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Flunked Anger Management




            "Do something or so help me god, I'll burn down that witch's house and come back to this school and burn down this shit too."

            Everyone was shocked. Yes the exorcism didn't work and they were all realizing it by the way I was ramping up and down in the office!  That witch bitch had taken Juboo.  Not Juboo. This was going to be a problem for real.

Baron looked me in my eyes, "Is that a threat?"

"No it's a motherfucking ultimatum."

"Should I call the deacon again?" Ms. Trials asked Baron

"No, obviously it didn't work."
"Obviously...I swear...you guys have two seconds and I am going to be Carrie Jr.

in this bitch. They took Juboo! I want something done."

            "Like what?"

            Good question. I didn't think that far. All I knew was that I had a pack of matches and I wasn't scared to use it.

            We were in the hallway. I could see Lomas looking at me. Old bastard was just standing there like the rest of them. I couldn't believe he was my grandfather. What kind of shit was this? No one sharing my blood would be so damn...passive. This was a damn cover up conspiracy!

            I finally "Go kill her."

            They all started to laugh. Ms. Trials, Baron and Dr. Kong were laughing at me. What kind of shit was that? They were laughing at me.

            Baron choked up his words, "You want us to go over and kill an old lady because you think she's kidnapping students."

            "What is she doing making student stew?" Ms. Trials laughed back.

            These motherfuckers were laughing at me.

            Oh...boy. I was Syn and I was going to bring these motherfuckers all seven sins. It was going to be Dante's Inferno up in this bitch. 

            I walked away.

            I couldn't get it out of my head. They were laughing at me. They were acting like they didn't know my past. I was going to send this shit to Smithereens.

            I walked down the hall quickly.

            I could feel him stopping me. Who else but Lomas? This old bastard was a damn problem. He was getting so annoying. First he stops me from seeing what the legendary stick was and now he was stopping me from going Kill Bill on everyone.

            "Get the hell of me retard," I told him.  

            I wasn't so blunt usually but he was annoying the fuck out of me. He grabbed my hand and tried to pull me back.

            "Juboo not missing."

            "Kiss my ass. I know when people are gone. Just because your elevator doesn't go all the way to the top doesn't mean it runs in the genes, Grandpa."

            I moved my hand away from his and continued trying to walk. Wouldn't you think he would have learned his lesson by now...?  No he stopped me again.

            "Stay, your birthday is tomorrow. You just like your father. Always out causing trouble. For one day stay...and think it out."

            I didn't even realize what tomorrow was.

            "I have plans."

            "Listen to me. I just want to help."
            "Help me by telling me where the control room is to this school."
            "Syn you sound cr..."

            Crazy? Oh...he couldn't finish anyway. He had gone into one more of his spells again. He just stood there looking blankly.  The only thing moving on him was a sweat that was rolling down his forehead. Tini's Bayou was so fucking weird. I walked away. That was the only way I was probably going to get away from his annoying ass.




            "Me and you both know it's her," Ty told me.

            "You know its best that this is happening now.  I'm going to burn her house down at midnight."
            "Are you serious?"       

            "Uh yeah...she took Juboo."

            Ty's face kind of wrinkled up, "You really care about him don't you?"

            Immediately I stopped. I didn't know how I felt about Juboo. I knew I was pissed off. I was hurt most likely. I just didn't have time to think about why I felt as upset but I knew I wanted him back and if I couldn't have him back I'd made sure she missed a few things as well.

            "I don't know," I said honestly.

            "You can tell me...if you do..."

            "I said I don't know damn it. She took Monte as well. Now she can keep Etienne but she is going a little too far now.  It's payback time..."

            "What if they aren't dead Syn?"

            Dead. God...all of a sudden it thought about crying...Monte dead? Juboo dead? I couldn't handle death anymore. I hated the idea. I denied it. I shook off the idea before I actually did get emotional.

"I never said they were."

            "So did you think that if you burned her house down she would undo what she did?"

            "Listen, my motto is ask questions later. I'll give her an ultimatum. I need to find some lighter fluid. I'm going to sneak into the kitchen at midnight and get some before I leave."

            "Syn...this is too much."

            "Those kids missing were too much damn it," I replied, "Now this bitch keeps getting away with it. You want to be the next one gone?"

            "Of course not but...maybe we should stick with the plan. You know we got everyone together. We can have that meeting; get all the students on the same page. If all the students know it then maybe we can call the local police."

            "What local police? We are in the middle of no where."

            "Well law enforcement has to exist."

            "And how about the teachers making us look like fucking idiots when the law enforcement comes. I say lets just burn everything down and ..."

            "And then what?"

            God... who the fuck was this guy. You would think he was drafting the constitution or something.

            I shrug my shoulders. I didn't think that far at all, "And then we smile and tell them they should have listened to us."

            "And what does that accomplish?"

            "Ty, you are taking all the passion out of this crime of passion...I'm not asking you to come with me. I'm just asking you to stay out of my way."

            "You are my little cousin of course I'm going to help. God, if we are going to do this I just wanted to make sure why."

            "Wow little cousin?"

            "Yeah. I guess I have to come to terms with it," Ty explained and sighed, "I mean...god...it sucks but yeah, you are family. I have to start treating you like such and not giving into how I really feel."

            "Well cuz, I'm going to burn everything down. Down, down, down! Either you are in or you are out."

            "I'm in."



            We waited till midnight as planned. I had gone to get the lighter fluid and Ty had gone get some flashlights and stuff. He was late. I was standing by the gate and there was a heavy mist in the air as usual.

            The night was so damn silent. The school behind me was like a silhouette. It was so peaceful looking. Yet there was something in the air. It was some sort of noise. It just seemed very light...almost to the point that I couldn't even hear what it was. It wasn't a noise...no...it was a voice.


            The voice was so soft and yet so strong. I looked around. Where the hell was it coming from?

            I started to walk into the mist. My heart was beating faster as I walked. I had such interest all of a sudden and yet I was so full of fear. My legs felt heavy as I walked and I realized that I was walking along the banks of the bayou stepping in mud.

            The trees grew heavy as well. I could hear the cold bayou.

            Then I heard it again, "Syn!"

            My heart almost stopped as I made my way edging closer. My palms were sweating. The heavy fog had filled the air. Everything looked so still.

            Then something moved!

            "Fuck!" I jumped and turned my head trying to catch what it was that was moving so fast beside me.

            Nothing was there. Only shadows of trees under the moonlight. It was a full moon tonight. It was the 20th of March...a solstice. The moon was perfectly tilted. The shadows on the trees were so heavy.

            I had an urge to move closer and closer to the bayou. The wind itself seemed to be blowing me in the direction.


            This voice was much softer...less intimidating.  It lured me closer to the bayou.  The mud grew heavier. It grew heavier and heavier. The fog was growing heavy as well. I didn't understand what the hell was going on.

            Then it happened. I couldn't move anymore.

            The mud had gotten so deep...so heavy.

            It had started to pull me and suck me into it.  I used both my hands trying to lift my foot out of the mud. Fuck...the shit wasn't budging. What the fuck! I started to struggle moving. Each time my foot moved a little bit, it seemed as though I was tripping deeper into the dark, milky mud below me.



            That was some bullshit. Who the hell would want to help me anyway? People would probably want to see this happen.

            I started to struggle even more. This was crazy. I was sinking into the mud. How deep was this shit? I couldn't understand this.
            Soon I realized my legs were going deeper and deeper into the mud. I was now up to my thighs in mud.

            I heard the voice call out to me. No it wasn't like before. Now this was actually a real voice. It was...Ty's! 

            "Ty! Over here! Ty!"

            God I almost wanted to say fuck him being my cousin and give him the biggest kiss when I saw him dodging through the trees with his big afro and all black outfits. He had really went all out for this hadn't he? He must have thought we were damn 007 spies.

            He got to me and all of a sudden, I realized he was getting too close.'

            I held out my hands, "Stop!"

            "Hold on I'm coming!"

            Idiot! I could just see him getting slower and slower.  He was throwing his legs up higher and higher until his legs just didn't come up and more. They were just stuck in the mud just like I was.

            "What the fuck?" he asked, "Oh shit, I'm stuck."

            No really?

            I didn't say anything. I just looked around for something I could grab to pull myself out. This wasn't going to be easy.

            "Syn you are up to your stomach," he told me as though I didn't realize.

            "Yeah, well I think the staff is going to have a field day tomorrow when they realize I'm dead," I stated and looked around even more for a stick.

            "Stop talking like that, god, what the fuck," he stated.

            He was sweating...heavily. I was the one who was way deeper then he was, but he was the one already panicking. I could see him break out in tears already.

            "Ty stop it...don't stop it! Ty!"

            He wasn't even listening to me. He was struggling heavily. Trying to push and pull. I realized it had been making him sink into the mud faster.  This just had to be some shit.  Who gets stuck in mud? Why did shit like this always happen to me?

"HELP! HELP!" he said.

"Stop moving, you are sinking faster."

"What the hell am I supposed to do?" He asked, "I'm too young to die. We should have even come out here. It's her...its Tini! She's killing us."

"Maybe so, but shut up. You whining is not going to help the situation."

I started to look around more. There was a vine about five feet away from me. It didn't look nearly strong enough to hold me. Still it was better then just sitting around waiting to die.

I reached for it struggling to get it. Fuck...no...it was too far.

I splashed the mud, "Ty I'm sorry I brought you out here."

Ty turned to me, "Syn I have to tell you something if this is our last time breathing."

"Go ahead, its not like I can go anywhere now is it?"

He was crying hard. I kind of felt bad too. I had thought I was dying the day before yesterday so this was like be kind rewind, but he was really struggling with this.

            "You changed my life," he explained to me, "I know Juboo was trying to make it seem like the reason I changed is to impress you.  It's not true. The reason I changed is to impress myself. The way you are changed my life. It gave me a voice. We are about to die and I realize that until I met you I never really lived. I was too focused on trying to please everyone. Now I just don't care. Now I am who I am. I never thought I'd be able to stand up to my father like I did.  I wouldn't have been if I hadn't known you."

            "Ty stop it, you know I don't like emotions."

            "Wait one more thing."


            "You asked me why I loved you before and I couldn't tell you. I know why I loved you now. I love you because no matter how mean you are, I know it comes from the heart. You DO have a heart Syn and its one of the biggest hearts I know...oh god Syn..."

            He was crying harder.

            He was crying harder because the mud had just gone past my shoulder blades and was building up onto my neck. It had just reached over my head.

            "Thank you so much, you mean a lot to me as well," I said and I realized all of a sudden that it was a tear coming out, "It's too late for me but if a miracle happens and you survive this, don't ever give into anything. Don't take no for an answer. You are a king Ty. And I want you to deliver a message. Tell Sampson...tell him I forgive him, but tell Juboo I'm sorry. Yeah...I like that...tell Juboo I'm sorry."

            "Syn I'm sorry too!"
            It was...Juboo.

            He was running towards us. I realized he had something in his hand. I saw him take off his shirt and then take off his pants. What the fuck was he doing?

            Soon I found it hard to concentrate on him.  The mud had gone up to my mouth.  I closed my mouth and kept my hands raised. It didn't matter how high my hands really. Truth was as soon as it got past my know I was done for.

            I tried to tilt my head towards the sky. I don't know if that would make it better or worse but I did it.

            I was sinking.

            I was sinking further and further.

            Soon blackness.

            It felt like I had completely lost consciousness.

            And then all of a sudden...I could feel myself having more control. I could feel myself being able to kick out of it. I could feel myself climbing, emerging out of the mud using all the muscles I had in my body to get out. I didn't get it.

            I just wasn't sinking anymore.

            I got to the top and saw that Juboo and Ty were on the side near the river. They both had tears in their eyes. For the first ever I felt like they were actually getting along, but why were they upset?

            I had gotten out. It was weird. No one had saved me. I had just gotten out. Then I realized I was covered in mud. I was so dark that they couldn't even see me.

            Ty was pacing back and forth. His eyes were red and tears fell silently down his cheek, "I'm going to kill the witch. I swear.  I'm going to kill her for this.  Syn had the right idea. I'm burning everything down. I'm burning her house, I'm burning the school. They should have listened to him. We wouldn't be in this predicament now."

            Juboo seemed less angry and more...sad. He just stood by the rock and just rocked. He only had his boxer briefs on. I could see the rest of his clothes were knotted

"I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye," Juboo stated.

            "He knows how you feel."
            "No he doesn't," Juboo replied, "I...he has no idea how I feel. He doesn't know how deep it gets. I should have let him know. Ugh! This sucks. I can't...do this. I can't lose Syn.

            I started to walk toward them.

            They still didn't see me.

            "Where were you? He did this because he thought you disappeared."

            "Really? God...I feel like shit. I had left. It's his birthday today."

            "What? He didn't say anything to anyone!"

            "It is. I found out from Lomas. Lomas even let me borrow his truck to get Syn a gift. I've been looking out for his gift by the outhouse. That was when I heard you guys scream."

            All of a sudden I screamed out, "What! I want my gift!"

Juboo jumped first, "What the fuck!"

            He seemed like I scared him half to death. Hadn't they seen me digging myself out the mud? What the hell was wrong with them?

            Ty looked like he was about to knock me out all of a sudden, but then he slowed down and looked harder, "S-Syn?"

            Juboo all of a sudden caught the idea too, "Syn?"

            "Duh...hey where's my gift!"

            They both got real excited. I couldn't lie. I was excited at the idea that they were excited. Someone really actually cared. They charged at me from both directions.

            They both were obviously strong enough pushing me back towards the mud.

            "No...no the other way, the other way!"

            We did end up going the other way towards the bayou. I dove, in the water, clothes and all. To my surprise they went in.

            "Syn you're alive," Ty said hugging me extra tight as I tried desperately to rinse all the mud and guck off of me. Wasn't like the bayou water was any better though...

             "Yeah, and I'm proud of you. You were going to take on the torch weren't you?" I said, putting water in his hair, "You were about to burn everything down."

            I found it too funny. To imagine Ty being that horrible was just hilarious. He just didn't even have the attitude for it. It would have been the most awkward thing in the world.

            "Well now I don't have to. CAUSE YOU'RE BACK!" Ty replied.

            He hugged me again.

            That was when I saw Juboo. He looked over at Ty, "Hey can you do me a favor Ty? There is an outhouse a little while down...can you...bring it for me?"

            Ty looked at him weird. For a moment I thought he was going to say no. Him leaving meant him leaving Juboo and I alone. It was just a quick minute he seemed to hesitate but then he didn't.

            "Sure I mean you saved my life Juboo...this is the least I can do."

            He walked away and went towards the bayou outhouse. Juboo glided through the water coming towards me. I felt my heart beating heavy. God this was a little...awkward. It was awkward in a good way though.

            I just smiled, trying not to seem corny. I wasn't usually like this.

            Juboo looked at me in my eyes, "I'm glad you're alive."

            I punched him in his shoulder as he approached me, "Don't get all cool calm and collective about it now. I saw you breaking out into tears."

            He laughed a little, "You're right. You don't know how it feels. All my regrets flashed before my eyes."

            "What regrets?"
            "I can show you better then I can tell you."

            That was when he started to kiss me. It was an open mouth kiss. Our tongues didn't just touch they collided. He put his hands over my head as he mouthed me down in the bayou. I felt so full of him as he kissed me.

            His lips explored my mouth while his hands explored my body. I'd never gone so deep with someone. All the while our eyes were open, staring into one another.

            My head was barely on earth after we were done.

We pulled away.

            "You love me?" I stuttered.

            "What do you think?" he replied and smiled with this heavy smile, "What did that kiss tell you."

            "It told me...I might...I might love you too..."

            "You might?"

            I nodded, "That's a big step for me."

            "Well I'm cool with might," he replied, "...for now."

            "I FOUND HIS GIFT!" I heard Ty say extra loud.

            I could tell he wasn't completely comfortable with the moment that we were having but I guess he would have to get used to it too because I did feel something for Juboo...it was something that I hadn't felt in a long long time.

            I saw what Ty had in his hands.

            It was a dog...

            It was a black Miniature Doberman Pinscher.  The puppy ran towards me almost like he knew me already. It was so cute hoping over to me.

            "Oh god!" I said, jumping into Juboo's arms and giving him this extra huge kiss.

            I never got a birthday gift like this.

            I thanked him a million times before running out the water to meet my eager puppy. I grabbed him and held him in my arms.

            "What his name?"

            "It's a she. She doesn't have one. She's a newborn. I was waiting for you to name her," Juboo replied and smiled.

            "How about...Psycho Bitch..."

            Ty's mouth opened, "You can't name the dog Psycho Bitch, Syn."
            "Why not?"

            "You can name it whatever you want," Juboo replied and looked over at the dog, "Hey Psycho Bitch, you like daddy?"

            They kept trying to play with the dog. Psycho was the cutest little thing. She really was. She wouldn't let either Juboo or Ty really play with her. I could see her getting more and more irritated each time they tried. She was fine with me touching her though. It was an immediate attraction. It all climaxed with her trying hard to bite Ty and clamping her teeth onto his fingernail.

            "Ok, this is definitely your dog," Ty said, moving his finger and pulling back.

             All of a sudden she wasn't that as cute to them anymore.

            I loved her even more.

            "My baby."

            "You know we can't have a dog in the school though.  Lomas said he would take care of her in the outhouse though. You are his grandson..."

            "God...stop it. Can we leave?"

            "Definitely, hey I do have a question?" Ty said, "How did you get out of the mud?"

            All of a sudden I was walking but I couldn't move anymore.

            My body was stuck.

            I was sinking in mud again...no I was stuck in place. It was weird.  My head could move however. I moved it to see that Ty and Juboo weren't moving either.

            "I can answer that question..."

            The voice was coming from behind us. A woman started towards us and stood in front of us. My heart dropped. Fuck I thought the horror of the night was over. No it wasn't. 

            She was standing there.

            It was Tini.

            Fuck...this was definitely some bullshit.

            "You didn't want to kill me?"

            "No it was just a joke, chile," she replied and laughed, "Ye have to learn to be humble Syn. Now di other one...he was going to die if his friend here didn't come. But no...I couldn't do that to mi Syn. I mean seriously...how could I kill mi own grandchild?"