Rainy Day


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

A tidy quote from our favorite author,
"titles belong on books, not people" ©Carl Dickson–2007

Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitioiusly,
and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business
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Here is a story from the dusty old files of my computer. I was written on Sept 05, 2006. It hope that you enjoy reading it.
    I peered out of my window. Just fucking great, it's raining. First day of school. I'm sixteen and this was my day to shine as I showed up in front of all of my friends in the tenth grade, tunes blasting from my very own car. Yeah, I'm in the tenth grade. It's not like it's my fault. I got some weird disease when I was like nine. I missed the last four months of the fourth grade so they made me take it over. How fair is that? My mother told me that I needed to learn my times tables or I would have to repeat the grade. I was having too much fun laying in bed all day playing on my Play Station. I guess it's true about our sins coming back to haunt us.
    I was going to have to hoof it. There was a bus stop about three blocks away so I charged out the door. Al Shwartz lived in the next block. I saw him speed up the road. A car backed out of the driveway across the street from me. Al swerved to miss it and hit a big mud puddle. Yeah, you know the drill. I stood there soaking wet. I looked after Al and saw the bird. I so hate that ass hole. We were buds the first few years of school but then I was a year behind him and he never let me forget that Ifailed the fourth grade..
    The car from across the street stopped. A lady rolled her window down. "Are you okay, honey." Honey. Shit, I don't know her. I'm not her honey. I wanted to tell her when the cutest face in the world stuck itself into the open window beside her. I played like the wicked witch of the west and melted.
    "My car won't start. I'm late for school and now I'm all wet. Yeah, I'm okay." I turned toward my house and reached in my pocket. Shit! I stopped and looked back at her, "and I locked my keys in the house."
    "Go to my house." She backed her car into her driveway. I walked over there. A boy about my size, a little smaller, slid out of the back seat and ran up on the porch. He unlocked the door and ran inside. The lady came up beside me and smiled at me, "It's going to be okay." The boy came back with a big towel and put it over my head. He knelt down and untied my shoes. He lifted my foot and pulled the wet canvass carcass off of my foot. He reached up my pants legs and pulled off my socks. Did that little fucker just pull the hair on my legs? I looked down into the brightest sea green eyes I ever saw as he smiled, sweetly.
    The lady walked inside, "Help him get out of those wet clothes while I call the school, Josh." Josh, was that his name? I like the name of Josh. I don't think I ever knew a Josh but suddenly it is such a nice name. Josh had his hands on my belt and was undoing it. I jerked back. He took the towel and pulled it off of my shoulder and wrapped it around my waist. He opened my jeans and pulled them down then he pulled my underwear off. He rubbed the back of his hand against my quickly growing cock
    Josh was helping me get the wet shirt off when his mother came back to the door. "What's your name, honey?"
    "Keith Hall," I replied. She repeated my name into the phone as Josh ran inside with my wet clothes and dragged me along behind him. He pushed me into a bedroom then disappeared down the stairs to the basement. In a flash he was back. I heard his mother say something to him and he came into the bedroom and shut the door behind him. "Mom says the school knows what happened. Now you need to take a shower and warm up." Looking at him warmed me up. He led me to his own bathroom. I stood looking at him. He opened the shower door. I still stood there. He came to me and took the towel off of me. He looked up and down at my body and smiled. Since I was still staring at him and hadn't moved he grabbed my cock and led me to the shower. "I would get in with you but we don't have that much time and mom's home." He giggled and stroked my freshly risen member with a tight squeeze.
    Most of my problem is that I have come to the realization that I am different than others. Oh fuck it. Okay, I'm gay. There, I've said it. I have never been able to say that, even in my mind. I have fought these feelings for over a year. All summer I cruised where I could find younger boys hanging out. Not kids, just young teens. I like the soft masculine look as they change from a boy into a man. I love to find a bunch of kids shooting hoops. They have their shirts off and I stand by the fence and watch them and perv on them. I was caught perving once by this little kid. He stuck his hand up the leg of my shorts and squeezed my hard cock. "I get like that too. I stand and watch these guys then go over to that shitter and beat off." I looked across the park to a small brick building. The kid looked like he was ten. I got scared and ran back for my bike. I never went back to that park.
    Josh opened the shower door. I was still just standing there. I hadn't moved at all. "I thought you were playing with yourself. Come on dude, we have to get going." I turned under the water and ran my hands through my hair and across my face. I turned off the water and turned around. Josh was still standing there with the door open staring at me. My cock was at half mast. Josh looked at the bathroom door then back at my cock. He bent over and sucked my dick. Right there in his bathroom this kid took my cock into his mouth and sucked on it. He squeezed my balls then looked me in the eye. "There's more where that came from after school today if you'll get a move on."
    I grabbed the towel and vigorously dried myself. Josh grinned at me and ran out of the door. I looked into his bedroom as he came back in with my clothes in his hand. I reached for my underwear, he snatched them away from me and pushed me down on the bed. He turned and shut his door. He took my socks and put them on my feet, every once in awhile taking a moment to lick or kiss my cock or balls. He picked up my underwear and put them over my feet then took my cock all the way into his mouth. He started bobbing up and down as he pulled my briefs up my legs, ever so slowly. I filled his mouth with my cum in record time. I never get off that quick. I know, I've been working at it by myself for almost three years now.
    He had me stand up so that he could pull my briefs onto my butt as he took a final lick at my cock. He gave me a tight squeeze and one more drop of cum appeared before my cock head disappeared into his mouth. He handed me my jeans. I pulled them on. I had hoped that he was going to do it for me, but instead he began to put my billfold into my pocket and thread my belt through the pant loops. He handed me my shirt which I put on as he shoved my pocket change down my right front pocket. I tucked my shirt in while his little hands fastened the buttons of my Levi's. Josh and I wore the same size shoe. He let me pick a pair. His mom called from the hall to ask if we were ready. Josh opened the door and we followed her out to the car.
    At the school his mom parked right in front of the office and got out. The security guard looked at her. She held her hand out to indicate the rain. The guard nodded and said, "Five minutes, Mam." The three of us ran to the office. His mother explained what had happened. The attendance secretary stood up to tell us that she had taken the call earlier. We were given passes to our first class as his mother took off.
    Josh and I left the office. I looked both ways then grabbed his hand and led him up the hall to the boy's restroom. I dragged him inside and looked around. Satisfied that we were alone I pulled him to me and kissed him. He jerked back and stared at me then moved forward and kissed me back. "I never done that 'fore, ya know."
    "Me either. It was awesome. Maybe we can talk after school, like you said." He had a huge smile on his face. We took off down the hall to our first class. I came to my room and dashed in. As I was walking over to the teacher with my slip the other door opened and Josh came in from that way. We looked at each other and began to laugh. The teacher had us take a spot together at the long lab table and laid out our Chemistry books for us. I had no idea that we were in the same class.
    We only had one other class together, Spanish. I was glad to have him there. It would be easier if I had someone to work with as we learned to speak in some stupid language that we would never ever need or use. At lunch time Josh and I found each other as some of my old friends beckoned me over to sit with them. There were two new students with our regular group that had been together for like forever. I introduced Josh as my new neighbor. He told everyone that his parents moved here last June but he spent the summer with his grandparents and only arrived this past weekend.
    The gang introduced the two new boys. Carlos and Juan Espinosa, cousins. They were moving here from Arizona. Juan spoke very little English and asked us not to laugh at him if he "the mistakes to mucho made." I was glad that I was taking Spanish this year.
    We sat down to eat the school board's latest idea of what teenagers want in their bellies that would still be good for them. I still believe the cardboard boxes that most of the instant food mix they served would have been more nutritious. I was sandwiched in between Juan and Josh. With Carlos sitting across from me with my best friend in the whole world next to him. Ricky kept making faces at me and forming his mouth in a bigO. He was sticking his tongue against his cheek and I finally caught on that he was imitating a blow job. I waited until no one was looking at me and repeated his gesture. he nodded and looked at Juan. I slightly nodded my head at Juan and Rick smiled at me and nodded.
    I can't believe it. I have had all of these sex urges and dreams about boys for nearly three years and here I am sitting between two boys that like to suck dick. I smiled at Rick, "You wish." I said.
    "Absolutely," he stated. Josh asked what we were talking about and I picked up my package of Twinkies®, "fag wants my creamy filling." Everybody laughed as I stuck the sweet confection into the front of my jeans.
    "Hey there's your dad with Principal Kidder." Rick said as he nodded to the door behind me. I turned to look just as dad spotted me.
    "I hear there was an accident on the way to school this morning. Mom thought you might want some clean clothes. Please hurry and I'll take the dirty ones with me." Rick and I charged to the nearest can.
    As soon as the door was shut Rick started in, "Juan lives in my apartment complex. He has been sucking my dick everyday for three weeks. He is fucking better than Liz ever thought of being."
    "Ewww, you're letting a guy suck your dick. Are you some kind of fag?" The restroom door opened and I looked into the eyes of Josh. He pushed by me and went to the urinal. I handed my dirty clothes to Rick and told him to take them to my dad, quickly. I told him I would finish getting dressed and be right out. Josh had his face to the wall but I could tell that he was crying.
    "Man, listen. Rick and I have been friends since like play school. He just told me that Juan Espinosa is sucking his dick. I had to act weird about it so that he wouldn't think that I am gay or something."
    "Like me?" Josh pushed past me to go wash his hands. I couldn't mess up this friendship. I grabbed him and spun him around. I kissed him, full on the lips. He tried to pull back. I pulled him into a toilet stall. I sat down on the toilet and popped his jean buttons open. I was happy to see that he was free balling. I grabbed his soft cock and put it in my mouth. Oh, it was like angel food cake. It tasted and felt so good, so soft, so pliable. I had wanted my first time to be in his bedroom after school, but I had to save our friendship, now.
    Josh grabbed my head and pulled into me as his cock started to enlarge. He didn't even get hard when my mouth was hot and full. He had already shot his load, the horny fuck. He pulled back and stuck his dripping cock back in his jeans, "Man, someone could come in here." I stood up and kissed him and fed him half of the cum I had in my mouth. He smiled at me and moved back just as the door opened again and Rick walked in with Juan and Carlos.
    The three new guys looked hard at Josh. He looked at me and I felt so bad for him. I was dressed now and I had to have an excuse for being in the stall so I kicked my foot back and flushed the stool. "Man, that shit stinks." Everybody turned up their nose and turned away. I winked at Josh as I moved to the sink to wash my hands. I nudged Josh and he shoved me back. We got into a pushing match and moved toward the doors.
    "Juan wants to ask you a question," Rick said. I turned and looked at Juan. He looked around and then got real close to my ear.
    "I could suck your dick?"
    I stepped away and looked at him. He looked frightened and kind of looked like he was going to cry or try to run. I said, "Sure, but after school, okay? I have to get to class. You live where Rick lives so we'll all take the bus after school and go somewhere. Josh is coming too. He's my friend also." Juan nodded at me and half smiled. Josh and I ran to the end of the building. I told him it was quicker to go around instead of fighting the crowds in the hallways.
    Once out of sight I stopped running and pulled Josh to me. "Josh, I have to tell you something and this is just for you. I hope you don't go blabbing that pretty mouth of yours because I would hate to see you have to have it wired shut after I broke your ratchet jaw." He looked at me as if seeing me for the first time. "Josh, I love you." I took a deep breath, "I won't kiss you here because we're too open, but I want to. I want to grab you and throw you to the ground and kiss you, all over. I hope you don't hate me now."
    "How could I hate the air I breathe? My life became worth living this morning and I can't imagine not having you by my side forever. I thought that you were making a joke about me when I came in the restroom awhile ago. I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. I don't know you well enough to know how you think. Can you forgive me?"
    "Like sucking your cock didn't give you a clue that I have nothing against you. How about if I stand here in the middle of the practice field proclaiming my love to you? What do you want of me, that I should go stand in the middle of the quad and shout out, I LOVE JOSH?" He grabbed me and put his hand over my mouth as he looked around. Then we both broke out in laughter.
    We barely made it to our next class. I barely made it through the rest of the day. When the final bell rang I made an end run straight to the front doors to wait for my beautiful Joshy, please don't tell him that I called him that. He is just so...Oh man, I am so much in love with that guy. I don't want to go with Juan. I want to get Josh naked and do all of my years of fanciful ideas to his perfect body. His soft cock was beautiful and tasted so sweet. I can't hardly wait to get that fuck stick hard and down my throat. I might even let him...I don't know. I want to try it and with Josh....I will have to wait and see. He may not be into that shit. Ha ha, I made a joke....be into that shit. Ha ha ha.
    Josh came up to me, "What's so funny?"
    "Can't tell you herem but you just wait until we're alone and naked in your room."
    "You mean it?"
    "It's all I have thought about all afternoon."
    "Me too. Let's don't wait for the others. Is there another way to get home?"
    "Yeah, come on, quick." I led the way as we ran and full speed to the student parking lot. I ran up on Al Schartz just as he was unlocking his car door.
    "That was some cold shit this morning, ass hole." Al looked at me and backed off. He knew I could kick his ass. I am well known for being quick and agile. I don't take anything from anyone. I have had more fights than I would ever want my rents to find out about, but nobody in school messes with me.
    "Hey, sorry man. I dodged that bitch that pulled out in front of me. I didn't mean to soak you down."
    "It was just a bonus huh? I saw your bird." He was looking scared now. He wanted out of this but I was between him and his car door. "I'll let you make it up to me. This is the son of the bitch that backed out in front of you. He lives across the street from me. Give us both a ride to his house and all is forgotten." A smile covered his face as he ran around and unlocked the door and held it open for both of us to climb in. I got in the back and pushed Josh to the front seat. Al put his pride and joy in gear and burned his tires as we hit the street. I looked at the front door of the school. I could see Rick standing there with Carlos and Juan. The traffic light changed to green as we approached. Al caught second gear and let his tires squeal as we screamed through the intersection. I love to ride in a fast car. I wish my little rice burner had some ass, oh well it's paid for and it's mine.

Editor's note: I have been told that I have to much sex in my stories. This is the beginning of a sex scene. If you logged onto this web site looking for Mary Poppins stories I hate to disappoint you. You need to back out now and sit your dainty ass down at another venue because these two boys are getting ready to getfunky.

     Josh and I wasted no time getting to his room and getting naked. I don't know what we expected, but we just stripped. We stood and stared at each other. For my part I was looking at my first totally naked boy with the first hard dick I had ever seen that wasn't attached to my body. That thing looked so sweet I couldn't wait to get it in my mouth. Josh and I locked our eyes together. I could see that he was trembling as much as I was. I moved toward him and he met me in mid-stride. Our arms entwined, our lips met and our cocks fused together as one member. Our bodies were so close together that it would have taken a team of surgeons to separate us. I 'm sure we were sharing internal organs.
    I was searching to see what was left in his stomach from lunch as his tongue was at least that far down my throat. It felt so good. It felt so right. I couldn't imagine why I had never been told of this union of two souls before. If this was a secret kept from me by some foreign power I wanted to kick their ass and take names so that I could come back and kick them again later. Right now I was too busy loving my man.
    Oh, what a man he is. He fit into my arms as if he had been molded to my specifications. His body curves melded into mine like the pieces of a neatly cut jig saw puzzle. I opened my eyes to be met with the most love I have ever seen in a pair of eyes in my life. He began to rub his body against me. The friction was having an effect on me that I was not yet ready for. I wanted more of him. I had no intention of getting my rocks off anytime soon. He was going to have to blow his load, long and hard before I was ready to end this. I had a genuine hunger for his creamy load of boi milk. I had gotten a taste of it during lunch break and I wanted to go to the fountain and pump up a couple of gallons .
    I have fantasied about sucking some hot stud or another for a couple of years, but I never had a clear face in my mind. I was cock hungry and none of the boys I knew even began to make my pecker pucker. The first time I saw Josh stick his tiny face through that car window my pecker puckered, it twitched itself to erection in record time. There I stood, soaking wet and feeling like the shit of the earth and staring at the face of a god. What was I supposed to do?
    My knees began to wobble and I had to lay down or fall down. Josh was pushing me toward his bed. We fell across it without losing our vacuum seal on each other. I realized that we were breathing each other's air. I was breathing in as he breathed out. How cool is that. About every third time that he breathed in he was sucking air through his nose. I was glad that one of us had the sense to know what we were doing. I guess it would have been kind of foolish and embarrassing to be lying there, passed out cold for his parents to find us. "Oh, we weren't getting enough oxygen and we kind of lost it, okay?" Yeah, right.
    Josh broke our lip lock. I reached for him. I couldn't be left like this. He rolled aside and reached down to grab my cock. He bent over and took it into his mouth. I told you he had me on the edge. I shot my wad, instantly. It didn't deter ole Josh boy. He just kept right on sucking. I stayed hard, surprisingly. He was making me feel like a whole new person. He was so tender. So loving and I was so hungry.
    I reached for him. I began to claw my way to him. He giggled and turned in the bed so that his cock came into reach of my hungry oral orifice. I swallowed his turgid member to the hair line. I had no idea about length or girth or any of that shit. I had his cock in my mouth. I was king. There could be nothing better. We lay there like nursing babies as we truly enjoyed the offerings of one another. Josh filled my mouth with the sweetest, tastiest, creamiest, concoction I had ever had. He made no attempt to pull away. I knew he was tender but he simply lay his hand on the back of my head to let me know to be still and enjoy.
    I did. I let his softening cock lay on my tongue and felt the blood course through it as another drop of his life force assaulted my taste buds. I could really enjoy living like this for the rest of my life. He began to pump my dick in and out of his mouth as his dick rose to new life inside of me. He brought me to the most mind altering climax that I had ever had in my life. He totally drained all of the energy from me. I rolled to my back and gasped for life giving air as he turned and lay down beside me.
    "I have something to say to you Mr. man. I love you, too. I have never had the kinds of feelings that are running through my body today. I know now what they mean when they say head over heals in love. I can hardly walk. I ran into the wall twice today as I dreamed about you and didn't watch where I was going. I know that everybody thinks the new kid is some kind of retard, but I don't care, I am in love...with you." He emphasized that point with a kiss on the tip of my nose.
    I threw my arms around him and pulled him up to me. We lay together in total bliss for about an hour. He looked down at me, "We have to get dressed. It's almost time for the ball and chain. Let's endear ourselves to the old hatchet face and go do our homework. She'll get so mushy she'll go buy me a bigger bed so that you can move in."
    "You think?"
    "I know. She loves anybody who'll make me study. Maybe if I get good grades this year she'll get off of my back and we can be together all of the time." I realized that I knew nothing about him, but doing homework together would be a good place to find out. He took me to his bathroom and opened a brand new toothbrush for me. He put some Colgate on it and began to brush my teeth. That was wild. He handed me his toothbrush and I did the same. It's weird standing there shoving a toothbrush around in somebody else's mouth and watching the foam flowing out and knowing that it's his spit and the toothpaste mixed together. I began to laugh. We had to stop and spit and rinse. Then we did it again. I hope this becomes common between us. There is so much that I want to do and do again with him. I want to get married, now.

    His mother walked in and saw us at the table. We already had our math done and were helping each other as we began the arduous task of memorizing the periodic table. What a waste. Like I really need to know the molecular weight of argon. His mother just stood and looked at us. I saw my mother's car pull into our drive. I jumped up and told Josh I would be right back. I ran over and told my mom where I was and that we would be finished in thirty more minutes. She was pleased as well and stared at me as I ran back over to Josh's house.

    "Mom says you can stay for dinner and overnight if you would like. We can get into that Spanish book and learn to speak to Juan." That had possibilities. Juan was cute. His cousin, Carlos was cuter, but I had the cutest of all of them, I had Josh. Spend the night? I would walk on fire if my mother would let me spend the night. Josh and I studied for another half hour on our Chemistry. The book, dildo breath. Come on, get with the program here. I told him that I would have to go ask my mother and get my keys. I also needed to charge my car battery so that we could have wheels the next morning.     I took Josh with me to meet my mom. I asked if I could eat with Josh, if she didn't have anything special.
    "Oh, that's wonderful," she exclaimed. "Your dad and I have to go to a meeting and won't be home until around eleven or later." She even let me spend the night, on a school night. I grabbed clean clothes and another pair of shoes. I was still wearing Joshy's shoes. Hehehe He'd kill me if he heard me call him that. I ran out to the garage and hooked up the battery charger to my car.
    Mom called me in to answer the phone. Rick wanted to know where I was. I told him that we had a ton of homework so Al Schartz had given us a ride home. Rick hates Al. I don't know what it is with them, but I know that it is really bad.
    Rick wanted to tell me all about Juan and what they did after school. I guess from what Rick was saying the guy really does like to suck cock and I got a funny feeling that ran through my body. He didn't say it in so many words, but I think that my best friend, Rick, may have sucked Juan. There was just something in the way he said things. I guess you know how your friends think after hanging together for so many years.
    I had to break out of my thoughts and break this off with Rick. Josh was standing beside me and I am going to go to his house and sleep in his bed with him. I have a cock to suck and it is standing and waiting for me. I kissed mom good night and she palmed me fifty bucks. She said something that had me curious, but I couldn't stay and pursue her meaning. "He's cute. Take care of this one." What did she mean? Mother's are so weird.
    Josh's mom fixed home made chicken fried steak with extra crisp coating. She had black eyed peas and potatoes and gravy with hot home made bread. I have only eaten this kind of food in a restaurant before and had no idea it could be fixed at home. Black eyed peas are a favorite of mine that I only get when I really beg my mom to buy them for me. I don't know where I learned to like southern fried foods. My mother was a boil 'em or bake 'em type of cook. She never fried anything. Even chicken is baked in our house.
    Josh and I retired to his bedroom. We had our school books laid open on his desk, but that is as far as we got with them. We were naked and snuggled on his bed in no time flat. I took the plunge. Yeah, I had to be the bold one. We had our cocks buried in each other's mouths and had just pumped up another creamy dessert for each other. I wrapped my arms around Josh and rolled to my back, bringing him up on top of me. I pulled him tight against me, forcing his cock all the way into my throat. I loved the feel of it there.
    Josh pulled away. His cock was just too sensitive. I let it go, but I held on to him and kept him on top of me. I wiggled around and spread his legs. I took one look and cast inhibition to the wind. I shoved my nose right into his, cute as hell, tiny pink pucker. Anyone who calls this a brown eye has never seen it up close and personal. He had a full day's sweat and funk collected in that tight space and it was like the finest perfume fragrance in the world. His phemerones had me so turned on...I was ready to do anything. I moved my nose up and let my tongue trail along behind it. The tastes that met me was pure Josh. Nothing on my man could ever taste bad.
    Josh was moaning and humping his soft cock into my neck as I laved and lunched at his most preciousY. I have had some fine dining in my young life, but nothing will ever compare to this delectable delight. Josh was so into what I was doing to him that he started banging his fists on the headboard of his bed. Of course his mother heard this and came to investigate.
    His bedroom door opened and there we were. "Try to keep the noise down, boys. I thought the wall was coming down." She shut the door and left. I was sitting up. Josh was on the floor where I had tossed him.
    "What was that?"
    "Oh, mom knows I'm gay. She has wanted me to find a boyfriend for like, forever." I was dumbfounded. What was he saying? What am I getting into? Why am I here? I began to shake. Tears were blurring my vision. Where did I stand with Josh, for real? Was I just his...what? What am I? What are we? I wanted to go home.
    "Fuck me." I looked at him.
    "We need to talk, dude."
    "No talking, Keith. We are in love, now let us become one." This was too much for me. I got up and slipped my jeans over my naked ass. Josh was beside me. I pulled away and sat down to put my shoes on, without socks. I was in a hurry to get out of there. The dam broke and the tears flooded down my cheeks. Josh dropped to his knees before me. He pushed my hands aside and moved all the way between my legs. He put his arms around me and held me tight. "Was it my mom?"
    I was shaking like a leaf. "I have to go check the battery charger." No, I had to get the fuck out of there and think. I grabbed my shirt and ran from the room. I turned the corner from the hall and ran face first into his mother knocking her aside. "Sorry." I ran on past her and out of the front door.
    I ran to the garage and entered the side door. I opened my car door and slipped behind the steering wheel. With the door shut I sat there in the dark. "What the fuck was that? Who is Josh? Why would his mother just blow off what we were doing?" I asked myself so many questions. I had never been caught at anything in my life. I have always gotten away with near murder. To be walked in on, to be intruded on, during sex was more than I could handle.
    I slipped the key into the ignition and turned on the radio. I pushed a, button, any channel, I don't care, just carry me away. I had hit the university's radio station and they were broadcasting a symphony orchestra. I spaced out as I lay my head back and hit my seat button to lay back as far as the driver's seat would lay back. The tears and the questions wouldn't stop.
    A light tap on the passenger side window scared me awake. In the dim light I could see Josh's mother. I hit the door lock, button. Her door unlocked and she opened it, "May I sit down awhile?" Why the fuck was she here? Was she going to berate the neighborhood fag boy for molesting her son? I watched as she sat down and laid her seat back. We sat in the dark for three or four minutes.
    "I have known Josh was gay for nearly three years. We discussed it a year ago and I told him that I had seen the symptoms. Keith...I am so sorry, son. I have done something very, very bad. Please don't take it out on Josh. He is at home crying his eyes out. You are the first boy that he has ever been with. He fell in love with you as the water was still in the air heading for you this morning. He screamed out about that beautiful boy getting wet.
    "Weird? I suppose Josh and I are. Most people don't know how to take us. We are totally open with one another and we share everything. I knew that he would be making advances on you as quickly as he could this morning. When I heard you in the shower and him in the basement getting your clothes I knew. I knew in my heart that you were going to learn about Josh. I so wanted you to accept him. Josh can't handle rejection. I don't really know what he is capable of doing. I hope he won't hurt himself."
    I jumped up, "Hurt himself? You left him alone and he might hurt himself?"
    "I didn't leave him alone. He is standing right there in the doorway watching your car. He can't see us clearly or hear us at all, he is watching to see your reaction. I have to tell you what I did before you talk to him. Keith, this isn't easy for me. I have anguished over this all day. It is my fault so please don't take it out on Josh. If you can do it I would like to ask you to become friends with Josh. I will stay away from you. I am so sorry." What the fuck lady. Get on with it what did you do?
    "Keith, this morning I was so happy to hear you and Josh in his bedroom. I just knew that he had revealed himself to you. You weren't screaming or anything that I thought might happen if Josh should out himself to the wrong boy. I was on the phone talking to your mother and telling her what had happened and why you would be late for school when I heard what I knew, no not really, what I hoped were satisfactory sounds from the bedroom. I said to your mother that I hoped you could handle Josh being gay. I told her that Josh was so withdrawn and I had not seen him so animated since he was a little guy. I told her that it would kill Josh if he was to be rejected on his very first day with a new boy and his first day in a new school.
    "You mother told me that you would have no problem with it at all as she and your dad have talked about it and are pretty sure that you are gay, but won't admit it to yourself. Keith, she wants to sit down and talk to me about how to live with and support a gay son. Your dad is better at it then she is and she is afraid that she will say or do the wrong thing and you will think that she hate's you. She does love you. I hope you know that. That love sick boy standing there trying to look brave as he holds that wall up by leaning against it loves you too.
    "I am sorry for saying anything to your mother. It has bothered me all day. I am afraid that you will hold it against Josh."
    I hit the power, button and rolled my window down. "Are you going to get in this car or am I going to have to come out there and drag you, kicking and screaming into my arms?" Josh charged at the car. He was reaching for the back door handle when I opened my door. "In here!" I scooted over against his mother as Josh slipped into the driver's seat.
    "One more thing before I go. Keith, Josh, I owe you both a sincere apology. I had no right to open your bedroom door. I violated your privacy. I violated every rule and principal that I have tried to instil in Josh. I was so happy to hear the noises that the two of you were making. For some reason I just had to see my baby enjoying his first sex. That's sick and it does not excuse what I did. I will ask for you to think it over and in time you might be able to forgive my intrusion." She opened her car door and made to slip out.
    I turned to her and put my arms around her. "You're forgiven. Just don't do it again. That was so embarrassing." As an after thought I looked at her, "Are you going to tell my mother what you saw?" I can't believe that my 'rents think that I am gay. I didn't even know it, Idon't even know it. I guess I must be. I am in love with Josh.
    "No, baby. There's no way that would be right. What goes on in a person's sex life is a private thing between him and his partner. I was wrong to look in on you, but it would be super wrong for me to tell anyone what I saw."
    "Even if sometime I wanted..." I couldn't say it, but I wondered what she saw, her perception of what we were doing. I was eating his ass. Talk about doing the nasty. I mean how many diseases are in a person's ass. I could think of the biggies like e-coli, or hepatitis A or B and now there is hepatitis C. There's AIDS, there are just so many things that thrive and live in a person's intestine and I had my mouth locked on the outer opening where all of the disease worked its way out of the body. Man, it tasted good.
    With his mother gone Josh rolled to his side and put his arm across me. I turned my face to him and kissed him. His lips were salty. I kissed his cheeks. The dude had really been crying, it was like kissing a salt lick. I rolled to him and our tongues began to Tango. His crotch pressed against mine. This wasn't easy. He was on the driver's seat and I was half on with him and half on the passenger seat. The driver's seat doesn't lay back as far as the passenger seat so I was in danger of falling away. I suggested we move.
    "Only if you'll fuck me now."
    "Babe, I have thought about that all day, only from a different perspective. I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock in me. I want to be your lover. I want to belong to you, now and forever," I told him.
    "You are a fag." That hurt. "Seriously, how long have you thought about doing what we have done today?"
    "Well, I don't really think about this. I mean...gee this is personal."
    "If we are going to be lovers forever we can't have secrets that will kick us in the ass sometime in the future." He was right. I had never thought of it along those lines. Though I had never thought about any of this stuff before.
    "I turned sixteen the end of June. I was almost fourteen the first time I jacked off. I just got to feeling all funny and started to rub my hand up and down on my dick when suddenly the best feeling in the world overtook me. I couldn't believe how good I felt. I looked at my dick and it had cum all over it. A big glob of it was gathered in the bunched up skin as I held my hand firmly around the still pulsing head of my cock. Cum was all over my hand and I had a streak of it on my belly and a couple of drops off to the side. I hadn't thought of anything sexual. I was just making it feel like I had never had it feel before. I was scared, but I had heard about jacking off and cum so I began to put two and two together and I realized what I had done. I was growing up and I could make sperms like the big boys talk about. I held my hand up to my nose and smelled of it. It smelled like nothing I had ever smelled before. I steeled myself and quickly licked my hand. I had a pretty good amount on that first stab. I kind of swished it around in my mouth and decided that it didn't taste that bad. I licked a little more and I gagged. I couldn't take that. I leaned over the sink and threw up. I kicked my pants off and stepped into the shower.
    "I felt so nasty all of a sudden. It felt good at first, but then I thought about it and I was sick at my stomach. The water of the shower poured over me and I began to relax. I started to rub the bar of soap over my skinny little body. I remember I had just had a physical for school. I stood four foot nine and I weighed seventy nine pounds. Every rib in my body could be seen. When I lay flat on my back my pelvis bones stick up like mountains over the flat plane of my groin. I later learned to look at myself as I lay there with a hard on. It made me remember a scene in my dad's favorite movie of a bunch of monkeys dancing around this huge stone in the middle of a valley. In the movie they called it a monolith.
    "Anyway, I was washing myself and when I got to my crotch my cock was hard as steel and standing straight out. I measured it three days later,It warnt no big thang that old cock o mine. The little stick was four inches long and only two and a half inches around., but as the soap hit it I had the urge to rub it again. I had my little marble sized balls in my left hand and began to soap them up and rubbing them around. Somehow that made my dick get all the harder. I grasped on to it with my right hand and began to pound that puppy as hard and fast as I could. I just got a glimpse of my cum as it shot out against the tub for the water to carry away instantly. My first shower babies made their way to the drain. My knees got weak. I had to let go of my balls and grab the wall to keep from falling down as I continued to stroke the last few ejaculations from my cock.
    "I was spent. I felt so relaxed. All of the tension in my body was gone. I felt like taking a nap. I stepped out of the shower and saw my reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. As I dried myself off I looked over the scrawny kid that looked back at me. My wet hair was almost black. My body had no tone to it. It was just sort of there. I turned around to see if I at least had a bubble, butt. It looked like I did. I opened the medicine cabinet door and angled it so that I could see the door mirror in it. Then I stood up straight and looked into the medicine cabinet mirror at the door mirror. I could see all of my back side as if I was looking at someone else. I could see me as other's see me when I walk away from them, naked. I had a bubble, butt.
    "My mother always did, and still does, embarrass me as she tells my dad that I have the cutest little, butt. She says that it just fits her hand perfectly. Dad agrees that I'm a handful.
    "That afternoon changed my life forever. I began to hurry home so that I could strip and lay out on my bed and beat off before anybody else came home. I soon began to think sex thoughts as I stroked my way to oblivion. At first it was just the act of doing myself then I started imagining somebody else with me. By the time I was fifteen I began to dream about what other boys looked like. I found a web site that has pictures of boys naked. I looked for the pictures of hard young cocks. I started wanting to suck on them. I would enlarge the penis area so that the organ filled the screen and run my face and hand over the cold glass wishing I could feel the warm flesh of the object displayed there. That's pretty much the way it is today.
    "I have never thought about doing anything with anybody I know until I met you and you have been fully in my mind all day. I can't get enough of your dick. I decided at lunch that I want to feel you up inside of me. I have never thought about doing that before, but I want it and I want it now."
    "You have me so worked up I don't think I can wait."
    "Then fuck me now."
    "No. I mean not yet. You have never been fucked and look at our dicks. We are both way too big to just shove up somebody's ass. My ass is used to big things and I can take you, but you are going to have to take it slow and easy. It will take me about an hour to get you opened properly so that I don't hurt you. If I hurt you you will never like what we've done and will never want to do it again and if we're going to be together for awhile we'll be doing it again and again."
    "Awhile? Be together for awhile? You cock sucker, I plan to be with you for the rest of my life."
    "After only one day? We haven't even had a date yet. I love a decisive man." We had removed most of our clothes during all of this talking. I pulled Josh's jeans off of him as he raised his cute ass up off of my car seat. Suddenly I had an idea. We were going to break my car's cherry as I got my first fuck in it. And I was going to fuck Josh.
    "My dad died when I was really young. My mother married a man with two teenage sons. We had lived with them for about five years when I destroyed everyone's life. I went home with a friend everyday after school until my mom got off work and came to get me.
    "One night we were eating dinner when two policemen and a policewoman knocked on our door. Dan let them in and the two policemen put Donny and Ronny in handcuffs. The woman cop came and sat down next to me and talked to mom and Dan.
    "My friend and I had been talking about sex and I told him that I knew all about it. I told him that Donny and Ronny sucked each other when they were having sex. If they wanted to make babies then they would stick their pee pee up in each other's, butt. I wanted them to hurry and give me a little brother so I wouldn't be the only little kid in the house. My friend's mother told him that he had to go take a bath and she took me to the kitchen to have a glass of milk and another cookie.
    "Later I found out that my friend's mother was listening to what I was telling him and she had tape recorded the whole story. She called the police and told them what she heard and let them have the tape. They got a warranty and came to get Donny and Ronny."
    "A warrant, dude. The police got an arrest warrant. You get a warranty when you buy something."
    "Oh. Hehe, I didn't know. Anyway the lady asked me to tell her how to make babies and I told her with my mother and Dan both listening. She asked me about sex and I told her. She asked me if I ever made babies. I told her my pee pee was too tiny. She asked if they wanted to make a baby in me. Again I told her that I was too tiny. Ronny had told me that I had to be fourteen before I could make a baby. She asked about sex and I told her that Ronny really liked for me to have sex with him, but Donny was so big that I couldn't get his pee pee all the way in my mouth and he just splattered his baby cream on my face and all over me.
    "Dan got up and walked over to Donny. He picked him up and slugged him, right in the mouth. Blood went everywhere. The police put handcuffs on him and sat him down at the table with mom and me again. He was crying and kept telling me how sorry he was. He told me he would make it up to me. He was crying so hard. Mom had hold of me and wouldn't let me go to Dan. The police left, but they took the cuffs off of Dan and left him at home. They took Donny and Ronny away. Dan held me and cried all night. He took mom and me out for ice cream, but I was too full. I wanted to home and go to bed.
    "Mom and me moved the next day. I had to see a whole bunch of doctors and police people then the trials began. Ronny was sixteen so he was adjudicated as a minor. He had to stay in the kiddie part of the jail until he turned eighteen then he went to adult prison until he is twenty eight.
    "Donny was eighteen so they sent him to prison for thirty years. Dan tried to get mom to come back home. Mom cried a lot, but we talked and she told me that she couldn't go anywhere I would get hurt. I told her I wasn't hurt. I liked it. She told me I was too young to understand. As I grew up we kept talking and I told her I want to do it, but this time with somebody my own age. I finally convinced her that I am gay when I showed her my dildos last year."
    "Your what?"
    "Oops, hehehehehe. Yeppers, I got em all. I got big ones and little bitty ones and I got 'em in three colors. I can take the biggest, which is fourteen inches, all the way up inside my ass." Suddenly I lost my mood. What is with this guy? I am so in love, but he is so fucking weird. I just lay beside him and fell asleep.
    Josh awakened me at four o'clock. He had to pee and he wanted to go home. We pulled our clothes up and headed for his house. He couldn't wait so he took pity on this really thirsty looking tree and stopped to give it a drink. What the hell, I joined him. We stood there, cocks in hand. I turned to him, "Josh, what is with you? You are so weird. I mean, I love you. I really do love you so much that I hurt inside, but some of the shit that you come up with...A fourteen inch dildo up your ass? You showed your mother your dildos? That is just too weird. I don't know man..."
    Josh was crying. I melted. I put my cock away and reached for him. His pants were still open and his limp cock lay there in the cold night air. I couldn't have the little feller catching a cold now so I had to put him away and tuck him in. One feel of that most bestest part of the most perfectest person in the whole wide world ended all of my worries. I must be a super fag. All I want is Josh's cock. I wonder now if it was just him or am I just a cock freak. I would have a long talk with Ricky at school today. Maybe I will go over and see what Juan can do. I was so sleepy that I just turned to walk to Josh's house and got into bed.
    I was sleeping so soundly that Josh's mom told him to put a cold wash rag on my forehead. That woke me up. I didn't want to get out of bed. Josh was laughing at me as he ran to the bathroom. He was just stepping into the shower when I sat down on the toilet. I cut one of those loud, long, low rumbling farts that just seem to go on and on. I flushed twice, I swear I did, but it was still pretty bad in there. Josh jumped out of the shower and struck two matches then used a half a can of floral spray. Now it smelled like a cheap bathroom in a city park.
    I brushed my teeth as I waited for Josh to get through. He had other idea. His hand darted out of the shower and pulled me inside with him. I wasn't up to anything this morning, until I saw Josh. Shit!!! He was down on his knees in a second and had all of my soft cock in his mouth. In less time then it takes to tell about it I got off.
    While he was down there I was washing his hair. He had the soap and he washed my lower body. I almost climbed on top of him when he ran his finger up inside my ass. That was a first for me. It startled me more than anything, but I wouldn't let him continue. I told him that we had to get a move on and if he wanted me to get him off then we couldn't dally.
    I did about a half ass blow job. I guess he was hot to trot because he blew off even faster than I had. He hardly had time to get the shampoo on my hair before he filled my mouth. We were in the shower and no one would ever know. I didn't swallow his load. I opened my mouth and let it roll out on its' own. I turned my face to the spray as I rinsed my hair and let the last of his load be carried away by the water. I have no idea what it was that bothered me so much about the dildos, but at that point in time I just needed to get away and get my thoughts together.

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