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A Promise Well Kept 08


"Welcome home." Tyler said quietly.

I just smiled at him, not replying verbally. The feeling of being home wasn't all that great. In fact, I'm sort of terrified to be home. But Austin reassured me that he'll catch the creep that raped me. Tyler and Jared reassured me that there are no more cameras in the house. And Keegan has reassured me that he'll protect me. My brother is too cute.

"I'll go get us some Chinese food for lunch." Jared said out of the blue. Keegan followed him, getting in the Suburban.

"All right," Tyler responded. He opened the front door and quickly turned the alarm off. I walked into my room and just stared into space. I can't help but feel I'm still being watched somehow.

"Do you want to sleep with us or your brother for a few nights?" Tyler asked me. He's been super nice to me ever since I first got brought into the hospital. He's probably feeling guilty that I got raped. He should.

"No, I'm fine, really." I smiled.

Trevor called me around noon to see how I was doing. He's been really close to me lately. I like the attention a lot, though, so I'm not to complain. I'm not gonna lie, he is really hot. I bet he'd be a pretty good fuck. Grandma Deb came over about that time, too. She seems to be cool I guess. Eavesdropping gave me the clue that she couldn't stand Jared's sexuality when he was a teenager and totally disapproved of his and Tyler's relationship.

"What was Jared like when he was my age?" Keegan asked.

"Well, for starters he was a little terrorist. He was always getting in to trouble one way or another." Debbie said comically.

"Was a little terrorist? You should see him now Debbie." Tyler laughed. Jared poked him in the ribs and scowled.

"I can believe it," she said.

"Mom, would you like something to eat? There's plenty of Chinese food." Jared said to her, pouring some food onto a plate for himself.

"I can't eat that kind of food anymore, dear. It has too much sodium according to my doctor."

"Oh, well, want me to make you something else? I really don't mind."

"Actually, I would like one of your famous sandwiches." she smiled. "It's been so long since I've last had one."

Jared paused what he was doing for a second and looked at her. I could tell his eyes were a bit misty. "Right away, mom."

"So, Travers, how are you doing?" Debbie asked me.

"I'm doing okay I guess. How well could I be doing?" I half-heartedly laughed.

"Well, I have no plans for the day so how about we go to the beach?" Debbie asked to no one specific.

"Mom, the kids have school tomorrow. Plus, you know how crowded it's going to be on a Sunday at one?" Jared said, making her sandwich.

"You're right," she sighed. "Well, what about next weekend? We can make a day of it."

"That actually sounds like a good idea. I haven't been to the beach in a long time." Tyler said.

"Babe, are you going back to work tomorrow?" Jared asked Tyler.

"I have to," Tyler said. "I haven't been there for a week. I'm sure my students are just lost without me." He laughed at his own joke. What a loser.

Later in the day, I went downstairs and swam for a couple hours. The feeling of being in water is very calming. It's something that I desperately needed. Keegan came down to join me eventually. I was curious as to when he'd follow me down here.

"What do you want?" I asked him sharply.

"I just came down to swim. Dad said I could." he replied.

"Well, don't bug me or I'll kick you out." He didn't reply to that. I watched him take one step in the pool at a time. "Can't you suck it up and just jump in?"

"It's cold!" he said, shivering.

"Oh please," I groaned.

I went under water and just floated at the bottom. So far, my best time for holding my breath under water is fifty seconds. I can do two laps in the pool in about twenty seconds. I am quite proud of my water abilities. I've always wanted to have sex in the pool for some odd reason. The thought of moving so passionately while floating in water just seems so hot to me. Great, now I have a boner at six feet under water. Just then, Keegan came splashing in barely missing me. That threw off my concentration and I kicked off the bottom, rocketing to the top.

"What the hell is wrong with you? I was already at thirty seconds!" I shouted.

Keegan laughed. "You said to just jump in so I did."

"Why did you have to do it near me then?"

"I didn't wanna hit the bottom, duh!"

I just groaned and made my way out of the pool. I grabbed my towel that was sitting on a table and quickly dried myself off then I stormed up the stairs. Tyler and Jared were coming down at that moment so my demeanor had to change quickly.

"We were just coming to join you guys." Tyler said.

"Oh, well, I'm really tired so I'm just gonna go and watch some TV in my room." A fake smile grew on my face.

"Okay, well, dinner is at six. I'm making spaghetti."

"Thanks, Tyler." I continued walking back to my room.

Plopping down on my bed, I thought of things that I could do to really piss Tyler off. At first I couldn't think of anything, but then a major thought came to my head. Oh yeah, this will do him in real good. Now all that's left to do is jack off. Maybe I can think of how I'm going to execute my plan while working my cock.

* * * *


"Debbie, when are you going to be staying with us? That guest room has got to be looking more and more inviting, no?" I asked my mother-in-law.

Deb looked at Jared then back at me. "Yeah, I guess I could stay for a little while. I do need to be getting back home soon, though."

"What for, mom? It's not like you have anything there." Jared bluntly stated.

"Jared!" I scorned.

"Well, it's true." he defended himself.

"Tyler he's right. Maybe I could start looking for a place down here." Debbie pondered.

Jared suddenly stood up from the nook table. "Stay with us! That spare room can be your room permanently."

"What?" Debbie and I both said in unison, then we looked at each other.

"Well, I am perfectly okay with her moving in."

"Jared are you sure?" Debbie asked incredulously.


"Oh, son," Debbie stood up and latched onto Jared. She was weeping softly on his shoulder. "Thank you so much. Maybe I can find a small part-time job and help pay my share."

"What are you kidding? Tyler and I make enough money combined to rent you an apartment." Jared said.

I stared at him in disbelief. Sure, we made great money, but not enough to rent an apartment for someone. That would completely bankrupt us in just a matter of months. Debbie can stay here rent free for all I care, but there will be no apartment buying that's for sure.

Keegan came running into the kitchen then. "Dad, can I go over to Mark's house tomorrow?"

"Mark? Who's Mark?" I asked him. "I don't think we've ever met a Mark before."

"Well, you haven't, but can I go over, please?" Keegan scrunched his face up into his cutest form as best he could.

"I'd be more comfortable if I met his parents first."

"Oh man," He began to walk away dejectedly.

"How about I cancel with grandma so that I can take you myself so that I can meet Mark's parents."

Keegan ran into me, arms wide open. "Thanks, dad!"

I took a sip of my coffee and listened to Jared and his mother having conversation. I'm excited for Debbie to move in with us. She knows a lot about cooking, and it'd be nice to be able to relax once in a while. She could even help with daily chores that are usually my job. Her living here could actually be pretty nice.

* * * *


"Mom, I need to ask you a favor."

"Name it,"

"Since you'll be living here rent-free, do you think you can maybe help Tyler do the cleaning and some of the cooking? He always does so much around the house. I've tried to help, but when I get home from work I am exhausted." I explained to her.

She smiled and nodded. "You didn't even need to ask. I already planned on pulling double my weight around here."

"Thanks, mom." I said.

Tyler then walked in with some more coffee. "So, Debbie, what do you think of our house? Keegan told me he gave you a tour a few days ago."

"It is one of the nicest houses I have ever been in."

Tyler smiled. "Thank you."

Later in the day, Tyler made a wonderful dinner consisting of a wondrous cold noodle salad and his tempting stuffed chicken burgers. I ate numerous servings of the salad and two burgers. Keegan was right behind me, though, eating more salad than burgers.

Mom left to her hotel around ten. She said she'd check out tomorrow morning then come by later in the afternoon to unpack. Apparently she has some other loose ends to tie up.

* * * *


"Hey, I noticed you've been awfully quiet since we got home. Is everything all right?" I asked Travers. He was lying on his bed just staring at the ceiling.

"Yeah, everything is just fine." he solemnly replied without looking at me.

"Okay then." I began to walk out of his room when he stopped me.

"Tyler?" he called out.


"Do you think it'd be okay if I slept with you and Jared tonight?"

I let a small smile grow on my face. "Sure, bud. You can come up whenever you're ready." I walked back upstairs and lied down in bed. Jared began to move onto me and kiss me.

"We haven't had sex in days. I am dying. What about you?" He sneak his hand into my pants.

"Not tonight, babe. Travers is sleeping with us. I think he's afraid of staying down there."

"Oh," Jared let out a sad sigh. "Well, some other night then." He rolled off of me and sat up just as Travers opened the door to our room and walked in.

I scooted over to the middle so Travers could be on the edge. I figured the middle could be just a little awkward for him. Jared laid back down and covered up as Travers did the same.

"Thank you." Travers said softly.

I didn't reply. Instead I just kissed the back of his head and patted his arm.


"I'm pretty sure he's starting to straighten out, but there's just still something about him that screams unstable." I explained.

"Well, when my son started his rebellion stage I just tossed him into his room and took away every electronic thing he owned. When that didn't work for very long I took him out for a drive and left him on a street corner."


"I came back after a few minutes, but the point being that his rebellion stage ended as quickly as it began." Mr. Danforth grinned.

"Leaving Travers on a street corner would probably make things worse. He could see it as abandonment. That is by far the last thing I need right now."

"Yeah, well, it was just an idea and I'm sure it doesn't work for all kids." Mr. Danforth said. Just then the bell rang; lunch is over.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for trying to help." I walked out of his room and made my way back to my room. My fifth period was usually my best one on any day. I was half-expecting a card of some sort or something.

* * * *


"Yeah, it was pretty wicked. Now I feel like some sort of faggot or something. You know how many times I've showered over the past few days?" I said to my group of friends. They bought my story for the time being, but there's no telling how long they won't catch on to my sexuality.

"Well, let's just hope you don't turn fag on us, right?" Dan said, playfully nudging my side.

"Yeah, right,"

"But wait, don't you have two dads?" Tasha asked.

"Jared is really cool, but Tyler's kind of weird."

"Hey, he isn't that bad. Your birthday party was pretty sick. The food he made was orgasmic." Tasha threw in.

"He's my sister's history teacher. She said he's pretty cool." Allie spoke.

"Whatever," I sighed. "None of you have to live with him, though."

* * * *


"Lynette, Tyler's birthday is coming up. I was thinking maybe we can have a party the day before his birthday and then on his birthday I would take him on a weekend getaway or something." I said, looking over printouts of hotels.

"That'd be great, Jared! I was getting ready to call you anyways. I'll start the invites for everyone right away." Lynette said happily.

"Awesome," I said. "Just remember to make them for the third and not the fourth."

"How old do you think I am?"

"Is this a trick question, Lynette?" I laughed crazily.

"Jared Young!"

Suddenly, I heard the garage door close. "I gotta go. I think they're home. I'll call you tomorrow to work out more details." I quickly hung up the phone and ran out into the garage. My husband and sons were climbing out of his Murano with huge grins plastered on their faces.

"It's time," Tyler said more happily then I ever would have imagined.

"Are you...sure?" I skeptically asked.

"Oh, yeah, it is definitely time." Tyler grinned.

"I never thought you would be happy about this. I mean, it's been six years."

"Yeah, but I think it's just time for something new. I've always had problems with it and lately I've been hearing weird noises. Sure, I could take it in to get those things fixed, but in the long run I could be wasting money on all those repairs." Tyler explained hastily.

"Well, whenever you want to go is fine with me. Have you any idea of what you want?"

He inhaled deeply. "No."

I laughed.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I am deeply sorry this chapter is near a month late. The 12th was my graduation so I was caught up in that a couple weeks ago. Stress about graduating also kept me from writing. Now, my internet is down and Verizon is NO help in that category. Hopefully I will be up and running by Wednesday so that I can do everything right. And to ice the cake, my mom is laying new carpet in the house and my room is a disaster...sort of (in my standards it is, but I'm OCD). So I'm hexing out about my "dirty" room. Now for the cherry, it is hot as a mother here in So Cal with temperatures averaging 110 lately! What is that about? So, once my carpet is laid, my room gets cleaned, the heat dies down at least to 100, and I go to the doctors the chapters should be back on schedule.

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