering if you'd consider trading."

"Wow, um, I'm not sure about that, Tyler. It's not that I don't want to help you out, but I'm real attached to my car. I don't know if I could just give it up for another. To me, that'd be like giving Zac up for a new boyfriend."

"Hey, no pressure here. I was just wondering if you were or not. Why don't you think about it for a while and get back to me?"

"Okay, thanks, Tyler."

"No problem. Take as much time as you need. Bye." I closed my phone feeling pretty good about myself. Tommy's car is only two years old. The Z is about seven I think, but it's in prime condition so it'd be a pretty even trade, I think anyways.

Another hour passed by and Jared still hasn't come downstairs at all. The guilt of leaving him was pressuring me, but I can't face him right now. Or maybe I can and just think I can't. Ugh, I just wish we could put all of this behind us and move on.

I trudged upstairs and into our bedroom. Jared was staring up at the ceiling absent mindedly. He didn't even notice when I was kneeling next to him on the floor.

"Jared," I said softly as to not frighten him.

He moved his gaze to meet mine and said, "I'm sorry." His tone was ragged and sorrowful.

"No, I shouldn't have just left like that. I'm sorry for doing that." I sat next to him and hugged him. Jared rubbed my back and let out a long sigh.

"I was worried I did something wrong. Did I?" he asked.

"No, you didn't. I was just afraid that we moved too fast, but now that I really think about it we didn't move to fast."

"I never thought so,"

"Jared, are we going to remarry?"

"I've always hoped so." Jared had a mile wide smile.


* * * *


"No, babe, I think they're seriously getting back together. I had a hunch before, but then when I heard them doing it I knew it was a for sure thing." I excitedly said to Trevor who had a small grin.

"That's great, Travers. It was always awkward whenever I'd be over at Jared's house with you. I always felt better at Tyler's place, but now I don't have to worry about that at all anymore." Trevor said.

"You are such a goof," I laughed. "But I love you for it."

"Aww, you aren't just teasin' me now are you?" I laughed even harder. "What the hell are you laughing at?"

I couldn't answer him. I could only laugh harder. Eventually Trevor joined in my laughing fit and started laughing hysterically himself. I had no idea what I was really laughing at. It was Trevor being a dork at first, but now I think I'm just crazy.

Keegan and Torry were done playing after only twenty minutes. They said they were getting really cold. To warm us all up I drove to a coffee shop for some hot chocolate. We all went inside instead of through the drive-thru. After we all ordered and paid, we went to a table in the corner of the shop. Just then, Austin walked inside.

"Uncle Austin!" Keegan and I said loudly, running into his arms.

"Hey guys," he said joyfully. "How's things going?"

"Tyler and Jared are getting back together!" Keegan shouted.

"What? How do you know that?" Austin asked, surprised by what keegan said.

"They were doing it!" Keegan again shouted.

Austin tried to muffle his laughter, but he wasn't very good at it. I looked at Keegan with shock, not understanding how he knew that. Then again he is very smart for a fifth grader. He probably realized they weren't just "talking" like I told him.

Austin sat with us and drank some hot chocolate as well. He told us that he'd be by the house later tonight to surprise Tyler and Jared. I could only imagine what he had in store for them.

After Torry and Keegan finished their hot chocolate I told them Tyler wanted us back home. Austin parted to his own car after goodbyes were spoken.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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