Purgatory of Syn 16


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I'm Who They Warned You About




            "Great..." I stated.

            "How?" Ty asked.

            He was more interested then me.  Truth was that I had a feeling this entire time. The way she looked at me it was so familiar. It was so much like...like my mother.

            Tini ignored Ty. She was looking at me.

            "You know don't you," she said, "You knew my blood ran through your body."

            I looked away. I didn't want to admit it but she was right. I had surpressed it, but this wasn't surprising like me being related to the Baron's on my father's side. The little girl's portrait she had hung all over her house was my mother.

            "Shut up. He's not related to a damn witch," Ty replied.

            Juboo shrugged, "Damn, this is too much."

            "Your mother is Freda named after Erzulie Freda, Vodun goddess of love," Tini explained, "My only child. The Barons took her from me, sending their devil child to corrupt her."

            I shook my head, "Devil child.  Very harsh. I assume a lot of people didn't like my father huh?"

            Ty looked at me, "Don't accept that. Syn, this is ridiculous...you can't be related to her..."

What did he think? My father had me asexually.  It all made sense. No wonder my old psychiatrist, though she was a bitch and hated my guts, had me sent here of all places. Why else had Tini always been so damn interested in me? Why else would my parents have went to such lengths to hide who I was? I was 50 % witch's baby and 50% Damien from the Omen. It was what it was...all I could do was sigh about it.
            "It's you...you're the Baron, you even sound like one," Tini told Ty.

            She took a step toward him.  This woman had such a strong presence. It felt as though every blade of grass and stopped being effected by the wind and turned to listen to her. She had such power and such...influence.

            "Leave him alone," I stated.

            I had noticed how she was looking at him. She had such hate in her eyes. As she walked she jingled because of the cold pieces tied all around her waste. Her hands were full with rings and her neck covered with amulets.  She raised her hand in a mystical way.

            "Hush chile, these Barons them are a thorn in my back," she replied ignoring everything I said as she approached Ty, "A prick that I want removed. I wish them to wither and die like my heart."

            She started to shake her wrist and her bangles clashed against one another.

            Ty started to sweat.

            At first I thought he was nervous, but I realized how much he was sweating. He was sweating profusely as though he was running a marathon in 100 degree weather. The liquid started to rain from his body and I could see his light skin turning reddish color.

            She shook her wrist faster, saying something that I really couldn't make out.

            Clang Clang.

            Her bracelets went faster and faster. Ty was sweating more and more. His body however didn't seem frozen like Juboo's and mine. He was wobbling back and forth, uncontrollably almost like a bowling pin. 

            "What is she doing to him?" Juboo asked.

            "She going to kill him."

            I knew it. I could feel it in her hate. I had this connection to Tini this entire time. She really, really didn't like the Baron family. But why hadn't she attacked them this entire time? Why now?

            That was when Psycho Bitch started barking. I really didn't think a voice so strong and loud could come from the tiny, miniature little toy that I had in my hands. I could barely hold her in the palm of my hand and she was barking like a full grown Pitbull.

            The disturbance was obvious.

            Tini looked the other way into the darkness of the forest. Something had come to her attention. That was when she moved away, clutching her bracelets and stopping them from making the noise they were making. She moved away slow, her long dress dragging leaves and mud with it. She moved towards the lake.

            As soon as she left, I realized my limbs slowly coming back to me. That was when I saw Lomas. He came from the darkness where Tini was looking at.  That was who she had sensed coming her way.

            "What's happening?" he asked.

            He could barely get past his slur to pronounce the words. Now why the hell was big bad Tini afraid to face a bumbling fool like Lomas? Why didn't she just freeze him in place like she did the rest of us? Plus he was a Baron. She would have two for the price of one. Why did she run?

            I just didn't understand this.

            "Help him," Juboo stated, obviously getting some movement too.

            "What's wrong with him?"

            "Tini. She was...she was vexing him."


            "Yeah, the voodoo queen."

            "No such thing. Really what's wrong with him."

            He was so serious. I could see Juboo getting upset. Honestly I didn't have the time to argue with people about how real or unreal she was right now. I had went to check on Ty. He was struggling to breath, but I could tell he was slowly catching up into the rhythm of breathing. He wasn't sweating anymore but his skin was still red.

            "She really wanted me dead," he said.

            "Yeah, she's not joking."

            "There's no such thing as voodoo," Lomas explained, "You kids shouldn't be out here around this time.  You'll get in trouble."
            "Are you going to rat us out?" Juboo asked.

            "No...no but get back before anyone notices," Lomas stated, "And leave the dog with me. I'll look after it."
            He reached to pick up Psycho bitch.  The dog snapped on him. She obviously didn't want to go with Lomas.  It was amusing to see her barking up a storm and trying to bite him with teeth that weren't really sharp at all.

            "She can stay in my dorm," I tried.

            "Baby," Juboo explained, "I agreed to let her stay with Lomas. That was how I was able to get you a dog. Only on those terms."

            I looked at Juboo. Baby?

            I let the dog go and watched the dog struggle to return to my hands. Truth was I was kind of upset with Juboo and this `new' term.

            "Listen here," I told him, "I hope you don't plan on trying to tame me..."

            "I wouldn't dream of it."
            He had a smile on his face.  He moved in closer to me, "Unless you want me too? You know what I mean, a little chains and...whips..."

            He grabbed onto my hands in this sexy way pinning them to his side. I didn't know how to feel. A part of me felt annoyed and a part of me felt...aroused. All of me felt scared however.

            Juboo was really claiming me.

            "Eh-erm, can I get some help?" Ty said, "I did just get attacked..."




            You would think I would be used to strange things. I got over me being related to the Barons. I got over my Grandmother being a witch. I got over the adult community forcing me into an exorcism.  Still there was one thing that I just couldn't put my hands around completely.


            This entire situation with Juboo was bothering me. I couldn't get him out of my mind. Maybe it was the fact that he all of a sudden was around so much. The next two or three days he spent the night in my room.

            We didn't have sex...Juboo just held me and then the fourth day he didn't sleep in my bed and I just couldn't fall asleep.

            I found myself marching to his bed room.

            Knocking on his door.


            It was the middle of the night.  Everyone else was asleep. He came to the door sleepily his eyes barely opening. I was mad. No I was furious, but his face lit up in the moonlight that sunk into his bedroom.  His special eyes laid on me.  His dark skin held such a mysteriousness to it.

            He had no shirt on and his pants hung lazily around his waste, barely concealing the bulge of his manhood underneath them.


            He was surprised to see me. 

            "Why the hell didn't you come to my room tonight?"


            "You heard me damn it," I said, "Where the hell were you?"
            Stupid emotions. I hated them with a passion. Why the hell did I feel so damn upset? He seemed to be thinking of an answer when I turned around and started walking away.

            He chased me halfway down the hallway and grabbed me. He turned me back. His eyes weren't as sleepy anymore. They were more awake.

            "I didn't want to...smother you."

            Bullshit. That's what I wanted to say, but he was so damn sexy.  Juboo had such sex appeal. He took a step in closer.

            "Well whatever. It's not like I have two fucks to give anyway," I tell him, "Just next time don't get me used to something and stop all of a sudden. You shouldn't have started sleeping in my damn bed in the first place. I'm not an experiment. Do I have MTV's Boiling Point scratched on my forehead?"

            He started to laugh.

            He found this shit funny? He found it funny!

            I shoved my hand away and walked away. Asshole. I could see him following me but I didn't care. I went all the way to my room and locked the door. I hated feeling this way. I hated feeling dependent on his ass. What the fuck was going on with me? I didn't depend on anyone. I was one cold sonofabitch. I wasn't going to change that, relationship or not.


            The next day I went to class pissed off more then anything. I was sitting in my usual seat, behind Ty and next to the window. Juboo was in the front on the left side of the class with Wilson and the rest of his damn Lost boy Peter Pan gang.

            He seen me walk into class and he didn't even say Hi. The nerve of this motherfucker! I couldn't believe it. He was over there laughing with Peter Pan 1 and Peter Pan 2 like I was damn invisible...as if I WAS THE DAMN MAKE-BELIEVE DISNEY MOVIE! 

            "You ok?"

            I looked over at Ty. Ugh...I didn't have time for questioning.

            "Yeah, why not?"

            "Your facial expression look...sadistic."

            "No. I'm more masochistic than anything."
            "Maybe you should..."

            "Uh shut up. Turn around Virgin Mary, I'm not in the mood."

            Ty turned around. I thought about apologizing but then I was like fuck it, he knew what the fuck I was like.  I guess that was my good excuse for not apologizing. People knew what the fuck I was like. They'd get over it sooner or later.

            Ms. Trials started blabbering on about one thing or another. Yada, yada yada...blazi, blazi,blazi. I looked out the window. Maybe Grandmother Witch Tini cast a fucking spell on me. Why was I so damn needy for Juboo's attention?  I felt like if he didn't give me some attention, I'd explode...well maybe not. Maybe I'd make something else explode.

            "Syn are you listening?"
            I hated when teachers asked that question. If you had to ask that question you could just ASSUME that I wasn't listening.  See in this situation there was a million smart things I could say but I wasn't in the mood. I just wanted the bitch to leave me alone so I could go back to daydreaming about why I couldn't get Juboo out of my mind.

            "Yeah," I stated.

            "Well then who is Hypatia of Alexandria?"

            "A bitch that didn't have to worry about whether or not the motherfucker who supposedly loves her is coming to her room at night instead of playing her out and having her wait for half the damn night! Just to laugh and find the shit funny! Like the shit is amusing! Like Hypatia of Alexandria is a goddamn clown. Why the fuck do people find Hyp Hyp funny when she's being serious!"

            The entire class turned to look at me.

            Juboo was one of them. Yeah it was embarrassing as hell, but oh damn well. I was used to it. I was grown.

            Ms. Trials started up once again with her repetitive speech, "Syn Clinton..."

            "Save your breath. I know the way to the holding room."

            I got up out of my seat and walked out of the class. Yeah, I was even used to being sent to the holding room. Everything was expected, everything but the look on Juboo's face as our eyes connected and I walked past him. 


            Instead of going to the holding room, I ditched and found myself at Loma's little outhouse. He wasn't there but the window was open and I snuck in. There was my Psycho Bitch. She ran up to me barking and biting at my fingers.

            "Your daddy's an asshole," I told her.

            I played with her, thinking more about this situation.

            Loma's hut was cold. It was barely anyone in there either. I didn't understand why it was so ...empty.  It was ridiculous really.    

            Then something hit me. Why the hell was Psycho Bitch here alone?  Hell, I broke all the rules anyway.  They were already expecting me.  They'd just have to start making up more punishments. Maybe I was going to find out what the ultimate punishment, the "stick", was finally.

            I got me a cute little gym bag.  I figured a lot of the more muscular, athletic jock guys carried bags and stuff around so I'd just carry my Psycho Bitch around. She was lonely!

            I put my fingers to my lips as I walked into the cafeteria. Psycho Bitch didn't eat dog food damn it. I was going to get her some of the good stuff.

            The cafeteria was full.  Psycho was quiet enough. She seemed to understand me. She was a cuter kind of miniature Doberman.  She looked as though she could actually be a real Doberman if you took just a picture of her without realizing how tiny she was.

            I opened the bag.

             "You stay here," I told her, "Be right back with something to eat.

            I walked over to the lunchline. As I walked over I saw Ty's table. Usually it was just Ty and me there, but not today. I saw Juboo had slid over a chair. So did Wilson and the damn Peter Pan boys. Then there was Jules. Jules! What the hell!

            I sighed heavily. Yeah, I'd be having lunch alone today.

            Juboo turned around and took notice of me as I got my food. I tried not to pay attention but in the corner of my eye, I could see his eyes following me.

            I sat back down and started throwing scraps of pork chops in the bag for Psycho. I could feel someone's eyes on me. What, he was just going to stare at me but not say anything?

            Just then I saw someone sit across from me on my empty table.

            "Oh now you choose to..." I said but shut up instantly when I realized it wasn't Juboo.

            It was some boy. He was young looking and had a baby face.  He definitely wasn't a senior.  He was probably a freshmen or a sophomore or something. Who knew?

            "Are you stealing food?" he asked.

            I wanted to hold up a damn Yield sign right in his face. Why the hell was he all in my shit?
            "That's exactly what I'm doing," I retorted rolling my eyes.


            "OH MY GOD!" I replied, more then annoyed. I took a deep breath, "What difference does it make to you. You the Pork Chop Police, boy?"
            I had scared. I could see the look on his face.

            "I'm sorry," he replied.

            I rolled my eyes and sighed again.  The little ass kid was so damn annoying. I took a bite of the pork chop again and then tore off another piece and shoved it in my bag.

            I looked up to see the Pork chop kid still there, eyes darting into my bag.

            "You still here?"

            "I'm sorry."

            "Stop apologizing..."
            "I just need some help."

            "No...kid, no you don't," I replied, "I've been to every Psychiatrist in the south. You know what you should do. Kill yourself. What's the worst that can happen? You know?"

            He gave me this weird look.  Hell, I guess that wasn't his problem.  

            "Um maybe you got me wrong...I heard you were holding a meeting to talk about some kids disappearing. Well a group of my friends noticed the same thing. See my friends are over there. They were kind of intimidated of you so they sent me..."

            He pointed over to a group of these nerdy ass kids on the other side of the cafeteria. It was funny how he represented them. They looked like they thought I was the anti-christ or something. As soon as I looked over there, all of them pretended to be so concentrated on eating as though eating took up all their mental capacity.

            "So you the only one who doesn't think I'm crazy..."

            He swallowed hard...

            He did think I was crazy. I wondered if he'd seen me act some type of way. Or maybe it was just rumors. Who cared huh?

            "Um...well, this is serious enough," he stuttered his way nervously through, "I know the teachers are ignoring this. I think, I think I know why..."



            "Whoa...oh no he didn't..."

            Immediately my eyes fell on Jules.  This dramatic no good queen had his hands on Jules. He was giving Jules a massage. Jules had tried to stop him but then all of a sudden the stopping eased off.  All those people were there.  What the fuck was going on? 



            I walked away from the little boy taking my bag with me. I couldn't believe this shit. They were all sitting there watching this shit.

            "What the hell?" I said walking up to the table.

            They all turned around and looked at me. It was as though saying, Oh great, Crazy Syn again. Yeah, damn it. Crazy Syn was here and I was damn pissed off.

            "Syn, just sit down and be cool," Ty said.

            "What? Are you speaking Spanish?" I asked, "Did you just hear what just came out of your mouth?"

            He was telling me to shut up and be cool as though I was some kind of little kid. Damn it, maybe I still did have the sadistic face I had on from earlier. I looked over at Juboo and the rest of them. These damn schoolboys had me FUCKED up.

            "What's wrong?" Jules asking sneering and walking away.


            "Can we talk..." Juboo finally stated.

            "No fuck that. I'm disappointed in you all. What the hell.  This is the damn south! You guys are just going to sit around and let that fairy rub on Juboo like that.  What the hell are wrong with you all?"

            "That was kind of...gay..." one of the Peter Pan boys said.

            "Kind of?" I asked, "Hell yeah it was VERY gay. What the hell? Where is homophobia when you need it?"

            "No it wasn't gay, Tyron," Juboo snapped a little,  looking over at Peter Pan #2, "It was a massage. That's all that was. Syn, that's all that was. I made a comment about feeling a little tense and he just helped me out."

            I ignored Juboo, "I'm especially disappointed in you Wilson. You are like the damn Jock king. Since when do you even eat lunch with a fairy around you?"

            Wilson looked around, "Yeah, he's right!  Juboo why the hell are we eating lunch over here..."

            Juboo rolled his eyes, "Shut up Wilson. It's not that serious. Syn, stop it...your acting like a brat right now."

            "A brat...you play me out last night, ignore me all day and spend lunch having a faggot rub you down!" I stated, "This shit happened to me before. I'm not going to let this shit happen again."
            "Am I missing something?" Wilson asked the rest of them.

            "Shut up Wilson," Juboo explained and got up, walking towards me, "Can we just talk..."

            "No damn it. Talk about it now or never. Or what...you still trying to be all discreet...oh...I thought so."

            I started to walk away. I figured I'd go hear what that Pork Chops kid was talking about...it kind of did sound important.

            Then I realized Juboo.

            Juboo grabbed me and swung me around hard. I hadn't realized he was that strong. I mean he was taller then me but I hadn't realized he had that much power until I was wrapped up in his powerful arm and unable to move. I almost dropped my damn dog.

            "You think I'm discreet about you," he explained, "I'll tell anyone what it is if it is what it is."

"Well then why have you been acting like an asshole?"

"Come on Syn, you talking to me about acting like an asshole. You always act like an asshole."

"I'm allowed. Your not.  Ying and Yang damn it."
            He laughed.

            I couldn't believe it. He was doing it again.

            "You really think I'm so damn hilarious don't you?" I ask him, "You think I'm a damn knock knock joke!"

            "No, I laugh cause it's cute," he replied, "I thought it was cute that you were upset I didn't spend the night with you. Then you made up that stupid excuse. Just admit it Syn, you missed me. That's all you had to say."

I looked down on the floor. He lowered his head, chasing my eyes with his own. Damn it, he was trying his hardest to get eye contact. Before I knew it he was holding my hands as well.

"I didn't miss you. I would have been fine sleeping without your ass but it was


Juboo gave ass looking shifting his lips to the side of his face and puckering them

up, "Your nose is growing."

Damn loser. I rolled my eyes, "I hate you."

"I guess love is the new hate," he replied and squeezed my cheek like I was kid.

I'm a grown ass man! He pinched my damn cheeks!

"Boy, do you know who the hell I am, don't pinch my cheeks. I'm a cold

sonofabitch. You don't pinch my cheeks!"

            He licked his lips, "Whatever tough guy. To me, you're just my baby."

            His baby?

            I sighed. He was so damn cute.  Ugh...what the hell was I thinking?  I always got myself into these damn predicaments called `love'. What the hell? It was like a damn curse.

            "Why are you doing this to me?" I asked, upset, "Damn it, I didn't do anything to you!"

            "Doing what? Why am I making you catch feelings for me? Why am I making you dependent on me?"

            I shifted my head, "Yeah, damn it."

"Because I won't hurt you. I'm not like your ex. I'm not going to play you out for another guy. I'm here...you just have to stop being afraid."

            That was when I saw Wilson and a few others...including Jules. They were all paying attention.

            "What's up, Juboo...what's up with all this holding and stuff?" Wilson asked.

            Juboo turned around, "It's about time everyone knew for sure. Stop the rumors and all that. Syn is mine. He's my boyfriend."