Rainy Day


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
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Here is a story from the dusty old files of my computer. I was written on Sept 05, 2006. It hope that you enjoy reading it.
Rainy Day part II
    I had a miserable night's rest. Every time I would turn over I awakened Josh. I tried to lay still and just stare at the light patterns on the ceiling that were made by the street light across on the corner shining through the leaves of the tree outside of Josh's window. I couldn't make up my mind about Josh. I can't get my mind around me being one of those.
    First of all his mother barged into Josh's room while I was eating her son's ass hole. She acted as if it was the most natural thing that she had ever seen. When we talked about it she told me that she had discussed my being gay with my mother, and my mother said that she and my dad knew it all along. Now you tell me that that is not weird.
    Alright, you want weird…Josh's mother knows that he is gay. That's not so bad really. What is bad is that Josh has dildos of all different sizes that he sticks up his butt, but he showed them to his mother. Now that is just over the top. Talking to your mother about being gay is sorta strange, but I guess that it is cool because he has an open relationship with his mother and doesn't have to hide things from her. But to show her his dildo collection, I never heard of anyone doing that. Course I never heard of anyone having a dildo collection. Some of the guys tease around about sticking things up their butts, actually it kind goes like this, "Stick a big dildo up your ass, buddy." But to have the things…that is just too weird.
    At last the alarm clock went off. I guess that I had finally closed my eyes because I didn't know where I was or what that sound was at first. I sat up and began to shake the sleep from my eyes. Josh lay there looking at me in silence. "Wasup, dude?" I asked him.
    "You didn't sleep much. You were thinking weren't you?"
    "Twenty four hours ago I had only thought about sucking a cock in my private fantasies. I usually thought about getting some hot dude to suck me off, but sometimes I wondered what it would be like to do it. I never thought about my ass, or any other guy's ass. But last night I buried my face in your sexy ass crack and let my tongue go into a place that I never thought possible before.
    "Not only that, but I honestly wanted you to shove your cock up my ass and fuck me for hours on end. I am having a little trouble getting my mind around all of that. I never thought that I was queer…or gay."
    "You say that last night you wanted to let me fuck you. What do you want now?"
    "Josh, I can't honestly answer that right now. Don't get me wrong, I love you. I really am in love with you and that is what confuses me. It is wrong for a boy to be in love with another boy, but when I look at you it feels right. Don't push me right now. I am not going to change the way that I feel. I just need a little time to get all of the pieces into my head so that they don't rattle me to death. I'll be alright by the time that school is out. I just want to see if anybody notices a change in me. Do I have FAGGOT printed in block letters across my forehead? Will anybody notice that I have turned queer? I'll be alright by the time that school is over today, trust me."

    Everything was cool at school. No one seemed to treat me any differently than before. I drove Josh to school, but we both went our separate ways. In Chemistry class we sat together and did our work without any extraneous conversation. Later on, in Spanish class, we chose different people to work with; we needed to get a grip on the subject at hand. Get your minds back up to your head and out of your pants for a minute. The sex will cum, just cool it. Okay?

    All day long I was hearing rumors about Jordan Medvescek and Ellis Cogan. They were saying that Cogan turned Medvescek into a gay wad. Anybody that knows Medvescek knows that there is not a gay bone in that boy's body. Nobody ever expected Cogan to be gay, but he is a quiet nerd type of a guy. I saw the pair of them in the lunch room so I walked up to them and just stood there.
    "Okay, so what's your beef? You want trouble?" Medvescek said.
    "No, I sorta want to talk to you about…you know. How do you know about those things?" We had not gotten our lunch yet and Cogan suggested that we go down the hill to the Burger Pit where we could talk in private. I was all for that. What I learned convinced me that I was normal and that my love for Josh is normal.
    Both boys told me that they had only had fantasies about weird sex before, but now that they had spent a few nights together they knew where their lives were going to head to. They told me about a school that they would be attending. The only reason that they were at our high school was to check out and turn in their books. I asked them if they had any trouble and they told me that they had a lot. Mostly from the other members of the football team.
    Word travels fast in the close confines of a high school. You would think that with so many students that no one would care. But gossip is gossip and when it involves two outstanding students being faggots the word travels faster than burning gasoline in a hay barn. Medvescek told me that there was no way that he could return to school now that the word was out.
    He did tell me that some of the missing football players on the team last year were now attending that school. My eyes widened at that news. "You mean that they're like, all gay and everything too?"
    "I won't out anyone, but I saw some of them there and I talked to them. They love the school."
    "How much does it cost to go there?"
    "We really don't know. Our dads worked it out with the owner of the school, and by the way, it is a boarding school." Cogan told me.
    "You mean, like you sleep there and everything?"
    "And everything, dude. Some of those guys got cocks that are unbelievable. They will suck you or fuck you as long as you want, but they will respect your man and let you leave together." Cogan was smiling, Medvescek leaned over and gave him the hottest kiss that I have ever seen. I needed to get back to school and find Josh. I needed to settle a little thing down before I could walk the halls, if you know what I mean.

    Josh walked over to my car with such a hang dog look on his face. I know that he was unsure about us and it was all my fault. I had to get the guy to a private place and make wild, unbridled love to him. I decided right then that I was going to get my ass fucked and I knew where we were going to do it.
    I pulled out of the parking lot and headed straight up toward the mountain highway that would take us up into the tall pines and cool breezes. I stopped at a Quick Grab and loaded up on bottles of water. I had a small styrofoam cooler in my trunk so I placed the water in there and packed it with ice. Josh and I wanted a hotdog, good luck, they were on sale two for a dollar with all of the fixings.
    I really like onions on my hotdog, but I was planning to suck the insides out of Josh while he ravaged my ass so I relented. Josh had a spoon full of the sweet, hot, vegetable in his hand when he looked at me. I looked at him then at his crotch, I licked my lips and he returned the spoon full of onions to the dispenser. We were okay with plain mustard and relish dogs and a soda. We bought a large bag of Fritos and headed out of the door.
    Josh wanted to know where we were going. I leaned in for our first kiss since early morning and gave his cock a squeeze. "We are going to a favorite place of mine where I am going to give this big feller a new home."
    "You mean…?"
    "I mean. This is all for me, buddy. You are going to prove to me how much I love you and you are going to make me yours forever and ever. Don't back out on me now, Josh. I don't think that my emotions can take it."
    "Keith, I will never back out on you. I am so much in love with you that I thought I would die if you came to me after school and told me to get lost. My emotions are on the very edge too. I have been so keyed up all day that I threw up in Ms. Montley's class. You should have seen it, it was classic. Three other people threw up before the mess was cleaned up. The class had to move to the library and everybody thought I was some sort of a hero for getting them out of class."
    I had to laugh at Josh as he told his story. I don't know that the story was all that funny, but Josh told it. I am so in love with him that I can't breathe right or think straight. My cock was so hard in my jeans that I was dizzy, I wanted to get to the quiet picnic area and get naked and fucked.
    At about six thousand feet I pulled off into a national park maintained picnic area. I have been there many times with my family when we just wanted to get away for a quiet time in the woods. There may be better places higher up on the mountain, but I know something about this particular area that I was going to share with my boyfriend. Damn that sounds good, I never thought that I would have a boyfriend.
    I parked the car in the last parking lot at the end of the road. I pulled in behind the trees so that the car could not be seen except when right close to the spot. I unloaded the trunk. Josh looked at me like I was dumb or something. I place the rope for the sleeping bag over his neck so that it hung over his left arm. I handed him the cooler and then stuffed two blankets under his left arm.
    "There, now you look like a respectable pack animal. Get that sweet ass of yours moving along that trail while I walk behind you and drool. Joshy, I never wanted to eat anyone's ass before I met you. You have the sweetest tasting ass hole in all of the world and after you have fucked yourself out in my ass I am going to eat that ass of yours until dark, or later."
     We passed the restroom complex for that end of the park and continued upward, along a little traveled, but well maintained trail. The trees closed in around us and nothing could be seen of where we had come from. We stepped up on a large rock and looked back toward the parking lot, but we could not even see the top of the car. I smiled.
    I stepped down from the rock and turned Josh toward our goal. Nearly completely hidden in the trees was one solitary picnic table. I pushed my pack animal toward our goal and helped to dislodge his burden. I took the cooler from him and set it on one side of the table, on a concrete bench style seat. I took the blankets from under his left arm and methodically set about spreading them out—just right, don't you know, I was having fun with this. Josh was in anguish. I could see his monster daddy tenting the front of his jeans and knew that he was about to pop at any time.
    I lifted the rope of the sleeping bag over his head, of course I was so close that I had to give him a kiss. We almost lost everything right there, that kiss really aroused the old man sticks. I know that I was throbbing and so I had to be leaking. Josh was leaking, the front of his jeans had a large wet spot and not all of it was just wet, I thought that he had cum, but he told me that when he gets really horny that he leaks thick pre-cum that looks, and tastes, like the real thing. I wiggled my eyebrows at him and asked him how he know what it tasted like. He reminded me that he is a pervert. That got him another kiss, I love the pervert and after today he will forever be my pervert.
    Just as with the blankets I spread the sleeping bag out so that it was just right. I was making my wedding bed and I wanted everything to be just right for my deflowering. A person can only give up their virginity once and it helps if it is done right. Josh seemed to understand as he stood by watching my every move.
    My next move was to prepare the groom. Now getting a groom ready to take his bride should entail more than just pulling his pants off and aiming his cock at a ready hole. I intended to take care of him as tenderly as I knew how. Okay, so I'm totally new to this fag shit, but damn it, I knew what I wanted. I have dreamed for almost three years about my first time with a girl and I knew what I would do to make her know that I loved her. Josh is no girl, not by a long shot, but he is my love and my lover.
    It was early September in southern Arizona. The weather had been typically…well fuck it, hot. The temperature was warm on the mountain and that made Josh look all the hotter. I stood and stared at him until I realized that I had tears in my eyes. There is something about the guy that turns me to an overripe mush melon. Josh made to move to me, I held up my hand. This was my show and I wanted to catch all of it from the time the lights went down until the fireworks at the end and then on to the credits and curtain calls.
    Once I had my emotional ducks lined up in a row I moved forward. My first chore was to remove Josh's shirt so that I could see his perfect upper torso. Okay, so the boy is no weight lifter or body builder, but he is buff anyway. He could use some toning and the exercise I had in mind for our evening would definitely be a good one to work out to. I know that he would get some serious action on his lower abs and those perfect glutes.
    Glutes, that' what I wanted to see next. I had to bide my time, his shoes needed to come off. I had smelled his feet the day before and they were tasty smelling, but how would they be after a day sweating in his sneakers. It was all down to removing the canvass and leather creations to find out.
    I turned him, back to the table, and guided him to sit down on the edge. I raised his left foot and slowly untied his shoe while his foot rested on my thigh. I was shaking like a dead leaf in a hurricane so my fingers didn't want to respond to my brain as quickly as I wanted them to. I fumbled the shoe strings loose and removed the shoe. My whole body shook as I looked at his perfect foot. I wanted to drop to my knees and rub that pedal digit all over my face. I had another foot to uncover first.
    I held his left shoe in my teeth so that I could smell the him in them. Fuck his scent is intoxicating. I think that his shit would smell good…NOT. I do know that I love the taste of his ass hole and that was where I was headed if I could ever get his shoes and pants off. I was a stumbling fool. I acted as if I was drunk. I was. I was drunk on the Eau De Joshua. My head swooned and I knew that I was going down. I quickly grabbed Josh's legs and lowered myself to my knees between them.
    Josh looked down at me. I took a foot into each hand and washed my face with them. The feel, the smell, the overall sensation drove me wild. I turned a foot so that I could get my teeth into it and began to chew at the arch and up toward the toes. I took each little piggy in order and sucked it clean, even getting in between the toes. I didn't care what I might find, it would all be a part of Josh.
    I moved to the other foot as I pushed his pants leg up to expose his hairy calf.. Another wave rushed through my body. I began to wonder how strong my heart was and if I would survive this encounter. What a way to die…no!…wait a minute. If I am do die let me do it with Joshy's cock buried deep inside of me. I had to have that cock.
    I raised up on my knees and took hold of the buttons on Josh's jeans. I let my hands roam over the humongester budge in all of the world, all to the sounds of pleasure coming from Josh's mouth. Again this day he was free balling. I had wanted to smell his underwear and suck his day's sweat from the crotch, but oh well, I had the sweat makers themselves to suck on.
    I lifted his nuts over the opening of his fly and marveled at their hairlessness. I let my tongue roam over the tight surface of his compressed scrotum. I really wanted to get to his balls while they were hanging, but those damn jeans were a major obstacle. They were an obstacle that I had the power to remove, I just needed my head moment as I took the two most perfect orbs that any boy has ever sported into my mouth as I searched for more of his taste.
    Josh had about all that he could take. He shifted and lifted his ass from the table. That broke my lock on his balls. I took the hint and lowered his jeans to his mid-thigh then pushed him back to lay down again. I had dinner on the table and I was ravenously hungry.
    I got the gaberdine garment out of the way and let my face feel its way up between two very smooth thighs. I was pleased that Josh had no hair on his thighs, that meant that his ass would be hairless. Well I should know, I was in there eating just the night before. That was when we were sort of interrupted by his mother walking in so I don't really remember hair or anything else. I do remember the wonderful taste that I was enjoying. That is the one memory of the evening that stands out in my mind. I was about to get back in that Y and dine until dawn. I had seen a sign on my way up his legs that said 'open all night, all you can eat' I didn't know how much I could eat, but I was ready to find out.
    His balls were hanging out drying in the warm Arizona sun. I couldn't let them get too dry now could I. I did what any self respecting cock lover would do, I swallowed them, both of them. My mouth is not very large and his balls aren't really as small as I made out a few minutes ago. It was a stretch to get both sperm factories into my mouth, along with all of the loose scrote that encompassed them.
    I noticed a towering threat over my head as I laved two boi nuts. I was afraid that I was about to get a cum shower and I wasn't ready for Josh get off quite yet. I hooked my teeth into the loose sack of skin and pulled his balls far away from his boy. His breathing simmered down and I felt that he was relaxed for the moment. I had a lower place that needed the attention of my oral orifice.
    I moved down to the perineum, that's the area that unknowing clods call a taint. It might well be called a taint on a girl. Taint means, taint cunt and taint ass. Well my man didn't have a cunt so their uneducated meaning was moot. Josh has a nice, plump perineum that is very sensitive to my tongue and my teeth. I was doing what I had imagined all afternoon, I was driving my man wild with passion.
    I pushed his legs back as I continued to work my way on to nirvana. I could smell my goal long before I got there. It was a heady smell of musk and sweat that screamed teenage boy. I was only interested in one teenage boy, Josh. I have smelled that aroma forever in the locker room and it never turned me on before. Now I wonder if I'll pop wood every time I walk into the gym.
    I wanted that smell on my tongue and in my mouth. I bypassed his perfect winky hole and slid my way, tongue first, up the deep crevasse between two firm globes of pure boi muscle. The taste was all that I expected. Well really it was more. I mean it smelled and tasted so good that I could have stayed there for the rest of the evening.
    At last I let my tongue circle his hind sphincter. The taste was much stronger there. It was a mix of musk, sweat, and…well, poop, I guess. I almost gagged, but choked it back. I wanted to do this, but I will have to make a deal with Josh that we wash our ass holes after a good shit. There is no telling when the chance to get our ass eaten out will occur. I'm talking literally, we're teenagers so we get our asses eaten out by almost every adult we meet.
    I ate on. I learned that Josh had taken a dump before his morning shower and that he had showered again after P.E. so it wasn't scat that I was tasting. That was a relief to me. I guess that an ass hole just takes on a shitty smell all by itself during the day. At least it wasn't strong enough to be overpowering.
    "Oh man, Keith, you are making me so fucking hot that I'm about to shoot without my cock even being touched."
    That startled me. I had lost myself during my dinner at the Y and had no idea what time it was. I looked at my watch and I had been enjoying my appetizer for over twenty minutes. I had a goal in mind and I had to turn around and get my ass up in the air while I was still ready for it.
    One thing that Medvescek had told me this afternoon was that it is best to get the fucker off before he mounts the fuckee. He told me that if a guy is really horny then he will be anxious to get off. He won't take the time that love needs. He said that is especially true for a first fuck. I could see where Josh could be so keyed up that he might hurt me, back there. I could control that.
    I moved two fingers into Joshy's—he he he, I love that name—tight hole and worked them around. His fountain of youth jerked when I hit that hard spot in his butt. I knew where to aim. I took his whole length deep into my mouth and began to hoover it. I stroked his prostate with a finger fuck that had him moaning loudly. I was glad that we were deep in the woods where the only thing that he could startle would be the bears. I began to laugh around his cock head as I thought that he sounded like a big bear in heat. I hoped that no horny bear would come to check it out.
    Josh filled my mouth with a taste that I had grown to love in only one day. I was so horny that I feared going off before Josh could get it in me. Ellis had grinned at me and told me that it is okay if I popped once my boyfriend was in me. He said that if I had done my work and gotten him off and then he was able to get in me then he would be able to stay and give a ride like I had only dreamed of.
    I got on the table and spread my legs. I only thought that I was ready for it. Josh repeated most of my backdoor action. He took my balls to task as he licked away a day's worth of ball sweat. That felt so good that my whole body keyed into the action.
    Next he chewed his way around my shaft, never touching the head. He lightly raked his teeth in the valley where my legs meet my groin. That is a very sensitive spot on me. I often dig and scratch at that area, especially when I am sweaty. Josh knew what he was doing. I never felt so good in all of my life. I smiled as I thought that I will live a lifetime with this man, and I will never regret one moment of it.
    I sat up when Josh ran his tongue over my exit hole. I know how good it makes me feel when I am licking him, but…Being the recipient of that act is so fine, almost better than licking him, and I want to do him forever.
    I knew what Josh was doing as he probed his fingers around his tongue and worked my ass around like so much putty. He was getting me open for his huge cock to go inside of me. I was getting so horny that I thought that I would send a sperm missile into space at any moment. I tried to calm myself down, but Josh only made me hotter.
    At last the moment of truth arrived. Josh had bent over me and we kissed. The thought passed through my brain that his tongue had beeeeee…Oh fuck, that was a quick awakening. Josh stuck his tongue into my mouth as he held his cock perfectly still to allow me time to adjust to it.
    A sharp pain hit me followed by a wave of pleasure such as I had never known before. My whole body seemed to go slack. Josh was ready and quickly pushed ten or twelve feet of hot sixteen year old boi meat up my ass. I felt every foot of it as it found its new home when away from my mouth.
    I put my arms around Josh and pulled us tighter together as I told him to go for it. I locked my lips on his and we began a new way of breathing as I learned a new way of feeling sooo good. I really wish that it could have lasted forever. It hurt, believe me it hurt, but Joshy was gentle. He really did make love to me and I felt it, not only there, but in my whole body. My heart was aching with love for him and I wanted to just pull him inside of me so that we could be one forever.
    I don't know if I will ever have as intense a climax as I had with Joshy then. I felt my orgasm cum from every part of my body, even the top of my head. I am used to my toes tingling when I get off, but even my finger nails got in on the act that time.
    Joshy wasn't through with me though. He began to kiss my face. He rubbed my face with the flat of his hands and kissed everywhere. He was crying and telling me how much he loved me. I love him so much that I had no words to express it.
    Josh wanted me to do him. I held him tight and told him that we were sweaty and stinky. I said that I wanted to do him for the first time in a soft bed, on clean sheets, and with a squeaky clean body. I told him that I wanted the room to smell like the lilac bushes outside of his bedroom. I wanted there to be a candle on each side of the bed and a cool breeze wafting across. He called me a hopeless romantic. Can I help it if I am sooooooooooooooooo much in love with him.

    We packed out our gear, I carried the sleeping bag and the cooler. There was a ranger's car sitting behind my car in the parking lot.
    "Did you boys clean up your area and pack out all of your garbage?" the ranger asked us.
    "Just had water bottles and we re-cycle those." I smiled as I held up the cooler with the empty bottles in it.

    It was just after seven and the sky was still bright enough to see. I pulled into a parking lot next to this large skate park. I had no idea that there was a skate park in the area. I love to skate, I am super on a pair of in-lines and I do well on a board. Josh was looking at all of the boys running back and forth. They seemed to be moving between the large school to the west and a house across the street from the skate park.
    I stepped out of the car and barely heard the wheels of a skate board in time to get out of the way. I heard the wheels of the board grind the pavement and come to a halt, Ike Ekvall turned to look at me. "Sorry dude, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. My jaw dropped, Medvescek had been right about Ike attending this school. I couldn't believe that he was gay. He has always been such a super jock and was surrounded by pussy hanging on his every word. I wondered what boy got in bed with him. He is not really my type, but then Josh wasn't until yesterday.
    Josh and I walked around and talked to some of the boys. Ike led me over to two of the guys that I had played football with the year before and I couldn't believe that they were gay. I mean, some guys kinda act…I don't know, like soft? Oz is like that, but Konrad. There is no way that I would have ever thought of him as gay. I told them that I heard that the school was for gays and the filled me in.
    While we were talking Medvescek came across the street with this real tall and skinny blonde guy. When they got close I saw that the tall guy was thin, but damn was he buff. I have never seen so many muscles on such a thin body. Most body builders are almost grotesque, but this dude looked fine. The kid with him was extra buff. Well there were several kids around. I had to check Eric out but I guess I got caught with my tongue hanging out when I met Jamey.
    I did drop my jaw when Ike told us that he had been fighting his gay feelings forever, but when he met Jamey he blew it. He said that he hit Jamey and that was the wrong thing to. Jamey is some sort of champion street fighter and he mopped the gym floor with Ike's ass. Ike is five foot eleven or so and weighs around one sixty to one seventy. Jamie is fifteen and stands five feet four inches tall. He has the smallest waist and widest shoulders on boy I ever saw. He has muscles where I didn't know muscles could grow.
    Konrad looked at the man that I now knew as Chris, the owner of the school. He told us that he was never sure about his sexuality, it was never a big thing to him. He never had any fantasies of daydreams so he never really thought about it. He said that since he has been at the school he has been thinking that he would like to have a friend that he could just lay with and talk to and cuddle together with. Chris cleared his throat and Konrad said that he has tried oral sex with a few dudes and that he likes it.
    Chris told us that no one has to be gay to go to the school. The only thing that he asks of the boys is that they don't lie, to each other, or especially to themselves. He said that boys sometimes get together to do just what Konrad talked about, but that does not mean they are gay. Some people like to say that a boy is experimenting as he tests his own sexuality. Chris says that more often it is the case with at least one of the boys doing the experimenting that they are just searching for love.
    Everyone seemed to be looking at Oz. Oz is a big dude, six feet tall and one hundred and ninety pounds. He can tackle the biggest guy on the opposite team and he can run. I saw him tackle a dude that was after the tight end. He turned to look for anyone else around and found himself directly in the line of the ball. He caught the ball and tucked it under his arm as he made a twenty yard run for the goal. He can't be gay.
    "I had this one friend when I was twelve and we did all of this shit then his old lady caught us, only he had his pants up and was sucking me when she stepped into his bedroom. She sent me home and never told my parents. I was never allowed to see him again except at school. He left at the semester. I think about it all of the time and last night…well have you ever done a three way. These two dudes showed me something so fine. Now I gotta find me a boyfriend."
    "How about you, Keith? You have always seemed so straight. Are you and this guy…," he pointed to Josh.
    "I can honestly say that I never thought about any kind of sex before yesterday. It was raining and Shwartz drowned me when he hit a puddle in the street. Josh's mother stopped to help me and I say this beautiful face and now I am queer and in love with the most perfect boy in all of the world."
    Everybody shook our hands and congratulated us. That Chris guy took us across the street where we talked for a little bit then he had us make appointments with the 'rents. I guess that now we are officially a gay couple and that we will be going to an all boy's school that is super gay tolerant. You will need to read the story TRAVELER to find out what happens next.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction?
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