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When Faggots Attack!




            "You can't just...leave."

            "Watch me."

            Ty all of a sudden got physical. He pushed my hand away from my suitcase and actually sat on my suitcase. I couldn't believe he was muscling me around. He was stronger then I...but I was crazier...

            "If you leave, that's what THEY will want. They'll win. You know..."

            "Ty did you hear what you explained to me?"

            "Yeah. I told you I was in the shower. She appeared in the mirror and pulled Etienne through the mirror and he disappeared."
            Ty was panicking to even say it. What kind of shit was that? When did people start getting pulled into mirrors?

            "Ty...this is some Blair Witch Project type shit...and I am not going to be the scared bitch with the camera in the face and a drippy nose."

            "So you're running?"

            Was it so surprising?
            "Boy...Hell-god-damn-yeah!" I said instinctively, continuing to throw my clothes into the suitcase, "I'm getting the fuck out of Dodge and you should too."

            "Where?" he asked, "You have no where to go..."

            For a minute I saw there and thought about what he was saying. He was right.  I stopped packing. I had no where to go. I had no parents. They were dead. My inheritance had washed away in a flood. I had nothing to my name but a damn filthy attitude.

            "Ugh! She's going to get us all," I stated.

            I moved away.

            Ty followed me. He put his hand onto my hand and held it.

            "She isn't going to get you," he stated, "I promise."
            I removed my hand from his.

            "I don't see an S on your chest."

            "Syn, why do you have to be so snappy, you have to learn to calm down...let someone take care of you for once. Trust someone besides yourself."


            I started to walk away.

            That would have been my normal reaction. I would have just walked away, but then all of a sudden Jules' words came back into my head and I stopped.

            Fuck...why the hell was his words on my mind?

            "Do you think I have a heart Ty?"

            I turned around. He looked shocked as hell to see that I had turned around. He had already assumed the disappointed position with his head looking down and his face trying to recover from something I said.

            He was surprised I turned back and so was I.

            "Um...in your own way."

            "What you mean?"

            "Everyone is capable of love..."

            "What you mean everyone? I asked about me. You're beating around the bush."

            Shit, I really must not have a heart. The way he was looking at me was beginning to prove it.  I must have been a cold ass for real.

            "Only you can answer that question," Ty explained.


            "Wait... Syn don't be like that."

            He grabbed me by my hand and pulled me back.  He stared at me as though my face was changing or something. What the hell? What was this supposed to be? Some great...tear jerk moment? I wasn't impressed.


            "I can teach you how to love."

            "This is getting creepy, Ty...you're my cousin."

            "Why?" he asked finally, "I mean, why the hell does everything have to be so damn hard. I want you and that's the only thing I know. You would think that finding something like this out would stop me...but...no..."

            He just stood there and fell on the bed. He covered his head. God...he was crying...again. It was like Niagara Falls with Ty all the time.

            I thought about turning to walk away and give him a loud sigh like usual, but I didn't. I decided I'd show that I had a heart. I walked to the bed and sat. Then I started to pet him. I guess that's the wrong word. I start to stroke him. Isn't that what people do? I didn't know how this was going to make him feel better, but hell...I was a rookie at this.

            "It just wasn't meant to be," I told Ty, "I mean...seriously. We are related...you know? If that's not evidence it wasn't meant to be. I don't know what is."

            Ty shook his head, "But what if one of us...disappears next. I just don't want to have any regrets."

            Maybe he was thinking this was romantic...sweet...no...it wasn't.

            "Listen, I'll find you the best help money can buy."

            I got up of the bed and walked out of the room not waiting for him to reply. What kind of weird ass shit was that? Just as I stepped out the door Jules walked past me with this evil look on his face.  Wow...

            This school was getting weirder and weirder.




            "Can I just talk to your for a minute?"

            He wasn't paying me any attention. Juboo was acting as though I didn't even exist as I walked up to his table during lunchtime the next day. He just continued to eat. Wilson and those other guys were at the table. Wilson clearly looked uncomfortable. I could see him fumbling in his seat.

            "Maybe he doesn't want to talk to you," one of the boys said.

            "Who the hell are you?" I asked.

            "Um...I'm Henry. I've been in your class all semester."

            He didn't look familiar. I looked around at the other people at the table. Hell...then again I just didn't pay attention to people much now did I?
            "You're lying."

            "No I have."

            "Well what's your name again?"




I just couldn't keep the name in my head, "Well ok Peter Pan, and shut the hell up ok?

I don't have time to talk about Never-Never land with Juboo's imaginary friends."

            The boy got up. Damn he was tall. He probably could have beaten my ass. It wouldn't have been the first time. Hell.  I'd gotten my ass beat a couple times.  It comes with the attitude. He'd wake up with his dick covered in Cheyenne chili pepper though. I guaranteed that much.

            "Syn that was mean," Juboo finally said to me.

            "Oh now you speak to me."

            He rolled his eyes and looked away, "Anyway, Wilson..."

            I scooted Wilson over and sat at the bench. They were all looking at me like I had three heads or something. I didn't get it. The other two boys that were with Juboo and Wilson looked like they were about two seconds away from jumping me. There faces were pissed. They must have been talking the non-existing girls on campus.

            "God who does this guy think he is?" the other boy said to Peter Pan. He was a sloppy looking boy relatively...they only one that wasn't really attractive at all out of the group. Even Wilson had a little more sex appeal then this guy.

            "You see how he acts in class," Peter Pan replied.

Damn...they were acting like I wasn't even here.
            "Just ignore him and he'll go away," Juboo told them both.

            "You should know better. This isn't about me though. I have something important I want to say. The works of fiction here can listen too. It's important."

            That was when Wilson said something that I thought I would never hear him say. He just sighed and leaned in closer to his friends.

            "Just hear him out ok? He's dramatic sometimes, but a lot of what he says makes sense."

            "Aw," I replied at my unexpected support, "Oh...sorry for the leg-fork thing. I have been taking anger management."


            "No...but, well you know. I've been working on not lying as much as well."

            He seemed a little confused. Job well done. I looked over at Juboo. I couldn't believe he was still sore at me. I must have really hurt him. I didn't know I had. Why did I care though? I could share with info with someone else...but I wanted to share it with Juboo. Why?

            Juboo sighed, "Well he can tell you guys. I'm done with Syn."

            He got up and walked away. I couldn't believe it. I thought about following him. It kind of pissed me off that he was all of a sudden acting this way. He knows how I am. He isn't ALLOWED to be THAT insulted. He can't just play me out and get upset every time I say something hurtful. He knew I saw him as a friend. It's not like when I insult other people. I insulted him...WITH LOVE! Look at Ty! He didn't get like that.

            This wasn't fucking fair.

            "Well there goes him," Wilson stated, "So...um...do you still want to tell us. I understand if you don't...it's cool."

            "I need to tell you still...come close. You two...Peter Pan 1 and Peter Pan 2...

"My name is Henry and that's Tyrone."

He was so comical coming up with names that he knew damn sure I wasn't going to remember. The ugly one was lucky I called him Peter Pan 2 because he looked more like something off Ghostbusters. He didn't want me calling him the Marshmallow Man like I really wanted to.

"Ok and together you make the Lost Boys. But be serious for a minute Peter. I don't want the teachers to hear."

Mr. Kong was in the lunchroom as well, still in his gym shorts, and probably still pretending to be "somebody's" psychologist. I definitely didn't want him to hear.

             "What is it?" Wilson said.

            "I don't know if you guys noticed something strange going on in this school. People are disappearing..."

            "They were just sent away."

            "No...they were taken. Ty has seen it done."

            "Ty is a Baron. He just needs attention from his parents. He obviously isn't getting it..."

            "No. I was there as well. Listen I have to tell you guys what I've seen. I just need a little more time. Until then I need you guys to help me with something."


            I paused. It had to be dramatic or else they wouldn't take me serious.

            "I need you guys to gather up all the students. As many as you can. Give me a week to come up with some proof. We'll meet next Friday ok."

            "Why should we help you?" one of the Lost Boys asked.

            I paused, "You'll be helping yourself. I want to be wrong as well about all this...but what if I'm not."

            Another lost boy started, "Guys have been leaving the school kind of quick. They haven't said they were leaving. Rodney disappeared remember? He had made plans to go catch crawfish in the bayou and never showed up."

            "Rodney? I guess another lost boy huh?"

            "He sat next to you all year in Peter's class Syn.  You guys had a project together."
            "Was he attractive?"

            "Um...not really."

            "Ok. I understand that makes sense I wouldn't remember him. So are you guys going to help me or not?"

            Funny. All my friends were acting weird and now I needed help from some guys I barely knew existed.

            "We'll think about it."

            Think about it? What type of shit is that?



            "Get him!"

            I didn't know what was going on. All I heard was Ms. Trials voice and a gang of people running into my bedroom. I didn't understand what the hell was going on.

            I had been asleep. I spent most of the weekend reading about voodoo history. I imagined a lot of the books were books that Monte had become familiar with before he disappeared. I wasn't going to lie, it wasn't the only reason I spent most of my time in my room.  Jules wasn't speaking to me, Juboo wasn't speaking to me and Ty ...hell...I figured I would stay away from him for a while.

            Usually I would have been fine if Etienne was still around. Hell I could mess with him...but...truth was that he wasn't. I couldn't even play any foul tricks on his ass. I had even planned to put his hand in ice cold water while he slept to see if he'd piss on himself. Ugh...all my plans...gone.

            Then all of a sudden.


            My door opens and Ms. Trials is yelling. I feel someone grabbing me up and struggling me into submission. I was kicking and giving them hell but to no avail. There were a couple of them. A damn bag was put in my head.

            First thing I thought was a hanging.

            It was the South.

            God...I didn't know they were this serious. This is some kind of bullshit. I knew I shouldn't have gone to school in a place down south like this. Hell, I could already hear Billy Holiday's strange fruit playing in my head.

            "I'll see you bitches in hell!" I said from underneath the bag.

            They had tied my hands and feet but hadn't gagged me. Dumb asses. I knew I was in a van. I was driving. Great. 

            Of all the ways I thought I would die I didn't know it would be like this. I did think someone would get fed up with me and show up at my mansion like Scarface.  Or I'd be messing with someone one day and they'd slip a snake in my bed. I figured it would be nice to die from a snake like that Cleopatra chick.  Hey I wouldn't even have minded getting shot up while escaping from a robbery like Queen Latifah in Set it Off. I wanted to go out like the best did...but what the hell...

            The number 1 way I thought I was going to die...like Caesar. I would have pissed off so many people that they would have taken turns stabbing me in the back.

            I already practiced my "Et Tu Brutus?"

            But no...I was going to hang. My neck would snap. What kind of unclassy old school type, slave day type shit was this? Caesar and Cleopatra wouldn't have been hanged.

            "You bitches better hope you're immortal, because I'm taking over Hell when I get down there and it's going to be on! Motherfuckers!"

            Truth was I was sweating.

            I was scared. I really was. I hadn't lived really. I mean I had a little fling with a few boys. I thought I was in love with Sampson and maybe that is what that was. I had my heart broken...but I hadn't had the kind of feelings for someone that Ty had for me. I hadn't experienced trusting someone completely.

            I hadn't lived...

            I was more disappointed then anything.

            The car had stopped. Fuck. I started to scream and panic. I was cursing up a storm. Then I felt them carrying me. We had reached our destination. What the hell was going on?

My hoodie was taken off. I looked around...no I wasn't at a tree. I was in a damn church...no more like a chapel. It was small. A tub of water was before me. These motherfuckers took me a damn chapel.

I looked around to see who was guilty of bringing me here.  Baron, Mrs. Baron, Dr. Kong, Ms. Trials, Nurse Harrison and half the damn staff was there. I couldn't believe this bullshit what the hell was going on?

            "Bitches, I'm going to get you all back," I told them.

            The man standing before me had on all black and a collar. He was covered with all kind of amulets. He started down on my and said, "Dear lord. The devil is heavy in this child..."

            "Hopefully we can save him...where we failed his father," Baron stated.

            Ms. Trials clapped her hands together, "Now you see why we ordered an exorcism."
            "Exorcism! You said you were going to get me a damn shrink! You got me an exorcist! You fucking Tramp!"

            Mrs. Baron looked like she was panicking, "Oh lord, have mercy! Oh lord!"

            "You need to exorcize that bitch!" I stated giving a nod to Mrs. Baron, "Her husband is cheating on her with this bitch and she's over here worried about my bad ass. I'm not possessed, I just a damn attitude problem."

            The exorcist smacked me across my forehead, "Hush Satan!"

            I turned around.

            He could NOT have been talking to me. How come I got myself stuck in these situations over and over? I was always being attacked by cults, trying to be murdered by lunatics and now I was having an exorcism performed on me.


            "Dear Lord, let your holy water wash this child of his demonic possessions..."  

Demonic possessions?

He dipped my head into the tub of water without warning.  He held it there a little too long too.  What the hell kind of stuff was this.  I could hear him chanting as he raised my head back out of the water and I struggled to breathe. Was he trying to release demons or drown me "accidentally"!

I snapped. I wasn't going to take this shit.

"You motherfucking motherfucker! Eat shit and die! GO Molest Little Boys you goddamn animal! I'll kill you! I'll kill all of you!"

Everyone around me was praying out loud. They were saying the Lord's Prayer. That was when he dipped my head back in the water, holding it there longer then before. What the hell was this about?

 I must have said every curse word in the damn book. I was cursing so much I started making up cursing in other language.

"Culo, Maricn, Poonta! Casse-toi! Fiche moi le pax!  Omae o korosu! Omae o korosu!"

"He's speaking in tongues! OH LORD!" Mrs. Baron stated.

Then she fainted. This bitch fainted. I could see Nurse Harrison and a few other surround her immediately and begin fanning her and trying to revive her. I was being drowned and this bitch was the one having a panic!
            That was when I saw his face. Jules. Motherfucking Jules. He came to the front.

"That's what you get. For your homosexuality!" Jules shouted, "All your sins. Your pride, your wrath! That's what you get. Baron, he seduced both Ty and Juboo. He has poisoned Juboo's mind! That is why I had to tell you guys that he was the one who recorded that stuff on the loudspeaker!"

"My homosexuality? Boy, you goddamn fag..."

My head was dipped in the holy water before I could finish my sentence.

He pulled my head up.

"...got too!" I said.


This went on for hours. I had run out of curses. I just started making some up for a while and then I started threatening people's children.  Then for a moment I really scared them and really started acting possessed, sticking out my tongues.

            "What is your name demon?"

I rolled my eyes into the back of my head, "My name is Belial! My name is Legion! For we are many!"

It must have been the water because I was really feeling it.  I even stressed to make my voice real deep so it was believable. They had just gotten Mrs. Baron back up on her feet when she fainted again.

I think it wasn't until I was getting bored and it was kind of getting annoying that I slowly started to give in.

I stopped acting crazy for a minute.

"Ok, ok..." I state.

All of a sudden the exorcist was paying very close attention, "What now? What was that? Is it the child or the demon?"

            Great, I had to be dramatic to be saved.

            "Oh, clergyman, it is the child!" I said, "I have been saved. Oh merciful god! I have been saved! The demons are gone from me! They have gone! I want to be saint! Look at my halo! Do you see my halo?"

            The people started to cheer. I didn't know if they were happier that I was saved or that they could leave after trying to cast out my demons for about 5 or 6 hours now. 

            Assholes...I was going to get all of them back.





I didn't say anything much on the drive back. Hell, I was going to wait until that exorcist was back in West Bumbafuck or whatever the fuck he came from before I said anything smart again. I didn't have time for wrinkly skin. These people were fucking lunatics.

            "I'm so glad. He's SAVED," Mrs. Baron had waved goodbye to me.

            They actually believed I was sincere.  Truthfully behind the smile I was saying, `I saw your cat over at your country ass abode. I'm going to skin it. Then I'm going to serve it to you in your southern jambalaya.'

            Instead I just said, "I'll be seeing you guys...soon."

            As I walked away all I was thinking about was sleep. I didn't want to see or talk to anyone else.

            That was when I saw Wilson sitting at my door. He wasn't alone. Peter Pan #1 and Peter Pan #2 were with him as well. They were just camped out there like they had been out there all night. What the hell was this about?        

            "Hey Syn?"

            "Look maybe we can talk another time.  Reckon I just had me an experience. Ya'll better git on. I'm fixin' to throw me a fit if I don't get no sleep."

            Fixin to throw me a fit? Great, I was so sleepy I was talking in the southern drawl. I'd been down in Louisiana for way too long.

"Tell him, Henry."

"Who's Henry?" I asked.

Peter Pan #1 raised his hand, "Well, we agreed to help you Syn."

"Well that's great, why the change in mind."

Wilson and Peter Pan #2 looked at one another. What the hell were they

trying to say?

            "Come on, lost boys. Don't be scared. I'm not the Hook. I'm more like Tinkerbell."

            "Ok," Peter Pan 1 stated, "You know how you said Etienne disappeared?"


            "Well...Juboo's gone too."