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A Promise Well Kept 06


"Okay, so, I was thinking that we could just order ten pizzas, I can have my friend Ray make a huge cake, and then maybe even pick some salads up?" I said to Jared. We were sitting down in the dining room, fresh from our shooting lessons.

"Tyler, must we talk about this now? I'm tired from the shooting lesson and my shoulder is sore." Jared complained.

"You shot one shotgun," I responded.

"Well, it was a powerful shot."

I just laughed. "All right, I guess we can do this later. I'm surprised my dad and Travers aren't back yet."

"Maybe Travers likes it. Either that or your dad is torturing him out there. It would be the perfect place to do it." he laughed. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Jared looked at me skeptically. "I guess they're back."

"Oh, please," I scoffed, standing up and walking to the front door. "Travers lives here. He doesn't ring the doorbell." I disarmed the alarm then opened the door. In front of me stood a pizza delivery boy.

"It'll be $15.24, please." he said.

"Um, I'm sorry, but I didn't order a pizza." I said.

He looked at me irritably. "Well, someone ordered a pizza from this house." He looked past me and eyed the inside of my house.

"Fine, I'll pay for it," I took my wallet out and handed him $16. "Keep the change." I grabbed the pizza from him then slammed the door shut. Something didn't seem right about this whole thing.

As I walked back in the dining room, Jared gave me a confused look. "When did you order pizza?"

"I didn't," I replied. I set the pizza on the table and inspected it. Jared reached for a piece, but I slapped his hand away. "Do you not get it? I didn't order it. You didn't order it. No one else is home... Shit!"

"I'll call him and tell him your on his way." Jared said.

I ran outside and jumped in my Murano. How I could forget my own son is beyond me. But it was a fair mistake, right? I mean Jared forgot as well. No blame game though. I made it to his friend's house in only a few seconds so no big deal. Keegan was sad he had to go, but I told him he'd be back in my best Arnold voice I could manage.

When we arrived back home, Jared was asleep in the living room. Just then, Travers and my dad walked in through the front door. Travers had a huge grin plastered on his face so I'm assuming they had a fun time.

"Hey there," I smiled at them. "Sounds like you guys had fun."

Travers's smile faded as soon as I started talking. He looked at me dully and gave me an irritated glare. "It was fun," Then we went to his room and shut his door.

I cocked my head. "Did you find anything out?"

"Actually," dad started, "we didn't really talk about that."

"Dad, that was the whole point of going on this trip with him." I said agitatedly.

"Don't take that tone with me," Mike said in a fatherly tone.

"Sorry, sir," I rolled my eyes then went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine. I poured myself a small glass. "I just don't know what to do. How can I show him that I truly love him?"

Dad and I talked for a few more minutes before he said he had to get back home to mom. I thanked him for spending time with Travers and walked him back outside to his truck. I also invited him and mom to Travers's party next Saturday. He readily agreed to show up.

Later that afternoon, I cooked Travers's favorite meal: chicken enchiladas. Jared and Keegan woofed the food as though it was their last meal (as always) and Travers picked through it as though he hated enchiladas. For dessert, I made another favorite of Travers's: strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream. He again nibbled at it, giving the rest of it to Keegan.

The next week was like any other. On Monday, Jared and I had another shooting lesson. Keegan told us that his teacher is making him do the family tree project regardless of his adoption and my request of dismissal. Tuesday, Jared and I also had another shooting lesson. That day I also cleaned the hell out of the house as well as Travers's birthday present. Wednesday through Friday was completely uneventful with the exception of Friday night. I've put off showing Jared the note until now because...well, I didn't have the courage to do so before.

"Hon, I need to talk to you about something." I said to Jared. We were lying in bed, him holding me against his hard chest.

"Shoot," he replied tiredly. Previously in the day, we set the basement up for Travers's party. All the banners and tables and chairs were set up and ready for use. The game room, movie room, and the pool were also ready for heavy use.

"There was a note on our door. I found it last Friday I think..." I trailed off in thought.

He suddenly sat up. "What did it say?"

"It said and I quote 'your son does really well in school. It'd be a shame if something happened to him long term'." I remember the text perfectly as I don't forget things about my kids.

"Tyler, why didn't you tell me about this damn it?" Jared said angrily, sliding out of bed to stand in front of me.

"I'm sorry," I said, sitting on my elbow. "I guess I was just scared."

Jared paced back and forth for a minute before speaking again. "It's fine," He laid back down and turned away from me. I tried to cuddle with him, but he didn't want to. "Not now, Tyler."

"Are you mad at me?" I asked, guessing the answer.

"A little, yeah," he replied.

I sat back up on my elbow. "Now wait a minute, you hid the first note from me and I hid this one. I think we're even now."

Who's keeping score?" He also sat up on an elbow.

"I'm not, but I don't think you should be so mad."

"Weren't you the one who said no more hiding anything?"

"I know, but I fucked up all right. I was just doing what you did!" I yelled. His face scrunched up a little bit. I stared daggers into him, but then my eyes watered and I turned away. "I just wanted to protect my family."

"Oh, baby, I'm sorry I got angry."

"I don't understand, Jared. Why does he hate me so much? It's like he doesn't care about me at all. Here I am trying to make him happy by making his favorite meals and giving him your car..."

Jared interrupted me. "Ty, I'll have another talk with him tomorrow. He does need to realize how good he has it here. The way he treats you in completely unacceptable."

"No, don't ruin his birthday. Hell, I'm going to work extra hard tomorrow." I vowed to Jared.

"Well, try not to overwork yourself like you tend to do on occasion." He kissed me then we positioned ourselves as we were before our little spat.

* * * *


Happy birthday, Travers!" Tyler, Keegan, and I shouted at him when he walked into the kitchen from his bedroom. He had a genuine look of surprise on his face.

"Wow," he said, looking around enviously at all the items hanging. We'd thrown him a party before, but I'll admit that this is his biggest one yet. He is turning sixteen after all.

"Travers, we want to give you one of your presents early, unless you'd rather wait." Tyler said, giving him a huge grin.

Travers stared at Tyler. "I'm fine, I can wait." He then walked to the fridge and poured himself a glass of orange juice.

"Well," Tyler started, "the party starts at two which is only in a couple of hours since you got your beauty rest."

Travers just grunted.

"Actually Travers, Tyler got you something that you really can't say no to. He made you an appointment at the DMV." I said, looking at Tyler with sympathy. I made the appointment, but I figured Tyler needed the praise more than I did.

"No way!?" he nearly screamed.

"Way," Tyler said casually.

Travers set his glass down and ran into his room. We heard the shower turn on a moment later.

Tyler walked up to me ad wrapped me in his arms. "Thank you for doing that."

"It's what I do," I smirked.

About half an hour later Travers was dressed and ready to go take his license test. Originally Tyler was supposed to go alone with him, but my husband insisted on everyone being there. We climbed into the Murano and drove to the DMV. When we pulled into the parking lot, Travers was in near shock. He couldn't catch his breath he was so excited.

I watched as Travers got out of the test car. He was trying to hide his excitement, but he sure wasn't doing a great job. He walked in and excitedly told us he passed. After some short paper work, Travers and the rest of us were back in the Murano. Tyler was generous enough to let him drive us home. I've never held on to a door so hard in my life. It's not that Travers was a bad driver, far from it, but he didn't have a lot of experience in the Murano. He usually drove me around in my Z.

Lynette and Mike were waiting for us at the house. They hadn't entered yet, though, because of our alarm. I guess Tyler still hasn't given them a deactivation remote. When they saw Travers driving up into the driveway they walked hurriedly to the driver's side. Lynette smothered him in hugs and kisses congratulating him on his victory. Mike also congratulated him adding that his license is the most important document of his life. That earned him a smack upside the head.

Around two o'clock the guest began to show up. Tyler and I allowed Travers to invite anyone he wanted to. By three o'clock we must've had almost a hundred kids running around in the basement. I knew Travers had friends, but I didn't realize just how many he truly had. I also invited some of my friends from high school, mostly my old teammates. Tyler incited Austin and Monica, too.

Tyler was doing a great job as a host as always. It amazes me at how well he can pull a party off. The doorbell rang while I was upstairs grabbing some more sodas for the guests. I answered the door and another one of Travers's friends I was assuming.

"Hi, I'm Jared," I extended my hands to him.

He shook hands nervously. "I'm Trevor, it's nice to meet you, Mr. Young."

"Trevor? Are you in one of Tyler's classes?"

"Yeah, first period," he stated.

"Well, lets get you downstairs and into the party." I led him downstairs into the wild savages. Tyler saw I brought another kid down; he walked up to us and stood stunned by who the kid was.

"Hi Trevor," he said.

"Hi Mr. Delfino," Trevor replied. "I hope you don't mind. Travers invited me on Tuesday."

Tyler must not have known that they became friends because he looked even more surprised when Trevor said that.

"No, it's no problem at all." Tyler said. "The food and drinks are over there on that table and Travers is...around here somewhere. Good luck finding him." Tyler laughed followed by me.

I grabbed Tyler by the arm as Trevor walked away. "You said this was legal for him to be here, right?"

"Yeah, babe, especially since I didn't even ask him. I totally forgot to invite him." Tyler said confidently.

"All right," I sighed. "You're the one who knows this stuff."

Around five Travers began opening presents. He received things ranging from CDs to DVDs to things for his room to food. Besides his present that is waiting for him downtown, Tyler and I got him numerous other things as well.

Once Travers had opened them all he announced he wanted to cut his cake. Tyler had other plans, however.

"Now wait a second, Travers." Tyler said. Travers shot him a venomous glare. "There's one more present your dad and I are giving to you." He ushered him upstairs and out into the driveway. Everyone was anxiously waiting to see what his mystery gift was.

Suddenly, Mike pulled up in my 350z. The hood was wrapped in a bright red bow and it looked even shinier than it did when I got its oil changed.

"Happy birthday, Travers!" Tyler and I both shouted. His friends and family started to clap.

Travers stood stunned, not believing what was happening. "Y-you're giving me your car?" he asked emotionally.

"Well, at first I was going to sell it, but Tyler suggested that we give it to you for your birthday." I explained.

Travers turned to Tyler. "Thank you," He latched onto Tyler and gave him a hug. I heard him sniffle a few times.

I let Travers go around the block a few times before we headed inside to sing and cut the cake. Tyler brought out the cake from the oven and lit the sixteen candles. Everyone began to sing Happy Birthday. Travers blew out his candles and started to slice the cake himself.

Two hours after the cake everyone began to scatter home. At ten, the only ones left were Trevor, Travers's best friend Michael, and Keegan's best friend Dylan. I had previously arranged for Dylan to spend the night so the only one I was in question of was Trevor. In fact, now that I think about it I haven't seen in quite a few minutes, and Travers as well. While Tyler was busy with Keegan and Dylan upstairs I went back down to the basement and searched around. No lights were on except for a faint one coming from the pool area. Walking closer I noticed that the dim light was coming from the sauna. Without looking through the window I just pulled the door open and walked in.

"Dad!?" Travers said in shock.

"Oh, my God," I said, dumbfounded by what I accidentally saw. "I'm sorry, um...uh...bye!" I ran out and closed the door behind me. Tyler will be glad to hear that Travers's sexuality is now confirmed as being gay; he was kissing Trevor.

* * * *


"So they were kissing?" I asked him incredulously.

"Yeah, I was so embarrassed." Jared replied. He began removing his clothes, getting ready for bed.

"I guess he really is gay."

"Maybe that's why he's been so evil with you. I mean we already know that he might've been confused, but now we know a possible reason."

"Yeah," I sighed. "Should we talk to him about it? Or let him come to us?"

"Well, let's let him come to us. If he doesn't within a few days then we will go to him."

"All right, that sounds pretty good."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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