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Just Another Way To Die




I walked up to him. He looked me in my eyes. The eyes were so damn familiar. Then there was that familiar smile that spread across his lips.


He didn't wait to jump into my arms. He had completely forgotten most likely that there was only a towel that kept him from being completely naked. He flung off the towel and jumped into my arms.

He gave me a warm hug. His naked body pressed up against mine in front of all these people. His arms wrapped around me. God, it felt so good. My heart was melting. He was the only one who could make me feel this way. He was the only one who could make me feel as though no one else existed.

The hug was prolonged and a lot of people were looking at us with disgusted looks. I don't know if it was the fact that he was naked. Maybe it was jealousy because of how Sampson's body was built. The firm yet bubble roundness in his ass or his built chest which was always his best physical quality...no...no it wasn't...

His best physical part was his dick. It hung low. It was his huge 10 inches that always made Sampson different. I was far from a size-queen but there was something about Sampson's that I loved. It was just beautiful. It was just...mine. It was obvious that this hug was more then just friendship.

"We should go somewhere private, figure this out," Ms. Trials explained.

"Maybe we should call the police...I mean this is...weird," Ty said.

A couple people seemed to agree. Ms Trials, however, wasn't one of them. She looked over at Sampson and I. I given Sampson my blazer and he put it on. Ms. Trials seemed suspicious. Her little square eyes and her slicked back hair just had this whole conservative skepticism in it.

I wanted to tell the bitch to stop looking at my boyfriend like he was some type of disease infested needle.

"No...rule number 27. The Prep handles all its affairs and the last option is to bring outer interference. So...Nurse Harrison...take him inside and give him a checkup," Ms. Trials said.

Outer interference? Who the hell were these people some type of ancient cult or some shit? I watched as some old ass ancient lady walked out of the crowd. She had to be in her 80s or something.

"Nurse...he needs a doctor, what the hell..." I started to complain.

"Nurse Harrison is fully qualified."

"For what...a grave? She looks like she needs medical assistance her damn self!"

The crowd's mouth dropped. I like that expression. They were all thinking it though. This old ass lady looked reminded me of a vintage rug from like the damn Stone Age. I didn't trust her with him. Not with HIM. I didn't trust any of them when it came to Sampson. Sampson put a hand over my mouth.

"Sorry...he's just a little upset. A nurse will be fine," he stated.

A little upset? I was pissed. I tried to remove his hand but he started to move with me grabbing me and taking me into the school behind the nurse. There was something weird about this school. It was something real fucking fishy about it and I had to put my finger on it, one way or another.


Ty waited with me in the hallway of the nurse's office while the Nurse Vintage or whatever her name was looked over Sampson. Monte and Jules had come over for a while but they had to get to class. I felt bad because Ms. Trials had made it real clear that EVERYONE was to return to class. Ty didn't care though. He stayed with me...it was sweet. It was even sweeter because I knew he wasn't the type to cut class. I would do it in a second. He stayed with me as though he was a bad ass though. I didn't know why but I felt better that he was there.

"You love that guy with everything don't you?" he asked me as we sat on the bench.

He didn't look at me as he asked me. Maybe it was a `by the way' type question. We had been silent for a while. I guess we were both thinking about how it was possible for Sampson to just...appear.

"Is it that obvious?" I asked.

He smiled with half of his face while the other one sort of just stayed the same. It was cute. He shrugged his shoulder and licked his lips before talking.

"I mean yeah," he said, licking his lips again, "How you hugged him. How you were going off on that poor old lady to protect him."

He laughed. I smiled.

"I do love him. And you found him, like you said you would. I owe you huh?"

"No. I'd do anything to help you out...seriously," He stated and played with his thumb for a little bit before adding a low, "Besides...it's more like he found us."

"Madame Tini told me she'd bring him back."

All of a sudden I forgot what had just rolled off my tongue. The shy smile that I had gotten used to from Ty turned into something else. It was something more...difficult. He looked over at me turning his complete body.

"Tini? You talked to her! You swam that lake Tatum, after you promised me you wouldn't?" he asked, "You fucking promised!"

He was upset. I could see the upset in his eyes.

"Look Ty...it's not that serious."

He got up off of his seat, "It is fucking serious! You lied to me. How could you lie to me. God...I hate liars. Is that what you are? I don't want to hate you."

I gave him this look. This boy couldn't be serious.

"Listen, Ty," I begin, folding my arms, "Unless you haven't noticed. I am not Mr. Morality. I don't like to lie, but I mean it was a small issue. I didn't know it was that serious to you."

"It is," he explained, "People don't just swim across that lake! No one does. Things happen in that lake. Kids disappear...people drown. That lady...she's dangerous."


I tried to grab his arm but he pulled it away from me hard, "Did you tell anyone?"

"Yeah, your father knows...Ms. Trials knows and the Gym teacher..."

"Syn, you have no idea what you are doing," he explained to me, "Don't tell anyone what that medicine doctor told you. Don't tell anyone. Ok? I am doing this for your own good. Her name is no good around here...for real."

"God seems like everyone caught a dose of the crazies huh?"

"No Syn," he stated and crossed his arms, "She is the devil. Beyond that lake is hell..."

"Well this damn sure isn't heaven."

"No...but Syn you are playing above your head now," Ty told me, "You don't listen and I warned you. I just want to help you. Don't you trust me?"

What? Trust...I barely even knew him.

"Um...no..." I tell him.

"What? I thought we were friends."

He was serious. I could look into Ty's eyes and see that he was hurt. I didn't understand it. I'd only known him for a few weeks now. It hadn't been long at all. I mean he was cute and he was nice. That was all I knew about him really.

"Ty, don't take this personal. I'm not a people person."

"Oh that's your excuse?" he asked and just crossed his arms, "Listen, I'm not looking for half assed friends that don't even trust me when I'm looking out for YOU. Maybe we shouldn't talk anymore."

He stood there as though waiting for me to repute it. A part of me did want to tell him that wasn't necessary. He was being a little dramatic about it. I just didn't trust anyone really. It was weird to explain. I did get up and took a step closer to him. I didn't know, I guess I was getting ready to explain it to him.

That was when Sampson came out of the nurse's office. He had on a uniform as though he went to school. I guess that was all that they could find him.

Ty looked over at Sampson. They were both very different. Ty had a more innocent look to him. He was the one always smiling. Sampson was more of a natural pretty boy, despite the fact he used to box and was actually very tough.
"At least he trusts one person, huh?" he asked Sampson.

Sampson gave him this weird look and Ty just exchanged it. Ty looked back over at me before awkwardly. Then Sampson turned to me, raising an eyebrow in wonder.

"What was that about?"
"I'm not sure. I was going to introduce you to him. He's a friend of mine. I guess, he was..."

Sampson gave me this funny look, "He's really attractive looking..."


"You know what I mean."

"He's not gay."

"Are you sure?"

"You jealous?" I asked and laughed a little.

I expected him to laugh to or say something cute. Instead he just shook his head and shrugged. It was different from what he used to do. He gave me this look that was full of mystery. I didn't get it.

"Come on...they want to talk to me. I want you to be there," he replied.

We walked together. It was different. Sampson wasn't exactly the lovey-lovey type but he did show affections sometimes. Besides the hug, Sampson hadn't attempted to even touch me. I guess I hadn't attempted to touch him either. It was ok. I mean, we had just been reacquainted. Stuff like that had to come with time. That was all that was. It had to come with time...


We walked to Ms. Trial's office. She was sitting there with Mr. Kong. I sighed. Not this asshole again. He didn't look me in my eyes once again. I didn't understand this whole slew of incompetent staff. The gym teacher as the school psychiatrist and the vintage rug as the nurse. The school was damn near upside down.

"Syn, you can be excused," Ms. Trials said, giving me this scornful look. It was obvious she hated being around me.

I was going to object, but Sampson did before me. I sucked my teeth as he jumped ahead of me. He always did that. He was always scared about what I would say and always wanted to speak for me.

"I want him here, please, moral support. I'm going through a lot."
Ms. Trials nodded, "Not a word from you Syn. Seriously or you get the stick."

I rolled my eyes. More talk of this `stick'. I was really going to press her about it but I figured this was about Sampson. I'd have my battle with this stuck up bitch some other time. The thing is...it would happen...one day or another.

It was the gym teacher that started the conversation, "Maybe we should start our analysis from the beginning. What can you remember?"

Analysis? He was a FUCKING gym teacher. He had sweats on yet again! She couldn't use the same excuse either. It was the middle of the day.

"Well I remember the rains...it was raining real heavy. I was with...Syn," Sampson started his eyes squinted and he seemed to be lost in his thoughts, "We didn't get an alert to evacuate. The storm had come out of no where. It had come to fast. Yet through all that I could only think about one thing. One person. I could think about was..."

He looked at me. He was nervous. His eyes set into mine as though trying to prepare me. It was almost as though I didn't know who he left me in the house for.

"You could only think about Byron," I finished for him and looked away.

Fuck...I had to face it sometimes I guess.

"Byron? Whose that to you?" the gym teacher asked.

"My ex," Sampson stated.

The gym teacher and Ms. Trials looked at one another. It was embarrassing. It all was. MY boyfriend had left me in a fucking storm to go find another guy. I couldn't believe it still after all this time. It hurt so much.

"Mr. Kong, maybe we should skip to how he ended up here," Ms. Trials said, signifying she wasn't comfortable talking about homosexual relationships.

"That's the thing. I don't know. I'd gotten into the house, but the streets...they were rivers and it was still raining. And I just remember sinking when I got to his house. I was too tired to keep swimming. And then everything went black and it seemed like a minute later I woke up and I was...here."

"It's been months since you left to go look for Byron," I explained to him.

"It's impossible," the gym teacher said and then looked over at Ms. Trials, "Ma'am, maybe we should call some type of local professionals."

All of a sudden Ms. Trials seemed upset. She broke out into some type of French language. They were having a conversation in French...or was it creole? I didn't know. Either way Trials looked pissed and Coach Kong looked like he was being broken the hell down over something that he obviously said. Again...it had to do with outside interference.

"Things like this don't happen," Trials explained, "I'm sure it's a logical explanation for all of this. That however is besides the case."

"What? That is besides the case. Someone just pops up on the lake, wet and you ignore it. This isn't weird to you?" I ask, getting upset.

Coach Kong shook his head, "I'm sure Sampson has a stroke of amnesia. That's it. This really isn't a big issue. The idea is that he is here and we should move on with the matter."

"What's the chances? He caught amnesia and ended up here. How did he know how to find me?" I ask.

They just looked at me and then looked at one another. It was obvious that I was annoying them but it was common sense. I didn't understand why they were just...playing dumb. It was frustrating really.

"Syn, you've been going through a lot of stress...with your delusions and everything lately," Trials stated.

I looked at the bitch, "Stress? What are you talking about?"

"You're seeing witches...I mean, you haven't exactly been mentally stable," she continued looking over at Coach Kong as though for a second opinion.

"Yes, I think maybe you should really get some rest. I would prefer you take some time off, stay in your room and recuperate. I don't feel like you got over the whole witch thing yet."

"What does this have to do with Sampson!" I ask, "What the hell!"

"Watch your language. Do you want the stick?"

I crossed my arms and leaned back, "Fuck you and the stick you rode in on..."

Sampson's mouth dropped. I could see Ms. Trials squinting as though her mind was trying to spell out exactly what I just said. It was almost as though she didn't hear me. Or maybe she didn't want to hear me.

Ms. Trails ,"Ex—excuse me."

"I said---."

"He's tired and upset and he hasn't been in the right mindstate," Sampson continued, "Thank you a lot for your help but I think we are all really tired and probably should retire for the day."

"You're right. You can stay in the guest dorm until you get on your feet," she stated and then looked over at me, "And Syn...be very careful the things you say. Thomas Prep has a way of dealing with immature minds..."

I was about to say something when I felt Sampson pulling me out of the room. Ugh...same old Sampson. I wouldn't be able to get away with anything when he was around.

We got into the hallway and started walking toward the dorm. A couple of the students were looking at Sampson like he was the weirdest looking thing in the world.

"Why do you always have to be difficult with people?" he asked me as we walked.

"Why do YOU always have to be easy with them?" I retorted and crossed my arms, "Like don't you see. They keep trying to pretend like nothing happened. Like you didn't just walk out of that lake."
People believe what they want to believe," he replied and then turned to me, "You believe what you want to believe don't you."

"I believe the truth."

He shrugged his shoulders, "Well they make their own truths. No need arguing with them. I don't know how I'm here...in the end, does it even matter?"

I shrugged my shoulders. I guessed not but it did just worry me. They were sweeping everything under the rug. They swept my whole story about crossing Tini Lake under the rug too until Baron saw my file. Things weren't adding up. They didn't make sense and it was getting frustrating.



We'd ended up at the lounge late that night. Jules decided he wanted to have a dinner for me to celebrate the return of my boyfriend. I wasn't surprised when Ty was sitting there. He did still look upset though in the little kitchen area. He didn't look up at me when I came in and just spoke to Sampson when he sat at the table. Monte was also at the table but he seemed deep in studying for whatever he was studying for.

"Hope you guys like this," Jules said, "I got the recipe from the chef downstairs."

He walked over to us a put two dishes on the table. One was parmesan chicken and the other one was pasta. I looked over at Sampson. He really hated Italian food. I remembered that much.

I saw his set his plate anyway. Sampson was people pleaser. He always had been.

I watched silently as Sampson and Ty struck up a conversation. Jules tried to strike up one with me, since Monte still had his book on the table and had disappeared into studying something. I realized how different Sampson and Ty were. Sampson wasn't all about love and joy and happiness and all that other corny shit like Ty was however. He was a people pleaser though. He wanted everyone to like him. He never wanted to argue. Ty didn't seem at all bothered about an argument, especially when it came down to what he believed in. And he believed in love. I was sure he had no trouble making enemies when it came to that. Sampson did though. Sampson couldn't make an enemy unless they seemed to go for his neck, which was the case of his adopted brother T-Boy in the past.

Why was I comparing the two anyway?

I put my hand over Sampson's lap. I watched him look over at me. It was a questioning look as though he wanted to say, "what are you doing?" Then he did something that I never expected.

He took my hand off his lap and put it gently back on my own lap. I think they noticed, because all of a sudden Ty had stopped talking.

Shut up Syn. Don't say anything now...don't say anything.

"Um...Sampson..." I whispered, trying to make it real low.

I felt some type of way. I couldn't help it.

"Yeah? I can't believe Obama won. That's exciting. What else happened while I was asleep?" Sampson continued his conversation with Ty.

"Sampson, I think Syn had something to say," Ty pointed out.

For a moment I thought of thanking him but I'd just have to save that. I looked at my hand feeling rejected. How could such a little gesture just throw me into a complete loop?
"What is it Syn?"

I took my hand and put it back on his lap looking deep into his eyes. He sighed and pushed my hand away, this time not as gently as he had done before.

I was being rejected.

Even Monte had looked up from his book now. Jules and Ty were completely quiet and just staring at me.

"What the hell? I can't put my hand on your lap..."

"Syn," he said.

That was it. I had waited. You know when someone acts like they are about to say something and you wait for them to finish what they are saying...but he didn't finish. He just said, "Syn." And then he got quiet like that was enough!

"What Sampson? You haven't even kissed me since we got back. I've been...waiting for you...for months..."

"I know and I...Syn..."

I looked around the table. It was embarrassing. Fuck...what the fuck was coming out of my eyes. What the fuck? Was that a tear dripping? Shit! This is more embarrassing! Syn crying! I haven't cried since...since my best friend Shane died. I should catch it! Yes, that it! No! They'd notice it even more.

I turned my face instead, hoping to catch a shadow.

"What the fuck do you have to say...just spit it out?"

"Syn, let's talk in private."

"No...we'll leave," Ty said, "Come on guys...come on..."

"Wait, Ty, why are we leaving?" Jules explained.

"Just come the hell on," Ty stated.

He was already up but it seemed like Monte and Jules were too into this to go anywhere. I REFUSED TO BE EMBARRASSED! Ty seemed as though he was foreseeing something. What the hell? Did he think he knew all about love? Did he think he knew what the hell MY boyfriend was about to say?

"No...Sampson hurry the hell up, just spit it out," I explained, "I don't care whose around."

"Syn...I'll always care about you..."

I hated when it started like that. I'd seen movies. I knew where this was going. I watched as he turned to me, looked me in my eyes, but couldn't look me in my eyes. He was looking at my eyelid. His eyes rapidly moving from one of my eyes to the other.

"...I am just confused right now," he explained.

When you give your heart to someone, you give them power. The power that you built up for yourself all this time. The image that you built up for yourself all this time. All that is gone once you give your heart away. He looked over at me and I felt like an ant compared to him.

My voice shook, "Confused about what? You act like you are confused about me. Sampson, what I'm telling you is that I've been here. I've been here waiting for you. I would have waited for years. I would have. I prayed for you to return. It's because I love you."

He shook his head. That was it. He wasn't nearly as emotional as I was. He didn't have tears in his eyes like I did. Fuck! I was crying. My eyes were fucking blurry with the things.

"I know you waited. It's Byron."

"What the hell! Are you telling me you love him? That is what it is. You love him more then me. Sampson! I was there for you. Where the hell was Byron? We were supposed to be meant for each other. He joined some cult. He wasn't thinking about you. Sampson, I put down everything for you."

"Well listen...that is just how I feel," he explained.

He was serious. It was just nonchalant...whatever for him.

I looked over at Ty. Ty looked back at me. Fuck I was embarrassed. Where the fuck was his theory about love now? This was a mess.

"Please, don't do this to me!" I finally said.

"Syn, don't..." Jules warned me.

I should have listened, but I didn't. I got on my knees and I started begging.

"Please Sampson. I'm on my knees asking you not to do this to me. I'll never love anyone like you. You told me you loved me. How could you do this to me? I know you're just confused. I know you really don't mean what you just said...please...please...please..."

"I do mean it. I...I love Byron. I'm sorry. I realized that when I left. That is why I left. I thought you saw that."

Tears were rolling down my face. How embarrassing was this? It felt like Sampson had reached into my shirt and was tugging at my heart violently trying to rip it out so he could throw it away as useless. Maybe that was the fact. Maybe he figured my love was useless.

"Sampson," I started out again, "Please..."

I grabbed at his arm, but his other arm went stiff and she shoved me away. It wasn't hard enough to make me stumble but it was hard enough to prove that I wasn't wanted there.

That was when I saw Ty jump in. He came in and slapped Sampson's hand that was still extended. He stood in front of Sampson. His eyes looking into Sampson. I had a feeling Ty would be upset. He was all about love. Look at what his "LOVE" bullshit put me at now. I was in tears and I couldn't stop.

"You don't have to be rough, yo," he said, putting on this front that I wondered if a tough guy was really buried under that sweet guy exterior.

He was taller then Sampson and more muscular but Sampson was a boxer. That was why I came back in front and tried to break it up. Sampson looked like he wasn't too worried about it all.

"I know...I'm...I'm wrong," Sampson stated and looked away, "Syn, I...let's just go to bed and talk about this in the morning."

He looked embarrassed. He walked out before me and I started to follow. Maybe things weren't that bad. Maybe he just needed time to rediscover his feelings for me. I started to walk over to him but then felt Ty pull me back.


I don't know what he was going to say. It could have been a million things but the way he was looking at me. It was full of worry and concern.

"I'm fine," I state, coldly and bluntly.

I wasn't fine. As I went to lay with Sampson in the guest bed, I knew what it was. He had turned away from me and no matter how soft and secure I grabbed him, he didn't return the gesture. I kept whispering sweet things into his ear and I was returned with low snores. He had gone asleep, completely ignorant to me. It was the worst feeling in the world.

When I woke up in the morning...Sampson was gone...






Please join us at the Yahoo Group...for discussion of the story and to give some feedback about what you think about the story, as well as other stories by this author.