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"I know we are all having personal issues right now, but Monte's missing and no one seems go give a damn," I started.

Juboo, Ty and Jules had all gathered in my room, just because they were the only ones in the school who would honestly listen to me. Etienne was there by default. I couldn't get him out of the damn room in time for me to call our little meeting.

"There's a lot you don't understand about this school," Ty started.

"Well we need to understand it. Monte's gone and the teachers don't give a damn. No one gives a damn. He's being...just...forgotten!"

Jules had been crying the entire time. I felt bad for him. No one really comforted him. That was usually Monte's job. Now we all just looked at him. He and Ty were beefing, Juboo was all but disgusted by him and comfort just wasn't my thing. I had no idea how to even start comforting him.

I put my hand on his shoulder and patted it. It didn't seem to help...at all.

Ty buried his hands in his palms, "They all get forgotten..."

"What...what do you know Ty?" I asked him.

He didn't answer. He just shook his head.

He looked a little upset. I could just tell that he knew something...something that the rest of us didn't know. I don't know if anyone else caught on to it.

"I feel out of place here," Juboo explained, "I mean, I didn't know Monte that well..."

He put his hands up and crossed them. I would feel comfortable if I were him too. Especially with his tension after Ty let out everyone's business. All the problems were just lurking around. All the tension was still in the air.

"Well its effecting everyone. Remember that one boy? I asked Ms. Trails about him the other day. She pretended...no, it was worse then pretend. It was almost like she KNEW she never even heard of the boy before."'

"Strange, I had asked some of the boys friends about him too, they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about," Jules said.

"Forgotten..." Ty whispered.

Ty buried his head again right after he said that and got quiet. He looked like he was deep in worry. I didn't get it. There was something...upsetting going on.

Jules was hysterical, "Something's going on. Now Monte's gone! Monte's gone! We can't let them forget Monte!"

He had gotten up and was pacing around the room, hugging himself still. I hated how sensitive he was. He was fitting the stereotype...the gay guy as weak...pathetic. He looked like he was going to have emotional breakdown any second now.

Juboo looked over at Jules, "It'll be ok. I'm sure he's fine...wherever he is."

"I just wish I had someone to hold me," Jules said, obviously hinting over to Juboo.

Juboo turned his head as though not hearing the comment, "Yeah, I'm sure everything will be ok."

"Exactly..." Etienne interrupted us.

He got up from his bed. He was pretending like he was trying to sleep. I knew it was just a fraud to get us out of the room. Hell maybe he was sleeping before. He had the light off and everything before I turned it on and he started to whine. Of course, I had ignored him.

"Mind your business, nerd," I warned him.

"No...this is silly," Etienne explained, "This isn't back in the day. The stories of the old south you heard are long gone. The school is safe. They wouldn't have us here if it weren't. The reason people haven't talked about the other kid that went missing is because they got help. They went to see Father Daley."

"Father Daley?"

"Yeah, Father Daley is the priest. If you guys get on the bus on Sundays and come to church, you would know who I meant. He helps..."

"If he was helping people wouldn't be going missing. We don't need help with forgetting about them. We need help with finding them."

"They ran away...some boys just don't want to be found," Etienne explained.

"I don't feel comfortable talking around him," Ty explained.

I knew what he meant. The way Etienne spoke. It was almost just like a teacher. It was the same excuse we'd still been getting over and over. We should go see Father Daley and we should just forget.

Juboo nodded, "Me neither."

"You are all so childish," Etienne responded and climbed back into bed, "Well I'm not leaving, so you guys will have to leave."

I shook my head, "It's getting late anyway. I'll see you guys tomorrow or something. It's not like we're coming up with any answers."

Juboo left first and Jules followed close behind crying and I was sure trying to make an attempt to get Juboo's attention. Ty turned to leave but I grabbed onto him.

"What do you know Ty?" I asked again.

He looked over at Etienne who was still pretending to be asleep and looked over at me. He grabbed me close.

"All of Tini's Lake is real fucked up," he explained and whispered gently in my ear "And it's serious. This place has a lot of history. It had dark history. Monte had talked to me. Remember all those books he had. They were all about this lake. He was on to something... and I'm going to figure out what."


"I want to speak to Baron," I demanded as I walked into Ms. Trails office. Well I hadn't come there on my own. I was escorted by the librarian.

The librarian looked at Ms. Trails and spoke with a heavy bayou accent, "Dis boy ere has the devil in `im! He light a match and threaten ta put fah-yuh to the books if I don't tell `im what his missing friend was reading. Ay, J'ai gros couer!"

The librarian shoved me forward. I almost fell into the damn desk. She was a big ass Creole woman that looked like she become librarian just for the cook books.

"That isn't what happened," I replied, giving her a nasty look as I turned back to her.

Ms. Trails didn't look even slightly amused, "Then what happened?"

"She told me to go to hell and I told her it wouldn't be that hard for me to go to hell if I burn this whole place down."

"So you aren't only a sociopath...but you are a pyromaniac?"

"Sociopath? You think I'm a sociopath?"

"Um...Syn, you were diagnosed with being a sociopath as soon as you turned 18. Don't you remember?"


I looked at her and crossed my arms. I could almost hear the librarian sigh as though saying "no wonder." What the hell was she talking about? Ms. Trials walked up to her files and pulled out a file.

It had "Syn Clinton" labeled across the front. She opened the file and pulled out a pink sheet. She handed it to me.df

I had been diagnosed with APD, Antisocial Personality Disorder.

  1. Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest;
  2. Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;
  3. Irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults;
  4. Reckless disregard for safety of self or others;
  5. Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behavior or honor financial obligations;
  6. Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another.

to her files and pulled out a file.

She snatched the paper away from me before I could see who signed it. Who authorized this? How could I have missed it? Was I really all those things?

"This is besides the point," I stated and crossed my arms, "I want a meeting with principle Baron. My friend is missing and I won't be sitting around just letting this happen."

"Syn, are you doing this for attention? Is that what this is?" she asked me.

The way she was looking at me...I knew that look. The way she was talking to me was so familiar. My other psychiatrists had talked to me in the same way. It was as if I was crazy.

"He is missing! He is fucking missing!"


"Whose Monte?"


She was serious. She wasn't joking. Her face held a serious look on it. It was almost like I was in the Twilight zone. Did she just ask who Monte was? This school wasn't big. She had to know all the students. I didn't get it. How was she even denying that she knew who Monte was?
"Syn, maybe you just need a little help. We sent for the psychiatrist but he's been backed up. Maybe you can get on the bus that goes to the church this Sunday..."

"I don't need a psychiatrist or a priest! Monte is missing!"
"Ms. Lacrioux, do you know who this Monte person is that Syn insists is missing?"

The librarian shook her head, "I have no idea."

"Bullshit!" I shouted, "Monte spent more time in the fucking library than anyone else. How could you lie and say you don't know who he is? What the hell!"

The librarian just stared with a blank face, "I have no idea."

That was when Ms. Trials just looked at me with this demeaning stare, "Look...Syn. Students go in and out of here all the time. You aren't an authority in this school. They don't have to go through you."

God, what was going on?
What the hell was going on?

"I'm not fucking crazy!" I shouted.

They both just looked at me. Ms. Lacrioux sighed a little as though she felt sorry for me. Bitch. Both of them complete bitches. I couldn't believe it.

"I'll find Monte one way or another."
"Ok, Syn. Do as you like. Just be careful...alright?"


"They said I had antisocial disorder! I didn't even know there was such a thing. I know this though! I'm not a deceiver. She said that was one of the symptoms, but I can't be a sociopath. I don't lie. I never manipulate."

"Have you kissed him?"

It was lunchtime. Ty, Jules and I were sitting at the table as usual, except now there was no fourth with us. Jules had asked me the question and was looking at me with these ignorant eyes that were burning into me.

"Dammit you heard me. Did you kiss Juboo or not?"

Ty interrupted Jules, "Jules, this just isn't the time ok? Monte's missing, Syn just found out he was diagnosed with...something...he didn't even know he had. Let's not bring this up again."

Jules rolled his eyes, "I want to know. What the fuck!"

I sighed heavily, "No I didn't kiss him."

"Is that the last we'll hear about this?" Ty questioned him.

"Probably not," he said and rolled his eyes, "I think you have what they say you have. You manipulated him into falling for you. What kind of friend are you?"

I couldn't believe this.

I took a deep breath, "You can have him Jules. You're my friend, believe it or not. I am not going to step on your toes. So go ahead."

He rolled his eyes again.

Ty butted in, "Can we talk about Monte now?"

"The teachers are acting like they don't know him," I said, "I can tell they are lying. I see it in their eyes. Ty you were right. Something crazy is happening."

"I don't believe you were diagnosed with having that either," Ty responded quickly, "I feel like she is trying to cover up. If you are diagnosed with something, the psychiatrists that examined you before would have to tell you."

"So why would she lie?" I asked.

"To make you seem crazy. Desperate..."

"I think he is desperate," Jules added and crossed his arms, "Obviously desperate for attention. It's obvious to see. You fit all the symptoms. I've seen Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted. I know what that disorder is."

"Jules why don't you just...shut the hell up?" Ty asked.

"Why don't you shut me up?"

"You're acting like a punk right now," Ty said annoyed, "I mean, what the hell are you so upset over nothing. It's obvious nothing is happening between them. Juboo is a lame. Syn would never go for that."

Juboo was a lame?

I hadn't gotten the memo that he was a lame.

"Great, more of Syn's fans, here to protect him. I'm sick and tired of this shit," Jules stated and got up off the table, "Syn, you are piece of shit."

He stormed away, completely forgetting that the school was against the whole gay thing. He snapped his finger at me and switched away with a walk that would have made Naomi Campbell look like a rookie.

"See look, I can't be a sociopath," I stated, "I let him do that. I didn't even say anything."

"You aren't," Ty said.

Before I knew it, I felt Ty put his hand on my hand. He touched me tenderly. His hand was rubbing against mine. He didn't even care that we were in the middle of the cafeteria and it seemed like people were constantly watching us.

"I'm scared of all this," he stated.

"Me too. It's getting weird. I'm not used to this."

"I feel safe with you, though. I feel like...nothing can hurt me."

"Ty...I can hurt you," I tell him and pull my hand away, "I keep trying to tell you that. Maybe I am what they say I am. What if I am crazy? You are too sensitive. I would hurt you...seriously..."

"See, the fact that you care that much proves that you aren't...it maybe saying something else. Maybe you and me..."

At that point he did something that surprised the shit out of me. He leaned close to me and at first I thought he was going to kiss my cheek, but he turned my head to his lips.

He had kissed me on my lips. He didn't push his tongue out, but he pressed his lips against mines and they were so soft. Those lips felt amazing really. The touch was something that sent a vibration all over my body.

My body had given me away, because smiled with this sexy confidence, satisfied that he got the feeling through that he was trying to give.

I realized that a couple guys were looking our way when he had kissed me. A few looked disgusted. This time the snitches were around. I could see Etienne jump to his feet quicker then I'd seen anyone. I watched as he walked out of the cafeteria, obviously going to tell someone.

"You just...Ty...you..."

He kissed me again. This time I could see Wilson and Juboo. They had just walked off the lunchline and both their faces seemed completely surprised.

"I know, I couldn't help it," he said.

He looked calm and confident as he said that. I didn't get it. I knew he was slightly putting on a front for me as his eyes darted around the room a little bit as though trying to see just how many people had saw us. He wasn't as cocky as he was trying to appear.

"Um...I'll be right back."
I walked up to the lunch line. I didn't know. The tension between us was hot at

that moment. I needed a cool drink. I couldn't believe Ty was able to get me so...damn...horny!

I was breathing hard as I stood on the lunch line. I kept thinking about the kiss. I even had to take ice and cool down my lips. They were literally burning for more. God...what the fuck was I doing?

This boy was basically throwing himself at me.

He was hot. He was beyond sexy.

He cared about me. Why wasn't I giving him a chance? I mean, seriously...

"Syn! Damn it! Syn, I am sick of this! SYN!"

I turned around. It was obviously Ms. Trials. She had run in with the groundskeeper and a couple other teachers. Why the hell was she calling my name? I was on the other side of the cafeteria, trying to cool down my lust for Ty and she was getting me confused with someone else.

Two people were fighting.

They were really going at it. All the nosy ass kids were around watching so I couldn't see who they were.

"I'm over here!" I wave, "That's not me."

I guess she figured it had to be me because it was a fight. I walked over to some boy and laughed a little.

"Who are those animals fighting? Geez...I feel like Jerry Springer."

I hadn't realized who I was talking to. It was Wilson. He gave me this harsh look, "Stay away from me! Ms. Trials said you had to stay 12 feet away from me at all times."

He darted across the room. Punk. What happened to tough Wilson?

I tried to break through the crowd and see who Ms. Trials was mistaking me for. I tried to break through at least, but no one was letting me through.

Damn it. It was no way everyone was going to see this fight...BUT me.

"FOOD FIGHT!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Sometimes, I don't know what possessed me to say the things I say or start the things I start. Everyone had turned around to see that it was me who screamed it. It was such a simple phrase but the connotations behind caused something like World War 3. All of a sudden someone threw something and then well...it was too crazy to even go into specifics.


"From I expect this, but you two...no; you two surprised me," Ms. Trials said.
My mouth opens in awe, "I'm just as surprised and disappointed as you are

Vivian. Something has to give. This behavior is unreasonable!"

Juboo and Ty were sitting on opposite sides of the room while I sat at my usual seat front and center. I can't believe that it was Ty and Juboo that were going at it. It kind of reminded me when Sampson used to go at it with his brother T-Boy.

There was a knock on the door and before anyone answered it, I saw who walked in. It was Baron. His old fat ass slithered quickly through the door as if the fountain of youth was somewhere in the room.

"Sir, I had this under control..."

"Obviously...you didn't," he replied. She got up off her seat as though automatically knowing she had to.

He sat in her seat and she leaned up against the wall. I could see the embarrassment across her face. It was priceless.

Baron looked down at our files and then he opened one up and read, "Syn Clinton...Juboo Patricks and Ty Baron, you will arrive at my estate at 7 o'clock pm. Obviously you all must be reasoned with in the traditional manner."

"Sir, Juboo and Ty maybe ... but it's time we gave Syn the stick. He caused close to a riot in the cafeteria."

"If you could deal with him, we wouldn't be in this situation now, Vivian," he

told her.

"That's what keep trying to say," I add in just to spite her.

She gives me a serious look. I could tell Ms. Trials is seconds away from

reaching over and choking the hell out of me.

Baron ignored my comment and added to her, "Make sure transportation is

provided for all three of them."
There was a knock on the door all of a sudden.

Ms. Trials went to open it and we saw Etienne behind it with his thick glasses looking as though he just found the cure to nerd-ism.



"I have something you would want to know."

"Etienne, we are having an important meeting at this moment."
"It's about them, ma'am."

"Hurry up, then. What is it?"

"Ma'am. I saw Ty kiss Syn."

I should have known. Etienne hadn't seen me sitting there. He'd seen Ty and Juboo, but he hadn't seen me sitting in the middle. As I turned, he looked like he saw a ghost.

"I have to go ma'am," he said.

He turned and bolted out of the room. I looked over at the Baron's face. I could see his chest raise. He was breathing hard. I would almost think he was about to have a heart attack or something. I looked over at Ty. He looked like he was about to break. He had his face buried in his hands.

This was way too emotional for me. Hell, I can't lie that the kiss was worth it though. My lips were still buzzing from how soft his lips were.

"Sir, I knew nothing about this, I promise," Ms. Trials explained, "This is outrageous. I swear it is."

"Dad I can...I can explain," Ty started.

"ENOUGH! I want all three of you at my estate...at 7 o'clock."

I felt so bad for Ty. He knew the risk though. He said he couldn't control himself, but how could he have been so stupid? Now his father was assuming the worse and his assumptions were probably right. Ty was in love with me.

The Baron gave me a look that I couldn't describe in words. It would be too hard to describe the look. He walked out of the room slamming the door behind him.

7 o' clock was coming.

A feeling ran in my stomach saying that my private visit to the Baron's estate would change my life...forever.


Please join us at the Yahoo Group...for discussion of the story and to give some feedback about what you think about the story, as well as other stories by this author.